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Full text of "Edison Microfilm Reel 208"

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I  I  I  'I1 1 1"  I1  "I111 ,,  I  I  I,  I  I  ,,  I  I  !  I  M  I  I 


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Thomas  E.  Jeffrey 
Lisa  Gitelman 
Gregoiy  Jankunis 
David  W.  Hutchings 
Leslie  Fields 

Theresa  M.  Collins 
Gregory  Field 
Aldo  E.  Salerno 
Karen  A.  Detig 
Lorie  Stock 

Robert  Rosenberg 
Director  and  Editor 


Rutgers,  The  State  University  Of  New  Jersey 
National  Park  Service,  Edison  National  Historic  Site 
New  Jersey  Historical  Commission 
Smithsonian  Institution 

University  Publications  of  America 
Bethesda,  MD 

Edison  signature  used  with  permission  of  McGraw-Edison  Company 

Thomas  A.  Edison  Papers 

Rutgers,  The  State  University 
endorsed  by 

National  Historical  Publications  and  Records  Commission 
18  June  1981 

Copyright  ©  1999  by  Rutgers,  The  State  University 

All  ri$its  reserved.  No  part  of  this  publication  including  any  portion  of  the  guide  and  hulex  or  of 
the  microfilm  may  be  reproduced,  stored  in  a  retrieval  system,  or  transmitted  in  any  form  by  any 
means — graphic,  electronic,  mechanical,  or  chemical,  includingphotocopying,  recordingor  taping, 
or  information  storage  and  retrieval  systems— without  written  permission  of  Rutgers,  The  State 
University,  New  Brunswick,  New  Jersey. 

The  original  documents  hi  this  edition  are  from  the  archives  at  the  Edison  National  Historic  Site 
at  West  Orange,  New  Jersey. 

ISBN  0-89093-703-6 


Robert  A.  Rosenberg 
Director  and  Editor 

Thomas  E.  Jeffrey 
Associate  Director  and  Coeditor 

Paul  B.  Israel 

Managing  Editor,  Book  Edition 
Helen  Endick 

Assistant  Director  for  Administration 

Associate  Editors 
Theresa  M.  Collins 
Lisa  Gitelman 
Keith  A.  NIer 

Research  Associates 

Gregoiy  Jankunis 
Lorie  Stock 

Assistant  Editors 
Louis  Carlat 
Aldo  E.  Salerno 

Grace  Kurkowski 

Student  Assistants 

Amy  Cohen 
Bethany  Jankunis 
Laura  Konrad 
Vishal  Nayak 

Jessica  Rosenberg 
Stacey  Saelg 
Wojtek  Szymkowiak 
Matthew  Wosniak 


Rutgers,  The  State  University  of  New 

Francis  L.  Lawrence 
Joseph  J.  Seneca 
Richard  F.  Foley 
David  M.  Oslihisky 

New  Jersey  Historical  Commission  • 
Howard  L.  Green 

NationaJ  Park  Service 
John  Maounis 
Maryanne  Gerbauckas 
Roger  Durham 
George  Tselos 
Smithsonian  Institution 
Bernard  Finn 
Arthur  P.  Molella 


James  Brittain,  Georgia  Institute  of  Technology 
R.  Frank  Colson,  University  of  Southampton 
Louis  Galambos,  Johns  Hopkins  University 
Susan  Hockey,  University  of  Alberta 
Thomns  Parke  Hughes,  University  of  Pennsylvania 
Peter  Robinson,  Oxford  University 

Philip  Scranton,  Georgia  Institute  of  Technoiogy/Ha^ey  Museum  and  Library 
Merritt  Roe  Smith,  Massachusetts  Institute  of  Technology 


The  Alfred  P.  Sloan  Foundation 
Charles  Edison  Fund 
The  Hyde  and  Watson  Foundation 
National  Trust  for  the  Humanities 
Geraldine  R.  Dodge  Foundation 

National  Science  Foundation 
National  Endowment  for  the 

National  Historical  Publications  and 
Records  Commission 


Alabama  Power  Company 



Atlantic  Electric 

Association  of  Edison  Illuminating 

Battelle  Memorial  Institute 
The  Boston  Edison  Foundation 
Cabot  Corporation  Foundation,  Inc. 
Carolina  Power  &  Light  Company 
Consolidated  Edison  Company  of  New 
York,  Inc. 

Consumers  Power  Company 
Cooper  Industries 
Corning  Incorporated 
Duke  Power  Company 
Entergy  Corporation  (Middle  South 
Electric  System) 

Exxon  Corporation 

Florida  Power  &  Light  Company 

General  Electric  Foundation 

Gould  Inc.  Foundation 

Gulf  States  Utilities  Company 

David  and  Nina  Heitz 

Hess  Foundation,  Inc. 

Idaho  Power  Company 

IMO  Industries 

International  Brotherhood  of  Electrical 

Mr.  and  Mrs.  Stanley  H.  Katz 
Matsushita  Electric  Industrial  Co.,  Ltd. 
Midwest  Resources,  Inc. 

Minnesota  Power 
New  Jersey  Bell 
New  York  State  Electric  &  Gas 

North  American  Philips  Corporation 
Philadelphia  Electric  Company 
Philips  Lighting  B.V. 

Public  Service  Electric  and  Gas  Company 

RCA  Corporation 

Robert  Bosch  GmbH 

Rochester  Gas  and  Electric  Corporation 

Son  Diego  Gas  and  Electric 

Savannah  Electric  and  Power  Company 

Schering-Plough  Foundation 

Texas  Utilities  Company 

Hiomas  &  Betts  Corporation 

Thomson  Grand  Public 

Transamerica  Delava]  Inc. 

Westbigbouse  Foundation 
Wisconsin  Public  Service  Corporation 

A  Note  on  the  Sources 

The  pages  which  have  been 
filmed  are  the  best  copies 
available.  Every  technical 
effort  possible  has  been 
made  to  ensure  legibility. 


Reel  duplication  of  the  whole  or  of 
any  part  of  this  film  is  prohibited 
In  lieu  of  transcripts,  however, 
enlarged  photocopies  of  selected 
items  contained  on  these  reels 

may  be  made  in  order  to  facilitate 

Edison  Portland  Cement  Company  Records 
General  Ledger  (1910-1912) 

This  ledger  covers  the  period  January  1910-December  1912.  As  the 
account  book  of  final  entry,  it  summarizes  transactions  relating  to  the  cement 
works  at  Stewartsville  and  other  company  facilities.  Included  are  accounts 
receivable  and  payable;  stock  and  bond  accounts;  payroll  and  advertising 
accounts;  profit  and  loss  statements;  and  accounts  pertaining  to  sales, 
including  the  sale  of  fertilizer.  A  few  accounts  deal  with  paper  and  duck  bags 
used  for  the  shipment  of  cement.  Some  entries  relate  to  poultry  farming  at 
Stewartsville.  Others  pertain  to  company  sales  offices  in  Boston,  Newark, 
New  York  City,  Philadelphia,  Pittsburgh,  and  Savannah.  There  are  also 
warehouse  accounts  for  facilities  in  New  Jersey,  New  York,  and  several 
southern  states,  including  Florida,  Georgia,  North  Carolina,  and  South 
Carolina.  In  addition,  there  are  accounts  with  Edison  and  various  Edison 
companies,  including  the  Edison  Crushing  Roll  Co.  and  the  Edison 
Manufacturing  Co.  The  spine  is  labeled  "2  Genl  Ledger,"  "1910  1912,"  and 
"Portland  Cement."  The  book  contains  324  numbered  pages  and  an  index; 
some  pages  are  blank. 

[REDUCTION  RATIO  =  16:1] 


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The  Edison-Saunders  Compressed  Air  Co.  was  incorporated  in  the 
State  of  New  Jersey  on  April  18,  1899,  in  order  to  acquire,  control,  and 
develop  Edison’s  patents  for  reheating  compressed  air.  It  also  assumed  the 
rights  to  a  patent  relating  to  the  efficiency  of  motor  fluids,  which  had  been 
granted  jointly  to  William  L.  Saunders  and  the  Ingersoll-Sergeant  Drill  Co.  in 
1892.  At  the  time  of  incorporation,  Richard  N.  Dyer  served  as  president; 
William  Pelzer,  as  vice  president;  and  Archibald  G.  Reese,  as  secretary  and 
treasurer.  At  a  meeting  of  stockholders,  held  at  the  West  Orange  laboratory 
on  April  24, 1 899,  Edison  was  elected  president;  William  L.  Saunders,  vice 
president;  and  Walter  S.  Mallory,  secretary  and  treasurer. 

The  records  consist  of  the  minutes  from  one  meeting  of  stockholders 
and  a  book  of  stock  certificates  and  receipts.  Only  the  minutes  have  been 
selected.  A  finding  aid  for  the  archival  record  group  is  available  at  the  Edison 
National  HistoricSite.  Related  material  can  be  found  in  the  "Edison-Saunders 
Compressed  Air  Company"  folders  for  1 899  and  1 901  in  the  Document  File 
Series,  as  well  as  in  the  letterbooks  of  Walter  S.  Mallory  in  the  New  Jersey 
and  Pennsylvania  Concentrating  Works  Records  ( Thomas  A.  Edison 
Papers:  A  Selective  Microfilm  Edition,  Part  III). 

Minutes  (1899) 

This  volume  consists  of  minutes  from  the  first  meeting  of  the  company’s  stockholders,  held 
at  the  West  Orange  laboratory  on  April  24, 1 899.  The  document  concerns  the  election  of  officers, 
as  well  as  the  adoption  of  a  certificate  of  organization  and  bylaws.  Included  are  copies  of  letters 
from  Edison,  William  L.  Saunders,  and  the  Ingersoll-Sergeant  Drill  Co.  The  correspondence 
pertains  to  the  assignment  of  Edison's  patent  for  reheating  compressed  air  and  Saunders’s 
patented  method  for  improving  the  efficiency  of  motor  fluids. 

Stock  Book  (1899)  [not  selected] 

This  volume  covers  the  period  1899.  It  contains  stock  certificates  and  receipts  for  shares 
issued  to  Edison,  Richard  N.  Dyer,  Walters.  Mallory,  William  Pelzer,  and  William  L.  Saunders. 

Edison-Saunders  Compressed  Air  Company  Records 
Minutes  (1899) 

This  volume  consists  of  minutes  from  the  first  meeting  of  the 
company’s  stockholders,  held  at  the  West  Orange  laboratory  on  April  24, 
1899.  The  document  concerns  the  election  of  officers,  as  well  as  the 
adoption  of  a  certificate  of  organization  and  bylaws.  Included  are  copies  of 
letters  from  Edison,  William  L.  Saunders,  and  the  Ingersoll-Sergeant  Drill  Co. 
The  correspondence  pertains  to  the  assignment  of  Edison’s  patent  for 
reheating  compressed  air  and  Saunders’s  patented  method  for  improving  the 
efficiency  of  motor  fluids.  The  front  cover  is  labeled  "Minute  Book  -of- 
Edison-Saunders  Compressed  Air  Company."  The  book  contains  153 
numbered  pages;  it  has  been  used  to  page  16. 


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The  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.  (ESBCo)  was  organized  in  New  Jersey 
on  May  27, 1901,  in  order  to  develop,  manufacture,  and  sell  Edison's  alkaline 
storage  battery.  Edison  served  as  the  company's  first  president;  Walter  S. 
Mallory,  as  vice  president;  and  John  F.  Randolph,  as  secretary  and  treasurer. 
The  company  was  initially  capitalized  at  one  million  dollars.  The  capitalization 
was  increased  to  $3.5  million  in  1910  and  to  $5  million  in  1917,  largely  to 
reduce  the  company's  indebtedness  to  Edison,  who  financed  much  of  the 
battery  research.  Commercial  manufacture  of  a  nickel-iron  battery  began  in 
January  1903  but  was  suspended  on  November  1,  1904,  when  the  "E"  cells 
suffered  reduced  electrical  capacity  and  leakage.  Aftertechnical  improvements 
to  the  production  process  and  to  the  battery  itself,  beginning  with  the  "A"  cell 
commercial  manufacture  resumed  in  1909. 

Chemicals  for  the  batteries  were  manufactured  in  Silver  Lake,  New 
Jersey,  and  the  batteries  themselves  were  assembled  nearby,  first  in  Glen 
Ridge  and  later  in  West  Orange.  Despite  increased  orders  and  production,  the 
company  did  not  realize  a  net  profit  until  1913,  due  largely  to  its  research 
budget  and  indebtedness.  Research  and  development  were  performed  by 
ESBCo's  own  Research  Department,  as  well  as  at  Edison's  laboratory  in  West 
Orange.  Product  lines  and  sales  structures  were  expanded  throughout  the 
company's  history.  Batteries  were  manufactured  for  mining  lamps,  train  lighting 
and  signaling,  submarines,  electric  vehicles,  and  other  uses.  ESBCo  had  its 
own  sales  force,  but  it  also  sold  batteries  through  separate  sales  companies, 
including  one  Edison  company— the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Supply  Co! 
(formed  in  1913) — and  non-Edison  companies  such  as  Miller  Reese  Hutchison, 
Inc.  (formed  in  1 91 6).  Foreign  sales  rights  were  controlled  at  different  times  by 
various  agents,  including  Herman  E.  Dick,  Paul  H.  Cromelin,  Maurice  E.  Fox, 
and  John  F .  Monnot.  After  Edison's  death  the  company  was  merged  into 
Thomas  A.  Edison,  Inc. 

The  records  are  arranged  in  four  series:  (1)  Administrative  Records;  (2) 
Financial  Records;  (3)  Plant  Operations  and  Research  Records;  and  (4)  Sales 
Records.  A  finding  aid  for  the  archival  record  group  is  available  at  the  Edison 
National  Historic  Site.  Related  documents  can  be  found  in  the  Notebook 
Series,  Document  File  Series,  and  Richard  W.  Kellowand  Harry  F.  Miller  files 
in  the  Legal  Series. 

Administrative  Records.  These  records  consist  of  incoming  and 
outgoing  correspondence,  memoranda,  agreements,  and  other  material 
pertaining  to  the  administration  of  ESBCo.  The  selected  records  are  arranged 
in  the  following  order:  (1)  correspondence  (1901-1931);  (2)  corporate 
documentation  (1901-1 924);  and  (3)  letterbook  (1 904-1 91 6).  Among  the  items 
not  selected  are  the  minutes  of  the  Executive  Committee  meetings  for  the 
period  1916-1918. 

Financial  Records.  These  records  consist  of  bound  ledgers  and  journals 
and  unbound  statements.  The  selected  records  are  arranged  in  the  following 
order:  (1 )  annual  statements  (1911-1916);  (2)  general  ledgers  (1901-1917);  and 
(3)  journals  (1901-1917).  Among  the  items  not  selected  are  two  journals  (1 920- 
1921);  a  journal  of  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Garage,  Inc.  (1919-1926);  a 
cash  book  pertaining  to  the  Darby  Mine  (1905-1907);  and  numerous  monthly 

Plant  Operations  and  Research  Records.  These  records  consist  of 
unbound  and  bound  material  relating  to  plant  operations  at  ESBCo  factories 
and  to  research  and  development  done  on  behalf  of  ESBCo  by  its  own 
Research  Department  and  by  Edison's  West  Orange  laboratory.  The  selected 
items  are  arranged  in  the  following  order:  (1)  operations  reports  (1905-1924); 
(2)  research  reports  (1901,  1914-1923);  and  (3)  research  notebook  (1901- 
1903).  Among  the  items  not  selected  are  an  unfilled  orders  notebook  (ca. 
1901-1902);  eight  receiving  books  (1901-1916);  an  automobile  test  book 
(1902);  five  payroll  abstract  books  (191 1-1917);  six  plant  operations  log  books 
(1920-1921);  and  graphs  showing  the  performance  of  batteries  used  in 
automotive  starters  (1922-1930). 

Sales  Records.  These  records  consist  of  reports,  correspondence,  and 
printed  material  pertaining  to  the  sales  organization  of  ESBCo.  The  documents 
relate  to  the  salesmen  and  operations  of  ESBCo  as  well  as  to  relations  with  the 
Edison  Storage  Battery  Supply  Co.  and  Miller  Reese  Hutchison,  Inc.  The 
selected  items  are  arranged  in  the  following  order:  (1 )  daily  and  monthly  sales 
reports  (1910-1924);  and  (2)  documents  relative  to  the  business  of  Miller 
Reese  Hutchison,  Inc.  (1911, 1916-1918).  Among  the  items  not  selected  are 
a  scrapbook  of  advertisements  and  promotional  articles  (1912-1914)  and  two 
in-house  publications— Storage  Battery  Transportation  and  Storage  Battery 
Power  (1 928-1 958). 


These  records  consist  of  incoming  and  outgoing  correspondence, 
memoranda,  agreements,  and  other  material  pertaining  to  the  administration  of 
ESBCo.  The  unbound  correspondence  is  organized  chronologically  by  decade 
as  follows:  1 901-1 91 0, 1911-1 920,  and  1 921-1931 .  The  corporate  documenta¬ 
tion  (1 901-1 924),  also  organized  chronologically,  includes  agreements,  drafts  of 
agreements,  certificates,  mortgages,  a  federal  tax  filing,  and  other  official 
documents  generated  by  ESBCo.  There  is  also  a  letterbook  covering  the  period 

The  following  categories  of  documents  have  been  selected: 
correspondence  regarding  Edison's  participation  in,  or  oversight  of,  ESBCo 
administration;  letters  providing  an  overview  of  corporate  organization  or  policies; 
agreements  signed  by  Edison  and  drafts  authored  by  him;  official  documents  that 
detail  the  financial  and  administrative  organization  of  the  company. 

The  following  categories  of  documents  have  not  been  selected:  Executive 
Committee  minutes;  correspondence  regarding  routine  details  of  purchasing, 
sales,  accountancy,  and  other  daily  operations;  unsigned  agreements;  patent 
assignments;  letters  of  transmittal  and  acknowledgment;  items  that  duplicate 
information  in  selected  material. 

The  selected  records  are  arranged  in  the  following  order:  (1)  unbound 
correspondence;  (2)  corporate  documentation;  and  (3)  letterbook. 

Correspondence  (1901-1910) 

This  folder  contains  documents,  primarily  correspondence,  relating  to  the  business  of 
ESBCo.  Included  are  letters  pertaining  to  the  construction  of  the  ESBCo  works,  corporate  finance, 
real  estate,  chemical  production,  the  supply  and  performance  of  "E"  cells,  and  relations  with 
manufacturers  of  electric  vehicles.  Correspondents  include  Edison,  Walter  S.  Mallory,  and  William 

G.  Bee  of  ESBCo;  investors  J.  Wesley  Allison,  Arthur  I.  Clymer,  and  James  Gaunt;  and  John 
Jacob  Astor,  Herman  E.  Dick,  James  Gayley,  and  Willis  N.  Stewart.  Most  of  the  outgoing  letters 
are  tissue  copies  of  correspondence  authored  by  Allan  H.  Whiting,  sales  manager  of  ESBCo. 
Some  of  the  items  deal  with  supplies  available  from  the  United  States  Steel  Corp.,  the  North 
American  RubberCo.,  the  American  Briquetting  Machinery  Co.,  and  Edison’s  own  New  Jersey  and 
Pennsylvania  Concentrating  Works.  Other  letters  relate  to  the  electric  vehicles  sold  by  the  Pope, 
Baker,  and  Studebaker  companies  and  to  Edison's  search  for  an  inexpensive  supply  of  cobalt  ore. 
Also  included  Is  a  1 903  paper  entitled  "The  Edison  Accumulator  for  Automobiles,"  delivered  by  W. 
Hibbert  to  the  Institution  of  Electrical  Engineers  in  London. 

Correspondence  (1911-1920) 

This  folder  contains  documents,  primarily  correspondence,  relating  to  the  business  of 
ESBCo.  Included  are  letters  pertaining  to  the  outfit  and  supply  of  the  ESBCo  works,  corporate 
finance,  and  the  production  and  sale  of  batteries  and  by-products.  Correspondents  include  Edison, 
Charles  Edison,  Robert  A.  Bachman,  Donald  M.  Bliss,  Miller  Reese  Hutchison,  Stephen  b! 
Mambert,  Arthur  Mudd,  C.  E.  Sholes,  and  other  ESBCo  employees;  investors  Arthur  I.  Clymer,  and 
William  D.  Sloane;  and  FrederickA.  Hall,  an  efficiency  engineer  associated  with  Frank  B.  Gilbreth. 
Some  of  the  items  deal  with  supplies  available  from  the  Sangamo  Electric  Co.,  the  Troy  Electric 
Co.,  and  the  Quigley  Furnace  &  Foundry  Co.  Other  documents  relate  to  the  foreign  sales  of 
Edison  storage  batteries;  the  specifications  for  batteries  required  by  the  U.S.  Navy;  a  sales 
company  called  the  Transportation  Engineering  Corp.,  organized  by  one-time  ESBCo  employee, 

H.  G.  Thompson;  and  the  development  of  an  automotive  starter  by  the  Tidewater  Equipment  Co. 
Also  included  are  memoranda  and  conference  minutes  summarizing  the  staffing  and  structure  of 
the  Engineering  Department,  Research  Department,  and  Tube  Inspection  and  Assembly 
Department;  and  an  insurance  report  from  1918  providing  the  layout  of  the  ESBCo  manufacturina 
plant  in  West  Orange. 

Correspondence  (1921-1931) 

This  folder  contains  documents,  primarily  correspondence,  relating  to  the  business  of 
ESBCo.  The  documents  cover  the  period  from  1921  until  after  Edison's  death,  but  the  bulk  of  the 
material  is  from  1921-1924.  Included  are  letters  pertaining  to  the  sale  of  Edison  storage  batteries, 
the  real  estate  and  capital  of  the  company,  and  the  processes  of  production,  accountancy  and 
administration.  Correspondents  include  Edison,  Charles  Edison,  H.  A.  Altengarten,  Frank  D 
Fagan,  Stephen  B.  Mambert,  Arthur  Mudd,  C.  E.  Sholes,  and  other  ESBCo  employees.  Some  of 
the  items  relate  to  sales  agents  Maurice  E.  Fox  and  John  F.  Monnot,  to  the  Edison  Storage  Battery 
Supply  Co.’s  contract  with  the  American  Railway  Express  Co.,  to  royalties  collected  from  the 
Deutsche  Edison-Accummulatoren  Co.,  and  to  service  guarantees  granted  to  ESBCo  customers 
There  are  also  memoranda  concerning  employees  under  Edison's  direction  and  relations  between 
ESBCo  and  the  phonograph  and  primary  battery  divisions  of  Thomas  A.  Edison,  Inc  Related 
material  can  be  found  in  the  Plant  Operations  and  Research  Records. 

Corporate  Documentation  (1901-1924) 

This  folder  contains  agreements,  minutes,  certificates,  and  other  official  documents 
pertaining  to  the  formation  and  activities  of  ESBCo.  There  are  also  draft  versions  of  official 
agreements,  which  Edison  helped  to  prepare.  Included  are  items  relating  to  the  organization  of 
the  company  in  1901,  to  increases  in  its  capitalization  in  1910  and  1917,  to  mortgages  obtained, 
and  to  sales  agreements  executed  with  the  Lansden  Co.,  F.  J.  Lisman  &  Co.,  and  others.  Some 
of  the  documents  concern  agreements  that  ESBCo  signed  in  1912  with  the  General  Vehicle  Co. 
and  the  Hartford  Electric  Light  Co.  for  supplying,  charging,  and  maintaining  storage  batteries  in 
electric  vehicles.  Also  included  are  meeting  announcements  with  marginal  notations  by  Edison; 
minutes  of  individual  meetings;  three  addresses  delivered  at  stockholders'  meetings;  and  a  1919 
filing  for  the  Internal  Revenue  Service  regarding  the  assets  and  liabilities  of  ESBCo  and  the 
valuation  of  Edison's  patents.  Related  material  can  be  found  in  the  Harry  F.  Miller  and  Richard  W 
Kellow  Files  (Legal  Series). 

Letterbook  (1904-1916) 

This  letterbook  covers  the  period  June  1904-November  1916.  Many  of  the  early  letters  are 
by  Walter  S.  Mallory,  vice  president  of  ESBCo.  Many  of  the  later  letters  are  by  Harry  F.  Miller,  who 
served  as  secretary  and  then  as  treasurer  of  the  company.  Other  correspondents  include  Edison 
and  George  A.  Meister.  Included  is  correspondence  regarding  the  financial  health  and 
administration  of  the  company  and  relations  with  its  British  sales  agents.  Also  included  are  letters 
delaying  the  payment  of  accounts,  announcing  board  meetings,  and  arranging  for  the  purchase 
of  insurance  and  supplies.  In  addition,  there  is  a  series  of  letters  prepared  by  Miller  on  Edison's 
behalf  to  investor  Arthur  I.  Clymer  of  Ohio. 

Executive  Committee  Minutes  (1916-1918)  [not  selected] 

These  minutes  cover  the  period  September  1916-May  1918.  Members  of  the  ESBCo 
Executive  Committee  included  Charles  Edison,  who  served  as  chairman,  and  corporate  vice 
presidents  Robert  A.  Bachman,  Stephen  B.  Mambert,  John  V.  Miller,  and  H.  G.  Thompson, 
although  membership  and  participation  varied  over  time.  Included  in  the  minutes  of  the  weekly 
committee  meetings  are  discussions  of  corporate  policy,  product  development,  and  sales 
structure,  as  well  as  routine  matters  of  day-to-day  operations  and  accountancy.  The  minutes 
reflect  the  frustrations  of  the  Executive  Committee  with  the  businesses  of  Miller  Reese  Hutchison 
and  John  F.  Monnot— individuals  with  whom  ESBCo  had  sales  agreements.  Also  included  are 
discussions  of  estimated  retooling  expenses,  standard  sales  discounts,  prices  of  supplies  and 
by-products,  minor  details  of  plant  organization,  company  letterhead,  stock  on  hand,  and 
insurance.  In  several  cases,  one  committee  member  was  delegated  to  consult  with  Edison 
regarding  a  proposed  product  or  expenditure. 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  Records 
Correspondence  (1901-1910) 

Thisfolder  contains  documents,  primarily  correspondence,  relating  to  the 
business  of  ESBCo.  Included  are  letters  pertaining  to  the  construction  of  the 
ESBCo  works,  corporate  finance,  real  estate,  chemical  production,  the  supply 
and  performance  of  "E"  cells,  and  relations  with  manufacturers  of  electric 
vehicles.  Correspondents  include  Edison,  Walter  S.  Mallory,  and  William  G. 
Bee  of  ESBCo;  investors  J.  Wesley  Allison,  Arthur  I.  Clymer,  and  James 
Gaunt;  and  John  Jacob  Astor,  Herman  E.  Dick,  James  Gayley,  and  Willis  N. 
Stewart.  Most  of  the  outgoing  letters  are  tissue  copies  of  correspondence 
authored  by  Allan  H.  Whiting,  sales  manager  of  ESBCo.  Some  of  the  items 
deal  with  supplies  available  from  the  United  States  Steel  Corp.,  the  North 
American  Rubber  Co.,  the  American  Briquetting  Machinery  Co.,  and  Edison's 
own  New  Jersey  and  Pennsylvania  Concentrating  Works.  Other  letters  relate 
to  the  electric  vehicles  sold  by  the  Pope,  Baker,  and  Studebaker  companies 
and  to  Edison's  search  for  an  inexpensive  supply  of  cobalt  ore.  Also  included 
is  a  1 903  paper  entitled  "The  Edison  Accumulator  for  Automobiles,"  delivered 
by  W.  Hibbert  to  the  Institution  of  Electrical  Engineers  in  London. 

Less  than  10  percent  of  the  documents  have  been  selected.  The  items 
not  selected  include  routine  exchanges  regarding  the  supply  of  equipment  and 
materials  for  ESBCo,  the  payment  or  deferral  of  accounts,  individual 
employment  decisions,  and  delays  in  production.  Also  not  selected  are  letters 
of  transmittal  and  acknowledgment  and  items  that  duplicate  information  in 
selected  material. 

July  8th, 1901. 

Mr.  David  Tuers, 

288  Orange  Hoad, 

‘  MontolalrjH.J. 

Dear  Sir:- 

■  Please  enter  our  order  for  one  wall  to  be  located  at 

Silver  lake ,N.T .  You  are  to  start  work  on  this  on  or  before 
July  15th  and  complete  it.  on  or  before  August  15th, 1901. 

You  are  to  furnish  standard  oasifig  and  all  tools  and 
appliances,  completing  the  well  -without  any  expense  to  us,  to  a 
depth  of  150  feet.  If  on  reaohing  that  depth  there  is  a  continuous 
flow  of  clear  water  at  the  rate  of  20  gallons  per  minute,  we  will 
pay  you  $1.50  per  lineal  foot.  In  case  there  is  not  a  continuous 
flow  of  20  gallons  per  minute  at  the  depth  of  150  feet,  you  agree  to 
drill  to  whatever  depth  is  neoesBary  without  additions!  expense  to 
us,  until  a  continuous  flow  of  20  gallons  of  clean”  water  per  minute 
is  obtained. 

The  well  is  to  he  6  inches  at  top  and  not  less  than 
5*3/4  inches  at  bottom. 

Yours  very  truly, 



*-'V'**r  •(<W  s%"  »£-  -1/  cr&u.. 

JUL  ^^  ^  A  cTW  <4^  :^y  • , 

'l-uc*-  “  ^ 

,^^c^=cnf — ^ 


■*•  rgt, 

,Jm~»  ■*-r  sfc 

^  We^ 

...  ■x/rXfLf? 


Officeand  W0RK5:^Tl^fch^B|LM0NT  Avenue. 


Edison  storage  Battery  co., 
Edison  Labratory, 
Orange,  m.,t. 


HoppES  Live  Steam  Feed-Water  Purifier 
/wd  Exhaust  Steam  Feed-Water  Heater.. 

Philadelphia,  Pa. July  17,1901. 

JUL 18  1901 

Tour  esteemed  favor  under  date  of  July  lSthj^^king  prise 

f.o.b.  oars  Silver  Lake,  N.J.,  on  one  Live  steam  Peedu-Water  Purifier 
of  800  gallons  capaotty  per  hour,  has  been  referred  to  this  office  with 
instruotions  to  quote  you  price,  tine  of  delivery  and  best  discount. 

in  the  proposition  whioh  we  enclose,  we  quote  you  on  Purifier 
for  4200#  working  steam  pressure,  should  you  not  intend  to  carry  this 
amount  of  pressure  we  woul'i  furnish  you,  on  the  same  guarantee,  conditions 
and  terms,  a  Purifier  for  a  maximum  working  steam  pressure  of  IB 0#  for 

$307.00.  ,  .  - 


We  could  ship  the  Purifier  for  *§6#  working  pressure  immediately 
on  receipt  of  order;  should  you  want  the  Purifier  built  for  200#  pressure 
we  would  have  to  build  same,  and  could  not  make  shipment  under  10  days. 

We  enclose  blue  print  drawing  giving  dimensions  of  this  Puri¬ 
fier.  Any  further  information  that  you  desire  will  be  cheerfully  fur¬ 
nished  if  you  will  write  us,  or  the  writer  will  call  at  your  office  and 
see  you,  if  you  so  desire. 

Awaiting  your  further  oommands,  we  remain, 

Yours  truly, 

'  THE_'rl0,^^^^^^^’RING  C°'’ 

Our  address  is  now  #618  Fidelity  Hutual.Life  Bldg7.  ~ 


■s.  s  . 

July  19,1901. 

Mr.  Harter 

Oo  ahead  and  talcs  charge  of  the  plaoing  and  arranging  of 
the  Silver  lake  Chemloal  Worko.  Benson  will  see  that  the  work  is 
carried  out  as  you  plan  it. 

Order  what  is  necessary  through  Mr.  Mallory  to  oarry  out 
the  plan  as  agreed  upon  between  myself  and  J.W.  Aylaworth;  advanoe 
the  work  as  fast  as  possible  and  get  everything  in  position. 

Bush  the  furnace  in  the  Barn  for  Rafn,  as  he  must  make  a 
lot  of  iron  for  the  20  oells  of  battery  Rogers  is  making  and  has 
not  got  much  time  to  do  It.  Any  change ^jhe  wants,  make  them  qulokly 

'  August  6,1901. 

Mr.  Randolph : - 

I  have  given  Devonald  inatruotlonB ,  hereafter  not  to  pay 
the  Olen  Ridge  pay  roll  until  it  has  been  approved  hy  Mr.  Benson. 
She  recent  mistake  in  rates  on  the  Italians  caused  us  a  great  deal 
of  trouble  and  v/e  want  to  avoid  anything  of  this  sort  happening  • 
again.  . 

Yours  very  truly, 


August  9th, 1901 

ft'  3  * 

Mr.  Thomas  A.  Edison, 

Orange,  New  Jersey. 

Dear  Sir: - 

Would  you  kindly  have  30  sets .elements 

,1  ..  *  *..,**.  U  JL.»  A*®**’/*. 


battery  and  30  cells  for  same  s hi 

San  Erancisco  by  rail 
These  cells 
exceeding  300  ampere  hours. 

Kindly  say  when 

&•**«$  **  ^ 
lets. elements  complete  Edison^.storagS  | 
7  uko^-t*A^»A*  A** 

£d  to  the  address  of  this  company,!'' 

|wto^fferery.  ****»■ 

to  be  of  as  ldrge  size  as  ydu-supply  not 

■  may  expect  them. 

^Vlce president  &  Gen. Mgr. 

&/a 4u/<m& 

Arcade  2T.Y. ,  October  18th.  1901. 


5  Will  you.  please  eifaer 

Mr.  Thomas  A. Edison, 

Orange,  H.J. 

Dear  sir:-  ^ 

Your  favor  of  the  15th  inst.  at  hand 
my  order  for  four  hundred  horse-power  of  your  batteries,  to  be  delivered 
after  your  works  are  in  operation.  Maroh  or  April  delivery  will  be 
sufficent  for  my  purpose. 

If  you  can  name  price  and  guarantee  now,  I  would  be  glad  to 
know  them;  if  not,  pleaBe  do  so  as  early  as  you  can.  X  have  some  idea 
of  this  from  my  conversation  with  you. 

Will  you  also  kindly  inform  me  on  the  following  points: 

1st.  Is  it  to  be  expected  that  a  charged  battery  of  say  one  hundred 
horse-power  will  give  up  amount  of  power  until  entirely  exhausted, 
and  will  not  under  any. circumstances  give  up  a  greater  power  for  a  shorter 
time?  ■*-  ^  )xhw  -  J' «-  c v-rlC  d'-iuxs 

iX'o  vmtyVvu  ■r-cctl  aX  o- 

2nd.  How  many  hours  can  a  hundred  horse-power  battery  be  expected 
to  work  to  its  full  capacity,  and  if  the  average  draft  from  it  is  only 

twenty-five  horse-power  ,will  it  work  a  proportionally  longer  time? 

ItrO  Vvuwf  U«OuW|  toot-  CTIAO.  4&^GrV^W<rr*^'c>cr'J>H<i'sA.ft  &».,  L 
3rd.  Will  it  stand  charged  and  unused  without  losing  power.?--, 

Ov  33>  2  K-o-j 

I  assume  that  the  trolley  system  cqn  be  attached  to  ti 

car  with  this  battery,  and  when  under  a  wire  car 
by  the  trolley.  ^  _ _ 

tna*  youri 



(1)  Hov/  all  out,  Vats?  are  all  that  are  wanted  hoen  ordered. 

(''■)  Trow  about  Zwmr  send  plans  for  ©mooting  vats  on. 

(.1)  Pnnp  for  transferring  liquids.  ' 

(4)  Hopper  lined  vats. 

(fi)  Iron  kettles,  how  many  war.  ted,  have  they  been  ordered.  X. 

(r,)  Stone  v/are  tubs,,  how  many  want -d  and  have  they  been  ordered.  ^ 
^  (>)  "Mm,  (Krio)  for  furnishing  power,  Dynamo  for  seme, 
switches,  starting  *»«,  fotmdntion  plans  for  Pngine,  steam  piping 
Voxhaust  pipe,  wa_ter  separator.  .jy.H  covering  «nd  Pelting. 

(0)  Vurtbor  and  else  motors  wanted  in  plant  both  buildings. 

(9)  Vlootrio  lights,  wiring, switches,  volt  indicator  for  lighting, 

(10)  Pnnp  for  Artesian  well..  jpw^  Vy^  - 

(11)  Condenser  for  distilled  water,  tank,  otc. 

(12)  Pollers,  holler  wtHm.  «♦«»%  - z _ .  ... 

(12)  PoilerB,  holler  netting,  stock, feed  pump,  grate  hors,  stoking- 
tools,  vflieel-harrows  for  ooal. 

(lo)  Vlltcrs,  Cloth,  filter  stands,,  evaporating  dishes. 

(14)  IVrn.acen,,  firo  brick,  grate  bars.  a 

(ICO  pWs,  stoom.  pipings  traps,,  pons  for  drying,  fans,  motors.' 
(1C)  Ctin-ing  paddles  in  tanks,  n&tors,  r,tc. 

(17)  "I’.ter  closet  for  non. 

(12)  Casonoter  and  h”. tiding  separately. 

(19)  irydrogon  generating,  purifying,  in  above  building. 

(20)  Bteren  heating  of  buildings. 

(21)  Pest  room. 

(2,'i)  Iron  furnaces  and  piping  for  hydrr 
.  (24)  Vickol  oxide  grinding. 

(20)  v-iokcl  and  Iron  mixing  with  Graph 3 

Glen  Ridge, 


( 27 )  v/nter  Closet. 

(28)  PlumBing  for  water  oloset. 

(29)  Remove  the  water  closet  in  corner  at  top  and  pip®* 

(30)  Get  machine  shop  tools  and  countershaft  0.  and  tools  ready. 

(31)  Benching  all  up,  vises  in  position,  drawers  in. 

(3 2)  Ladder  to  motor,  starting  hex  for  sane. 

(33)  Bolting  for  machines. 

(34)  Office  furniture,  get  desks,  etc.  for  furnishing  from  Edison. 
(30)  Small  toolB  Where  good  from  Edison. 

(40)  Plan  of  Bottom  floor  3  story  Building,  position  of  the  hy- 
draullo  presses  and  other  heavy  machinery. 

(41)  Elevator  and  Motor,  starter,  etc. 

(42)  Gearing  and  rotor  for  rolls. 

(43)  Hydrogen  annealing  furnaces. 

(44)  Engine,  Boiler,  water  separator,  piping  (Covered) .otooking  tools, 
switch  Board,  ami  ere  meters,  volt  meters. 

(40)  Dispose  of  scrap  iron. 

(40)  Dispose  of  Wood. 

(47)  Drainage  system. 

(48)  S'ix  up  Blacksmith  shop. 

(49)  Remove  Brass  foundry. 

(15)  Got  drain  Back  of  long  low  Building. 

(51)  Arrange  niokel  plating  plant,. 

(52)  Arrange  machinery  2nd  story. 

(53)  Arrange  machinery  3rd  story. 

(54)  Store  good  But  unnecessary  stuff  in  side  Buildings. 

(55)  Eix  up  yard. 

(56)  Point  Briok  of  Buildings. 

(57)  Paint  where  Iron  discolors  the  water  paint. 

(OB)  Hurry  Benton  on  hie  return  to  oonplete  machine  for  bri'jueltes, 

(59)  Have  Benton  design  changes  nooessary  to  make  Edison  Briijuetting 
machine  into  Niokal  and  Iron  Rrlcxuottlng  7!achine. 

(60)  Benton  and  Rogers  finish  model  of  maoliine  making  small  bri¬ 
quettes  so  cm  go  nheadjlmild  lot  of  them. 

(61)  Benton  design  a  roll  mixing  machine  for  mixing  ITickel  with 
Graphitoulso  Iron. 

(62)  Beoide  about  rolls  for  grinding  nickel  before  mixing  with 
Graphite . 

(65)  Decide  about  model  press  for  making  cup's  find  order  nooessary 
presses  100  horse  power  daily. 

(64)  Test  model  strip  perforator  and  make  what  is  required  for 
100  horse  power  daily  20  hour  shift . 

(65)  Rogers  to  decide  about  the  cells,  making  machinery  what  is 
required,  Edison  will  give  various  size  of  oells. 

Gaunt  &  Janvier 

365  &  367  Canal  Street 

New  York 


Mow  York,  Feb.  18,  ly08. 

'  lir,  W.  S. Mol lory,  E3q., 


Atlantic  City,  N.  J. 

Fear  Mr.  Mallory;- 

I  am  sorry  to  learn  from  my  brother  who  retm-nert  late 
last  night  that  yeti  are  not  quite  yourself  again,  I  trust  that  the  balmy 
air  of  Atlantic  City  will  put  you  right. 

X  went  out  yesterday  in  all  the  3torm  to  the  laboratory  with  Mr. 
Bayly,  who  13  the  half  owner  of  the  gold  mine  in  Arizona  which  Mr.  Edison 
has  been  looking  into.  Bayly  became  vary  much  interested  in  the  battery 
and  would  like  to  take  some  of  the  bonds  upon  which  you  have  ah  option. 

My  brother  and  X  want  you  to  feel  easy  in  the  matter  of  your  sub¬ 
scription,  and  are  disponed  to  do  what  will  best  meet  with  your  wishes. 

v/e  take  the  ten  thousand  outright  and  I  will  let  my  partner 
have  one  or  two  and  Bayly  three  or  four,  Doctor  and  X  taking  the  balance. 
Possibly  if  you  could  have  the  ten  thousand  subscription  turned  over  to 
me,  you  could  get  an  option  from  Edison  for  five  thousand  of  his,  the 
call  holding  good  to  you  for  a  year.  If  however  you  could  not  do  this, 
we  will  take  the  five  thousand  outright  and  give  you  the  call  on  the 
balance  of  five  thousand.  It  is  our  wish  to  take  at  least,  this  worry 
off  your  shoulders.  write  me  in  the  matter  as  I  wish  to  keep  it  open 

■until  I  hear  from  you. 

With  kind  remembrances  to  Mrs.  Mallory,  believe  me 

Faithfully  yours 

Feb.  P.6 ,1902. 

My  dear  Mr.  Gaunt, !  - 

Replying  again  to  your  letter  of  the  18th  inst.,  I  beg 
to  state  that  I  have  taken  the  matter  of  Storage  Battery  bonds 
and  stock  up  with  Mr.  Edison,  and  find  that  he  prefers  not  to  give 
me  an  option  on  §5,000.00  additional,  as  he  has  let  so  much  of  his 
subscription  goj  (He  has  just  let  Mr.  H.  H.  Thompson,  of  Brooklyn, 
have  §5,000.),  also  two  other  of  his  friends,  so  his  original 
subscription  of  §50,000.  1b  out  down  about  half. 

Under  the  circumstances,  therefore,  I  am  very  glad  to 
accept  your  offer-,  which  I  understand  to  be  as  follows: 

I  am  an  original  subscriber  for  §10,000.  of  the  bonds 
of  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.,  carrying  with  them  a  bonus  of 
§5,000.  of  the  stock  of  said  Company,  according  to  conditions 
stated  in  agreement  dated  Orange,  July  11,1901,  between  "The 
Edison  Storage  Battery  Company,  a  corporation  organized  under  the 
lawB  of  the  State  of  New  Jersey,  party  of  the  first  part,  and  the 
several  subscribers,  whose  names  are  hereunto  annexed,  parties  of  the 
seoond  part,  and  ThomaB  A.  Edison,  party  of  the  third  part." 

I  understand  that  you,  Dr.  Gaunt  and  Mr.  Bayley  will 
aBBume  my  §10,000.  subscription  and  make  payments  already  called 
of  thirty  percent ,  (three  oalls  of  10$  each)  and  will  pay  the  call 
of  5$  due  on  or  before  Maroh  3,1902  and  such  further  oalls  as  may  be 
made  by  the  Company,  under  the  conditions  of  oontraot,  and  that 
you  will  give  me  a  oall  or  option  good  for  one  year,  on  five  thousand 

Mr..  J.  0.  #2. 

of  the  bonds  ,  oarrying^ twenty-five  hundred  dollars  of  stock  at  Bame 
price  as  that  which  you  paid  for  the  bonds. 

I  suppose  it  will  be  in  order  to  have  an  agreement  drawn; 

I  will  be  glad  to  have  it  done,  unless  you  prefer  to  do  it. 

I  desire  to  express  again  to  both  Dr.  Gaunt  and  yourself 
my  great  appreciation  of  your  kindness  in  helping  me  in  this  matter 
and  while  I  am  very  sorry  to  let  go  one  half  of  my  subscription, 
there  is  no  one  to  whom  I  would  rather  assign  it  than  to  the  Doctor 
and  yotirself ,  as  I  feel  convinced,  from  present  tonditions  of  the 
battery,  that  the  stook  will  be  very  valuable. 

Sinoerely  yours, 

To  James  Gaunt  ,Eoq:. , 

365  Canal  St . , 

New  York. 

The  Thompson  &  Norris  Company, 


•CORTEX*,  Brooklyn:  B  RO  0  KLYN,  N.Y  _ 

s  ,  /  '  • 

W.S. Mallory, Esq. ,  \  / 

Edi  son  Laboratory,  1  / 

Orange ,N.J.  j 

Dear  Mr. Mallory 

An  agreed  yesterday,  J.,  bee  £o  hand  you  herewith  Cheek  for 
$1750.00,  covering  an  I  understand  i.l/,  the  three  instalments  of  10^, 
and  the  fourth  of  bf,  due  on  or  befo/o  V}j$irch  Prd  on  the  amount  of  the  $5000 ' 
Bonds  of  tho  Edison  Storage  Batter/ stock, \jjh.ich  Mr. Edison  has  kindly 
allowed  me  to  have.  / 

and  yours oi'f^for  tho  favor,  and 
Ver#’ truly- yours , 

Y40'  / 

i/t//t  SfyyWfY; 

■With  thanks  to  Mr.Ec 
awaiting  due  returns,  7.  am 


L . - 



Feb. 27th, 1902. 

Roht.  H.  Thompson, Ebol.  , 

Prince  &  Conoord  Sts., 

Brooklyn, IT.  Y.* 

Dear  Mr.  Thompson:- 

.  with  thanks 
X  beg  to  acknowledge  .'the  receipt  of  yours  of  f 

i  26th 

Inst,  e.nolosing  chock  for  §1750,  hovering  three  instalments  of’  10^ 
eaoh,  already  paid  and  the  fourth  of  5/Z  due  on  or  h afore  MaTch' 

3rd|  'on  amount  of  §5’, 000.  bond's  of  the  Edison  Storage  "Battery  . 

Company,  whioh  Mr.  Edison  has  agreed  to  let  you  have* out’ of  his 
subscription.  '■"■f 

I  heg  herewith  t  d'enclose^  an  asdlghmemt-.  from  Jfc.  Wison-:  -  i  / 
covering  the  right .  '  V^e^i’lli'id!^1  arrange  id  have  one  of  (the  bonds 

issued  and  forwarded  to  you  'adj.soon‘ as  At^iwoounteraigne^UBna.-^’. 
'hereafter-  as;  soon  assail" payments-  amount  toymore'^than*  an: -additional  j 
§1*000.,  bonds  will  he  forwJarJd^d',-,ta^o^«  \  •..!  ’■  v  ■  if 

'spirits  and  has  hand>'iiidiftiS<Y^{n|he.  Jjement  and  Storage 


Hew  York,  Feb.  87,  1908,  • 

%  (3.  Mallory,  Esq. , 

Orange ,  W.  J. 

Bear  Hr,  Hal lory; - 

X  am  In . receipt  of  yours  of  Feb.  8fith,  the  contents  of 
which  are  entirely  agreeable,. 

I  shall  bo  glad  if  you  will  have  the  agreement  drawn  and  bring  it 
in  to  m^making  an  appointment  to  lunch  with  mo  as. soon  as  you  can. 

I  trust  that  this  will  be  at  an  early  date  because  I  want  you  to  meet  a  ' 


man  who  is  about  leaving  for  London,  and  X  .pi„dej ir^us  that  you  should  ' 
see  him  before  he  goes. 

Pleaso  lot  me  know  whether  it  will  be  agreeable  for  us  to  pay  at 
once  $4,000  on. account  of  this  $10,000  and  have  the  four  bonds  do-  • 
llvered  to  us.  This  will  anticipate  th^xtr^^',  but  it  will  put 
the  matter  into  a  more  concrete  shejie,  I  presume  that  you  can  bring 
the  four  bonds  in  with  you  and  at  that  time  have  us  sign  the  agreement, 
and  upon  delivery  of  the  $4,000  get  the  bonds? 

Kindly  let  me  know  your  pleasure  in  the  matter,  find  believe  me 

Gaunt  &  Janvier 

365  &  3<>7  Canal  Street 

New  York 

Faithfully  yours. 

ZS&c.  '5,  l„v 

Aug.  21,  1902, 

Thomas  A.  Edison,  Esq. , 

Stewart sville,  IT.  J. 

Dear  Sir: 

I  "beg  to  advise  you  tha#the  mortgage  on  the  Silver  Lake 
property  for  $11,175.00  falls  dpe  on  Sept.  3oth  and  is  held  hy  Mr. 
H.  C.  Hallenheck,  Mountolair,  Jr.  J.  Do  you  wish  me  to  find  out  if 
Mr.  Hallenheck  will  let  the  Mortgage  run. 

,  Yours  truly. 

•  Of).  Cn  oaa d o-thJL. 


28th  August  1902. 

Dear  Sir: 

Herewith  returning  communication  of  Edison  Storage  Battery 
Con® any,  dated  the  6th  instant,  we  beg  to  advise  it  is  not  probable  that 
the  special  steels  of  very  high  tensile  strength  would  answer  the  re¬ 
quirements  of  the  Edison  Con®any,  as  material  of  the  character  mentioned 
is  so  brittle  as  to  practically  forbid  itB  formation  into  shapes  such  as 
are  mentioned  by  the  Edison  people. 

It  is  quite  possible  that  niokel  steel  would  supply  the  want 
of  the  E.  S.  B.  Company,  and,  doubtless  material  of  thiB  character  could  be 
obtained  in  the  sizes  mentioned,  although  the  quantity  of  an  order  wouM  be 
of  necessity  sufficiently  great  to  warrant  making  a  heat  of  special  steel. 
Steel  of  this  sort  would  be  very  costly  in  its  raw  state,  and  the  cost  Of 
working  it  into  plates  or  strips  would  add  very  much  to  its  price  oh  ac¬ 
count  of  the  difficulties  attendant  upon  working  Buch  material  and  the 
heaty  manufacturing  loss  incident. thereto,  and,  consequently  any  price 
named  would  be  a  mere  guess.  We  suppose  the  price  would  be  at  least  10  cents 
per  pound  and  probably  more,  Oven  in  the  fori  of  tubes,  which  would  be 
easier  to  Obtain  than  sheets  6r  plates'  in  ttitbfiai  of  the  sort  uhdeh  con¬ 
sideration.  We  are  inclined  to  believe  that  "the  lowest  price  it  would 
be  possible  to  name  for  nickel  steel  would  be  prohibitive. 





Glen  Ridge, /IST.  J„  February  19,  1904 

Hr.  W.  S.  Mallory,  Vice  President , 

1  Storage  Battery  Co., 

In  making  ou&  the  inventory  for  January  1,  1904,  we  have 
aimed  to  follow  the  plans  ofVthe  inventory  of  1903.  Indeed,  we  have 
taken  the  old  inventory  and  wherever  /the  same  items  were  found ,  we  have 
made  no  changes,  allowing  the  figures  to  remain  the  same,  as  well  as  the 

i  where  some  item  had  not  beer 

properly  described  i 

Wherever  machines  or  items  have  been  transferred  to 
another  Beotion  of  the  building,  we  have,  made  a  corresponding  transfer 
in  the  inventory.  All  new  items  have  beenv arranged  in  their  proper 
places  in  each  section  of  the  building.  \ 

I  wish  to  oall  attentim,  however ,  to  the  fact  that  many 
of  the  machines  inventoried  are  obse  .ete  and  really  should  be  charged 
off  to  profit  and  loss.  Many  of  the  figures  on  thesmachines  still  in 
use  should  be  changed  to  allow  for  depreciation.  \ 

I  cannot  say  that  the  inventory  as  it  stands  represents 
anything  like  the  true  value  of  the  Cbmpany' s  property.  Of  course,  the 
money  that  has  been  put  in  obsolete  experimental  machines  stands  as  an 
investment  of  the  Company,  purely  as  experimental  work  but  has  no 
tangible  asset  value. 

ixperimental  work  but  has  no 

W.  S.  M. 

Jell.  19 ,1904 

The  chief  cause  of  delay  in  getting  out  the  inventory 
has  teen  due  to  the  fact  that  tools  and  machines  and  indeed  all 
additions  to  the  factory  made  during  the  past  year  on  shop  orders, 
had  not  been  figured  up  until  I  came  with  the  Company,  which  has  made 
it  neoessary  for.  the  timekeeper, (who  was  the  only  one  familiar  with 
the  records  on  this  subject,  )  to. go  baok  to  the  beginning  of  last 
year  and  figure  up  all  the  orders,  in  order  that  he  might  have  something 
like  the  true  value  to  give  to  the  tools.  At  one  time  it  was  thought 
advisable  to  employ  someone  to  do  Mb  other  work  to  enable  him  to  give 
his  whole  time  .to  the  inventory,  but  I  did  not  oare  to  break  in  a  new 
man  (for  whom  we  would  have  no  use  after  the  inventory  was  finished). 

If  my  ideas  are  carried  out  for  this  year,  the  inventory 
will  be  complete  at  the  end  of  the  year,  indeed,  it  will  be  complete 
at  any  time  during  the  year  with  the  exception  of  the  floating  stock 
whioh  may  be  going  through  the  faotory  and  the  only  thing  necessary  to 
obtain  a  complete  inventory  of  that  any  time  desired  will  be  to  copy  the 
stook  room  record.  I  purpose  keeping  before  us  a  oopy  of  the  present 
inventory  and  whenever  an  order  is  issued  affecting  any  item  of  that 
inventory,  or  a  transfer  is  made  of  any  machine',  a  reoord  of  the  Bame 
will  be  made  on  the  inventory  so  that  the  record  will  be  kept  up  to 
date  all  the  time,  and  we  will  have  nothing  to  do  on  next  year's  inven¬ 
tory  but  to  make  a  fresh  copy  of  the  reoord,  unless  indeed  it  be  de¬ 
sirable  to  verify  the  lists.  I  think  it  not  only  practicable  but  very 
desirable  to  keep  up  inventories  in  this  way. 


P.S.I  have  made  no  footings  thinking  you  may  want  to  change 

the  figures . 

a/i/kj^ryLy  ffJrtdprt,  £?% 

,  C^farf  j/ 6  S?#V, 

(&£ats)s<Mt*  dtotearfl';~ 


^(g,  OAiJUtorts  Wettx 
c^  jgtdtoio.  '&*  cyUv 
Q^Abft  /rlay  /Ua>&' 


/m&> /'i*tctJm4A  'vd&Mc 

(£)*<■  ^oUrn^ud^ 

CL  YLfr^M  ifh&ritrt  )fr_ 

jM,  cul  WLaMtA  C,trrf~\ 

'yULofyoC  /usz^4t 

%  siTto&f  /LprvL'  /Usvflg 
Aixhrv  o^  -*^<m/<7Lgl££c  ^LP^ 
^l(M^  sL^zrtc^  /TL&U/ — 
'&ast&UJ  <>yV  y£s6o  ^i/l&y&M^- 
^nMC,  CL^Lct  j/l£as££^ 



New  York  Office,  44  Broad 
May  27,  1904 

Mr.  Thomas  A.  Edison, 

Orange,  3J.  J. 

Dear  Mr.  Edison: 

I  have  arranged  v/ith  Mr.  Churchward  to  get 
me  up  an  automobile  the  duplicate  of  his,  and  he  tells  me  that 
it  would  be  well  for  me  to  get  my  word  in  for  the  necessary 
battery,  as  the  rest  of  the  apparatus  will  be  easy  to  get 
promptly.  You  will  have  the  gratitude  of  Mrs.  Hughes  if  you 
will  set  the  battery  part  of  the  vehicle  in  motion,  as  she 
wants  to  get  the  air  this  summer. 

Very  truly  yours, 



June  1,  1904' 

<$ 'Jli  -fi 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Co., 

orange,  N.  J. 

Dear  Siris: 

■>  On  account  of  your  slOYmess  in  making  delivery 

of  Edison  Batteries  quito  a  number  of  sales  for  oars  to 
be  fitted  with  these  have  been  cancelled,  and  owing  to 
this  fact  we  would  kindly  ask  that  you  discontinue  shipp¬ 
ing  the  balance  due  on  our  order  originally  calling  for 
twelve  sets.  We  eaoeedingly  regret  that  we  are  compelled 
to  make  such  a  statement,  but  it  may  be  ere  the  end  of 
the  present  season  and  perhaps  within  a  short  time  we  win 
toe  occasion  oali  on  you  for  .0„  „  tiMse  t„  ^  ^ 
of  our  orders;  and,  of  ooar..,  if  moh  ls  th8  ,m.  wo  ^ 

tto  you  In  Oe  in  a  Uo.i.ion  to  fdce.oare  of  o*.  retire- 
ments  promptly.  / 

Yours  truly, 

Pope  Motor  Oar  Company, 

Horse  Vehicles- Automobiles, 

,»  Harness,  Etc. 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Co. 


June  2-  1904. 

Edison  Laboratory , 

Orange ,  N.  J. 

Boar  sirs: 

M  -9  SC4 

In  answer  to  Mr.  Whiting's  letter  of  May  Slat,  we  are 
Rorry  to  have  you  say  that  the  performance  of  the  specially  altered 
automobile  jused  by  Mr.  Mallory  has  not  recently  seemed  satisfac¬ 
tory  to  yourselves.  She  impression  has  been  given  ub 'several 
times  in  the  past  few  months  by  representatives  of  your  company 
that  this  particular  machine  was  proving  especially  serviceable 
and  reliable  in  your  work. 

You  say  that  on  the  level  this  automobile  consumes  about 
78  watts  per  1000  lbs.  Please  let  us  know  how  much  current  it  ^ 
takes  on  a  hard  level  road,  also  the  size  of  the  driving  sprocket^  Lf. 
with  which  it  is  equipped. 

Che  price  of  one  of  our  new  motors ,  which  are  rated 

each  at  30  amperes  and  50  volts,  would  be  appr oximat e ly$ 2S5 . 00  net 
with  countershaft’’,  pinion,  gear  and  driving  sprocket.  In  order, 
however,  to  place  one  of  these  motors  on  the  automobile  in  ques¬ 
tion,  you  would  be  obliged  to  change  the  method  of  suspension, 
which  would  involve  altering  the  tubular  running  frame ,  ani  it 
might  be  necessary  to  make  corresponding  changes  in  the  body. 

The  rear  axle  would  also  need  to  be  changed,  as  the  loca¬ 
tion  of  the  sprocket  thereon  v/ould  have  to  be  different. 

(g)  Edison  storage  Battery  Oo. 

Ehe  efficiency  of  this  new  motor  is  approximately  80$ 
at  normal  load  wiUiout  the  reduction  gears. 

Yours  very  truly , 

. ..  T  r ,  _ 

^Zd.^dr/%.-  <j'  f  *c?-*/x  (^iO.  'i:  <?  ''J. _ 

_ tea,tr.  ..*■/. -Ctr^fCM-a-^'U&L*:- 6."t~z. 

— •*... _  c t-. <2^t.tXUC E-^c— n -trC-/ 

- 1J1 — _ 

_ ,.. _ . . . *. _ : _ -sj.  L _ ! 



'U  ..-/-rt-r^L 

„.  ..  „ _ UnJjk.  P^u^-t 

_ ...  f _ y-  /,jC~,<^cf  -  i«g;;~i:^,;  • 

_ ^xs^^z,  :..,^Le js^s>-3^-T-  j£3Ztey_ 

-ft:  /£.  &jz>  ny.";)  -••  7 

■U-ixZl^C  --StU^l  1  &Ln-U-€t  sL 

tf  Ctr/^<A  <?7  ,.-4yC,  'A  C~ttf-t.cJi—c/  _jh>xiC^.. 



^»v _ fc^ffe’w  _  gCy  flCaL»^^ 


.../r_oT.o£ ... 

. *  . 

•~>*/ei,t.C*LaJ.  .  V  T^Lo-/  -&iUj/  tf/PC 

_ _ ^-£L  ,5^1<o  _  _ _ _ _ 

'2'L{±s/&*.L.  CK^L. .  r?L^~*f/  _ 


-  .  c/~  .l/sU-U:: &A <-L-  £/^jj.,  e^y/t<^.^/ ^  _ _ 

._  .e&jJLj.  /.v^-CC.  e\s*/\r  <£<-<r-L~ 

k/1^<UL  s?^g?  XO  _ _ :- _ 

_ w*/1  ~Zo~.  _ 

Uidd^L  st-JZf-s-L*/  - 

/^  tkyjjjt 




Jnl school;. °r  :.  « 
££*-,>  a -*** *■  5  i*  -■ 

Hewton,  Iowa,  6/8/04 

Edison  storage  Battery  Co,, 

Orange.  Hi,  J, 

Gentlemem  \ 

Eeplytng  to  yourayjf  jg/g/AHW/I  I  wrote  youasking  yon  to 
select  for  me  motor  and  controller,  with  other  necessaries, suitable  to 
supplement  ten  of  your  cells, W  and  furnish  power  to  run  my  invalid's 
ehair,  I  received  no  answer  to  my  request,  will  you  not  do  this  for 
me.  4s  you  know  by  our  correspondence,!  attempted  to  assemble  neces¬ 
sary  supplements  to  ten  cells,  inayif  my  order  had  not  been  a  condition¬ 
al  one, I  would  not  have  a  usel&ee  h»tor,  I  don't  know  what  to  order. 
Will  you  not  tell  ms  exactly  what  toy  order, ana  where  to  order  it?  I 
desire  to  use  ten  of  your  cells  you  recommend,  if  "I  can  get  suitable 
supplements.  It  Beems  to  me  that, as  a\matter  of  business, you  migfctt 
make  me  out  a  list  of  each  article  needed  to  supplement  your  cells, 
telling  me  exactly, what  to  order  and  where  I  can  get  it, with  prices. 

I  can  then  send  you  money  foj  oelle*motor  with  cpntroler.and  mil  needed 

eoosBBorlts,  \ 

I  understand  that  they  ire  using  electrically  propellsd  chairs  at 

^"fi***  %  X£yeTl?  *■»  Usbt  batterXWJn  tSm.Spf 

as*  ef  them  might  do, ana  I  cm  «  cooplete  rfctll  of  the  factory 
that  manufactwee  wheels  usoi  at  Strouds*  Perhh®e,if  yew  new  light 
cattery  ie  not  need  on  them.jlhe  factory  might  substitute  you  new  light 
battery  for  one  used  o»  wheels  used  at  St.louis. 

Please  . assiet  me  in  arranging  a  whselwhich  will  lessen  the 
troubles, and  add  a  few  joys  to  the  life  of  a  cripple  who  is  dependant 
upon  a  wheel. 



_  Jhere  ana  by  whom  were  aleotrioally  propelled  chairs  in  use  ou 
World's  Pair  ground  made? 



New  York  Office,  44  Broad  Street 

ifalt*  J.904 

JUE.  'Whiting,  Eaq.*f 

Edison  Storage  EfcttSry 


Eear  sir,- 

I  beg  to  a«3!nt»W.l^aO  yttawdy  the  Srd  tost, 
regarding  a  set  of  automobile  meter  Curves  and  w«£o id  adv}ae  that 
I  expect  to  he  able  to  get  <&&  Mt  tqjpuJ&er  within  *  few  days 
and  will  take  pleasure  in  making  it  to  you* 

I  will  take  th;j*  opportunity  to  poll  your  httenttoa  to 
the  delivery  wagons  that  the  Uhltfe*  Wf  -•  rt  ne  Company 

have  on  order  with  the  Champion  Wbgan  Company  of  Owege,  E.Y., 
which  are  to  he  equipped  with  either  60  w  64  cells  of  Hdison 
batteries,  i  have  been  in  touch -with  Mr,  T.IJ.  Germ,  Manager  of 
the  Champion  Wagon  Company,and  have  recootmonded  very  strongly 
to  hto  that  for  cornmeroial^reasonh  4lt  wtold  he  ’  to  his  advantage 
to  us*  64  rather  than  60  oeila*  h«  has  $thrt  written  an  t*wt  hp  1| 
going  to  take  the  matter  ap  with  yott  either  ift  Bbtr  toffe  of  Orange  oa 
jriday  or  Saturday,  of  this  ireOk.  Speqif teat lens  of  these  vehicles' 
call  for  a  capaoityVof~2l»Opou^  'iftipani  also  to  have 
a  maadmua  oapaolty  of  3500  ponds',  which  as  far  a»ha  knows  may 
he  oarried  indefinitely.  Consequently  toour  recoampndatlon,  we  hate 
advised  the  us*  of  two  80  voij^  24  aurorae  iotfera ,  which  fro®, 
bur  data  we  believe  to  he  none  too  much*  e*  states  that  the 

TsaIjmajJdBiikfcjw  E<$  a%Hr#  *wLt# 

4?®*  *«  ixwpptitik  tyAijitW^  jj^jr  ^  ^  *«$*. 

*y  w«Sk  J»*  &keo« 


Edison  Storage  Battery  Co., 

Orange,  N.  Y,  JJt  1.0 

Gentlemen: - 

We  were  advised  By  Lr.  E.  R.  Varcoe  of  Qoshen,  N.  Y. ,  to 
■"Born  you  shipped  a  '4  Cell  E,  18  complete  Storage  Battery  outfit, that 
he  experience*  some  anxiety  regarding  itu  performance  owing  to  the 
fact  that  it  was  so'' noisy  that  he  thought  it  had  gone  wrong. 

Kindly  send  us  copy  of  the  letter  you  sent  him  in  .reply  to  his 
inquiry  so  that  we  inay  he  kept  informed  as  to  what  caused  his 
experince,  in  order  to  answer  dny  inquiries  that  we  may  have  from 
future  customers,  regarding  the  peculiarities  of  the  Edison  Battery. 

Yours  truly, 


per  i  -*  ^  ■  ' 

General  Elect, rio  Co., 

44  Brond  St.,  N.  Y.  City. 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  Bth  Inst.,  we  Beg  to  state  that 
the  writer  wishes 'to  thankYyou  for  forwarding  the  curves  as  promised. 

.'.  In  regard  to  the  \elivaryf wagons  for  the  U«  S.  Express  Co., 
would  state  that  the  writer  Galley  on  Ur.  Snyder  yesterday,  and  Im¬ 
pressed  upon  him  very  strongljs  the  advisability  of  using  64  oells  In 
place  of  ' 60.  Ur.  Snyder  statecL /however,  that  they  were  Installing 
their  own  generating  plants,  aiA that  therefore  they  oould  handle 
60 'cells  just  as  economically  as' they  could  64,  which  of  oourse  Is 
true.  The  main  objection  to  lisingVi  cells  was  the  increased  battery 
compartment  required,  which  the  size 'of  their  wagon  does  not  con¬ 
veniently  permit.  They  are  having  designed  a  number  of  larger  wagons, 
which  are  to  use  the  E-45  battery  and  wMsoh  had  been  laid  out  for 
54  oellB.  This  matter  was  thoroughly  discussed,  and  I  believe  that 
Mr.  Snyder  was  convinced  that  it  would  be  proper  to  use  the.  same 
number  of  oells  in  both  oases,  in  order  to  facilitate  oharging. 

Kindly  treat  this  latter  piece  of  information  asNconfidential,  sb  it' 
Is  not  generally  known  that  they  are  equipping  a  liiie  of  iarge  wagons 
as  well  as  the  small,  although  you. may  be  already  posted  oh  this 

In  regard  to  the  matter  of  equipment  for  the  2500  lb, 
vehloleB,  would  state  that  Mr.  Snyder  did  hot  bring  up  this  point 

with  ms,  and  I  would  not  he  In  a  position" to  state  definitely  which 
motor  in  my  opinion  was  host  adapted  to  the  work,  without  knowing 
the  weight  of  the  vehiole,  together  with  the  speed  required  and  other 
Information.  With  such  Information,  X  shall  he  very  glad  to  give  Mr. 
Snyder  .ray  unbiased  opinion,  and  I  might  say  that  in  general  I  should 
always  ro  c  amend  the  larger  motor  without  having  any  particular  data 
at  hand,  as  we  all  know  that  a  large  faotor  of  safety  or  overload  in 
these  motors  is  a  very  good  thing. 

I  will  take  thlB  matter  up  further  with  Mr.  Gere  of  the 
Champion  Wagon  Co.,  whom  I  met  at  the  laboratory  some  time  ago. 

Yours  very  truly, 



The  Pope  Motor  Car  Co., 

IndianapoliB,  Ind. 

Dear  Sirst 

Replying  to  yours  of  the 
regret  exceedingly  that  you  have  se 
orders  which  we  have  on  our  hooks, 
perfectly  justified  in  doing  thiB» 
promises  satisfactorily  in  regard  to  sh 
that  the  aotive  season  iB  practically 
that  we  will  he  in  a  position  in  a 
delay,  and  shall  he  Pleased  to  receiv* 
date,,  as  required  by  your  Patrons. 

Thanking  you  for  past  favo 
'  Very  truly 


‘  \ 

it.,  would  state  that  v/e 
to  cancel  the  six  remaining 
re  feel  that  you  are 
been  unable  to  keep  our 
and  we  fully  appreciate 
Wf  trust,. however, 
fill  orders  without 
you  at  a  later 


Studebaker  Bros.  Mfg.  Co., 

South  Bend,  Indian 


Replying  to  yours  of \ the  2d  ine  >,  In  regard  to  the  matter 
of  Mr.  Mallory^  automohlle,  woifid  state]  Lat  thiB  machine  consumes 
47  amperes  on  hard  level -roads.  l|he  slat  >f  the  driving  sprocket 
Is  14  teeth.  This  machine  we  Calculate|E  >uld  not  consume  oyer  35  \ 
amperes,  and  we  believe  that  the  trouble  i  with  the  motor,  since 
the  running  gear  has  been  entirely  gonw  c  sr  and  properly  aligned. 

In  regard  to  the  reliability  of  the  velm  s,  would  state  that  there 

ehicle  having  been  "run 
it  yp^  Ly  understand 

lsumpt  1  amperes  to 

35,  it  will  materially,  increase  the  mJLeage,  Ld  he  a  very 

desirable  point.  We  would  be  obliged  to  ,you  uld  forward  us 

a  sketch  or  blue-print,  showing  the  neoessar  ons  which. 

Would  have  to  be  made  in  the  frame  to  accoram  »w  motor  re- 

Awaitihg  your  reply,  we  are, 

Yours  very  truly, 


is  no  complaint  on > this  score  whatever 
continuously  and  given  good  service,  bj 
that  if  v/e  can  deorease  the  current  ,ool 

•  6/io/04/AHW/C. 

The  S.  S.  White  Dental  Mfgi 
5  Union  Square,  w\, 


Replying  to  yours  ofNfche  Pith  Inst.,  would  state  that  the. 
letter  which  we  wrote  to  Dr.  Varooe/has  been  mislaid,  "but  the  writer 
reoollects  the  general  contents.  Bie  Dootor  was  quite  worried  from  ■ 
the  bubbling  of  these  cells  while  Wn\.  charge  and  after  being  taken  off 
charge.  This  bubbling  Is  perfectly  normal  In  the  battery,  and  will 
continue  for  hours  after  the  battery  ha\  been  taken  off  charge.  It 
does  not  Indicate  local  action, /but  Is  slAply  the  hydrogen  gas  which 
has  generated  Inc  charging  worklfag  out  from\he  pookets.  We  informed 
the  Dootor  that  as  long  as  the/  battery  gased  Vreely  it  was  In  proper 
working  shape,  and  when  the  battery  ceased  to  gas  on  oharge  there  is 
some  trouble. 

Trusting  this  will  ^ 

J  very  truly, 



Hr.  Chas .  T.  Hughes, 

General  Elootric  Co,,  / 

44  Broa^  St.,  N.  Y./city, 

Dear  Sir: 

Your  latter  of  the  2'^th  ultZ  to  Kr.  Edlaon,  has  been  re¬ 
ferred  to  the  writer,  and  in  reply  if  beg  to  state  that  I  am  this  day 
taking  up  the  matter  with  Mr.  Chur onward,  and  will  do  everything  in 
our  power  to  equip  this  vehlole  to/yoW  satisfaction.  I  will  get 
the  necessary  information  from  Mr/.  Chur  onward,  and  feel  sure  that  the 
details  will  be  carefully  attended  to. 

’'fryfe  are, 

Yours/very  truly, 


6A0/04/AHW/C.  . 

United  States  Express  Co., 

8th  &  Hendeni 

i  Sts*. ,  Jersey  City. 


We  hog  to  aoknowledg  e  your  order  of  the  4th  InBt.,  for  15 
sets  of  type  E-27  Edison 'hatte rles,  consisting  of  60'  cells  each  to  he 
We  shall  endeavor  to  make  delivery  of 
the  first  battery,  as  requested,  on  the  15th  of  July,  and  at  the 
present  time  can  see  no  ro'isojf\why  this  promise  cannot  be  fulfilled. 
We  will  also  endeavor  to  dellfrerVfche  remaining  14  sets  at  Buch  dates 
as  you  may  specify  later  to  be  most  convenient  to  you.  These  bat- 
)  l/o u  fuller  charged  and  equipped,  ready  to 

terles  will  be  delivered  to 
be  placed  in  the  vehicle. 

In  regard  to  the  guarantee  on 
that  we  guarantee  them  to  be 
material  for  a  period  of  one 
defects  of  this-  nature  whioh 

Snyder,  we  beg  to  Impress  ui| 
the  same  nufeber  of  oellB  In 
as  it  will"  facilitate'  the 

batteries,  would  state 
free -from  defects  of  workmanship  and 
year,  and  stand\eady  to  make  good  any 
may, arise  within  th^t  time. 

Confirming  the  oonhrersation  of  our  Mr.  Whiting  with  Mr. 

Jon  you, again  the  advisability  of  placing 
both  your  2,000  and  4,000  pound  wagons, 

;  of  these  vehioleB  very  greatly, 
and  will  be  much  more  eoonomioal  to  operate,  doing  away  with  theostats 
or  booster  service. 



■We  shall  h'e  pleased  at  any  time  to  furnish  you  with  any 
information  in  our  p'ower  to  assist  you,  either  in  the  equipment  or 
in  the  operation  of  your  vehioleB,  and  will  call  upon  you  at  any 
time  at  your  solicitation. 

Thanking  you  for  your  order,  we  are, 

Yours  very  truly, 


Mr.  T.  D.  Gere,  Mgr., 

Champion  Wagon!  Co, ,, 

OwegA,  H.  Y. 

The  writer  had.  a  itengthy  .interview  with  Mr.  Synder  of  the 
U.  S.  Express  Co.  yesterday,  and  We  informed  him  that  you  are  design¬ 
ing  some  4,000.  lb.  wagons  for  thtfir  service.  He  stated  to  me  that 
Mr.  Maxim  reoommended  using  54  /f  \mr  type  E-45  cells.  As  they,  are 
equiping  their  small  wagons  with  60 'W  the  type  E-27,  it  would  be 
most  advisable  to  UBe  the  same  number \f  cells  in/ the  larger  wagons, 
as  it  will  facilitate  the  charging  of  t^eBe  batteries,  and  will  do 
away  with  rheostats  or  boosters,  whicheverNsystem  might  be  adopted. 

I  wish  that  you  would  < 

■  early  convenience 

on  this  subject j  as  we  wans  to  do  everything  invour  power  to  give 
the  U.  S .  Express  Co/  the  best  Of  service,  arid  in\our  opinion  it  would 
be  a  gross  mistake  to  equip  these  large  wagons  with  oqly  54  oells. 

Awaiting  your  reply*  I  am, 

11}  3.904, 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Co., 

Orange,  New  Jersey. 

Gentlemen:-  ,  -  ' 

We  acknowledge  receipt  of  your  favor  of  the  1st. 

It  is  exceedingly  interesting  to  note  that  you  are  furnishing  us 
with  circulars  to  he  shipped  with  each  battery,  giving  directions.: 
for  assembling  etc.,  \  j 

Now,  this  would  be  higMy .  satisfactory  to  us  if  we  were 
getting  deliveries  on  batteries.  JYcj iu  will  note  that  we  have  gone  to 
considerable  expense  to  bring  out  a  social  Edison  Model,  we  are 
advertising  it  in  magazines  and J  genera\  circulation,  but,  it  would 
seem  that  we  are  very  much  handicapped  irtv, obtaining  deliveries 
of  the  battery. 

Will  you  kindly  inform  us,  for  the 
Sales  Department,  of  this  Compep 


le  inf < 

[formation  of  the 
Iny,  just  what  we  can  expect  on 

Yours  very  truly,  • 

Diet.  TJH/b. 



National  Motor  vehlolo  Co., 
Indianapolis,  in d. 


H.plW»e  to  youra  of  tn,  nth  Scat.,  aonld  .t.t.u,*  „ 

t  '  6S  ‘  P°”ltl0"  *°  ”**  -W  d.Uvari..,  md  „ 

"  ‘  t118  pre.e»,  tlm  douono,  tl.  opacity  of  our  pl  (n  ■ 

.  oar.  of  onr  patron.  In  mno  M„.r  ^ 

»dto  Jr”"1083  aif”“'aty  '1“,;  " 

“ ;  t  ** tho  irs“nt  ii”  —■  -  **■  *-«-  -i «-  ■ 

„  »  *•■!«  *.  do  evarythins  in  our  power  to  « 

W,,  ordor  ..  prompt*  „  p„,aiM,,  »dr.el  ^  “ 

Adored  by  ,M.  company  aiu  In  fntnra  0.  a.tlef.otory  In 

.vo  only  ono  eat  of  b.tterlo.  on  order  for  yon  a,  the  pra.ant 
£ •  ”  "111  endeavor  to  mate  eb.pnont  of  „„t  p„t 

Of  next  week,  if  not  before. 

Trcttad  tM.  rta  „a  aatlef.otory,  ..’.ra, 

Yours/ very  truly, 


The  Edison  Storage  Battery  Go., 

Orange,  New  Jersey. 

Gentlemen :  - 

I  recently  purchased  of  the  National  Motor  Vehicle 
Go.  of  Indianapolis,  Ind.  a  "National  Stanhope"  containing  forty 
of  your  JS-18  cells.  When  charging  the  battery  at  the  rate  of 
40  amperes,  what  will  the  volt  meter  read  when  battery  is  full  ?. 
Two  of  the  cells  have  leaked  and  I  have  had  them  resoldered  here. 
The  National  Company  have  sent  me  one  cell  wife  electrolyte  to 
replace  the  first  one  that  leaked.  Will  not  ordinary  solder 
withstand  the  action  of  the  caustic  potash  solution  ?  Cannot 
the  electrolyte  be  prepared  by  a  chemist  here  instead  of  being 
shipped  by  your  factory  ?  Is  the  electrolyte  simply  a  20  per 
cent  solution  of  caustic  potash  and  distilled  water  ?  Kindly 
answer  the  above  and  give  me  any  further  information  regarding 
your  battery  and  oblige. 

Yours  respectfully, 


Mr.  C.  V/.  Pallor, 

Newtonj  Iowa. 

Dear  Sirs 

Replying  to -.-yours  of  the  8th  InBt..,  we  bog  to  state  that 
y/e  have  taken  up  the  natter  of  motor,  &c.,  with  the  Crook or  Wheeler 
Co.,  but  as  yet.  have  not  received  any  reply.  They  are  working  on 
this  proposition,  and  as  soon  as  we  have  any  Information  we  shall 
take  great  pleasure  in  forwarding  it  to  you  at  the  earliest  possible 

Yours  very  truly, 




My  dear  Mr.  Mallory, 

Confirming  our  Wnvaraation  of  yesterday  in  my  office  here 
in  Mew  York,  wo  will  send  you  immedp^iy  two  metnllie  tdokel  plaquottes.  weigh¬ 
ing  about  36  Xba.  each,  so  that  you,  mA  try  the  same  in  your  eleotro-pintlng. 

Wease  understand  that  these  pianettes  ore  really  rough 
bloeka  that  we  now  produce  for  us/in  ateeSyafcing.  They  are  simply  dumped  into 
the  steel  ftawaoe  and  reaeHed,  &  there  ia\_  neceesityfor  making  them  exaot  to 
81W*  I  think,  however,  that  if  you  onn  use  wfcfr  a  grade  of  nickel  in  your 
elestro-plaUng,  we  can  make  yl  «  east  anode  of  thi*-a<*.e  grade  of  nickel  suit¬ 
able  fbr  your  use.  pis,  ho«Sver,  wiU  depend  lately  U  the  amount  of  nickel 
that  you  ooiild  order  of  each  jlhape  at  ond  time. 


Edison  Storage  Battery  Co., 

Orange,  n.  j. 

Dear  Sirs:- 

Y/e  are  mailing  you  under  separate  cover  our  our 
regular  form  of  order  calling  for  4  only  E-18  cells  that  are 
to  be  shipped  direct  to  one  of  our  customers  at  Cedar  Rapids, 
Iowa,  we  have  also  requested  that  you  send  4  of  your  9  cell 
trays,  so  that  he  can  change  the  33  cell  battery  he  now  has 
into  a  36  cell,  v/e  are  compelled  to  furnish  the  four  extra 
cells,  no  charge,  and  therefore  think  that  under  the  cir¬ 
cumstances  you  should  furnish  the  extra  trays  gratis. 

It  is  very  important  that  immediate  shipment  be 
made,  as  the  gentleman  in  question  is  more  than  dissatisfied 
with  the  results  he  is  obtaining  from  his  car.  We  therefore 
trust  that  this  order  will  receive  your  special  attention 
and  that  you  will  do  everything  in  your  power  to  expedite  deliv¬ 
ery  Let  us  have  definite  information  from  you  by  return  mail 

advising  just  exactly  when  you  anticipate  forwarding  same. 

Yours  truly, 

M.C.  O'c-P.A. 

Purchasing  Department 

June  17,1904 

Replying  to  yours  of  the  13th  lost.  would  state,  the 
Edison  cell  on  charge  when  nearly  full\/ill  rjlad  about  1.86  volts  per 
oell.  You  cannot,  however,  judge  as  to  tiio  afaount  of  oharge  in  your 
battery  by  this  voltage,  as  you  will  find  t\ht  shortly  after  being  put 
on  charge,  the  voltage  will  rise  to  over  1.8  \plts  per  cell,  and  will 
remain  constant  throughout  the  remainder  of  the'hharge. 

In  regard  to  leaky  cellB  we  would  state  that  ordinary 
solder  will  not  last  on  these  jars,  as  t We  potash  solution  will  attack 
it  rapidly.  We  will  not  be  responsible  ffor  cells  in  whloh  oleotrolyte 

other  than  that  furnished  by  ourselves, /is  used,  as  we  Sind  the  oommei 
oial  potash  is  not  sufficiently  pure  for  our  purpose,  andye  subject 
the  potash  here  to  special  ohemioal  treatment  whereby  till  trace  of 

Should  you  have  any  further  trouble  with  leaky  jahs, 
we  would  be  pleased  to  have  you  communicate  with  us  and  we  will  > 
forward  you  without  delay  oells  to  takkjhe  plaoe  of  the  defeotive 

Very  truly  yours, 

Edison  storage  Battery  Co. 


June  20,1904 


5214 o7.»I.  1  /  ~/  tvu/r;//:n:c. 

$fcv  \  k~~  <£/, 



*****  (Ze^v-ccO  #  ^c€C^>  ; 


-  -£*/  ^rr?) 

v  &\£o£.  j 


/4^sy  i 

^•"fcc)  Ti^zzti 

ct«.  <^2.  Cri^i. 
t-«'  ^  <5C-£-f 

'Zye-&*£.r  j 

<  ^cZ-Z/peyT/r 

,  X-.4  ' 

iTyz^fy^^  ^3^  Sy£eJ& 

/Ot^i'Cst a. CjutA.  cd&LX]££^ 

/A~-Ci>J C^d-i't  aJZ  s  -C-'i'O  /7-^L-c^-^ 

Os^'i^^Jj  -A$T~^6c  "fclcaij  Sr/U*« cx££<ri<j — llo  a _ 

db-*>  cs\aJ  crv-t^'Vy/S  ftis  (zUJL  <£e<-<  jA^J, 

■u  “F0;  i. 

///  /W 

(l/f  ’tiLA/’  s'-i/mjlV'  <y juu\S 

.*£/,  jisrt'^&o^/nUsitfy  tSi^Ay  /Qot\4 

I^e-n  Tt&lrs  jfc  y<L<_  J  $\  _ 

'  /} 

<?*  a*'fcs 

-  ^CW-C^,  Ka^x^‘ 


,  d^c^/  ^xLiiXjZv  'Jh 

Q*y.  (<?,  & 

O^t-  0L,  yii&L^Uf 

orui^y/  a^C'  axt^z^ijL,  J^9yu^~~^ 

June  22,1904 

&8«6&$%l»Mt  '(by^MmUk  tf^WS/tefoxtn  S2nd,  1904. 


Mr.  H.  S.  Mallory,  k 

q  v$» 

The  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.,  ,,••'■■  r  . 

Oranga,  Mew  Jersey.  ^ 

Boar  Sir:- 

Yours  of  the  30th  is  at  hand.  TTe  received  your  telegram  and  wo  now  have  your 
letter.  Mr.  Owens  did  pay  us  a  week  or  two  ago  for  the  batteries  and  instructions  were 
given  our  oashier  to  send  you  oheok  for  that  set,  but  this  was  overlooked.  How  we  have 
two  other  Bets  of  batteries  out  from  whirfuw^dS^he^^no thing  and  we  suppose  they 
are  giving  good  satisfaction.  The  other  sets  of  batteries  ar\a 
doubt.  He  have  now  instructed  our  oashier  to  for 

i  matter  of  considerable 
a  three  sets. 

purchased.  He  have  one  set  in  UtioaUjft  which  the  mileage  drop^  right  down,  but  wo  have 
not  had  time  to  send  a  man  there  to  qijid  out  about  it,  but  these  items  are  a  good  deal 
of  expense  and  trouble  to  us  to  have  fco  kesp-aending-mento  different  oities  to  post 
them  up  on  Edison  batteries.  He  have  a  set  here  that  is  impossible  to  keep  up;  that  is 
the  internal  resistance  of  the  batteries  ie  suoh  that  they  drop  right  down  every  time 
they  strike  a  hill. 

He  will  see  you  personally  at  a  later  date  and  go  over  this  matter 
thoroughly.  In  the  meantime,  we  remain 

Yours  very  truly, 

The  Baker  Motor  Vehicle  Co. 

American  briquetting  (Ebntpang,. 



Messrs.  Pilling  &  Crane,  Agenti 
Ohateaugay  Ore  &  Iron 
Girard  Bu: 



We  beg  to  say  that 

t6  a  Briquette  Finishing  Process,  which 
to  you. 

We  do  away  with  the  use 
sufficient  moisture  to  make  the  Concert 
heavy  pressure  and  give  the  briquette! 
the  fusion  of  the  silica  in  the  ore  * 
hardness  and  general  good  qualities  ^ 
to-  do  with  any  binder, 

This  Process  was  discovered  in  Sweden ^  t  the  Chief  Engin¬ 
eer  of  the  Dunderland  Ore  Company,  / a  very  large  Englisi  irporation, 

.  who  oontrol  a  large  deposit  of  low/ grade  magnetio  ore  j  [Orway,  and 
which  to  make  their  proposition  a  commercial  one  r 
Briquetting  operation. 

This  Company  is  headed  by  Sir  DaVid  Bale,  who  is  also 
at  the  head  of  the  Consett  iron  Works,  Lord  Armstrong,  Lloyd  Williams 
of  Middlesboro,  Mr.  Martin  of  Ebbe  Vale  Iron  Works,  Lord  Kelvin,  W. 
phodes,  Sir.  J.  Lawrence,  Commander  F,  H.  Pollen,  etc,,  who, represent 
the  principal  iron  and  steel  interests  in  Great  Britain* 

P,  &  '0.  -  #2 

The  Process  as  operated  in  Sweden  was  found  to  be  of  the 
right  principle,  but  very  crude,  and  has  been  improved  and  perfected 
and  is  to  be  used  in  a  Plant  now  building  in  Norway  to  briquette  2500 
tons  per  day  of  Magnetic  concentrates,  and  for  which  Plant  we  have  the 
Contract  and  are  building  the  Briquetting  Presses  and  Apparatus. 

Por  some  considerable  time  a  small  Plant  of  this  principle 
has  been  operated  near  London  in  order  to  demonstrate  fully  on  a  com¬ 
mercial  basis. 

We  are  prepared  to  erect  a  Briquetting  Plant  with  this 

system  of  any  size  capacity,  and  in  this  connection  would  say  that  we 
have  redesigned  and  very  much  improved  our  Press  and  Apparatus, 

you  desire  to  have  some  tests  made  in  England  bn  your 
Concentrates,  we  would  be  very  glad  to  have  this  done  at  no  expense  to 
you  exoept  the  freight  on  the  material,  and  if  you  are  inclined  to  send 
some  over,  say  a  barrel  or  two,  we  would  be  glad  to  give  you  shipping 

While  the  Plant  installation  cost  is  somewhat  higher 
than  we  have  heretofore  figured  on,  the  cost  of  operation  is  much  lower 
than  we  liave  ever  been  able  to  figure  using  any  binder,  ' 

Trusting  to  have  your  views  on  the  subject.  We  are, 

Yours  vary  truly, 

r  e  «fo 



I  was  very  clad  to  get  your  letter  of  July  let. 
Can  you  tell  me  how  much  of  the  Edison  Battery  Company’s  stock  Mr. 
v.  S.  Pilling  wishes  to  sell? 

Thanking  you  very  much  for  your  kindness  in 
looking  into  this  matter, 

Yours  very  sincerely, 

^  y  cu&v 

(0  Uez-vt.  ^,l 
y>jut  2L 

Ite  r'— 



JViu*  RffJ- 

U  U»  to  A*M 


'/,  rf.-CU  w2 

W«rw>  H** 

>tL>u)  <Xv.cJ  <  VVX-u  v  ~ 

-A  y  ('<^V’-EK*, 

^  wU& 



Glen  Ridg-e,  N.J., 

Alexander  Elliott,  Esq., 

I  attended  the  Meeting  of  the  creditors  of  the  Gibbs  Co. 
yesterday  at  the  office  of  Mr.  IMJougal  Hawkes, And  as  the  appraisers 
have  not  yet  completed  their  work\there  was  p/actically  nothing,  done, 
as  Hr.  Hawkes  stated  that  it  would  We  necessary  to  have  their  figures 
before  us  before  any  definite  steps  ccVld  bef taken  towards  clearing  .out 

the  business.  It  seemed,  however,  to  be^ 
not  pay  us  to  comtinue  the  business  or  t( 

'  in  construction.  As  i 

i  general  opinion  that  it  would 
>mplete  any  of  the  vehicles 

feidered  very  informal,  no 
1  wi  fact  on  any  other  points 

of  interest.  The  General  Electrio  Co. /is  investigating  at  the  present 
time,  the  contract  with  the  Borax  Company  with  a View  to  forcing  them 
into  a  compromise  on  their  contract  as  they  believ\  that  the  Borax  Co. 
can  be  held  liable  for  this  contrao^,  and  that  we  max,  therefore,  get 
some  small  return  for  alloning  them  to  break  the  contract. 

In  regard  to  the  t -£tor  train,  it  was  th\  universal 
opinion  of  those  present  that  thi s  proposition  was  too  miuih  of  an  ex¬ 
periment  to  warrant  the  investmer t  of  further  capita!  toward  perfecting 
this  train,  as  ^he  chances  are  tl  at  even  were  the  train  completed,  it 
would  require  a  considerable  amount  of  capital  to  do  the  necessary  amount 


A.E.,  Esq. ,  #2  GLEN  RlDGE,  1ST.  J.,  Sept. 21, 1904 

of  experimenting  to  make  the  train  practicable. 

Mr.  Shadbolt  is  going  to  take  up  the  matter  of  having 
.the  Vehicle  Equipment  Co. ,  of  Brooklyn,  N.Y. ,  finish  up  the  2  Brewery 
trucks  now  on  hand,  with  a  view  to  disposing  of  them.  Neither  Mr.  Bean 
nor  Mr.  Gibbs  presented  any  figures  as  we  had  expected,  showing  the 
amount  of  money  necessary  to  complete  the  various  machines  in  process 
of  construction,  and  for  this  reason,  it  v/as  deemed  advisable  to  get 
figures  from  the  Vehicle  Equipment  Co.  on  this  work. 

At  the  last  moment  Mr.  Tuft  of  the  Studebaker  Co.  said 
he  would  take  up  the  matter  of  buying  out  the  Company,  with  his  home 
concern,  that  is,  the  Studebaker  Bros. ,  of  South  Bend,  Xnd.  He  stated 
that  there  was  a  bare  chance  of  their  being  willing  to  do  something  ■ 
along  these  lines,  and  would  report  to  the  committee  as  soon  as  he  could 
obtain  a  statement  of  the  inventory, etc . ,  and  forward  the  same  to  South 
Bend . 

The  meeting  v/as  adjourned  to  meet  at  the  same  place  at 
3  o'clock  next  Monday  afternoon,  and  I  trust  you  will  be  able  to  be 

Very  truly  yours, 



. '  m- 

■  '  '  • 

-  This  letter-sent  to  Vehicle  Equip. Co.,  Pope  Co.,  Studebaker  Co., 
National  Co.,  Woods  Co.,  Baker  Co. 

Baker  Motor  vehicle  Co., 


Oot .20, 1904 


Cent lemon: 

We  have  been  manufacturing  cells  regularly  for  several 
weeks  with  an  output  of  over  two  hundred  oells  per  day,  whioh  we  will 
inorease  to  three  hundred  and  more,  aa  soon  as  additional  maohinery 
whioh  is  now  being  built,  1b  installed.  ' 

All  cells  now  being  manufactured  are  oontained  in  welded 
oans,  all  of  which  are  tested  by  pressure  before  being  shipped,  and  we 
believe  the  trtuble  frcm  leaky  oans  has  been  overoane. 

We  will  soon  advertise  extensively  that  our  oe.lls  are 
ready  for  the  market,  and  hope  to  work  up  quite  a  demand  for  them. 

While  as  yet  all  oells  sold  at. list  price  represent  a 
•loss  to  us,  the  oost  of  manufacture  has  come  down  somewhat  and  in  accord¬ 
ance  with  our  past  promises,  while  our  selling  price  will  .still  be 
list,  and  our  terms  net  thirty  (3$)  days,  we  have  decided  to  give  you  a 
speoial  disoount  of  five  (6)  percent  (for  oash,  provided  same  is  mailed 
us  within  ten  days  from  date  of  invoice  and  not  otherwise,  later  on, when 
the  manufacturing  costs  come  down  more,  we  expect  to  give  you  a  larger 
discount.  Our  prioe  to  the  publio  will  be  list  less  S$  oash  in  ten  (10) 

Baker’ll. V. Co. ,  -2-  0ot.20jl904 

dayo  from  date  of  invoioe.  o an  make  deliveries  now  in  from  four  to 
nix  weeks  and  in  spooial  oases  might  deliver  somevfliat  earlier. 

V/e  ,  shall  be  pleased  at  any,  time  to  help  you  in  any  way 
possible  to  effeot  sales  of  vehioles  containing  our  batteries. 

Trusting  that  we  may  receive  many  orders  from  you,  and 
thanking  you  for  past  favors,  we  are, 

Very  truly  yours, 



Edison  Storage  Battery  Co 

T.Uptme,  76  Bloomfield  GLEN  RIDGE,  NEW  JERSEY 


r'h/lAlN  OFfJqZ\ 

Mr.  W.  E.  Gilmore,  Vice  Pres. ,  !  Sivsrc)1"*  ! 

Edison  Manfg.  Co.,  j  flOV2^1904  j 
Orange,  K.  ’  -Lfty- 

My  dear  Gilmore: 

On  December  1st  next  we  will  close  down  the  Plant 
at  Silver  late,  keeping  on  a  day  and  night  watchman.  Most 
of  the  time  there  will  he  one  or  two  other  men  at  the  Plant. 

We  would  greatly  appreciate  it  if  you  would  arrang 
so  that  in  case  of  fire  the  employees  of  the  Edison  Manfg.  Co. 
would  assist  our  men  either  day  or  night  as  the  case  may  be. 

If  you  will  arrange  to  do  this  for  us  I  think  it 
will  save  us  considerable  trouble  with  the  Insurance  Companies, 
from  whom  we  have  to  gat  permission  to  shut  down. 

Yours  very  truly, 


Edison  Storage  Batterj/ 0o.t 
Glen  Kidge,  E.  J. 

Answering  yours  of  Dec.  1! 

view  on  your  part. 

;e  of 
rt  we  did  when 

Perhaps  you  are  hot 
we  made  your  contract.  You  applied  to  'us  definitely  for  this  graphite''/ 
mentioning  that  you  would  he  pleased  to  havevjmsiness  with  us. 
then  sent  our  representative  to  your  offioe,  andTif'wa^r-t'aSced  out. 

You  were  to  make  a  contract  which  we  have  in  .hand,  for  36,000  lhs., 
which  yon  duly  signed  and  sealed,  being  3,000  lhs.  per  month.  On  the 
basis  of  this  36,000  lhs.  contract,  we  made  the  price  to  you  10?(,  whereas 
the  usual  price  is  12^.  In  other  words,  we  took  what  was  equivalent 
to  nearly  20/2  off.  Then  the  terms  were  that  we  should  he  paid  once 
a  month.  We  hope  you  can  send  us  check  by  return  mail. 

We  do  not  wish  to  he  arbitrary,  or  what  might  he  called  un¬ 
accommodating,  hut  we  need  our  money  badly,  and  expected  to  have  it 
come  in  this  way,  after  we  made  so  low  a  price,  and  then  the  goods  you 
know,  have  not  been  called  for  as  per  contract.  We  shipped  you  a  hill 
in  October,  and  there  should  have  been  another  order  in  ITovember  and  one 
in  December,  but  we  have  only  shipped  one  bo  far.  In  view  of  this, 
we  think  yon  will  send  check  by  return  mail. 

Yours  resp^yp? 

Dixon  CriicibiTcfo., 



Mark  Reply  to  this  Letter  | 

Department  A. 

4  crf  v^uJ  tp  pLj^QjcJ  s  Gfc  c i-a-vm. — 

fc.>J.*L.  ?-rL. 

.-*'  "( (vc^-i  uJi(lC 





.W° 1 

b^tZlJfc  *tfcU*  ^  *~*j 

,  _*/  CtMjLa  rtXd.CtCl  Gt^^ 

J.  E.  Randolph,  Esq.V^"  fe«^w«-*  W-VIM# 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.,  ~  >, 

My  dear  Mr.  Randolph:^  .  » -T\  )  '  'X  IP  C-jL^J 


.2nd  instant  was  the  * 
,U^Mt*.  e^-  &X-4? 

y  trouble  with  the 

battery.  Is  fti  go  in  wi  to  effect  th&'bondho,lders-i9  any  way‘,- 
~)L^£r&~4  '-'jL  “**-"“ 

aB  a  number  have  purchased  the  ponds  sotLely  on  my Jrecommendat tor 

and  J  would  appreciate  it  very  much  if  I  could  be ’kept  advised 
of  the  developments  of  the  Company  from  time  to 

Thanking  you  in  advance  and  with  very  kind  regardB, 




Richard  O.  Rbmmby  Sons’  Co. 

2637-59  E.  Cumberland  Street 
urikei,  accident*,  Philadelphia  December  28,  1905 

Edison  Chemical  Works,-  • 

Orange,  .  H.:  J.:  ^ 

Gentlemen:  ~ 

In-  reply  to  your  letter  of  the  27th-  ihst.;,,  beg  to  state,,  we  can 
furnish  the  pottery  parts  for  muriatic  plant  as  shown  in  our  illustrated  cat¬ 
alogue.;  She  retorts  we  do  not  furnish.;  These  are  generally  built  by  the  acid 
people  themselves,,  being  the  most  economical  way  ih  erecting  plant  of-  this  kind 
Die.;  fi..  H.i  fi.:  Yours  very  truly,, 


PRES.  $■  GEJf.  MGR.  , 


oO-d.6  « 


Edison  Storage  Battery  Co. 

Telephone ,  eoj6  Montclair 

GLEN  RIDGE,  NEW  JERSEY  FeDy.  15 , 1906 . 

Mr.  Thos.  A.  Edison, 

Orange,  H.  J. 

In  reference  to  pressure 'on  small  press  at~Laboratory)  would 
say  that  the  diameter  of  ram  is  2.733".  ' 

2.733  x  2.733"  x  .7854  equals  5.866  sq.  inches  of  ram. 

250  atmospharsB  x  15  Ihs.ipeh  sq.  inch  x  5.866  6<iuals  21998  pounda 
per  pocket  ,  or  11  tons  per  pocket,  which  equals, 264  tons  per  plate, 
of  24  pockets. 

■Toiigetbavpr  assure  of  264  tons  per  plate  on  our  hydraulics, 
it  would  he  necessary  for/to  get  a  press  with  a  larger  ram.  v/e 
could  then  use  our  present  pumps  and  pipeing  and  valves.  The  cost 
of  such  a  press  without  accessories  would  he  about  $400.00. 

Very  truly  yours 

U)  t-tk  GMA  ' 








Asphalt  Floors 
for  Basements,  Laundries, 
Stables,  Breweries,  Stores,  Mills  etc. 

Tile  and  Asphalt  Roofs. 

August  27th,  1906. 

2rail  Herter,  -Esq., 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Company, 

Orange,  Eew  Jersey. 

Bear  Sir:- 

Referring  to  the  matter  of  the  asphalt  wearing  surface 
to  he  laid  on  the  new  floor  of  the  battery  room  at  the  above  plant 
and  8B  promised  we  now  take  pleasure  in  advising  you  that  the  quan¬ 
tity  of  sand  required  will  he  fifty  (50)  cubic  yards. 

We  find  we  can  use  the  fine  sand  from  your  pit  and  obtain  good  ! 
results  hut  should  prefer  to  use  some  coarser  sand  with  the  fine 
if  there  is  any  of  the  latter  to  he  had.  If  so  we  shall  he  glad  if  § 
you  will  arrange  to  have  oarted  to  the  building  where  the  asphalt 
is  to  he  laid  35  yards  of  fine  sand  and  25  yards  of  coarse  sand. 

Ab  this  will  have  to  he  screened  we  have  allowed  sufficient  to 
cover  waste  in  the  above  quantities. 

Our  requirements  in  the  way  of  wijatt  to  heat  the  asphalt  will  he  | 
about  from  12  to  15  cords  and  if  vdu  can  -supply  us  with  this  quanti-  I 

C v-rni 

ty  at  a  moderate  prioe  from  the  waste  lumber  left  from  the  concrete, 
shall  he  glad  if  you  will  do  so. 

Thanking  you  in  advanoe  for  your  kind  attention  to  the  matter  . 
of  the  above  supplies,  we  beg  to  remain. 

Yours  very  trulyj,  j 

|  THE  UEUCHATE1  ASPHALTE  CO.  Ltd. ,  j 

[  .  ,  :  i, , 



iforced  Concrete  Construction. 


80LE  CONCESSIONAIRES  OF  THE  for  BumunS/lLiundria 

VAL  DE  TRAVERS  ASPHALTE  MINES,  Stables,  BrewTZ, store",  Mi 


Emil  Herter,  Esq., 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Co., 
Orange,  K.  j. 

Bear  Sir:- 

August  30th,  1906. 

V/e  are  in  receipt  of  your  favor  of  the,  29th  inst.  and  thank 
you  for  your  assistance  in  arrangeing  for  the  oarting  of  sand  to  the 
Building  where  the  asphalt  floor  is  to  he  laid  and  alBO  for  the  in¬ 
formation  concerning  the  wood  to  he  used  for  fuel. 

Y/e  are  also  in  receipt  of  an  official  order  #13227  for  the  exe¬ 
cution  of  the  asphalt  work  hut  note  that  no  reference  is  made  thereon 
to  the  lining  of  the  gutters  which  we  charge  for  by  the  lineal  foot 
at  a  higher  rate  than  for  the  floor  surface,  as  the  work  takes  much 
longer  to  do  and  is  much  more  costly, 

A  reference  to  our  hill  for  the  similar  work  executed  at  your 
works  at  Silver  Bake,  will  show  that  the  cost  of  the  asphalt  floor  laid 
there  was  15^  per  square  foot  and  per  lineal  foot  for  the  gutter. 

In  order  to  avoid  any  misunderstanding  we  shall  he  glad  if  you  will  kind¬ 
ly  forward  us  a  supplemental  order  for  the  gutter  work  or  if  you  prefer 
we  will  return  the  order  received  foyborreotion. 

Yours  very  truly, 




Ct/EF/  new  YORK, 

October  1/06 

Founded  1668 

Storage  Battery  Co., 
Glen  Ridge, 


Gentlemen : - 

Referring  to  your  order  oJ^She  26th  ultimo, 
we  regret  that  we  were  unable  to  inol) 

5  oze.  POTASSIUM^HOSPHITE,  in  ozb. 

P0TASSIU1 _  ....  _ 

ACETAMID&  in  bulk—***, 
is.  POTASS jm  T  EM  URATE ,  1  vial  _ 

we  do  not  carry  Any  of  thnse  artioles  in  stock.  Our  labora- 

toriee  manufacture  all  of  jSne  produots  and  we  should  be  glad  to 
import  them  for  you.  ^Kindly  advise  us  whether  you  wiBh  i 
do  so. 

iCting  your  further  advices,  we  are, 

Youtb  truiy, 

Attested:))^  MERCK  &  CO. 


1  «e™_  if — 3  —  „ 

~oclT~  ? 




works.  G/EF/  NEW  YORK,  Ootober  8/06 

ST.  LOUIS  (f 



Founded  1668 

Gentlemen: - 

We  duly  reoeived  your  favor  of  the  2nd  instant 
ACETAMIDE  omitted  from  your  recent  order,  and  are  at  a  lose 
to  understand  your  statement  that  the  artioles  mentioned  are 
marked  with  a  red  line  in  our  catalogue  as  being  in  8  took, 
as  we  have  no  record  of  ever  having  issued  a  oatalogue  marked 
in  suoh  a  manner. 

Referring  to  your  remarks  that  you  oan  in  nearly 
every  oase  procure  from  Eimer  &  Amend  goods  omitted  by  us,  we 
would  state  that  we  have  oommunioated  with  this  firm  in  the 
present  instance  and  they  inform  us  that  they  do  not  oarry 
in  stook  Potassium  Phosphite  or  Potassium  Tellurate.  They  oan, 
however,  furnish  from  stook  3  x  1  oz.  Aoetamide  and  we  should  be 
glad  to  prooure  and  forward  this,  if  you  wish  us  to  do  so. 

Assuring  you  of  our  appreciation  of  jour  orders  and 
of  our  willingness  to  prooure  any  items  that  we  do  not  handle 
when  we  oan  possibly  do  so,  we  are, 

The  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co., 
Orange , 

II.  J. 


Youtb  truly. 

£GQ>Co  . 


Qualified  teacher  of 

Construction  795,332, 

October  27tli ;1906; 

l  favor  to  have  yo 

Awaiting  your  esteemeci  reply; 



]SJew  Jersey  and  Pennsylvania  Concentrating  'yy'oRKs. 

0.  W.  MILLER, 


November  10th,  1906. 

Edison  Storage  Battery  CO, 
Sliver  Lake,  jj.  J. 

0  will  we  ship  the  fire  bri  ek  belonging  to  the  B  h  W  bolleo* 
•Expect  car  for  second  carload  to  day. 

Yours  very  truly, 

p.  s.  quite  a  number  «f  the  bricks  are  broken  In  taking  down  the 
boilers,  If  you  will  give  the  matter  you  require  we  will  be  able 
supply  thorn  from  othebnbulldlngs. 



C^Lk-JU 'SejLo  c<  pJa.C'«=^J 



_ U>-< 

£,  U,o  R.C< 

3  - ..  c^tA-^  .  (£  ...5<Lse-.u]  (3»^.u 

ft  -y  tnw  —  M-A^-.CiC-e.  wt 

-«Q-A--^<«Uvfc.fc  __CMS  -  ~a^  Q-—  C-L-KJ.-C  i_._^  _  __  ‘ 


— ^.. . (^<^.~Cff--t!.  LQjjps^  yJ_c^.Qa  ^ 

3  ^hrXs^T^.  ©gxLo-^ZT^^QL^;.  S-< 

William  Wilke, 


Mr.  Thos.  A.  Edison, 

Orange,  N.J. 

Dear  Sir:- 

About  a  year  ago  I  saw  you  in  reference  to  a  MURIATIC-ACID 


I  should  like  to  know  whether  you  are1 still  interested  in 
the  projeot,  if  so,  I  shall  be  pleased  to  call  upon  you  and  submit 
to  you  different  propositions  with  figures  all  complete. 

Yours  respectfully, 


Mr.  Thomas  A.  Edison, 


New  Jersey. 

Dear  Sir:- 

Referrlng  to  my  letter  to  you  of  the  Bth  inst.  and  to 
your  reply  of  the  26th: 

I  beg  to  confirm  the  sale  to  you  of  $25,000  par  value 
Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.,  First  Mortgage  6^  bonds,  for  the  sum 
of  $21,250.00. 

As  these  bonds  will  be  ready  for  delivery  on  Monday, 

I  beg  to  confirm,  also,  my  telephone  message  to  Mr.  Randolph, 
asking  you  to  kindly  instruct  me,  by  telephone,  on  Monday  morning, 
as  to  the  address  in  New  York  at  which  you  wish  the.  bonds 'delivered. 

Thanking  you  for  the  order,  1  am, 

Very  truly  yours. 


F.  A.  COFFIN, 

NEW  YORK,  May  21st,  1907. 

Mr.  Thomas  A.  Edison, 


N.  J. 

My  dear  Mr.  Edison:- 

Another  of  my  clients  has  just  informed  me  that  he 
holds  $26,000  of  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.  6*  bonds,  which 
he  is  disposed  to  sell. 

His  idea  of  price  is  $900  per  bond,  but  if  you  will 
make  me  a  bid  for  them,  I  shall  take  great  pleasure  in  doing 
the  best  I  can  to  meet  your  views. 

$y  dear  Mr.  Edison: 

I'or  some  little  time  I  have  been  in  possess¬ 
ion  of  five  shares  of  the  stock  of  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Com¬ 
pany,  through  a  deal  with  our  mutual  friend,  Charles  W.  Price. 

I  do  not  know  whether  you  are  purchasing  the  stook  now, 
hut  X  thought  it  best  to  tender  these  five  shares  to  you,  rather 
than  to  any  one  else ,  and  qould  inquire  whether  you  unmrw  will  pay 
par  for  them? 

With  personal  regards,  I  am 

Yours  sincerely. 

Thomas  A.  Edison  ,  Eb^., 

Orange , 


(jjCrU^  jLrfcft  to  C?rtAK.Xt:^ 

.  e*-*  * 




V  4  . 

P5  <=- 

4.  <2^ 

'  X? 





O-wi  gJ-~0»> 

V-— * 


LU  r<pz£t 

T^lewkjjrn  - 

r:  WA" 

t  Park? . 

^fKa rLu*  -  Juiy  19>*  1909- 

Ihos.  A.  Edison?  Esij.^*  ^rtr*A  ec-o^/'  ^  ^  ^  eJ>/  JU—4  uXJ- 

jlSCS?.  t  ! 

My  Dear  Mr.  Edison;! 

Ilewellyn  Paris? 
West  Grange?  H.  J.? 

♦  X  have  been  advised  by  one  of  year  bead  men 

V  to  see  you  personally  about  a  matter  of  vital  interest  to  all 
J  real  estate  owners  and  tenants  in  the  vicinity  of  the  storage 
Ynilttery  factory?  hut  to  tales  as  little  of  your  time  as  possible? 

J  Jam  s ending  this  letter  instead. 

5  My  brother  and  I  either  own  or  have  liens 

on  property  within  a  blook  of  it?  worth  over  $80?000.00  and  the 

J  V owners  of  other  property  in  the  vioinity  have  asked  mQ?  as  the  one 
Twith  the  largest  interests }to  speak  for  them  also?  which  I  wish  to 
|  ^  do?  knowing  that  your  own  sense  of  fairness  will  lead  you  to  do 
^  ^  the  right  thing. 

Por  about  six  weeks  the  battery  works  have 
been  in  operation  night  and  day?  and  although  in  the  day  time  the 
noise  of  the  tumbling  or  grinding  machinery  is  not  partiojilarjy 
noticeable  or  objectionable?  as  itmingLes  with  other  sounds?  at 
night  it  is  singularly  annoying  and  nerve  racking?  so  nruoh  so  that 
one  of  our  tenants  has  left  the  vioinity?  another  has  announced  .7' 
his  intention  to  leave  October  1st?  when  his  lease  expires  and 
another  says  he  simply  oannot  Btand  it?  lease  or  no  lease? 

— . 

you  can  readily  see  that  this  state  of  affairs  will 
empty  all  ranted  premises;1  and  heap  new  tenants  from  re-renting;’ 
and  ruin  the  neighborhood. 

1  I  would  like  to  he  able  to  assure  them  on  your 

authority;  that  the  night  work  is  only  temporary",’  or  elBe  that 
you  will  try  to  see  that  some  way  is  devised  to  eliminate  the 
trouble;1  whioh  I  am  sure  you  oan  bring  about  if  you  realise  what 
a  serious  matter  it  is  for  everybody  within  earshot. 

Trusting  that  you  will  take  it  up;  and  fa? or  me 
with  a  reply;  I  remain; 

Yours  very  truly? 



March  3rd.  1910. s(0rt 

^A'°  \/lt 

.  v\# 4$$? 


Dmblw^TJ)7  (v 

Mr.  Thomas  A.  Edison 
Orange,  3 

Dear  Sir:-  , 

■  tfl* 

Eor  the  purpose  of  reporting  to  the  State  Control. 
the  value  of  the  property  left  hy  the  late  Mr.  H.  McK.  Twombl;,, 
and  of  paying  the  inlieritance  tax  thereon,  will  ybu  kindly  let  __ 
know  the  values  on  January  11th,  the  day  of  Mr.  Twombly's  death, 
as  nearly  as  can  he  determined,  of  the  following  securities:: 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.  eft  bonds,  of  which  100  are  held.- 

stock,  of  which  625  shares  are  held. 
"  0re  uillinS  Syndicate,  of  which  25  shares  are  held. 

,  of--  which 

North  American  Transportation  &  Trading  Co. 
525  shares'  are  held. 

Your  kind 

:ompliance  with  the  above  request  will  oblige 
Yours  truly, 

Florence  A.  V.  Twombly, 


May  23,  1910 


North  American  Rubber  Company 
Washed  Crude  Rubber 


Mr.  Thoa.  A.  Edison, 

Orange,  N.  J 

Dear  Mr.  Edison;— 

As  requested  by  you,  the  other  day,  during  our  interview  regarding 
storage  batteries,  I  am  sending  by  same  mail,  samples  of  our  rubber  product 
known  as  North  American  Rubber,  which  wo  are  manufacturing  in  Boston,  and 
in  which  you  seemed  much  interested. 

These  samples  were  made  by  the  Boston  Belting  Company,  one  of  our 
largest  manufacturers  here  in  that  line,  who  have  been  using  this  rubber  for 
over  six  months,  and  find  it  as  satisfactory  to  them  in  every  way  ,  includ¬ 
ing  wear,  tensile  strength,  elasticity,  etc.  as  the  crude  rubber  they  have  been 
purchasing  in  the  years  past. 

North  American  rubber  is  a  chemical  production  in  which  there  is 
nothing  that  ever  came  from  a  rubber  tree,  nor  is  it  made  from  the  Ouayule 
shrub,  and  contains  no  reclaimed  rubber. 

.  expect  to  have  our  new  five  ton  a  day  plant  going  before  the  close 

of  this  year,  and  will  be  able  before  the  first  of  July  to  turn  out  a  ton  a 

These  samples  are  only  a  few  of  the  very  many  articles  that  the  Boston 
Belting  Co.  are  manufacturing  out  of  this  artificial  rubber,  which  has  stood 
every  test  and  is  pronounced  by  them  equal  to  any  goods  they  have  made  out  of 
the  crude  rubber  that  comes  from  the  rubber  trees.  Will  you  kindly  let  me  know 
if  these  samples  arrive  safely. 

I  will  appreciate  it  if  you  will  have  Jour  representative  here  send  in, 
for  a  few  days,  one  of  the  cells  for  your  storage  battery,  which  I  am  examining 
in  comparison  with  other  batteries,  as  I  talked  with  you  about. 

Tours  very  truly, 



IU*  SipvM 

'  .July  22 |  1910. 

CO  tfit  U««wl"|W-  '-0* 

Mr.  H.  I1.  Miller,  Secretary  l,  uwflt  «*n 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.,  ft,  i.r-rr — 

Orange,  ** 

war  Sir  :  ^'4^.  T  fe"»  jj  »* 

We  have  VtoCT* 

notifying  us  of  a  meeting  of  stockkalders  to  "be  held  at  *  «  a 

v^w  ciw-Tf-f"  o-la-V  <a..«.&4;V  t  ».♦■ 

your  works  on  Wednesday  of  next  week.  ^  a  „A_.  <  X.  - 

We  regret  tihiat  m.  shall  not  he  able  to  he  I 

3J"  uu-U-C  V..X  4%,  1-vu.C^t,  ivnju.v^-'  <_|»AcaV  iiCTTf  *~l»S5^o. 

present.  Mr.  Crane  has  gone  to  Europe,  and  the  writer 

U-ovCt,  «*-.#  tv  &  io  d-va.A-v.  "2L-*  , 

is  Secretary  of  the  Eastern  tPig  Iron  Association,  whfch  \ 

jf  CT-/T  LlajSl  1  "VCtAW.  'IA.I  fv  Cl<L<^»  k-^-p-pCAL*-*1 

vrill  hold  its _next  mating  oh  Wednesday,  July  27th,  At  ^ 

"Vie-  8*  (Xv  C:  »-iwi  *♦-  <v  •*.«/  V-lwlX'V 

Port  Henry,  N.  Y. ,  _and  it  is  top  late.,,  now  to  Cancel  his 
HKT  CP-C-W  '  fo 

engagement  to  he  present.  As  Mr.  Brown  is  interested  as  - 

odt&  t-t>  *jt-C  k-%  “Co  L,>— at.*.-  LEasAa**. 

a  stockholder  and  will  prohahly  he  present,  we  have  asked 
<S«T'-VL  te  A-,|  (SMA. 

him  to  represent  us  at  the  meeting.  HT&Jvery  much  fregfet  „ 

kt.v-~C~C-v-»  W^vdMSA/V* VML-  ®  W*AJ*  tf'1®"  » 
that  7/e  cannot  be^  there  ^urselveS .  — 

Will  vouf kindl^  advise,  us  in  thl  meantime 
what  is  the  present  condition  of  th§yCompanyj^-and  if  you 
have  outlined  a  plan ,  -we  'should  like  to  knOT^fe^t  you 

Eirm  and  for  the  writer;  In  the  absence  of  Mr.  and!  Mrs-  / 

rvcSCEi i  <rv  «*T  -W 

Crane,  the±*s<proxies  of  course  cannot,  be  forwardad  m ,  ** 

U  4^  U  Aa*JP*#  ? 

them  and  returned  ^H^ting-  ^ 

/.S.P.  Yours  very  truly, h 

J  LO  XX.  «sXj»  'iTltfc.Aov' 


Mr.  Thomas  A.  Edison, 

Orange,  IT.  J. 

My  dear  Mr.  Edison: 

Your  favor  of  the  23rd  instant  1b 

at  hand. 

In  view  of  the  meeting  of  the 
Direotors  of  the  Cement  Company  called  for 
the  28th  instant,  the  day  following  the  meet¬ 
ing  of  the  Battery  Company  and  my  inability 
to  be  away  from  here  on  both  days,  I  shall 
not  come  over  until.  Thursday. 

I  return  herein  the  proxy  executed 
by  me  and  would  say  that  I  favor  the  issue 
of  Stock  instead  of  Notes  in  liquidation  of 
the  indebtedness  of  the  Company  to  you. 

Hoping  you  are  enjoying  good  health 
during  this  excessive  heat,  I  remain, 



Mr.  Thomas  A.  Edison, 

Orange,  New  Jersey. 



Dear  Mr.  Edison  : 

"We  have  your  letter  in  reference  to 
Storage  Battery  matters  and  thank  you  very  much  for  the 
information  in  reference  to  the  "battery.  We  very  rarely 
see  Jack  Boss’?  and  have  never  felt  Quite  free  in  asking 
him  many  questions  in  regard  to  the  "battery,  not  knowing 
how  much  liberty  you  gave  your  employes  in  regard  to  im¬ 
parting  information.  We  are  glad,  to  know  that  you  are 
progressing  favorably,  and  hope  that  the  business  will 
steadily  improve. 

In  regard  to  the  indebtedness  to  you,  we 
beg  to  say  that  we  should  prefer  to  have  the  Company 
settle  with  you  by  the  issue  of  stock  at  par,  as  you 
suggest .  This  would  enable  the  Company  to  become  a 
dividend  payer  much  sooner  than  if  the  profits  had  to  be 
accumulated  in  order  to  pay  off  notes. 

Mr.  Brown  informs  us  that  he  expects  to  be 
present  at  your  meeting,  and  has  kindly  agreed  to  repre¬ 
sent  us. 

With  best  wishes ,  we  beg 
Yours  very  truly, 




ojf  .3  KwwJl  cj  o-^*L>.f- 

*'  *  t*  s  Uw  4,^TC*h>  y  «*>-«££  -Ccf  v/ivoJ  Um.u  u  1*0 

Ccn~£~l++K*+-  ««*■  n  October~28,  1910^  rr- 

-Mr.  Thomas  A.  Edison,  «Ux,  4^,  ItTeft 

Orange,  N.  J.  IU  Cr{  iV*^  ^  f- 
My  dear  sir  :  ode  f><^,  ~~mTXw^  eMrt* 

iaic.  i****.*^  uofc  *m<  <J-*-«-*v*(»  _ _ «_  —/ 

lour  courteous  letter  of  the  26th  injstent, \ka  reply  t-  W 
mine  of  22d  instant,  has  been  received. 

I  note  your  secretary  says  that  it  will  be  some  tim, 
before  the  Battery  Company  can  pay  dividends,  as  the  busines 
developing  rapidly  and  all  earnings  must  go  into  machineryAnd  that 
for  that  reason  you  hesitate  to  sell  stock.- 
This  is  the  only  policy,  Mr.^S 

anticipated  you  would  consider:  conservatrcL  .  _ _ _ 

mixed  with  brains,  can  be  depended  upon  to  br\.nY  the  only  batter’ 
the  adequate  success  to  which  it  is  entitled.  i  surely  think  that 
every  dollar  of  earnings  should  be  devoted  to  the  continual  enlarge¬ 
ment  of  the  business-to  more  ground,  buildings,  machinery  and  every 
facility  for  the  most  extended  introduction  and  application  of  the 
battery-with  no  thought  of  dividends  for  a  matter  of  years,  if  need  be. 

Ihe  Edison  battery  is  too  big  for  any  but  the  broadest  and  most  liberal 

Mr.  Edison,  I  am  8  comparatively  young  man  and  very  far 
from  rich— but  there  is  not  one  of  my  carefully  considered  and 
pleasurably  growing  investments  that  I  should  not  be  most  happy  to 

„  .  v,  i  I  coulciAhave 

i  V\prking  capital. 

•(Mr.,  Edison,  #2$ 

part  with,  (if  such  were  necessary,)  in  exchange  for  the  distinguished 
privilege  and  advantage  of  being  identified  with  you  and  the  battery. 
This  has  been  my  ambition  of  years,  since  I  first  read  of  your  labors 
along  this  line,  realizing  then  no  less  than  now,  that  the  perfected 
storage  battery  would  immortalize  you,  were  all  of  your  other 
magnificent  bequests  lost  to  the  world. 

■Your  letter  of  the  26th  instant  encourages  me  to  believe 
that  you  may  care  to  receive  me  with  you  in  the  Eattery  Company— for 
I  beg  to  assure  you  that  the  question  of  early  dividends  had  not  for 
a  moment  occurred  to  me— and  I  most  earnestly  hope  that  you  will 
as  a  mark  of  your  kindliness  permit  me  to  become  a  stockholder  in 
your  company,  say  for  50  or  100  shares  of  $100  par  .value,  or  to 
whatever  extent  may  be  agreeable  to  you. 

Awaiting  your  reply  with  the  deepest  interest, 

I  remain 

P.O.Box  351 

Most  sincerely  yours, 



November  5,  1910 

Mr.  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
Orange,  N.  J. 

My  dear  sir  : 



Your  most  kind  letter  of  the  inst.— p0 
Orange  Hov.  3.  7— 30  p. in. — reached  me  to-day. <w<sv- J£* 

I  cannot  find  words  to  expressway  pleasure 
having  so  generously  gratified  iny  wish  to  bfe  fe^n^mS^wTtF'you 
in  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.  While,  in  Hew  York . Qa£c*r- 
X  visited  your  company’s  booth  at  the  !/. ad i sbri^Sou'efe^l ectcical  Shtyw, 
and  your  representative,  seeing,  that  I  evinced 
interest,  gave  me  a  most  illuminating  exale  nation,  of  the  batterL,,^ 
which  in  itself  fascinated  me. 

I  of  course  made  no  inquiry  of  him  asjfp^ira^^Ckn  WiingT 
that  he  was  not  there  to  discuss  the  oom#a»$"*S'*'f’Saaflciel  affairs. 

But.  I  felt  a  very  strong  impulse  to  go  to  Orange  i^J  the  hope  of 
meeting  you  and  taking  just  a  minute  of  youjsjtime;  how^^j^^Jreri ned 
myself,  feeling  that  .1  should  be  imposing  upon  ^^tn^feman  whoseftime 
is  worth  very  much  more  than  mine.  i  shalC  indeed  take  the  pleasure 
of  visiting  the  factory  when  I  am  again  in  the  East,  and  hope  to  thank 
you  personally  for  your  very  especisl  consideration. 

Mr.  Thomas  A.  Edison,  #2 

Will  you  be  kind  enough,  Mr.  Edison,  to  advise  me  as  to 
the  par  value  of  the  stock  per  share  (I  presume  the  shares  are  of  the 
usual  size  of  one  hundred  dollars  and  that  there  is  one  class  of  stock) 
and  who  the  company’s  transfer  agent  is  or  what  Orange  or  Mew  York  bank 
will  deliver  the  100-share  certificate  to  me;  then  1  will  know  where 
to  remit,  and  the  amount.  It  will  be  highly  agreeable  to  me  to  remit 
to  you  direct,  if  you  prefer;  but  I  have  Presumed  that  you  do  not  care 
to  take  the  time  and  trouble  to'  personally  see  to  transfers,  etc. 

I  had  thought  of  sending  my  remittance  to  one  of  your  best  orange  banks, 
— when  it  occurred  to  me  that  this  might  not  be  agreeable  to  you. 

I  shall  be  ready  to  remit  promptly  upon  receipt  of  your  advice. 

Very  sincerely  yours. 

t-i— . - . > .  '• 


A.  J  C3Ui'*&*,  ^  Jr  tjoyRtpefert,  A9^iX> 

Your  very  kind  lette 

that  you  will  deliver  1 

Storage  Battery  Co. ,  < 
mo,  000.)  dollars  frc 

(Arthur  I.  Clymer). 


istv*4^— G  h^ijg«s»  advisijij 
ik  of  Change,  N.  <&• 

Lonal  Bank  of  ($an^e,  N^J.,^ 
due  $100.  prj^a'r^  oi  the.  '  Jk*- 

;hem  of  H.  Y.  dft.  ^ 

•tifioate  b e i ([gjU'Is  u ecL^p^tn J?/4 

!  have  to-day  made  remittance  of  $8200. 

bankers,  Messrs.  Henry  Clews  &  Co.,  of  17  Broad  St^*p: 
with  them  at  $10,000.  plus,  and  have  also  mailed  to  S^c 
of  Orange  my  check  on  Messrs.  Clews  &  Co.  for  $10,000. 

my  balance., 

l  certificate  to  me  here  by  registered  mail,  and  have 

Mr. Thomas  A. Edison,  ft2 

would  you  care  to  ask  them  if  they  will  kindly  collect  draft  and  form 
certificate  without  cost  to  me,  in  courtesy  to  you  as  their  patron  ? 

I  believe  they  would  do  this  for  you. 

Recently  noticing  that  the  Electric  Storage  Battery  Co., 
of  Phila.,  were  expecting  to  bring  out  an  improved  battery,  I  wrote 
them  an  ordinary  inquiry.  You  may  be  interested  to  read  their  .reply 

Yours  most  appreciatively. 





Philadelphia,  IAv. 

Cleveland  Ojhce,  Citizens  Building 

Kov.  B,  1910, 

Mr.  A.  I,  Clymer, 

Van  Wert,  Ohio. 

Dear  Sir:- 

Your  favor  of  the  2nd  inet.,  addressed  to  Ehiladelphia, 
hae  /been  referred  to  this  office  for  attention. 

We  have  perfeoted  a  new  vehicle  battery  whioh  will  be 
far  superior  te  any  battery  manufactured  up  to  the  present  time. 
Its  oapaoity  will  be  about  20#  greater  than  that  of  the  fllXlBE, 
but  its  life  will  be  from  two  to  three  times  greater  and  it  will 
not  be  neoessary  to  clean  it  during  its  life.  These  latter 
pointsare  extremely  important  and,  we  believe,  will  make  it  very 

In  regard  to  mileage,  it  is  impossible  te  make  a 
definite  statement  in  regard  to  this  but  with  a  proper  sized 
battery  of  this  type  in  the  well  designed  ears  of  this  date, 
the  radius  of  mileage  will  be  entirely  satisfactory  to  usere 
of  eleetrios. 

We  are  at  thiB  time  not  in  position  to  quote  prices 
on  the  battery  as  the  prices  have  not  been  made  up. 

We  hope  to  be  able  to  begin  deliveries  of  this  type 


Mr.  A.  I.  Clymer,  -2-  11-5-10. 

of  battery  early  in  1911.  In  purchasing  your  oar,  it  will  only 
be  necessary  for  you  to  notify  the  manufacturer  that  you  desire 
our  new  type  of  battery. 

(I  told  them  I  expected  to  buy  an  electric  carriage  in  the  spring 
and  wished  to  know  something  of  their  new  battery.  My  letter 

brought .forth  this  reply. ) 

C.  D.  JACKSON  &  CO.  ,  ' 



_N£2j  18th,  1910. 

NOV  19  1910 


Mr.  T.  Brady,  .  S 

o/o  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co., 
west  Orange,  N.  J. 

Dear  Sir:-  .  . 

In  aooordanoe  v/ith  request  of  our  Mr.  Georges 
who  called  upon  you  yesterday,  we  are  sending  you  by  express, 
some  sample  spawls  of  Carrara  Halian  Marble  such  aB  we  could 
supply  you  for  your  requirements. 

'  v,e  are  also  communicating  with  our  shippers  abroad, 
requesting  them  to  furnish  us  with  a  price  on  Marble  Waste  of 
this  character  and  we  shall  not  fail  to  quote  you  a  price  on 
same  as  soon  as  we  hear  from  our  shippers. 

Thinking  you  for  your  inquiry,  we  remain 




!  si  JznJt 

/j-  7 y'x-o 

sfL  ClJC&tcC  tf/lazloC <&citJzsy Ck 

Csfti/Ctr/YCL  §^fcpf  < - -— — - - 

Cl?!  avceo'^  yja/j/ilc 

!.  ^c’zcv  6zr/6n(2s/s  c  £&j£c/i/  : 
v  /  / 

>'llcc'c6lC . 

&o  - 

SI,  to  % 

Coi  - . 

.  4/.  7/  * 


4.3  8  „ 

Jlie.O  — 

o.  so  <, 

ir<-  -. 

o.  /o  ,, 

«#*  - 

0.  vT^  „ 


—  ,. 

. . '/ 

November  18,  1910 

Second  National  Bank, 

Orange,  N.  -J. 

Mr.  Chas.  M.  Close,  Cashier, 

My  dear  sir  :  Your  letter  of  16th  inst.  is  at  hand, 
with  certificate  No.  92  for  100  shares  in  the  capital  stock 
of  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.,  issued  in  my  name,  in  payment 
for  which  I  previously  mailed  you  my  check  on  Henry  Clews  &  Co. 
for  $10,000,  to  be  placed  to  credit  of  Mr.  Thomas  k.  Edison. 

I  have  written  Mr.  Edison,  also,  acknowledging  receipt  of  stock. 
Begging  to  thank  you  for  your  courtesy,  I  remain 

Yours  very  truly. 

Your  two  letters  of  ITovombor  18th  at  hand.  I  hog  to  say  that  I 

do  not  believe  that  a  scheme  of  basins  the  discount  on  the  numb or  of  batteries 
bought  by  a  manufacturer  will  work  out  as  to-day  evory  high  grade  standard  artiole 
is  sold  to  legitimate  manufacturers  at  the  same  price  regardless  of  the  quantity 
bought;  possibly  with  but  one  exception  where  a  m:nuf aoturer  closes  a  very  logo 
quantity^  In  this  latter  ease  the  manufacturer  possibly  obtains  a  slightly  higher 
discount  than  usiial. 

Referring  to  the  latter  sentence  in  one  of  your  letters  about  outting  prices, 
wo  bog  to  say  that  no  manufacturer  of  a  high  grade  artiole  to-day  allows  his  sub- 
agonts  to  .out  prioes  but  I  also  think  that  it  would  be  difficult  for  you.  to  watch 
this  closely  as  the  manufacturer  of  Sleotrio  oars  will  find  a  'way  of  excuse  by 
saying  that  he  did  out  the  nrioe  on  his  oar  and  not  on  the  batteries.  Phis  is 
done  to-day  to  our  absolute* knowledge  by  one  manufacturer, whoso  name  1  clo  not  oare 
to  quote,  in  Chicago  and  driven  to  suoh  an  extent  that  he  has  sold  several  oars 
with  Edison  batteries  at  the  price  of  the  oar  with  load  batteries. 

I  thank  you  for  your  congratulations  and  beg  to  say  that  the  record  was  made 
with  40  cells.  Referring  to  the  44  cells  which  you  kindly  did.  let  mo  have,  I  beg 
to  say  that  the  average  ampere  hour  capacity  of  this  battery  was  270  ampere  hours 
with  the  exception  of  5  cells  which  would  not  show  up  as  good  and  I,  of  course, 
left  out  the  4  worst  cells. 

'  I  am  glad  to  learn  that  you  will  soon  bo  in  shape  to  mate  prompt  deliveries 
on  your  batteries  as  we  are  certainly  to-day  in  a  very  bad  shape  and  have  to  accept 
cancellations  on  oars  to  be  equinped  with  Edison  batteries  for  the  reason  that  we 
cannot  obtain  the  batteries  from* you  in  time.  I .am  surprised  that  you  charge  this 
delay  partly  against  our  special  trays  as  .I'do  not  think  it  would  be  asking  too 
much  from  this  Company  if  you  were  to  keep  several  sets  of  trays  in':stook. 

Referring  again  to  the  undelightful  point  of  the  cells  shifting  in  the  trays, 

I  beg  to  say  that  it  is  unjust  if  this  is  oharged  by  your  Company  to  our  special 
trays  as  I  have  experienced  the  same  trouble  with  your  late  standard  trays  as  well 
in  this  faotory.-as'on  some  batteries  in  outsiders’  .esrs  and  for  your  interest  I 
beg  you  ohdejmore  tp:  tate  my  word  for  it  that  this  trouble  will  not  be  eliminated 
before  you  will  provide  on  your  cans  an  emboss  which  will  havo  the  proper  shape 
and  whi.oh  will  -be  large  enough  to  allow  for  the  experienced  distortion  of  the  metal 
around  the  embosses  after  the  connectors  have  been  attached  and  detached'  several 
times.  I  also  beg  to  say  again  that  the  present  conical 'shape  of  the  emboss  tends 
to  slip  out  of  the  hard  rubber  button 'with  the  slightest  effort. 

To  prove  to  you  onoo  more  that  my  statements  are  correct,  I  bog  to  call  your 

attention  to  the  fact  that  in  the  44  cell  sot  of  battery  which  yon  sent  mo  the 
most  faulty  oells  as  far  as  shifting  is  concerned  woro  those  in  the  small  stiff 
two  oell'  trays. 

Hoping  to  hear  from  you'  that  something  has  been  done  on  this  mentioned  sit¬ 
uation,  I  rSmain, 

Yours  very  truly, 

Supplementing  my  letter  of 'even  date,  in  regard  to 
the  proposed  annouoement  in  the  press,  I  today  met  Mr.  Anderson 
at  his  Chicago  Branch,  and  he  suggested  bringing  in  the  name  of 
the  Detroit  Electric  in  connection  with  the  Anderson  Carriage 
Company,  reading  as  follows: 

Anderson  Carriage  Company,  Manufacturers  Detroit  Electric. 
Also,  it  oocurred  to  me  that  we  should  mention  the 
users  of  the  Edison  battery  in  commercial  vehicles,  namely, 

Lansden  Company, 

Automobile  Maintenance  &  Mfg.  Co. 

Anderson  Carriage  Company. 

If  you  wish  to  include  the  General  -Vehicle,  you,  of  course, 
know  best. 

I  have  arranged  a  meeting  Monday.  There  will  be  present 
representatives  of  the  Commonweal th-Edison  Company,  the  Automobile 
Maintenance  &  Mfg.  Co.,  Mr.  Price  and  Mr.  AnderBon,  of  the  Anderson 
Carriage  Company,  and  Mr.  Klingelsmith  of  the  Lansden  Company, 
and  possibly  a  representative  of  the  Detail  Drygoods  Association. 

The  New  Edison 
Storage  Battery 


The  Public  le:  hereby  warned  against  certain  manufacturers  of 
ELECTRIC  VEHICLES,  who,  solely  to  obtain  a  greater  profit  frota  their 
vehicles,  use  a  cheap  lead  battery,  giving  hut  half  the  mileage  and 
one  tenth  the  life  of  the  above. 

“  “  Use  of  the  lead  battexy  reduces -the  total  cost  of  a  vehicle-,;' but.  | 
is  PRICE  the  only  thing  to  be  coneidered  in  making  so  important'iVan 
investment?  j 

‘  For  the  above  reason  no  hesitation  has  been  shown  in  making  all  j 
kinds  of  misstatements  regarding  THE  HEW  EDISON  STORAGE  BATTERY. 

Mr.  Edison  certainly  would  not  spend  seven  years  obtaining  a  battery 
to  solve  the  problem  of  vehicle  traction  in  cities,  were  he  not  thor¬ 
oughly  convinced  the  results  could  never  be  obtained  by  the  use  of  a 
lead  battery. 

The  great  stores  of  New  Yolk  City,  after  using  lead  batteries  for, 
many  years  and  EDISON  BATTERIES  for  but;  three  years,  are  discarding  the 
lead,  and  using  the  higher  priced  EDISON  BATTERY ,  WHY? 


As  the  manager  of  one  of  the  large  department  stores  said, 

"It  is  more  important  to  have  a  reliable  delivery  department  than 
to  save  the  difference  of  a  few  hundred  dollars  between  the  First 
Cost  of  an  EDISON  and  a  LEAD  battery". 

The  following  firmB  are  now  selling  and  advertising  oars  regularly! 
equipped  with  The  NEW  EDISON  STORAGE  BATTERY.  ' 





Information  regarding  this  battery  will  be  gladly  furnished  upon  .appli 

oation  to  . 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.,  121  Lakeside  Ave.,  Orange,  N.  J. 

Mr.  Thomas  A.  Bdisoi 
Orange,  N.  J. 

.  .  .  My  dear  si] 

shares  Edison  Storas 
interests  and  imporl 
exceptional  confider 


inections,  you  cannot  but  hs 
proposing  to  buy  property  y 

any  inquiries  whatever  of  you,  as  to  the  business.  In  your  letter  of 
9th  inst. ,  you  said,  "I  thank  you  for  your  interest  and  confidence  in  the 
storage  battery."  Allow  me  to  say,  Mr.  Edison,  that  my  confidence  in  , 
the  battery  has  been  due  not  alone  to  its  obvious  value  as  an  invention  ' 

but  to  my  feeling  that  both  battery  and  shares  are  invested  with  your  own 
personality  as  a  genius  and  o  gentleman.  I  did  not  question  the  price 
of  the  shares,  and  the  amount  ^  ir$este§vin  them  is  proportionately  very 
large  for  a  man  of  my  limited  means;  this,  I  think,  may  tend  to  increase 

your  kindly  interest  in  me  as  a  holder  of  your  stock.  In  this  single 

Mr.' Edison,  va» we»t, oh.o 

instance,  I  felt  it  unnecessary  to  my  protection  that  I  first  inform  myself 
fully  as  to  the  corporate,  financial  and  business  condition  of  the  investment 
in  question,  and  I  am  pleased  to  assure  you  that  this  has  been  due  solely  to 
the  fact  that  it  is  your  invention  and  your  controlling  interest  in  the 
company,  that  have  induced  my  absolute  confidence.  I  have  considered  it  to 
an  organization  in  which  a  gifted  man  and  a  group  of  his  friends  have  formed 
an  ideal  combination  of  brains,  character  and  capital. 

And  now  that  I  have  fully  explained  the  reason  for  my  complete  faith 
and  desire  to  invest  in  the  battery  shares,  I  trust  that  you  will  care  to 
give  me — in  absolute  confidence  if  you  so  condition — some  information  as  to 
the  company  and  its  business.  I  should  be  interested  to  know,  if  you  will 
obligingly  inform  me,  as  to  — 

The  date  of  incorporation, 

No.  shares  authorized. 

Ho.  shares  originally • issued, 

Additional  issues,  with  dates, 

‘At  what  price  the  present  new  shares  are  taken  by  the  stockholders 

and  vihat  proportion  of  these  shares  are  retained  by  the 
company  as  treasury  stock. 

Do  my  shares  entitle  me  to  an  interest  in  the  latest  issue, '.'and 
when  do  the  transfer  books  close  against  the  allotment 
of  the  new  stock  ? 

May  I  ask  if  the  company  has  any  bonded  indebtedness,  and  if  so, 
the  amount,  interest  rste  and  maturities  ? 

Would  you  care  to  enclose  to  me,  Mr.  Edison — for  immediate  return 
if  so  desired— a  copy  of  the  company’s  latest  statement  of  condition, 
such  as  are  sent  to  stockholders  of  the  Eastman  Kodak  Co. ,  for  instance  ? 

.1  should  be  much  interested  to  know  whether  the  New  Vork  City 
crosstown  lines  have  ordered  more  Edison  battery  cars,  in  addition  to  the 
trial  car,  and  if  it  be  true  (as  I  have  read)  that  a  large  contract  has 
been  made  with  an  Alaskan  transportation  company. 

It  will  gratify  me  greatly  to  read  whatever  information  you  will 
privately  afford  me,  and  awaiting  your  kind  reply  with  very  much  interest, 
I  beg  to  remain 

Sincerely  yours. 

was  received  in  my  absence. 

I  believe  I  do  not  f.ully  understand  the  situation: 
you  state  that  the  original  authorized  capital  of  $1,000,000  was  fully 
issued;  that  the  capital  was  recently  increased  by'  $2,500,000,  making 
the  total  capital  $3,500,000;  that  $1,000,000  of  stock  was  given  to 
Mr.  Edison  for  his  patents--those  existing  and  all  future  patents;  and 
also  that  about  $2,000,000  of  the  recent  increase  was  issued  to  Mr.  Edison 
at  par,  for  money  advanced  by  him  to  the  company.  (In  his  letter  of 

2d  ult. ,  he  informed  me  that  he  paid  into  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co. 

1.  S.  B.  Co.  2  V.Vwc.T.OHIO 

$1,900,000  cash,  for  which  he  took  stock  at  par.-}  May  I  ask  you  to 
■’kindly  advise  me  how  the  $1,900,000  which  he  paid  into  the  company  is 
invested;  is  it  in  lands,  buildings  and  machinery  ?  .1  had  not  supposed 

that  so  large  an  amount  was  invested 'in  the  plant.  I  should  be  pleased  - 
to  know  what  amounts,  respectively,  are  invested  in  ground,  in  buildings 
and  in  machinery.  Doubtless  you.  can  obtain  this  from;, entries  in  your 
present  books. 

May  I  inquire  to  what  use  the  proceeds  of  the  $500,000 
bond  issue  have  been  put  ?  This,  I  understand,  makes  a  total  investment 
of  $2,400,000  or  $2,500,000.  I  will  also  ask  what  is  the  interest  rate 
on  the  bonds  and  when  they  mature. 

Heferring  to  the  $1,000,000  of  stock  given  to  Mr.  Edison 
for  his  patents  now  existing  and  all  future  patents:  am  I  right  in  under¬ 
standing  that  this  includes  all  patents  now  or  in  future  issued  in  con¬ 
nection  with  the  Edison  storage  battery  in  this  and  foreign  countries  ? 

.1  enclose  herewith,  for  your  interest,  two  recent  adver- 

E.  S.  B.  Oo.  3 

^tisera'ents  of  the  Woods  Motor  Vehicle  Co.,  from  the  Chicago  Becord-Herald. 
This  company’s  attitude  seems  quite  unfair  and  unbusiness-like  and  evidently 
is  .calculated  to  discourage  electric-carriage  buyers,  as  far  as  possible, 
from  specifying  the  Edison  battery.  I  cannot  understand  their  animus, 
unless  they  have  a  private  arrangement  with  the  Exide  people  or  own  an 
interest  in  the  Electric  Storage  Battery  Co. 

You  understand  that  I  have  requested  particulars  relative  to 
the  company,  for  my  private  enlightenment  as  a  stockholder  interested  in 
his  investment  and  in  the  success  of  the  company.  ;It  is  only  such  informa¬ 
tion  as  one  ordinarily  would  desire  before  rather  than  after  making  the 
investment.  Your  trouble  in  fully  advising  me  is  much  appreciated. 

Very  truly  yours. 



E.  G.  DODGE 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Co. 

Telephone,  908  Orange 

ORANGE,  NEW  JERSEY  Dec.  16th  10. 

A.  I.  Clymer,  Esq., 

Van  Wert,  Ohio. 

Dear  Sir: 

Replying  to  your  letter  of  the  10th 
instant  i\beg  to  reply  that  the  Jl, 900 ,000.  cash 
was  paid  iV  by  Mr.  Edison  ovez/a  period  of  ten 
years ,  and  was  used  for  jrfachinery  which  was 
specially  designed  and  mq/fe;  and  which  became  in 
time,  obsolete  Aowing  t<6  improvements  in  methods  of 
manufacture  and  l\d  ifo  be  scrapped.  In  fact, 
approximately  the  ifeole  amount  was  used  in  perfecting 
the  battery  and  An  experimenting ,  to  bring  the 
manufacturing -procesBeh  up  to  a  commercial  Btage , 
which  was  accomplished  aS«sar  ago  last  July,  when 
j  began  stripping  the  improvfed._c.ell. 

Thousand  of  experiments  were  made  as  well 
as  exhaustive  tests  before  Mr.  Edison  was  satisfied 
with  the  battery,  all  of  which  takes  money  which  Mr. 
Edison,  sanguine  of  the  ultimate  success  of  the 
battery,  willingly  advanced  the  Company.  This 
experimental  account  will,  in  time,  be  wiped  out 
by  profits. 






Edison  Storage  Battery  Co., 

Orange,  N.  J. 

Mr.  H.  P.  Miller,  Secty. -Trees. , 

My  clear  sir  : 

I  enclose  several 


I  have  no  means  of  giving'  ypuCariy^  iurt^ 
regarding  the  electric  car  merger,  but  thoi 
hint  of  it  to  you.  The  Wagon  Works  is  lai 
I  believe  accustomed  to  doing  things  in  a  big 
who  or  where  the  Ohio  Electric  Car  Oo.  ajjj^jl 

I  wish  the  Anderson  and  Eaker  Co’j 
justice  to  themselves  and  you  in  Chicago-^ 
in  the  country.  Enclosed  ads  show  the  comparatiUsn/nter 
by  them  and  by  the  Woods  Co.  in  the  very  impjjrrffiixv .  1  evel 
reached  by  the  Chicago  dailies.  The  Detroit  and  Woi 
in  the  Record-Herald  of  yesterday.  The 

i  the  Sunday  Record 

•inf  orniatacm 
to  hurfl^-tne 

ij .:i!£M  1  t3o^’t4tnow 

7  Mil  burn  IJiOr 

Edison  Storager  Battery  Co.  2 

As  it  happens,  your  ad  appears  on  the  page  opposite 
the  full-page  ad.  I  think  it  is  an  :extreinely  attractive  and 
convincing  advt.,  with  its  two  display  lines  and  the  maps. 

Having  had  a  very  considerable  and  successful  experience  in  advg., 

I  am  in  position  to  appreciate  your  announcements.  Will  you  pardon 
me  if  I  suggest  that  it  might  be  desirable,  (having  interested  the 
reader  in  your  battery)  to  invite  him  to  send  for  your  .new  illustrated 
booklet,  fully  describing  the  battery,  its  unique  features,  advantages, 
and  femarkable  accomplishments  to  date.  This  will  put  you  in  possessioi 
of  the  name  of  a  "prospect, which  you  can  at  once  mail  to  each  of  the 
companies  equipping  with  .the  Edison. 

I  wish  to  do  everything  in  my  power  to  further  the 
interests  of  the  company,  and  then  when  I  am  ready  to  buy  a  car,  perhaps 
you  will  care  to  provide  me  with  an  Edison  battery  at  an  inside  price, 
very  privately. 

.1  ain  not  informed  as  to  the  desirability  of  the  Motz 
puncture-proof  tires,  advertised  on  same  sheet  as  your  ad,  but  the 
idea ’of  a  trouble-proof  tire  for  electric  use  (with  ladies  especially) 
strikes  me  very  forcibly.  .It  removes  an  important  source  of  doubt 
from  the  minds  of  a  large  contingent  of  possible  buyers. 

Hoping  to  hear  from  you  in  reply,  .1  am 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  Records 
Correspondence  (1911-1920) 

This  folder  contains  documents,  primarily  correspondence,  relating  to  the 
business  of  ESBCo.  Included  are  letters  pertaining  to  the  outfit  and  supply  of 
the  ESBCo  works,  corporate  finance,  and  the  production  and  sale  of  batteries 
and  by-products.  Correspondents  include  Edison,  Charles  Edison,  Robert  A. 
Bachman,  Donald  M.  Bliss,  Miller  Reese  Hutchison,  Stephen  B.'  Mambert, 
Arthur  Mudd,  C.  E.  Sholes,  and  other  ESBCo  employees;  investors  Arthur  I. 
Clymer,  and  William  D.  Sloane;  and  Frederick  A.  Hall,  an  efficiency  engineer 
associated  with  Frank  B.  Gilbreth.  Some  of  the  items  deal  with  supplies 
available  from  the  Sangamo  Electric  Co.,  the  Troy  Electric  Co.,  and  the  Quigley 
Furnace  &  Foundry  Co.  Other  documents  relate  to  the  foreign  sales  of  Edison 
storage  batteries;  the  specifications  for  batteries  required  by  the  U.S.  Navy;  a 
sales  company  called  the  Transportation  Engineering  Corp.,  organized  by  one¬ 
time  ESBCo  employee,  H.  G.  Thompson;  and  the  development  of  an 
automotive  starter  by  the  Tidewater  Equipment  Co.  Also  included  are 
memoranda  and  conference  minutes  summarizing  the  staffing  and  structure 
of  the  Engineering  Department,  Research  Department,  and  Tube  Inspection 
and  Assembly  Department;  and  an  insurance  report  from  1918  providing  the 
layout  of  the  ESBCo  manufacturing  plant  in  West  Orange. 

Less  than  10  percent  of  the  documents  have  been  selected.  The  items 
not  selected  include  routine  exchanges  regarding  the  supply  of  equipment  and 
material  for  ESBCo,  the  payment  or  deferral  of  accounts,  and  other  matters  of 
daily  administration.  Also  not  selected  are  letters  of  transmittal  and 
acknowledgment  and  items  that  duplicate  information  in  selected  material. 

Gfyr  C^hcHtr  Nalimtal  Bank 

A.  11  nrtcm  II  oi>burn,||[w 

Krnt  ||m*k  Jan- 14.  mi- 

Thomas  A.  Edison,  Esq., 

West  Orange, 

New  Jersey. 

Dear  Sirs 

JAH  J.C  .3:1 


One  of  our  clients  has  made  inquiry  of 
us  concerning  Hr.  A.  J.  Doty,  who,  we  understand,  is 
connected  with  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company. 

We  are  advised  that  Hr.  Doty  is  well  known  to  you. 

We  should  esteem  it  a  courtesy  if  you 
would  favor  us  with  your  estimate  of  Mr.  Doty’s  char¬ 
acter  and  responsibility.  From  your  knowledge  of  his 
financial  worth,  would  you  consider  an  individual  con¬ 
tract  with  Mr.  Doty  of  $15,000.  to  $20,000.  as  good? 

Thanking  you  in  advance  for  your 
courtesy  in  the  matter,  and  requesting  that  you  treat 
this  inquiry  as  entirely  confidential,  we  remain 


loallopliurii,  ^ 


tUnv  (£ly&&e  Natiimitl  l$tmk 

£T.0:ttt  ^Tarlv  Jan>  20 ,  Mu. 

Thomas  A.  Edison,  Esq., 
Orange , 

Hew  Jersey. 

JAN  21 :2I  i 

Dear  Sir: 

Plouse  accept  thank3  for  your 
favor  of  the  17th  instant,  in  response  to  our 
recent  inquiry.  Wo  appreciate  your  courtesy 
in  this  matter. 




ffX*_^/v_G-'V_  1 

^  B _ ©-ocrcrti 

- €U^  ci. 

rWC  (aoXuLw^. 

2rv <^_p_y/^<xX£.<2/T^  ^>0.  r\/  CW 

jfc-^cueJ2»  wv- 

l^eoX  Jpl^^j^-<^^. 

exJUZ  J~' 


g£?  <c^wX-fc~ - ^  d-A-U; 

Uot^  “A-  •*-<>  ^-  "-J*---  ! 

-fc-— ,~h 
t;J..  '■u"',/;“  *■  '3 v"  r  v‘ 

^  ^  J-  /©*-  'Al  'Y~a^n  , 

February  4,  1911. 

Mr.  Thomas  A.  Edison, 

Orange,  New  Jersey. 

My  dear  Mr.  EdisonV 

The  Chicago  Automobile  Show  is  the  best 
they  have  ever  had.  The  weather  is  the  finest  I  have 
ever  found  it  in  Chicago  at  this  time  of  the  year.  The 
crowd  is  something  fierce.  The  electrioal  people  are 
doing  the  biggest  business  they  have  been  doing  for  a 

Anderson  is  showing  five  models,  all  equipped 
with  Edison  batteries.  As  near  as  I  can  make  out,  his 
sales  at  the  present  time  are  about  half  lead  and  half 
Edison.  I  know  they  are  selling  them  because  I  have 
seen  the  contract  signed.  Anderson  is  doing  the  biggest 
business  of  any  of  the  pleasure  car  manufacturers.  They 
shipped  from  their  factory  in  the  month  of  December  eightv- 
three  cars. 

Waverly  is  showing  one  car  with  Edison  Battery. 
Ohio  is  showing  Edison  cells  in  trays. 

Babcock  is  showing  one  model  with  Edison  batter- 

Baker  has  got  cold  feet  again,  but  this  happens 
to  be  only  in  Chicago.  The  facts  of  the  case  are  as  fol¬ 
lows:  Temple,  a  J ew,  who  is  their  biggest  agent,  and  by 

the  way  a  hustler,  buys  cars  without  batteries,  and  assembles 
his  own  lead  battery. here.  He  uses  what  they  call  a  "Univers- 

h0ru  ln  0hi?5'S°>  and  much  cheaper  I  understand  than 
the  Exide.  He  says  that  he  is  entitled  to  manufacturers' 
discount  on  Edison  Batteries.  He  is  going  to  sell  from  fifty 
to  seventy-five  Baker  rigs  this  season.  He  will  push  Edison 
Batteries  if  we  give  him  the  discount.  I  say  he  is  not  entitl 
to  it.  Ten  per  cent, is  all  he  should  get.  The  Baker  people 

don't  want  us  to  give  him  the  full  discount,  and  if 
we  did,  we  would  only  malce  them  sore.  In  the  way  I 
size  it  up,  the  public  iB  going  to  demand  Edison 
Batteries,  and  Temple  will  have  to  put  them  in  anyway . 
He  has  a  Baker  car  equipped  with  Edison  Batteries,  and 
is  getting  excellent  results. 

Woods  and  R.  &  L.  are  fighting  us  hammer  and 


The" Ironclad"  is  now  being  put  off  for  first 
of  March  delivery.  They  had  promised  it  for  first  of 
January,  but  have  not  made  good.  They  got  out  a  guarantee 
of  SOyOOO  miles  over  a  period  of  three  years,  and  if  the 
20,000  miles  are  run  in  a  year  or  two  years,  that  ends  it. 

If  the  battery  runs  three  years  without  doing  the  20,000 
miles,  that  ends  it.  But,  mind  you,  they  have  not  deliver¬ 
ed  any  of  the  batteries  yet. 

I  spent  last  evening  with  Gruenfeldt,  the  engineer 
of  the  Baker  Company.  He  is  our  friend,  and  I  honestly 
believe  we  will  win  out  through  him. 

But  the  real  live  wire  of  the  whole  bunch  is 


Yours  very  respectfully. 

Desiring  to  keep  yon  informa^of 
anything  I  hear  affecting  the  sale  and  success  of  the  Edison  / 
battery,  I  wish  to  mention  something  that  has  come  out  in  m 
correspondence  with  manufacturers  of  electric  oars,  toward”’* 
securing  a  bargain  in  an  up-to-date  car.  / 

The  Eaker  Motor  Vehicle  Co.  write  me  that 
"it  is  only  recently  that  manufacturers  have  been  getting 
out  bodies  which  will  take  the  Edison  battery  and  we  do  not 
think  you  could  find  a  car  second-hand.  There  is  a  new 
battery  brought  out  by  the  Electric  Storage  Battery  Co. 
called  the  Iron-Clad,  which  has  almost  stopped  the  sale  of 
the  Edison,  and  of  course  any  of  our  cars  would  take  this 
Iron-Clad  battery.” 

They  say  nothing  further  in  this  connection, 
as  to  the  comparative  desirability  and  price  of  the  two  bat¬ 
teries,  but  it  gives  one  the  impression  that  something  is 
being  done  to  the  disadvantage  of  the  Edison.  Perhaps  the 
Electric  storage  Battery  Co.  are  trying  to  coax  the  Baker  Co. 
aviay  with  special  inducements.  However  it  may  be,  I  should 

Mr.  Edison,  $ 2 

greatly  regret  to  see  our  ctinipany  lose  perhaps  the  most  promi¬ 
nent  electric  car  mfg.  company. 

Without  any  reference  to  the  comparative  merits  of 
the  Edison  and  Exide  products,  it  is  evident  that  this  is  no 
ordinary  business  competition — it  is  a  battle  for  first  place. 

I  should  be  interested  to  know  the  comparative  prices 

charged  for  the  Edison,  the  Exide  and  the  Iron-Olad  batteries, 

(their  equivalent  of  40  cells  Edison  A-6. ) 
if  you  will  kindly  inform  me.  I  believe  the  car  builders 

balk  at  the  extra  charge  of  the  Edison  S.  B.  Co.,  thinking  it 
discourages  prospects  from  buying  their  cars  —  probably  they 
think  buyers  will  make  no  allowance  for  the  extroardinary  life 
of  the  Edison  or^im^that  it  has  not  had  time  to  demonstrate 
its  value  in  that  respect.  Perhaps  the  decreased  cost  which 
you  stated,  in  a  former  letter,  that  you  were  expecting  to  reach,  . 
will  enable  you  to  meet  competitors  on  a  cheaper  basis. 

I  wanted  very  much  to  get  a  -used”  or  "demonstration" 
car,  1910  or  1911  model,  shaft-driven,  Motz  cushion  tires,  with 
hoods  of  proper  capacity  to  accommodate  Edison  batteries.  Will 
you  be  kind  enough,  Mr.  Edison,  to  inform  me  (very  privately  if 
desired,)  whether  you  personally  favor  shaft-  or  double-chain-drive? 

We  have  brick-paved  streets  and  fairly  well  macadamized  country 
roads.  Perfectly  level  country.  1  should  think  that  a  completely 
enclosed  chain-drive  would  be -  especially  desirable— but  in  the 
absence  of  that,  one  must  choose  between  shaft-  and  exposed  chain-drive. 

Mr.  'Edison,  ft9 

Has  it  been  definitely  ascertained  that  the  shaft-drive  consumes 
the  current  materially  faster  than  the  chain-drive,  on  such  roads 
as  I  have  just  described  ? 

And  may  I  beg  to  ask  whether  you  or  your  friends  have 
had  any  experience  with  the  Motz  cushion  tires  ?  I  have  deferred 
buying  any  kind  of  a  car  for  several  years,  as  I  ain  neither  mechanical 
nor  ?husky, ”  and  have  been  held  back  through  dread  of  the  inevitable 
tire  troubles.  I  quote,  confidentially,  from  a  letter  just  received 
from  Anderson  Electric  Car  Co.:  "The  Motz  tire  proposition  we  are  not 
very  much  in  favor  of.  tie  do  not  believe  it  will  relieve  you  of  all 
the  troubles.  While  you  might  avoid  punctures,  you  would  have  other 
troubles  which  our  (Cleveland)  agent  would  explain.” 

This  may  be  really  true;  or,  it  may  be  that  the  Anderson 
and  Motz  people  have  disagreed,  as  the  Motz  ad.  in  to-day’s  Chicago 
gecord-Herald  omits  the  name  of  Anderson  from  an  impressively  long 
list  of  car  builders  who  include  Motz  tires  in  their  equipment. 

I  have  not  as  yet  received  your  reply  to  mine  of  4th  inst. , 
but  trust  it  is  on  the  way. 

Very  truly  yours,  . 

P.S.:  I  am  this  moment  in  receip  t 'of  your  exceedingly  kind  letter  of 
10th  inst.,  replying  to  mine  of  4th,  and  will  forward  the  necessary 
details  as  to  our  current,  as  soon  as  i  shall  have  determined  on  make 
and  type  of  car. 


5  ■+"&-&*£, 

Wo  would  bo  ploaaed  to  roooivo  for  tlio  files  of 
our  Library  any  print od  documents  that  you  may  liavo  concerning 
the  above  company. 

Thanking  you  for  the  oourto3y  of  an  early  reply,  I 

Dear  Sirs 


I  offer  eubjeot  to  previous  salei-  \Jj  A*  / 

$10,000.  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.  6s  1916  ' 

Bid  wanted. 

Will  sell  any  part. 

Very  truly  yours. 

E.  D.  MURPHY. 


£3®  Co-  S'Wtc 

A.  II.  DE  WITT 

Bonds  and  Investment  securities 



„  .  ,  -  York,  June  14th.  1911, 


She  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co. 

Orange,  N.  J. 

Dear  Sirs;  ■ 

I  have  had  an  inquiry  for- some  stock  of  your 
Company  and  would  he  pleased  to  know  if  you  have  any  to  offer  and  the  price. 

Tfill  you  also  kindly  send  me  a  prospectus  or  a 
copy  of  the  last  statement  issued. 

Yours  very  truly 

!  . - 

£  S  iS  ■  ^ 


^  ^  ft* 

The  EdS  2tora£e 

Orane-e.  n.  .T.  '  r-^  — . 

B^||th.  191 

J~3>-  «*  twfs^SLw 

Bear  Sir;  ^  M  j 

Referring  to  your  letten^tfST June  21st.  by- 
Mr.  H.  E1.  Miller.  1  have  a  customer  who  is  inclined  to“buy  some  of  the 
stock  of  your  Company  but  before  doing  so  wishes  some  information  in  regard 
to  the  business.  Can  you  send  me  a  prospectus  of  the  Company  and  a  copy  of 
the  last  financial  statement.  I  would  also  like  to  know  what  dividends  the 
Company  has  paid  in  the  past  and  what  the  present  rate  is. 

Am  sorry  to  trouble  you  for  this  information 
but  have  been  unable  to  find  it  in  the  financial  reports. 

Kindly  let  me  know  how  many  shares  you  can 
offer  at  par  and  what  commissions  I  may  expect  if  I  dispose  of  the  same. 

Yours  very  truly 


Edison  Storage  Battery  Company, 

Orange,  H.  J. 

Mr.  H.  F.  Miller,  Secty. -Treas. , 

Dear  sir  :  I  note  in  a 

that  the  site  for  two  new  factories  has  been  selected,  for  the  n 
of  "storage  battery  cars  for  railroad  service, and  storage  ba 

Will  you  be  kind  enough  to  advise  me  if  I  am  right 
standing  that  these  two  factories  will  be  built  and  operated  byk 
a  part  of  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.  ?  V 

I  understand  that  there  is  already  a  factory  where  theTLdftfU..- 
Beach  storage-battery  street-cars  are  built:  what  is  the  nature  of  the  ^ 
cars  to  be  built  "for  railroad  service,” — will  they  be  larger  and-heayf&r 
than  the  Edison-Beach  cars  and  for  use  singly  and  in  trains  fqr'-'mors?*  < 
extended  use,  replacing  steam  railroad  trains  ? 

How  soon  do  you  expect  to  be  able  to  supply  the'' 
storage  battery  automobiles  ?  Awaiting  your  kind  j 
information  as  possible,  I  am  j v  ,  ^ 

P.O.Box  351  Yours  very  truly.  /  *V1 


What  I  wish  is  the  wholesale  price,  to  you,  of  the  rectifier  with  the 
mercury  appliance  as  stated. 

Sept.  11,  1911 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Co., 

Orange,  N.  Y. 

Mr.  H.  E.  Miller,  Secty-Treas. , 

Dear  sir  :  I  recently  wrote  Mr.  Bee,  Manager  of  Sales,  regarding 
battery,  appliances,  getting -General  Electric  Co. 's  wholesale  quota¬ 
tion  on  rectifier  (voltage  110,  cycles  60,  phase  of  alt.  current,  single), 
as  per  a  letter  which  Mr.  Edison  requested  Mr.  Bee  to  write  me  last  Pebry. 
I  have  not  heard  from  Mr.  Bee  since,  altho  he  may  not  have  bad  sufficient 
time  to  get' G.  E.  Co.’s  reply  and  advise  me. 

Will  you  very  kindly  request  Mr.  Bee  to  advise  the  Gen’l  Electric 
Co.  that  in  addition  to  the  above  information  (voltage,  etc.,)  the 
rectifier  is  desired  at  a  place  where  the  current  in  temporarily  turned 
off  in  the  course  of  the  night,  when  shifting  from  one  engine  to  another, 
this  resulting  in  discontinuing  the  action  of  the  rectifier  and  it  does 
not  resume  its^work.  I  understand  the  G.  E.  has  av.mercury  attachment 
for  rectifier  covering  just  this  condition— by  its  use,  the  rectifier 
resumes  its  work  when  the  current  is  resumed  at  the  light,  and  power  plant, 
and  the  rectifier  automatically  discontinues  when  the  batteries  are  fully 
charged.  if  am  sure  you  will  understand  the  situation  perfectly,  and 
hoping  to  hear  from  you  by  early  mail,  I  remain 



Sept.  14,  1911 

Mr.  Harry  Miller, 
Dear  Sir:-1 

Referring  to  attached  letter  from  Mr. 
Clymer,  we  are  advising  Mr.  Clymer  today  in  detail, 
in  reference  to  the  Edison  battery  he  proposes  to 
purchase,  together  with  Mercury  Arc  Rectifier,  and 
have  noted  the  contents  of  his  letter  to  you.  Sept, 

E.  J.  Ro-88)  Jr. 


Deo.  8th,  1911 

MR.  H.  T.  DEEMING : - 

18  there  any  way  in  whioh  we  can 
expedite  the  passage  of  Storage  Battery  orders  for  work 
done  hy  the  laboratory? 

George  Meister  complains  that  the 
laboratory  pay  roll  is  frequently  held  up  because  he  is 
unable  to  properly  distribute  charges  on  work  done  for  us, 
for  the  reason  that  our  formal  orders  do  hot  reach  him  in 
time  to  give  him  the  necessary  information.  The  situation 
is  this: 

Frequently' we  have  work  done  in  a 
hurry,  and  on  Mr.  Baohman's  verbal  instructions  to  the 
laboratory,  which  instructions  are  later  confirmed  by 
formal  order.  Yon  will  readily  see  if,  for  instance,  suoh 
work  be  begun  on  Saturday  on  a  verbal  order  given  on  Friday 
and  formal  order  does  not  reach  the  laboratory  before  Tuesday, 
Meister  would  be  at  sea,  at  least  so  far  as  the  Storage  Battery 
distribution  of  the  charge  is  concerned,  since  the  laboratory 
pay  roll  closes  on  that  date. 

I  am  sending  copy  of  this  memorandum  to 
Mr.  Bachman,  and  will  do  everything  possible  to  accelerate 
storekeeper’s  requisition  at  this  end,  and  hope  you  will  find 
it  possible  to  do  something  at  your  end  to  improve  the  condi¬ 
tion.  y  ) 

tji/ai  ' 

Copies  to  Messrs. 

_ 3 _ 



/'  -c^cc 




January  11,  1918. 

Mr.  Thomas  A.  Edison, 

Orange,  N.  J. 

Dear  Sir:- 

1  am  advised  that  the  Electric  Omnibus 
Corporation  of  New  York  City  has  sole  rights  for  the  use 
of  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  for  all  traffic  by  omnibus. 
Will  you  please  advise  me  if  this  is  correct? 

Mr.  C.  J.  Field  of  that  corporation  owes  the 
writer  several  hundred  dollars.  Before  taking  the  next 
step  to  foroe  a  settlement,  I  would  like  to  hear  from  you. 
YOurs  very  truly, 

Asso.  Professor  Railway  Mechanical  Eng. 

6U»  jSfer 

OL $  — 


Edison  Storage  Battery  Company, 

Orange,  H.  J.  ^ 

Mr.  H.  F.  Miller,  Secretary-Treasurer, 
Dear  sir  ■: 

January  17,  1912 

ixj  “ 

*5»,  a 


I  believe  it  has  been  upwards  of  nine  months 
s.inoe  I  have  written  you’ ihquiring  as  to  the  business  of  the 
company,  and  I  am  pleased  to -observe1  that  information  from  various 
sourc'es -indicates  a  worldwide  interest -in  the  battery  and  a  - 
greatly  enlarged  extent  of  use. 

I  should  be  glad  to  learn  what  the  company’s  1 
present  capacity  is,  and  what  unfilled  orders  you; now  have  ? 

I  presume  the  $500,000  of  treasury  stock  remains -intact  ? 

In  your  letter  of  Dec.  1,  1910,  you  stated 
that  you  were  having  an  -up-to-date  system  of  book-keeping  ’installed 
by  a  New  York  firm  of  accountants  and  that  when  that  were  finished 
you  would  be  able  to  furnish  a  comprehensive  statement  of  the  con¬ 
dition  -of  the  company:  I  do  not  remember  what  your  fiscal  year  is, 
but  would  be  very  glad  if  you  would  send  me  a  copy  of  your  statements 
issued  since  the  book-keeping  system  referred  to  was  put  into  effect. 
If  Mr.  Edison  would  prefer  that  it  be  kept  quite  confidential,  it 
might  be  sent  registered  and  I  would  return  it  promptly  if  desired. 

I  should  also  be  greatly  interested  to  know,  in 
absolute  confidence  if  wished,  why  the  company  has  made  a  contract 
with  the  Anderson  Electric  Car  Co.  excluding  all  other  electric  car 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Oo.  2 

manufacturers  from  equipping  with  Edison  batteries  during  the 
year  1912—  feeling  very  sure,  it  is  not  necessary  to  say,  that 
it  was  for  some  reason  deemed  to  the  best  interests  of  our  company. 

I  have  recently  read  that  Mr.  Edison  has  about 
perfected  his  new  electric  motor:  may  I  ask  whether  it  is  to  be 
manufactured  by  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.  ?  And  if  so, 
will  you  be  kind  enough  to  inform  me  what  its  uses  will  be,  and 
wherein  .it  is  an  improvement  over  the  motors  in  present  use  ? 

Hoping  to  hear  from  you  quite  fully  and  awaiting 
your  reply  with  the  greatest  interest,  I  beg  to  remain,  with  my 
kindest  regards  to  Mr.  Edison, 



1]/W-  >•  . .^jj  . .  . .  - . - 

M  .  .  rfjiiwr ..  .Ul<Cz_ . .  • 

. m%  2^'^  /^/2_  J  (RjUjbt^t 

..tuA.  ..  /jr^  x 


|  <celo^  'XXCj2^^‘ 

1  l/C  -  [/("  Cd  o-voC^o  f  7 

'  T'*5'^  ,£ft^'i'  ^  ^  tfrw~^V  flL&£<4  6cKX_~ 

<==t^CC<?3^  vj^4 ^d-g(L&ui 
k^f  Zt  (Z-'CfLsxs 

jyjuL^/  \b3J&^IZAAAA?L^  (Jajs. 

IMcfSJ  ~t?  ($-£,  frv 

. 5~o~o  lo  <JL<j££*  (a  / 

®(  K  ^  t  ^  ^  v  I  LA  1  /  Iv'f  1  1  Vc_^ 

£~'C'»  fK«y  2#7 

.e^g-a^U.  l/s-tj 

Ajj^o^ tl  i  -  -fc.  iP-'fc-'C  da-4L('f*'  Uut“ 

\M*£  AfuC-'  -isu<A^iCC  C-crtAJL^XJ^. 

**&e^e5S£b£-*'  trwsf  ccM*.  QH-c^JL~~^2J2.t  J  ^cut^C^*, 

uojEu  f-^c-  COB  u Jn.Jb  CCia. 

d^tKZZZt  o^w^Ue^  6*^f- 





Thomas  A.  Edison, 

Edison  Laboratory, 
Orange,  M.  J. 

Dear  Sir:- 


New  YORK  Jet.  28,  1912. 

^  ^Cj<-  c^CQju^  JL*& 

L.  aft  r^a, 



)Ur  visit  to 
- - -  a^LM.  ; 

very  interesting  indeed  yesterday. t  Mr.  Gilbret; 

Laine  and  myself  found  our  visit  to  the  Storage 

jterday.  Mr.  Gilbre 
Wm7  UHL  cJtowi- 

f  a  few  little  thing 

have  been  there,  but  we  saw  a  few  littfe  things  which  no  doubt  Vou [/would 

have  adjusted  if  you 'had  had  nothing  else  -to  do.  Tl^.  is _jmt  criticism 
?Y~*  TL*  v^d-«»  Uv-c.  J~iA 

as  we  both  thought  you  we  re  doing  a  wonderful^Jpiece  of  "Hardware  m(j)iufaciP 

uring"  in  turning  out  the  product,  which  is  of  caucs-e-a  wonder  in  itself 
in  its  accurate  adjustment  t^fphysl^al^an^r chemical  ^"oncSitijDrfs”^  w 

¥e  venture  to  suggest  the  following  th  order  to  get  at 

VuM-ti  - 

"VfltAT  YOU  WANT  TO' DO;" 

1.  Tales  up  lost  motion. 

2.  Take  up  slack  between  operations. 

3.  Cut  out  unnecessary  red  tape  if  any. 


a.  Dont  change  any  processes. 

b.  Dont  change  any  machines:. 

c.  Dont  design  any  new  machines. 

d.  Dont  interrupt  manufacture. 

It  is  easy  enough  to  make  rules  but  hard  to  get  good  men  to  carry 
them  out.  Under  the  above  rules  Mr.  Gilbreth  could  not  do  much  harm  even 
if  he  did  not  do  much  good.  We  saw  a  number  of  places  where  he  could 
make  savings  without  interfering. .with  your  necessarily  complex  and  com- 
. plicated  processes.  We  would  like  you  and  he  to  get  together  to  determine 
what  savings  are  possible  along  these  lines.  Mr.  Laine  believes  that  in 
the  aggregate,  he  would  save  a  satisfactory  number  of  .thousands  of  dollars 


per  annum.  Should  you  decide  to  go  ahead,  Mr.  Gilbreth  could  in  your 
absence  if  you  wish  report  to  Mr.  Bachman,  (whom  we  have  not  seen). 

I  suggest  that  you  can  settle  the  matter  very  quickly  before  you  go 
away.  Have  Mr.  Gilbreth  called  up  on  the  telephone  either  in  Hew  York 
or  Plainfield,  day  or  night,  and  he  will  come  over  at  once  if  possible. 

Telephone  numbers  and  addresses  are  given  on  tlae  enclosed  slip. 

We  are  at  your  service. 

With  kind  regards,  I  remain 

Yours  truly, 


Prank  B.  gilbreth, 

Office-60  Broadway,  Mew  York, -Telephone-Rector  1320. 

Residence-711  Ravine  Road,  Netherwood,  Plainfield,  Mew  Jersey,  Telephone 
714  Party  L. 

William  B.  Laine-  60  Broadway,  N.  Y.-Telephone-Rector  1320. 
Residence-400-W.  115th  St.,  Mew  York  City  ,-Telephone-Morningside-252. 

Frederick  A.  Hall, 

Office-  5  Beekman  St.,  Mew  York-Telephone  8251  Cortlandt. 

Residence-128  Ascension  St.,  Passaic,  Mew  Jersey-Telephone-1397-1.  Passaic 

Feb.  23/12 

The  Troy  Electric  Co., 
Troy,  II. Y. 


Y/e  will  require  before  long  a  quantity  of  small 
low-priced  ammeters  for  use  in  connection  with  our  charging 
rectifier  for  ignition  batteries.  The  two  sizes  we  will  need 
at  first  will  liave  a  scale  of  20  amperoB  and  10  amperes  re¬ 
spectively.  While  great  accuracy/ is  not  required,  the  instru¬ 
ments  must  be  well  built  andsts!yin  adjustment,  and  be  .of  uni¬ 
form  quality. 


PleaBe  advise  what  you  oan  do,  giving  us.  full  ' 
price,  etc. 

Yours  very  truly. 


g’anganto  Klcctrir  (Dmttpang 

fHanufaflurfra  of  Slotfxjrattng,  SJttbxratttig  anil 

Sfroriitng  Elrflriral  Jnstruntmta  ’A«I 

Springfield,  JUtnoia 

1.5.  A.  May  14,  1912. 

Laboratory  of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 

N.  J. 


Wa  have  your  latter  of  the  10th  by  Mr.  Chesler, 
and  are  very  much  pleased  to  learn  that  the  special  am¬ 
pere-hour  meter  which  we  shipped  you  some  time  ago  for  use 
in  your  operation  of  making  nickle  flake,  has  proven  sat¬ 
isfactory.  We  can  easily  take  care  of  the  trouble  which 
you  exper.ien 
and  will  be 
to  make  the 
small  roller 

say,  will  do  away  with  the  continuous  friction  on  the" 
moving  arm. 

oed  with  the  pin  carrying  the  contact  roller, 
able  to  follow  very  nicely,  your  suggestion 
travelling  arm  witlftfbller,  but  having  two 
s  set  in  the  hard  rubber  disc.  This. 

The  meter  furnished  you  was  of  200  amperes  rated 
capacity,  but  the  shunt  will  carry  300  amperes  without  in¬ 
jury,  although  it  would  warm  up  quite  a  little  at  that  load. 
If  you  expect  to  carry  loads  running  from  150  to  300  am¬ 
peres,  we  would  prefer  to  make  any  future  meters  with  a 
slightly  increased  carrying  capacity  in  the  shunt,  but 
keeping  the  same  ratio  between  the  shunt  and  the 'meter,  so 
that  the  speed,  etc.,  of  the  meter  for  any  load  would  be 
the  same  as  the  one  you  have.  If  you  will  simply  specify 
the  maximum  and  minimum  load  you  expect  to  carry,  we  will 
see  that  the  shunt  is  of  proper  size  for  your  requirements. 
We  can  make  up  twelve  of  the  meters  per  the  above:  and  fur¬ 
nish  them  within  three  weekB  from  receipt  of  order  .'  We 
have  quoted  you  price  in  previous  correspondence  with 

We  would  also  refer  to  the  writer's  conversation 
with  Mr.  Holland  and  Mr.  Bee  when  at  the  Storage  Battery  • 
factory  the  latter  part  of  Maroh.  Mr  .BldssswaB  not  there 
that  day,  tut  Mr.  Holland  mentioned  that  it  would  be  a 
pretty  good  plan  if  we  could  make  the  meter  oount  the  num¬ 
ber  of  total  layers  of  copper  p**>iiickel  deposited.  We 
could  readily  arrange  to  do  this  by  letting  one  of  the  two 

#2— laboratory  of  Thomas  A.  Eaison. 

oontaots  on  the  hard  rubber  aisc  be  connected  to  a  suit¬ 
able  counting  mechanism,  so  that  closing  of  circuit  to 
this  point  by  the  moving  arm,  would  not  only  operate 
through  the  relay  to  stop  that  particular  plating  oper¬ 
ation,  but  would  also  count  one  layer  deposited. 

We  have  recently  developed,  in  connection  with 
our  regular  ampere-hour  meter  for  electric  vehicle  ser¬ 
vice,  a  distant  operated  dial  mechanism  which  could  be 
applied  very  nicely  for  this  purpose,  and  if  you  douldt 
care  to  have  the  meters  fitted  with  this  feature  the 
dial  mechanism  could  be  placed  at  any  desired  point  near 
to,  or  remote  from  the  meter  itself,  and  would  give  vou 
a  reoord  of  the  total  number  of  layers  deposited  In  any 
Furthermore ,  the  dial  could  be  arranged  with 
a  suitable. contact  so  that  after  the  requisite  total  num¬ 
ber  of  layers  had  been  deposited,  a  bell  would  be  rung 
or  a  mam  circuit  breaker  operated,  so  that  a  signal  would 
be  made  of  the  entire  plating  operation  having  been  com- 

de°ld?  to  have  the  meters  furnished 
l6?oo  Set  ?x?ra  eacS  mechanis,n-  we  would  a  charge  of 

and'  thank ing°youf  we”^  t0  "lth  y0Ur  order- 

Yours  very  truly, 


.  Sec'y. 


May  21st,  1912 

The  Sangarao  Electric  Co.,  Attention  of 

Springfield,  m.  Mr.  R.C.  Danphler 

Gentlemen: - 

We  have  yonr  letter  of  May  14th  regarding  the 
Sangarao  raster  for  nickel  flake  departraent.  Everything  aeons 

Regarding  the  dial  mechanism  which  yon  hove  recent¬ 
ly  developed,  I  wcnld  like  to  know  more  ahont  it.  Have  yoti 
any  photographs  or  drawings  of  sane?  If  no,  sand  then  along. 

Do  you  wake  full  charge  contact  on  your  regular 
ampere  hour  meter  for  electric  vehicles,  i.e'. ,  when  the  moving 
arm  comes  hack  to  zero  after  being  fully  charged,  oan  you  arrange 
a  contact  to  operate  throxxgh  a  relay  which  v;i!l  trip  a  switch 
and  open  the  charging  circuit? 

Thanking  you  in  advance,  I  remain 
Your  a  very  truly. 




June  24,  1912 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Company, 

Orange,  New  Jersey. 

Mr.  H.  P.  Miller,  Secretary-Treasurer, 

My  dear  sir: 

Referring  to  your  favor  of  January  23d: 
you  advised  me  at  that  time  that  a  comprehensive  statement 
would  be  issued  in  April,  but  as  1  have  not  yet  received  a 
copy  of  same,  I  think  your  mailing  clerk  may  have  omitted  to 
send  me  one. or  that  it  was  lost  in  the  mails.  .  '.fill  you  kindly 
forward  another  copy  to  my  address  ? 

I  should  be  much  interested  to  know  how  the 
Anderson  contract  has  affected  the  Edison's  business,  whether 
our  output  has  been  increased  this  year  and  how  the  unfllledl^.-  ~ 

orders  non  stand,  as  compared  with  your  last  advice  ?  #'JLfa  ***** 

I  trust  that  the  factory  is  running  on  full  time  and  thaWpjpspeclis"**^1***^ 
£  £  are  continually  improving.  May  I  ask  what  uses  the  Edison  battery 

^  seem  best  adapted  to,  arid  .whether.  the  difficulties  presenting  them- 

f  selves  in  connection  with  electric  carriages  have  been  overborne  ? 

&  Ni  Will  you  kindly  inform  me,  Mr.  Miller,  what 

£  progress  has  been  made  in  connection  with  the  Edison-Eeach  cars  ? 

Perhaps  three  months  ago,  1  read  in  a  Chicago  paper  that  Mr.  Edison 
had  been  there  to  contract  (Jcthink)  'with  the  .Illinois  central, 

0-  &  N.  W.  or  some  other  line  out  of  Chicago,  for  suburban  or 
interurban  cars  operated  with  Edison  batteries:  will  you  please 

— b 

•  * 

S,0r,W  “•  *2  -  '^'"XrSK Jv* 

advise  me  how  many  oars  you  have  contracted  to  equip,  and  when^t^  w'  7 
they  are  to  be  put  into  service  ?  ** 

I  shall  be  much  interested  to  have  some  extendi 
information  relative  to  the  present  business  and  progress  of  the 
company  and  the  developments  planned  for  the  near  future — in 
addition  to  the  statement  which  which  you  advised  would  be  issued 
in  APril* 

Awaiting  your  very  courteous  reply,  I  remain 
Yours  very  truly. 

Ow<r^CtfC  CJCT^  <|  I  V 

oi'iHn  4-©-*^ 




H.E .Miller.  Eiq.,  VT 
Seoretary-T  reasurer , 

hicago,  July  26,  1012 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Co., 
Orange,  N.J. 

f  date  of  January  8,  1912,  you 


as  follows; 

.  I'Our  next  annual  be  ready  sometime  in  ^ 
March  of  this  year,  when  we  will  take  pleasure'  in  sending  i 
you  a  copy,  from  which  you  will  undoubtedly  obtain  -the  C 
information  you  desire."  ty* 

Thus  far  I  have  received  no  such  report .  hia  ^ 
matter  of  fact,  although  my  certificate  of  stoolc  is  dated  & 
February  1,  19|j5,  1  llava  never  received  a  notice  of  any  meeting  1 
of  stockholders,  nor  a  report  of  any  kind  from  your  companyi 
Will  you  ple^Sje  therefore  forward  me  copy  of  such  financial 
reports  as  ha vj  been  sent  to  the  other  stockholders,'  and  also 
financial.: statement  of  Vy£  company's  affairs  7 
..Yours^ruly,  :.  . 


CW^TU  %  ^ 

rvU^J-TJL  H-Ctw  vyto- 

g’anganm  EU>arir  (Koittpattg 

iSamtfaflurrra  of  ifntrgrating,  Snhirating  anh 
Scrarbing  Elrflmal  Koatrumenta 
&pritigfitlb,  Jllinoia 
II- S.  A. 

Purchasing  Dept. 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Co., 

V/e  received  Saturday,  your  order  #30607, 
covering  eleven,  ampere-hour  meters  for  control  of 
nickel  depositing,  same  as  previous  one  furnished, 
and.  thank  you  very  much  for  same. 

We  note  your  reference  to  our  letter  of 
May  14th,  1912,  in  regard  to  the  features  wanted. 

We  have  referred  to  this  letter;  also  to  yours  of 
May  loth  by  Mr.  Chesler,  and  are  not  certain  whether 
or  not  you  want  a  distant  dial  mechanism  for  record¬ 
ing  the  total  number  of  layers  deposited,  as  suggest¬ 
ed  on  the  second  page  of  our  letter  of  May  14th.  If 
you  want  this  you  will  also,  of  course,  want  the  ar-  . 
rangement  of  letting  one  of  the, contacts  each  revo¬ 
lution  operate  the  distant  dial  mechanism;  also  if 
you  whnt  the  dial  mechanism,  please  advise  whether  you 
wish  to  have  it  ring  a^tell  after  the  proper  number 
of  layers  have  been  deposited. 

Outside  of  the  question  as  to  the  dial 
mechanism,  we  will  make  the  change  in  the  arrangemont  of 
the  moving  |hand,  and  will  put  the  two  little  platinum 
rollers  in  the  hard  rubber  dial  as  referred  to  in  the 
above  letters. 

...  We  will  also  make  the  meters  of  300  amperes 

rated  capo  city, bjits shunted  so  as  to  give  the  same  speed 
fratio  as  in  the  original  meter. 

Finally,  w,e  understand  that  you  wish  the  me¬ 
ter  to  close  circuit  alternately,  every  6000  and  every 
18760  ampere  seconds,  same  as  the  one  furnished  in  Feb- 

0rA«6El  n. 

#2 — Edison  Storage- Battery  Co. 

As  soon  as  we  hear  from  you  on  the  above 
points ,  we  will  go  ahead  and  cah  put  the  meters 
through  in  about  three  weeks,  as  promised. 

Again  thanking  you,  we  are 

Tours  very  truly, 




SangamO  Ele o .  Co.. 

Springfield,  Ill. 

Gentlemen:-  Attention  of  Mr.  B.  0.  lamphier 

Be:  onr  order  #30607  ana  your  letter  of 
July  29th  wish  to  say  that  we  want  a  distant  dial 
mechanism  for  recording  the  total  ntunber.  of  layers  de¬ 
posited,  also  the  ringing  of- a  bell  when  the  proper 
number  of  layerB  have  been  deposited. 

The  300  ampere  oapaoity  meter  with  con tacts 
to  close  the  circuit  alternately  every  6000  and  every 
18760  ampere  seconds  is  perfectly  satisfactory. 

Please  be  careful  to  have  the  roller  oontaots 
and  rOller  axles  all  platinum,  aB . there, is  where  trouble 
is  likely  to  start. 

Thanking  you  for  your  prompt  attention,  we  are. 
Very  truly  yours, 


jj’attgantn  Brflric  (Company 

fHauufoflurera  nf  integrating,  inbira(in§ 

Scrnriiittg  Eicftriral  SttBtrumenjB 
£>prtngMb,  Jlltnata 
I. ».  A. 

Mr.  J.  Chesler. 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Company, 

».  J. 


We  have  yours  of  the  6th, and  note  that 
you  usually  deposit  125  total  layers  of  nickel  in 
your  plating  process.  This  is  what  we  had  under¬ 
stood,  and  we  will,  therefore,  make  the  distant 
dial  mechanisms  with  a  fixed  contact  at  125  layers, 
instead  of  the  movable  contact,  unless  you  advise 
hy  return  mail  that  movable  contaot  is  desired. 

We  think  this  will  make  a  very  satisfactory  arrange¬ 
ment  ,  and  somewhat  simpler  than  if  we  had  to  use 
a  movable  contact. 

Wo  will  now  go  right  ahead  with  the  work 
on  the  meters. 

Ycurs  very  truly, 


SVOfttD  ' 

i  ABseNce  or  dictator  _ 


6 -^O  (s->~*^-'~*-~ le-— .  - 

(Jczz^j^s^ sr^pL^--<^^  ‘-^A— <-:  ^Crv  ***“  cX-*X-^<sf^-*-^tA. 

_ot=r-S^-  ^ 

oQ— VC. 


-//— r-  s—~'J~—(j  Jut)/ 

(2^ — fn  -‘—l 

n^cL^X_  *5^  ^aJU_^~ 


o  jj 

^attgaittn  fcbrtrir  (Kmapattg 

iHntutfafUirers  nf  integrating,  inbirating  anb 
Srrnrbing  EIrftrirat  Jnstrumenta 
g>pringfielb,  illinnia 

31.  &.  A.  Oct.  21,  1918. 

Mr.  J.  T.  Chesler, 

laboratory  of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
Orange , 

H.  J. 


Your  letter  of  the  14th  was  received  during 
the  writer's  absence  last  week,  and  was  held  for  his 
return. - 

We  are  now  working  on  your  meters  and  hope  to 
have  them  completed  next  week  without  fail.  In  the  moan¬ 
time,  we  note  that  you  wish  the  distant  dial  mechanism 
to  record  total  layers;  that  is,  both  nickel  and  copper; 
making  a  total  of  250.  As  a  matter  of  fact,  we  had  al¬ 
ready  gone  ahead  with  the  design  of  a  dial  mechanism 
made  in  this  wgy,  as  the  operation  of  the  two  contacts 
in  the  meter  for  the  alternate  layers  of  copper  and 
nickel  will  operate  through  a  3-wire  circuit  to  the 
dial  mechanism  and  the  hand  will  move  fir  st  on  the  de¬ 
posit  of  a', layer  of  nickel jthen  of  copper,  and  so  on. 

Wo  will,  therefore,  show  on  the  dial  mechan¬ 
ism,  250  total  layers,  or  125  double  layers  of  copper 
and  nickel. 

The  dial  mochanism-as  previously  described 
to  you,  has  no  permanent  recording  device;  that  is, 
does  not  punch  or  print  any  paper,  but  simply  indicates 
by  a  large  hand,  the  total  number  of  layers  put  on, and 
will  have  a  contact  at  the  250  total  layer  point  to  in¬ 
dicate  the  completion' of  the  operation.  We  are  not  pre¬ 
pared  at  this  time  to  supply  any  form  of  recording  de¬ 
vice  which  would  have  to  print  or  punch  a  paper. 

Trusting  this  will  put  the  matter  entirely 
satisfactory';:  we  are 

Yours  very  truly, 




Sec  »y 

Ont.  26th,  1912 

The  Sangatao  Sleotrlc  Co.,  Attention  of 

Springfieia ,  Ill.  Mr.  R.  C.  lanphier 


We  have  your  letter  of  the  21st  instant 
ana  note  that  yon  will  3hip  our  uieters  for  niokelplating 
work  next  week.  Also  note  that  the  dial  mechanism  iB 
not  Just  what  we  want,  hut  einoe  you  have  not  made  same 
up,  you  had  hotter  consider  our  order  oanoelled  on^thip . . 
If  thero  is  any  charge  for  the  design  or  layout  of  this 
device,  I  suppose  you  will  have  to  charge  that  up  on  the 

Anxiously  awaiting  shipment  of  the  meters, 
and  thanking  you  for  past  favors,  we  are 
Very  truly  yours, 



A  letter  has  Just  been  o  formed 

office  in  How  York  stating  that^tSwmeSlrteoting  [of  the  stockholders  op 
the  Edison  Storage  Battery  co.  will  be  held  at  the  office  of  the  company 
West  Orange,  Monday  November-  4th  at  12  noon*  Your  Secretary  requests  that 
I  fill  out  and  forward  proxy  to  you  if  I  am  unable  to  be  present.  Vy 

Uy  brother,  ff.  R.  Janvior,  formerly  doing  business  at  365  Canal  St. , 
New  York,  died  on  January  29th,  1911,  and  I  was  made  executor  of  his  estate. 

I  found  among  hie  securities  one  bond  of  §1000  of  the  Edison  Storage  Battery 
Company  and  five  shares  of  stock,  and  X  as  exeoutor  of  his  estate,  am  filling 
out  the  proxy  and  will  ask  you  to  kindly  act  for  the  estate. 

Uy  attorneys,  Messrs  Oudin  &  Oakley  of  -45  Broadway,  advise  me  that 
I  should  sell  the  bond  and  five  shares  of  atook  In  the  Edison  Storage  Battery 
Co.,  and  they ,  acting  for  me  in  making  return  to  the  Comptroller  of  Hew  York, 
valued  the  bond  at  its  faoe  value  of  §1000, oandhthe  five  shares  of  stock  at 
§2  per  share.  X  am  anxious  ae  the  exeoutor  of  my  brother's  estate,  to  sell 
this  bond  and  five  shares  of  stock,  and  my  attorneys  advise  that  X  should 
get  the  face  value  of  the  bond  with  accrued  interest,  tod  §2  per  share  for 
the  stock.  *ho  question  is,  will  you  take  up  the  bond  and  five  shares  of 
stock  at  the  above  named  price.  Two  brokers  here  in  Boston  have  tried  to 


$*,  T  ^  ■ 


Valter  Jarmer 


■  ST©MS*S  Him  JUICE 



dispose  of  the  bond  and  stock  for  we,  but  they  have  not  as  yet  found  a 
purchaser.  An  early  reply  will  be  fully  appreciated  by 
Yours  respectfully, 

Estate  of  Waiter  Janvier, 

WNj/R.  ISxtr. 

F.  S.  The  five  shares  of  stock  above  mentioned  are  cade  out  in  the  name 
of  W.  R.  Janvier.  In  explanation^  this  will  say  that  as  a  youth  he 
assumed  the  letter  R  as  middle  initial,  he  having  been  christened  by  hiB 
parents  as  Walter  Janvier.  For  a  number  of  years  he  signed  all  legal 
documents  W.  R.  Janvier,  but  for  several  years  the  latter  part  of  hiB 
life  he  signed  all  chocksend  legal  documents  Walter  Janvier.  •  I  give  you 
this  explanation  soJ.  that  you  will  know' that  W.  R.  Janvier  and  Walter  Janvier 
we re  one  and  the  same  person. 

W  V  ...  ,/ „ 

\JUx  yl'ls(/2/(h'  XJ-  ^$A/\  /'f~~  /(£ 

on  Pb  ciCCtZ^  C  i 

'lATltk* . ybtoA,  ..-- . . . . .  . 

’sU'LMj  &V&L  'irtfJst  . 

Aft K  .  bvYiA/\\A  a  .1  '  ~>'rx  P/lT7\jfafV~t 

'WWK.  .'Pt-  <  ^/M/WU-l^  .  ,  v 

'jrhrL  ^c^yo  ,  '/^  'iAA  pn^yyP- 

^A-A-C^W\ fv.y'v. 

'VVtfTYL  YY’U^t'/'Vl'Usb*)  'I'M'Ol 

(Pv  'iW'ti/y.  Wu\-  ~nmUMj-  ,•*.&. 

\bbm/*{  'h'U  i-  jimf-  5  ' 

OriA/  Mm  '  4  $Xa 
Ijbvi/'sjo  '^U^4°  ^'O 

~tku(74X-  *rh.  yy^^J/'/nKj^  'n*'/U{ . 

. svwh-:  %4V£L4-*L . .sbtfWhC. 

PUasK  AtMZ Ztijr^  Jh~  toYiO 

_ _ _  .  _ _  _  _ 

_ VIaJs^  . MWrpT*  PM'Pif£:^ 

Ajyo.  aV)>  Oy’v  - 

\ . YrYAM- 

- V 


Edison  Storage  Battery  Company, 
Orange,  N.  J. 

Mr.  Wm.  H.  Meadowcroft,  Secty., 
Dear  sir  : 

December  19,  1912 


Referring  to  the  special  meeting  of  stock¬ 
holders  of  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company,  held  at  the 
Company's  office  in  West  Orange  on  10th  instant,  may  I  ask 
you  to  very  kindly  inform  me  what  action  was  taken  upon  the 
several  subjects  under  consideration  T 

I  should  be  glad,  also,  to  know  what  amount 
of  unfilled  orders  you  have  on  hand  and  what  recent  monthly 
profits  have  been  made  ?  (Mr.  Miller  has  given  me  this 
detailed  information  in  the  past,  in  which  I  am  always  greatly 
interested. ) 

Are  you  in  position  to  advise  me,  confiden¬ 
tially,  what  arrangements  have  been  made  for  furnishing  any 
electric  carriage  manufacturer  or  manufacturers  with  the  battery 
during  the  coming  season  ? 

I  will  also  ask  what  are  the  principal  uses1 
for  which  the  battery  is  at  present  made.? 

If  new  buildings  are  to-be  constructed,  what 
will  be  the  percentage  of  increased  capacity  ? 

Awaiting  your  reply  with  much  interest,  I  am 
P.O.Box  351  Very  truly  yours. 


— ~  Z.5'o»^ 

"Thunifi  jv  — ' — 

luW-UL*  ■•JbuM . T""  _  \ 

cX~^  *f  *W'((— 

cLs02^  -g  (—  7*- “V 

Kceu  —  ^  *AZZM^. 

wr-  '%^~3fytr 

_ ^itja.  V«*«rvu<aU-f 



”T««X  A 


At  i 



$•^****1  ^itrzJ^liZ  *  £&-^-f 

. 1- 

December  30,  1912 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Company, 

Orange,  N.  J. 

Mr.  B.  F.  Miller,  Treasurer, 

My  dear  sir  :  I  wrote  the  company  on  19th  inst., 
requesting  certain  information,  and  have  received  no  response. 

Noticing  in  the  circular  letter  of  4th  inst..,  calling  a 
special  meeting  of  the  stockholders,  that  same  .was  signed 
"Km.  H.  Meadowcroft,  Secretary, ”  in  your  familiar  hand,  if  I 
mistake  not,  I  thought  that  perhaps  my  letter  should  .properly 
be  addrest  to  the  Secretary  for  reply;  however,  receiving  no 
answer  up  to  the  present  time,  I  feel  like  writing  to  you  direct, 
as  Mr.  Meadowcroft,  .having  .only  recently  taken  up  the  duties, 
of  Secretary,  may  not  know  to  what  extent  you  have  so  kindly 
informed  me  of  the  details  of  the  business,  in -which  I  am  greatly 
interested.  May  .1  ask  you  to  kindly  let  me  hear  from  you, ; 

Mr.  Miller,  with  reference  to  the  matters  toucht  upon  in  my  letter  ? 

It  will  give  me  the  satisfaction  that  your  letters  .have  always  renderd 
and  .J  shall  await  your  favor  with  much  interest..  Wishing  the 
company  and  all  connected  with  it  all  possible  prosperity  in  the  ' 

New  Year,  I  beg  to  remain 

August  7th,  1913. 

Qaigley  Furnace  &  Foundry  Co,, 

Attention  Mr. W.G. Quigley,  V.P. , 

Springfield ,;Mas8.  HAB-9-876 

Bear  Mr.  Quigley: 

w_  1  am  enolo Bing  herewith  memorandum  just  received  from 

Mr.  Edison.  Will  you  kindly  note  end  return  to  me. 

..  5’::,om  th?  t02°  of  y°ar  ietter  of  August  4th  it  appears 

are  sparring  for  time.  Aooording  to  Mr.  Edison's  memo¬ 
randum  your  man  agreed  to  proceed  with  the  work  if  we  would  furnish 
^over  "J®  There  iB  no  reason  in  the  world  why  this 

cannot  he  done.  Mr.  Edison  does  not  wish  to  relieve  you  of  the 

in  °?nn®otion  with  the  building  of  the  furnaces,  hut 
Ihii  oa?  a8?lBt  ???  in  seeing  that  fire  clay  or  bricks 

will  not  be  ruined  by  rain;  will  furnish  all  tarpaulins  neoessary 
to  cover  them  and  will  also  assist  you  in  covering  them  should 
storm  come  up  and  to  furnish  any  labor  neoessary  to  do  this. 

,  ..  was  through  my  honest  efforts  that  you  secured  this 
1jhe  first  place,  as  it  was  Mr.  Edison's  wish  that  I  should 
go  ahead  and  employ  enough  help  to  erect  these  furnaces  ourselves. 
Is  it  your  intention  now  to  go  baok  on  your  faithful  Promise  to  me 
to _ see  that  these  furnaces  would  be  in  operation  at  a  certain  date? 
This  is  more  serious  than  probably  you  realize,  and  hope  that  you 
will  make  every  effort  to  rush  this  work  through.  y 

.  .  .  Mr.  Edison  makes  mention  of  holding  up  check  for  part 

1  will  see  that  this  will  go  forward ,  to  you  and  hope 
that  you  will  make  every  effort  at  your  end  of  the  line  to  assist 
aBTw®H  as  1  am  trying  to  assist  you  here.  Please,  bear' to  mind 
that  1  have  a  great  deal  to  contend  with  here  and  I  had  figured  that 
I  washed  my  hands  entirely  of  the  furnace  responsibility  when  I 
An ’  to2w£ng-,th2j  y°u  *ere  faHy  capable  of  taking 
care  of  the  situation,  and  feel  after  receiving  this  letter  you  will 
get  your  men  to  work  and  get  started  on  the  Job.  ■ 

Tours  very  respectfully, 


V.  P.  &  Gen.  Manager. 




.,GFUn“  springfYI 




£p,  MASS.  Aug.  8,  1913. 

idLdup  four-1  ' 
u.  The 

Mr.  R,  A.  Baokman,  Vice-Pres.  &  Oen.  Mgr., 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Co., 

Orange,  N  . J. 

My  dear  Mr.  Bachman: 

Your  letter  of  the  7th  inst*  with  note  from  Mr. 
.Edison  received,  and  we  are  afraid  that  you  do  not  exactly  under*-  & 
stand  the  conditions  or  you  would  not  accuse  us  of  not  doing  every-  ? 
thing  we  can  to  facilitate  the  completion  of  the  furnaces.  In  fact,  X 
we  have  turned  lots  of  corners  in  border  to  anticipator  the  comple-  A 
tion  of  the  work. 

Y/e  received  your  order  on  June  11th.  vre  were  hdLdu 
teen  days  or  until  June  25th  awaiting  information  from  you. 
delivery  specified  was  six  to  twelve  weeks,  making  Sept.  17th  the 
date  of  completion.  Adding  the  fourteen  days  lost  it  would  Bring 
the  completion  of  the  furnace  to  Oot.  1st  if  we ‘took ' full  advantage' 
of  the  time,  hut  unless  something  unforeseen  occurs  we  should  have 
the  furnaces  completed  hy  Sept.  17th,  as  you  know  we  have  shipped 
practically  all  of  the  material  necessary  to  keep  the  men  busy. 

YiTe  had  our  man  on  the  job  with  our  Foreman  Mason,  and  owing,  to  the^ 
condition  of  the  building  could  not  start  the  brick  work,  and  were 
obliged  to  send  him  elsewhere.  The  builders  who  are  erecting  the  ^ 
building  have  ^Lumber  and  material  strewn  all  over  our  foundations, 
making  it  impossible  for  us  to  haul  in  the  brick,  and  our  Mr.  Rocke¬ 
feller  advised  us  yesterday  that  it  was  necessary  for  him  to  knock 
off  work  until  Monday.  This  delay,  as  you  must  know,  costs  us 

' . 

sheiT  no. 

Quigley  Furnace 

foundry  Co. 

to  32.  s.  B.  Co. 

money,  and  we  would  much  rather  have  our  men  Busy. 

We  do  not  want  Mr.  Edison  or  yourself  to  feel  that  we  are 
not  doing  all  that  we  can,  and  we  believe  that  If  he  understood  the 
conditions  he  would  not  have  written  you  such  a  note,  as  we  must 
take  exception  to  the  statement  that  "you  have  to  keep  a  sharp  Watch 
on  us  and  that  we  will  take  advantage  of  you",  as  all  of  the  delays 
up  to  this  time  have  been  caused  by  yourselves. 

We  Instructed  our  engineer  to  go  ahead  with  the  understand 
ing  that  you  would  keep  the  materials  .covered  and  protect  .them  from  ■ 
the  weather. 

Would  also  call  your  attention  to  the  fact' that  although 
our  contract  calls  for  you  to  unload  the  material  and  place  same 
adjacent  to  our  foundations,  which  was  not  done,  that  it  was  neces¬ 
sary  for  us  to  get  a  team  and  stone  boat  and  haul  the  material  a  ^ 
considerable  distance,  which  1  believe  our  Mr.  Rockefeller  took  up  J  ' 
with  your  company  with  the  understanding  that  this  was  at  your  < 

I  agree  with  you  that  you  should  not  be  bothered  with  . 
these  matters,  and  ob  far  as  our  work  is  concerned,  in  spite  of  till 
of  the  delays  to  date,  if  your  company  will  co-operate  with  us  we 
will  have  no  trouble  in  completing  the  work  within  the  time  speci¬ 
fied  in  the  contract. 

Regarding  the  payment,  would  say  that  we  received  the 
check  and  note  covering  same,  for  which  we  thank  you. 

We  beg  to  quote  below  extract  from  Mr.  Rockefeller's  re¬ 
port  of  the  7th  inst.,  v/hich  explains  matters: 

"As  per  my  phone  conversation  with  you  to-day,  I  will  be 
.delayed  two  or  three  days  or  until  the' roof  trusses  are  raised. 
Therefore,  I  senTtur.  Ingram  (our  Foreman  Bricklayer)  to 
Springfield  tonight." 

SHE®  NO. 

Quigley  Furnace  and  foundry  co. 


To  E.  S.  B.  Cd. 

I  fully  appreciate  your  kindness  in  throwing  this  order 
to  us,  and  assure  you  that  we  have  done  and  will  do  everything  that 
we  can  to  he|p  you,  and  1  wish  that  you  would  personally  investi¬ 
gate  and  set  us  straight  with  Hr.  Edison. 

Yours  very  truly, 

.  CxiLro.  ercc. _ ^Lad1 _ ^.<^«ro.<*=.J<?aO- 

_}“/x<-9a®n _ _ etc _ _ 


I  am  retrirning  herewith  letter  from  you  addressed 
to  Mr.  Meadoworoft  written  on  Seattle  Office  Stationery,  also  letter 
from  Mr.  Meadoworoft  to  you  under  date  of  Deo.  6th.,  regarding  soft 
wax  records  which  are  in  the  possession  of  Mr.  Decatur  of  The  Wes tarn 
Union  Telegraph  Company  of  San  Francisco . 

Have  to  aavise,„that  .it  .has .  beep  ye  ry  hard  for  me  to 
get  hold  of  Mr.  Decatur and,  after  sever al  attempts'  I  finally  got  him 
on  the  telephone  and  he'  told.' /me”  that  "ordinary  dictating  machine  records 
'  were  made  of  The  Morse ’  Code  Talk  which; passe, d^ack  and  forth, between 
various  operators  at  The, Telegraphers'  Banquet  given  to  Mr.  Edison  in 
San  Francisco.  . .  ' . v - r ; ^ V-  ^ ;  ' 

These  ,, records  ,hav;e,,. .been!  very  carefully  preserved, 
packed  up  and  have  been  stored  among  tlie  valuables  of  The  Western  Union 
Telegraph  Company  of  San  Francisco,  but  they  would  be  shipped  to  Mr. 

Ea i3on  at  Orange  if  he  desired  to  have  same  for  reproduction  in  more 
permanent  form,  but. very  naturally  The  Western  Union  Company  would  like 
to  receive  the  original  records  back,  or  a  least  a  set  of  the  .more  perma¬ 
nent  records  which  might  be  made  up. 

Mr.  Decatur  very  clearly  stated  that  neither. he  person¬ 
ally  nor  The  Western  Union  Company  have  any  particular  wish  in  this 
matter;  in  other  words  they  are  not  requesting  that  permanent  records 
be  made  from  these  soft  wax  cylinders,  but  naturally  they  look  upon  these 
cylinders  as  possessing  considerable  histor  io  value  to  them,  but  they 
are  perfectly  willing  to  furnish- same  to-  Mr .  Edison  but  would  like  the 
originals  or  duplicates  or  both. 

At  your  convenience  kindly  advise  any  further  action 
which  you  wish  to  have  me  take  in  this  matter,  anc^ with  kindest  personal 
regards,  I  remain, 

YoupsC^rwtPuly,  /V 



oftener  that  I  am  forgetting  you.  We  are' so  awfully  busy 
around  here  that  it  is  simply  impossible  to  attend  to  our 
mail  promptly.  This  is  Saturday  afternoon, , and  I  am  just 
trying  to  clean  up  correspondence  that  has  been  on  my  desk 
all  week.  i 

I  showed  the  enclosed  letter  to  Mr.  Edison,  but 
he  doesn't  seem  to  understand  what  it  refers  to.  I  suppose 
it  is  not  necessary  for  me  to  say  that  I  do  not  understand 
it,  as  I  did  not  know  any  of  the  details  that  took  place 
during  Mr.  Edison's  visit  to  the  Coast.  I  am  afraid  we  shall 
have  to  ask  you  to  make  it  very  clear  so  that  he  will  know 
just  what  is  being  referred  to . 

Trusting  that  you  are  feeling  in  find  shape,  and 

with  kindest  regards,  I  remain, 

Yours  very  truly, 

Edison  Stornfre  'Battery  Supply  Co. 

DEC  1  5  1915 


Co , 

William  H.  Meadowcroft, 
Orange . 



7  f/r, 

1  J  tv 

My  dear  Meadowcroft 

Mr.  Decatur  of  the  Western  Union 
Telegraph  Oo.,  of  San  Francisco  spoke . to  me 
the  day  I  left  San  Francisco  to  take  up-  with 
Mr.  Edison  the  question  of  making  duplicate 
records  from  the  records  that  they  took  on 
Edison  Day.  I  understood  him  to  say  that  he 
had  the  cylinders, -all  soft  wax  records 
business  dictating  machine  type,  ne  told 
Mr.  Edison  that  he  would  have  duplicates  made 
and  send  them  to  him,  hut  when  he  commenced  to 
•investigate,  he  found  that  they  would  cost  more 
than  he  could  really  afford  personally  as' he-  had 
— nrrvfund  to  draw  from.  He  asked  my  opinion  about 
it,  and  I  told  him  that  if  he  though  Mr.  Edison 
wanted  them,  we  would  be  glad  to  duplicate  them 
ourselves.  He  has  the  records  all  packed,- and 
will  ship  them  to  you,  if  he  has  not  already 
done  so.  Will  you  take  this  up  with  Mr.  Edison 
and  write  him  direct  at  the  San  Francisco  Western 
Union-Telegraph  Office. 

Edison  Storage’Vfiaito.  v  Supply  Co 

IDEC  1  5  1915 

441  Gold™  son  Francis- 


kindest  respects. 

January  26,  1916. 

Hr.  Sdison: 

I  am  now  ready  to  take  up  the  matter  of  the 
Walker  truck  representation,  for  selling  to  the  Government. 

I  suggest  that  you  drop  Mr.  Insull  a  note, 
at  your  convenience,  telling  him  you  think  it  would  be  a 
good  plan.  We  can  do  it  under  the  name  of  Mr.'  Moran, 
who  is  with  me  now,  and  let  the  whole  transaction  be  in 
his  name,  so  as  not  to  prejudice  us  by  the  truck  makers 
against  the  Sdison  Battery  by  such  an  arrangement. 

I  want  to  go  aggressively  after  this  work, 
and  am  taking  it  up  with  'Ward  along  the  same  lines  for 
the  smaller  trucks. 

ri’he  - specifications  are  being  written  at  the 
present  time,  covering  the  electrical  trucks  for  the  Post 
Office  Department,  and  I  want  to  hit  the  iron  .while  it 
is  hot. 

I  would  write  the  letter 'for  your  signature, 
except  that  Hr.  Insull's  connection  of  many  years  with 
you  is  of  such  nature  as  to  render  it  better,  I  think, 
for  you  to  word  it  in  your  own  language. 

M.  R.  H UPC HI SOU. 


I  have  ready /for  your  inspection  statement^ 
■for  the  months  of  September  and/October. 

Mr.  MeadMforoft  informs  me  that  you  are 
very  busy  and  that  inasmuch  -as  the  results  shown  by  the  state¬ 
ments  are  good,  he  suggested  that  I  write  you  and  give  you  a 
short  summary.  Y/hen  convenient  to  you  Mr.  Bachman  and  myself 
will  be  glad  to  go  over  the  statements  with  you. 

September  sales  amounted  to  nearly  14000 
A4  equivalent  with  a  total  value  of  over  §156,000.00.  She  net 
profit  was  slightly  over  §85,000.00. 

For  October  the  sales  Were  over  :  ,20,000  A4 
equivalent  and  the  value  over  §218,000.00.  The  profits  were 
over  §45,000.00. 

In  October  we  made  a  bookkeeping  entry  of 
§19,157.98  to  adjust  the  value  of  the  Chemical  Works  Account 
as  of  February  28,1914  whi ch  makes  our  statement  for  October 
show  an  apparent  profit  of  §64,389.81. 

Our  net  surplus  on  October  31st  was 
§514,666.53  and  if  we  add  to  this  amount  the  surplus  of  the 
Chemical  Works  on  this  date  of  §8126.36  we  will  have  a  surplus 
on  the  combined  balance  sheets  of  the  Storage  Battery  Co.  and 
the  Chemical  Works  of  §522,792,89. 

The  cost  of  the  cells  remains  surprisingly 
uniform  but  we  are  getting  a  little  cheaper  cost  now  on  account 
of  the  lower  cost  of  soda  solution  as  compared  with  potash 



Hr.  H.G. Thompson. 


DATED  JANUARY  16TH,  1916. 

Sinoa  my  last  report  to  you,  there  has  been  nothing  remark¬ 
able  to  note  here,  except  the  gratifying  number  of  sales  of 
accumulator  vehioles.  since  that  time,  we  have  sold  about 
fifteen  large  trucks  and  tea  email  industrial  trucks.  During 
the  last  few  weeks,  there  have  been  sold  on  average  of  four 
vehicles  per  week; 

Some  time  ago ,  negotiations  were  entered  into  with  one  of 
the  omnibus  companies  of  London  for  the  supply  of  an  Edison 
battery  ‘bus.  This  has  been  built,  and  although  the  Scotland 
Yard  regulations  specify  that  a  paBsenger-oarrying  vehicle  must 
not  weigh  more  than:. six  tons  fully  loaded,  we  manged  to  keep  down 
the  weights  so  as  to  come  within  the  requirements,  unfortunately, 
however,  when  the  completed  vehicle  was  offered  for  inspection,  the 
Police  took  exception  to  the  form  of  steering  gear,  width  of  axleB, 
in  fact,  which  involved  practically  a  ohange  in  the  design,-  so  that 
we  found  it  impracticable  to  get  the  vehicle  paBt  them,  it  looks, 
therefore,  as  if  London's  streets  must  wait  for  some  future  date 
before  they  will  see  an  eleotrio  omnibus.  In  the  meantime,  the 
body-builder  threatens  to  sue  for  the  price  of  his  body,  whioh  is 
useless  to  us,  so  I  anticipate  Messrs.  Edison  Accumulators,  Ltd. 
will  have  a  good  'bus  body  for  sale  at  a  lor/  price.  The  outcome 
of  this  affair  is  unfortunate,  as  important  business  was  expected 
after  this  first  vehicle  wa3  put  into  operation. 

Edison  Accumulators  Ltd.  have  had  quite  a  successful 
year,  and  it  is  said  a  dividend  will  be  declared  as  a  consequence. 


April  29,  1916 


Sometime  ago  you  spoke  to  me  regarding 
the  Mine  lamp  situation  and  seemed  to  feel  that  we  had  not 

SS£“  Pr0P"lr  “a  “’‘“•esd  a  high  enough 

.  •  .  .  .  .  I  gone  carefully  into  the  matter 

and  have  found  out  that  the  reason  why  we  did  not  make  a 
greater  profit  heretofore  was  due  largely  to  the  fact  that 
we  were  manufacturing  in  more  or  less  limited  quantities. 
««+rflnS°n+Sf<tlliS  3h9  Aaaem'bling  Department  was  not  able  to 
out  down  their  oost  as  they  are  now'  doing  by  having  a  large 

through  and  keeping  the  operators  specialized 
S?f+?ind.?f  wor!f ■  Considerable  labor  was  also  necessary 
in  fitting  the  various  parts  which  is'  now  being  eliminated 

811(1  1>!ndinf  f***«M8.  Minor  changes  in  construc¬ 
tion  have  been  made  and  simpler  methods  used  which  will  have 
a  tendency  to  reduce  the  oost. 

„„  v  We  have  also  had  to  replace  some  of  the 

reflector^  &S  COrds  and  aPringB  for  holding  the  bulbs  in  the 

.  .  .  Due  to  low  production  we  have  not  been 

able  to  get  a  very  good  line  on  the  oost  on  account  of  the 
parts  being  taken  from  one  operation  and  group  to  another 
oases  without  the  necessary  records  being  seoured! 

All  this  has  practically  been  overcome  now  and  I  see  no 
reason  why  the  Mine  lamp  should  not  be  a  very  fine  paying 
^°£2sl£i?L;at  P0r  lamP  ea°k  list,  less  maximum  dis¬ 

count  of  40$  or  $6.60  each  net  and  providing  of  course  we 
continue  to  manufacture  in  large  quantities. 

n?w  a0ing  tbe  Tonoan  metal  container 
for  holding  the  cells  instead  of  a  Monel  Metal  one  whioh  has  re¬ 
duced  the  cost  materially. 

,  •  I  had  our  Cost  Keeper  take  off  the  ooBt 

2nd  °omPhting  the  overhead  at  the  present 
rate  of  145$, and  the  tatal  factory  cost  was  $3.78  per  outfit. 

of  nrofit  aJ  The  followine  figures  represent  my  estimate 

'  PRODUCTION  OF  100.000  t.AMPS 

;  Factory  oost  (whioh  will  be  reduoed) 

Advertising  ($2000  per  year) 

Selling  &  Service  ($6000  per  year) 
Total  Cost  to  Make  &  Sell 

$3.78  each 
.04  each 
'  .02  each 

%.Q6  each 
.90  each 



Selling  Prioe 

$11.00  each  list  less  40$  $6.60  net 

Cost  to  make  ana  sell  3.90  net 

Het  Profit  $2.70  net  per  lamp 

On  a  production  of  100,000  lamps  complete 
per  year  this  would  amount  to  $270,000. 



Jhly  8th,  1916. 

Mr.  T. A. Edison 
Mr.  Ohaa .Edison 
Mr.  A. C .Emory ! 

Regarding  the  windows  which  are  now  being  placed  in  the  Storage 
Battery  buildings.  It  appears  that  we  will  have  to  give  more  ventilation  than 
we  had  originally  figured  on. 

Yesterday  afternoon  at  4  o'clock  the  men  in  the  Tool  Room 
unanimously  packed  their  tool  chests  and  put  on  their  coats  and  hats  and  were  read}' 
to  leave  the  department  in  a  body,  not  in  the  form  of  a  strike,  but  every  man 
decided  he  would  quit  and  leave  the  place  on  account  of  the  ventilation  we  had 
promised  them.  I  informed  them  we  would  ventilate  alternate  windows  top  and  bottom 
Tney  positively  refused  to  work  under  these  conditions  and  demanded  we  ventilate 
both  top  and  bottom,  giving  them  100%  ventilation.  They  maintained  that  the 
general  attitude  with  other  manufacturers  is  to  better  the  working  conditions  in 
a  factory  and  from  the  present  appearance  it  would  mean  we  are  not  working  on 
the  same  lines. 

This  same  condition  prevailed  in  the  Screw  Department  and  also 
in  the  Punch  Press  Department.  In  as  much  as  we  have  been  able  to  free  ourselves 
from  labor  trouble  here'  up  to  this  time  I  would  strongly  recommend  not  to  do  any¬ 
thing  to  antagonise  the  organization,  especially  at  this  time.  I  would  recommend 
that  we  make  arrangements  to  swing  the  windows  both  ton  and  bottom,  givine  100% 
ventilation.  The  windows  in  all  of  the  new  buildings  give  50%  ventilation  the 
same  as  wo  load  contracted  for  with  the  exception  that  all  the  ventilation  takes 
place  in  the  upper  sash,  the  lower  sash  being  permanent.  This  is  the  part  the 
men  object  to,  as  they  want  to  have  part  of  lower  sash  and  also  part  of  upper  sash 
open  so  as  to  give  proper  ventilation. 

I  placed  a  notice  in. the  Tool  Room  this  morning  and  informed  them 
I  would  personally  see  that  the  windows  would  be  hinged  both  top  and  bottom  in 
thi3  particular  department.  The  contractor  informed  me  yesterday  he  would  pivot 
the  lower  sash  on  his  own  accord  on  the  Ashland  Avenue  side.  This  would  only  leave 
two  other  sides  for  the  company  to  pay  for. 

It  was  generally  agreed  we  would  make  arrangements  to  swing  every 
other  window,  but  the  demonstration  yesterday  afternoon  provedconolusively  we 
would  have  to  go  further  than  this  unless  it  is  your  desire  to  fight  the  situation. 

A  prompt  decision  is  requested  on  this  in  as  much  as  Mr,  Emery  is 
about  to  execute  a  contract,  which  I  understand  has  not  been  signed  up  to  this  time, 
for  the  windows. 



Orange,  K.J. 
August  22,'  1916. 

iir.  J.F.  L'onnot, 

Orange,  New  Jersey. 

Dear  Sirs 

1.  Several  years  ago  you  forwarded  to  me  originals  and 
translations  of  proposed  arrangements  between  yourself  and  the  firms 
of  Penhard-Levassor  and  Delaunay  Belleville,  for  the  exploitation  of 
Edison  Storage  Batteries,  submarine  cells  excepted,  in  Prance,  the 
Prench  Colonies  and  Belgium.  These  agreements  you  wanted  me  to  approve. 

2.  The  European  War  broke  out  about  that  time  and  I.  have 
never  taken  the  time  to  read  and  analyze  the  said  agreements.  I  will 
do  this,  however,  by  the  end  of  the  war,  realizing  that  these  companies 
are  not  able  to  carry  the  proposed  arrangements  through  during  the  war 

3.  In  the  meantime,  and  until  this  permission  is  revoked  by 
me  or  by  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company,  you  are  hereby  authorized 
to  sell  Edison  Storage  Batteries,  exoept  submarine  type  cells,  on  an 
exclusive  sales  right  basis  such  as  is  enjoyed  by  Edison  Accumulators,  Ltd., 
with  which  you  are  familiar,  it  being  understood  that  the  discounts  to  you 
for  tliis  French  right  are  the  same  as  to  Edison  Accumulators,"  Ltd.,  vizj 
33$  and  2$  f.a.s.  Hew  York  on  regular  cells  and  parts,  potash  electrolyte 
excepted,  and  40$  and  2$  f.a.s.  New  York  on  Type  l!-8,  ;,:-20  and  mining 
lamps,  all  oasli  against  shipping  documents  in  New  York. 

4.  You  also  assume  responsibility  for  guarantees  and,  in  fact, 
conduct  the  business- exactly  as  per  the  arrangements  with  the  Edison 
Accumulators,  Ltd. 

5.  It  is  understood  that  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  or 
myself  have  the  right  to  revoke  this  temporary  arrangement  at  any  time, 
in  writing  or  by  cable. 

6.  When  the  war  is  over  and  you  are  ready  to  go  ahead  with 
Delaunay-Belleville  and  Panhard  Levassor,  if  the  proposed  arrangement  is 
satisfactory  to  me,  I  will  acoept  these  agreements  and  eater  into  a 
regular  contract  with  you  in  the  French  and  Belgian  business. 

Hr.  J.F.  ISonnot, 

-2-  August  22,  191G. 

7.  The  list  of  the  French  Colonies,  etc.,  is  as  follows; 



French  West  Africa 
French  Guinea 
Ivory  Coast 
Upper  Senegal 
Frenoh  Congo 

Somali  Coast 
Comoro  Islands 
Reunion  Islands 
French  Indo-China 
St,  Pierre  and  Iliouelon 
French  Guiana 

Dew  Caledonia 

Gambico  Archipelago 

Respectfully , 


Thomas  A.  Edison,  Pres, 
Arthur  iiudd,  Seo'y 


J.F.  Idonnot 


T.!.R.  Hutchison 


Ur  Pederson: 

August  31st,  1916. 

I  an  enolosing  herewith  letter  from  the  Department  of  Health  of  the 
State  of  Hew  Jersey,  also  oopy  of  law  relating  to  pollution  of  fresh  water 
streams,  with  reference  to  pollution  of  the  Seoond  River  running  near  the  plant 
of  the  Battery  Company.  - 

Kindly  note  letter  and  return,  and  take  suoh  action  as  is  neoessary 




Trenton,  August  30,  1916. 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Company, 

Mr.  Robert  A.  Bachman,  General  Manager, 

West  Orange,  Now  Jersey. 

Dear  Sirs- 

It  was  reported  by  a  representative  of  this  Department,  after 
maicing  an  inspection  of  the  Second  River,  one  of  the  fresh  waters  of 
this  State,  that  on  the  premises  owned  and  occupied  by  the  Edison  Storage 
Battery  Company,  West  Orange,  Hew  Jersey,'  there  is  polluting  material 
consisting  of  trade  wastes  from  the  manufacture  of  storage  batteries 
draining  and  entering  into  the  waters  of  the  said  Second  River,  and  also 
discoloring  the  water  for  some  miles. 

In  an  endeavor  to  secure  the  abatement  of  all  existing  pollu¬ 
tions  in  the  fresh  waters  of  this  State,  this  Department  desires  your 
cooperation,  and  we  would  respectfully  request  that  you  take  such  means 
as  you  may  deem  advisable  in  order  to  prevent  any  further  polluyion 
occurlng  from  said  premises  into  any  of  the  fresh  waters  of  this  State. 

Will  you  kindly  give  this  matter  your  immediate  attention,  and 
inform  this  Department  upon  the  completion  of  the  work? 

Enclosed  you  will  find  a  copy  of  the  law  relating  to  the  pol¬ 
lution  of  the  fresh  waters  in  this  State.  . 

Thanking  you  in  advance  for  your  cooperation,  I  am. 

Very  truly  your3, 

(signed)  J.  C.  PRICE 




In  answer  to  your  memo  regarding  the  pollution  of  the 
Second  aiver,  would  say  that  the  following  changes  will  reduce  the  visible 
impurities,  allowing  a  dilute  solution  of  sodium  sulphate  and  sodium  car¬ 
bonate  to  enter  the  brook. 

1.  Instead  of  passing  the  copper  wash  water  from  the  cranes 
in  the  old  crano  room  over  the  iron  drillings,  the  sump  which  holds  the  iron 
drillings  should  bo  used  for  precipitating  with  soda  ash  and  the  copper  mud 
pumped  to  the  filter  press  which  is  to  bo  installed  for  similar  work  from  the 
new  crane  room. 

3.  She  over-flow  from  the  ribbon  machines  contains  appreciable 

amounts  of  nickel,  in  ftrform  unsuitable  for  easy  recovery,  due  to  the  oreaence 
of  ammonia.  She  most  desirable  change  would  be  a  solution  containing* no  am¬ 
monia  salts.  She  nickel  could  then  bo  recovered  as  in  the  flake  plating.  Ex¬ 
periments  can  be  started  to  devolope  such  a  solution.  She  solution  as  it  runs 
off  now,  will  occasionally  give  a  small  yield  with  soda  ash.  Shis  treatment 

may  render  it  immune  from  further  precipitation  in  the  brook.  In  either  case 

a  sump  would  be  required  to  reduce  this  source  of  pollution  to  a  minimum.  Shere 
is  one  large  sump  in  this  room  not  being  used,  os  cep  t  as  an  overflow  from  the 
iron.  When  this  iron  recovery  system  is  removed,  this  sump  may  become  available. 

4.  She  method  of  removing  the  so  called  iron  from  the  sludge  by 
washing,  allows  a  basic  sulphate  of  iron  and  nickel  to  flow  into  the  brook.  Shis 
material  ought  to  bring  a  good  price  on  the  market.  A  magnetic  separation  of 
the  nickel  from  this  sludge  should  be  looked  into  before  elaborating* a  system  of 
settling  tanks,  filters,  etc.  All  material  sf  any  value  in  the  anode  sludge 
boxes  would  be  magnetic  and  the  portion  which  spoils  the  contacts  between  the 
small  particles  of  nickel  would  be  removed  in  a  dry  state  in  one  operation.  Shis 

5.  She  overflow  from  the  part  plating  room,  apparently  has  nothing 
_ jsible  to  recover,  consisting  mainly  of  acid.  Besides  either  letting  it  run  in 

the  brook  or  sewer,  the  only  other  outlet,  if  necessity  should  arise,  would  be 
to  build  a  cesspool  to  let  the  mo3t  objectionable  portiona  drain  through  the  soil. 

6.  She  outlet  from  the  drain  pipe  from  the  second  and  third  floors 
of  the  new  plating  building,  should  be  placed  ao  that  it  runs -into  the  sump. 

tShis  refers  to  the  drain  from  the  copper  refining  department,  and  is  only  used 

7.  She  filter  bags  underneathe  the  settling  t 


R.  A,  Bachman.  (Oont'd) 

the  separating  wash  are  not  efficient  enou$i  ts  take  care  of  the  large  amount 
of  water  vhich  occasionally  coiibs  down.  This  causes  an  overflow  of  copper 
mud  into  the  brook.  if  we  are  to  stop  all  precipitates  from  getting  into 
the  brook  at  all  times,  including  the  copper  and  nickel  recovery  sumps,  some 
changes  should,  be  made  on  the  said  bags , '  and  if  the  proposed  increased  pumping 
and  filter  press  facilities  do  not  eliminate  all  sediments  from  the  brook,  an 
additional  de-watering  proposition  can  be  taken  up  if  necessity  arises. 

The  losses  from  this  source  are  very  small  and  any  installa¬ 
tion  would  not  pay  for  itself.  It  should  be  detoimined  whether  brushes  on  the 
copper  baths  would  reduce  the  strain  on  the  recovery  plant.  Certain  mechanical 
difficulties  must  bo  overcome  before  these  brushes  could  bo  successful.  The 
proposed  substitution  of  lime  for  soda  ash  becomes  more  difficult  if  the  pollution 
of  the  brook  is  to  be  considered,  and  the  saving  from  this  change  nay  have  to  be 
given  up.  If  the  price  of  soda  ash  come3  down  to  normal,  the  use  of  lime  is  not 
so  attractive. 

Will  await  your  instructions. 



Sovembar  3d,-  1916.  ■ 

v  '  .  •  -  .  T  .  HAB-9-2142  '  ■ 

Ur.  Pedersons  ' 

The  State  Board  of  Health  Is  again  after  me  on  aooount  of  pollution^ 
of  streams.  Will  you  kindly  let  me  know  ,vhat  progress  has  been  made  In  order  to 
atop  this  nuisance.  The  situation  Is  beoomlng  alarming  now  and  It  Is  neoessary 
for  us  to  take  Immediate  stops  to  take  oare  of  our  waste  ao  as  not  to  do  any 
more  pollution  of  streams. 


HOT.  4,  1916 

R.  A.  Bachman:  && 

In  answer  to  your  memorandum  regarding  the  J&t*u  M  ^ 

pollution  of  streams,  would  say  that  the  stand  .for  the 
filter  press  has  been  erected  and  we  are  ~wal-ti:iig  for  the 
press.  Shipment  was  originally  promisedv<on -the ’25th  of 
October  but  the  latest  urgers  place  the. ’date'  of:r shipment  . 

“*h®  18th  of  Ilovember.  I  have  takenuu£ the  matter 
with  Mr. II orton  and  immediate  steps  will  be  taken  to  remedy 
this  condition  as  much  as  possible  til+bi^a)  gfctBthS  'press. 


G-.  6I^^HutHWAa  A  n 

y7  / 

7?^  -  ■Qyb-/  /?'« 

Orange, N.J. 

Silver  Lake, N.J.  9-11-16 

He:  I  by  U. 

Edison  Chemical  Works  Division 

Ur.  Eiiomas  A.  Edison 

Dear  Hr.  Edison: 

V/e  received  a  few  clays  ago  a  letter  from  the  f 
firm  of  Stanley  Jordan  &  Company,  116  Broad  Street,  Hew 
Yorlc.,  dated  August  22,  on  which  you  have  made  the  notation 
asking  whether  v/e  can  spare  any  iron  for  iron  by  hydrogen. 

In  reply,  would  say  that  we  have  talked  with 
Hr.  lieadowcroft  relative  to  this  matter,  and  have  explained 
that  we  ought  to  be  able  to  give  over  for  that  purpose  1000# 
per  month,  and  possibly  by  another  month,  we  ought  to  double 
tills,  or  even  do  better.  We  have  the  new  E  type  furnace 
running  about  one  week,  and  are  repairing  one  of  the  old 
furnaces,  which  should  be  done  shortly,  and  thus  placing  us 
in  pretty  good  shape  to  supply  considerable  material. 

Of  course,  at  the  present  time,  we  are  malting  as 
much  iron  as  possible  for  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company, 
in  order  to  get  up  our  stock.'  It  will  depend  upon  what  amount 
of  stock  we  want  to  carry,  before  we  can  determine  how  much 
iron  by  hydrogen  for  pharmaceutical  purposes  we  can-  males. 

We  enclose  herewith  letter  from  above  firm.. 

Orange,  N.J. 

Edison  Chemical  Works  Division 

Mr.  Ihomas  A.  Ediscrn 

Orange ,  M.  J 

Dear  Mr.  Edison: 

Some  days  ago  we  received  copy  of  letter  toted 
September  from  Mr.  Eammerhoff  to  Mr.  Mambert;  subjeot: 
Consumption  of  Steam  -  same  referring  to  measurement  of  Bteam 
used  by  us  and  manufactured  by  the  Carbolic  Acid  Mfg.  Division. 

On  this  letter  was  your  notation  aea&llows:  "Why  not  settle 
this  thing  once  for  all". 

In  reply  to  this  memorandum,  we  submit  to  you  oopies 
of  our  letters  to  Mr.  Eammerhoff  in  regard  to  the  proposition. 

We  alBO  return  to  you  the  original  letter  of  Mr.  Kamnerhoff ,  with 
your  notation;  to  Tiiioh  is  attached  oopies  of  the  letters  that 
Mr.  Eammerhoff  has  written  us.  We  note  that  he  has  not  sent  any 
oopies  of  our  letters  to  him.  Our  letter  dated  July  3rd  goes  into 
the  matter  quite  thoroughly;  and  explains  our  position  and  also 
what  we  had  tone,  up  to  that  time,  in  getting  steam  consumption  and 
also  in  getting  a  meter. 

Since  July  9;  we  installed  a  0"  meter;  but  we  immediately 
found  it  too  small  to  measure  all  the  steam  we  were  then  using;  to¬ 
gether  with  that  used  by  the  Phenol,  Resin  &  Wax  Division.  We 
immediately  ordered  a  larger  mechanism,  but  owing  to  various 
delays-’,  we  did  not  receive  this  until  about  September  1,  when  we 
immediately  installed  it;  and  the  meter  is  now  in  operation  ana 

Silver  Lake, N.JSept.  ss;:,16 

Mr.  Edison 

Page  2. 

Steam  Consumption. 

measures  aU  the  steam  we  are  using,  together  with  the  Bteam 
used  by  the  Phenol  Resin  &  Wax  Division.  Eaoh  day  the  meter 
is  read  hy  a  representative  of  Hr.  Kamos  rhoff  and  our  own  man, 
and  this  morning  Mr.  Kamnerhoff  informed  me  that  as  far  as  he 
could  see  the  :  meter  was  operating  satisfactorily  to  him. 

He  states,  however,  that  the  steam  meter  measuring 
steam  for  the  .Aniline  and  Phenol  Divisions  has  been  out  of 
order  for  about  a  month,  and  on  this  account,  it  will .  be  dif¬ 
ficult  for  him  to  Judge  the  correctness  of  our  meter. 

In  this  connection,  would  say  the  steam  meter  installed 
is  a  General  Electric  meter,  and  in  all  probability  1b  extremely 
accurate,  and  the  readings  made  by  this  meter  we  shall  consider 
accurate  and  final. 

If  you  read  the  attached  letters  which  we  have  written 
to  Mr.  Kamnerhoff i  youwiHsee  that  the  matter  of  roasuring  steam 
was  not  negleoted  by  us.  As  explained;  we  kept  a  very  aoourate 
measurement  of  the  amount  of  condensed  steam,  and  from  thiB  measure¬ 
ment,  we  made  up  a  statement  each  month  of  the  amount  of  steam  used. 
Shis  we  submitted  to  Hr.  Kamoerhoff  and  he  billed  us.  We  believe 
that  while  this  method:'is  not  absolutely  aocurate,  it  was  sufficient¬ 
ly  so  under  the  circumstances. 

In  regard  to  the  payment  of  additional  bill  of  Mr.  Kammer- 
hoff,  dated  July  31;  amounting  to';'$il49.05,  we  would  say  that  we  do 
not  feel  Justified  in  passing  this  until  we  have  a  month's  reading 
from  the  steam  meter  now  installed.  We  believe  that  this  will  show 
that  our  calculations  for  steam  consumption  were  approximately  oor- 
reot,  and  this  bill  for  additional  is  in  error.  However;  should  the' 
steam  meter  show  that  our  calculations  were  less  than  actual;  we 

Mr.  Edison  Page  2. 

Steam  Consumption 

are  ready  to  pass  the  hill  or  i  adjust  the  matter. 

Mr.  Kammerhoff ,  in  paragraph  4;  infers  that  we  have 
put,  off  measuring  steam  because  we  feel  we  were  UBing  more  than  we 
were  being  hilled  for;  and  therefore  lessening  our  charges.  Shis 
is  wrong.  Y7e  had  no  such  intention  at  all;  and  this  inferenoe 
should  he  corrected  at  once.  It  may  he  Hr.  Kamnarhoff*  s  idea  to 
put  one  over  on  anyone  he  oan,  hut  it  is  certainly  not  ours.  If 
this  were  the  case,  it  would  not  he  likely  that  we  would  at  present 
put  in  a  meter  when  we  are  using  a  hundred  times  more  steam  than 
we  were  in  January. 

It  is  very  likely  from  the  latter  of  Hr.  Kammerhoff,  with 
his  former  letters  attaohed;  theft  you  might  think  we  had  not  made 

any  replies,  as  he  very  carefully  attached  his  own  letters,  hut 

say  s/no thing  about  our  replies;  nor  gives  any  oopies  of  them. 

As  soon  as  we  oalculate  from  the  steam  meter  the  amount 
of  steam  we  have  consumed  and  oheok  this  against  the  calculations 
hy  the  method  we  have  used  in  the  past,  we  shall  take  up  the  matter 
of  payment  of  the  hill  of  July  2i;  and  try  to  settle  this  matter 
of  additional  steam  consumption. 

Trusting  the  entire  matter  is  explained  to  your  satis¬ 
faction;  and  that  we  oan  adjust  the  matter  without  any  further 
aisoussion,  I  remain, 

Yours  very  truly 

Chas.  Ediso: 
and  M.  Kammerhoff, 


B.  Mambert;  C.  H.  Wilson;  H.  Musk 
Clearing  House. 


September  23rd,  1916. 

Ur.  Edison: 

Regarding  the  attached  letter  from  the  Eagle  Pencil  Company, 
addressed  to  Mr.  Hutohison,  and  your  memorandum  on  same,  X  would 
recommend  having  a  Tube  Drawing  machine  built  on  the  outside,  oharging 
the  Eagle  Penoll  Company  26  per  cent,  profit  on  same. 

In  as  much  as  the  expense  for  development  wort  waB  all  borne 
by  you  they  could  oonslder  themselves  fortunate  in  getting  it  even  at 
this  prioe. 

V/e  oould  give  them  the  approximate  estimate  of  the  cost  of 
the  machine  if  you  care  to  have  us  do  it.  This  would,  however,  only  be 
approximate,  due  to  the  many  changes  in  manufacturing  conditions  slnoe 
the  last  machines  were  built. 

-H"  n  j  . 


Mr.  Edisons 

Regarding  the  attaohed  correspondence  from  the  Eagle  Pencil  C 
and  your  pencil  memorandum  on  same,  X  beg  to  Inform  you  that  the  lube  Drawing 
machines  built  at  the  Laboratory  cost'  the  Storage  Battery  Company  $1,500.00, 
while  the  same  type  machine  was  built  at  the  Storage  Battery  Company  for  $825.00. 
I  would  recommend  that  you  charge  the  Eagle  Penoil  Co.  $2,000.00  eaoh,  which 

would  be  a  fair  prioe  for  one  of. 

these  machines.  This  will  give  you  100$  o 

and  above  the  cost. 



fittetfmoJceE  u  mahomm  — 

■<flc  <-**-<£& 

uXXzf  4  I  'frd,-  XJuf-t^>  <-•«*- 

'i/tKcjiitoO  XJ  one  a  !j£'I>D~  oni  moil  oonebcoqaaiioo  ieriool  ia  t.fij  gaiuicgofi 


"  I'fe; 

).aSY;j  10^S  '10'i  TjaagmoO  ifiejxda  feaJr&jJK  tirfi  ic  ilJjicf  e 

rfoJxiv;  .kobo  OO.OOOfS3'.aO  Xlcnal  0X302  erij^f 
16VO  <?00X  uO^j  ovig  XIX;.  eirfi?  .neciriofim  bebA^ 

^  J^C 

liom©m  lUoubcf  iuotj  b 

inlxloam  oq<i3  ease  eiil  eX  iriv; 
flui£  Jarii  iitonoiooei  X>Xjjov<  I 
10X  soliq  tlsSi  a  so'  fcXuow 
•  Xaoo  erix  fvojo  ban 


September  26th.l916'. 

Eagle  Pencil  Company,  - 

710  East  14th  Street. 

Hew  York  City. 

'/  .  .  . 

Attention  of  Mr.  Edwin  M 

.  Berolzhoimor. 

Gentlemen:  , 

Tfour  favor  of  the  21st  instant  in  regard  to  tube 
seaming  .machines  was  received  by  Mr.  Hutchison  and  handed 
to  me. 

Let  me  say  in  reply  that  the  cost  of  a  single  machine 
of  this  kind,  mado  outside  would  be  about  ,§1450.00.  I  should 
want  to  add  50/6 1>  the  cost  to.  help  pay  for  our  long  and  cost¬ 
ly  experiments. 

Yours  very' truly. 

Okange , N. J.,U. S. A.  October  26,  1916 

At  the  request  of  Messrs.  Thomas  A.  Edison  and 
Charles  Edison,  stockholders  of  this  Company,  a  special  meeting  of  the 
stockholders  is  hereby  called  to  be  held  at  the  Company's  office,  corner  of 
Vallqr  Road  and  Lakeside  Avenue,  West  Orange,  N.  J.,  on  Thursday,  the  2nd'  day 
of  November,  1916,  at  two  o’ dock  P.  U. 

It  is  expected  that  the  Board  of  Directors  of  this 
Company  will  meet  at  10|30  A.M.  on  November  2nd,  1916,  to  authorize  the 
issuanoe  of  bonds  of  the  Company  aggregating  in  amount  Two  Million  Dollars, 
to  be  seoured  by  a  mortgage  to  the  Fidelity  Trust  Company  of  Newark,  N.  J., 
Trustee,  upon  certain  property  of  the  Company,  the  said  bonds  or  the  proceeds 
therefrom  to  be  used  for  redeeming  outstanding  bonds  of  the  previous  issue 
not  ye6  paid;  to  enable  the  mortgage  securing  said  previous  issue  of  bonds  to 
be  discharged,  to  pay  the  Company’s  indebtedness  on  open  aooount  to 
Mr.  Thomas  A.  Edison  in  whole  cr  in  part;  to  acquire  and  pay  for  in  whole  or 
in  part  certain  land,  buildings,  and  equipment  now  used  by  the  Company;  to 
place  the  Company  upon  a  better  financial  basis  by  converting  a  part  or  the 
whole  of  its  outstanding  floating  indebtedness  into  a  bonded  indebtedness; 
qnd  to  provide  funds  for  such  other  purposes  aa  the  Board  of  Directors  in 
their  discretion  may  deem  proper  and  advisable. 

The  principal  object  of  the  stockholders  meeting 
hereby  called  is  to  take  appropriate  action  with  reference  to  said  proposed 
issue  of  bonds  and  with  reference  to  suoh  other  aots  as  the  Board  of  Directors 
may  do  at  said  meeting. 

Another  object  of  this  stockholders  meeting  is  to 
oanoel  and  rescind  the  authority  given  certain  offioers  of  thiB'  Company  to 
enter  into  written  contracts  with  Mr,  Thomas  A.  Edison  and  Ford  Motor  Car 
Company  by  resolutions  adopted  at  a  stockholders'  meeting  of  this  Company  held 
Deoember  10,  1912,  and  to  take  suoh  other.iaotion  as  maybe  neoessary  or  advis¬ 
able  as  the  result  of  suoh  rescission  and  cancellation. 

If  you  do  not  expect  to  be  present,  will  you  not  kindly 
send  me  a  suitable  proxy  designating  an  agent  to  represent  you  at  the  meeting. 
A  form  considered  suitable  for  this  purpose  is  enclosed  herewith,  which,  if 
satisfactory  to  you,  should  be  dated,  signed  and  witnessed. 



October  27th,  1916. 



Mr.  Edison : 

Regarding  your  memorandum  of  the  27th  wherein  you  aslc  "How  are 
you  getting  on  with  the  oell  recovering  department.  I  get  no  reports." 

In  this  connection  I  beg  to  Inform  you  we  have  had  considerable 
trouble  In  order  to  get  material  for  the  department  of  recovering  aotive 
material,  which  is  now  being  completed  and  Is  in  operation,  but  not  long 
enough  to  give  you  suffioient  data  on  oost  of  same.  Mr.  Mudd  has  a  man  in 
this  department  and  is  collecting  data  on  costs  of  cutting  open  cells  and 
then  from  operation  to  operation  until  same  is  recovered  and  again  put 
baok  into  oells. 

Regarding  prioes  on  rubber  parts  plant,  I  am  getting  out  a 
detailed  report  of  machinery  required  for  the  manufacturing  of  our  rubber 
parts  and  will  turn  aarne  over  to  Mr.  Unary  to  get  prioes  on  same.  I  would 
like  to  make  another  trip  to  Trenton  before  this  report  is  completed.  As 
I  told  you  verbally  today  that  we  oould  not  depend  on  prioes  given  by 
Stokes  Company,  in  as  much  as  they  are  running  their  place  in  an  old 
fashioned  way  and  have  very  little  data  on  actual  oost.  The  data  that  was 
oolleoted  was  through  some  of  their  bills,  on  which  I  understand  they  added 
20 %  due  to  increased  oost  of  material  at  this  time,  i  told  them  this  is 
not  what  we  are  looking  for  and  the  next  time  I  go  to  Trenton  I  will  stop 
at  the  Throp  Manufacturing  Co.  who  are  manufacturers  of  oalendar  rolls  and 
rubber  machinery. 

I  will  get  a- fairly  good  idea  of  oost  on  rolls  there. 



November  20th,  1916. 


We  are  developing  a  very  satisfactory 
and  profitable  business  in  connection  with  the  sale  of 
Storage  Batteries  for  the  operation  of  locomotives  used 
in  mine  haulage  service. 

At  the  present  writing  the  Pittsburgh 
Coal  Company  are  in  the  market  for  twelve  6-ton  locomotives 
and  contemplate  equipping  each  with  80  cells  of  type  A-8. 

The  H.  C.  Friclce  Coke  Company  very  shortly  will  issue  spec¬ 
ifications  calling  for  eighteen  locomotives  -  battery  equip¬ 
ment  optional.  Should  we  succeed  in  getting  the  Fricke 
business  it  would  result  in  the  sale  of  18  sets  of  batteries 
each  containing  80  cells  type  A-10.  Even  if  we  only  secure 
half  of  the  Fricke  business  and  all  of  the  Pittsburgh  Coal 
Company’s,  the  net  value  of  the  two  orders  to  us  would  be 

There  are  two  men  who  are  in  a  position 
to  help  us  to  a  great  extent  in  securing  this  business,  and 
they  are  both  stanch  admirers  of  Mr.  Edison.  If  we  could 
secure  for  them,  autographed  pictures  of  Mr.  Edison  for 
them,  I  a*  very  certain  that  it  will  help  us  very  materially 

The  two  men  in  question  are  -  Mr .  Jos. 
Bryan,  of  the  Pittsburgh  office  of  the  General  Electric  Co., 
and  Mr.  W.  A.  Chandler,  Electrical  Engineer  of  the  H.  C. 
Fricke  Coke  Co. 

...  ~  . . 

j fyiJSjJto  t 

iJlcu/L.  *t*a  'vw  d^rw/lr  'irufar 

_ ;j>)  Y*  'AjfY  l^L  'Dn^'^  fay  j 

.  . 

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_ iJ.?r. .  <si  . d<x/1r. _ 

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- Au-A'iA-*h-  - s£  ^3^— 

^/l/i aaa  N/j/'i/ —  A  -77  ^  /5\  — iyi 

!  _s3Ms^  Ja^AaJ^  d^fij'  1 _ ^  'Vi^w/}'  — 

r  ^iaJ^uzP’ 

- - - tv-'f- - V| — w - Uf.w-.K  I1 - *r  /— W  aK^/O^ - ; 

- J-I-UC-SK^^ — t, - : - 

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^34<Ag34i;|  is^frrn  ,)tlfa>Cl^ 

- T - - y-TJtwa^. — ctc^-^L  _r  /_ /_/ _  i — - 

rfs'd^SlsOP^M/l/^s  ' - /3l  '1/1/1  ^\ffa(^A  ,\^-  /J'Qslsf  /I /I  £/~T 

fA  /^i.-v\''iA  ^v-f ^/y  hv^J/'AAXz*^ 

_ J3«*q^UJU-Gmt£  <vui/frL-fpm&A  . 

r\-"L  si  al.  ,u/V"^  Ani/\"  /U  si  n/);L/S?/M  1  ■■» 

Ai^AYA  (yfaa/Y- &M  fa/lA  Ji7t{  1 

- r-~ 1^- tif&lrl/  *t—  1 — g-y*-fr-f- - *-K2Ma£KV - 

/I  jn/W  r— ■-  C7^  />/  /L<\  ///  w  .y  /2'<^V 

—  iVi/  z:, 

4/0  /0/S/  if  ]Vfj  p)L  fa‘/~}'lf-\y  A  A 

- — '- u v  K-|r Cf  f  x-1 - Y - —  -,-hr- Y  — ^ — f- - 

- - — V - v*w  ^  w — ww/  rrp~t  TyV^  : 

r - -/lHAl/y^-  ty\  -  -  V  y/iAl/fatyi^j - 

V> -- . : . . . . . . -._  d 

Qy^  X  w 

(yv\/W-  ffjou  ^v^omL  (ntiY'h  wud~-J- 

-■-^im ^A^k/\A:->- . ^Dfa\*-'Z , . -M/y^ . - . 

yb[AAV\  fi/f  't^yy  wM7i\  ~; — 

.—  f  A'Hvv  -Am^  -L'-s5^> 

„....:_  ^/\j#\/fc(t-  "&ptv\r-  -i-'-Jwi — ==. - 

. _ | 

(A^-  &\F l/vl/Qli'Uu^rSd---'-- - -^*— ■ - — 

^wl  . -  - 

Oi-ux  -H  •  hvu\/y  y^Cui~<^  ^wc\ 

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^A^^Auy't.A^id^  jl  <zll  Cul^  cjs-, 

_ /ZLU'tl  4£ u  S-'^K  4-<3  ...^rj^rrrr-^ _ 

_ ^sisviL  -U-<.--| _ :&!! 

/kfjdi  tv.  sirjs>Y' . 

_ t/v/]'')/^  -IIja  O^turs y  ” 

_ CkJrl'-  *1"  /wisUsi’\'~f  i^bzu* . .  /4^-i-fc^  - . . 

. . . . 

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*'"1i\  /CtCv' 

.OuXv  ,^_.  _4r  ^7Tv(.  '^V^f'L .».  ... 

/aaAA  1  -f» ... . ^^irm^r  .1 

-  '...icdl . •.... 

. -/lufa  - . 


.  — _ 

Xf  au  'tfo/w-f  wM 

_ <^?UtA--.  <?U4^v^c^L  A.  <iU^  ^U^r^y^ _ 

_  J^-/h'U,\i_ _ jLi _ ^T  T-j _ JLll£ua  &~-  <L&dfi—t _ - 

_ v&Mtui, u,\ ^  ^  . .. 


— <^Uj^J1Jaa, - 1 

- ^ - 

— Aw^  M6i/  &Vh  Sft*S-lp(i 

— Amhm^k  ,  dnrrho  ^  _ • 

MUi  ' MJ/I/ia _  (Ul4vo^  <n>A' / 

/IfUL^tM^L  JLaa/W^  MvMfo 

. - . G>4 UW:- Mu/t/fei . - 

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yX^Q^L.^^-Ci't-L  i7  c..  ^  <£  C444YI, , 

_ 5  '%'fltf/y  JUiA.  m M&y—  ... 

^-44 — - - 

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4^4/A  -■ "HQ.  G'rt'W^rft  l 

/bie//<L  <W/a  Jisuc  ao  'b  ^as/^i^L L  . 

. ^  ^  'l/l/HTJ'C  i-syCffo't/UVft  ^S'L&F-/  "U\^  . - 

. j/PI ZClY'rvIfri  /.  .  Jsfez^Lte^ ...  _ 7. 

_ ed^ZAML _ : 

.....  /On  4=^Ut^u^~ —  - 

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tu(Sr.. . 

_ a/Iu.ia  ‘S-  c^g/Mof,  ;  y-’S-'M-a-Ti  ^fa/h. 

_ /  U  ^uaX4^  rv'<>  f _ f^d^\^._^G7fPw\ _ C'/krtZTtT&t-, 

.  ^  ^L.  A-CUu^l^  „<pA4/^±!/W/L. _ 

_ o^/Vr ...  LoJLihfeu^  .x.__^4=__ 

/Vi  ^^✓uuiry-~T  .  aJa^lu*' t>~$  C^%* 3  (T-CC(JI 

. J^.  /t^U^I  4UdLcj£jLJ&4te - 

/fc  'W ^  ''V/'A) 

( \/\nrAv o  fbuA'-zCn'vv'^.  ahw_ 

. _._^t^7vS-1 Am Mf]pr*ki.  ■  -4V4±±i v5  -  4/^ _ 

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.  shruiAi  t^y^ut>4^-  — 

. rt.'WJuZ'l^-l ^...4LO<h/.  W  -  C44&4j&^.. 

. _  ^/L^Ud.4X  -L&r*-  A  ^i.v 

/AT\\~!  /k  /tA*  k.A*  / 

CtyY  Aa,  <X  Italic- &(  f-&aS)<u/h, 

^^1/  'Ki  AH.  ^  "f;  ^WI7 

. <^r . Aq 4&dL . 

yy.+y^'CcA-nx  ~  XiAwyn^  J[  ’k\- 

- ...  yX^uo^LC'i^v^k^.  V&i  . 

.  :  ^jAA&r}XL*A~.  _ 

— AA/u^l^Aa,  . . fij  sysLdA/f'i'teQ _ 

t f  w  / . "  ■  ‘ 

_ _  ^  0/\rz^XL^  IC^V^L,  \^^uux. y.  | 

yktcffi.  '^x  c-c^tA.  SU*  kx.  .  & '  4~aXM>.-.  u3$y ... 
zi/U/u  44  •yA-n  'vn-vUcf  4-  h  j'M^r  • 

A^IA..  cyi'H  *  £Udf  yi,L4a,.l^ - 

__ .  SIa..  tfM  fa^U&Q  XkV^A... 

..j/b^ ^>wfY.  J?Y.  ■$!A  .  ...  jA. . 

.  (^CC'm^Xty^nr  nrft;h*\  4^1. _ 

-^U  7V&tl\£i^  MtUt&itf  \h*~-<- 

h/y  /\,fis/  A  i  c) — As/  ^ — 

4/ir  zUX  (Ltts^  {V  L,i/fo  A/L*/}^ 

XpLU/V''  f'WAf'  SlAr~Af,t7/}^  AmY  XfXXy  / 

fey-HAJU i  (hf  <(  %U'1'aS\  _  _ 

ryytuA  iXlMua  44 L^UJLa^ 

Q^/„(  /VI  <  /?//-«M.  SJjtJ  'Xc<4  rVU>nslSU£  ct — 

_ 4)U4L.  /L'AjjJjy  /h/LuC’Ar-r 

_ c^u.^  -  ^ 

y,^,  XCi\  ^^AJ/k  i,,  <  f^A/y^nuX^r jT 

/\\  4Xjruj)r(y[  'YlL./t/}<bf/)~4  ■ 

Av  ■/  trttVi^  ^  lipi  %6p<y 

_ /(c/^0  /pf}/  fa^driu _ 22^4 . A- — =- _ 

- ytiiXXrt'i'ir^X^  ^y  j^m4^/XhI\  -  -  -  - 

—  /C/('isi-Krt-  'hyuXi  L&sZ-  aC  .  ... 

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/VU/F^o  InteJw  nvY'ty  (9-rC. 

/W&jo  <f~  ^vi'tuUirfrY  ,  Yq 
. ‘v^ri^y^v-  H~%-  -/j't'h . 7fe~ — 

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_ zlyl/Q^  /|/  ._ JM? Wt^Ag  / Or. /Ujr^tk r^kh^i 

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./tev . 'V^4V$djQ.  WYK  .  (b&ifU- 

/j/K  'VsUtM'V-  .  /p-MA^brtM^ _._  i3l _ 


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4Ylu[  c^l,\aAT  'Vvl~  44'Y  fr*yZ&t^ 

.....  g/b^Aci | 

_ /Vt<^ 1 Ysi/ — ‘ - - — 

_ M*-- 

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-/Y — c^sA, i^4n„ 

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-  -<££. iX^u/k^  i  %rJtd&y?L-*;  _ _ 

-  /W\  -  3^04^3  -^r.  4>&Di 

—#^mjjU44*a^ .Jax£L&trt.  , 

■ -*$64*$ — ^-j^T^'-l^i^ — 

T^V - / 

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(PklA.  '")  lv^~wr"  •  ' . ''^Kkk /w-  -vu'Iq  - 

{Z/L-L-t^  ■/  yu  -4k — ^iZy.- ll^XyZ.  <^Vv>.  - - j 

_ ^  -jr:  .  ..^d, 4<W _ 

fyl  ft  wbtu  vj 

jl  (link  M'i  ”  t  <t 

Sxji-i-  3 1  I  C|  I  fc 


Navy  Department  Receives 
Findings  on  the  E-2  'Ex¬ 
plosion  Here.; 

Contracts  for  the  New  War  Vessels 
Virtually  Are  Agreed  . 

Upon.  . 


6cX  6  tCjl 4 

H-  «,  ItUt), 

•  51YI  BOW  OVER- 

Friction  Crops  Up  Between 
Daniels  and  Officers  off 
Submarine  Batteries. 


Ivo  put  too  much  hydrogen  gas  whll 
to  vessels  are  submerged. 

Edison  Work  la  Orlttolsod. 

It  was  learned  on  high  authority  to 

Urge  Rejection  of  Batteries* 
Meanwhile,  however,  according  to  I 
romlnent  officials  of  tho  department,  I 




W"  1  '  !  April  2nd,  1917. 

1  hbJs>  BAB-9-434 

Ur.  Edison; 

Ur.  Meadowcroft  asked  me  to  report  to  you  on  the  progress  Being  made 
on  rejuvinating  of  oells.  I  am  enclosing  herewith  report  of  the  number  of  cells 
opened  and  just  what  work  has  Been  dona  on  the  aotive  material.  We  had  quite 
some  difficulty  in  the  various  processes  haturally,  hut  the  last  one  we  ran  up 
against  is  the  acid  treatment  of  flake,  but  we  found  a  praotioal  way  of  doing 
this  and  this  arrangement  will  he  ready  in  about  two  days. 

86  lbs.  of  0.  K.  flake  was  sent  to  loading  Department 
600  "  of  Flake  on  hand  completed  except  soreening 

200  »  of  Flake  will  be  seoured  from  500  lbs.  unscreened  flake. 

710  "  of  Flake  has  passed  through  the  plant. 

710  lbs.  Flake  is  equivalent  to-2151  A-4  oells. 

We  made  up  103  A-4  oell3  and  tested  same  and  found  them  to  be  higher 
than  rated  capacity.  They  were  sent  out  and  now  being  used  in  aotive  service. 

103  A-4  oells  were  made  up  and  tested  here.  So  far  way  above  rated 
capacity.  One  of  the  original  A-4  oells  developed  a  short  cirouit.  This,  however, 
was  due  to  mechanical  defeot. 

The  tube  department  reports  as  follows; 

Condemned  cells  in  stook;  (disassembled! 

A-4  3788  B-l  270 

A-6  2241  B-2  280 

A-8  1748  B-4  193 

A10  884  B-6  14 

A12  1737  014  16 

G-4  2  H-8  641 

Tubes  ready  to  split  -  681,770  tubes  or  4848  A-4  equivalent  oells 

Ho.  of  oells  out  up  to  date  - 

A-4  12041 

A-6  9690 

A-8  3010 

A12  1646  or  4,484,820  tubes 

In  addition  to  the  above  we  have  shipped  19,829  lbs.  of  iron  and  6415 
lbs.  of  Niokel  Oxide  to  Silver  Lake  to  be  recovered.  Silver  Lake  is  recovering 
enough  material  to  make  up  1,000  A-4  equivalents  for  renting  purpose  or  any  other 
test  you  may  decider  to  put  through. 

Mr.  Mudd  is  now  working  on. cost  of  rejuvinatlng  cells  and  hopes  to 
this  in  shape  for  you  within  the  next  two  or  three  days. 







Washington,  D.  C.,  March  31,  1917, 


1.  Replying  to.  your  letter  of  .March  26,  1917.,  regarding 
the  reasons?  the  Edison  alkaline  storage  battery  has  been  dis¬ 
approved  for  *<&&&>  with  portable  electric  hand  lantenj,  the  . 
Bureau  quotes  as  follows  from  New  York  Yard  tests  on  portable 

hand  lanterns  fitted  with  batteries  of  your  manufacture: 

' "3-  Tests. 

Seven  batteries  were  fully  charged  and  readings 
taken  of  the  canal epower  of  a  2.5  volt  lamp  illuminated  from  this 
battery,  and  mounted  in  a  miner's  cap  reflector,  furnished  with 
the  batteries.  The  life  of  this  newly  charged  battery  was 
recorded  as  a  basis  to  determine  the  relative  deterioration’ of  / 
thei  other  six  batteries.  The  other  six  batteries  were  then 
placed  in  a  compartment  where  the  .temperature  .changes  were  very 
slight,  and  candlepower  readings  taken  .on  1  battery,  each  month 
until  the  seven  cells  were  discharged,  x  x  x  x.  At  the  end  of 
the  fourth  month,  the  life  of  the  battery  was  only  about  2-1/2 
hours,  so  at  this  time  the  remaining  three  cells  were  discharged 
as  it  was  considered  of  no  value  to  extend  the  test  further. 

4.  Summary.  . 

Prom  the  result  of  the  test  and  observation^!^ 
the  battery,  it  is  found  that  the  end  of  the  two  monthsXTodb^ 
practically  all  their  useful  charge.  The  life  and  candlepower 
at  the  end.  of  this  period  is  negligible. 

5.  Conclusion.  •  • 

In  view  of  the  above  summary  it  is  considered  that 
this  type  of  battery  submitted  is  unsuitable  for  Naval-  service* 
as  it  is  desired  to  obtain  a  portable  safety. lantern  of  the 
primary  or  secondary  type  which  will  give  considerable  useful 
light  after  standing  idle  for  6  monthB  or  more." 

2.  The  following  is  quoted  from  another  test  of 
Edison  batteries  and  portable  electric-  lantern: 

"(b)  The  battery  used  is  a  serious  drawback.  This 
type  of  battery,  in  addition  to  being  not  leakproof,  shows  very 
ppor  characteristics' as  to  life,  both  for  a  single  .charge  and 
for  shelf  deterioration.  Although  no  data  is  available  for  .a 


Copy  -  2  - 

period  of  3  and  6  months,  the  set  at  present  on  test  shows 
a. life  of  only  3^ hours  after  2  months  standing,  compared  to 
8  hours  continuous  burning,  and  an  additional  4 , hours  after 
15  hours  recuperation,  starting  with  the  battery  fully  charged,  . 
It  is  thought  that  in  order  to  make  this  battery  leakproof,'  the 
manufacturer  will  have  to  cut  down  on  the  size. of  the  plates,  ? 
thus  further  impairing  the  life.. 

'' 7,  Conclusion. 

-  As  there  is  no  safety  device,  and  owing  to- the 

poor  characteristics  of  the  battery,  it  is  considered  that 
this- lantern  as  it  stands  is  not  up  to  the  present  standard 
of  safety  hand  lantern  for  use  in  Naval  Service."  _ 

;  3.  ,  In  view  of  the-  requirements  of  the  Service  that  • 
a  portable  electric  hand  lantern  should  gi-ve  considerable  .useful  . 
light  after  standing  idle  for  six  months  or  more,  and  in  view 
of  the  fact  that  it  is  necessary  to  have  a  non-spillable  battery, 
the  Bureau  concurs  with  the  recommendations  of  the  Navy  Yard, 

New  York,  which  were  based  on  tests',  and  disapproves  the  Edison 
alkaline  storage  battery  for  use- with  portable  electric  hand 
lantern.  .' 

•  '  '  4  .  -  Very  respectfully,  •  '  : 

(Signed)  R.  S;  .Griffen,  '  ;  - 

Engineer-in-Chief,  U. S.N. , 

Chief  of  Bureau. 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.  _ 

Orange-,  N.  J.  • 


Us*.  ^ 

material,  including  cane,  covers,  grids,  rubber  parts  ami jiotive  material.  j 
It  is  to  be  regretted  that  we  cannot  use  these  oell3.for  replacement  purposes  j 
on  aooount  of  double  mountings  in  the  oovej 
renting  purposes.  It 

30ver8^ajia  tney  oan  ozuy  oe  usea  ror  j 

rstiat  will  be  A- 

3  fl&FMt  will  be  A-6  cells.  We  will  be  in  position 
from  now  on  to  put  at  least  that  number  on  our  weekly  schedule  and  oan  materially 
increase  this  number  as  we  go  on. 

I  am  glad  to  state  that,  the  100  cells  we  put  in  service  at  thf 
present  time  show  higher  rated  oapaoity  than  new  cells  we  made  up  and 
they  have  shown  no  indications  of  trouble.  They  have  b 
months . 

00  Messrs .Ohas .Edison 
S .B .Member t 
H.G. Thompson 

k  -  ’  »'  '  ' . 


_ _ i 



May  21,  1917 

Hr.  Headovioroft: 

Regarding  the  subject  of  Laboratory  letter 
heads  and  stationery  for  ny  use. 

As  explained  to  you,  it  has  been 
Dr.  Hutchison's  custom  to  write  to  tha  Navy  Department  and  the 
officers  to  whom  he  would  address  any  oomminlcatlons  concerning 
submarine  batteries,  on  Edison  Laboratory  paper,  the  idea  being 
that  these  communications  were  really  of  a  scientific  character, 
and  to  remove  as  far  as  possible,  the  idea  of  oomaerolalism. 

To  me  the  idea  Beems  a  good  one,  and  for 
communication  with  any  department  of  the  Navy,  suggestions  and 
statements  will  receive  more  consideration  if  they  proceed  from 
a  soientifio  laboratory  rather  than  from  tho  offices  cf  a  commercial 
organization  having  something  to  sell. 

In  this  connection  it  should  be  observed  that 
if  I  am  to  produce  the  best  and  most  results  for  the  Storage  Battery 
Company  in  outside  expert  matters,  it  will  be  neoessary  for  the 
rdlation  of  professional  advisor  and  olient  to  be  strictly  maintained. 
If  the  general  publio  should  oome  to  view  me  as  merely  an  employee 
of  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Oo;,suoh  influence  as  I  may  now 
possess  as  an  independent  Consulting  Engineer,  would  disappear,  and 
the  value  of  ny  services  as  an  expert  in  the  oourt,  or  in  negotiations 
with  the  Navy  Department  would  be  praotioally  nullified.  Undoubtedly 
this  is  obvious  to  you  without  my  drawing  your  attention  to  it,  but 
since  the  question  of  the  use  of  Laboratory  stationery  has  arisen,  I 
am  taking  this  opportunity  to  mention  this  subject  as  one  of  the 
odLateral  reasons  which  induoed  ny  first  request  for  it.  Personally, 
it  makes  no  difference  to  me  whether  or  not  it  is  desired  that  I 
confine  my  communications  to  the  limitations  of  the  Storage  Battery 
Company.  My  suggestions  are  simpler  for  what  I  oonslder  to  be  the 
most  efficient  means  of  using  ny  services  in  behalf  of  the  Company. 


- - - 1 _ ; _ hu<.c.  fn  t  (c,/‘ j 

— &/1  _  .  .  '  / 

— - - - — •^ka-jv(u.(-r  Co _ 

— — - _ t^^JheuCCa  hi/. 

jxW  g aj 

- - (jn±/e±vk — if^c m, — 

— — ^ — -^j — P^ue  Tclc,^, 

~ — h}cy±£ — /xcluLc^jl — 

- —^x~ . __. J_ 



July  23rtt,  19X7. 

Mr.  H.  A.  Bachman: 

Several  months  ago  the;  loading  weight  was 
raised  from  .003B  -  .0042  to  .0040  -".‘0045  tipon  the  recommenda¬ 
tion  of  H.  H.  Smith.  The  average  loading  weight"  sincerthe  first 
of  May  has  Been  .0041.  To  meet  the  new  standard  the ‘average 
should  he  .0042  as  against  the  old  standard  of  .0040. :  It  is 
evident  that  the  average  has  not  been  raised  as  far  as  it  should 
he.  Hot  only  has  the  average  failed  to  meet  the  new  require¬ 
ments,  but  on  19  days  out  of  58,  or  practically  one  third  of  the 
time  we  have  had  loading  weigits  between  .0038  and  .0040  which 
was  considered  good  practioe  only  a  few  months  ago. 

In  order  to  eliminate  the  readings  under  .0040 
and  bring  the  average  still  higier  the  standard  plating  weight 
should  be  changed.  The  standard  weight  for  125  layers  is  17 
pounds ,  8  ounces  for  a  loading  weight  of  .0040.  In  order  tto 
bring  the  average  up  to  .0042  the  increased  weight  required  can 
be  calculated  by  proportion.  This  figures  out  to  be  18  pounds, 

4  ounces.  Since  Mr.  Foppa  has  requested  me  to  get  your  approval 
before  he  will  make  this  change,  will  you  kindly  authorize  Mr. 
Poppa  to  change  the  standard  plating  weight  from  17  pounds  8 
ounces  to  18  pounds  4  ounces? 



CC  -  Messrs.  Monahan,  Weed  and  Foppa. 

July  24  th,  191? 

Ur.  D.  H.  Pederson* 

Baplying  to  your  moiaorsBdaa  of  too  23rd  coiling  attention  to  too 
loading  weights  and  veearamdlng  bringing  tho  uvaraga  standard  plating  tralghta 
for  125  lay  ora,  17  lbe.  8  o*.  for  loading  welghto  to  18  lbs.  *  oa. 

There  Is  a  standing  wHaorandua  in  too  factory  that  no  ohangou 
dara  bo  mado  In  nay  aenutootvirlus  unless  first  approved  by  oithur  1.  i.  sdlsoji 
or  uoraolf.  I  no  vary  glad  Indaod  toat  no  dumgoo  havo  boon  without  ns 
authority.  Thlo  would  Da  sarloua,  and  wish  toareforo,  Ur.  podoraon,  you  would 
aako  no  oh&agos  la  plating  or  spy  other  manafoo  taring  changes  from  too  standards 
given  unloss  tony  have  either  too  approval  of  *a*.  Sdlscn  or  syaelf. 

It  Is  quit  a  evident  that  you r  loading  weight  la  entirely  duo  to  toe 
hydrate  and  not  to  toe  fiata.  If  yonr  flato  la  oonetaatj  that  la,  tha  pbyoleal 
quality  of  too  flake  Is  constant,  toon  I  cnu  sea  no  raison  why  chaagon  should 
be  mado  in  too  weight  of  aaaa.  Heavier  fiasco  Is  of  no  braaflt  to  tho  toboo. 
toat  no  require  is  jnoro  luyoru  in  tha  tubes,  not  haavior  flalto.  to  order  to 
got  r»ro  layora  It  la  neoaee&jy  to  bring  too  hydrate  to  our  former  standard  or 
get  toe  flata  more  curly.  If  same  le  not  aa  It  sas  in  former  days  when  toe 
loading  weights  were  higher  than  at  present.  This  Is  soaethlsg  that  should  be 
Investigated,  as  it  Is  imperative  so  must  get  more  fleto  in  the  tehee  -  there 
Is  no  question  about  tote. 

CO  HBSalth 




1  .  . * 



Iha  Reservo  sot  up  during  the  year  for  Government  Inooma  lax,  was 
in  excess  of  the  aotual  ohargos  by  the  above  amount.  This  amount 
ia  aooounted  for  as  followoi 

( o  September 
Oat  obor 
t“l  February 

Less :  ChargQB 

January  1916  '  3604.04 

n  February  »  - SS13^22. 

§  9692.65 

ACOp.USBJCTJL'FlOtp  TAX  $  VB2t60 

Ihis  amount  was  set  up  during  the  year  to  provide  for  a  tax  on 
munitions.  As  no  aotual  charges  were  made  to  the  aooount  the 
entire  amount  is  not  deductible . 

MOfiUKD  OAPI^AL  9TO0K;  TAX  $  1200.00 

®Uk  amount  was  set  up  under  date  of  Feb.  28,  1917  to  aooruo 
the  tax  on  the  Oapital  Stoolc  for  the  year .  We  find  a  vouoher  was 
put  through  in  February  for  $785.60  in  favor  of  Chae.  P.  Puffy, 

Colleotor  of  Taxes  and  oharged  to  the  above-mentioned  aooount, 
the  aotual  payment  however  was  not  made  until  April  1917, 

ASSBm33JEXqE33:aOFlT  TAX  $  1137.66 

Shis  amount  was  set  up  under  dot  e  of  2/20/17  to  oover  taxes  on 
excess  profits  for  the  month  of  January  &  February  1917.  Ho 
oharges  wero  made  to  the  aooount  during  tho  year,  therefore  the 
amount  is  not  doduotible. 

BBSKTO,  FOR  S10W  MOVING  &  OBSOLETE  STOP*  $  60000.00 

The  above  amount  was  set  up  under  date  of  February  28,  1917  to  oover 
losses  on  material  and  supplies  to  be  determined  obsolete  or  of 
no  value .  As  no  aotual  oharges  for  such  losses  were  made  during 
the  period,  the  full  amount  beoomos  an  item  not  deduotiblo  in  the 
report . 



Mr.  Thomas  A.  Edison.  Pres., 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Co. 

«  x  v  ^eTifTi?G  tha  paat  tw0lve  months •  business  of  the  Battery  Company  it 
is  to  be  noted  that  our  sales  in  A4  equivalents  per  day  show  a  marked  increase 
over  the  previous  twelve  months  reported  to  you  a  year  ago  today. 

.  Jh0  beginning  of  our  fiscal  year,  March  1st,  1917,  the  Selling 
this  Company  undertook  to  sell  an  average  of  1B00  A4  equivalent!  per 
day,  and  while  the saleshave  not  averaged  this  amount  to  date,  we  have  every  reason 
to  believe  before  the  close  of  that  fiscal  year  we  will  have  sold  at  least  450,000 
A4  equivalents,  and  have  realized  our  expectations*  9 

.  .  Since  report  to  you  a  year  ago  we  have  departmentalized  our  Selling 
4 r  *  plaolpE  saoh  Department  in  the  hands  of  a  man  experienced  in  that  partiorilar 
tove+w  ^Wisdiotion,  and  it  is  hoped  that  by  this  specialization^ 

together  with  additional  salesmen  which  we  will  add  from  time  to  time,  that  we  can 
be  assured  of  a  gradually  increasing  business  from  year  to  year, 

..  .  The  Jals  of  our  Produot  £or  use  'in  Industrial  trucks  and  traotors  is  todav 

the  greater  part  of  our  business  and  this  is  due  to  the  requirements  of  this  7 

apparatus  by  the  Industrial  Manufacturers  of  the  oountry  together  with  Government 
requirements  for  use  Abroad.  It  is  interesting  to  note  that  the  two  largest  manu- 
iwfvnT8  flf+!hlp1ty??  °p  vfhiode»  namely>  tlle  Automatic  Transportation  Company  of 
B/ff1iind  th6  fJ*8?1  "ParkGr  GomPanJr  of  Cleveland,  who  will  during  this  calendar- 
I  S  respectively  approximately  2500  and  1800  trucks,  are  selling  not  less  thin 
95J.  of  their  output  equipped  with  our  product,  We  have  also  been  enabled  during  the 
past  year  to  win  to  our  ways  of  thinking  other  manufacturers  who  are  selling  not 
d0BB  o!Sn  7S^  0f  thoir  0,luiPnQnt  with  our  product,  and  it  is  estimated  that  not  less 

^TeSnDLawith1Ed?ldU8W?1  ?rU°kS  and  traotorB  Bold  throughout  the  United  States 
are  equipped  with  Edison  Batteries. 

..  The  Commercial  Street  Truok  business  has  not  been  particularly  aotive  during 

i^Lt?™  ^0af  owinf  t0  tk®  faot  that  the  manufacturers  in  some  instant  have  been  S 
imotive  in  the  sale  of  their  product  and  seem  to  be  content  with  manufacturing  a 
limited  number  of  truoks  per  year  when  it  would  seem  that  by  inoreased  sales  and 
manufacturing  effort  they  could  easily  double  their  out-put.  ffe  have  however  main- 
rT  Tra+6Vn  ,thiB  r03paot  and  have  B0ld  ™  product  for  at  least  6c/of  all 
oonmeroial  street  truoks  manufactured.  We  are  enoouraging  inoreased  aotivity  on  their 
KtoSI™  ^  campaigns  and  hope  that  due  to  the  opportunity  which  seems  to 

p  consumption  of  gasoline  trucks  by  the  Government nthat  the 

Commercial  Street  Truok  Manufacturers  will  avail  themselves  of  the  opportunity  which 
has  not  been  presented  to  them  before  for  many  years,  7 

i  if0  a  Uttle  «8r  a  year  ago  the  rental  of  one  type  of  our  battery 

irr  connection  with  a  Commercial  Street  *ruok  in  the  effort  to  place  more  trucks  on 

aad  **  Bayins  that  thiB  ^Pcriment  has  prpven  without 

question  of  a  doubt  that  this  method  of  exploitation  of  the  Commeroial  Street  *ruok 
has  produced  marked  results.  It  has  encouraged  at  least  one  manufacturer  through  whoa 
^p^ity!  °Ur  Pr°dUOt  t0  undertake  to  a  line  of  truoks  from  1,000  lb!?o  6 toL 

,  ,  _  16  da  with  a  great  deal  oS  pleasure  that  I  wish  to  inform  you  that  the 

Amerioan  Express  Co.,. who  until  last  year  had  not  purohased  any  of  our  product  are 
fast  realizing  that  Edison  Batteries  are  best  for  their  servioe  and  are^lowlv  but 
BUr01?;  jpving  us  the  majority  of  their  business;  and  it  is  expected  that  during  the  next 
bS  ablV°  r0Pla°0  a  great  many  of  the  lead  tatteriea  with  Ediw^ 
Which  they  are  now  using  in  approximately  600  truoks. 

m.  RBn_oa(,  aisineas  —  particularly  that  in  tha  car  lighting  equipment-—  has 

to  » tras  rariss  ;r2 

™L+  of^TsZal  installations  by  the  Railroad  0  mpanies  throughout  the  country. 

Zy  ^eZly  ^ohaZg  that  which  is  aotuaUy  required  to  maintain  their  present 

We  have  in  service  on  the  Interborough  Rapid  Transit  Company  sonie  30,000  B1H  cells, 

So  the^multiple^^i^control'^auxili^y'li^ting^and'torker  li^  ^heje  threads 

the  Edison  Battery  is  standard  and  for  the  past  year  they  have  bought  nothing  bu 

Our  Bouse  Lighting  Department  have  shown  a  marked  inoreaso  over  last  year  and 
with  one  or  two  manufacturers  -  competitors  of  the  Deloo  System  -  e^^voring  t° 
build  up  their  Organization  I.  feel  quite  sure  that  the  corning  year  will  show  a 

marked  increased' aotivity  in  this  Field. 

Our  Mine  Locomotive  business  is  particularly  gratifying  when  it  is  noted  that 
+o  last  vear  we  had  not  sold  altogether  200  equipments  as  oompared  with  at  l0ast  . 
%£  of  whlchZve  been  sold  to  date—  but  all  of  which  we  will  sell  before  the 

expiration  of  our  fisoal  year. 

Our  Specialties  Department  shows  an  increased  activity jmd  it  is  expeotedthat 
this  Department  will  greatly  increase  its  sales  through  the  balanoe  of  this  year  and 
during  our  next  fisoal  year. 

Beginning  with  March  1st,  1918  the  Belling  Division  is  going  to '  undertake 
to  sell  during  that  fisoal  year  not  less  than  600,000  A4  equivalents. 

It  is  regrettable  to  note,  however,  that  our  net  not  increasing  as 
rapidly  as  it  fhould  with  the  increased  volume  of  business,  but  this  is  due  as  youwell 
know  to  the  greatly  increased  cost  of  raw  material  and  labor  in  manufacturing,  as  well  ai 
the  neoessary.  increases  in  selling  expense  due  to  increase  of  salaries. 

I  feel  very  optimistic,  however,  over  the  ooming  year  and  feel  that  our  ex¬ 
pectations  in  our  sales  will  be  realized  unless  the.  general  business  of  the  country 
falls  off  very  considerably, 

We  are  perfecting  our  organization  and  adding  salesmen  from.tima  to  time  as 
conditions  warrant  and  I  have  every  reason  to  belisre  that  our  ^ 

show  the  increase  whioh  the  Selling  Division  obligates  itself  to  dispose  of.  . 

Respectfully  submitted, 

To  the  Stockholders  of  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.. 
Mr.  Thomas  A.  Edison,  President, 

Orange,  New  Jersey, 


November  6th,  1917. 

I  herewith  bog  to  submit  my  report  on  general  oonditions. 
made  up  as^oUwsf  ****  ™  asaemtlod  347»801  (*-4  Equivalents) 


A-3  226 
A-4  31026 
A4H  12916 
A-6  3226 
A6H  470 
A-6  64471 
A6H  7349 
A-8  24770 
A8H  9026 
A10  4554 
A10H  376 
A12  7676 
A12H  641 

B1H  26171 
B-2  13854 
B2H  8664 
B-4  23069 
B4H  32960 
B-5  3 
B-6  9114 
B6H  6238 
G-4  20144 
G-6  836 
G-6  3842 
0-7  1936 
G-9  9127 
011  6663 

G11H  480 
014  1362 
J-S  318 
J-4  600 
J-8  160 
J"6  172 
J-7  36 
M-8  66694 
M20  6629 
M2 0-3  2363 
M20-12  160 
M2 0-13  200 
06X  220 
W-l  17270 

The  monthly  assembly  and  shipments  in  A-4  equivalents  since 
November  1st, 1916,  have  been  as  follows! 


November, 1916 
January, 1916. 










January, 1917 



























































'  Oar.  produotion  aohedule  at  the  present  time  ia  0,000  oella  ner  week  and  w« 
have  sufficient  orders  ahead  (Approximately  100,000  cells,  A-4  Equivalent)  to  warrant 
our  keeping  production  up  to  at  leaat  thie  point  for  months  to  co^which  JmE?? 

Jot^mterlal  ond  labor  have  increased  during  the  past  year.  The  payroll  per 


£*  “f  1,W  “*  «■»  prl»*  <*  «u  »  .  Ftw-  .SltSgJg  a<ga»r 


November  15th.  The  fKdation.  for  a^e  are  odpfif  *  8hlpP°d  •**"**"* 

and  other is  on  %5f°0t  ?  1oTo  8BrTlo°  °°st  for  tho  Edison  Stora5°  Battery  Company 
and  other  Edison  Interests  at  Orange,  it  was  decided  to  take  over  the  entire 
Service  Department,  for  the  Edison  Affiliated  Interests  at  Orange,  mttinr  sa^undnr 
one  management,  thus  effecting  a  materially  leer  cartage  cost  Tor  ffi  S^erad?  ' 

0ranBet£^dSSilverdL°idSd  °7°r  th0  Powor  5eP7i°e  f?r  Edison  Interests  at 

r*,  f7*  generator,  Whioh  generator  was  reoeived  the  latter  part  of  October 

rates  however  have  been  materially  reduoad  due  to  the  eliSon  l  fire  SlL. 

l?nndone  inE  Mar°h  lst»  1916  ^ing  $2.25  per  Slop, 00  and  March  1st.  1917  $1  rk 
a^nnr^r'ihiil0!  ^la  *®7°  BldG  ■•wrallSrttor  lipravements  whiohST^T' 

In  noting  the  finanoial  statement  for  1 
items  should  be  token  into  consideration! 

b  six  months. 

PROFITS  SIX  MOUTHS  August  31,1917. 
1st  quarter 

ftrofits  as  shown  on  books 
&jss:  Adjustments  made  in 
2nd  quarter  applicable  to  first 

2nd  quarter 

Profits  as  shown  on  books 
Plus  Adjustments  made  in 
2nd  quartor  applicable  to  first 


bre,  991,20 

$  38,908,60 

$  56,909,60 


Percent  of  profit  to  capital  invested  6^5  per  year. 

The  following  items  tend  to  materially  lessen  the  profits  for  this  period- 

$  22,000,00 

r  preoeeding  6  months 


Inorease  c 

Inorease  over  preoeeding  6  months 
above  figures  oovor  interest,  depre¬ 
ciation,  maintenance,  taxes,  insurance 

Interest  aoorued  on  bonds  Valued  at  $2,000,000.00 
instead  of  $600,000,00  -  the  value  of  the  old  issue 
Increased  in  interest  paid  for  six  months 


Inorease  in  normal  income  tax  rate  from  Tlf,  to 
Excess  profits  tax  to  2C#  ' 

Inorease  in  insurance  schedules  from 
$866,000.00  to  approximately  $2,500,000.00 
Inorease  in  premiums  for  6  months 

AMD  Blsoounts  on  Bank  Loans. 

espeot fully  submitted. 




Vice  President  and 
General  Manager. 


February  8,  I9I8, 

Dear  Mr.  Edison: 

In  forwarding  to  you  our  regular  quarterly  advioe 
of  this  Company's  financial  condition,  I  take  pleasure  in  oondens- 
ing  for  your  ready  referenoe  the  following  facts: 

!•  That  the  Hot  Worth  of  this  business  -  after  de¬ 
ducting  the  book  valuation  of  Patents  -  is  nearly  $4,000., 000. 

2.  That  our  Current  and  Working  Assets  are  as  con¬ 
servatively  stated  as  it  is  possible  so  to  do  without  misstating 
the  faots. 

3.  That  our  Liabilities  are  as  fully  stated  as 
possible,  even  to  the  extent  of  inoluding  all  merchandise  in 
transit  to  us  and  suoh  items  as  Aoorued  Exoess  Profits  Toxob  not 
due  and  payable  until  next  June. 

4.  That  the  ratio  of  our  Current  Assets  to  Current 
Liabilities  is  2.3  to  1. 

5.  That  the  valuation  of  our  Plant  is  less  than  ac¬ 
tual,  for  the  reason  that  - 

(a)  The  Land  values  as  shown  have  increased 
over  and  above  the  original  purohase  cost. of  Bame 
shown  herewith. 

(b)  All  Buildings  not  of  very  reoent  con¬ 
struction  have  reoently  boon  appraised  and  the  val¬ 
uation  determined  to  be  less  than  the  ooBt  of  re¬ 
producing  same,  even  before  the  present  era  of  high 
building  oosts. 

(o)  Similarly,  all  Equipment  not  of  reoent 
■installation  has  likewise  been  appraised,  and  the 
value  of  our  Equipment  proved  to  be  conservative  as 
oompared  with  the  oost  of  same  before  the  present 
era  of  high  prioes. 





Improvements  to  Plant  and  Reduction  in  Fire  Insurance  Rates. 
Attention  Mr.  Arthur  Mudd,  Seoy. 

FEBRUARY  28TH,  1918. 

Following  our  luspeotlons  of  January  29th  to  February  2nd,  in¬ 
clusive,  and  various  oonferenoes  on  this  matter  with  rating  au¬ 
thorities,  insurance  oompanies,  eto.,  I  submit  this  report,  re¬ 
questing  that  it  be  treated  with  extreme  confidence,  for,  until 
aooepted  by  you  {and  then  in  different  form)  it  Is  not  to  be 
presented  to  the  Fire  Insurance  Companies  or  rating  authorities, 

I  have  completely  abandoned  any  attempt,  in  laying  out  these 
requirements,  to  meet  the  makeup  of  the  present  schedule,  and 
am  proceeding  entirely  on  the  theory  of  reduoing  the  possibil¬ 
ity  of  fire  loss  to  the  lowest  praotioal  minimum  and  then  con¬ 
vincing  the  oompanies  that  they  have  to  find  a  way  to  adjust 
the  insurance  rates  to  the  actual  hazard  rather  than  the  theo- 
retioal  hazard,  as  would  be  worked  out  In  the  sohedule. 

It  is  realized  that  we  are  proposing  to  transgress  all  the  laws 
of  the  Hedes  and  Persians  in  Hew  Jersey,  and  for  this  reason 
we  are  not  orying  our  plans  from  the  housetops  but  have  confi¬ 
dence  in  our  belief  that  the  thing  oan  be  done.  But,  no  in¬ 
timation  of  our  plans  or  methods  should  be  given  to  insurance 
inspectors,  rating  authorities  or  others,  for  I  must  handle 
this  matter  personally. 

She  writer  did  not  see  any  details  of  the  plans  submitted  by 
your  former  agents  for  the  obtaining  of  a  .42  rate,  but  from 

our  study  of  the  schedule  we  are  very  sure  that  the  oost  Of  suoh 
plans  and  the  inoonvenienoe  to  you  of  the  Installation  they 
would  require  would  render  them  entirely  impracticable.  I  have 
tried  to  suggest  improvements  whioh  will  he  found  praotioal  from 
an  operative  standpoint,  and  trust  that  you  will  promptly  aooept 
my  requirements  in  their  entirety,  in  exohange  for  the  rates  that 
I  propose  to  ask  for,  whioh  ares- 

Blanketed  buildings  and  oontents,  90$  oo- insurance, 
ooverlng  the  entire  group  of  concrete  buildings,  .  .25 

Blanketed  entire  group  of  buildings,  inoluding  Box 
Shop,  the  contents  of  the  same,  lumber  and  coal, 

90$  oo- insurance .  .264 

Blanketed  all  oontents  of  all  buildings,  materials 
in  yards,  lumber  and  ooal,  and  all  buildings  except 
those  of  oonorete  construction,  90$  oo-insuranoe  .  .313 

Ifote:-  Above  rates  do  not  include  any  flat  increas¬ 
es  for  war  conditions. 

The  oost  of  the  suggested  improvements  will  be  found  moderate. 

The  sprinklers  will  oost  about  $10,000.  I  will  attempt  no  es¬ 
timates  of  the  oosts  for  metal  boxes,  metal  shelving,  metal  fur¬ 
niture,  metal  partitions,  eto.,  but  they  would  not  seem  exces¬ 
sive  and  the  improvements  will  be  found  to  have  a  utility  of 
their  own,  so  that  but  part  of  their  oost  Bhould  be  oharged  to 
fire  insurance  protection  and  against  savings  in  insurance 

I  have  required  vary  few  fire  walls.  There  is  no  sense  in  put¬ 
ting  through  five  oomplete  firo  walls,  from  the  first  floor  to 
the  seventh,  whioh  would  be  necessary  to  remove  the  oharge  from 

the  present  schedule,  provided  the  contents  of  the  build¬ 
ings  are  arranged  in  such  manner  as  to  prevent  the  spread 
of  fire.  As  long  as  we  have  abandoned  the  principle  of 
ten  thousand  foot  areas,  I  see  no  reason  in  reoommending 
fire  walls  vhere  they  are  not  needed. 

Che  plans  suggested  will  call  for  a  pretty  thorough  house- 
oleaning,  whioh  will  be  found  a  good  thing  from  an  opera¬ 
ting  standpoint,  and  the  low  rates  suggested  will  warrant 
the  companies  in  demanding  the  oontinuanoe  of  rigid  clean¬ 
liness  and  order.  This  I  assume. 

The  difference  in  oost  ($640)  between  Insurance,  blanketed 
over  the  whole  property,  and  insuranoe  excluding  oonoreto 
buildings  at  the  rates  suggested,  is  so  very  small  as  to 
be  negligible.  As  any  fire  will  produce  more  or  less  dam¬ 
age  to  fireproof  buildings  and  entail  repairs,  cleaning  up, 
whitewashing,  eto.,  I  reoommend  the  inclusion  of  them  in 
the  insuranoe.  Further,  the  effect  of  this  inclusion  will 
be  extremely  good  on  the  minds  of  the  insuranoe  oompsnies 
and  will  maJce  my  proposition  easier  to  put  through. 

It  is  my  opinion  that  you  should  be  well  satisfied  with  an 
annual  insuranoe  oost  of  $10,065.50  against  the  present  oost 
of  thirty  to  forty  thousand  dollars,  and  that  the  adoption  of 
these  improvements  and  plans  will  return  a  very  large  interest 

on  your  investment. 

Bound  into  this  report  are  an  insurance  plan  of  the  property 
and  plates  showing  the  floors  and  oooupanoy  in  detail. 

Requirements  for  improvements  and  details  of  metal  shelving 
oonstruotion  you  might  manufacture  quite  economically. 

Respectfully  submitted, 


for  the 

VEST  ORAHjE,  H.  J. 

Attention  Mr.  Arthur  Mudd,  Seoretary. 

All  wooden  partitions,  not  extending  to  the  oeiling,  to  he 
replaced  hy  partitions  of  non-oombustlhle  material;  heavy 
wire  netting  on  iron  posts  wherever  feasible.  All  neoes- 
sary  wooden  partitions,  extending  to  oeiling,  such  as  en¬ 
closures  around  v/ar  Goods  Offioe,  to  be  covered  on  both 
sides  with  sheet  metal.  Suspended  platform  in  Cell  Testing 
Boom,  1st  3tory  #130  and  Deck  in  2nd  story,  #137  to  have  all 
exposed  surface  covered  with  sheet  metal. 

All  vertical  spaoes  between  stairway  and  elevator  enclosures 
and  windows  to  be  tightly  stopped  with  cement  plaster  of  a 
thickness  equivalent  to  the  enclosures. 

12"  briok  fire  walls  to  be  erected  in  the  following  loca¬ 
tions  s- 

lst  story: 

a.  Between  Wooden  Box  Japanning  Room  and  the  Carpen¬ 
ter  Shop,  #134. 

b.  Between  Packing  Room  and  Driveway,  #130. 

2nd  story: 

o.  Around  Ketal  Cell  Box  Japanning  process  #130. 

d.  In  #130,  separating  off  phonograph  storage. 

Note:  Reverse  motion  picture  machine  storage 
in  the  north  wing  of  #130  with  phonograph  storage 
in  the  south  wing  of  #130  in  suoh  a  manner  that 
a  briok  wall,  as  shown  on  4th  story  plan,  will 
comply  with  the  above  requirement. 

-5th  story; 

e.  In  #130,  to  separate  off  phonograph  storage. 

Eleotrio  light  and  power  equipment  to  be  thoroughly  examined, 
properly  insulated  and  fused;  all  switohes  and  fuses  to  be  en¬ 
closed  in  self-closing  metal  cabinets;  rheostats  or  other  heat- 
producing  equipment  mounted  on  slaite  slabs  Where  in  the  vicin¬ 
ity  of  oombustible  material. 

Automatic  sprinklers,  wet  pipe  system,  to  be  placed  throughout 
the  following  locations:- 


1).  Gasoline  Automobile  Garage, 
o.  Soil  Japanning  Boom. 

d.  Japanning  Boom  adjacent  to  #134. 

3nA  story: 

e.  In  Automatic  So  raw  Machine  Boom. 

f .  Metal  Cell  Box  Japanning  Boom. 

3rd  story: 

g.  Sen  sprinklers  spaced  around  wooden  rack  in  #135. 
4th  story; 

h.  In  Phonograph  Storage  Boom. 

i.  Pooket  Press  Boom. 

5th  story; 

J.  Phonograph  Storage  Boom. 

k.  Entire  floor  of  #137. 

6th  Storys 

l.  Entire  floor  of  #137. 

7th  storvi 

m.  Pattern  Storage  Boom,  #130. 

Looation  and  arrangement  of  sprinklers,  feed  mains,  risers,  valves 
and  fittings,  also  spaolng  of  sprinklers,  size  of  pipes  and  all  mat¬ 
ters  pertaining  to  the  sprinkler  system  to  be  installed  in  a  manner 
satisfactory  to  the  rating  authorities. 

6.  Supplies.  Two  supplies  of  water  to  be  provided  as  follows:- 

a.  Oonneotion  to  be  made  with  Public  Waterworks'  main 
in  Valley  Road,  to  be  made  through  not  less  than  a 
6"  pipe. 

b.  Connection  to  be  made  with  lO.'VpIpe  w^B^Cnupply^ 
from  pump  to  yard  system  on  the  supply  side  of 
the  6"  meter  between  #130  and  #137. 

7.  Gate  valves  controlling  water  supplies  to  Bprlhklers  to  be  fastened 
open  by  leather  strap  with  ends  riveted  or  padlooked,  common  keys 
being  used  and  kept  by  responsible  parties. 

6.  All  and  40  gallon  ohemloal  extinguishers  to  be  re-charged  at 


least  once  a  year  and  tagged  and  dated  at  time  of  re-oharg- 

9.  Private  hydrants  to  have  outside  gate  valves  for  each  outlet, 
and  to  have  houses  constructed  in  acoordanoe  with  requirements 
of  the  National  Board  of  Fire  Underwriters  (descriptive  pam¬ 
phlet  with  outs  enclosed) .  Eaoh  house  to  contain  100  feet 
of  2-5/8''  cotton  rubber-lined  hose,  two  Underwriters'  play 
pipes  having  l-l/a"  smooth  nozzles*  one  hydrant  wrench,  6  span¬ 
ner  wrenches,  one  axe,  one  crowbar,  one  lantern  and  6  spare 

10.  Underground  piping  to  be  cast-iron,  tar  coated  and  capable  of 
withstanding  a  static  pressure  of  200  pounds. 

11.  Plans  showing  inside  and  outside  system  of  piping,  also  all 
valves,  eto.,  to  be  submitted  to  the  rating  authorities  for 
approval  before  work  is  begun. 

12.  Ueoessary  approved  safety  waste  cans,  with  self-olosing  cov¬ 
ers,  to  be  provided  in  Printing  Boom,  6th  story,  #130  and  in 
Mimeograph  Printing  Boom,  6th  story  #137. 

13.  All  gasoline  or  naphtha  used  for  cleanly  type  or  similar 
processes,  to  be  kept  and  used  from  private  safety  cans  in¬ 
stead  of  from  glass  bottles  or  open  containers. 

14.  A  systematic  inspection  of  all  fire  appliances  and  other  mat¬ 

ters  pertaining  to  the  fire  risk  should  be  made  at  least  week¬ 
ly  by  some  reliable  and  responsible  par.ty.  A  detailed  writ¬ 
ten  report  to  be  made,  reports  being  dated  and  filed  ^or'tffC”na1,0'''  b,t 
suranoe  Inagntieag.  A 

This  inspection  should  preferably  be  made  by  members  of  the 
private  Fire  Brigade,  in  rotation,  in  order  that  eaoh  mem¬ 
ber  may  become  well  acquainted  with  the  looation  and  the 
purpose  for  whloh  eaoh  appllanoe  has  been  provided. 

15.  The  benzine  washing  hazard,  oarried  on  in  #131,  to  be  dis¬ 
continued,  or  removed  a  sufficient  distance  from  the  prem¬ 
ises  as  not  to  carry  an  exposure  oharge. 

Bote:  This  might  properly  be  installed  on  the  roof  of 
south  wing,  #13P. 

16.  All  wooden  boxes  for  storage  of  parts  or  supplies  to  be  re¬ 
placed  by  metal  receptacles  or  by  fibre  reoeptacles  where 
metal  ones  are  impracticable. 

17.  All  wooden  stools  and  furniture  to  be  discontinued  and  re¬ 
placed  by  metal. 

18.  All  wooden  shelving  or  racks  in  places  not  provided  with 
sprinkler  protection  to  he  torn  down  end  replaced  with 
steel  or  have  the  surfaces  entirely  metal- cl ad. 

19.  Oil  oooled  transformers  in  Power  Eoom,  1st  story  #130,  to 

he  piped  to  a  safe  distance  outside.  Remote  oontrol  valves 
to  he  arranged  in  such  a  manner  that  they  can.  be  operated 
from  outside  of  room  without  danger  to  the  operator  from 
overheated  or  burning  oil. 

20.  A  substantial  curbing  6"  high,  to  be  built  around  trans¬ 
former  stands  and  the  basin  thereby  created,  drained  with 
a  6"  pipe  to  sewer  connection  or  elsewhere. 

21.  Excelsior  in  Paoking  Room,  when  not  in  use,  to  be  kept 
in  a  metal-lined  bin  with  automatic  self-closing  cover. 

22.  Eleotrio  wiring  in  Cell  Japanning  Room,  1st  story,  #130 
and  in  Pooket  Press  Room,  4th  story  #130,  to  be  installed 
in  metal  oonduit  with  bulbs  enclosed  in  vapor-proof,  guard¬ 
ed  globes,  with  all  awitohes  or  sparking  appliances  outside 
of  room.  All  other  spark- producing  electrical  equipment 
to  be  removed  from  rooms. 

23.  Operators  in  Cell  Parts  Annealing  Room,  1st  story  #135  to 
be  familiar  with  the  looation  of  shut-off  valves  in  oil 
supply  to  furnaces  in  order  that  these  may  be  expeditiously 
olosed  in  oase  of  failure  of  the  air  supply  to  prevent  flood¬ 
ing  of  burners. 

24.  All  miscellaneous  storage,  especially  that  contained  in 
wooden  reoeptaoles,  suoh  as  that  now  located  in  the  4th 
story  of  #130  opposite  the  Pooket  Press  Room,  to  be  removed 
to  the  6th  story  of  #137,  which  should  be  the  depository 

of  such  material,  for  which  reason  we  propose  equipping 
this  room  with  automatic  sprinklers. 

25.  Pltoh  melting  to  be  removed  from  #132  to  an  espeoially 
constructed  fireproof  annex  adjaoent. 

26.  Caloium  oarbide  in  exoess  of  600  pounds  or  preferably  in 
excess  of  one  day's  supply,  to  be  stored  in  the  proposed 
fireproof  annex  to  #132  and  separated  from  the  pitch  melt¬ 
ing  process  by  an  unpieroed  12"  briok  wall. 

27.  Ripening  left  through  all  floors  in  south  wing  of  #13*  for 
future  elevator,  to  be  shut  off  by  reinforced  concrete  slab 
covers  of  thickness  equivalent  to  the  flooring)  present 
wood  planking  to  be  eliminated. 

Respectfully  submitted, 

'M.  cLu 

Engineer. . 




Orange,  N.J..U.S.  A. 



Mar oh  2,  1918. 

(Jlpar  Mr.  Edisons- 

At  the  Exeoutive  Committee  Meeting  of  the  Edison 
Storage  Battery  Company,  held  Thursday,  February  28,  Mr. 
Baohman  told  us  the  Government  intended  to  take  over  the 
faotory,  diverting  the  entire  output  to  the  Signal  Corp.  In 
this  event,  we  will  not  be  allowed  any  oost  for  advertising 
or  selling  expense.  Thus,  we  will  be  faced  with  the  alter¬ 
native  of  either  keeping  up  a  non-produotive  saleB  organiz¬ 
ation  during  the  war  or  building  up  a  new  one  at  its  olose. 

In  oonneotion  with  inoreasing  the  sohedule  of 
produotion  at  the  Chemical  Works  from  2000  to  4000  A-4-Equiv- 
alent  oells  a  day,  Mr.  Miller  is  ordering  a  new  dryer  from 
the  Philadelphia  Textile  Machinery  Company  whioh  haB  a  daily 
oapaoity  of  1000  A-4-Equivalents  and  will  effeot  a  consider¬ 
able  time  saving  in  drying  Iron  Mix.  In  the  event  it  doeB 
not  effeot  a  time  saving  Buffioient  to  offset  the  necessity 
of  sorapping  the  old  driers,  we  are  incurring  only  shipping 
and  installation  expenses.  In  the  event  this  dryer  does 
prove  satisfactory,  I  have  instructed  Mr.  Miller  to  nego- 
■  tiate  for  the  same  price  on  three  additional  drierB,  as  I 
understand  the  price  on  this  equipment  is  to  be  advanoed. 

I  am  sending  Charles  a  oopy  of  an  advertisement 
whioh  appeared  in  "Professional  Memoirs"  authorized  by 
M.  R.  Hutohison,  Incorporated,  without  our  knowledge.  IhiB 
has  oaused  considerable  unfavorable  oomment,  dealing  as  it 
does  with  the  nationality  of  Battery  Manufacturers.  Accord¬ 
ingly,  I  have  asked  Mr.  Thompson  to  notify  M.  R.  Hutchison, 
Incorporated,  that  any  advertising  they  oontemplate  in 
oonneotion  with  Edison  Storage  Batteries,  must  first  be 
approved  by  the  Exeoutive  Committee. 

Faithfully  yours. 


Maroh  19,  I9I8. 


I  am  enolosing  ten  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  notes 
in  denominations  of  $100,000  eaoh.  Three  of  these  notes  I  expeot  to 
disoount  with  the  Bankers  Trust  Company,  New  York  City,  for  a  period  of 
one  year,*  three  more  I  expeot  to  disoount  with  the  War  Credits  Board  to 
be  paid  baok  at  the  rate  of  35$  on  Signal  Corps  deliveries;  the  four 
remaining  ones  I  wish  to  have  in  reserve  hoping  that  X  may  possibly  have 
the  opportunity  to  use  same  with  the  First  National  Bank  of  New  York  or 
with  the  Continental  and  Commeroial  Bank  of  Chioago. 

Kindly  affix  your  signature  as  President  to  all  of  these 
notes.  Your  personal  endorsement  on  revorse  Side  of  notes  is  required 
as  follows: 

Please  endorse  the  three  notes  to  be  dlsoounted 
at  the  Bankers  Trust  Company. 

Please  endorse  the  five  blank  notes,  as  indioated 
by  penoil  notation. 

The  remaining  two  blank  notes  should  not  be  endorsed,  whioh  faot  I  have 
noted  on  same  in  penoil. 

I  reoeived  your  inquiry  relative  to  Storage  Battery  Iobbos 
after  the  oessation  of  government  business,  and  I  am  writing  you  at 

considerable  length  how  I  hove  been  endeavoring  to  safeguard  tho  Storage 

Battery  Company  in  this  respeot. 

Faithfully  yours. 

Mr.  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
Koy  TTeat,  Florida. 

April  9,  1918 

Ur,  Lamar  Lyndon: 

In  reference  to  your  note  regarding  a  fused  eleotrolyte 
for  reducing  Feg  66  to  Fe  0  or  to  Fe  would  say  that,  fused  caustic  soda  may 
possibly  answer  some  of  these  requirements,  but  in  view  of  the  fact  that 
pyrophoric  or  sponge  iron  can  be  so  readily  plated  into  mercury,  it  hardly 
seems  advisable  to  work  on  anything  else.  For  your  information  I  might  Bay 
that  this  process  was  subjected  to  a  partial  examination  by  mo  at  the  time 
Silver  lake  was  tying  up  the  plant  for  want  of  iron,  the  idea  being  not  so 
muoh  to  produce  a  better  iron,  but  to  do  whatever  was  possible  to  relieve  the 
situation,  by  any  process  which  could  be  investigated  conveniently  at  Orange, 
the  idea  being  to  produce  en  iron  which  would  meet  the  requiremonte  when  msdo 
from  any  iron. 

Hr,  Dobyns  has  acquainted  you  with  the  ease  of  making  iron 
by  this  process  and  also  the  control  of  the  oxidation  by  electrochemical 
moanB,  namely  making  the  mass  the  anode  in  an  alkaline  bath.  It  is  not 
olalmod  that  this  process  will  boat  the  chomical  prooess,  but  I  am  confident 
that  it  will  not  be  easy  to  find  a  bettor  means  of  making  it  elootroohemioally. 

In  reference  to  your  note  regarding  the  "Chemical  Theory  of 
the  Edison  Storage  Battory"  evidently  proposed  by  A,  M,  Kennedy  would  eay 
that  tho  equations  oheok  in  the  Benso  that  they  balance  from  a  ohemical  stand¬ 
point,  but  the  fact  that  a  oertain  equation  can  be  written  does  not  necessarily 
prove  that  this  can  be  done.  In  looking  at  the  alleged  reason  given  why  this 
equation  should  bo  more  reasonable  tho  following  may  be  noted* 

(1)  The  first  reason  is  a  quotation  from  a  book,  the  theory  advanced 
being  logical,  but  since  Ur.  Jonas  did  not.  use  the  ohemical  re¬ 
actions  of  the  Edison  Battery  to  prove  his  theory,  the  burden  of 
proof  rests  upon  anyone  who  attempts  to  use  the  theory  to  explaih 
the  Edison  Battery, 

(2)  "Hi  (CH)Z  is  green.  Hi  (0H)3  is  black.  Agreeing  with  «iat 

occurs  in  cell," 

Although  Hi  (QH)2  is  green  and  Ni  (OH).  is  black,  it  is  not  to  be 
forgotten  that  after  the  first  charge  the  active  material  is  nover 
visibly  ohanged.  If  color  ohanges  are  to  be  taken  as  a  oriterion, 
there  would  have  to  be  some  very  conclusive  proof  furnished  that 
there  is  a  color  ohange.  Fifty  percent  of  green  should  be  readily 
visible  by  oonvorting  the  black  to  a  grey, 

(S)  This  is  already  disposed  of  by  your  marginal  note,  and  in  fact  the 

author  is  evidently  not  sure  of  the  matter  as  he  Inserts  "I  beliove". 
Hr.  Kennedy  is  wrong  on  this  point, 

(4)  "Shows  that  twice  relative  weight  of  Hiokel  Hydrato  is  needed  as  of 
iron  or  iron  oxide  for  oompleto  reaotion.  Agrees  with  oell  condi¬ 
tions  If  the  term  "Agroes  with  oell  conditions"  is  intended  to 
mean  that  twice  the  weight  of  niokel  hydrate  is  aotually  put  in  the 
oell,  it  should  be  noted  that  2,6  lbs.  of  hydrate  and  2.2  lbs,  of 
iron  mix  are  put  in  an  A4  oell,  Pbrhaps  the  author  means,  not  what 
we  aotually  use,  but  what  we  should  use. 

April  9,1918 

2SS2  2st||£  g^i^^rs’ssarj  2sr 

f  y»  Jh«ory  Of  iho  Load  Aooutnulf  t  or  "  by  D0Sek  frL  vou  aLTf  * 

n°!  ln°re#*ed  external  p- ensure  will  raioe  tha  boiling  ptint  La 
the  vapour  tenoion  in  novor  determined  par  oe,  but  ia  found  w/tTl  ^  , 
boiling  point  it  follows  tlmt  increased  pressure  must  t£a  ™  KV" 


C £-<  £%  Ox^JL 

I  would  refer  you  to  Hr.  Edison’s  mono  addressed 
to  yourself  dated  April  15th,  1918,  in  reference  to  the  at¬ 
tention  given  to  the  execution  of  Edison  Accumulator b* 

^Storage  Battery  orders,  also  your  notation  thereon,  reading 
as  follows  j  v 

THr.  St  evens  -  Please  advise  no” 

A3  of  Saturday  fjay  18th  wo  had  on  hand  uncompleted 
Storage  Batteiy  orders  with  the  Edison  Storage  Bat.tery  Company 
amounting  to  $356,795,00.  This  amount  includes  unfilled  or-  - 
ders  for  acoount  of  Edison  Accumulators, limited,  as  of  same  - 
date  amounting  to  $185,207.21.  Several  of,  those  older B  have 
■  Been  standing  open  since  October  of  last  year,  and  we  are  con¬ 
stantly  receiving  letters  fran,Hr.  l-onnot,  Indicating  that  his 
, business  is  in  a  deplorable  condition  on  account  of  our  failure 
to  make  shipments/  Hr.  Monnot  has  enlisted  the  services  of 
the  British  Government  in  hie  behalf,  and  through  their  medium 
representations  have  been  made  to  the  British  Munitions  Board’s 
repesentative  in  Eew  York,  Sir  Oonnop  Guthrie,  who  is  doing  his 
utmost  to  provide  epaoe  on  suoh  vessels  as  the  Board  may  direot- 
ly  oontrol.  Only  last  week  we  were  advised  that  they  had  space 
for  4  ton  Storage  Batteries,  but  the  faotory  was  unable  to  supply 
a  single  oell.  The  Export  Division  took  over  Edison  Accumulator 
business  1'aroh  1st,  1918,  and  since  that  date,  i.e.  during 'apdrox 
2V2  months,  we  have  shipped  the  following  material  : 

772  A-4  Cells 

192  A-5  " 

96A-6  " 

60  A-8  " 

60  A-10.  " 

42  T-l-T  » 

600  #20  Cane  Electrolyte 

1  ■■  60  Fillers  ' 

miaoellaneous  parts 

Mr.  Monnot  is  particularly  desirous  of  obtaining  B-6 
Cells,  and  he  olaims  to  have  a  large  number  of  Elwell-Iferker 
trucks  ready,  for  viaich  these  cells  ore  required.  He  also  advisee 

t  /2/  Ur.  Charles  sal  son 

IS?1’0?  2f  V'“1!l'3r  ^  ^anaden  ChaoDio  for  riiioh  he 
reqalres  A-4,  A-8  and  A-10  Oollo. 

vle*  of  tJl°  larS0  number  of  orders  we  have  on 
til  ?°n  Acou™lotoi,B.  limited t  many  of  which  dating 
.6lx  Qnd4.°070n  raonthc.  we  can  quite  upprooiato  that 
iinSK  sme^  7  0xaroiBod  011  eci3onnt  of  the  delay  in 

iiu  i a  constantly  col. 
the  olanae  In  hie  agreement  which  reads 

constantly  colling  our  attention  to 

follows  i 

PAOS  3  -  CLADHIg  fi,_ 

'•Tno  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  agrees  to  supply 
the  Company  (Edison  Aocumulatoro.Ud. )  with  Edl^n 
otorage  Battorios  of  the  moat  improved  standard  oom- 
«nnr?ial  “0t  t0  03M00d  a  maximum  of  3000  A— 4 

Oolle  or  their  equivalent  in  A.H.  oapaoity  per  month." 

t.  Tl?W  0f  pro3ont  oonditlone  as  existing,  wo  are  fully 
protected  in  view  of  the  following,  which  is  part  of  ol^se  5. 

i8  o“Pecially  agreed  that  the  Edison  Storage  Battery 
company  shall  ho  relievod  of  all  liability  under  this^7 
°«°  °f  the  I>epi‘OK«Me  thereof  is  rendered 

3SKS o82oS”* rlot’ Btrifce’ or  th0  Aot  of  God  or 

Williams^  ^  Aootlmilator3  *  Agents  in  How  YoiSe,  Hossrs  Balfour. 

*****  ^o°unTo°fovor 

Tlmitnd  5°  ITnn^1?tra00lVad  011  0Itisr  traa  Edison  Accumulators. 

180  ^tQrlec  21  =°lls  type  B-6  each,  or  a  toUl 
and  °XQy  ““Piloted  that  16  batteries  or  336  cells 
thi^nJT  ShXpP®d. 07817  two  weo,co-  acknowledging  receipt  of1 
I  advised  term  that  we  would  do  overything  poesiblo  to 
“f1*118*  san9>  tot  oouia  not  guarmteo  semi¬ 
monthly  shipment  a  as  stipulated.  ' 

ssz  “*  °“““  ■»  »«•*««, 


BOO  B-4  Celle 
200  A-8-H  » 
4000  B-6-H  " 
ISO  A-8-H  " 

-  Placed  October  31ot,1917 

"  Kay  6th, 1918 

"  i^y  4  th, 1918 

"  Hayl4th,1918 

/3/  Ur.  Charles  Bdieon. 

x  ia  reoeipt  of  a  oa 
&  Oo.,  Ltd.,  readlne  as  follows 

"Government  ohartorod  opeoial  vosool  Bailing  from  States 
end  July  -  Space  all  our  orders  with  yon  will  be  'granted 
this  atoaraor  if  you  can  promloo  delivery  oablo  immediately 
"oan  you  supply  ' 

Tho  4000  B-6-H  Colls  roforrod  to  above  are  for  the  3onth 
African  uovemmont  Hallways. 

„  AW,  OBOS3  &  00.  .BUESra  AlTTOfl,-  Wo  have  oa  ordep  7oo 
B-^Coll^laood  January  3rd,  1000  B-6  and  200  A-4  Oolls  plaoed 

Messrs  Agar,  cross  &  Co.  reoontly  advised  us  that  their 
government  lioouoo  had  about  ouplred  and  indicated  that  diffioul- 
ti°s  would  bo  oxporionoed  in  hawing  this  license  renewed,  but  we 
were  unable  to  ma'«i  any  deliveries. 

ARfm  BJH^jmiSTlABlA.  SOra'AY,.  v/e  have  orierB  for 

100  A-5  Cells 
OB  A-3  " 

10  5-4  " 

10  G-6  " 

130  L--20  " 


for  shipment  to  our  Sydney  Office; 

685  B-2  Colls 
110  3-1-E  " 

260  2-4 
100  B-6 
450  A-4 
190  A-6 

At  the  present  time  wo  a ro  obliged  to  overcome  almost 
unsurmountablo  difficulties  in  the  matter  of  Obtaining  export 
licenses,  if  wo  finally  3ucoeod  in  obtaining  a  .liconso  for  a 
stated  number  of  oases  and  part  shipment  only  is  nado,  we  must  surrender 
the  lioenae  and  thou  obtain  a  now  one  for  tho  bal'moe  of  the  shipment 
whloh  means  a  fur  tho  r  delay  from  ono  to  two  months. 

Tho  Government  is  constantly  changing  their  polioy  in  reference 
o  granting  export  licenses  and  our  position  ia  becoming  more  difficult 
almost  daily.  I  beliervo  that  some  one  in  the  Edison  Storage  Battery 
Company  should  be  delegated  to  give  particular  attention  to  the  execution 
of  our  orders,  advising  us  daily,  semi -weekly  or  weekly  as  to  the  bat¬ 
tery  material  to  bo  assigned  to  our  orders,  and  oo-oporate  with  ne  in 
order  that  orders  for  whloh  lioeuses  have  been  received  should  he  given 
preference.  All  things  being  equal,  we  would  havo  no  right  to  expect 
preferential  treatment,  but  conditions  at  present  in  regard  to  mdting 
foreign  Shipments  are  so  unusual  and  Bteamship  space  so  ooaroe,  that 
some  preference  should  be  given  over  dombstia  orders  which  oan  be  shipped 
immediately  the  goodo  are  ready  without  formalities. 

May  24,  I9I8. 

Mr.  Charles  Edison. 

Mjr  Dear  Charles!  ORGAHIZATIOHi 

Following  Wednesday  morning's  mooting  o f  the  Board  of  Directors 
and  the  Executive  Committee,  I  took  my  two  good  assistants,  Messrs,  mad'- 
and  Marsh;  to  lunoh  with  me,  and,  in:  the  oourse  of  conversation  gave  ex¬ 
pression  to  my  surprise  that  neither  of  them,  as  olosely  in  touoh  with 
the  business  as  they  are,  and  being  constantly  in  contact  with  all  of  the 
Storage  Battery  Company's  problems  and  the  members  of  its  organisation, 
oto.,  were  able  to  put  their  finger  on  the  cause  of  onr  difficulties, 
as  indicated  by  the  present  situation,  and  the  fact  that  It  seomn  to  be 
lnorea singly  neoossary  to. tie  up  more  and  more  moneys  in  the  business, 
whloh  does  not  seem  to  be  warranted  by  the  volume  of  business  whloh  we 
are  doing.  ■  . 

MAKOFACTCB IMG i  Mr,  Hudd  asked  me  a  few  questions  about  Phono¬ 
graph  Works,  and  I  explained  to  him  that  with  Mr.Luhr  constantly  in  the 
faotory,  going  around  from  department  to  department,  and  knowing  as  he 
does  most  of  our  old  mon  personally,  and  being  an  expert  meohanioal 
man,  a  very  favorable  condition  exists  throughout  the  Phonograph  Works, 
due  to  the  faot  that  the  "big  boss,''  as  it  were,  is  constantly,  in  rather 
dose  touoh  with  all  of  the  men,  and  the  men  oan  at  any  time  look  up  from 
their  work  and  see  him, 

I  explained  to  him  that  all  of  the  Company's  reoords,  the  com¬ 
puting  of  the  time  for  payment  of  work,  and  the  reoords  In  connection 
with  the  transfer  of  material  from  department  to.  department,  and  the  ;.  .V 
giving  out  of  work  to  the  men,  and  tho  reoords  of . the  work  whloh  passes, . 
lnspeotlon,  and  so  at,  are  all  under  the  supervision  of  Mr.  Howard  Eokert, 
now  Seoretary  of  that  Company,  and  formerly  Assistant  Treasurer,  and  that  ' 
Mr.  Eokhiet's  previous  training  in  the  Treasury  Department,  whero  he  has 
learned  to  know,  the  value  of  money,  plaoes  hdmln  a  frame  of  mind  where 
he  looks  upon  raw  materials  and  work  in  prooesa  and  finished  parts,  and 
instruments  in  the  faotory,  as  so  muoh  oash;  whereas  most  men  do  hot 
view  them  from  the  oash  standpoint,  and  as  a  result  thereof  Mr.  sokert  is 
trebly  valuable  to  the  organisation,— muoh  more  valuable  than  the  average 
man  oooupylng  a  similar  position,  who  does  not  take  the. same  viewpoint  of 

Mr,  Mudd  enquired  about  George  Owen,  I  explained  that  Mr;  owen 
ooouplos  a  sort  of  middle  ground  as  it  were;  that  he  is  neither  giving' 

Mr.  Charles  Etii 


May  24,  I9I8, 

manufacture  of  5-4  oells,  they  would  know  what  quantities  of 
mats rials  are  represented,  in  order  to  fill  an  ordor,  and  they 
oould  start  their  materials  coming  in  and  hare  everything  flow 
through  in  a  normal  manner. ) 

.  "Since  you, '  said  Mr.  Mudd,  addressing  me,  “have  drawn  to  my 
attention  the  foot  that  we  have  no  bills  of  materials  oorresponding  to 
our  oomplete  oells,  I  have  been  giving  a  little  thought  to  this  problem, 
and  I  believe  that  I  can  very  quiokly  devise  an  automatic  soheme  for 
controlling  the  situation,  which  Is  eomething  m  absolute!/  must  havo 
Butcf  oourse  if  I  undertake  to  do  this  it  will  mean  the  nogloot  of  my’ 
regular  duties  as  Sooretary  of  the  Company,  and  you  are  asking  me  to 
maintain  all  of  our  relations  a  very  high  standard,  whioh  I  am  anxious 
to  do,  and  whioh  in  reality  it  Is  my  real  work  to  do  and  work  whloh  1 
like  and  am  perfectly  satisfied  and  contented  to  do— -the  work  in  whloh 
I  am  happy.  But  if  I  am  not  to  do  these  things  it  is  very  evident  that 
some  one  should  be  found  to  do  them." 

,  In  other  words,  Mr.  KUdd  has  found  that  we  have  no  roal  planning 
head  for  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  that  corresponds  to  tho  func¬ 
tion  that  we  hope  Mr.  Owen  is  going  to  perform  satisfactorily  in  the 
Phonograph  Works.  : 

is  an  expedle 
difficult  to 

you  probably  have  oh served,  I  have  been  trying  to  bolster  up 
1  through  my. assistant,  Mr.  Marsh,  but  this  is  ofaly  a  temporary 
I  not  one  on  whioh  I  expect  to  base  permanent  suooess.  It 
nt  which  I  have  edopted  beoause  I  rather  felt  it  would,  be 
introduce  a  new  man  into  this  Edison  Storage  Battery.  Company 
to  fulfil  this  need  to  whioh  .Mr,  Mudd  given  expression. 

I  thought  it  would  be  of  lnterost  to  you  to  know  that  independ¬ 
ently  of  mjr  own  .thought  another  man  closely  in  touoh  with  tho  Edison  stor¬ 
age  Battery  Company  situation  has  arrived  at  the  some  conclusion. 

.  SEIihlflG :  I  was  Just  on  the  point  of  leaving  Mr.  Mudd,  after  we 
had  disouBsed  several  other  matters,  when  he  oalled  me  book  and  said; 

"There  ie  another  thing  along  this  same  line  ;.of  organisation,  and 
that  is,  we  ought  to  have  a  Manager  of  Sales  who  is  here  ell  the  time. 

We  should  have  some  one  here  toi  whom  all  the  business  matters  of  the  Selling 
Division  otn  be  referred,  and  who  will  deolde  things  end  give  the  'Yes' 
or  *Ko.*  It  is  all  right  In  fact  we  should  have  a  General  Sales  Manager 
who  is  constantly  out  and  mooting  our  customers,  and  gingering  up  our  sales¬ 
men,  and  doing  the  hand-shaking,  and  so  on. .  But  it  is  not  right  to  have 
the  same  man  exerolslng  both  funotions,  beoause  when  thin  name  man  is  away 
*hero  Is  nobody  to  deolde  the  things  whloh  come  up  for  deoislou  in  the 
calling  breuoh  of  the  business. 

"We  have  grown  to  the  point  now  when  the  number  of  these  things 
oomiag  up  is  constantly  Increasing.  /  There  are'  all  kinds  of  oontraots, 
and  matters  of  a  follow-up  nature,  in  connection  with'  whloh  the  proper 
at  tentlon  means  promotion  of  the  .  Company  *  n  interests,  and  •  saving  of  many  . 
dollar?,  and  at  the.  present  time  these  matters  are  being  rather  bandied 
around  from  floor  to  floor  beoause  of  laok  of  euoh  a  men."  V  •  ■ 



Sj?S}?7£ IS&&  —SPcP/Js?' 

COIIFEREHOE,  JUNE  10,  1$I18. 

Present t  Mr.  Oharlea  Edison 
Mr.  U.U.  Jonea 
Mr.  0.3. A.  Williams 

Subjeoti  Procedure  In  Tube  Inspection  and  Tube 
Assembly  Departments  relative  to  pro- 
duotion  campaign. 

GDHKRlIi  100NCLU3I0H 1  That  wherever  possible  and  as  far  as  possible 
g^rls  be  put  on  (tho work  in  these  two  Departments,  rather  than  men,  slnoe 
there  seems  to  be  no  Job.  exoept  graphlting  that  is  unsuitable  to  women. 

A  scheme  of  promotion  to  be  worked  out,  along  the  following  lines  1 

(Outline  by  Mr.  Jones) »  ;  She  first  thing  is  to  bring  Miss  Myrna 
Brown  into  the  Department  as  Xnatruotress,  to  set  up  a  training  room  in  one 
seotion,  properly  separated  f rom  the  -  b alanoe-of ithe-room,.-InBtruotrassr-to~-  — 
reoelve  all  applicants  for  work  when  sent  from  Employment  Department,  and 
to  definitely  oheok'the.  following  points) 

1.  Shat  the  work  is  satlsfaotery  to  the  applicant. 

2.  That  it  Is  oonvenlent  to  her  residence, 

3.  That  the  rate  of  pay  is  satisfactory. 

4.  Shat  she  is  a  type  that  fits  into  the  program  of  the  Department, 

Xf  the  candidate  satisfactorily  passes  these  points  she  is  then  to 
be  definitely  engaged,;  with  instructions  to  report  to  the  Xnstruotress  at  a 
certain  time.  when  she  reports  she  will  have  proper  card,  and  Xnstruotress 
will  take  her  to  the  tlme-olook,  describe' the  reason  for  the  use  of  the  time- 
card,  and  how  to  use  it.  She  will  then  show  worker  where  to  hang  clothing, 
explain  when  she  will  be  paid,  and  looatlon  of  toilets.  ' 

Tub*  Confers Boat 

Worker  will  then  be  taken  to  training  room  and  started  at  the  foot 
of  the  ala as.  If  several  girls  are  started  the  samo  day  they  will  group 

themselves  around- the  table,  and  the  tnstruotress  will  point  out: 

1.  Just  what  the  operation  is. 

2.  Whore  the  part  fits  in  to  the  Storage  Battery. 

3.  The  part  it  performs  in  the  Storage  Battery. 

4.  The  purpoee  of  a  Storage  Battery. 

5.  Brief  Statement  of  how  it  was  developed  by  Mr.  Edison. 

Workers  will  than  be  assigned  to  tables  aooording  to  ability.  The 
One  who  seems  to  grasp  tho  most  readily  will  be  plaoed  farthest  up  the  lino, 
and  tho  poorest  at  the  bottom.  Instruotroas  to  olronlate  book  and  forth 
between  them  oonstantly,  until  they  seem  to  be  dojng  the  work  satisfactorily. 

Study  to  be  made  so  that  propor  produotlon  is  determined,  and  worker 
goes  out  on  to  floor  when  she  reaohes  the  proper  figure. 

When  worker  who  leaves  the  head  of  the  olass  to  go  on  the  floor  is 
plaoed,  she  should  be  very  aarefully  analysed,  and  sagged  beside  a  woman  of 
corresponding  temperament,  or  at  least  suoh  arrangement:  made  that  two  person¬ 
alities  whioh  will  Ola ah  are.  not  plaoed  together.  .  She  should  bo  introduced 
.to  her  neighbor,  and  first  name  should  be  used. 

Supervisor  of  group  to  be  with  head  Xastruotress,  and  take  the  worker 
into  custody'  at  this  point, 

Supervlsor  to  work  on  the  basis  of  prevention . rather  than  cure. 
Inspecting  production oonstantly,  to  make  certain  that  the  amount  of  spoiled 
material  is  held. at  a  minima. 

Two  rest  periods,  or  more  if  necessary  of  shorter  duration.  In  the 
forenoon,  and  the  same  la  the  afternoon.  everybody  to  be  required  to  stop 
work  at  that  time,  to  get  out,  move  around,  have  the  windows  thrown  epos,  oto. 

Girls  on  bopping  to  be  promoted  through  progressive  arrangements  of 
operations  to  positions  as  supervisors,  and  to  lespeotioa  positions  where  need 

The  aotual  statements  the  Xnstruotresses  are  going  to  say  to  tho 
girls  should  be  worked  out,  so  that  they  always  say  the  same  thing,  and  slid 
in  the  spirit  of  a  salesman. 

(Mr.  Willlams)i  To  get  somsthing  started,  I  suggest  that  we  get  Miss 
Brown  over  hero  as  Xastruotress  sad  forelsdy,  and  let -her  work  with  sons  of 
ii*f f “fv semsope rations,  some  of  Aroher's  job,  until  sha 
is  familiar  with  the  work,  and  let  her  plok  out  soma  of  the  host  girls  for 

Subs  Conference;  -g- 

oxamples.  Then  you  have  established  a  table  as  a  group  of  standard  workers, 
and  you  oan  say  to  the  others,  'This  Is  what  wo  want  you  girls  to  aspire  to, 
to  work  up  to  the  Base  speed  that  this  other  table  Is  going. 

(Mr.  Charles  Edison):  But  I  would  rather  work  out  what  we  want 
her  to  do  first.  Instead  of  having  her  come  over,  and  simply  say,  'GO  ahead 
and  do  the  work. • 

(Mr.  Jonas);  The  first  thing  she  must  do  is  to  dsolde  whloh  girls 
she  is  going  to  take  first;  and  then  in  what  unite  the  groups  should  be,  six, 
ten,  twenty — 

(Mr.  Charles  Edison);  Another  thing  is  how  many  supervisors  there 

will  be. 

(Mr.  Jonas):  That  depends  on  production. 

(Mr.  Charles  Edison);  They  vent  be  producers. 

(Mr.  Jones)  They  will  be  at  least  40 produaers.  They  will  do  a 
oertaln  amount.  We  will  say,  'We  will  expeot  you  to  turn  out  so  nmoh  pro¬ 
duction  as  an  example  to  the  others.  When  the  girls  get  tired  they  should 
be  stimulated  by  your  example.1' 

(Mr.  Charles  Edison);  Ton  would  not  expect  the  Instructress  to  be 
a  producer. 

(Mr.  Jones);  Z  would  expeot  her  to  have  e  machine  in  front  of  her, 
and  say,  "We  don't  expeot  you  to  make  things,  that  is  not  a  part  sf  your. Job, 
but  it  is  a  part  of  your  Job  to  encourage  the  others,  and  of  aourss  they 
cannot  be  expeoted  to  do  whst  you  oannot  do  yourself,  or  would  sot  do. 

(Mr.  Charles  Edison)  I  would  hot  wnnt  to  pny  the  supervisors  piece¬ 

(Mr.  Jones)  I  would  not  either.  Give  the  supervisor  e  bonus  on  the 
basis  of  the  production  of  her  unit,  .  If  the  bonus  be  for  improvement  In  work 
oho  would  gat  part  of  the  bonus  for  making  It,  Maybe  the  rates  to  the  Mi  ole 
group  should  bo  on  the  gang  basis.  That  should  be  ooasiderad.  If  we  give 
gang  rates  and  one  girl  stays  out  that  spoils  it. 

(Mr.  Williams):  I  want  to  get  hold  of  Eason  or  somebody,  sad  get 
each  of  those  operatless,  and.  see  if  there  is  any  dlfferenoe  la  produotloa  of 
different  slsad  tubes.  On  sssw  operations  the  speed  is  the  ssae.  for, instanoe, 
on  reaming  it  is  a  little  slower  on  the  3/l6  than  on  the  1/4  inoh. •  leant  to 
get  those  differences  down  and  go  right  through! the. department, . and  make  up 
an  operation  shoot,  and  show  what  wo  consider  straight  produotloa,  and  what  are 
the  rates  and  what  they  should  be  able  to  earn. 

(Mr. Jonas):  la  proceeding  to  olassify  the  Jobs  we  should  take  the 
Initial  step  and  classify  all  the  Jobs  in  the  plant,  we  should  have  that  in 
mind. sooner  or  Inter  we  ere  going  to  set  the  Jabs  up  one  proper  basis. 

We  will  start  with  rough  labor,  A  .tool  maohine  open 


tlon  to  rough  labor  thot  60  to  to  40.  Sot  those  relatione  up.  than  we  onn  am 
our  bnee  rate  t«  40  oenti  an  hour.  Then  tt  automatically  follows  that  aoraw 
msohlne  operator!  get  a  third  more,  or  whatever  that  ii.  We  ought  to  net  up 
a  relation  In  all  of  our  plants.  When ever  we  change  raten  wi  merely  change 

the  bate  rates,  and  unleei  thereip  lomething  fundamentally  wrong  with  the 
relationship  do  not  intarferd  with  It  at  all.  That  is  something  we  hawe  in 
nlnd  doing. 

(Mr.  Charles  Edison),  We  ought  to  immediately  get  busy 
ing  rooms  and  toilets.  whoever  the  man  is  ought  to  got  busy, 
be  a  good  plan  to  tell  these  girls  that  we  are  going  to  piok  out 
best  a  week  from  now-somo  glrks  to  act  as  supervisors? 

on  the  dress- 
Would  it  not 
one  of  the 

(Mr.  Jones),  I  would  first  get  them  on  the  basis  of  seniority 
and  general  all-round  approaohnbility,  that  is  tho  first  thing.  they  have 
to  be  approachable.  then  the  next  thing  is  ability  to  desoribe,  to  teach, 
the  next  thing  is  term  of  service  here.  Before  that  I  would  get  their  own 
individual  production  back  over  a  period. 

_  (**£«  Williams),  take  Miss  Brown's  operations,  start  in  the  first 

opatation— start  pushing  the  production,  and  try  to  spaed  it  up.  toko  the 
various  steps,  oapping  or  whatever  operation  comes  first,  line  that  up 
train  the  girls  to  see  that  they  are  all  working  toward  one  and,  and  have  the 
fullest  opportunity  to  got  ahead.  We  will  have  time  to  .judge  Just  which  is 
the  best  worker,  and  piok  one  girl  to  be  over  the  whole  group  where  she  shows 
up  best.  than  take  the  best  girl  outside  of  her  in  that  group  and  divide 
it  into  two  seotions.  Thon  go  on  to  the  next  group,  and  clean  up  that  way, 
and  get  ease  one  girl  supervisor  over  each  group  who  is  to  take  every  new 
girl  and  start  her  in  and  see  that  she  is  properly  trained. 

Conclusion,  Miss  Brown  will  start  working  in  the  oapping  operations 
until  she  is  fssdliar  enough  with  the  operations  to  p*ok  out  the  good  workers 
who  will  bo  suitable  for  working  supervisors  as  well  as  a  woman  to  replaoe 
her  as  the  head  supervisor  of  the  oapping  operations. 


llr.  Ohas.  gdlBOft, 

Uy  dear  Charles > 

Jtme  14,  1918 

In  referenoe  to  our  conversation  ln/£ha  Library  yesterday,  I  thought 
further  to  give  you  some  real  data  as  to  why  our  >|Jroduotion  was  really  aurtalled  In 
the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Oo.  during  the  time  Wo  took  on  Government  orders. 

If  you  had  oonsulted  the  minutes  that  should  be  available  of  the 
meetings  held  In  the  Laboratory,  especially  the  Executive  meetings,  where  we  had  a 
Seoretary  to  take  notes  of  everything  that  was  said  (I  am  not  familiar  as  to  what 
happene  to  these  records  hut  believe  they  should  be  accessible  to  you  so  you  could 
get  any  Information  and  use  them  at  any  time)  you  should  have  been  informed  as  to 
the  conditions  and  our  Inability  to  produoe  our  usual  sohodule  at  each  meeting. 

In  order  to  relieve  you  of  going  through  these  records,  I  am  giving 
you  herewith  a  report  In  detail. 

In  addition  to  this  report  I  will  have  a  sample  of  oaoh  order  in 
the  Library  to  show  you  what  has  been  donej  steel  boxes,  new  type  battery,  and  the 
non-splllable  valve  which  had  to  be  developed  and  tools  made  for  same  at  a  time  when 
the  Personnel  Service  Department  was  unable  to . secure  help. 

We  are  shy  at  least  40  men  In  our  Cool  Boom  today,  all  of  which 
you  were  familiar  with  end  I  had  written  you  a  pleading  letter  to  assist  me,  through 
the  Personnel  Department,  to  get  help  for  the  Storage  Battery  Company,  or  place 
someone  In  charge  of  the  Personnel  Department  with  ability  to  do  so  and  work  closer 
with  the  Edison. Storage  Battery  foremen. 

Following  is  my  report; 

1st;  Production  lost  due:  , to  soarolty  and  poor  quality  of  Iron. 

30$  loss  1*  production  February  2nd  to  March  9th,  18,660  A-4  equivalent  cells. 

2nd;  Production  lost  due  to  shut  downs  by  Fuel  Administration. 

9  days  0  1750  per  day,  15,750  cells . 

3rd;  Production  lost  due  to  lack  of  and  Inability  to  get  help. 
Punning  with  average  of  90$  -  14,600  oells. 

4th;  Production  lost  on  aooount  of  the  necessity  of  ohanglng  over 
tools  from  l/4"  to  3/16"  tubes.  March  9th  to  April  13th,  loss  in  oells,  12,500  and 
loss  of  stook  of  plates  for  4,000  cells. 

5th;  Time  lost  by  Cool  Room  on  account  of  making  up  oells  . for  Signal 
Corps  by  hand,  by  order  of  United  3tates' Government,  thereby  delaying  our  tool  room 
in  keeping  up  our  toola  and  producing  new  tools.  January,  L20  calls  for  Llbsrty  Motor; 
February,  L40  oells  for  Signal  Corps,  23$  of  Tool  Room  3-1/2  weeks. 



Ohaa .Edison 


6thi  Produotlon  lost  through  strike  in  Iron  load  Department  May  10th 
1/2  day,  990  oells. 

7th:  Produotlon  lost  through  strikes  in  Tube  Assembly  and  Tube 
loading  departments  weeks  ending  March  2nd  and  May  18th,  3,760  oells 

Sth;  Production  lost  on  account  of  help  staying  out.  Average  5%  of 
total,  7,026  oells 

9tht  Delay  on  account  of  non-epillable  valve,  six  weeks. 

Total  loss  of  produotlon  due  to  above  aauses,  73,176  oells 


ry  —Jz# e 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Co. 

.  r  ^ 

Export  Divieion 

Mr.  H.G,  . 

Vioe  President  and 
Gen'l  Sales  Manager 

for  Mr.  I.H.Daviea 
Office  Manager 

for  Mr.  W. Bremer 
Bill  Clerk 

Yesterday  I  paid  my  first  visit  to  our  new  Selling 
Division,  the  Export  Division  of  E.  S.  B.  Co.  in  Sew  York  City 
to  go  over  their  accounting,  and  in  this  connection  several 
matters  oame  up  which  I  thought  Best  to  reduce  to  memorandum 
form  for  your  Information.  y 

Mr.  Stevens  is  in  urgent  need  of  a  complete  copy  of  our 
prioe  list  on  parts.  X  understand  that  he  sent  a  man  here  to.  make 
a  oopy  of  Mr.  Bremer's  hook.  I  would  advocate  that  the  hilling 
department  of  Export  Division  he  given  the  same  information  as 
the  hilling  department  of  the  Selling  Division,  aB  they  have  the 
same  problems  confronting  them  in  regard  to  making  out  invoices.  . 

Copies  of  all  data  which  will  he  useful  should  he  supplied  them.  y 

The  shipping  department  is  requested  to  date  all  packing  lists 
for  the  Export  Division  with  the  date  that  the  shipment  is  finished 
paoked,  regardless  of  vhether  the  same  1b  shipped  or  not.  This  in¬ 
formation  will  be  of  material  assistance  to  Mr.  Stevens. 

I  would  suggest  that  you  have  Mr.  Veale  furnish  Mr.  Stevens  each 
week  with  a  list  of  orders  ready  for  shipment.  These  possibly  oould 
he  made  up  late  Friday  afternoon  and  mailed  on  Saturday  morning 
so  Mr.  Stevens  could  have  them  the  first  thing  Monday  morning,  which 
would  enable  him  to  plan  his  week's  work. 

CC  Mr.  Van  Huise,  Mr.  JacobBen. 

Mr.  Member t,-  confidential; 

There  is  something  radically  wrong  in  the  relations  of  the 
two  selling  divisions.  It  is  too  had  tha]t  we  waste  our  time  arguing  . 
about  internal  things  when  we  should  be  devoting  our  energies  to  pro¬ 
duction  and  sales. 

I  spent  a  very  profitable  half  day  with  Mr.  Stevens.  We  went 
over  matters  with  regard  to' accounting  at  the  new  Export  Division 
of  E.  S.  B.  Co.  and  1  think  we  are  going  to  get  along  very  nicely. 

Mr.  .Stevens  wants  to  do  things  the  way  they  should  be  done  and  the 
way  we  want  them  done,  and'  it  is  certainly  a  pleasure  to  deal  with  a 
man  of  his  type. 

- 0O0 — 

Secre  tary. 



Mr.  S.  B.  liambert: 

ff&.'ff*. 'sy -Sh> 

Jane  19,  1918 

Ulioon  S  torage  Buttery  0 

1  attach,  hereto  copy  of  oar  oontraot  with  the  International  Hiokel 
Company.  She  Government  price  of  niokel.has  Been  eatabliahed  at  Z&i  and  the 
International  Jfiufcel  (kmtpuny  advice  no  that  wo  aro  tho  only  one  of  their  oua- 
tomera  now  paying  leas  than  the  Government  prioe  for  our  niakol  and  havo  asked 
us  to  brlns  up  our  price  on  reduaed  niakol  to  SBp  per  pound  at  onoe.  On  the 
basis  of  our  present  deliveries  of  approximately  80,000  pounds  per  month,  this 
would  mean  an  ihoreaeo  of  \f*,000.00  per  month.  Our  present  oontraot.  has  18. 
months  to  run.  It  la  fair  to  assume  that  the  inoroase  will  mean  at  least 
$4,000.00  per  month  during  that  entire  period. 

Jhey  are  willing  to  aonsider  redrawing  the  oontraot  on  the  basis 
of  a  further  extended  period  at  this  time. 

Your  esoecinl  attention  l.e  invited  to  the  two  'oloslng  paragraphs 
Of  the  oontraot.  They  make  no  claims  with  reference  to  their  oosts  being 
greater  from  the  standpoint  emphasised  in  thi's  paragraph;  that  is.  Governmental 
restrictions  in  the  import  or  export  of  materials.  Wiese  have  remained  lun&hanged  aid 
any  change  which  would  Sffect  us  would  naturally  effect  their  entire  operation 
so  that  this  aluaso  .is  not  pertinent  at  this  time.  The  final  clause  Of  the 
oontraot  is,  of  oourso,  a  very  particular  one  and  reduces  the  oontraot  to  the 
intent  back  of  it.  , 

The  International  Make!  Company  have  always  boon  able  to  deliver 
material  as  rapidly  we  needed  name  and  they  now  advise  mo  that  they  will 
oontinue  to  do  so  just  so  long  ae  our  account  is- paid  promptly  within  the  ten 
day  period  and  they  oannot  make  shipments  if  there  are  unpaid  bills  on  hand 
when  shipment  must  be  made  and  on  this  platform  they  stand. 

Tho  vary  advantageous  feature  of  the  oohtraot  is  the  foot  that  our 
needs  are  oovered  in  a  very  peculiar  way  with  a  minimum  of  5,000  lbs.  per 
oontraot  year  and  a  maximum  of  2,000,000  lbs.  per  year.  The  question  pres¬ 
ented  is  whether  or  not  it  is  good  business  polioy  sinqe  our  requirements 
are  confined  to  one  source  of  supply  ^iq"  grant  thoa  the'  increased  price  whloh 
would  aost  us  in  round  figures  $72,000.00  UftH>f  the  unexpirod  term  of  the  oon¬ 
traot  and  negotiate  a  new  oontraot  subject  to  decline  when  prioes  return  to  a 
more  normal  condition  or  to  insist  upon  the  filling  of  our  oontraot,  permitting 
us  to  meet  the  situation  as  we  beat  may  with  the  International  nickel  or 
another  possible  eouroe  of  supply  on  January  1st,’  1920. 

BKOOOT^IOH,  If  the  Directors  of  tho  Edison  Storage  Battery 
s's,  OompBnyrfeel  that  a  new  source  of  supply  oan  be  made  available  by  the  first 
'•of  Js«u&<^'1920,  the  undersigned  reoommends  that  we  stand  on  our  oontraot 
/-;;prioe’.'’'-y)!'If:?  however,  we  are  tied  indefinitely  to  the  International- nickel 
!:i  Ccjgpanyt  |I  thon  believe  it  the  oourse  of  wisdom  to  grant  the  deeired  increase 
,  .-  at  this"  time. 

P,  't  A  1  promised  to  advise  the  International 

VlliiMthe  proaiaos  not  later  than  the  2?th  of  June. 

Hiokel  Company  our  oonolusi  on 



She  International  Niokel  Company 
43  Er  change  Plaae, 

H8w  York  City 

AGHBEMENT  dated  June  olg2iteenth  1914.  i 

THE  INTEBNATIOMAL  NICKEL  COMPANY,  hereinafter  oallad  the  "Seller,  and 
EDISON  STOHAGE  BaTIEHY  COMPANY  of  Orange,  New  Jersey,  hereinafter  called  the 
'Buyer",  do  hereby  agree  as  follows! 

pvr1i?<1  filming  January  1st,  1918  and  ending  Deoember  31st, 
1919  the  Seller  shall  sell  and  deliver  to  the  Buyer,  and  t lie  Boyer  ahall  pur¬ 
chase  from  the  Seller,  upon  the  terms  and  conditions  hereinafter  set  forth, 
all  the  nickel  In  ary  form  or  combination  which  Bhall,  during  said  period, 

i£di~s«S  a3*  ??rf3  the  Buyer  may,  either  directly  or 

indireatly  (as  hy  stook  ownership) ,  own,  operate,  lease  or  control;  PHOVIDBD, 
however,  that  the  amount  of  such  nickel  shall  la  no  event  bo  less  than  8.000 
lbs.  per  oontraat  year,  and  that  the  Sailer  may  eleot  not  to  sell  and  deliver 
to  the  Buyer  In  exoees  of  2,000,000  lbs.  per  contract  year. 

Ihe  Buyer  ahall  give  to  the  Seller  at  least  thirty  (30)  days  written 
of  lta  niokel  requirements.  Should  such  requirements  exceed 
100,000  lbe.  In  any  oalendar  month  at  leaBt  sixty  (6&)  days  such  notice 
shall  be  given-  The  Seller  shall,  fill  all  orders  with  reasonable  promptness. 

ifloations^01181  doliv81,ie8  hereunli«r  shall  conform  to  the  following  spec- 

,,  Seduced  Nickel;  Metallic  Hiakel  in  Shot,  Plaquettes  or  Blocks; 

and  Metallic  Nickel  in  Bare  l-l/2"  x  Z-l/z«  X  30"  or  l-l/2"  x  6"  x  20". 

•_  All  cobalt  contained  in  nioxel  delivered  hereunder  shall  be  con¬ 
sidered  to  be,  and  shall  be  ppld  for  as,  nickel. 

.  The  Buyer  ahall  receive  and  pay  for  all  nickel .deliverable  hereunder 
aooording  to  the  following  terms  and  conditions! 

PBIOE  per  pound!  For  Be  duo  el  Niokel  30^;  for  Metallic  Hiokel  as  above  96f( 

'■  Sot  oaBb  t0h  days  from  date  of  Seller's  invoioe;  payment  to  be 

made  to  Sellar,  or  to  any  agent  exproBBly  designated  by  seller  to  receive 
aucm  payment.  In  funds  payable  at  par  in  Sew  York  City. 

All  niokel  deliverable  by  tho  Seller  hereunder  ahall  be  delivered 
F.  0.  B,  Cara  at  Seller's  Works,  at  Bayonne,  N.  J. 



If,  at  any  tine,  and  so  long  as,'  the  Government  of  the  United  States, 
the  Dominion  of  Canada,  or  anyof  the  latter's  provinces  shall  in  any 
way  restriot  or  affeot'the  import  or  export  of  niokel  ore,  oopper  niokel 
ore,  nickel  matte,  popper  nickel  matte,  nickel  oxide  or  niokel  metal  and 
thereby  Inorease  the  ooflt.of  finished  niokel  to  the  Seller  at  its 
delivery  point  at  Bayonne,',  H.  J.,  the  Seller  may  Inorease  the  prloe  of 
all  niokel  deliverable  under  this  oontraot  by  the  amount  of  suoh  inorease 
of  cost*  The  seller  shall,  however,  give  written  notioe  to  the  Buyer  of 
any.  suoh  increase  of  oost  and ,  the  Buyer  may  thereupon  within  thirty  days 
of  the  receipt  of  suoh  notice  terminate  this  oontraot  by  giving  written 
notioe  to  the  saller  of  its  desire  so  to  do- 

If,  fax  by  reason  of  acts  of  God,  strikes  or  other  causes  beyond  its 
oontrol,  the  Seller  shall  be  unable  to  make  delivery  of  niokel  hereunder, 
or  if,  for  similar  reasons ,  the  Buyer  shall  be  unaDle  to  reoelve 
deliveries  hereunder,  this  agreement  suspended  so  long  as  suoh 
conditions  shall  oontizme. 

lalgned)  W.  A-  Bostwlok 

(signed)  Ihos.  A.  Edison,  President  ^ 

'  '•  \  ; 

for  jv 


urchasingg  Service  Department  Memorandum:  In  reply  refer  to; 


June  28,  I9I8. 

Direotorss  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company. 

Subjeot:  International  Niokel  Company. 

The  undersigned  desires  to  report  the  result  of  a  further 
interview  with  the  representative  of  the  International  Niokel  Company. 

Mr.  Lawson  stated  that  at  the  request  of  the  Government  he  had  visited 

Washington  last  week,  and  had  been  instructed  that  the  shortage  of 
niokel  made  it  necessary  for  them  to  very  oarefully  allooste  every 
pound  of  niokel  available,  at  least  during  the  remainder  of  this  year, 
and  he  wished  to  know  just  what  use  we  were  making  of  the  niokel  they 
were  f urniShingsps/  I  explained  to  him  in  detail,  and  he  has  assured 
me  that  they  will  treat  every  phase  of  our  requirements  as  absolutely 
essential,  and  rate  us  on  deliveries  aooordingly. 

The  International  Nickel  Company  will  manufacture  anodes  in 
ucoordanoe  with  any  reasonable  design  whloh  we  may  submit,  and  in  con¬ 
sideration  of  this  they  ask  that  if  an  eoonomy  is  effected  that  we  grant 
them  an  increased  price  from  35  cents  per  pound  to  38  cents  per  poind, 
the  latter  being  the  Government  price. 

Mr.  Lawson  agreed  upon  ray  explanation  that  since  we  have  approx¬ 
imately  $3,000,000.00  worth  of  unfilled  orders  on  whioh  we  would  suffer 
a  loss  of  approximately  $30,000.00  if  we  increased  reduced  hiokel  from 
30  cents  a  pound  to  the  Government  prioe  of  35  oents  a  pound,  that  in 
consideration  of  our  agreeing  to  the  increased  rate,  following  our  pre¬ 
sent  commitments,  they  would  continue  deliveries  this  year  at  contract 
prioe.  This  would  mean  the  new  price  would  be  effootive  about  January  1st, 

The  International  Niokel  Company  wish  us  to  study  our  shot  niokel 
situation  and  ask  if  we  cannot  use  a  lower  oarbon  niokel,  aB  there  is  a 
particular  need  for  the  high  oargon  shot  nickel  we  are  now  redeiving. 

I  promised  to  submit  the  foregoing  facts  to  the  Board  of  Direc¬ 
tors,  and  to  advise  Mr.  Lawson  of  your  final  decision  in  the  matter  within 
a  fortnight. 

Respectfully  submitted, 

(Signed)  A.  C.  Emery. 


“Marsh;  Wish  to  thoroughly  know  about  this  situation. 

Return  this  after  thorough  investigation. 


^August  1, 

TO  ALL  '  '■•1918 

1331301!  !'  • 


1.  Storage  'batteries  are  very  essential  in  winning  the  war;  that  is  one 
thing. every  employee  in  the  3diaon  Storage  Battery  Company  should  realize. 

2.  lack  of  storage  batteries  moans  delay  in  making  and  handling  munitions; 
delay  in  handling  Aruy  and  llavy  supplies  at  terminals,  warehouses,  and  docks; 
delay  in, coal  mining;  delay  in  lumber  shipments  and  ship  building,  etc.,  etc. 

3.  Airplane  wireless  .outfits,  mine  locomotives,  industrial  trucks  .and. 
tractors,  elaotrio  safety  mine  lamps,  and  many  other  kinds  of  apparatus  used 
in  the  war,  must  be  provided. with  storage  batteries  or  they  cannot -be  operated. 

4.  Delay  mu3t  bo  overcome.  Every  American  or  Allied- citizen  will  do  hia  bit 
to  inoreaso  production;  it.  is  Ms  part  in  winning,  the  war. 

5.  Every  Honday  and  Thursday,  our  Advertising  Department  will  send  your  Fore¬ 
man  a  supply  of  bulletins  containing  reproduced  photographs  showing  what  some 
of  the  storage  batteries  which  you  have  helped  to  make  are  doing  to  win  the 

6.  Thos'o  bulletins  arc  for  you.  Take  them  home.  Show  them  to  your  frionds. 
Lot  thorn  know  how  you  are  doing  "your  bit." 

7.  Eomombor  our  part  (your3  and  mine)  is,  to  mako  more  storage  batteries,  and 
then  noro  storage  batteries,  and  than  EOEE  storage  batteries  until  the  war  io- 
won  by  the  Allies. 



Ur.  Headoworoft: 

Please  advise  Hr.  Edison  tl 
trying  to  obtain  some  nickel  hydrate 
out  the  tests  he  wanted  made. 

Orders  were  sent  to  Silver  Lake  two  months  ago  and  several  add¬ 
itional  requests  for  this  material  have  been  made,  but  every  request  has  been 
met  by  the  statement  that  no  bismuth  is  obtainable.  'Phis  is  probably  true, 
and  this  note  is  not  to  oomplain  of  the  Chemical  Works,  but  to  advise  Hr. 
Edison  that  I  have  neither  forgotten  nor  neglected  this  experiment. 

As  soon  as  the  necessary  materials  are  delivered,  I  will  begin 
these  tests  lumedlately. 

Aligust  29^J918 

f  two  months  I  have  been 
wl$i  bismuth  added  in  order  to  carry 


Mr.  Charles  Edison: 

August  29,  1918. 

n  suggesting  a  general  polioy  for 

(1)  The  labor  market  demands  that  women  -  not  girls  -  be  substituted 
for  the  present  staff  of  observers.  ' 

The  young  men  now  in  the  Department  appear  to  have  no  interest 
in  their  work  and  when  under  no  authoritative  observation,  spend  their 
time  in  skylarking,  yelling  and  swearing  to  suoh  an  extent  that  even  the 
neighboring  residents  have  oomplaiued. 

This  condition  has  not  improved,  but  ls.apparently  worse. 

(2)  The  male  staff  should  oonslst  of: 

(a)  One  Head  of  the  Department  who  would  oversee  it,  and  be  responsible 
for  its  oonduot  and  results. 

He  should  have  some  reasonable  hours  in  the  daytime  and  be  re¬ 
quired  to  visit  the  Department  at  least  3  times  weekly  at  night  and  have 
a  general  idea  of  how  the  work  is  being  conducted  during  the  night  shifts. 

He  should  be  a  man  of  sufficient  age  to  command  the  ohedienoe  of  the  staff 
under  him  and  compel  effioiont  work. 

He  should  be  something  of  an  eleotro-chemist  though  not  necessari¬ 
ly  a  skilled  one.  Hr.  Pedersen  and .myself  can  furnish  the  needed  knowledge 
if  the  Head  knows  enough  to  understand  thcrprinciples  and  reasons  for  suggest¬ 
ed  investigations. 

Suoh  a  man  would  be  about  35  years  old  and  at  the  present,  rates 
of  employment  would  cost  about  $65.00  per  week.  t 

(b)  One  assistant  to  the  Head  of  the  Department.  Hr.  Cook  would  be 

an  excellent  man  for  this.  His  hours  should  not  be  exactly  the  same  as  those 
of  the  Head.  He  should  report  about  2  hours  later  in  the  morning  and  stay 
2  hours  later  in  the  evening,  so  that  there  would  be  10  hours  eaoh  day  of 
practically  direot  management  by  the  Head  and  his  Deputy. 

(o)  One  Man, to.  take  charge  after  the  assistant  Head  leaves.  Albreoht 

would  be  a  good  man. 

(d)  One  Man  to  take  charge  after  seoond  man  (o)  leaves.  He  would 
stay  until  the  assistant  would  oone  in  on  the  following  day  and  in  this 
way  have  2  hours  on  duty  while  the  Head  is  in  the  office.  He  can  report 
and  dlsouss  the  work  of  the  previous  evening  with  the  Head  of  the  Depart¬ 
ment,  so  that  the  responsible  manager  would  be  in  personal  oontaot  with 
2  of  the  3  shifts. 

(e)  One  man  for  plotting  ourves  and  doing  other  work 
aoter.  Day  shift. 

of  a  like  char- 




August  29,  1918. 
'  il/bs 

(f)  One  assistant  for  two  night  shifts.  That  is  the  one  man  would 

oome  on  after  the  first  night  shift  and  stay  until  two  or  three  hours 
after  the  seoond  night  shift  hud  oome  on.  .  , 

(3)  The  female  staff  would. oonsist  of  suoh  a  number  of  wanen  as  the 
conditions  would  require.  One  of  these,  on  the  day  shift,  Bhould  be  a 
good  stenographer  and  typewriter  so  that  all  notes,  could:be  neatly  kept 
and  in  triplioate.  She  should  also  file  records  and  keep  up  all ( file 
indexes.  The  general  speoifioations  for- these  women  would  bei 

(a)  Hot  under  25  years  old,  preferably  over  28. 

(b)  Neat,  clean  and  careful  of  their  persons:  Oniy  women  of  this 

type  will  be  careful  about  making  exaot  observations  of  soientifio. exper¬ 

(o)  No  '’good  lookers".  The  less  personally  attractive^-  the  better 

for  the  work.  V 

(d)  In  case  matrons  are  required  for  the  night  shift,  they  should 
be  middle  aged,  say  38  to  42  years  old.  Young  wasen  oould  not  exercise: 
the  requisite  authority.  Old  women  have  not  enough  energy. 

Matrons  in  every  case  should  perform  work  and  have  regular  duties 
in  addition  to  supervision  of  the  female  staff. 

These  suggestions  would  of  course  be  modified  after  a  little 
practical  experience  in  running  the  Researoh  Bepartment  after  the  maimer 

INVENTORIES  AS  AT  ACG.  31,  1918. 

Material  &  Supplies 
Reduced  Nickel 

Sheared  Bars 

Oxides  vat/foa/  (Psatyo J 

Potash  '  •—/ 

— _ Soda 


Fuel  Oil 

Mill  Supplies  &  Miso 

Work  in  Process 

Iron  >7'  ■’ 

Chemicals  in  process 

Finished  Stock  /■ 

Iron  ,/ 


Meroury  Oxides 
Reclaimed  Iron 

Phenol  Resin  &  Wax  Dept 
Material  &  Supplies 

Cartons  and  cases 
Stearic  Acid 

/  19,600.00 
6, 200.00 
.  6,700.00 
1,600.00  j 
45.700.00  F 191,500.00  v 

r  123, 750.00 

29.300.00  213,500.00 

’ 6,800.00 

,  / 

104,900.00  J  609,900.00 



4.600.00  24,400.00  ' 

Material  &  Supplies 

Lwj*-®'"'  Tool  Room  stock 

r.  Mill  Supplies  &  Misc 


Work  in  Prooess 

'  Finished  oells  assmhld 
11  "  filled  . 

Rubber  parts  , - - 



Steel  Parts 

r  450,000.00.  ^ 

52,100i00  J 
34.700.00  r 547,000.00 

Bolling  Hill  Dept  10,200.00 

BOX  &  Ersy  Dept  14,000.00 

Manufacturing  orders  133,400.00 

Jotting  orders  covering 
wort  for  various  Div’s  47.500.00 

Finished  Stook 

Finished  cells  assembld 
"  »  filled  |1 

"  "  "  |2 
3rd  class  •'  in  transit 

Battery  Hentai 
House  Lighting  Equip  t 
Ulne  lamp  Accessories 
Stock  at  Hew  York 
"  at  Chicago 
Cells  on  consignment 
Repair  Department 
{fork  in  process 
3rd  class  cells 
Bepsir  orders 













export  Division 

Finished  Btock  ready  for 


Coal  31,000.00 

impair  parts  &  supplies  g. 000. 00 

Eeaerve  for 

Int.  on  Investment 
Administrative  Exp 
End  class  cells 
Slow  movine  &  obsolete  stk 





Edison  storage  battery  supply  co. 

Pool  fit  Coast 



Control,  battery  rental 

.  600.00 

1.544.000.00  2,091,000.00 


20.300.00  432,600.00 

2,600.00  2,600.00 










•RfH  nr 


REPER  TO:- _ _ _ 

PROHj- _ _ John  P.  Constable 

REFER  TO  MEMO^  fca-lOS 
DATE: September  16th, 1918 



Being  a  very  cold  and  wintry  day  I  am  confined  to  my 
office  and  am  consequently  getting  down  to  my  premise  of  writing 
out  for  you  my  ideas  in  connection  with  the  Storage  Battery  Engineer- 
ing  Department,  as  per  our  conversation  of  last  week.  '°\ 

I  quite  agree  with  you  that  the  Engineering  Department 
of  as  large  a  Division  as  the  Storage  Battery  should  come  directly 
under  the  General  Manager  of  that  Division  and  he  responsible  to  him, 
and  yet  be  connected  with  the  Central  Engineering  Head  to  promote  the 
standardization  of  methods  and  the  most  economical  use  of  general  en¬ 
gineering  facilities. 

My  recommendation  is  that  you  establish  on  Engineering 
organization  in  the  Storage  Battery  along  the  following  lineB: 

1  -  That  you  appoint  a  Product  Engineer. 

If  the  Storage  Battery  Company  were  entirely  separate 
from  any  other  Company  the  Product  Engineer  would  prdbably  have  the 
title  of  Chief  Engineer,  but  to  avoid  duplication  of  titles,  and  in 
,  order  that  the  centrallization' scheme  may  be  worked  out,  I  would 
suggest  using  the  title  "Product  Engineer". 

I  recommend  that  Mr.  Harold  Smith  be  appointed  to  this 
position,  and  that  he  report  directly  to  you,  or  to  whoever  you  put 
in  charge  of  the  Storage  Battery,  but  he  would  be  affiliated  with  me, 
as  Chief  Engineer,  and  with  the  Product  Engineers  of  other  Divisions 
for  our  mutual  cooperation  and  benefit,  c.  : 

The  Product  Engineers'  duties  can  best, be  sunmarized  by 
saying  that  he  is  Mr.  Edison's  direct  representative ’in'  that  Division, 
and  should  consider  the  engineering  erd  of  the  business  as  a  whole,  as 
Mr.  Edison  would  if  he  were  there  in  person.  ,  In  other  words,  the  Pro¬ 
duct  Engineer  should  keep  in  touch  with  the  Sales  Department  and  the  ’ 
performance  of  the  product  in  the  field.  He- should  also  keep  in  touch' 
with  the  Manufacturing  Department  as  to  methods  of  manufacture  to  produce 
uniformity,  production  and  low  costs,  consistent  with  quality  up  to  Mr. 
Edison’s  standard. 

In  order  for  him  to  fulfill’ these  functions  it'will  be 
neoessary  for  him  to  have  experimental  facilities  and  research  facilities 
for  determining  eauses  of  irregular ’per forminces  either  in  the  field  or 
in  the  factory,  and  also  testing  facilities  to  assure  himself  of  the 
Copies  to:-  * 


TO:-  Chprlea  Edlai 

REFER  TO  1 9.106 

Sg.  .Department  DATE:  September  18th,  1918. 

John  P.  Constable 

uniformity  and  quality  of  the  product.’ 

I  would  recommend  that  you  outline  the  following  organizations 

1  -  Mr.  Harold  Smith  as  Product  Engineer.  Reporting  to  Mr.  Smith 
an.Bxperimental  and  Research  Department,  now  represented,  I  believe,  hy  Mr. 

2  -  A  Development  Department,  as  now  represented  by  Mr.  Peterson’s 


3  -  A  Testing  Department,  as  now  represented  hy  Mr.  c0ok,  and  the 
present  Research  Department. 

X  believe  that  this  end  of  the  business  should  not  be  called 
"Research"  as  it  is  really  cheek  testing  the  various  products  and  is  largely 
a  routine  matter. 

With  these  three  main  functions  directly  under  your  Product 
Engineer,  I  believe  that  you  should  leave  the  details  of  working  this  organiza¬ 
tion  out  to  him. 

Silver  Lake, the  necessary  experimental  and  research  facilities,  and  testing  / 
illlties.  *  / 

As  the  Storage  Battery  Manufacturing  Department  is  so  closely 
allied  to  the  Storage  Battery  Cherni-al  Works,  I  would  also  recommend  at  the 
same  time  that  you  appoint  Mr.  H.  IT.  Oox,  Product  Engineer  for  the  Chemical 
Works,  and  that  he  be  given  the  responsibility  and  authority  necessary  to 
fill  that  position.  Mr.  Cox  already  has,  through  the  Laboratory  Organlzatic 
at  Silver  Lake, the  n  '  ‘ 


It  is  my  idea  that  the  Central  Laboratory  ,  with  Mr.  Stewart  as 
Manager,  will  furnish  the  necessary  facilities  along  these  lineB  for  the  Product 
Engineers  of  the  Silver  Lake  Divisions.’  Mr.  Cox  and  Mr.  Smith,  of  course,  will 
be  very  closely  related. 


In  our  conversation  you  brought  up  the  question  "of  how  far  the 
Product  Engineer  was  interested  in  process  and  manufacture?"  ,  The  Product  Engineer 
fs  naturally  interested  in  everything  pertaining  to  his  product,  and  should  have 
at,  any  rate  an  advisory  say  in  such  matters.  Consequently,  I  think  it  would  be 
advisable  to  ask  Mr.  Smith  to  appoint  a  Manufacturing  Committee  in  the  Storage 
Copies  tot - 



_  Mr  .Oharas _  REFER  TO  IBO.V106 

Storage  Battery  Engineering  Department 

September  18th,  1918. 

John  P.  Constable 

Battery,  con  si  sting  of  himself  and  Mr.  Monahan,  Mr.  Ro'seoe  Smith,  and 
any  others  whom  he  may  need  so  they  can  frequently  discuss  the  various 
problems  which  are  so  closely  inter-related. 

I  trust  the  above  will  meet  with  your  approval,  and  I  am 
sure  that  if  you  will  start  Mr.  Smith  and  Mr.  '’ox  off  with  the  proper 
"punch"  that  the  organisation  will  wo  A  itself  out  very  smoothly. 


“°^er  °?usa  ?or  Prioa  reduotion.  The  policy  behind  all  product*, 

°5  b  EdlBon  doea  not  p0rmlt  nB  to  1<Jwer  tha 

ofonr  materiala  or  workmanship  in  order  to  market  an  inferior  product. 
Therefore,  slnoe  we  oanaot  substitute  inferior  materials'  ani  labor 
we  oannot  rednoe  prlooaon  that  soore.  ’ 

Summing  up,  therefore,  there  in  no  reduced  coat  of  materials 
and  labor,  we  have  no  orver-eupply  of  our  product,  we  have  no  fictitious  high 
prioe  to  lop^  off,  ani  we  will  not  aubetitute  inferior  materials  or  labor, 
therefore  it  is  not  poeslble  to  rednoe  our  selling  prioe.  it  naturally 
follows  that  anyone  purchasing  Edison  Storage  Batteries  has  a  stabilised 
investment  in  the  future  as  well  as  in  the  past. 

Carbon  Copy  to  -  Messrs, Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Charles  Edison. 

3  -—  Srfi  c 

Dear  Sir»- 

With  this,  the  beginning  of  the  calendar  year,  and  with  the  approach  of  our  new 
fiscal  year,  I  deem  it  opportune  to  review  the  past  12  months  and  briefly  give  you 
some  idea  as  to  what  may  be  expected  in  the  way  of  deliveries  and  what  it  will  be 

our  duty  to  dispose  of  for  the  next  12  months - especially  from  the  First  of 

Maroh  to  February  28th,  1920, 

During  the  past  12  months  we  have,  as  you  know,  had  our  hands  full  exeouting  Govern¬ 
ment  orders,  whioh  have  upset  our  oommerolal  deliveries]  and  as  a  matter  of  fact  so 
disturbed  our  production  of  standard  types  that  we  never  have  known  Just  what  we 
oould  ship  to  manufacturers,  or  when. 

She  War  Industries  Board,  together  with  the  Fuel  Administration,  restricted  our  output 
for  ordinary  oommerolal  purposes  in  order  to  divert  as  rauoh  of  our  production  to 
essential  Government  purposes  as  they  deemed  necessary  in  stimulating  the  output 
of  coal  and  other  necessities  as  a  war  measure.  It  was  naturally  our  patriotic  duty 
to  take  care  of  the  Government  requirements  first.  It  may  be  news  to  yod,  but  true 
nevertheless,  that  with  the  exception  of  batteries  for  industrial  truck  and  tractor 
use,  we  did  not  of  ourselves  solicit  direot  Government  business.  The  Radio  Develop¬ 
ment,  Aircraft  and  kindred  departments  of  the  Government,  placed  large  oiders  with  us 
for  small  types,  suoh  as  the  L'b,M*b,  W’b,  B»b  and  J*s,  and  G4,  suofe  that  for  some 
time  our  3/16"  tube  production  with  every  possible  faoillty  at  our  command  was  given 
over  to  the  manufacture  of  the  above  types  for  Government  requirements.  We  were 
hard  hit  in  the  matter  of  labor,  as  was  every  industry  in  this  section,  and  not  alone 
was  it  impossible  to  seoure  labor  at  any  price,  but  the  tool  makers  of  this  section  went 
on  a  strike  for  almost  prohibitive  hourly  rates,  and  with  the  Fublio  Seryioe  output 
of  ourrent  for  all  but  direot  Government  purposes  purtailed,  and  even  with  us  curtail ed 
to  quite  some  extent,  you  can  realize  that  business  "as  usual"  was  impossible.  We 
have  been  oritioized  by  some  manufacturers  very  severely  for  non-delivery,  but  these 
oritioisras  in  some  oases  were  based  on  the  selfish  motives  of  those  who.  would  further 
their  own  interests  first;  and  with  but  1  little  thought  of  either  the  Government 
necessity  nor  of  their  oonpetitors'  rights  or  needs.  Every  energy  and  every  resource 
were  bent  to  the  one  purpose.  Hot  for  a  day  until  Peace  oame  were  we  left  in  doubt 
as  to  our  line  of  action. 

"In  a  day  when  it  was  expected  that  the  War  would  still  be  its  whole  business  the 
Nation  suddenly  faoed  Peace  and  now  enters  a  year  beset  with  problems,  There  was 
leadership  in  war,  but  Industry  must  find  its  own  way  througi  the  adjustments  of 
Peaoe.  An  Epoohal  Year  is  ahead.  Something  more  than  Optimism  must  be  brought  to 
tasks  that  will  be  greater  even  than  those  of  War—- ». 

Courage,  Ineight  and  the  Determination  to  win  must  marie  every  ooneoioue  action  of 
oura  during  the  New  Year. 

Our  produotlon  of  batteries  for  Government  war  purposes  is  praftioally  at  an  end.  We 
still  have  left  some  undelivered  orders  but  the  next  few  weeks  will  see  these  out  of 
the  way  and  we  oan  begin  to  see  our  way  clear  to  turn  our  entire  output  over  to  the 
commercial  interest,  whom  in  a  measure  it  might  seem  we  have  negleoted. 

With  the  above  tasks  accomplished  we  muBt  oonoentrate  on  ways  and  means  to  secure  new 
business  along  our  aooustomed  lines  of  activity  and  bring  to  bear  our  utmost  intelli¬ 
gence  in  dealing  with  the  problems  that  will  confront  us.  the  art  of  selling  will  call 
for  our  greatest  resourcefulness,  and  as  never  before.  There  is  a  tendenoy  to  wait  and 
watch  for  lower  prices  and  to  use  this  as  an  excuse  for  scarcity  of  business.  One  only 
has  to  reflect  as  to  his  own  living  expenses  to  obtain  the  answer.  labor  costs  have 
not  been  reduood,  nor  will  labor  stand  a  out  for  some  time  to  oime,  if  ever,  with  the 
possible  exception  of  special  war  workers  who  were  necessary  at  any  price.  The  material 
market  does  not  show  any  particular  tendenoy  to  reduce  prices.  We  oannot  judge  of  loser 
prices  from  what  a  few  of  the  automobile  manufacturers  have  done,  for  their- increased 
prioeB  during  the  last  year  were  based  somewhat  on  their  decreased  production  as  made 
imperative  by  order  of  our  Government;  and  now  that  the  limitation  on  their  output  haB 
been  partially  withdrawn  and  re-adjustments  made,  suoh  that  the  manufacturers  oan  pro¬ 
duce  in  greater  volume,  and  the  outlook  ahead  for  their  former  regular  production 
bright,  they  have  in  some  cases  announced  reduction  in  price. 

It  is  agreed  by  some  of  the  large  Industries  that  steel  being  the  prime  part  of  our  oell, 
and  that  as  steel  will  be  reduced  in  oost,  that  we  should  reduce  our  prices.  let  me 
say  for  your  information  that  the  entire  oost  of  steel  entering  into  an  A4  cell  ooBts 
but  87^.  Therefore  reduction  of  anyoonsequence  in  the  cost  of  steel  would  have  no 
effect  whatever  in  our  prloes. 

When  food  stuffs,  hats  and  shoes  show  a  substantial  reduction  in  price  we  oan  possibly 
expeot  a  reduction  in  our  ppioes,  but  as  long  as  we  pay  $8,60  for  a  former  $5.  hat,  and 
$10.  to  $12.  for  a  former  $8.  pair  of  shoes,  there  is  little  excuse 'for  the  customer  to 
expect  a  price  reduction  for  some  time  to  oome.  Spot  lead  is  lower  somewhat  in  price 
than  formerly,  but  with  lead  at  6~§-  and  Antimony  at  .8,  with  the  high  costs  of  lead- 
oxides  and  labor,  I  do  not  believe  you  oan  look  for  angreat  reduction  in  price  of  lead 

Our  produotlon  of  standard  types  I  am  happy  to  say  is  inoraasing  week  by  week  and  the 
Increase  will  be  held  as  fast  as  gained.  We  are  now  producing  a  greater  number  of 
oells  per  day,  both  by  types  and  in  A4  equivalents,  than  ever  before, bsuoh  that  we  will 
have  available  a  greater  number  of  oells  for  distribution  this  year  than  in  any  previous 
year  of  our  history.  Our  unfilled  orders  have  been  reduced  and  are  being  reduced  at  a 
satisfactory  rate  and  within  three  months  we  will  have  completed  our  hack  unfilled  orders 
and  will  have  only  our  current  unfilled  orders  on  hand. 

As  of  Jan.  1st,  1919  you  may  promise  delivery  of  new  orders  in  any  of  our  standard  types 
in  from  90  -  120  days;  by  April  1st  to  15th  ’in  from  60  -  90  days;  and  by  June  1st  in 
from  30  -  60  days.  If  delivery  assumes  an  all-important  aspeot  in  any  particular  case 
I  request  that  you  refer  the  matter  with  full  details  to  me  .and  a  speoial  arrangement 
may  ve  effected  for  an  earlier  delivery.  Bvery  Dlstriot  Offloe  mat  not  expeot  that 
every  order  can  be  made  speoial,  and  therefore  you  must  do  your  best  to  defer  the 
delivery  to  the  schedule  of  dates  sis  given  above. 

sell,  and  whioh  It  Is  neoessary  to  dispose  of.  Conpetltion  this  year  will  tax  your 
o our age  to  the  utmost,  hut  I  helleve  that  "Where  there's  a  Will,  there's  a  way"  and 
I  know  that  you  will  find  a  wayo 

If  you  oan  suggest  any  inprovements  as  to  our  nanner  of  doing  business  that  will  aid 
you,  please  do.  not  hesitate  to  inform  me.  We  will  all  have  to  work  together  and  I 
bespeak  of  -  you  your  earnest  and  hearty  op-operation  with  those  at  Orange  and  I  oan 
assure  you  that  hy  mutual  oo-operatlon  and  assistance  I  know  we  oan  realize  our 
ambition  to  perform  the  tasks  Bet  before  us.  The  last  two  months  orders  have  fallen 
far  nehind  any  previous  two  months  during  the  last  three  or  four  years  and  therefore 
I  wish  to  inpress  upon  you  the  necessity  for  immediate  action  in  seouring  new 
business.  Put  on  your  thinking  oapB  and  take  a  hitch  in  your  harness  and  start 
out  immediately  and  fili  us  full  of  new  business.  It  has  got  to  be  done,  so  right¬ 

about  faoe  and  do  itt 


flztfefif  -  S±^pnwu  mNB . 

date  January  15,  I9I9. 

effective  ,  Maro.h  1/  1919. 

Vioe  President  and  Finanolal  Exooutive. 

The  Board  of  Dirootors,  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co. 

aubjeci:  Conference  of  the  Board  of  Directors,  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co,, 

held  January  15,  1919. 

At  a  oo-operative  conference  of  the  Board  of  Directors  of  the  Edison 
Storage  Battery  Company,  held  this  day,  January  15,  I9I9,  Present: 

Messrs.  Charles  Edison,  Chairman, 

Stephen  B.  Member^'  J.  p,  Monahan 

II.  G.  Thompson  1/  C.  S.  A.  Williams 

H.  S’.  Miller  -  J.  V.  Miller 

Arthur  Mudd  Lucian  A.  Marsh. 

it  was  oo-operatiyely  agreed  that  effective  March  1,  I9I9,  the  fundamental 
principle  would  be  oarried  out  of  reoognizing  tho  three  main  branches  of  the 
business,  namely,  Chomloal  Works,  Manufacturing  and  Soiling  (the  latter  of 
which  inoludes  both  Domestic  and  Export)  as  separate  entireties  to  the  extent 
that  all  purchase  agreements  covering  tho  supply  of  either  finished  produot, 
or  parts  of  finished  produot,  or  work  with  parts  of  raw  material,  or  in  oonneotion 
with  the  manufacture  thereof,  should  be  supplied  under  a  fixed  prloe.  Said 
fixed  price  to  be  established  and  presented  at  2  o'olook  in  the  afternoon  of  the 
Wednesday  next  preceding  the  new  quarter. 

It  was  decided  that  the  function  of  the  Secretary  as  definitely 
outlined  in  the  By-Laws  of  the  Corporation  is  to  have  general  supervision 
over  all  the  rooords  of  the  Company,  and  that  it  iB  his  duty  to  call  to  the 
attention  of  the  Division  Managors  any  irregularities  or  differences  existing 
in  their  reoords,  or  any  other  matters  whioh  in  his  opinion  Bhould  be  drawn 
to  their  attention.  It  is  entirely  within  the  scope  of  the  funotlon  of  the 
Secretary,  and  it  should  be  his  duty  to  observe  whether  or  not  suoh  matters 
as  ho  may  drww  to  the  attention  of  our  respeotive  managers  in  aooordanoe  with 
the  above  are  properly  acted  upon,  and  if  any  of  these  reoommendatlonB  should 
not  be  acted  upon,  it  beoomes  the  duty  of  the  Seoretary — if  in  hiB  opinion 
they  are  sufficiently  important  to  warrant  executive  notion — to  speoifioally 
call  the  same  personally  to  the  attention  of  the  Vioe  President  and  Financial 
Executive.  After  making  the  recommendations  direotly  to  the  Managers  and 
personally  appoaling  tbnthe  Vico  President  and  Flnanoiali  Executive  for 
executive  notion  relative  thereto,  tho  Vioe  President  and  Financial  Executive 
will  assume  responsibility  therefore  to  tho  President  and  the  Chairman'  6f  tho 

Signed  for  the  Meeting, 

Stephen  B.  Mambert, 

Vioe  President  and 
Financial  Executive. 

March  10,1919. 

Mr.  Edison:- 

i  *  .  1  sPant  a  day  and  night  in  Washington 

who  w  ?utlar< 

he  was  transf erredflaboutdtw6  wtSfa^olnris^nS^fn11?^8  * 
department  of  the  Davy,  under  Admiral  Kimball 
He  seems  to  be  quite  happy  and  contented.  ■“mDa11' 

the  Hanford  thought  you  would  be  interested  in 

“h°  f  n1?  Jns  extract  from  the  "Radio  Press  Bulletin" 
dated  Ootober  13,1918.  He  came  aorossst  it  in  ht= 
researches  and  thought  you  would  be  interested  as  it 

ICu  exirefsed7at°thrd?/erlfyinS  your  own  views*,  which 
in  191?  d  *  th°  time  you  were  down  in  Washington' 

lhe  extract  is  as  follows: 

"Admiral  Sims  addressing  the 
American  Editors  visiting  England 
said  he  asked  Americans  how  many  sub¬ 
marines  they  supposed  were  operating 
against  merchantmen  and  transports 
and  that  he  never  got  an  estimate  of 
less  than  fifty,  sometimes  one  hundred. 
As  a  matter  of  fact  the  average  was 
eight  or  nine,  sometimes  twelve  or 


4  .  *  ***  **“  ‘Try 

^atl<^  l5(^J.Cll.1.c. 

/o-a  ^<0  vj  y^ei.14  rtcu^  Lti-e-,-^ 


*^£/Yl e*-tuf 





43"j^t7  W* 32 H°  STv  EET 

“New York. 

March  14  th  1919 , 

Hr  Stephen  B  Humbert 
Vice  president 
Edison  Storage  Battery  Co 
Orange  lT.j, 

Dear  Hr  Mambert:- 

„  J  am  ln  reoolPt  °f  a  very  lovely  letter  from 
Hr  Thompson  with  enclosure  and  wish  to  thank  you 
personnal.iy  for  I  know  and  appreciate  that  you  are 
largely  responsible  for  the  same. 

■  It  has  ever  been  a  source  of  great  help  to  me  ln 
my  work  knowing  at.  least  that  YOU  have  a  wider  vision 
than  most  folk,  and  feeling  that  the  day  would  come 
when  you  and  I  could  perhaps  get  closer-  thereby  working 
Wl1^  rn  ?^ly  be  a  great  ble  business  by  much  j 
broader  policies  than  have  prevailed. 

.  I  believe  with  you  that  the  Edison  storage  Battery  l 
Oo  s  business  has  limitations  only  ln  proportion  to  a 

vlevv  of  the  same  backed  un  with  courage,  at  the  i 
same  time  using  care  and  good  Judgement.  j 

There  is  one  thing  that  worries  me  and  that  is  our  j 
foreign  business,  which  I  am  convinced  will  slip  away  1 
(  “  the  same  as  the  Pleasure  vehicle  business  did 

S®6  of  the  exclusive  arrangements  with  the  Detroit 
/  tSe  tlme  arrlve9  that  my  knowledge 

situation  and  the  suggestios  I  think  I  could 

/ssi  si  itr  °f  “8  °°- rae  "mt“ 1  ■»■*'« « 
ruu  zz'sjs  ana  a 

sincerely  Yours. 


Mr.  W.  A.  "oadowcroftj  Confidential  Secretary  to 
Mr.  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

heai1  Mr.  meadowcroft: 

I  am  attaching  copy  of  telegram  sent  Mr.  Edison  on  April  1st, 
and  also  letter  reoeived  by  mo  dated  April  13th  from  Mr.  r.  D. 
Wagoner,  i-resident  of  the  Elliott  wisher  Co.,  Harrisburg,  ra. 

Mr.  Wagoner  is  chairman  of  the  legislative  committee,  as  yet, 
of  tho  M.  E.  H.  A.,  and  wo  are  going  to  have  the  largest  Con¬ 
vention  ever  held  in  Atlantio  City  May  19th  to  22nd.  if 
Mir.  Edison  should  feel  like  granting  Mr.  Wagoner's  request,  x 
believe  that  suoh  a  statement  would  be  of  some  service  to  us,  as 
tor.  Wagoner  is  the  best  known  man  in  the  Electric  Vehicle  business. 

personally, since  l  have  been  with  this  company  (a  little  over 
3  years)  and  prior  to  the  selling  out  of  the  general  vehicle 
Company's  interests,  this  Company,  and  myself  were  groatly 
indebted  to  -r.  wagoner  for  giving  us  largely  increased  orders, 
and  for  a  great  many  friendly  acts  that  have  since  held  us  with 
tho  Walker  company  very  successfully,  and  i  personally  fe&l 
under  obligations  to  ur.  Wagoner,  and  am  grateful  to  him  as  i 
w-s  in  tho  employ  of  his  former  company  for  several  years. 

Thanking  you  in  advance  for  calling  this  to  '~r.  Edison' s  attention, 
and  asking  for  reply  one  way  or  tho  other,  j.  am,  as  ever. 



April  24,1919. 

Mr.  Seo-i  Drake  Smith,  •  ' 

Edison  Storage  Battery  -Co. 

Dear  Mr.  Smith:  <  ,  :  •  •  ' 

The  enolosed  oarbon  copy  of  my 
letter  to  Mr.  Wagoner  will  explain  itself. 

I  return,  herewith,  Mr.  Wagoner’s 
letter  to  you  and  the  oopy  of  the  telegram. 

.Sincerely  your3', 

Enclosures  -  3. 


Electric  Starter. 

Mr.  H.  a,  Thompson: 

Referring  to  the  Eleotrio  Starter  that  has  been 
under  development  for  some  time,  X  believe  that  a  big  business 
will  result  from  this  if  we  can  ever  get  it  going,  and  it  is 
our  disposition  to  go  right  ahead  with  it  and  spend  the  necessary 
money  to  develop  it  If  the  starter  Is  found  satisfactory  and  prac¬ 

In  order  that  we  may  be  in  a  position  to  take  such  action 
as  we  should  take  and  push  this  right  along,  X  would  like  to  get  from 
you  the  full  story  of  this  starter  so  that  later  on  there  may  be 
no  doubt  as  to  who  ewns  it,  etc.  The  whole  thing  is  hazy  in  my 
mind.  What  I  would  like  is  a  sketohy  story  of  the  starter  from 
its  inception  up  to  the  present  'time. 




Memo.  No.  16 
Date  4/26/19. 





„„,M5I>  h 


6-1-19  dlo.  4-30-19 
Desk  #1 


am.TCni<1  tit,f.0TRI0  SMARTER. 

OSia  Elootrio  3tarter  to  which  you  refer  in  your  memo  #16,  dated  April  S, 
now  owned  and  oon trolled  by  the  Tidewater  Equipment  Corporation,  of 
Portland,  Me.,  was  first  brought  to  ny  attention  some  time  in  1916.  It 
was  then  known  as  the  Jenney  Starter  and  then  owned  by  a  Mr.  Oberreioh 
and  a  Mr.  Jenney  of  Indianapolis,  laid.  We  oame  in  contact  with  this 
through  being  called  upon  to  furnish  5  cells  of  B4  for  a  demonstration 
which  was  then  being  made  in  Indianapolis  in  order  that 'the  then  owners 
might  demonstrate  to  their  sati sfaotion  the , adiptability  of  Edison  Batter¬ 
ies  to  this  Starter,  which  it  was  hoped 'could  be  produced  in  large  quanti¬ 
ties  at  a  low  price  and  sold  for  gas  pleasure  vehicles  as  well  as  gas 
trucks.  i 

The  matters  progressed  for  some  little  time.  I  discussed  informally  with, 
your  Father  this  Starter  with  the  result  that  I  had  expressed  to  Orange 
two  automobiles,  one  a  Pathfinder  and  the  other  a  Ford,  to  which  these 
Starters  were  and  had  been. applied  for  sane  time.  We  ran  the  Pathfinder 
to  Silver  lake  where  your  Father  was  then  doing  soma  special  work  that 
he  might  see  the  application  and  that  we  might  get  his  ideas  as  to  whether 
or  not  ha  thought  it  advisable  for  any  of  us  as  individuals  of  the  Company 
to  interest  ourselves  in  the  proposition.  Your  Father  expressed  the  opin¬ 
ion  only  that  the  fundamental  principals  of  this  Starter  were  correct  and 
if  refined  should  mate  a  good  Starter  and  suggested  to  me  that  we  follow 
this  along  for  a  time  at  least,  the  thought  alwayB  most  uppermost  in  our 
minds  being  that  if  we  oould  help  along  in  any  way  the  organization  of  a 
Company  to  produce  a  Starter  that  we  would  naturally  bo  the  recipients  of 
a  considerable  amount  of  business. 

Some  little  time  transpired  when  the  Starter  was  more  or  less  lost  sight 
of  wlen  a  Mr.  Moulton,  President  of  the  Moulton  Engineering  Corp.,  of 
Portland,  Me.,  became  interested  in  the  Starter  and  made  sp  exhaustive 
investigation  and  report  of  the  merits  and  patentable  features  of  the 
Starter  and  he  finally  became  interested  in  forming  a  Corporation  to  buy 
the  patent  rights  and  build  a  Starter.  The  Corporation  was  formed  and  he,  . 
Mr.  Moulten,  after  several  visits  to  Orange,  induced  a  number  of  us  to 
.  purchase  stock  and  in  disoussing,at  this  time,  the  matter  with  your  Father 
he  voluntarily  suggested  that  he  would  like  to  interest  himself  at  least 
in  stock  ownership.  I  think -your  Father,  at' that  time,  was  inclined  to 
invest  a  little  more  heavily  than  ha  did,  hut  for  some  reason  or  other  I 
rather  had  a  hunoh  that  la  should  not  go  very  far  from  the  fear  that  I 
had  at  the  time  that  the  promotors  of  the.  Starter  would  use  him  for  the 
sale  of  stock  and  for  other  reasons  to  their  heat  interest.  I,  nyself, 
invested  $1,000,  your  Father  likewise,  Billy  Bee  $500,  and  I  induced 
John  Miller,  unfortunately,  to  invest  $600,  for  I  believed  at  that  time 
and  still  believe  that  eventually  this  Starter  will  be  a  success. 



The  first  effort  on  the  part  of  the  Corporation  was  to  get  the  Esterline 
&  Angus  Company  of  Indianapolis  to  redesign  the  Starter  for  the  reason 
that  they  had  in  the  early  stages  of  the  work  been  interested  in  the 
development.  Unfortunately  for  the  Corporation,  Esterline  &  Angus  Company 
spent  a  great  deal  of  time  attempting  to  redesign  tha  Starter  with  hut 
negative  results  and  at  the  cost  of  quite  a  little  money  to  tha  Tidewater 
Equipment  Corporation.  Matters  went  on  for  some  little  time  unsatisfac¬ 
torily  there  being  little  or  no  money  in  the  Treasury,  whan  I  felt  that 
as  your  Father  had  invested  and  as  there  was  a  possibility  of  great  develop¬ 
ment  for  tha  Battery  Congo  any  it  was  about  time  that  someone  did  something 
and  X,  therefore,  made  arrangements  for  a  simplified  model  to  be  built  in 
the  Lab.,  the  Battery  Company  to  pay  the  lab.  for  the  oost  of  this,  which 
after  satisfactory  arrangements  with  the  Tidewater  Company,  they  arranged 
to  reimburse  the  Battery  Company  just  as  soon  as  they  were  in  a  position 
to  do  so.  Mils  Starter  was  completed  and  developed  some  little  kinks  and 
was  then  f o r, varied  to  Portland,  when  Mr.  Hansen  of  the  Moulten  Engineering 
Company  undertook  to  again  refine  this  Starter  with  the  result  that  a 
model  was  developed  andplaoedon  a  Ford  car  and  operated  for  some  num¬ 
ber  of  thousand  miles,  to  all  intents  and  purposes,  very  satisfactorily. 

The  War  came  on  and  it  was  then  inpossible  to  raise  any  money  anl, 
furthermore,  no  shop  could  bo  found  who  would  undertake  to  further  develop 
one  or  two  more  models  and  there  the  matter  has  rested  ever  since. 

I  forgot  to  mention  that  Mr.  Geo.  Brake  Smith  was  financially' inveigled  to 
invest  $600  in  this  Starter  because  he  believed  it  to  be  a  good  thing. 

Mr.  Smith  and  myself  being  bad  loosers  undertook  to  see  what  could  be 
done  to  revive  the  proposition  and  as  Mr.  Moulten  had  disappeared  due  to 
financial  and  other  embarassments,  we  finally  had  a  new  Board  of  Directors 
elected  whioh  we  could  control  for  a  year  at  least  and  on  that  Board  were 
a  Ur.  Sanford  of  Boston  an  investor  to  quite  some  extent,  Mr.  Geo.  Drake 
Smith  and  nyself,  and  two  others.  The  Starter  in  the  meantime  had  been 
shipped  to  Indianapolis  so  that  Mr.  Oberreioh,  the  original  owner  and  a 
present  stock  holder,  oould  prosecute  the  further  development  and  sale  of 
the  Starter.  Mr.  Geo.  Drake  Smith  and  myself  took  it  upon  ourselves  to 
push  this  thing  to  a  conclusion  of  some  kind  and,  therefore,  had  the 
Starter  reshlpped  to  Orange  where  it  now  is. 

I  discussed  informally  with  Mr.  Monohan  the  possibility  of  refining  the 
Starter  further  with  the  assistance  of  Mr.  Eansen,  whom  I  formerly  men¬ 
tioned,  here  at  our  plant  at  Oraige.  I  was  about  to  take  this  matter  up 
with  you  when  I  reoeived  your  nemo  whioh  has  resulted  in  this  letter. 

I  am  firmly  oonvinoed  that  the  Starter  can  be  made  a  comma  re  iai  success 
and  would  strongly  recommend,  in  whioh  recommendation  1  am  joined  by 
Mr.  'Geo.  Drake  Smith  and  Mr.  Sanford  of  Boston,  that  we  arrange  to  have 
Ml?.  Hansen  some  to  Orange  at  the  Battery  Company's  esperae  and  either 
perfect  this  present  Starter  or  build  one  or  two  nere  models  ocpoeming 
which  Mr.  Hansen  has  some  new  ideas  and  then  arrange,  provided  they  are 
-  successful,  to  have  some  firm  manufacture  this  or  possibly  for  a  limited 
time  and  in  a  limited  number  have  our  own  Company  make  these  Starters 



that  the  project  may  be  carried  on  to  a  successful  conclusion  or  entirely 

It  must  seem. to  you,  from  the  foregoing,  that  having  a  financial  interest 
in  this  matter  1  am  desirous  of  getting  my  money  out  of  it.  Oils  is  true 
but  with  reservations.  I  feel  somewhat  guilty  as  it  were,  and  please  par¬ 
don  n»,  for  allowing  your  Father  to  become  interested  in  this  but  my 
main  purpose  was  not  my  own  financial  interest,  although  I  was  perfectly 
willing  to  share  in  ary  profits  which  might  acrua  to  the  Tidewater  Equip¬ 
ment  Corp.,  to  build  i£>  a  starter  to  which  Edison  Batteries  could  be 
successfully  applied  and  to  try  and  help  promote  a  Oorpbration  which  would 
manufacture  the  Starters  oommoroially  in  large  volume,  realising  that  if 
.this  could  be  aooompliehad  that  the  Battery  business  in  this  one  eouroe 
alone  would  he  enormoua.  I  still  have  more  than  $1,000  worth  of  interest 
in  this  matter  and  would  strongly  urge  that  you  consider  this  matter  care¬ 
fully  and  permit  at  least  for  your  own  satisfaction  the  building  of  one 
or  two  models  which  oould  not  in  oost  exceed  for  all  items  $1,000.  I  am 
perfectly  willing,  as  far  as  I  am  concerned,  to  sell  ny  stook  for  one 
hundred  oenta  on  the  dollar  to  anyone  who  is  sufficiently  interested  to 
aoquire  it  provided  auoh  selling  out  would  be  to  the  advantage  of  this 
Company  in  any  way,  shape,  form  or  manner.  I  would  be  further  very  glad 
lnleed  to  have  you  talk  to  Ur.  ^eo.  Brake  Smith  or  Ur.  Harold  H.  Smith 
or  to  make  ary  investigation  that  you  might  desire,  hut  whatever  is  . done 
hy  us  must  he  done  immediately  or  else  I  fear  that  the  control  of  the 
patents  will  pass  out  of  the  hands  of  the  present  owners  and  some  of  our 
other  competitors  might  he  sufficiently  interested  to  hury  it  or  further 
develop  it  for  their  own  interests. 

EdiBon  Storage  Battery  Co.  Hay  6,  1919 

Ur.  S.  B.  Hanibert, 

Vice  President  and  Financial  Executive. 

In  the  certificate  of  incorporation  filed  May  27,  1901  the 
authorized  capital  stook  of  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.  was  given  as 
$1,000,000.  divided  into  10,000  shares.  The  entire  amount  authorized 
was  issued. 

A  certificate  was  filed  October  7,  1910  increasing  the  cap¬ 
ital  stock  from  $1,000,000.  to  $3,600,000.  the. additional  stook  being 
like  in  all  respeots  the  Block  before  issued.  Of  the  26*000  additional 
shares  authorized  only  19,982  shares  were  issued  at  the  time. 

The  last  change  in  the  capital  stock  was  effected  in  Nov¬ 
ember,  1917,  when  it  was  increased  from  $3,500,000  to  $5,000,000.,  the 
latter  amount  being  divided  into  $2,000,000  of  preferred  stock  and 
$3,000,000  Of  common  stock  by  changing  5,000  shares  of  common  stock 
not  yet  issued  into  an  equal  number  of  preferred  stock  and  by  creating 
15,000  additional  shares  of  such  preferred  stock. 

Of  the  20,000  shares  of  preferred  stock  authorized,  18,013 
shares  were  issued  as  of  November  30,  the  balance  of  1987  shares  of 
preferred  and  18  shares  of  common  being  not  issued  until  February  26, 

At  the  present  writing  all  of  the  preferred  and  common  stook 
authorized  has  been  issued.  , 

Thomas  A.  Edison  owns  26,008  shares  of  the  common  stock  and 
19,593.33  shares  of  the  proforred  stook,  Charles  Edison  owns  1,000 
shares  of  the  common  stock  and  Mrs.  Mina  JJ.  Edison  owns  400  shares  of 
the  preferred  stock. 

You  will  recall  in  the  last  change  of  the  authorized  capital¬ 
ization  a  somewhat  involved  arrangement  was  made  as  to  the  rights,  of 
the  holders  of  the  two  classes  of  s'tock  in  regard  to  payment  of  divi¬ 
dends,  and  if'it  is  proposed  to  further  increase  the  capitalization  by 
the  issuance  of  additional  stock,  the  subject  will  of  necessity  have 
to  be  given  very  careful  consideration,  as  there  will  undoubtedly  be 
a  considerable  difference  in  the  rights  of  the  stock  which  may  be  issued 
now  os  compared  to  that  heretofore  issued. 

Will  the  additional  stock,,  if  issued,  bo  oommon,  preferred  or 
second  preferred? 


May  5,  1919 

The  Initial  cost  of  an  increase  in  capitalisation  will  he 
approximately  $1250.,  not  including  printing  of  certificates,  if  any. 
The  cost. would  he  divided  about  as  follows; 

Excise  Tax  -  5 $  revenue  stamp  on  each  $100.  certificate  $500. 
State  Tax  -  20d  for  each  $1,000.  increase  200. 

Filing  Fees  about  50. 

Legal  Expenses  about  500.00 

The  yearly  cost  would  bo  $1,000.  represented  by  the  Capital 
Stoolc  Tax  of  $1.00,  for  each  $1,000.  of  capitalization. 




ORANGE,  N.  J. 

Subjoct:  Tidewater  Equipment  Corp. 

f™randum  H6Z0'  ab0V9  attbJoat,  pursuant  to  Hr. 

suns  “  s"“ of  *w  m-  im-  *»  '“*« «-  *-. 

mendS  Wh0  are  ufcoo*boldor0  in  tho  Tidewater 
Equipment  Corp.,  wero  novor  kept  won  informed  aa  to  its  progress,  wo 
^Zb^iaaa’liTn°d  V?fc?  th°  alow  DBnnor  In  '’ihloh  ®attors  wore  being 
mooting  °£  th!  opportunlty  t0  attona  th0  stockholders 

in  Portland,  Mo.,  a  few  wooks  ago.  X  arrived  in  Portland  be¬ 
fore  the  meeting  of  tho  stockholders,  interviewing  tho  Boston  stock¬ 
holders  on  tho  way,  and  was  enabled  at  tho  imotim.  * - - 

°f  *he.?oard»  ^solutions  wore  passed  giving  the  Board  of 
t  1  authority  to  sell  the  starter  end  put  it  out  on  royalty  or 

to  proceed  in  any  due  manner  to  push  tho  same,  in  so  many  words,  full 
OToeoofl^  f  ’V'l  «ith  Ulat  aPbh0rUy*  and  1,r*  Tompson’s  consont,  1 

tSt  t0  the  ludiapapolis  people  and  to  talk  with  numhrcnsli 
”S  111  W  bringing  back  the  starter  froi:  Indianapolis 
the  some  now  bolng  in  our  possession  in  Orange.  p 

“Ji „“?< investigations,  1  am  so  thoroughly  convinced  that  the  starter, 
I*!*  i  °?ai?OS ,ln  U>  *hlohcan  be  a  °HO  economically,  by  Mr. 

Henson,  Who  dosignod  tho  last  starter,  and  who  has  agreed  to  complete  the 

dollars  ?”ai1  flfure  (not  t0  0X0003  seven  to  nine  hundrod 

dollars,  written  proposals  for  the  doing  of  which  I  have  furrfehod  Hr. 
Thompson  with)  will  be  successful.  This  work  should  be  dose  in  Orange 
«airrrt°BMl0a  a  °  3tart6r  shotda  b°  niado  in  Orange  by  the  EdisoS^o., 
Battory  Comiaay  starter.  These  ’is  no  question 
“  “ld0  th8  work  811  rlSht  with  the  B  colls  of  J3  battery, 
tto  nt^tnr0nrs^  “^including  tho  battory  at  ?25.00  and  the  cost  of 

t0  930  would  not  exoosd  860.00,  and  the  same  can  be  sold 
®  j}0,0'00  ,1°“vlnG  *  “M«l“  W  for  dealers,  and  I  am  so  con¬ 
vinced  that  this  could  bo  made  tho  moans  of  selling  immense  quantities  of 
^  ^  t0  betake,  with  our  COTO  ^two 

“  °f  bftM#ri“  «**  «» 

W°  n°^  t0  0011  rtlUo»  aollars  worth  of  batteries  would  be 
yto  sell^or  rather  equip  Z%  of  all  tho  kord  oars  that  are  now  running  with 
,tno  starter,  to  say  nothing  of  equipping  more  Ford  ears  rapidly. 


.'•'‘nNEW^YORK?»PX^B OSTOtTvi.  , 
88  PARI  PLACE  »  '  52 1  IE  AOUSHIRESt.- 


,  -fg<-  ynARI.g'ADDRESS  1  CLIPBURO  \  Sb  w 

,  n.ppmn  fi^om  -x  , 

I  constructions,  i|i  wliioh  tho  strength  of  materials, 
i]  though  .tested,  measures, life .  or  death.  It  is  a  fair 
[ATTACHMENT]  m  a?“olusiQn,  noMnlyfrqm  thoso  reoont  efforts,  but- 
|!;i  from  the.  general  rapid  growth  of  aeronautics  in  the 
jj|  past  five  years,  that  tiro  air  is  conquered.  Imagina- 
il  tibn  may  well 1  picture  tho  -upper  air,  filled  with  ] 
P  Roots  of,  ships  carrying  mail  and  his  prodiiots,  by  tho  ' 
i  ||  ^^andfostest  Bpeed,  to  every  part  of  , 

k:  :  Progress,  and  wo  presume  it  must  always  bo  so, 
P  '“9yes-  forward  by : uneven  stages,.. and  rarely  along 
i-TvUREAU;  ••.. ''  P| .  parallel,  lines, ,  Power  .  on  thoso .  transatlantic  •  air- 

qRokTON-'W-r'-  l>  PW,0.8,, 18  dependent  upon  exp losivo  engines  fed  by! 

_  DEVONSHIRE  St'  r  „>  |<  J^^o,.i)tiiq^-tt«,«^..1wiw)^raph  and 

S&AKiHbirqAi«S|lHHk»MUS  ™'iit  ‘has  become  of 

RiSAN  F  RA'hcisco  and  ldudon  jt/S  ■  M  plootno  storage  battery  “J4  ,oomplot#v.  aoeording  to 

e-ADORESS  CLIPBURO  t  his  own  .words  in  the  ‘‘North  American  Review,” 

\  ?°  many  years  j  ago  ?  Undoubtedly  aeronautics  is 
w.  .YORK,  j,:  ,  m  its  mfunoy,  despite  tlieso  prodigious  feats  that  now 

.  j-  60  astonish  and.  oxhilirato  us.  Wo  seo  man  in  his 

oonstruotivo  moods.  And  while  caution  in  oxpori- 
X  ‘  X  '  !.  ment  mast  doprecato  unwarranted  adventures  based 

;  -a  ,s  i.  /  ‘  |i  °n  almost  incrediblo  courage,  the  layman  is  on- 

. .  I'ispuraged  in  constancy  and  energy  when  ho  realizes 

s*  m  Sfaarr  TJ£2S  tsz 

;n"  S"1'  ■■  “» «srj3fxsi 

such  nautical  oaleulations  . as  he  might  bobble  to  Stl  f  stopping  hardly  more  tlm„  makeshifts. 

1^8  6wn  endurance.  All  the  world  knows  hnw  in  nJf*  ^ ^  a*r»  or  sottling  gracefully  and  easily 

“*  isw,  **»  -zjsss  sskt 

expressed  the  opinion  that  little*  was  left  to  ohnn™  m.ftQ0no  ^  a.^  n}tc*  cac  i  ncw  1Qvention  pro- 

S'  m* eon  adtd0,dt?0M  °f  Ships  ?thr  S*  r°aSOn  °f  th° 

achievement;  and  the1  English  Admiral  though  viously  softhemTf' “T  °f  thiS  B,oionco  should  ob-. 

^opwithmaohinoandoffbrtwortibutapr^tS  th°  D0W  “ 

prise,  must  feel  some  regret;  even  tinder  thohnppy  tor-  life  ItTs  not  «  ,X  nralfWornnd  m°ro  abounding 
mination,  that  it  made  so  few  preparations,'  set up  so  into  a^ow  vnL  ”  if-f ,to  Bro'vd  every  experience; 
fow  safeguards,  in' behalf  of  the  intrepid  men  who  slowing  it I,"  '  “fl?  “deed  may  bo  attended  by. 
staked  their  all  in  behalf  of  an  arm  of  the  “service”  nerato  r.s^of  tl  “nd  m“d°  ??t?  .enJ°yablo  by  tem- 
80  important  to  ships  at  sea  whether  in  wn  nmm™  P  ‘  l  !  thlngs,  opportunities  as  well  as  pos-  i 

And  yet  wlion  all  is  said,  a  flaw  in  tho  machine™  sess,1011s\  may  bo  well  to  compress  a 
an  unexpected  tempest  of  weather  may  mcL  dta-  adIvTn'roa  1°dmdually !t  is  weil  to  stretch .  , 

a  serene  contemplation  is  as  l^pSrfe 

phyP.„„i.„ -  .  - 


July  2,  1919  . 

Mr.  W.  H.  Meadoworoft. 

On  May  1st  you  advised  wo  that  the  fifteen  (15) 
A-6  Colls  whioh  were  delivered  in  October,  1918,  to  the  Brooklyn 
Navy  Yard  for  the  use  of  Mr.  Thomas  A.  Edison  on  Motor  Sailor 
Boat  No.  1206,  were  still  on  the  boat.  As  two  months  have  now 
expired  will  you  kindly  inquire  as  to  whether  these  Colls  are 
still  on  the  boat  and  advise  me  aooordingly. 


Mr.  Charles  jEdison. 

(-tffoJr  <Jtf  a. 

*3Raji.  iL 

f^-6-uj  cUh >vOr 

ctp-r^i  d 

CflSia+r  ' 
July  4th  1919 

tPvxxi"  $Oi\  & 

■v  do  ’«/  ? 

Some  time  ago,  Mr,  Edison  requested  me  to 
investigate  certain  phenomena  in  oonnectioa  with  the  use  of 
bismuth  in  the  positive  electrodes  of  the  Edieon  battery, 

I  immediately  put  in  a  request  for  the  necessary  mater¬ 
ials  which  were  to  be  made  at  Silver  Lake.  After  a  oonsidera- 
ble  period  of  waiting  I  repeated  my  order  and  then  had  the  mat¬ 
ter  followed  up* 

I  was  finally  advised  that  Silver  Lake  had  no  bismuth,  ,• 
Gould  not  obtain  any, and  that}  the  ohemists  there  were  not  pre¬ 
pared  to  make  up  the  materials  required  even  if  the  bismuth  wore 

I  understand  the  Mr.  Pedersen  oan  provide  as  much  bismuth  as' 
will  be  needed^and  in  the  desired  form. 

1  suggest  that  you  authorize  him  to  prepare  the  bismuth  at  ■  >■> 
once,  so  thsr  1  can  begin  the  experiments,  r.iwill  leave  the  necessary 
instructions  for  the  continuation  and  completion  of  the  testa, after 
August,  if  I  am  Unable  to  finish  them  during  the  present  month.  • 

Mr,  Pedersen  or  Mr.  Dobyns  could  carry  on  the  work  if  neces¬ 

S/hTTB^Lf — 

July  9,  1919. 

Hi'.  Lamar  Lyndon, 

21  Park  How* 

Hew  York  City. 

Hoar  Hr*  Lyndon: 

X  referred  to  Mr.  Edison  your  note  of  the  4th  instant 
in  reference  to  bismuth,  and  he  has  returned  it  to  me  with  the 
notation  that  he  himself  intends  to  make  some  experiments,  presumably 
for  the  some  purpose,  and  it  will  therefore  not  be  necessary  to  ar¬ 
range  for  the  bismuth  to  conduct  the  experiments  you  have  in  mind, 
at  least  not  for  the  present. 

faithfully  yours. 



X ilUl&l-c^  -*  *$<  (^.tS-uO 

.  /L&  ’ _ _ 



August  16,  1919, 

J/r,  Charles  Edison,  \ 

Chairman  of  Board  of  Di,reotors,  5QO 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Oo,, 

Oruhge,  K,J*' 

Osar  Kr.  Kdioon, 

I3?*09”  AcQU2uifltora  •T,ttl*  v,a-a  incorporated  and  finanosd 
d  by,r.ou£on  °f  th0  original  contract  of  September  20,1913 
and  its  amendment  of  August  22,  1916*  *  * 

„„„  rjay*  •WP»  166.000  Bounds  8tg.  of  additional'  oApitol 

Y  »v.?U5°Srl^od  ut  par  by  my  a80°oiates  Explosive  Trades  Ltd^ 
lamS^oJntSaot  Pt4d  UP  0ap*&al  of  30.000,000  Bounds  Qtg.) on  the 

,,  liy®n  if)  1  desired  to  do  so,  I  oould  not  oonoel  the 
existing  contract  and  ucoopt  the  now  contract  you  propose  without 
making  myself  liable  to  the  shareholders  of  Kdison  ISSlItoS  Ltd 

,u  -  oonferenco  of  August  15th.  I  explained  to  you 

tiv0*’effo^ten«U^II<llan  °on^itior,a.  ‘‘ntl  the  noocsoity  for  co-opera- 
tb°  part  ouraolvoa,  i.o.,  Edison  Accumulators 
Ltd. .and  Edispn  Storage  Battery  Co.,  to  meet  them  . 

Aun-u»+ -ih+v  ““  submitting,  at  the  forthcoming  conference  of 

aa  afondaont  °f  the  existing  oontruot,  with  an  aur- 
,.ne»t  effort  to  moot  some,  of  the  objections  you  havs  raised,- 

in+w  ._.Your  General  Manager  utated,  at  the  oonforenoo  of  the 
*  B-t'»  tiia- 1  you  aro^nq  t  interested  in  any  furthor  business 

.Afo^iato^s  Ltd.  on  the  basis  of  the  present  oon- 
>i4ljJ8:i:"£9r,tunate-beoause,  in  tho  event  of  an  impasse  . 

;  WUftions  between  us  are  apt  to  prove  unsatisfactory. 

ViniL*-.  lB  found  to  exist,  I  oan  see  no 

®li**>n  Storage  Battery  Co.  should 
purchase  tftii  Edison  Accumulators  Ltd.,  or,  conversely.  the 

J*?4**  ^ohaSrffi’BdiSon 

tOunsgotiate  on  such  one  of 

j  ,  l  ;  Vours  faithfully, 


Managing  Director, 


Batter^™*™  ?h!ma0  AlTe  E<Uo°n.  Edison  Storage 

?  Co.,  Edl»on  AooumiaatorB  Ltd.  and  John  Ferreol  Monnot 
dated  Jept,  20,  1913  and  the  Amendment  thoroof  dated  Ausmat  22 
W16  are  hereby  tended  ao  follows,  a.  of  Lei  date  of  Setter. 

««rs  is  s°ii"V", ,Up- 


fdlao”  Accumulators  Ltd.  resident  nalao  agent  will 
be  authorised  to  quote  the  Bdison  storage  Battery  Co.  list  \£o.. 
I*?11  i«9uiriee  for  export  to  Edison  Aooumulatora  Ltd  terSfteJ! 

S  ti£e?  °  Whi°h  2<l8l0B  A*owulatora  Ltd.  will  fL  from  & 

(b|  Cell  steel  aontalners  complete. 

(c)  All  insulating  ear to. 

(  ^te^nS0*’  ?U"°b  aa  pol<io*  wt«»  oormeotoro, 

JlStrSyte"  'rapfir8*  el#ot‘rio  flul»E  outfit., 


r.p».S;»t.2^r!osSSJ  itOTSatSifiJy  irES0*  ""°h 

i.  A  *s«  xsttss™- 


Battery  Co,  will  supply  earn*,  for  assembly  in  Oreat  Britain,  at 
fair  prices  to  be  agreed  upon  .  * 

8:  When  Edison  Accumulators  Ltd.  is  prepared  and  actuinned 

mSVilfaoture  a11  th8  t»*t»’#to.  referred  to  in  Paragraph  4. 
the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.  will  eupply  Kdioon  AaoSmulatore 
Ltd.  with  unformed  poeitive  and  negative  plates  of  all  ntundard 
types  of  Edioon  Cells,  the  prioee  to  Edison  Accumulators  Ltd  .  to 
he  agreed  upon  in  oonfarenoe  of  August  18 th/19  and  the  future 
prices  to  he  governed  by  proportionate  increase  or  deorease  in 
the  corresponding  types  of  cells/*  list  pricao. 

9:  In  the  event  that,  conditions  arise  whereby  it  becomes 

neoesnary  to  manufacture  the  entire  battex*y  in  Croat  Britain, 
ifaoe.  A.  Edison  and  Edioon  Storage  Battery  Co.  agree  to , give 
ture°n  ^oousiu^a^0i’a  ktd.  the  first  preference  for  such  manufao- 

,  the  British  Admiralty  stipulates  that  auoh  submarine 

batteries  as  they  may  wish  to  purchase  he  made  in  part  or  wholly 
in  Sraat  Britain,  and  if  the  Sdiaon  storage  Battery  Co.  desire  to 
submarine  typo  batteries  to  the  Admiralty,  the  submarine  type 
of  battery  will  be  inoluded  in  the  exclusive  arrangement  with 
Edison  iiooumulators  Ltd, 

Mr.  Thcmt 

l.  Edi! 

X*  L'  Desk  #1 

„  nl  <  ^,50" 

-  0.  E.  Sholes ,  V.P.  &  Gen.  Mgr.  ,  '  2-6066^^. 

-  All  Members  of  the  Board  of  Directors 

At  the  direotion  of  the  Board  we  enclose  copy  of  proposed  nSw  form 
of  Guaranty,  as  raoomnended  by  Sales  Comnittee  and  approved  by  the 
legal  Department! 

In  the  first  blank  space  in  second  paragraph  reading  "delivering  at 

80$  for  Mine  locomotive  Service; 

00$  for  servioe  more  severe  than  normal  suoh  as 
Oonaeroial  Truck  in  a  hilly  oity  or  Industrial 
Trucks  and  Traotors  under  severe  grade  conditions; 

9°$  for  all  other  servioes,  or  some  other  figure  less 
than  100$  determined  by  some  speoial  case. 

in  second  blank  space  in  seoond  paragraph  reading  « -  their  rated 

oapaoity  of _ ampere  hours",  we  propose  to  insert  rated  oapaoity 

as  given  in  all  our  literature  of  the  particular  type  cell  oovered  by 
this  guaranty. 

In  third  blank  space  in  seoond  paragraph  reading  we  will  replace,  them 
with  other  oells  hating  ______$  of  rated  oapaoity,  etc.",  we  propose  to 

insert  100$  in  till  oases,  but  omit  it  from  the  printing  in  Older  to 
keep  our  oompetitors  guessing. 

wyy  ■  x 

Tice  Pres.  &^Gen.  Manager.  \ 


,  (jtoJLeJr  ^  * 
\  ^ 




v  a?^S3Urano°  t0  y°u  that  the  quality  of  durability  possessed 

ty  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  shall  inure  to  your  benefit,  we,  the  under¬ 
signed  EDISON  STORAGE  BATTERY  COMPANY,  hereby  guarantee  ail  the  Type 
oella  bearing  aerial  numbers  as  per  the  list  herewith  as  followsj 

1.  We  guarantee  that  any  defect  in  workmanship  or  material 

which  may  develop  within  a  period  of  one  year  from  the  date  of  shipment  of 
said  cells  by  us  will  be  corrected  free  of  charge  f.o.b,  orange,  Hew  Jersey. 

2,  We  guarantee  that,  if  at  any  time  within  a  period  of  TEH  YEARS 

from  the  date  of  said  shipment,  any  of  said  cells  shall,  vAxen  tested  under 

our  supervision,  be  found  incapable  of  delivering  at  least  C1D  per  cent 

of  their  rated  capacity  of  ampere-hours,  we  will  replace  them  with 

other  cells  having  per  cent  of  rated  capacity  at  a  charge  to  you 

for  each  oell  equal  to  the  list  price  thereof  at  the  date  of  replacement 
by  us  less  an  allowanoo,  for  the  coll  replaced  .and  returned  to  us,  equal 
to  the  percentage  of  its  list  price  set  opposite  the  period  during  which 
the  benefit  of  this  guaranty  is  claimed  in  the  following  schedule! 

Hirst  year 

Hirst  6  months  of  second  year 
Second  6  "  »  »  » 

Sixth  year  28 
Seventh  year  and  l3t  6  months  in  8th  year  26 
Second  6  months  in  8th  year  and  9th  and  loth  years  25 

We  further  guarantee  that  all  cells  furnished  to  replace  other 
hereunder  will  likewise  be  covered  by  this  guaranty,  subject  to  all  the 
conditions  herein  contained,  their  replacement  allowance  being  based  upon 
the  date  of  their  shipment  by  us  to  you  in  accordance  with!  the  foregoing 
schedule;  provided  however  that  this  agreement  and  guaranty  and  our  re¬ 
sponsibility  hereunder  sh^ll  not  extend  beyond  the  expiration  of  ten 
years  from  the  date  of  shipment  by  us  of  the  original  battery  of  cells 
covered  hereby. 

All  colls  to  be  replaced  shall  be  delivered  to  u8  f.o.b.  Orange 
Hew  Jersey.  All  oells  supplied  hereunder  wiil  be  delivered  by  us  f.o.b. 
Orange, Hew  Jersey.  All  oells  and  parts  thereof  replaced  hy  us  hereunder 

.  shall  become  our  property,  we  reserve  the  right  to  require  payment  of  the 


aforesaid,  charge  in  cash  before  roplaoing  any  cells  hereunder  unless  your 
oredit  with  us  is  satisfactorily  established  at  the  time  of  such  replacement. 

If,  at  the  time  of  any  replacement  hereunder,  wo  are  required 
Jhi,/  t0  W  any  i'edoral*  State,  County,  Municipal  or  other  tax  on  account  of 

1  au=h  replacement,  we  shall  have  the  right  to  add  the  amount  of  such  tax 

to  the  charge  made  you  for  such  replacement. 

This  guaranty  and  agreement  is  subject  to  the  following  con¬ 
ditions  and  is  not  binding  upon  us  unless  these  conditions  be  faithfully 
observed.  " 

k.  That  all  said  cells  be  Installed  in  a  manner  approved  by  us. 


approved  by  us  and 

That  an  said  cells  be  used  only  in  connection  with  apparatus 
maintained  in  reasonably  good  repair. 

D.  That  our  authorized  inspectors  and  agents  have  access  to 
said  cells  for  test  and  inspection  at  all  reasonable  times. 

E.  That  all  of  said  cells  be  used  only  for  the  purpose  for 
which  same  are  furnished  to  you,  and  used  only  within  the  limits  of  the 
United  States,  which  for  this  purpose  shall  be  considered  not  to  include 
its  insular  possessions,  Alaska,  or  the  Panama  canal  zone. 

lilia  guaranty  and  agreement  applies  only  to  the  above  cells  sold 
to  you  and  is  not  assignable  or  transferable.  Furthermore,  this  guaranty  and 
agreement  shall  not  be  binding  upon  us  with  respect  to  any  cell  lost  or 
destroyed,  or  with  respect  to  any  cell  damaged  or  injured  through  or  by 
misuse,  abuse,  fire,  wreck,  collisa'ion,  accident  or  other  cause  foreign  to 
the  service  for  which  it  is  intended. 

.  Thia  guaranty  and  agreement  is  subject  to  the’  condi  tions  that  we 

shall  pot  be  liable  for  any  delay  in  replacing  any  cells  hereunder  due  to 
any  strike,  fire,  flood,  war  any  unavoidable  cSiUse,  or  due  to  inability  to 
obtain  or  delay  in  obtaining  material;  nor  for  any  other  delay  unless  caused  by 
our  failure  to  use  reasonable  diligence  in  supplying  cells  for  ouch  replacements. 




.General  sales  Manager 


The  following  is  a  list  of  the  serial  numbers  covered  by  this 







0  #1  o 


SB— 1800— 25C-Q10 


Office  of  the  General  Manager. 


The  Board  of  Directors  has  kindly  consented  that  commencing  with  September  1st,  and  tor  a  period  ot 
6  months  thereafter,  we  may  try  out  a  plan  by  which  all  employees  of  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company, 
Edison  Storage  Battery  Supply  Company,  Edison  Chemical  Works,  and  Edison  Storage  Battery  Garage  Co. 
can  earn  some  extra  payment  each  month.  The  plan  is  conceived  in  fairness  and  friendship  to  see  if  the 
principle  can  endure,  and  is  as  follows: 

WHERAS  it  has  always  been  necessary,  and  is  now  necessary  to  put  all  money  received  fr<- 
sales  back  into  the  business,  and 

WHEREAS  it  is  believed  that  under  the  new  organization  the  Sales  will  be  materially  in¬ 
creased  and  enable  a  larger  production  which  means  lesser  costs,  and 

WHEREAS  it  is  believed  that  the  Manufacturing  Division  and  Chemical  Works  and  all 
other  Departments  can  also  accomplish  material  savings  and  betterments  under  new  organization 
and  a  Dividend  Plan,  and 

IT  HAS  BEEN  AGREED  that  commencing  with  September  1,  1919,  and  continuing  until 
February  28th,  1920,  but  without  implying,  inferring  or  incurring  any  obligation  beyond  such 

1 .  That  a  fair  estimate  of  the  probable  cost  (including  all  reasonable  charges,  but  without 
any  profit)  of  cells  manufactured  from  September  1st,  1919  to  February  28th,  1920,  and 
calculated  into  A-4  equivalents,  is  $11.  per  cell,  and 

2.  If  and  whenever  during  the  period  specified,  the  cost  of  A-4  equivalents  is  reduced  from 
$11.,  then  one-half  of  the  sum  of  the  reduction  shall  be  divided  equally  among  all  employees 

3.  From  the  whole  sum  of  any  cost  reduction  attained,  there  shall  first  be  deducted  the  cost 
and  losses  of  any  defective  products  thrown  out  by  Inspectors,  or  rejected  and  returned  by 
the  Test  Department  or  District  Managers  or  customers,  as  well  as  the  cost  and  loss  of  any  un¬ 
necessary  waste,  etc.,  etc.,  which  has  not  previously  or  otherwise  been  calculated  into  costs, 

4.  On  or  before  the  8th  day  of  September,  and  during  each  succeeding  month  of  the 
whole  period  specified  herein,  the  Managers  Committee  shall  furnish  the  Board  of  Directors 
with  an  estimate  and  reasonable  justification  therefor  of  the  savings  (if  any)  which  have  and 
or  will  probably  be  accomplished  during  the  previous  and  succeeding  month,  and  which 
estimate  as  approved  or  changed  by  the  Board  of  Directors  and  corrected  by  deductions  as 
mentioned  in  preceding  paragraph  shall  become  the  basis  of  division  and  payment  (if  any) 

5.  On  or  before  the  15  th  of  each  month  or  at  any  earlier  date  when  the  Accounting  Com¬ 
mittee  shall  report  the  actual  cost  of  Edison  A-4  equivalents  for  any  previous  month  of  the 
whole  period  specified  herein,  then  a  correction  of  the  estimate  as  planned  in  paragraph  4 
hereof  shall  be  made  as  provided  in  paragraph  3  hereof,  and  the  correction  shall  be  added 
to  or  deducted  from  the  next  succeeding  payment. 

6.  It  shall  be  understood  that  any  employee  who  is  discharged  or  shall  leave  the  employ  ot 
the  company  for  any  reason  whatsoever  shall  lose  all  right  to  share  in  any  dividend  subse¬ 
quently  paid,  and 

7.  It  shall  be  particularly  understood  and  agreed  that  all  obligation  of  the  Company  shall  end 
with  the  payment  of  dividends  (if  any)  earned  and  calculated  to  Febraury  28th,  1920, 
and  that  the  Board  of  Directors  may  thereafter  discontinue  interest  or  change  or  renew  the 
agreement  as  they  may  then  prefer  and  decide. 

What  we  think  or  say  about  this  plan  does  not  matter.  It  is  how  we  stand  the  test  and  what  we  do  with 
he  opportunity,  that  is  vital.  Everyone  must  do  his  or  her  share  to  prove  that  this  partnership  is  profitable 
•n  money  and  happiness.  It  means  diligence,  fairness,  faithfulness,  fellowship  and  frugality  on  the  part  of 
every  one  of  us.  It  means  that  carelessness,  idleness  and  wastefulness  will  reduce  the  Dividend  for  everyone. 

If  you  are  strong  and  skilled,  the 
envies  you.  If  you  are  not  strong  or 
Do  your  part.  I  will  do  mine. 

:n  do  your  part,  and  some  for  the  fellow  who  ii 
skilled  maybe  you  can  help  with  suggestions. 

September  2nd,  1919. 



To  prevent  misunderstanding  you  are  again  re¬ 
minded  that  these  payments  are  based  on  estimated 
savings,  and  that  we  cannot  know  the  actual  savings 
of  any  month  until  the  15  th  of  the  next  month. 

Also,  this  plan  is  an  experiment  and  it  is  up  to  us  to 
show  the  Directors  that  this  kind  of  partnership  pays. 

Let’s  try  to  make  the  actual  savings  more  than  the 
estimated  savings  and  thus  earn  increased  dividends. 

Every  one  must  his  or  her  share  with  diligence, 
fairness,  faithfulness  and  frugality. 

Anyone  and  every  one  who  is  tardy,  careless,  idle, 
or  wasteful  is  reducing  the  dividend  for  all  others  and 
is  therefore  unfair. 

Do  your  part.  I  will  do  mine. 

C.  E.  SHOLES, 

Sept.  15th,  1919 

General  Manager. 

Subject:  Edison  Accumulators  limited's  Agreement. 

under  date  of  August  22d,  1919,  Hr.  Sholes  handed  to  Hr. 
Monnot,  formal  notices  (2)  of  the  termination  and  cancellation  of  our 
Agreements  with  Edison  Accumulators  limited,  said  termination  and 
cancellation  to  take  effect  90  days  from  August  22d,  1919. 

On  August  28th  X  handed  to  Mr.  Maurice  E.  Fox  who  was  about 
to  return  to  London,  two  further  sets  of  Notices,  with  instructions  to 
present  same  to  the  Secretary  of  Edison  Accumulators  limited  in  the 
presence  of  a  witness,  o ending  me  a  letter  properly  signed  by  himself 
and  witness  to  the  effect  that  said  Notloes  had  been  delivered  to  the 
Secretary  of  Edison  Accumulators  limited. 

I  hand  you  herewith,  original  of  Hr.  Fox's  letter,  witness¬ 
ed  by  H.  R.  Hughes,  in  which  he  advises  that  on  September  10th,  1919', 
he  presented  to  the  Secretary  of  the  above  company  at  their  registered 
offices,  2/S  Duke  Street,  London  S.  W.  1,  these  Notices. 

Will  you  please  attaohMr.  Fox's  original  letter  to  copy 
of  original  Agreemen  t  which  you  are  holding  at  your  offioo. 

In  order  that  our  files  may  be  complete,  kindly  send  me 
an  acknowledgment  of  the  receipt  of  Mr.  Fox's  letter. 

C.  0.  to 

Charles  Edison,  * 
0.  E.  Sholes, 
Delos  Holden, 

H.  Lanahan. 




164  War dour  Street, 
London  W.  1. 
September  10-1919. 

Walter  Stevens,  Esq., 

Vice  President  &  Manager  Export  Division, 
Edison  Storage  Battery  Company. 

10  fifth  Avenue, 

Hew  York  01  ty,  u.  S.  A. , 

Dear  Sirs— 

,  .  Ws.theund  or  signed,  beg  to  inform  you  that  we  have  thin 
t0  Seoretary  of  Messrs.  Edison  Aooumulators  Limited, 
at  the  registered  offices  of  the  said  fim,  2-3  Duke  Street,  London 

notifications  dated  August  22d,  1919,  wherein  the  said 
firm  is  informed  that  the  exclusive  and  non-exclusive  rights  granted 
by  Agreement  dated  September  20th,  1913,  are  to  be  cancelled  at  the 
expiration  of  ninety  (90)  days  from  the  date  of  said  notifications. 

Yours  faithfully, 

(Signed)  Maurice  E.  Pox, 
(Signed)  H.  H.  Hughes. 


'  For  your  reference  we  confirm  contingent  agreement  ae  follows t 

1.  She  Walker  Company  will  recommend  Edison  batteries  for 
?!s  *n  Sv8”^11  vehicles  manufaotured  and  assembled 
by  the  Walker  Company  and  will  further  agree  to  Rive 
preferred  publicity!*  the  Edison  battalia  its  ££. 

>  logs  and  ealas  books, 

2*  JL°wD^9reti0n  0f  88  111011  tlon9d  next  above,  and  that 
R^nWfl  agrees  to  purohase  not  less  than 

2flth  H  from  0otober  lat,  1919  to  February 

.  !,?20,ntha  E4ls°h  Co“Pany  shall  extend  and  pa'y  u> 

*  the  Walker  Company  a  8paoial  allowance  of  for  adver¬ 

tising,  and  which  aw,  shall  be  taken  from  the  Advertis- 
0t  tbs  EdlS°"  0omPany •  hut  this  aliow- 
°f  &  shf 11  not  apply  against  a^y  batteries  pU£_ 

9ba. 104  prlor  date  hereof  by  the  Walker  Company,  0r 
againet  any  list  of  prloas  lower  than  the  now  existiL 
price  list  of  the  Edison  Company 

3’  as  that  th9  Speola*  allowance  of  5% 

lat^d  on  the  s»mP^asraph  next  abov<>.  shall  be  oalou-* 
lated  on  the  aura  of  net  invoiolnge  (after  all  other 

Md°eh^i?  oaBb  dlE00ant  ana  deducted  the  ns  from  J 

wef^  LVw  °f  oredited,  as  the  Walker  Company^ 

?  .r;  on  °*  before  the  fifteenth  of  each-month  for  all 

invoicings  of  the  previous  calender  month. 

confidence  ^  ***”'*«  8to11  *9  *»•*»  ' 

Eaepeotfully  yours. 

0,  E.  Sholes  . 

Vice  President  4  gen'  l  ’Mgr. 



October  8,1919 

TO:  Hr.  Thomas  A.  Edison,  Pros’  t, 

i’ROU:  Mr.  O.E.Sholes,  vice  Pros' t  &  Gsn'l  Manager 

SUBJECT :  Experimental  Work. 

Dear  Mr.  Edison  - 

Can  you  kindly  help  us  with  your  advice  in  premises  as  follows: 

(1) .  This  Company  is  indebted  for  an  important  sum  and  although 

we  hava  high  hopes  to  overcome  this  burden  of  indebtedness,  it  seems  un¬ 
reasonable  to  expect  .much  progress  until  we  have  first  learned  to  live 
within  our  means,  and 

(2) .  In  older  to  prevent  any  unwise  or  unnecessary  expenditure, 

the  Managers  of  the  various  divisions  have  agrood  that  no  experimental  work 
shall  be  undertaken  except  as  authorized  by  the  Managers'  Committee  and  by 
a  shop  ordor  approved  by  the  General  Manager. 

(3) .  One  of  our  most  beloved  associates  has  unknowingly  broken 

this  rule  and  because  of  the  oiroumstanoes  we  are  at  loss  to  know  what  to 
do  about  it. 

(4) .  At  the  present  time,  we  are  operating  18  cranes  for  nine 

hours  per  day  and  handling  about  67,500  gallons  of  wash  water  and  solution. 

7, (hen  this  solution  is  precipitated,  we  obtain  a  total  of  about  20,000  pounds 
of  nickel-copper  carbonate  per  day.  We  are  not  at  present  losing  any  appre¬ 
ciable  quantity  of  solution,  and  of  the  total  carbonate  produced  wo  are  re¬ 
fining  and  obtaining  as  nickel  solution  or  copper  compounds  the  equivalent 
of  15,000  pounds  of  carbonate,  leaving  an  unused  daily  balance  of  5,000 
pounds  of  nickel-copper  carbonate,  which  is  being  stored  for  future  re¬ 

(5) .  We  have  contracted  for  and  have  at  present  80 completed, 

and  will  have  in  operation  in  ten  days,  equipment  sufficient  to  handle  all 
wash  water  and  solution,  complete  precipitation  and  production  of  carbonate, 
and  recovery  of  nickel  and  copper  from  carbonate. 

(6) .  Any  additional  equipment  for  recovering  or  rofining  this 

carbonate  seems  unnecessary  and  uneconomical  and  since  the  greatest  part  of 
the  work  is  the  recovery  of  the  carbonate  from  the  solution,  it  also  soems 
logical  to  centralize  the  work  at  Orange.  Any  excess  of  Hicfccl'  3ulphate 
solution  which  may  be  produced  could  bo  shipped  to  Silver  Lake  in  drums 
for  direct  use,  or,  we  can , if  necessary,  evaporate  (we  have  the  pans)  and 
send  the  Sulphate  in  the  form  of  crystals. 

(7) .  The  beloved  associate  who  has  violated  our  rule  is  Mr. 
Thomas  A.  Edison  and  the  question  at  issue  is  therefore  whether  we  shall 
censure  the  president  or  fire  the  General  Manager. 

(8) .  As  a  compromise,  and  inasmuch  as  it  is  not  fair  to  criticize 

without  offering  a  remedy,  wo  presume  to  suggest  that  Mr.  Doherty  visit  us 
and  look  over  our  plant  and  give  us  the  benefit  of  your  plans  in  connection 
with  the  oquipment  now  installed  and  planned. 

Asking  the  favor  of  your  kind  reply,  I  am, 

Faithfully  yours,' 

(^t^-  °|  t^jzrwA  LtM^  jt<>  ^U-wfcJ 

^.^y-^^tu^t/t^”  ^  (f'.CMT'aU  &A-*fAW«*d 

Ootober  21st,  1919 

Mr,  C.  E.  Sholes,  V.P.  &  g.M. 

Edison  Storago  Battery  Company 
Orange,  How  Jersey 

SUBJECT:  Tidewater  Equipment  Company  -  Starter. 

Stoe  last  time  I  talked  to  you  about'  the  above  subjeot  you  stat- 
T°4,^tT7vU  W0ro  determined  not  to  finish  the  model  at  the 
nmi  f!..i'°t0nt0riBa  nor  to  proceed  with  putting  it  on  the  car 
and  trying  It  out,  and  I  desire  to  give  you  a  littlo  history 
in  connection  with  this  whole  transaction  and  have  your  final 
aeoiBion  on  "fcho  above  question* 

^0?r,3^?^o2P?S^i0n  wa0  brought  before  Mr.  Thomas  A.  Edison 
he  investigated  it  very  thoroughly  and  placed  his  O.E.  on  the 
o^n^o°^  +?d  °n™?°  fa°t  that  it  could  be  made  to  work  in  fine 

M£80n  battery,  bought  fifteen  shares  of  the  stock 
n^ro^1000*°2  ?aah  ana,tho  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  made 
an  agreement  to  make  the  model  and  demonstrate  this  model  for  a 

S  laboratories?064  ®B'°00*00'  **»  *  *»»  a*  Orange  It  * 

of  Mr.- Edison  and  the  agreement  and  the  fur- 
tt  was  held  by  all  concerned  that  if  a  starter 
oould  be  put  on  the  market  with  an  Edison  battery,  it  would  be 
+-i!!«nao+fUi48?cSvS8^ana  at  a  mQstine  of  the  sales  organiza¬ 
tion,  at  which  the  Vice-President  of  the  Edison  Storage  Batterv 
th°  Pf°P°aition  was  plaoed  before  omplo^ees^ 
this^took!017  °0mpan3r  that  they  Bhould  Join  in  buying  some  of 

inoiuded  in  that  number  wsb  Mr.  Wm.  G,  Bee,  deceased,  formerly 
^oflO"Jre+id0ni,?f^ ■  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company,  who  also 
had  groat  confidence  in  the  Btarter,  owing  to  MrfEdison'B 
O.K.,  and  hiB  widow,  carrying  out  his  wishes,  plaoed  §600.00 
in  oash  in  the  stock  of_  this  company.  Other  employees  took 
stock,  among  them  myself,  taking  $900.00  worth  of  the  stock. 

A  large  number  of  citizens  of  Boston  and  some  of  Portland,  Me. 
put  in  between  twenty  and  thirty  thousand  dollars  In  cash  into 

G.  E.  Bholesa 



tho  stock  of  thiB  oompany,  entirely  on  the  strength* of  Mr.  Edi¬ 
son's  O.K.  and  agreement}  and  Mr.  Robert  W.  Sanford,  50  State 
Street,  Boston,  one  of  the  direotors  of  the  Tidewater  Equip¬ 
ment  Company,  states  that  he  and  the  root  of  the  Hew  England 
stockholders  are  very  rauoh  grieved  and  hurt  at  tho  failure  of 
the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  to  carry  out  what  they  had 
agreed  to  do.  .  - 

Under  tho  original  agreement,  two  models  wore  made  and,  of 
oourso,  as  is  tho  oase  in  all  suoh  inventions,  the  second  one 
worked  muoh  better  than  tho  first  one  and  was  almost  perfect, 
running  as  it  did  in  a  Ford  oar  belonging  to  the  Edison  Company 
for  nearly  four  months. 

It  was  then  suggested  that  the ' engineer  who  haa  designed  the  * 
models  under  the  patents  could  make  groat  improvements,  elim¬ 
inating  many  parts  and  make  possible  economical  manufacture,  and 
this  question  was  taken  up  very  carefully  by  Mr.  Thompson  and 
myself  with  Mr.  Ohas.  Edison,  who  authorized  an  arrangement  to 
be  made  with  Mr.  Hanson  of  Portland,  Me.,  the  said  engineer,  to 
proceed  with  drafts,  etc.,  and  to  supervise  the  finally  putting 
together  of  the  produot  of  the  said  draftB  at  a  sum  not  to  ex¬ 
ceed  cost  and  §700.00. 

On  the  strength  of  this  agreement  on  the  part  of  Mr.  Chas. 
Edison  I  went  to  Portland,  Me.,  called  a  meeting  of  tho  Board 
of  Direotors  and  in  order  to  proteot  the  oompany,  the  Board 
elected  mo  as  one  of  their  number;  and  further,  on  the  strength 
of  Mr.  Chas.  Edison' b  word  that  the  model  should  be  completed 
and  tried  out  thoroughly,  I  individually  and  alone  put  my  hand 
in  my  pooket  and  paid  up  all  of  the  outstanding  debts  of  the 
Tidewater  Equipment  Company,  amounting  to  several  hundreds  of 
dollars,  taking  stook  therefor. 

I  wanted  you  to  know  all  the  above  facts  and  have  been  asked 
by  the  directors  and  stockholders  of '  the  Tidewater  Equipment 
Oompany  to  know  if  your  repudiation  of  Hr.  Chas.  Edison's 
agreement  is  to  be  final,  and  I  would  consider  it  a  great  per¬ 
sonal  favor  if  you  would  oarefully  go  over  the  matter  and  give 
me  the  decision  of  yourself  and  aBSOoiatea. 

I  am  Bending  a  carbon  oopy  of  thiB  letter  to  MT.  Thomas  A.  Edi¬ 
son  and  to  Mr.  ChaB.  Edison,  in  order  that  they  may  know  fully 
the  feeling  of  the  numerous  stockholders  in  thiB  matter.  If 
for  tho  sake  of  a  few  hundred  dollars  you  are  going  to  throw 
aside  all  agreements  and  possibilities  of  this  being  a  wonder¬ 
ful  bhanoeito  make  a  very  largo  market  for  Edison  storage  bat¬ 
teries,  the  Tidewater  Equipment  Oompany  would  like  to  know  it, 
in  order  that  they  may  know  how  to  proooed. 

With  asBuranoos  of  my  personal  regards,  I  remain,  \ 

Very  truly  yours,  f  t  '  .» 

Orange  ,  N.  J.,U.  S  A. 


Notice  is  hereby  given  that  the  annual  meeting  of  the 
stockholders  of  The  Edison  Storage  Battery  Supply  Company  will 
be  held  at  the  principal  office  of  the  Company,  corner  Valley 
Road  and  Lakeside  Avenue,  West  Orange,  H.  J.,  on  Wednesday,  Eov. 

12,  1919,  at  ten  o'olook  a.  m.  for  the  following  purposes. 

(1)  to  elect  five  directors;  (2)  to  take 
appropriate  action  upon  annual  reports  to 
be  submitted  by  the  Treasurer  and  other 
officers  of  the  Corporation;  and  (3)  to 
transact  all  such  other  business  as  may 
regularly  come  before  the  meeting. 

If  you  do  not  expect  to  be  present,  will  you  kindly  send 
me  a  suitable  proxy,  designating  an  agent  to  represent  you  at  the 
meeting.  A  form  considered  suitable  for  this  purpose  is  enclosed, 
which,  if  satisfactory  to  you,  should  be  dated,  signed  and  witnessed. 

Yours  very  truly. 

Thomas.  A.  Edison  laboratory, 
Mr.  Ueadowcroft. 

Orders  for  Mr.  Edison. 


°*Tilov.  13tli  '1919. 

Deaf  I<lr.  Iieadoworoft, 

There  has  been  some  confusion  as  to 
the  authority  of  ordering  material,  from  us  on  the  strength' 
of  "Mr.  Edison  wants  same  immediately".  At  the  meeting  of 
the  Manufadturing  Committee  today  the  matter  was  brought 
up  and  I  made  the  following  decision. 

That  any  orders  bohafide  from  Mr.  Edison 
for  material  should  be  put  through  without  any  formal  order  or 
requisition  and  sent  to* Ur.  Edison  at.  the  earliest  possible, 
time  in  which  we  can  get  out  the  material  ,  not-  sacrificing 
quality,  however. 

That  no  orders  should  bo  accepted  by 
telephone  or  otherwise  to  do  work  on  tho  supposition  that  it 
is  for  Mr.  Edison,  unless  the  said  order  oomes  through  you. 

T/ill  yop  therefore, hereafter,  forward 
to  us  any  orders  for-  material  for  Mr:  Edison  or  accept  and 
approve  of  any  orders  or  requisitions  telephoned  or  sent  to 
us  by  other  parties. said  to  be,  prdorihg  for  Mr.  Edison. 

Unless  we  hear  from  you  to  the  contrary, 
this  will  be  the  ruling  wo  shall  make. 

-  Mr,.  Hunter'  and  Mr, 


Transportation  Engineering  Corporation 

Mr.Charle  s  Edison, 

Orange,  H.  J. 

Dear  Charles  :- 

The  following  information  has  ooma  to  our  attention  and  I  request 
that  you  review’  this  letter  for  to  my  mind  it  is  hound  to  re-aot  in  a  maimer 
detrimental  to  the  interests  of  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.,  and  at  the 
same  time  is  an  action  which  places  us  in  a  most  embarrassing  position  and 
we  oannot  help  hut  believe  that  it  is  aimed  to  malce  it  more  or  less  impossible 
for  us  to  handle  the  Edison  Battery  for  you  with  any  profit  whatsoever  to  our¬ 

The  action  on  your  part  of  offering  these  discounts  to  the  rail¬ 
roads  in  the  light  of  their  being  preferred  customers,  we  cannot  help  but 
feel  is  detrimental,  as  for  instance,  certain  large  users  of  Edison  batteries 
in  commercial  street  truck  use  or  in  industrial  truck  use  or  even  in  mine 
locomotive  service,  are  as  fully  entitled  to  the  same  discounts  from  your 
list,  as  are  the  railroads. 

If  these  discounts  be  universal  to  large  users  irrespective  of  the 
service  to  Which  they  might  be  applied,  there  may  not  be  the  same  oriticizm 
but  to  single  out  the  railroads  .  many  of  Whom  even  though  under  oontraot,  are 
but  purchasers  in  very  small  quantity,  is  in  my  opinion  bad  business. 

If  the  maximum  discount  of  20#  ds  contemplated,  is  given  the  rail¬ 
roads  upon  their  signing  up  for  the  exclusive  use  of  Edison  batteries  for  all 
of  its  application  for  its  servioe,  this  will  immediately  incur  the  displeasure 
of  the  industrial  truck  manufacturers,  who  are  selling  to  railroads  and  re-aot 
against  you  in  a  very  serious  manner.  The  industrial  truck  manufacturers  will 
become  incensed. at  your  offering  this  maximum  disoount  to  the  user  when  their' s  . 
is  only  5 %  above,  this  and  when  it  cost  them  10#  to  handle  the  busine  ss  with 
their  customers  who  are  anywhere  from  60  to  90  days  in  paying  for  the  goods, 
whereas  on  the  other  hand,  you’reoeive  your  payments  from  some  of  the  manufacturers 
in  30  days  and  some  of  them  even  discount  their  bills. 

Furthermore,  this  aotion  on  your  part  in  announcing  these  greater 
discounts  to  railroads  will  immediately  become  known  to  your  oonpetitors,  the 
lead  battery  manufacturers,  and  will  be  a  muoh  easier  matter  for  them  to  figure 
against  you  in  price  than  it  has  been  ever  heretofore. 

,to  olosa  at  the  last  moment  and  a  circular  letter  of  this  nature  will  not 
aid  you  with  some  of  the  larger  railroads  when  they  learn  that  any  and  all 
railroads,  regardless  of  quantity  purchased,  oan  obtain  this  maximum  discount 
under  contract. 

Also  under  our  arrangement  with  you,  we  do  not  enjoy  any  commission 
where  you  have  made  contracts  and  should  you  he  successful  after  the  roads 
are  returned  to  private  ownership  of  getting  more  roads  then  you  now  have, 
tied  up  with  contracts  oh  this  basis,  it  would  eliminate  us  altogether. 

Vk  We  understand  that  this  announcement  has  been  sent  to  all  of  the 
SB Edison  Storage  Battery  salesmen  and  yet  we  have  not  reoeived  a  copy  and  would 
I! therefore  blindly  go  ahead  and  quote  What  we  understood  as  the  Edison  Con® any' s 
■policy  in  the  way  of  prices  only  to  be  made  a  laughing  stock  of  at  the 
wery  outset. 

•  In  the  spirit  of  fair  play  and  honady  will  you  not  have  this  matter 
reviewed  and  give  us  the  opportunity  of  presenting  what  we  consider  to 
be  the  fundamental  faots  in  the  case  before  this  is  allowed  to  beoome 

Pardon  the  seeming  conceit,  but  for  ten  years  practically,  I  with  the 
assistance  of  LIr.McGinness,  have  been  endeavoring  to  get  the  railroad 
business  of. the  country  and  have  been  successful  as  you  well  know,  in  tying 
up  the  largest  users  either  with  contracts  or  without  it,  and  it  is  safe 
to  say  that  a  great  many  roads  to  whom  thi3  proposition  will  be  presented 
who  would  not  under  any  circumstances  tie  up  in  an  exclusive  contract, 
will  however  demand  the  maximum  discount  in  view  of  the  fact  that  they  are 
as  large  purchasers  of  storage  batteries  as  are  those  roads  or  will  be 
those  roaus  who  are  now  under  contract  or  who  might  enter  into  contract. 

Also  immediately  that  this  announcement  is  made  known  to  certain 
Axle  Generator  manufacture  who  have  not  a  battery  of  their  own  and  whom 
we  have  now  gotten  to  the  point  where  they  are  working  with  us  ana  for 
you  in  the  attempt  to  have  Edison  batteries  used  wherever  possible.  With 
their  equipment  it  will  simply  antagonize  them  and  if  I  am  not  greatly 
mistaken,  they  will  turn  ffcom  Edison  to  lead  because  there  will  be  nothing 
in  it  for  them  whatsoever  in  Attainting  to  secure  Edison  batter?  business 
when  the  railroads  with  whom  they  are  dealing  can  purchase  them  as  oheaply 
as  they  oan  and  under  these  circumstances  they  will  take  the  easier  course 
and  permit  the  road  either  to  buy  whatever  they  please  or  as  I  have 
stated  before,  take  the  initiative  and  attonpt  to  sell  their  equipment 
with  lead  batteries. 

She  lead  people  in  their  wildest  dreams  wouldoprotecttthe  manufacturer 
and  the  railroad  business  of  the  country  has  always  been  conducted  in  all 
lines  on  the  basis  of  the  manner  in  whioh  I  directed  it  While  with  your 

Please  believe  me  that  this  matter  is  far  reaohing  and  will  only 
injure  you  in  the  long  run,  and  if  you  will  pardon  me,  this  decision  can 
only  have  been  arrived  at  due  to  ignorance  of  the  manner  in  which  the  railway 

supply  business  Is  conducted  and  Alien  you  oome  to  realize  it,  the 
railroads  collectively  are  the  bifltffc.  parahasing  power  in  the  United  States 
as  a  olass. 

l'o  sum  .this  matter  v®,  it  has  never  been  neoessary  to  give 
these  discounts  in  the  past  to  obtain  the  railroad  business. 



May  28,  1919 

Salas  arrangement  with  Mr.  H.  G.  Thompson 
oonoerning  Sales  of  Batteries  to  Railroads 
for;  nigh  ting,  switch,'  Signal,  and  certain 
miscellaneous  services. 

,  Mr.  H.  G.  Thompson,  ’  .  ’  ■ 

Orange,  Maw  Jersey. 

My  dear  Mr.  Thompson;-  .  ~ 

Referring  to  our  conversation  concerning  above  and 

°onflrm  that  ln  of  your  experience  and  ser¬ 
vice  with  this  Company,  we  are  willing  that- you  should  organize 
a  Corporation,  of  which  you  control  a  majority  of  the  stock  and 
are  the  active  manager,  and  undertake  to  sell  our  Batteries  to 
Railroads  in  the  United  States,  under  terms,  conditions  and  ex- 
ceptLons  as  follows*  '  viz; 

The  arrangement  shall  be  Informal  and  based 
on  mutual  confidence,  in  the  same  manner  as  our  arrange- 
ment  with  the  Mine  Safety  Appliance  Company,  which  may 
be  terminated  at  any  time,  but  which  has  been  very  satis¬ 
factory,  and  with  which  you  are  entirely  familiar.. 

.At  least  until  you  have  shown  it  to  'be  of  advant- 
a?eJ°  ™  to  relinquish  the  right,  we  do  not  give  up  our 
right  to  sell  direct  and. quote  such  discounts  as  may  be 
deemed  necessary.  We  will,  however,  undertake  to  keep 
you  informed  as  to  quotations  made,  you  in  turn  to  keep 
us  informed.  Purtheimore,  we  intend  to  extend  all  reason- 
able  helps  towards  enabling  you  to  satisfactorily  attend  to 
-this  business  for, us.'  "  . 

•  ..  All  sales  of  Batteries  shall  be  made  in  our,  name 

°U?  aoaount  and  subject  -to  acceptance  and  confirma- 

f14  you  will  not  directly  or  indirectly  sell  or 

offer  for  sale  any  other  -Storage  Batteries. 

Discounts  shall  be  subject. to  change  on  sixty 
days  written  notice  to  you,  but  for.  the  present  and  until 
"  ad7ised  we  will'  allow  you  as  a  basis  for  the  calcu¬ 
lation  of  your  commissions:  i 


On  A  &  B  type  cells 
•On  other  "  " 

On  solution  &  Fillers 
On  Miscellaneous  Parts 

25#  from  list  prices 
20#  "  » 

10%  -  "  »  , 

Discounts  corresponding 
to  cell  types 

Settlements  may  be  made  after  the  end  of  each 
■  month  by  remitting  to  you  the  sum  of  differences  between 
discounts  to  you  and  those  extended  to  your 'customers,  in 
all  cases  in  which  the  discount  to  your  customer  is  less 
than  the  discount  to  you. 

'  All  Sales  and  Convention  expenses  shall  be  borne 

by  you  and  we  shall  not  be.  expected  to  assume  any  part 
thereof,  but  we  shall,  of  course,  assist  you  with  our  usual 
advertising,  literature  and  inspection  service. 

-The  term  "Railroads"'  as  used  herein  includes 
Electric  Street,  Subway, , and  Interurban  Railroads  in  the 
United  States;  The  business  of  such  placed  through- agencies 
(like  Robinson,  Gtkry  &  Sands)  and  the  business  placed  through 
Equipment  Manufacturers  (like  Safety  Car  Heating  So  lighting 
Oo.)  and  through  Car  Builders  (such  as  the  Pullman  Co.  and 
American  Car  &  Foundry  Co. )  is  in  this  arrangement  considered 
included.  But,  at  least  for  the  present,  this  arrangement 
does  not  include  business  of  Steamship  lines  owned  or  oper- 
ated  by  Railroads,  or  business  of  Railroads  operating  wholly 
without  the  United  States,  or  Export  business,  or  Mine' loco¬ 
motive  business,  or  Industrial  Truck  business,  or  business 
of  the  Railway  Storage  Battery  Car  Co.,  or  other  business' of- 
such  general  nature  with  Railroads,  or  batteries  for  the  pro-' 

.  pulsion  of  storage  battery  propelled  passenger  cars;.  The 
term  "United  States"  as-iused  herein  shall  not  include  Alaska 
the  Canal  Zone,  or  any  insular  dependencies- or  possessions.  ’ 

Also,  and  to  prevent  unnecessary  misunderstanding 
we  remind  you' that  the  Company  has  already  paid  the  expense 
of  getting  existing  contracts  and  cannot  fairly  assume  any 
additional  costs  for  orders  thereon.  But  we  will  supply 
you  with  a  list  of  expirations  so  that  you  can  prepare  to 
renew  these  contracts.  .  .  n 

It  is  understood  that  you  will  avoid  undesirable- 

competition  with  Edison  Primary  Battery  in  any  bf  its 

established  or  prospective  business. 

It  is  understood", and  agreed  that  you,  with  your 
staff  of  assistants,  either  personally  or  through  the  cor- 
poration-to  be  organized  by  you  and  to  be  under  your  direct 
active  management,  will  -diligently  promote  the  sale  of-  our 
batteries  to  railroads  In  ;  the  .United  States  ^contiriuousi^i^^fM^ 
.  long  as  this,  arrangement  remains  in  existence^  and-' that 


'  1  i  '  "3- 

function  shall  he  solely  the  solicitations  of  orders  and  ' 
such  seryloe  as  may  he  Incidental  thereto,  and  that  neither 
you  nor  your  corporation  shall  have  any  authority  to.  make 
any  contracts  or  Incur  any  obligations  In  our  name  or  on 
our  hehalf  or  binding  upon  us. 

It  la  furthermore  understood  and  agreed  that  we' 
shall  not  he  liable  to  you  or  your  corporation  for  any  com¬ 
missions  except  on  batteries  actually  sold  under  this  ar¬ 
rangement  and  delivered  and  paid  for,  and  that  you  shall' not 
be  entitled  to  any  commissions  on  repair  jobs  of  on  replace¬ 
ments  under  guaranties. 

It  Is  further  understood  and  agreed  that  the  ac¬ 
ceptance  of  any  order < procured  by  you  is  entirely  a  matter 
within  our  discretion,  and  that  we  shall  not  be  liable  to 
you  or  your  corporation  for  commissions  or  otherwise  because 
of  any  delay  In  delivery  of  batteries  under  any  order,  or 
for  failure  to  deliver  the  same,  or  on  account  of  the  can¬ 
cellation  of  any  such  order,  or  on  account, of  any  delay  in' 
making  collections,  or  failure  to  make  collections. 

It  is  expressly  understood  and  agreed  that  we  shall 
have  the  right  to  terminate  this  arrangement  at  any  time  with 
or  without  cause  on  sixty  days  notice.  Such  notice  may  be 
given  by  the  mailing  of  a  registered  letter,  postage  prepaid, 
addressed  either  to  you  or  any  officer  of  your  corporation 
at  your  or  its  last  known  address.  ^ 

It  is  further  understood  and  agreed  that  In  case 
of  the  termination  of  this  arrangement  In  any  manner,  our 
obligation  to  pay  you  comm  lesions  shall  not  extend  to  any 
batteries  supplied  on  orders  received  by  us  subsequent  to  • 
the  date  of  such  termination,  and  in  the  case  of  orders  re¬ 
ceived  prior,  to  the  date  of  such  termination,  such  obligation 
shall  not  extend  to  any  batteries  except  such  as  shall  have 
been  ordered  specifically  for  delivery  prior  to  the  expira¬ 
tion  of  four  months  afterthe  date  of  such  termination."’ 

-  In  conclusion  we  can  only  suggest  that,  as  this  arrange¬ 

ment  is  based  on:mutual  confidence  and  good  faith,  we  believe  that 
‘you  will  agree  that  any  matters  which  may  develop  and  or  which  are 
not  provided  for  herein  may  be  safely  left  for  future  consideration, 
fair  dealing  and  settlement.  \ 

:  Hoping  that  we  have  expressed  as  desired'  and  with  con¬ 
fidence  that  you  will  lend  every  possible  assistance  to  a  long  and 
satisfactory  continuance  of  this  arrangement  and  to  the  success  of 
every  Edison  interest,  and  with  kindest  regards  and  best  wishes  for 
your  future,  I  am  ;  '  s  .  ■  • 



■ytdrl  u)u  ^d# 

...  ^ %*"  / 

Hew  York,  November  29th,  1919. 

Ud«.  USrtTfi****  / 

(Un^tZZ*-  K^t.  •* 

oUju.  A--s  u<^" 

Six  jnonths  have  now  elapsed  since 

the  formation  of  m 

corporation  to  aot,  In  aooordanoe  with  your  wi she s,  as  the  railway 
distributor  for  the  Storage  Battery  Company.  It  will  Interest  you  to 

hear  that,  in  spite  o 

s  placed  upon  railroads  by  the 

ltallroad  Admhlstratlon,  we  have  secured  orders  for  some  22,000  A-4 
equivalents  or  a  little  over  $300,000.  worth  of  batteries. 

In  my  conversations  with  you  and  Charles  when  the  arrange¬ 
ment  for  me  to  sell  batteries  was  being  ipade,  it  was  yourlidea  that  my 
company  should  act  as  the  Bailway  Department  of  the  Battery  Company. 

Ur.Sholes,  as  i  understand  it,  objected  to  this  being 
granted  at  once,  and  as  a  compromise,  our  rather  informal  agreement 

"At  least  until  you  have  shown  it  to 
be  of  advantage  to  us  to  relinquish 
the  right,  we  do  not  give  up  our 
right  to  sell  direct  and  quote  such 
disoounts  as  may  he  deemed  necessary". 

Ihis  expressed  the  idea  that  later  w 

s  would  he  made  your  exclusive  Bailroad 
3  agreement  farther  stated: 

"...we  intend  to  extend  all  reasonable 
helps  toward  enabling  you  to  satisfactorily 
attend  to  this  business  for  us" . 

*  *  (2)  '  ,*  „  '  # 
working  arrangamants  are  not  as  pleasant  as  we  think  they  oould  he  made, 
and  should  he  for  the  hast  interests  of  yonrself  and  ns. 

Your  salesmen  are  aoting  In  competition  with  us  which  brings  about 
an  unsatisfactory  feeling  in  the  minds  of  railfoad  officials.  Which  can 
only  result  in  confusion  making  it  difficult  for  either  of  us  to  seoure 
as  much  business  as  wo  think  should  be  possible. 

We  have  tried  for  months  to  find  a  way  of  working  with  your  Sales 
Department,  but  apparently  we  have  been  unsuccessful,  for  the  climax  of 
their  hostile  aots  is  the  preparation  of  a  letter  to  be  sent  to  the  Pur¬ 
chasing  Agents  of  all  Bailroads  offering  discounts  as  follow: 

10  percent  on  all  orders  for  batteries  for  any  purpose 

15  percent  under  an  optional  agreement  to  purchase  Edison  batteries 

20  peroent  under  an  exclusive  agreement  to  buy  Edison. 

I  have  written  Charles  asking  him  to  prevent  the  sending  of  this  letter 
not  alone  beoause  it  would  nullify  your  agreement  .with  me  but  because  in  a 
number  of  ways  it  would  re-aot  and  injure  you  directly.  A  copy  of  my 
letter  to  Charles  is  enclosed  for  your  information. 

When  you  were  shown  the  agreement  made  with  me  last  May,  your  oomment 
was  that  it  was  not  fair  to  me.  So  it  has  worked  out,  though  at  thj  time 
I  was  willing  to  aooept  it  beoause  I  knew  1  oould  count  gpon  your  good  faith. 

As  the  working  out  of  the  arrangement,  however,  is  left  to  others,  I 
am  going  to  aek  if  you  will  not  consider  putting  it  in  more  definite  form. 

With  the  personnel  of  your  sales  foroe  being  gradually  changed  in  character 
by  the  replacement  of  the  older  men  who  leave,  by  young  men  with  generally 
little  or  no  battery  experience,  I  feel  that  we  are  more  than  ever  in  a 
position  to  hold  your  railroad  business  for  you. 

I  will  call  Monday  morning  to  discuss  this  matter  with  you.  If  you 
would  care  to  have  me  call  on  you  before  then,  say  at  your  hone  on  Sunday, 
please  send  me  word  by  telephone  and  I  will  come  at  once.  My  phone  number 


is  Glen  Bldgs  170. 

I  hope  you  will  agree  with  me  that  this  is  a  really  serious  matter 
to  both  of  usi 

Mr.Mios.A.  Edison, 


New  York,  Nov.25,19i9. 

Mr. Charles  Edison, 
Orange,  NJ 

Near  Charles 

I'he  following  information  has  come  to  our  attention  and  I  request 
that  yon  review  this  letter  for  to  ray  mind  it  is  bound  to  re-aot  in  a  manner  de- 
trimnntal  to  the  interests  of  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.,  and  at  the  same  time 
is  an  aot ion  which  places  us  in  a  most  embarrassing  position  and  we  cannot  help 
hut  believe  that  it  is  aimed  to  make  it  more  or  less  impossiblefor  us  to  handle 
the  Edison  Batteyy  for  you  with  any  profit  whatsoever  to  ourselves. 

°n  V™*  Part  of  offering  these  discounts  to  the  railroads 
in  the  light  of  their  being  preferred  customers,  we  cannot  telp  but  feel  is 
detrimental,  as  for  instance,  certain  large  users  of  Edison  batteries  in  commercial 
street  truck  use  or  in  industrial  truck  use  or  even  in  mine  looomotive  service,  are 
as  fully  entitled  to  the  same  discounts  from  your  lists,  as  are  the  railroads. 

a  .  .  .  I*  these  discounts  be  universal  to  large  users  irrespective  of  the 

service  to  which  they  might  be  applied,  there  may  not  bo  the  same  criticisms  but  to 
single  out  the  railroads,  many  of  whom  even  though  under  contract,  are  hut  pur¬ 
chasers  in  very  small  quantity,  is  in  niy  opinion  bad  business. 

If  the  maximum  discount  of  20 $  as  contemplated  is  given  the  rail¬ 
roads  upon  their  signing  up  for  the  exclusive  use  of  Edison  batteries,  for  all 
of  its  application  for  its  servioq  this  will  immediately  incur  the  displeasure  of 
the  industrial  truck  manufacturers,  who  are  selling  to  railroads  and  re-aot  against 
you  in  a  very  serious  manner.  The  industrial  truck  manufacturers  will  "become  in¬ 
censed  at  your  offering  this  maximum  discount  to  the  user  when  their' s  is  onlv 
above  this  and  when  it  cost  them  10$  to  handle  the  business  with  their  customers 
who  are  anywhere  from  60  to  90  days  in  paying  for  the  goods,  whareas  on  the  other 
hand  you  receive  your  payments  from  some  of  the  manufacturers  in  30  davs  and  some 
of  them  even  discount  their  bills. 

Furthermore,  this  action  on  your  part  in  announcing  these  greater 
t0. railr°adS  Wil1  i*madiataly  become  known  to  your  competitors,  the  lead 
battery  manufacturers,  and  will  he  a  much  easier  matter  for  them  to  figure  against 
you  in  price  than  it  has  ever  been  heretofore. 

.  ,  ^  ^Is  leaves  nothing  to  your  salesman  to  hold,  up  his  sleeve  in  ordor 

to  close  at  the  last  moment  and  a  circular  letter  of  this  nature  will  not  aid  you 
with  some  of  the  larger  railroads  when  they  learn  that  any  add  all  railroads 
regardless  of  quantity  purchased,  can  obtain  this  maximum  discount  under  contraot. 

„  "il®°  undar  TOr  arrangement  with  yeu,  we  do  not  enjoy  any  commission 

where  you  have  made  oontraots  and  should  you  he  successful  after  the  roads  are  re¬ 
turned  to  private  ownership  of  getting  more  roads  than  you  now  have,  tied  up  with 
oontraots  on  this  basis,  it  would  eliminate  us  altogether.  ’  ^ 

We  understand  that  this  announcement  has  been  sent  to  all  of  the 
there?  salesmen  and  yet  we  have  not  received  a  copy  a^d  would 

therefore  blindly  go  ahead  and  quote  what  we  understood  as  the  Edison  Company's 
policy  to  tha-^way  of  .prices’  only ’to’ 'be  made  a’iau^ihg  stock  of  at  the  very,  outset. 

la  the  . spirit-  of  fair  play  and  honesty  will  you  not  have  this  matter 


rev  lowed  and  give  us  the  opportunity  of  presenting  what  we  oonslder  to  he  the 
fundamental  faots  in  the  case  before  this  is  allowed  to  become  operative. 

'  Pardon  the  seeming  oonoeit,  but  for  ten  years  praotically,  I  with  the  assistance 
of  Hr  .McGinns  ss  have  been  endeavoring  to  get  the  railroad  business  of  the  country 
and  have  been  successful  as  you  well  know,  in  tying  up  the  largest  users  either 
with  contracts  or  without  it,  and  it  is  safe  to  say  that  a  great  many  roads  to  whom 
this  proposition  will  be  presented  who  would  not  under  any  oiroumstanoes  tie  up 
an  exclusive  contract,  will  however  demand  the  maximum  discount  in  view  of  the 
fact  that  they  are  as  large  purchasers  of  storage  batteries  as  are  those  roads  or 
will  be  those  roads  who  are  now  under  contract  or  who  might  enter  into  oontraot. 

Also  inmediately  that  this  announcement  is  made  known  to  oertain  Axle 
Generator  manufacturers  who  have  not  a  battery  of  their  own  and  Whom  we  have  new 
gotten  to  the  point  where  they  are  working  with  us  and  for  you  in  the  attempt 
to  have  Edison  batteries  used  wherever  possible,  with  their  equipment  it  will 
simply  antagonize  them  and  if  I  am  not  greatly  mistaken,  they  will  turn  from, 

Edison  lead  because  there  will  be  nothing  in  it  for  them  whatsoever  in  attempting 
to  secure  Edison  battery  business  When  the  railroads  with  whem  they  are  dealing  cm 
purchase  them  as  cheaply  as  they  can  and  under  these  circumstances  they  will  taka 
the  easier  oourse  and  permit  the  road  either  to  buy  whenever  they  please  or  as  I 
have  stated  before,  take  the  initiative  and  attempt  to  sell  their  equipment  with 
lead  batteries. 

The  lead  people  in  their  wildest  draams  would  protect  the  manufacturer  and 
the  railroad  business  of  the  country  has  always  been  conducted  in  all  lines  on 
the  basis  of  the  manner  in  which  I  directed  it  while  with  your  organization. 

Please  Relieve  me  that  this  matter  is  far  reaching  and  will  only  injure 
you  in  the  long  run,  and  if  you  will  pardon  me,  this  decision  can  only  have  been 
arrived  at  due  to  ignorance  of  the  manner  in  which  the  railway  supply  business  is 
conducted  and  when  you  come  to  realize  it,  the  railroads  collectively  are  the  biggs st 
purchasing  power  in  the  United  States  as  a  class. 

To  sum  this  matter  Tip,  it  has  never  been  necessary  to  give  these  discounts 
in  the  past  to  obtain  the  railroad  business. 

President.  ^ 




Subject:  Now  Discounts. 

Please  be  advised  that  on  new  orders  reoeived  fran  and  after  December 
1st, 1919,  but  subject  to  ohange  without  notioe,  we  will  extend  the  following 
uniform  discounts  to  railroads. 

First,  On  orders  for  Edison  Storage  Batteries  for  any  purpose 
whatsoever,  10)5  from  list  prloe  prevailing  an  date  of 
acceptance  of  orders. 

Second,  On  optional  contract  or'  agreement  including  schedules 
for  specifications  covering  Edison  Storage  Batteries, 

15)5  fran  list  prices  prevailing  on  date  of  acceptance 
of  orders. 

Third,  On  contracts  engaging  the  exclusive  purchase  of  Edison 
Storage  Batteries  for  all  battery  applications,  20)4 
from  list  price  prevailing  on  date  of  acceptance  of  orders. 

The  favor  of  your  acknowledgement  with  statement  of  your  interest 
in  any  of  these  propositions  will  be  very  much  appreciated. 

Yours  very  truly, 


Gen. Sales  Dgr. 

By  E.  M.  CUTTING 

Mgr. Railroad  Dept. 

Edison  Chemical  Works  Division 

Mr.  Thomas  A.Ediscn, 

Orange,  N.J. 

My  dear  Mr.  Edison: 

I  have  invei  ;ated  the  question  of  the  numberfof  employes 
we  have  on  hand  and  a  iparison  of  the  present  number  with  former 
periods  is  given  you  :  he  following  tabulation: 

VIEEX  EM  1111 G 

August  -  190‘ 
Nov.  28,  1910' 
June  14,  191ST 
Nov.  22,  1919 

Orange,  N.J. 

Silver  Lake, N.J. 
J  ^December  2,  : 


1720'  lbs .  Iron  Mix 
6160  "  "  " 

15000  "  "  » 

18000  #  "  " 

1895  lbs. Nickel  Mix. 
6200  "  "  Hydi 

18200  "  " 

16640  "  ”  " 

Pive  months  ago  we  did  not  have  the  Laboratory  on  our 
payroll,  but  this  was  transferred  to  us1' this  Pall.  The  Laboratory 
force  includes  six  men  who  are  working  on  electrical  teBts  and  two 
men  on  loading  lests.that  we  have  never  had  before .This  is  due  to  the 
fact  that  we  ere  making  the  original  loading  tests  for  iron  and  nickel 
and  the  oleotrical  teBts  on  iron  mix, which  formerly  was  done  in  Orange 

Also  due  to  the  fact  that  the  Plant  has  spread  out  consider¬ 
ably  more,  it  is  necessary  for  us  to  have  more  men  in  the  storeroom, 
additional  watohmen  and  more  men  in  the  yard  eervioe. 

Also  due  to  more  buildings,  pipes,  etc.  there  is  more  in 
the  Maintenance  Department. 

However,  the  comparative  figures  from  1910  to  dato  shows 
a  very  decided  doorease  in  men,  oompured  with  production. 

Due  to  the  decrease  in  our  production  crew,  and  changing 
over  to  an  eight  hour  a  day  arrangement,  we  expoot  to  reduce  the 
force  at  onoo,  to  some  extent,  although  the  production  department 
will  'Continue  to  hove  praotioally  the  same  number  of  men,  but  they 
will  be  devided  into  three  shifts,  whereas  they  wore  on' two  shifts. 



/uo*  tu  EDISONCHEE\Kql\  works 

i  <-  Ompa  n son  of  Ernp/oye-s 
M4o6  ■'  t°  Produ-cftort.  '  ' 

it  86 



Deo.  12,  1919. 

Arthur  Mudd,  Secretary 

nr.  Charles  Edison,  Mr.  s.  B.  Mambert,  Mr,  C.  E.  Sholes, 
Mr.  H.  F.  Miller,  Mr,  J.  V.  Miller. 

Approval  of  contracts  by  Mr.  Thos.  a.  Edison,  President. 

The  following  is  on  excerpt  from  minutes  of  meeting  of  Board  of 
Directors  held  Thursday,  Dec.  Uth., 

"The  Chairman  stated  that  the  President,  Mr.  Thos.  A.  Edison,  -had  ' 
requested  that  no  contracts  be  authorised  or  approved  and  ratified  by  the 
Board  of  Directors  of  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.  unless  said  contracts 
shall  have  been  personally  approved  by  him. 

In  view  of  the  wishes  of  the  President  the  members  of  the  Board  pres- 
-ent,  viz:  Mr.  Charles  Edison,  Mr.  S.  B.  Mambert*  Mr.  C.  E.  Sholes,  Mr. 

H.  F.  Miller  and  Mr.  j.  v.  Miller,  constituting  a  majority  it  the  Board  of 
Directors,'  stated  that  they  would  individually  and  collectively,  as 
officers  and  directors,  withhold  their  approval  from  any  and  all  contracts 
Which  might  bo  submitted  to  them,  tanless  said  contracts  shall  have  been 
previously  approved  by  the  President  of  the  Company,  Mr.  Thos.  A.  Edison, 
o?  until  Mr .  Thos.  A.  Edison  shall  have  withdrawn  his  request. " 


«T“ . . . 


Demo.  No.jg^ 

Export  Division  of  saloon  storey  Battery 

tok  Walter  3  towns* 

Kdloon  le  satisfied  that  our  case  is  utroiw  enorah 
aghast  Manaot  to  win  In  arbitration.  Be  reoUeoo  tolly  the  serorcl 
Iimnot  storto  aaldns  counterclaims. 
*?®°  *?  U,*V*  «-Mtratlon  m  would  Dove  to  «>  on 

contract  tor  oil  tire,  unices  It  were  breached  at  ion 


S‘SStoK^}2,“CSf  “  w— “  "“■“*•  -*■*• 

...  „  ,  ri,  *•  «•  to  »»»  no  contract  or  ogmcumt  of  any  kind 

with  Mount  but  to  oonttme  to  fnmtob  him  battexica  to  met  Mb' mote 
nadar  a  "etraleht  order"  baalo.  Xf  Wo  do  this  and  refndn  from  mm§ 
any  great  atteopt  to  pub  the  sole  of  tatted  m  in  Uonnot'e  territory 
through  other  eternals  until  the  arbitration  la  settled,  he  tools  that 
tho  damgee  cannot  m  into  Tory  largo  figures. 

flean  bo  goTamod  aooordlrely. 

<®AB®8  15)10  OK. 






Export  Division  of  S.  B.  Co. 
Monnot  Agreement.  / 



Ur.  Edison: 

Before  acting  definitely  on  the  Monnot  matter  as  outlined 
In  the  attached  to  Stevens.  I  want  to  feel  sure  onoe  and  for  all  that 
you  Jo.  appreciate  the  weaknesses  that  we  may  have  to  explain  away  in 
arbitration  somehow. 

Personally,  I  feel  that  your  dlreotlons  are  exactly  what 
we  s  ho  old  do,  with  this  point,  however,  still  la  doubt  In  ay  mind* 
Under  English  law,  oan  a  person  break  a  contract  and  refuse  to  supply 
goods,  oto.  ,  after  arbitration  has  gone  againet  him,  by  merely  paying 
a  lump  sum  cash  damages? 

Or,  if  the  arbitration  goes  against  him,  can  he  he  forced 
to  oontlnne  to  supply  goods,  etc.  and  oondnot  business  under  the  con¬ 
tract  during  its  life,  and  if  be  resists  this,  order  and  flatly  refuses 
to  go  on.  oan  they  seise  goods  or  send  him  to  jail  or  subject  him  to 
payments  of  continuous  damages? 

If  the  first  is  true,  them  It  seems  to  ms  the  risk  we 
are  taking  is  small.  She  the  second  is  truei  then  It  seems  to  me 
that  the  risk  is  great. 

Should  we  not  get  sosb  English  Solicitor's  opinion 
before  conmlttlng  ourselves  to  a  definite  course :  of  aotlon? 


'  . 1  1 

Ur.  O.B.Sholes,  V.P.  &  Gen'l  Manager  -U  U^Li>  Hi,1 

Ur.  J.V.UUlar,  Manager  Ohemloal  Works  -y.  gyC  , .yt-4 

SUB*  Glassification  and  Analysis  of  payroll  by  Departments!*  ^gfU- 

Baaed  on  your  report  and  in  aooordanoe  with  table  attached  j 
hereto,  the  following  oonoluslona  are  drawn*  * 

_  .  Shore  are  225$  more  employees  on  private  payroll  at  Ohemitrf 

Works  than  at  Storage  Battery  Plant.  ™ 

2510  number  of  employees  on  Private  payroll  on  produotion 
(foreman  and  superintendents)  is  629$  greater  than  at  Storage  Battery. 

*h®  relationship  of  enployaes  in  the  Maintenanoe,  Engineering, 
Ohemloal  and  Electrical  Laboratories,  Accounting  and  Executive  offices  to 
the  total  number  of  employees  is  greater  at  Ohemloal  works  than  at  Storage 
Battery*  °“  InBpootlon  31,4  3toree  the  relationship  is  greater  at  Storage 

While  tha  relationships  brought  out  in  the  attaohed  table 
are  not  entirely  comparable,  it  does  seem  that  if  the  Aooountlng  wore 
centralized  some  reduction  could  be  made.  It  should  be  particularly 
noted  that  the  number  of  aooountlng  employees  for  the  storage  Battery  also 
InoludsB  the  employees  on  Salsa  Aooountlng, 

It  would  of  course  bo  difficult  to  combine  any  other  functions 
t  unlikely  that  were  the  two  plante  oomblned  the  percentage  of 
ar  oo ul d  be  reduced. 

MO  ooneideration  has  bean  given  the  Sales  or  Purchasing 
Departments  sines  those  may  be  taken  as  common  to  both  Ghemioal  Hbrtes  and 
Storage  Battery  plants. 

Tory  respectfully. 

O.E.Shoioo.Oen'l  Manager. 


December  26,  1919. 

Desk  #6-3-5341  e v9 

Ur.  W.  II.  Meadoworoft,  VV  M  J. r  jT 

Confirming  oar  telephone  conversation  of.  this  date,  the  attached  \F  | 

is  a  copy  of  a  letter  received  from  the  Walker  Vehicle  Co.  '*  j 

Will  you  kindly  ad  vise  if  Mr.  Edison  can  furnish  the  information 
requested,  particularly  that  mentioned  in  tho  ttti  paragraph. 


John  Kelly,  Gen  .  Sales  Mgr. 

By  O^c^A . 

Sales  Engineer.  *' 

©  rt. 

***\  L  ^,“7  "  U^w.|  20  Jit#***  oxJ* 

a  'YVytrl ~<rT 

'  |\fcvj  aJutwc.  **•  <H 

i„L^  '&<■  1' 

v4^tCfe^e,J  £CJ 

’"!  C'ij-iX^,  tC  ■£. 

"('ki  ^  cC\ju 

C^^uJL-  H —  t-(p<fc.di  t- t  tut--** 

Uk  fcf  tfjt\r*h  fatcuM  <4''6i^Io 

/itsY  (“k-d.  HLj^for  4-Cen<Xi-^(^ 

UTt  U>c$^  ck-p^ 'Hi-C,  Oa-ivl© 

~TU  br^-tn  i.j,'  i~-fi(\cuf~  ur^. 
cJJL  £-6&  ^Cy-ixT-c  ’fc  jOSi  dF^-u^c^. 
.I&c  rf>uj£22rf“  ^ci  I  $yl-  iu  tUeU£- 

tT  Kv-d  T\v  \/w  I  aw  u>V»  UWfc,*£nwu.,_X 

dLUY-^'^v';  ■  ^  vt«^--kvvp\ 

^0'<e.\vcf  --i(v^y/.<3  CA^cfi  Ciw  idiCfiM . 

'j  k  W  J  k  <W  1A<|.V,^  £A-t  ct&ilt- 

\&  tl ti&'tt'l.  cO^-U  ^>4<iASti  (P>\ 
'trU  O-  k  VU  k-CcL©tc.\,J<rt  jLoti- 

.  '\vv^_c?^-L  cd£s-  <At  i  C 

JLiS^t"  ^LTHm*  tUtriuwcy. 

l/ic cClT”  >3"^  "f*0  I  5  ti  <^-£- 

UA^'i-t'k  &-1  ct^CLo t *u  1^a.c(  "^Cd 
tl  uUvd^  A 6  \vtcu4c  }u_|h  \|trf  five 
th-t&h  ^  V\t>t  t 

tpYd  \C  iL^-Ci^a  c^cid^'Cd 

'  J^vf.  CtV|2,^.c-r  '  l\tx,[T"% 

\AV i/^dfcvrtXvvf””  t/U^ 

—  CL.(-3-£>  ^  n.c"Tt«X 

Kej  ~f&  (L-kc.ct-£u>t\  fLon-cf  j 
'  tiuc.  (L<s-tc£.^  ci-fcLfor*  k~a-c>  -■bvrz&'~  / 

Uvv'Xtt^^U'^c^Jt^f  co-u_^c|o 
...  £C  ,'JL  Cl.v-L'VV.o  M~(  '&(*-•{'  2.  CK.fiJlQx-*-* 

(L<*t£$T  I  if*  |t>?  v2-di  ok&MA^\^</ 

%COf%  WvCS-'^CvtU^K-k  M,C  <?  cAGJLvi 




Chicago,  Ill, 

December  18,  1919, 


Edison  Storage  Battery  Company, 

Orange,  He'.v  Jersey. 


.'He  are  now  considering  the  re-doeign  of  our  entire  line  of  motors  with  the  object 

of  developing  the  best  type  possible  for  use  with  60  cells  "A"  'typo  batteries  in  locali 

ties  whore  the  streets  are  comparatively  level  and  the  pavements  good,  and  with  64 
cells  "A"  type  batteries  where  trucks  will  operate  in  hilly  districts  with  grades 
up  to  15 %,  or  on  poor  paydments. 

Our  object  in  writing  to  you  is  to  obtain,  if  possible,  Mr.  Edison's  recommendation 
as  to  the  two  best  men;  and  companies  that  we  can  engage  to  accomplish  the  best  results 

As  our  export  business  now  extends  over  most  foreign  countries,  we  prefer  to  purchase 

our  motors  from  cither  Westinghouse  or  0.  E, ,  duo  to  their  foreign  and  domestic 
organisations,  but  we  first  desire  to  determine  the  detail  specifications  of  the 
best  line  of  motors  for  use  in  Walker  chassis  equipped  with  Edison  "A"  type  batteries. 

In  other  words,  while  our  present  line  of  motors  are  giving  satisfaction  to  V/alker 
truck  users,  wo  know  that  the  design  can  be  improved  and  desire  to  obtain  the 
ultimate  type  now,  due  to  the  fact  that  it  is  our  intention  to  oxpond  our  production 
to  sales  limit. 

We,  therefore,  trust  that  you  will  realize  the  importance  of  this  subject  to  both 
your  company  and  ourselves,  and  we  will  appreciate  any  suggestions  Mr.  Edison  or 
anyone  else  in  your  organisation  will  make. 

Very  truly  yours, 
(Signed)  C.  A.  Streot 

General  Sales  Manager. 

jrwCir  Lom 
_  ™L«  To  cMH?^ 


ka  kaus 


^  &-L 

tjUZ-A-ptfa  i 

l^-*0WW-*j  >4uva^  «, 

^?25^P  _./5B3«r <&7T//t#  /»r  /pet  ttyr  /4Z'/WW~ 


J&aZZat--^  l<mrk*‘.  V  ^“T 

/^svzr/e.  /y&zt? 

4-*V*  L^U^Phtj.  Wa-^TIiov*,  UJU**  UA 

^»wwr  Mwkf.  ^  o4»r.^;  /f/j 

jrmc<>  GlX^-iaM)  (h~  (f-CQ-iW,  wiT '  (vw 
•*W.  /e&f&tt' /f&J&^zrzr  A07MMT  /*T  /&!&&&&. 

^pxnsif Ja^j 

'#&&&  SS>7&~  *?A?  ?e>  ttttfftkQ&L  ../&JB*iXX£50. 1.W . 

. . . .  Xuv\c>  ■w>«^ C_V'Y.  ^o*wcxt» 

'  S*  t&l  vO  <U--Lt-  Ow«~  Ccf  /VV_<L<Lfi\A»> 


’<  7iY<M£-  77*?/- yr  m?s  <xroXei&AS }^ej  ' 

V-X  kaAs  , 

v^u^n  U-VC-  fe-t-2,, 

7&  A09&/Y'  7MT7-  At?  ^7//7  A&T  /7r  /Y/Z>  'of^A/Af/j^^  '  ^r  L* 

r  <i!ir-  /t£&U?  /?  /f/7A^\\&,MZ>  /A9if 

AX VS?  TAter 

WK..  7AVJ  AA9HS  AASV  /7/PMVA&AV?.  SAZOtr  fte&A?  AV?ASeS/7ZZ-  m 

/?  .04WMes%f,.  //&H0p4r&-  OA  /%was/aaaaa'a?a^  (Z^e/rx&Arts*.  /  zv/aaa^ 
/te>cK0  armr/Af  e&'/fvfr/izs  yzyer  apaaatat/s-a^  /&*  7H/3  wajeA^ 

SM0-.  0&>&?/ZK  JtW0M> /7&/C  ^  .o£f^_4&g@fc:  #//-/&£//: _ 

CX’A/9'r/A^'  /ye/<77/0AS~:  . __ /*  cJW&fy'  /j  77/Ar  ,  aw? 

J1CV7AV7  ^s//^sys/0i>A/~j0/=„  7&/s  0A^e/A<srAie .  /a?  _ a?A/  z&y _ 

///W  wr  /&e  &  tta/At.  _ 

- sfe///?(*r  A&m*ki  _ 

?<g..._.agggj^^./^gggsgr  ar  ffi&v/MOT 

ap^Zhecppp  /fopt/p/cy  7S>  ///p  ya///r  u/zppp  /i/e.  /p/pa//J  /pppp  ps 
px/zep&pp  pp/pp  7//p  /pep.  //py  /?p  pp/p  7a  ///?/PF  /r&Me&zs  Afpp 
/?  ~7&/le  /e/p/.  /£  apppp  ppr  /^/^/JPA/Jr ~/?PP.  /r  //  PP/a/p/p/y 

psppvp/p/  /Ppp  a/p  PPPP  p  Aiyp  ^ieppP  /%?//  a/y  pp&y  /%as?e--— : 

Q%>  /&e  p/p  ppyp  pp/pp  .  pp&ppjp  aye-  ppm  prop  p&r  ppoop  ppp 

pep/p/pppr/y  pp  A^p  /pe?pp  /pppp&x. 

—Z&r  _0P.  77/a  /6/c/p  0/  ce*e  d&ar  A6px  PP& 


7P  /pspr  /&  PPM/  / 

<?P  zpp  ~7&aP  _  /j  tzn'PTPP/zr'  ^a/Ay  atpp  /pa  /%&/?  , 

M/P  Akyppp ,  &  Ppc&c/ppfP  p/pKf  ppp  ppppp  ca/r 

A6  Aa/zp.  /%.  A6//p&,  ^//i6./zppep  /&  a&/  //pcp  7Pp  7/Pp  7a> 

. . . - . .  /  pppp  par  7P/PP&  7&  /ted/pr/jr,  p. 

.  &PP?  PPP  aa>  p&  /var  /pau/  tp/pp  //p  /pixvp  p&. xjo/pzp/p  //s~  —  Par 
/.  7papqc/p/py  ppAtn/p  ?ppr  PP/z  pegpp  A/py  /vpss>i va*&o  m/t&  yyp- 

/tryA/r  /M  7//P  /QA/p  Pc/aP. _ 

_ A6p/  OP  yap  7P/MAP~  . _ 

za/'j&iao.  J/ppap. 


?*’"')  172  Valley  RoadiWest  Or£;  -,e,N.J.Dec. 27th. ,  19. 

My  Dear  Mr  Mambert  ' 

I  was  most  agreeably  surprised  at  receiving  a  Christmas  card  from 
Mrs  Mambert  and  yourself  as  I  had  no  idea  that  you  were  aware  that 
I  am  still  in  this  part  of  the  country. The  act  of  sending  a  Christmas 
card  would  evidence  at  least  no  unkindly  feeling  towards  me  on  your 
part, and  this  is  also  surprising  to  me  as  I  was  given  to  understand 
by  Mr  Sholes  when  I  was  kicked  out  that  "The  Board  had  wondered  that 
he  had  kept  me  on  as  long  as  he  had". 

In  any  event, I  am  here, (brought  on  from  California  by  Mr  Sholes)and 
the  thought  has  occurred  to  me, since  receiving  your  card, that  perhaps 
you  could  assist  me  in  finding  that  thing  which  I  most  want  to  do. 

I  am  attaching  a  copy  of  my  service  record  from  1888  up  to  date, and 
would  explain  that  while  I  was  handling  considerable  numbers  of  men 
on  the  Southern  Pacific, I  made  it  my  business  and  pleasure  to  give 
aid, sympathy, advice, etc. etc. to  my  men  (as  well  as  my  girls)  when  ever 
the  opportunity  offered  -  neyBr  intrusively  of  course-  and  I  have 
acted  both  as  judge  and  Jury  on  incipient  divorce  cases,drunkeness, 
troubles  of  various  kinds;  have  gathered  men  up  off  the  track  and 
gone  to  their  homes  and  broken  the  news  to  their  families  as  gently 
as  possible, arranged  all  the  details  of  the  funeral, and  later  on 
have  secured  a  position  for  some  member  of  the  family;and  in  every 
way  I  have  tried  to  do  good  where  ever  it  was  possible. 

Since  coming  with  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co. seven  years  ago, I 
have  missed  the  opportunity  of  doing  very  much  along  the  lines  as 
written  of  above, and  I  have  often  wished  that  the  time  would  come 
when  I  would  again  have  a  chance  to  do  more  of  that  for  which  it 
has  been  stated  I  am  best  fitted  -  namely, some  executive  work  where 
a  large  amount  of  human  kindness  and  sympathy  are  deslreable. 

I  had  even  hoped  that  in  leaving  California  and  coming  on  East  ,1 
would  eventually  find  a  place  in  the  Edison  organization  where  I 
could  have  something  to  do  with  the  human  element, and  do  that  thing 
that  I  have  so  long  wanted  to  do. 

Instead  of  any  such  chance,  I  found  a  brutal  man  in  outhor ity.;drunk 
with  power  -  unkind, overbearing, and  domineering  towards  the  rank 
and  file  and  feared  and  hated  by  all  of  them;hoping  that  either  he 
would  get  out  or  that  they  could  find  something  else  to  do  at  some 
other  place, and  when  I  had  the  nerve  to  protest  to  Mr  Sholes  about 
John  Kelly's  rough  treatment  of  the  poor, scared  creatures, I  was  told 
to  attend  strictly  to  my  own  business, etc. etc. etc. etc. 

Enough  of  this  -  it  is  all  passed  so  far  as  I  am  concemed;the  Edison 
Storage  Battery  Co. did  not  want  ray  services  any  longer, but  as  my 
coming  on  East  was  considered  by  my  many  friends  on  the  Pacific  Coast 
as  a  well  deserved  promotion  for  faithful  service,!  would  like  to 
connect  with  some  good  concern  here  if  possible, and  as  I  have  heard 
much  of  your  own  kindly  nature, I  am  prompted  to  ask  if  you  would  be 
willing  to  advise  me  as  to  methods  for  getting  in  touch  with  some 


l  »  ’(2)  ;  ■  g§  1 

thing, where  I  could  bring  to  bear  my  considerable  practical  experienc®  ! 
along  electro-mechanical  lines  and  perhaps  have  a  chance  to  help  I 

smooth  out  some  of  the  human  tangles  that  might  need  the  kind  of  help 
that  I  could  give  if  I  were  afforded  the  opportunity,  I 

I  have  had  such  splendid  success  in  some  of  my  past  work  that  it  has  ! 
seemed  to  me  that  with  all  the  prevailing  unrest, there  should  be  a 
place  for  me  in  some  plant  to  act  as  a  sort  of  "Shock  Absorber"to 
meet  the  men, hear  their  grievences, convince  them  of  my  own  desire  to 
see  that  they  get  a  square  deal, but  at  the  same  time  looking  out  for 
the  best  Interests  of  my  own  employers. 

perhaps  ' 

As  you  have /forgotten  me  during  the  three  or  four  years  since  I  was 
in  your  office, I  am  taking  the  liberty  of  enclosing  my  picture, which 
I  would  ask  that  you  kindly  return  after  it  has  served  the  purpose 
of  refreshing  your  memory. 

In  closing, I  wish  to  say  that  I  very  sincerely  trust  and  desire  that 
nothing  that  I  have  said  regarding  my  experiences  at  Edison  Storage 
Battery  Factory, will  result  in  any  controversy, as  under  the  existing 
conditions, I  am  more  than  glad  to  be  out  of  there, but  I  did  feel  that,  j 
in  calling  upon  your  help  in  securing  a  new  position, I  might  be  per¬ 
mitted  to  present  a  little  of  my  side  of  the  story. 

If, after  you  have  had  time  to  read  this, you  feel  that  you  could, or 
would  care  to  talk  with  me  regarding  the  kind  of  work  that  I  have 
done, I  would  appreciate  it  very  much  if  I  could  see  you  at  some  place 
other  than  your  office, as  a  visit  there  might  be  misconstrued. 

I  am  living  at  172  Valley  Road, West  Orange, Phone  Orange  3799-W. 

Thanking  you  very  much  for  your  consideration  of  this  matter, 














Commenced,  working  for  Southern  Pacific  R.R.Co.  in  Signal  Dept .as  an 
Apprentice  and  progressed  slowly  to  lineman , Wireman , Signal  Repairman, 
Signal  ShopmanfBenoh, lathe, Forge) Extra  Fireman  S.P.Electrio  light 
Plant,  Extra  Signal  Towerman, Signal  Construction  Foreman, Extra 
Engineer  of  lighting  Plant.  .  _  .  ,  _ 

Resigned  to  take  position  as  Chief  Electrician  Piedmont  Cable  Co., a 
combined  cable  and  electrio  Btreet  Ry.  After  two  months .promoted  to 
2nd  Engineer  in  full  charge  of  afternoon  and  evening  watch. There 
were  13  engines, 5  dynamos  and  6  steam  boilerB  in  the  plant, and  12 
miles  of  cable  passed  through  the  house  every  23  minutes. 

Returned  to  Signal  Dept. S.P. Co .same  work  as  baf ore, excepting  more 
of  the  time  Foreman  on  new  construction, and  generally  increased 

Appointed  Signal  Supervisor  in  oharge  of  Signal  Operation, 
Maintenance,  and  Construction, including  the  wiring  of  Depots, Shops, 
Roundhouses, Ferry  Boats .installation  of  Shop  Motors, Telephones, 
lines  and  Phone  Switch  Boards. 

Given  charge  of  all  Electric  lighting  of  Passenger  Cars  on  S.P. 
lines  in  addition  to  Signal  work.  ^ 

Appointed  Engineer  of  Train  Lighting-Heating-Ventilation  in  oharge 
of  Train  Electricians  running  on  trains ;Car  Wiring, Coach  Yard 
Electricians, Pintsch  Gas  Plants, Gas  lighting  of  oars, locomotive  Head 
light  Wiring  and  locomotive  Head  lights. 

Got  10  Car  lighting  man  from  various  Rail  Roads  to  meiet  at  Ogden, 
Utah  where  was  started  the  Association  of  Railway  Electrical 
Engineers.  In  the  Fall  of  1909  wsb  elected  President  and  served  one 

Resigned  from  S.P. Co.  to  aooept  position  aB  Western  Manager  of  the 
Edison  Storage  Battery  Co. .commencing  Jan.  1st.,  1913,  with  head¬ 
quarters  ‘at  San  PranciBco.  I  had  charge  of  the  Sales  and  Service 
work  in  the  11  Western  states  for  7  years,  reporting  to  the  V.P.  &• 
General  Sales  Manager  at  Orange, H.J.  I  opened  offices  in  Seattle, 
Portland  and  los  Angeles  and  appointed  Resident  Managers  reporting 
to  me. I  also  made  selling  arrangements  with  men  or  Concerns  in 
various  parts  of  my  territory  to  handle  the  Battery. 

From  a  few  thousand  dollars  a  year,  built  up  the  business  to 
as  much  as  $250,000,00  to  $300,000.00  per  year. This  is  Bmall  in 
comparison  with  other  parts  of  the  country,  but  the  territory  was 
hard  to  cover  as  it  comprises  a  third  of  the  area  of  the  U.S.with 
only  6$  of  the  population. 

Invited  to  oome  to  Orange  to  take  charge  of  the  R.R.Dept  .Upon 
arrival  was  made  Ass't  Sales  Manager. 

December  resigned  from  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co. 

While  with  Southern  Pacific  was  given  credit  for  speoial 
ability  in  handling  men. In  1903  started  a  Signal  School  for  my  men, 
where  I  taught  from  large  drawings  that  I  had  prepared  and  from 
working  parts  set  up  in  shop. This  resulted  in  greater  interest,  in¬ 
formation  and  progress  and  I  was  able  to  promote  men  to  better 
positions  on  other  Divisions  and  alBo  to  other  Rail  Roads. 

I  am  deeply  interested  in  all  Betterment  Work  so  far  as  it  Is 
practicable  and  carried  out  with  discretion  and  common  sense. 

Can  mix  freely  with  all  men  and  at  Bame  time  never  have  had  any 
trouble  commanding  reBpeot  and  securing  willing  obedience. 

B.M. Cutting. 

Room  827  #200-5th  Ave.,Hew  York  City. 

}l7Y  SctU/JyU 

J$xj  /3<rziAd 
a^roirid — sudjtxd  do 
C^a^rrvvd  —  Gwjg(  'feyVTrtjctod 
stW  QC&vi/  6j't/~.  ‘jdsyiMAW-wrV 

stb  A^A&rdEb'  4<diLisfajt6rri-f 

^LuJr  -  yt^ocwAA 


,  '&k/)-tt4  . 





ctjaprsort-  h-vdC  ijiru.  oh,t>uJ*> l 


PROM:  Sales  Committee  'w~t>^  vJ$-*  Ij&Wv.jM'lWI/'JUrf 

TO:  Hi'.  C.  E.  Sholes  <V*^VCl 

SOB:  Additional  Office  Space  for  Chicago.  nAa*-€&*  (a  e  . 

\tfluiud*  (htt-G&L 

for  your  reference  we  beg  to  quote  from  Minuted  of  SalejB 
Or  livyttd  ^ 

Conmittee  meeting  held.  January  6th:  *  ., 

VVizcT  uf  /w 

"Hr.  Veale  presented  letter  from  Messrs.  Lloore  &  Rifort  t 
of  Chicago,  Ill,  with  reference  to  building  which  they 
propose  to  build,  for  our  use.  This  communication  was 
accompanied  by  a  letter  from  Hr.  Butler  urging  immediate 
consideration  for  matter  of  new  quarters  on  account 
his  present  lease  will  expire  on  April  30th,  and  that 
the  owner  will  want  a  substantial  increase  in  rent  and 
that  the  prcsait  premises  are  now  very  inadequate. 

After  very  careful  consideration  of  the  several  suggestions 
and  proposals  which  have  been  made  it  was,  on  motion  duly 
moved  and  seconded 

VOTED,  that  in  vi ew  of  the  importance  of  our  Chicago 
business,  which  during  our  last  fiscal  year  was  about 
§859,000.00';  that  the  service  station  at  Chicago  must  also 
attend  repair  work  of  St.  LouIb,  Kansas  City,  st.  Paul  and 
it  is  also  freqiently  called  upon  for  assistance  to  New 
Orleans,  Denver  and  to  help  Detroit.and  Canadian  service, 
this  committee  approves  and  recommends  to  the  Board  of 
Directors  that  we  accept  proposal  made  by  Messrs.  lloore  & 
Rifort  as  scents  for  the  vacant  property  at  3130  &  3132 
South  Michigan  Avenue,  on  which  they  propose  to  erect  a 
two  story  building  v/ith  approximately  15,300  square  feet, 
and  with  a  handsome  green  and  white  tile  front  (similar  to 
building  ereoted  for  the  Packard  Co. )  and  which  they  will 
lease  to  us  for  a  period  of  15  years  at  9$  of  the  cost  of 
the  building  estimated  at  §40,000.00  (not  to  exceed  §50,000.00) 
plus  the  taxes  and  interest,  and  which  would  make  Hie  annual 
rental  cost  not  exceeding  as  follows: 




-2-  Jan.  6,  1920. 

9%  on  $50,000.00  $4,500,00 

Taxos  and  Interest,  estimated  900.00 

Ground  Rent  1.250.00 

total  $6,650.00 

and  may  discontinue  at  the  end  of  10  years  ty  paying  a  honus 
of  10^  on  the  cost  of  the  building. 

In  this  connection  this  committee  calls  the  attention  of  the 
Board  of  Directors  to  the  fact  that  the  present  pr anises  are 
not  only  too  small  to  give  suitable  service  to  our  large 
business  in  Chioago,  but  that  the  situation  is  such  that 
we  are  constantly  questional  by  the  polioe  on  account  of 
vehicles  back  of  present  building  in  alley;  that  with  the 
nea  building  we  would  have  ample  space  for  increased  repair 
work,  and  which  would  undoubtedly  enable  us  to  earn  sufficient 
to  pay  for  the  increased  cost  of  rent;  that  we  could  probably 
obtain  a  clause  permitting  us  to  sub-let  to  tenant  acceptable 
to  the  owners,  and  that  this  committee  does  not  feel  that  the 
10  or  15  year  period  is  at  all  unreasonable  on  this  proposition 
or  includes  any  serious  risk  of  finding  ourselves  in  any  un¬ 
desirable  location. 

As  reffirds  to  the  location,  this  committee  views  that  it  is 
perhaps  ideal  in  view  of  the  ihct  is  on  a  direct  route 
and  not  far  from  the  Walker  Vehicle  Company,  Mercury  Manufactur¬ 
ing  Company,  Chioago  Stock  Yards,  etc., etc.  Furthermore,  it  is 
believed  that  if  the  matter  is  immediately  decided  that  the  build¬ 
ing  can  be  finished  and  ready  for  occupancy  on  May  1st  or  immediate¬ 
ly  after  our  present  iease  expires." 

V/ill  you  be  good  enough  to  present  this  subject  at  the  next  Board 
meeting,  and  advise  us  of  their  decision  in  order  that  we  might  wire  Mr. 


January  21,  192D. 




Mr.  C.E.Sholes,  Gan’l  Mgr.  e.S.B.  Co. 

Mr.  Meadoworoft,  Sec'y  to  Mr.  Thomas  A.  Edison. 
Seaboard  By-Product  Coke  Company,  fj 
Jersey  City,  Hew  Jersey.  r% 

property  near 
e  possibility^* 
r  of  tiif?  5Ba- 

the  Belleville  Turnpike  in  Jersey  Uity  and  were  considering  the  p 
of  locating  the  Silver  Lake  plant  at  that  point,  Mr.  Mac  Arthur  o 
board  By-product  Coke  O0.  told  us  confidentially  of  some  new  arrangements 
which  he  proposed  to  make  for  railroad  facilities  and  which  would  be  a  help 
to  all  concerned  and  asked  to  buy  the  triangular  strip  between  the  Belleville 
Turnpike  and  the  Erie  Bail  road. 

Of  course  our  plans  went  awry  but  it  seems  that  the  Sea¬ 
board  Co,  desires  to  complete  their  arrangements  and  Mr.  Mac  Arthur  has 
therefore  asked  us  to  please  learn  if  Mr.  Edison  would  sell  this  triangular 
pieoe  of  property  and  if  so  at  what  price. 

Will  you  kindly  communicate  direct  with  Mr.  p.c.  Mao  Arthur 
of  the  Seuboard  By  Products  Coke  Co, ,  or  command  the  undersigned,  and  greatly 

ft7r.  ID  ~ 


(jSny-vCt  SJUL  — 

ot  Jjrf  7^*-  " 

Very  respeotfully, 

C.E.Sholes, Gen'l  Mgr. 


Mr.  C.K.Sholoa/',  Gon'l  Mgr.  K.3.B.  Co 

^ec'y  to  Mr.  'i'homaa  A.  lid.  is  on 

(1).  During  today,  nr.  C.W.  Flanders  represonting 
tho  Soahoard  Dy-Products  uoke  Go.  oalled  upon  us  and  left 
the  unclosed  nap  showing  the  small  triangular  piece  of  property 
which  they  desired  to  purchase  and  concorning  which  they  par¬ 
ticularly  ashed  to  know  if  we  will  sell. 

11 .  From  the  location  of  the  piece  that  they  desire 
o  piirohaso,  you  will  note  that  it  includes  practically  all 
frontage  on  the  aolleville  Turnpike,  and  for  this  reason 

{3).  We  would  recommend  that  this  concorn  ho  advised 
lx*,  jidison  is  not  interested  in  petitioning  tho  property, 
i  least  for  tho  present. 

Asking  the  favor  of  your  consideration  and  reply,  we  remain. 


,  -ftl  OuJ&o  AU 

toW-  'M  ))m  «jy*-s 



La,  Mew  Zealand,  British  Sant  Africa,  Union  of  South 
lg  Cape  of  Good  Hope,  Metal,  arenavaal,  Orange  Free  State 
-  any  other  oountry,  colony  or  possession  (other  than 
d  Ireland)  as  to  which  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  has 
-,er  mafce  on  exclusive  sales  contract  or  arrangement.  But 
Idi son  Accumulator b,  ltd.  shall  he  entitled  to  90  days' 
-tailment  of  its  non-oxolusive  selling  right  and  shall 
>m  the  date  of  such  notice  within  which  to  fill  orderB 

Accumulators,  ltd.  agrees  that  it  will  not  hand!8, 
or  sale  any  Storage  Batteries  or  parts  thereof  other  thoi 
those  purchased  he  reuser  and  that  it  will  purchase  from  Edison  Storage 

per  month  or  the  ampere  hour  equivalent  thereof  in  cello  having 
the  same  sized  tuboo  and  1600  G-4  type  Cello  per  month  or  the  ampere 
hour  equivalent  thereof  in  cello  having  the  acme  sized  tubes,  except 
that  said  quantities  may  be  increased  upon  six  months'  notice  by 
1500  k-%  type  cells  or  equivalent  and  by  760  G-4  type  Colls  or  equiva¬ 
lent  until  tiie  total  quantity  hereunder  shall  be  equal  to  12000  k- 4 
typo  Coll b  per  month  or  the  ampero  hour  equivalent  thereof  in  cells 
having  the  samo  sized  tuboo  and  6000  G-4  typo  Cells  per  month  or 
the  ampero  hour  equivalent  thereof  in  cells  having  the  same  sized 
tubes,  but  euoh  notices  shall  not  provide  for  any  increase  within 
leos  than  6  months  after  the  next  preceding  increase. 

Quality  and  Inspection 

Equal  to  commercial  standard  existizg  at  the  time  of  shipment, 
Edison  Accumulators,  Ltd.  moy  return  to  Edison  Storage  battery  Company 
at  tiie  expense  of  the  latter,  positive  or  negative  plates  that  fail  to 
givo  standard  performance  (1-e.  in  accordance  with  standards  of  Edison 
Storage  Battery  Company)  on  formatlpn.or  ony  other  parts  that  'show  de¬ 
fective  manufacture.  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  agreeo  to  replace 
such  defective  plates  or  parts  at  ijts;  expense  delivered  in  Condon  at  the 
earliest  possible  date  after  rooe iji t  of  material  complained  of. 

United  Statos  liBt  prices  on  date  orders  for  prompt  shipment 
ore  received  and  accepted  by  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  and  United 
States  list  prices  current  on  date  of  shipment  of  orders  accepted  for 
future  delivery,  for  all  standard  typo  cells  and  parts,  less  discounts 
and  allowances  as  follows: 

Upon  all  standard  types  A  and  B  Cells ,  unformed, 
with  dry  electrolyte,  and  parts,  a  discount  of  25$ 
and  after  suoh  deduction  an  allowance  of  6/  to 
cover  cost  of  maintenance  of  service  and  your 
guaranty  to  customers  and  2-1/2/S  thereafter  to 
cover  cost  of  forming.  '  After  ouch  deductions  a 
discount  of  2$  for  cash  against  shipping  documents 
Jf.A.S.  Hew  York. 

Standard  G  and  h  Cells,  unformed,  with  dry  elec¬ 
trolyte,  and  parts,  a  discount  of  20$  and  after  suoh 
deduction  an  allowance  of  6$  to  cover  cost  of  main¬ 
tenance  of  service  and  your  guaranty  to  customers 
and  2-l/2$  thereafter  to  cover  cost  of  forming, 
lifter  suoh  deductions  a  diooount  of  2$  for  cash 
against  shipping  documents  F.A.S.  Hew  York. 

standard  Bluer* 8  Langs  complete,  types  11-6  and 
parts,  40,'.,  plus  2}'j  additional  for  cash  against 
shipping'  documents,  F'.A.S.  Hew  form, 

Electrolyte  10 plus  It) i  additional  for  oash  against 
shipping  documents  F.A.  S.  Hew  York. 

411  United  states  list  prices  and  all  discounts  and 
allowances  subject  to  change  on  GO  days  cabled  no¬ 
tice  by  Edison  Storugo  Battery  Company ,  but  Edison 
Accumulators,  ltd.  shall  never  be  quoted  lower  dis¬ 
counts  than  the  then  ourront  discounts  extended  to 
large  buyers  in  the  United  1  tales,  plus  the  above 
allowances  for  forming,  etc. 

Cush  in  Hew  York  against  shipping  documents  F.A.S.  Hew  York. 


4s  close  to  the  dates  indicated  on  your  formal  purchase 
orders,  issued  to  conform  horowi  th,  as  the  use  of  reasonable  diligence 
on  our  part  will  permit.  It  is  understood  that  strikes,  fireB,  actB 
of  God  and  the  public  enemy,  inability  to  obtain  materials  except  at 
exorbitant  prices,  delay  in  obtaining  materials,  or  any  other  unfore¬ 
seen  or  unavoidable  cause,  unless  duo  to  the  failure  of  Edison  Storage 
Battery  Company  to  use  reasonable  diligence,  ehall  entitle  the  latter 
to  reasonable  delay  in  filling  such  orders,  und  in  such  event  it  shall 
\  have  the  right  to  limit  or  pro  rate  its  shipments  upon  such  unfilled 

orders  to  a  quantity  equal  to  lbji  of  the  conmeroiol  output  of  its 
plant,  but  if  its  inability  to  fill  orders  is  caused  by  inability  to 
obtain  material  oxoppt  at  an  exorbitant  price,  Edioon  Accumulators, 
Ltd.  may  supply  the  material  to  enable  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company 
to  furnish  the  full  quantity. 

fisa-gpja:  ,0B  aBd  inBpootio:n.  Ko  guaranty  by  Edison  Storage 

Battery  Company  to  customers  of  Edison  Accumulators,  Ltd. 


- Edison  Accumulator s.  Ltd.  agrees  t 

hereunder  at  itB  expeuso  and  do  all  things  necessary  t 
cellsready  for  commercial  purposes.  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company 
to  furnish  the  necessary  first  fill  dry  electrolyte. 

2428  Edison  Accumulators,  Ltd,  agrees  to  maintain  an  adequate 

organisation  for  giving  expert  service  to  its  customers  during  the 

Edison  Accumulators,  Ltd.  arui  ?.ir.  John  i’errool  Monnot  agree 
to  at  all  tiraec  uoe  their  hoot  skill  and  ability  in  promptly  and 
energetically  pushing  the  sale  end  uoe  of  Edison  Storage  Batteries  in 
Great  Britain  and  Ireland,  and  Edi eon  sicetumlators ,  Ltd.  further  agrees 
that  so  long  as  this  agreement  shall  continue,  sufficient  capital  will 
he  furnished  and  suitable  and  sufficient  organisation  (including  battery 
inspectoral  shall  be  provided  ana  all  necessary  and  usual  3teps  taken 
to  create  anu  promote  public  demand  for  Edison  btorago  Batteries  in 
Great  Britain  and  Ireland  and  to  caro  for  and  supply  such  demand. 

Edison  Accumulators,  Ltd.  agrees  to  pay 
a  royalty  on  each  cell  supplied  to  it  hereunder  oi 
(20)  Cents  for  each  one  hundred  (100)  amporo  hours 
by  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  in  addition  to  1 
provided,  but  only  so  long  as  any  British  patent  c 
any  improvement  thereon  owned  or  controllod  by  Mr. 
force.  Such  royalties  to  be  payable  quarterly  in 

to  Ihomas  A.  Edison 
the  rate  of  'iwenty 
of  capacity  as  rated 
ic  price  hereinbefore 
a  storage  batteries  or 
Edison  shall  be  in 
Jnited  States  Gold  or 

the  cancellation  of 
you  and  ourselves  or 
lslng  therefrom 

12TIIZ t  t^defeo ti ve^matorialBUaupplied ,  or  Jome  tax  accruing 
prior  to  the  date  hereof. 

Yours  faithfully, 

BDIaOH  13‘fOj.iAGii  BA'il'Bhf  COiiPAHt 

Attest:  Bf CharleB  Ddlaon _ 

Chairman  of  the  Board  of  Directors 

iVe  hereby  accept  and  agree  to  ail  Of  the  terras,  conditions 
and  covenants  contained  in  the  foregoing  letter. 

JiDISOD  iiCGUiilU.lsii'OIlb,  Dltil  USD 

By _ J.  f.  IQonnot _ _ 

Managing  Director 

J.  LillvPsliner 

Dated:  march  27,  1920. 

j.  l’.  iionnot. 

"Annex  to  letter  Contract  of  liar.  27,  1920". 


i'or  the  purpose  of  Aasoably  only,  of  cells  of  our  current 
ooimoroiul  types,  wo  will  sell  Edison  Accumula tors,  ltd.  complete 
sets  of  component  parts  of  cells  with  tho  Steel  Containers  in  a  knocked 
down  condition  for  it  to  complete  and  without  wooden  truys  whioh  it 
will  make  itiself.  For  these  complete  sots  wo  will  charge  it  the  same 
prices  as  for  complete  cello  stipulated  in  thie  agreement,  loss  on 
allowance  of  $  for  tho  coat  of  assembling  tho  cells  and  f,  for  the 
cost  of  the  tfayB. 

Kloo  trolvto 

Edison  Accumulators,  ltd.  have  the  right  to  purchase  electrolyte 
material  to  their  boat  advantage  provided  the  quality  of  same  is  equal 
to 'that  supplied  by  us  und  sample  of  such  material  is  approved  by  us, 
auoh  approval  or  disapproval  shall  bo  cabled  within  thirty  days  after 
the  receipt  by  us  of  such  saoplos.  Should,  however,  wo  give  disapproval 
our  reasons  therefor  shall  be  statud.  ' Allowance  for  electrolyte  to  bo 
made  to  you  from  the  price  of  the  complete  coll. 

Cancollatl  on 

Should  Edison  Accumulators,  Ltd.  in  their  ubsolute  discretion  find 
that  the  prices  and  discounts  heroin  contained  have  become,  for  some 
reason,  not  profitable  to  them,  they  have  the  right,  to  cancel  thlB  agree¬ 
ment  by  serving  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.  with  ninety  days  notice  in 
writing  to  this  effect. 

In  the  event  of  goods  supplied  by  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.  not 
being  of  standard  quality,  to  tho  extent  that  6#  (five  percent)  or  more, 
do  not  develops  thiB  rated  capacity  after  forming,  Edison  Accumulators, 
Ltd.  have  the  right  to  cancel  this  agreement  by  serving  Edison  Storage 
Battery  Co.  with  ninety  days  notice  in  writing. 

Attest:  SDISI'K  iilURAOE  BABl’EEY  CO. 

Stephen  B.  .Vambert  ’  By  Ihos.  'A.  Edison, - 

- -  President. 

Bios.  A.  Edison _ 

lio  hereby  and  aooept  and  agree  to  all  the  terms,  conditions  and 
covenants  contained  heroin  the  foregoing  letter. 


Prom:  The  Orange-Silver  Lake  Technical  Advisory  Committee. 
Tot  Laboratory  of  T'A. Edison, 

Subject:  Use  of  reclaimed  iron  mix  in  regular  iron  mixes. 

At  the- 42d  meeting  of  the  Teohnioal  Advisory  Committee  held  on 
this  date,  the  use  of  reclaimed  iron  in  new  iron  mixes  was  discussed;  and 
it  was  brought  out  that  while  considerably  work  has  been  done  on  the  use 
of  reclaimed  iron,  exact  data  was  not  available  at  this  time.  Inasmuch  as 
the  present  accumulation  of  reclaimed  iron  mix  compels  the  use  of  more 
than  10jS  of  reclaimed  iron  mix  in  new  mixes,  and  further  since  the  exact 
effect  of  inoreasing  amounts  of  reclaimed  iron  in  new  mixes  not  fully 
known,  it  was  voted,  on  motion  duly  made  and  seconded,  that  this  committee 
request  the  laboratory  of  Hri  T.A.Edison  to  edvise  if  any  data  is  on  file  in 
the  laboratory  which  shows  the  relationship  existing  between  increasing 
amounts  of  reolaimed  iron  in  new  iron  mixes  and  the  elaotrolytio  capacity  of 
the  resultant  iron  mixes.  This  request  is  made  with  the  view  of  avoiding 
any  duplication  of  work  which  has  been  previously  covered  by  the  laboratory. 

Se speotfully, 

The  Teohnical ^dvisoiy  Committee 
E.  H.  Bunn,  ^ 


Copies  to  IMV. Cunningham 
H. IT. Cox 
T  .A.  Comm.  File 

Secretary,  Edison  Storage  cattery  Co. 

S.  B.  Mambert,  Vice  "res't  and  Financial  Executive 

subject,  Agreement  -  Edison  Accumulators,  l,td. 

Hef:  "Annex  to  letter  contraot  of  March  £7,  1920". 

*  Referring  to  paragraph  one  "Assembly" ,  of  above,  I  have 
checked  over  the  cost  figures  and  would  recommend  that  "an  allowance 
of  £'»■  for  the  cost  of  assembling  the  cells  and  for  the  cost  of 
the  trays"  be  made  and  that  these  percent  figures  be  inserted  in  the 
annex  ter  letter  contract  of  March  £7,  19£0. 

The  percentages  given  in  the  preceding  paragraph  to  apply 
to  A,  B,  and  ti  typo  cells.  ,Vould  recommend  that  the  small  type 
iLtypo  and  a  type)  bo  not  shipped  unassembled,  although  if  Edison 
Accumulators  demand  the  same  percentages  for  allowance a  can  be  used. 

Attached  is  a  comparative  statement  showing  by  cell  types 
the  not  amount  of  the  allowances  for  forming,  trays  and  cell  assemb¬ 
ling,  toge ther  with  the  cost  figures.  , 

■The  Zl%  allowance  from  list  for  forming  has  already  been 
made  part  of  the  agreement  of  March  £7th. 

USie  allowance  of  l&S  from  list  for  trays  and  £« 
for  cell  assembling  are  the  amounts  recommended  by  the  wri 
thin  memorandum.  It  should  be  underetood  that  included  wi 
is  "Battery  Assembling",  that  is,  putting  the  batteries  in 

from  list 

th  "Trays" 
to  the 

Hie  writer's  opinion  is  that  these  percentages  £ 
a  average  for  all  types  of  cells  as  can  be  -worked 

It  should  be  noted  that  the  allowances  for  trays  on  &  and 
B  type  cells  very  closely  approximate  the  cost,  and  on  A  type  cells 
there  is  a  very  slight  advantage  in  favor  of  the  E.  S,  B.  oo. 

On  cell  assembling,  it  should  be  noted  that  the  allowances 
on  A  type  cells  are  nearly  all  slightly  in  excess  of  cost,  but  in 
averaging  all  types  the  percentage  used  is  fair. 

Kr.  Delos  Holden. 

Arthur  Kudd,  Secretary,  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company. 

subject:  Agreement  Edison  Accumulators  Limited. 

Thank  you  for  your  memorandum  B  332  of  April  9th  enclosing 
copy  of  agreement  between  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company.  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
Edison  Accumulators,  Ltd.,  and  John  ierreol t  dated  March  £7th  and 
copy  of  "Annex  to  letter  contract  of  March  £7th,  1920". 

I  am  wondering  whether,  inasmuch  as  l!r.  Edison  is  one  of  the 
parties  to  this  agreement,  a  signed  copy  of  the  agreement  was  not  proviaod 
for  him.  If  you  have  a  signed  copy  of  this  please  send  it  to  me. 

A'ill  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  or  the  Export  Div. 
ision  report  to  us  the  cells  supplied  under  this  agreement  to  enable  us  to 
check  up  with  ilonnot  on  royalty  statements?  It  seems  to  me  it  would  be 
well  for  ub  to  receive  this  report  monthly  in  such  shape  that  we  can  de¬ 
termine  the  basis  and  amount  of  indebtedness  to  l!r .  Edison  on  account  of 
these  royalties. 

Has  any  particular  time  been  set  for  the  quarterly  payment 
of  royalty,  that  is,  ore  statements  to  be  made  on  the  basis  of  calendar 
quarters  or  otherwise? 

I  presume  that  royalties  are  considered  to  be  accrued  aB 
soon  as  cells  are  shipped. 

Under  paragraph  entitled  "Acceptance"  being  the  last  para¬ 
graph  of  agreement,  you  make  reference  to  the  liability  on  account  of 
"income  tax  accruing  prior  to  the  date  hereof".  Ihis  is  a  metter,  I  take 
it,  of  interest  only  to  E(USOn  Accumulators,  Ltd.,  and  Eui son  Storage 
Battery  Company,  but  I  do  not  find  any  other  reference  to  income  tax 
liability  in  the  agreement. 

Can  you  tell  me  v/hat  di  sposi  tion  i  s  to  be  made  of  the  balance 
remaining  in  our  deposit  account  representing  the  balance  remaining  from 
money  advanced  by  Mr.  Konnot  at  tiie  time  of  signing  what  I  believe  was 
tiie  original  agreement  with  him  and  against  which  a  portion  of  royalty 
charged  him  was  to  apply?  I  notice  lhat  no  provision  is  made  for  the 
setting-  up  of  an  additional  amount  to  this  deposit  account  under  the  ■ 
present  agreement* 

In  tiie  first  paragraph  entitled  "Assembly"  of  the  Annex  letter 
contract  March  £7th,  the  percentages  to  bo  allowed  for  assembling  and  cost 
of  treys  are  omitted  on  the  copy  you  have  sent  me. 

H.  -.7.  KELL0V7  ,  -  A 


export  Dmsiox 

Mr.  W.  h.  Meadoworoft, 

Orange,  N.  j. 

t  .  Mr*  Geo-  E*  Wise*  Managing  Director  of 

1  £  Go--‘  ltd-.  ^>ollo  Street,  Bombay,  India, 

™S°V0me  “°ntlls  360  3114  in  a  ^tter  Just  received 
from  Mr.  Wise  he  requests  that  we  send  to  his  Bombay  address 
an  autographed  photograph  of  Mr.  Edison.  As  Mr/wise's 
company  are  important  clients  of  ours  in  the  sale  of  Edison 
Storage  Batteries  in  India,  I  am  sure  Mr.  Edison  would  not 

MsJ  BombV“fl^.Mr‘  V/iS6  MS  Ph0t0eraph  t0  be  disPla^ed 

v*,  „  ,  Mr*  Wise  fUrther  stated  in  his  letter  that 

f  h8d  re9uested  Him  to  send  particulars  regarding 
1^1^  vl^Tdid  «n+  rr!  attainable  in  India.  Evidfnt- 

and^hfi  Zl  ^  *  understand  exactly  what  Mr.  Edison  required, 
and  he  asks  that  we  obtain  this  information  for  him.  0 

If  you  will  kindly  forward  one  of  these  photo- 
together  with  the  particulars  required,  I  will 

graphs  to  me,  together  with  the  par 
be  glad  to  transmit  same  to  Mr. .Wis 

(Vvvii  Kund  01  au/ma,  W'  a'jTiM-t- 



Tours  very  truly, 


Vioe-Pres.  &  Mgr.  Export  Division. 

rw-  M* 


April  2  0,1920. 

Mr.  Ei  M.  Dunn, Chairman, 

The  Technical  Adviscfry  Committee, 
Edison  Storage  Battery  Co. 

1  Bent  down  to  Mr.  Edison  in  Florida,  y0ur 
memorandum  of  April  8th,  in  regard  to  laboratory  data 
concerning  percentages  of  reclaimed  iron. mix. 

Mr.  Edison  has  sent  me  a  memorandum  asking 
me  to  Bay  to  you  that, teat  cells  were  made  of  different 
amounts  of  reclaimed  iron,  ranging  from  5 %,  10$,  15$ 
up  to  60/6.  He  says  that  the  records  of  these  test 
uplls  must  bo  on  file  in  the  Edison  Storage  Battery 
Company  archives. 


May  27,1920. 

&<*****->.  r,  /i , 

la  connection  with  the  exoroisos  which  will  bo  hold  at  12»aO  o’olook  tomorrow 
(Friday),  Mr.  Oharloo  Edison  has  said  that  you  would  bo  kind  enougx  to  unroll 
tho  tablet  for  us.  She  general  plan  is  as  follows i 

1.  Part  of  Handel’s  "largo"  by  tho  Band. 

2.  Station  by  Bay  Hunt,  Chaplain  of  the  Edison  industries  Post  of  the 
Abb  Mean  legion. 

!(•  5.  Unveiling  by  Mr.  Thomas  a.  Edison  and  firing  of  three  rounds  by  squad 
of  leglonalrres  while  buglers  on  top  of  Battory  Building  sound  "taps". 

4.  "My  Country  ’tie  of  Shoe". 

5.  About  three  hundred  girls  representing  all  divisions  of  the  Edison 
Industries  will  deposit  wreaths  and  flowers  under  tho  tubist. 

6.  national  Anthem. 

7.  Be  turn  march  to  "Onward  Christian  soldiers"  by  tho  Band. 

It  agreeable,  I  will  bring  Mr.  Hunt  to  your  offioe  at  12{25  and  serve  as  guide 
(and  representative  of  the  legion)  for  yourself  (  and  any  others  whom  you  may 
desire  to  bring),  to  the  pnper  place  beside  the  tablet. 

It  is  hoped  that  Mrs.  Edison  oan  conveniently  attend  with  you,  and  that  other 
officials  in  your  party  will  bring  their  wives  when  I  will  ask  the  privilege  of 
bringing  Mra.  Sholes. 

Hoping  this  is  satisfactory,  1  am. 

Mr.  O.E. Sholes. 

Hr.  Thomas  A.  Edison. 
Unveiling  of  Memorial  Tablet. 


Fran;  O-E.Sholes,  Gen'l  Mgr.,  B.S.B.Co. 

ITOt  Ur.  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Subjeoti  Get-together  meeting  of  Edison  teohnioal  man. 

In  order  that  the  tsohnioal  nan  of  the  Iaduatrles  may  perhaps 
become  a  little  better  acquainted,  an  informal  gathering  has  been 
planned  for  Uonday,  June  21st,  at  5|30  P.U.,  in  the  Assembly  Bill 
(old  Restaurant)  of  the  Battery  Building. 

Allen  Bogers  of  Pratt  Institute  will  give  an  inform!  tali, 
and  show  some  slides  and  moving  pictures  of  his  adventures  in  the 
shark  leather  and  oil  Industry,  and  whioh  we  o an  assure  you  will 
be  very  interesting  as  well  as  amusing. 

Hr.  Dunn  of  the  Chemical  Works  Department  will  also  talk 
informally  of  his  experiences  in  the  copper  refining  industry,  after 
wbidh  we  will  adjourn  to  the  Bestaurant  and  have  supper  together. 

You  are  cordially  invited  to  attend. 


Vice  Brest,  &  Qen'l  Mgr. 

July  7,  1920. 

Ur.  Uaurioe  E.  Fox, 

Hotel  Seymour,  60  West  46th  Street, 
Hew  York  Oity. 

Dear  Sirs 

You  have  informed  us  that  you  propose  to  form  a  Company  on  the 
Continent  of  Europe,  of  which  you  will  be  the  active  head,  for  the  sale  of 
Edison  Storage  Batteries  and  Accessories.  Contingent  upon  your  ability  to 
form  such  a  Company,  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  hereby  offers  and 
agrees  to  sell  to  you,  and  you  agree  to  purchase  from  the  Edison  storage 
Battery  Company,  all  commercial  types  of  Edison  Storage  Batteries,  upon  the 
following  termsi- 


Shis  agreement,  and  all  terms  and  conditions  ho  re  in,  ore  contingent 
upon  you,  Uaurioe  Edward  Fox,  being  and  remaining  the  active  head  of  the 
proposed  Company  during  the  period  of  this  agreement.  In  the  event  of  your 
death  or  incapacity,  your  successor  shall  be  subject  to  the  approval  of  the 
Edison  Storage  Battery  Company. 


You  are  to  have  the  exclusive  sale  of  Edison  Storage  Batteries  and 
Accessories  to  customers  in  and  for  use  in  Belgium,  France,  Italy  and  Switzer¬ 
land;  it  being  understood  and  agreed,  however,  that  any  American  vehicle 
manufacturer  shall  have  the  right  to  sell  and  to  ship  into  the  territory 
oovered  by  this  agreement  vehicles  completely  equipped  with  Edison  Storage 
Batteries.  It  is  also  understood  that  the  Ford  Uotor  Company  may  in  ad¬ 
dition  import  Edison  storage  batteries  required  for  starting,  lighting,  ig¬ 
nition  or  any  other  purpose,  for  uso  on  Ford  oara  manufactured  in  suoh  ter¬ 
ritory,  and  nee  and  sell  in  suoh  territory  Ford  oars  thus  equipped. 

It  is  understood  that  we  have  an  agreement  with  Edison  Accumulators 
Limited,  whereby  that  Company  la  entitled  to  ninety  daye'  notice  of  any  our>- 
tailment  of  its  non-exclusive  selling  right  in  the  countries  oovered  by  this 
agreement,  and  is  entitled  to  have  twelve  months  from  the  date  of  suoh  no¬ 
tice  within  whioh  to  fill  orders  accepted  prior  to  the  date  of  tha  notice. 

It  le  expressly  agreed  that  this  agreement  is  eubjeot  to  such  rights  of 
Edison  Accumulators  Limited. 


All  Edison  Storage  Batteries  supplied  under  the  terms  of  this  agree¬ 
ment  shall  be  equal  to  oommeroial  standards  existing  at  the  time  of  shipment. 
You  may  return  to  us  at  our  expense  Edison  cells  or  accessories  that  fail  to 
give  standard  performance  (l.e.,  in  aooordanoe  with  standards  of  the  Edison 
Storage  Battery  Company),  when  tested  upon  arrival,  or  ary  other  parts  that 
show  defective  manufacture.  The  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  agrees  to 
replace  suoh  defeotive  sells,  accessories  or  parte  at  its  expense,  delivered 
f.a.s.  Steamer,  Hew  York. 


See  Quality  and  Inspection.  Ho  guaranty  by  the  Edison  Storage 
Battery  Company  to  your  oust omars. 

you  agree  to  maintain  an  adequate  organization  for  giving  export  eeiv 
v.ioe  to  your  ouetomere  during  tho  entire  time  cells  are  in  use  by  them. 


U.  S.  list  Prioee  current  on  date  orders  for  prompt  shipment  are  re¬ 
ceived  and  aooepted  by  the  Edison  Storage  Batteiy  Company,  and  U.  S.  List  Prloes 
current  on  date  of  shipment  of  orders  aooepted  for  future  delivery,  for  all 
standard  type  eells  and  parts,  delivered  f.a.s.  Steamer,  New  York,  less  discount 
and  allowance  as  follows: 

Standard  A  and  B  type  oells  oomplete  with  eleotrolyte,  and  parts  thereof: 
twenty-five  (26$)  per  oeht  dlsoount  and  five  (5$)  per  cent  allowanoe  for  ex¬ 
ploitation,  plus  an  additional  two  (2$)  per  oont  for  cash  against  shipping  docu¬ 

Standard  a. and  L  type  colls  oomplete  with  eleotrolyte,  and  parts  thereof: 
twenty  (20$)  per  oent  discount  and  five  (5$)  per  cent  allowanoe  for  exploitation, 
plus  an  additional  two  (2$)  per  cant,  for  cash  against  shipping  documents. 

Standard  Minor  Lamps  oomplete,  type  M-8  cells  complete  with  eleotrolyte, 
and  parts  thereof;  Forty  (40$)  per  cent,  plus  an  additional  two  (2$)  per  oont  ' 
for  oash  against  shipping  documents. 

Extra  Eleotrolyte:  ten  (10$)  per  oent,  plus  an  additional  two  (2$)  per 
oent  for  oash  against  shipping  documents. 

In  each  case  the  disoount  or  allowanoe  is  to  he  calculated  on  the  net  a- 
mount  remaining  after,  the  preoeding  disoount  or  allowanoe  has  Been  deducted. 

All  U.  S.  list  prices  are  subject  to  qhange  without  notloe.  In  case  of 
any  lnorease  in  suoh  prices  wa  shall  advise  you  by  cable  that  an  incrsaae  has 
Been  or  is  about  to  be  made,  to  ba  followed  by  a  letter,  in  aooordanoe  with  the 
paragraph  hereof  marked  "NOTICE" ,  storing  such  increases  definitely,  and  such 
inoraased  prloes  shall  not  be  applied  to  shipments  to  you  under  this  agreement 
until  sixty  (60)  days  shall  have  elapsed  from  the  date  of  mailing  suoh  letter. 

All  dlsoounts  quoted  herein  may  be  eubjeot  to  revision  every  six  (6) 
months,  but  with  at  least  three  (3)  months’  advsnoe  notification  of  suoh  revision! 
but  in  no  case  shall  dlsoounts  be  made  less  than  twenty-five  (25$)  per  oent  fpr 
A  aad.B  type  oells  and  parts  thereof,  twenty  (20$)  par  oent  for  0  and  L  type 
oells  and  parts  thereof,  and  thirty-five  (35$)  per  oent  for  oomplete  Miner  Lamps, 
H-8  oells,  and, parts  thereof.  . 


Oash  in  New  York,  against  shipping  documents,  f.a.s.  Steamer, New  York. 


As  close  to  the  dates  indicated  on  your  formal  purchase  orders,  issued 
to  conform  herewith,  as  the  use  of  reasonable  diligence  on  our  part  will  permit. 

It  is  understood  that  strikes,  fires,  aots  of  God  and  the  public  eneny,  inability  : 
to  obtain  materials  exoept  at  exorbitant  prloes,  delay  In  obtaining  materials,  or 
any  other  unforeseen  or  unavoidable  oause,  unless  due  to  our  failure  to  use 
reasonable  dlllgenoe,  shall  entitle  us  to  reasonable  delay  in  filling  suoh 

Page  3. 


You  agree  at  all  times  to  use  your  best  skill  and  ability  In  prompt¬ 
ly  and  energetically  pushing  the  sale  and  use  of  Edison  Storage  Batteries  in 
Belgium,  Prance,  Italy  and  Switzerland,  and  you  further  agree  that  so  long  as 
this  agreement  shall  ooritinue,  suffioient  capital  will  be  furnished  and  suitable 
and  suffioient  organization  shall  be  maintained,  (inoluding  battery  inspectors), 
and  all  usual  and  necessary  steps  taken  to  create  and  promote  public  demand  for 
Edison  Storage  Batteries  in  said  territory,  and  to  oare  for  and  supply  such  de- 


This  agreement  shall  remain  effeotive  for  a 
period  of  two  (2)  years  from  the  date  of  receipt  of  your  notification  (either 
by  cable  or  letter)  of  the  formation  of  your  Continental  Company,  it  being  under¬ 
stood,  however,  that  this  agreement  is  rendered  void  unless  wo  receive  your  said 
notification  on  or  before  November  1,  1920.  It  is  further  understood  and  agreed 
that  this  oontraot  may  be  extended  for  one  or  more  auooeasive  periods  of  two 
years  oaoh,  if  so  desired  and  agreed  to  hytipth  parties.  In  oase  either  party 
shall  desire  not  to  extend  this  agreement  for  any  suoh  suooosoive  two  year  period, 
on oh  party  shall  givo  notioe  in  writing  to  the  other  party  at  least  six  months 
prior  to  the  expiration  of  the  two  year  period  then  running.  In  oase  neither 
party  shall  have  given  euoh  notioe  and  no  extension  shall  have  been  agreed  upon, 
then  and  in  that  event  the  two  year  period  then  running  shall  be  extended  for  a 
period  of  six  months. 

This  agreement  shall  be  subject  to  cancellation  by  either  party  hereto, 
on  ninety  (90)  days*  written  notioe,  in  the  event  that  ary  of  the  stipulations 
herein  set  forth  are  braaohed  by  the  other. 


Any  notioe  to  be  given  by  us  under  this  agreement  may  be  given  by  the 
mailing  of  a  registered  letter,  postage  prepaid,  addressed  to  you  or  any  of¬ 
ficer  of  your  Company  at  your  or  his  lost  known  address,  and  the  date  of  mailing 
of  suoh  letter  shall  bo  considered  as  the  date  when  suoh  notioe  is  given. 

Yours  truly. 

Ny  Charles  Edison,  _ 

Chairman  of  the  Board  of  Directors. 


Stephen  B.  Msmbert, 

VIoo-Presidont  a  FInaaoial  Executive. 

I  hereby  accept  and  agree  to  all  the  terns,  conditions  and  covenants 
oontalned  in  the  foregoing  letter. 

Maurloe  E.  Fox. 

Dated  July  7th,  1920. 


SdiBon^jtora6o  Battery  Co.  C',E  Aug.  7,  1920 

The  EdlBon  Storage  Battery  Supply  Co.  urtvm 

Edison  Storago  Battery  Oarage,  Ino. 

Arthur  Uuad,  Secretary 

E.  H.  A  lion.  Assistant  Einonoial  Executive 

Statement  0f  ineoma,  year  ending  t'eb.  29,  1920 


Cost  to  Make  &  Sell 

Depreciation  of  Bldgs 

"  "  Equipment 

"  "  Patents 

Beservo  for  Self  Insurance 
"  "  Contingencies 

"  .  "  Doubtful  Aooounts 

Net  Lo*3b 

$6,136,419.81  - 
5.657.118.78  $479,301.03 








,‘SOl,  02 1.51 




ORANGE,  N.  J.  - 

August  20,  1920. 

Promt  W.  J.  0  'Hair, 

To,  9.  W.  Cunningham 

Subject,  Cell  Beolalm  Shop 

Ur.  Edison  plans  to  carry  on  all  reclaim  opera¬ 
tions  at  Sllvor  lake,  sinoe  ottr  prosont  method  of  handling 
this  work  will  not  produoe  a  flaked  oxide  mixture  that  is 

a  no  r  >n  hand  are  to  he  shlppc  d  | 
d^wlth  the  salvage  Si visloh.  Ur. 

Sohell  sdvlaea  that  space  Is  available,  and  will  be  definite¬ 
ly  assigned  by  Ur.  Klloh,  Ohlof  Storekeeper.  . 

Will  you  please  Inst  mot  accordingly?  It  Is  reo- 
omaended  that  the  Cell  Reclaim  Shop  operate  until  all  parts 
of  cells  now  on  hand  are  disposed  of,  and  at  j  a  lator  date 
arrangements  should  be  made  for  the  transfer'  of  eqatpnent 
to  Silver  lake. 

®.  J.  O’Uair 

00  Ur.  s.  B.  Vaebert 
P.  r.  Sohell 
V.  u.  Sheldon 

wjd*s/jiiA,  .  ‘  .  -  \ 

Office  of  Secretary 

This  is  the  first  opportunity  1  have  had.  to  confirm 
my  informal  memorandum  to  yoiy^egarding  experiment  opened 
on  the  request  of  Nr,  Altengdrten  in  connection  with  nickel 
plating  process  to  he  woiijeU  on  by  Mr.  Mgerton  and  charged 
to  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company. 

Ur,  Edison  coiifirms  this  request  and  states  that  he 
fishes  a  separate  oftler  opened  and  the  oost  kept  separate 
irom  the  order  foi/ continuous  plating  process.  It  would  he 
satisfactory  fon/you  to  ask  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company 
for  an  order.  / 

Dear  Ur.  Shloes: 

X  brought  the  mutter  referred  to  In  your  letter  of 
August  20th  to  the  attention  of  Ur.  Edison  and  Ur.  Charles  Edison, 

and  wish  to  advise  that  they  consider  the  arrangement  made  with  you 

more  than  fair  in  view  of  the  oonditions  and  losses  made  during  the 

post  year. 

Mr.  Sallow  has  obtained  tho  information  whloh  ho 
desired  from  the  copy  of  tho  Tidewater  Equipment  Company  3 took 

Certifloate  Ho.  123,  which  you  enolosed  in  yonr  letter,  and  I  take 

pleasure  in  returning  same  to  you. 

As  you  can  well  imaglno  we  have,  all  of  us,  been 
extremely  busy,  but  fortunately  the  cool  weather  during  tho  latter 
port  of  August  has  been  of  great  assistanoc,  and  things  are  "humming” 
as  I  have  nover  known  them  to  "hum*  before  in  the  Edison  Industries. 

WO  had  the  biggest  month  in  August  that  we  have 
ever  had,  and  this  is  particularly  gratifying  to  me  in  view  of  the 
foot  that  in  oase  of  a  re- action,  I  would  rather  re-aot  from  a 

large  volumo  than  from  a  somewhat  smaller  volume  as  the  amount 

remaining  would  be  more  satlsfaotory. 

With  kind  personal  rogards,  I  remain 
Tours  very  truly, 

Vloo  President  and 
rinanolal  Exeoutlve. 






,04  s(Xs  AUyZbjjUjCyGtZZ.  of  yZZarZt?  /vw  c^i<  Z? 

J'C<^caazxZCv  ~ov~/UjiA.  far  JCuCOhaT  (  ^yffcf jj^lus-u 

<OUZUa£4  sCo  aLCXj  .  &C4AS  ^  $&L. 

far  ^*-0  <$mJcts  ^t^tycT^  s&h ■wiy  svt^as  -^<r*  ^yf~  ryv^c^w 
^  sW&A  /V&u/a-MT"  zwirf.  /(y  •</»* 

-^>vt OtTTCvctx  rfa  ~ifa*  /3asCCc*y  @\  . 

PsUAstxs  suu€7%  far  <oU<^yJ  ,U<r*S<s  or 

Cpwump'  ~^Aa  CtstcAycfa#  cT^w  /Mrt^>Jt 

(L^  y«V*W  -^ryCt^aZlZy/  's£o  CcArvtf-  ^S^oo  —  ^frr  A 

z6</Tr^%^6C/  /VH<ft^4  , 

I  ^^^60  isyt*r^^£  yfit  3Zk^v  c^/ 

Ctm  faZicJ  y/Un^^Z^vct-  5^t7  2prr  <&4*t<yCc/ 

<&****';<■?£  \fa/ _,  ^.^trn^Zcf  i 

^  J^vc/  ^  ^soc^cc^  ZZZZ&J  fajfa, 

^•  ,^rt/— ,.,  1/icrOi^^^y^y 
a£^o  5^  >^.  yu^jtuL^ 

J?  -W^*  ^ 

stfiZc^AjCc^yi  : , 

yiztrA^A.  #>US  ^^Z/~ 

/^?4^  -£y  y^CA!» 

Offioe  of  Seoretiiry 

September  4th,  1920 

Kr.  Bhotsas  A.  Edison: 

Jim  Monahun  tells  me  he  is  about  to  start  ou 
an  experiment  under  your  instructions  to  cover  reclaiming  all 
types  of  Storage  Batteries,  involving  the  design  of  machinery, 
tools,  etc,,  to  disassemble  returned  batteries  and  reconstruct 
from  old  parts.  I  have  given  an  order  to  him  this  morning  to 
cover  the  work.  Will  you  please  OK  this  aw  my  authority  ? 

I  suppose  this  will  naturally  be  charged  against 
Edison  Storage  Battery  Company.  Jim  tells  me  that  it  is  your 
idea  later  to  purchase  these  old  storage  batteries  from  the  Battery 
Company,  disassemble  and  renew  them  and  resell  to  the  Battery  Co. 

If  experiments  results  successfully,  I  presume  a  factory  to  do  this 
work  would  be  a  pretty  fair  sized  one  and  probably  not  be  run  by  you 
personally  but  rather  would  be  turned  over  to  some  of  your  Interests, 
probably  the  Storage  Battery  Company. 

.  V.'.  KELLOW, 

function  Thomas  A.  Edison  Industries 

Vioe  President  and  Financial  Executive. 

Mr.  C.  A.  Jlioolal,  Division  Manager, 
Construction  &  Maintenance  Service  Division 


Organization.  . 



l  \ 

\  Wv^ 

‘A  &  '<k  * 


J=-  f 

U~|  iS 

_  .  It  is  the  intent  o  1  the  Edison  Organization  that 

I  whenever  there  is  sufficient  work  of  any  one  kind  to  necessitate 
\\  continuous  tlmo  being  appliod  thereto,  that  the  peoplo  so  ronder- 
in®  oontinuous  servioe  be  oarried  by  tho  division  of  the  business 
\__rejulring  same. 

I  have  In  mind  tho  faot  that  you  may  be  rendering 
sorvioo  of  tho  neturo  referred  to  above  to  the  Disc  Ke-Creation 
Division,  whloh  oould  bo  equally  well  supervised  and  handlod  entiro- 
lywlthln  tho  division. 

Ihis  aattor  has  been  drawn  to  my  attention  by 
Mr.  Edison,  and  I  trust  that  if  any  eoonomy  osn  be  derived  along 
tho  above  linos  that  you  will  oo-operato  with  Mr.  Pull in  in  work¬ 
ing  out  same,  in  aooordanoe  with  the  suggestion  made  to  him  by 
Ur.  Edison. 

Exooutlve  Committee  and 


Office  of  Secretary 

September  8th,  1920, 

.  James  Monahun  has  startedydinder  Ur.  Edison's 
direction,  some  work  in  connection  with/J eolalming  all  types 
of  Storage  Batteries  involving  decigryOf  machinery,  tools,  etc., 
to  disassemble  returned  batteries  and  reconstruct  from  old  parts. 

Ur.  Edison  tells  me  this  is  the  same  experiment 
as  Chemist  L'oore  was  working  011/o.nd  Ur.  Yee  is  now  working  on  it, 
Ur.  Uonahan  to  be  considered  a'new  man  on  the  old  job  to  do  the 
mechanical  work.  Ik.  Ediso^/ further  states  that  the  order  is  not 
be  charged  to  Storage  Battery  Company  until  he  is  ready  to  turn 

work  is  C  300-X-215 

y4'rank  says  that  the  order  covering  this 
Recovering  all  Eiokel  Pocket  material  from 
'  and  has  instructed  Ur,  Uonahan  accordingly, 

asked  Ur.  Uonahan  to  let  us  know  as  soon  as 
Re  models  of  muohinery  o Iff  other  work  of  this  nature^ 
'keep  strict  account  of  it. 


1  Y  _  \ 


"iCt-^j  a.'W  -  ( 

r . i 

>  ' . . .  . ~'vT . ; 

IjCH.C  t*«-  ^cc-kl,*  iv.  f  yL£-a-T~ j 

C  £^.-"<'«A  £^5  J&CLL'f 

{ . LCl}$?„ . (sttM*/., . 


1  Cc.^c-aft  H/Xk^  ^ 

^ . C  {c^tryt ><1^ 

_ Ci:}L- ■n-c^(\.  u.rj  a  ■ 

£_tt.s3sL.\  ~  ?..  tL.  -C^vrA..  &.xv± .  C in.  e  ii.^ _ 

. ^  ,,.U1  <?_  btTte-f  &-V  t/ifrtt 



o»»:c>vrr'®aohnioal  Assistant 
1iF.- xhomas  A.  Edison,  President 
Bolling  Mils 

P  7,  1920. 

if  On  Friday,  9-4-' 20,  I  visited  the  Bolling  Mils  of  the  American  (Tube  & 

damping  Oo.  at  Bridgeport,  Conn.  They  have  3  open  hearth  furnaoes,  a  24"  blooming 
'Mil  and  3  continuous  hot  rolling  mills.  Also  3  cold  rolling  plants,  2  having  12"  rolls 
and  1  having  18"  rolls.  Thdli.r  oold  rolling  mills  are  driven  on  oomnon  shafts  Vhioh  have 
five  sets  of  rolls  on  one  pair  of  shafts. 

Their  oold  rolling  mills  operate  ,  at  roll  speeds  from  45  to  75  B.  P.  11.  when 
rolling  steel  from  10"  to  5"  wide  with  an  average  reduction  of  60$  from  the  hot  rolled 
size  to  the  final  oold  rolled  size  In  6  passes.  Their  finished  oold  rolled  sizes  of 
steel  are  principally  above  .080". 

The  rolls  are  cooled  by  running  the  bottom  roll  In  a  wall  containing  ooollng 
water  and  also  by  having  a  Jet  spray  on  the  upper  roll.  See  stated  attached. 

I  have  consulted  the  Blata  &  Johnson  Oo.  who  built  our  Bolling  Mils  and 
they  state  that  mills  can  be  operated  at  higher  speeds  than  we  are  at  present  using. 
They  say  that  lower  temperatures  of  ooollng  water  and  sufficient  volume  of  water 
travelling  through  bearing  housings  should  dissipate  the  additional  heat  generated. 
They  also  say  that,  a  Jet  spray  directly  on  rolls  will  aid  in  taeplng  bearing  and  roll 
temperatures  within  safe  operating  iimlts.  I  have  also  consulted  the  Waterbury  parrel 
Foundry  Oo.  and  they  have  given  me  the  specifications  on  rolling  mills  used  by  the 
Trumbell  steel  Oo.  which  is  herewith  attached.  These  speeds  are  generally  above  the 
speeds  at  which  our  mills  operate, 

I  find  that  on  all  except  2  of  our  8  ~  8"  mills  the  motors  have  120  volts 
across  the  armature  Instead  of  the  rated  240  volts.  This  was  done  to  out  down  the 
speed,  but  also  results  in  reducing  power  about  l/2.  The  speeds  of  the  various  mills 
are  given  In  attached  table. 

It  seems'  that  we  a an  increase  the  speed  of  our  mills  on  some  of  the  passes, 
depending  upon  what  effect  such  inorease  would  have  on  the  material  rolled. 

. 09.* 

n  Industries. 

o  President  and  financial  Executive. 

Consultation  with  Mr.  Sdiiion  regarding  ’A'oohaiquo. 

Previous  to  the  War  it  was  the  custom  . 
in  our  Organization  to  keep  Mr.  Edison  thoroughly  advised 
of  ail  matters  of  technique,  but  this  practice  was  dis¬ 
continued  during  the  time  that  he  was  concentrating  on 
>.*r  work.  During  hio  absence  minor  ovilu  magnified  theo- 
ualvea  into  uorlous  oonsaquonooa,  no  that  there  ban  been 
a  ro-aojuntmont  poriou' during  whloh  he  liau  boon  oonoou- 
trating  primarily  on  oortuiu  important  matters  of  toohni.,uo. 

How  that  thin  readjuotnnnt  period  is  drawing 
to  t  clow,  at  Mr.  iidlson'B  roriuost,  you.  Charles  aud  myself 
should  *t  toll  times  keop  him  thoroughly  edviood  on  nil  matters 
of  technique.  That  we  have  not  completely  done  so  for  the 
past  four  years  la  in  part  excusable,  but  certainly  „o  exouse 
can  oxlat  tot  not  doing  so  hereafter. 

Thia  memorandum  la  sorely  in  the  nature  ot 
a  confirmation  of  the  dlBOuuslona  which  wo  have  had  with 
ouo  anothor  along  this  -qneral  lino. 

^11  Conornl  Managora' 


Edison  St  ora.  Battery  Oo.  &  Subsidiaries 
Arthur  lludd,  Secretary 

Charles  Edison,  Chairman  Board  of  hi  root  ore 
Annual  Meeting 

-«NC»L  «.MOR«D„«  K  Gf?6. 
o»tf.  Ootobar  13,  1920 

Dear  Ur.  Edison: 

In  accordance  with  our  by- lams  tha  annual  masting  of  tha 
stockholders,  for  tha  purpose  of  electing  Biraotors  race  lying  annual  reports 
and  for  such  other  businass  as  may  coma  bafora  tha  moot  log,  mill  bo  held- 

Batteiy  Company  Bov.  3,  1920 

Supply  Company  Nov.  10,  1920 

Garage  Kov.  17,  1920 

At  tha  present  tima  there  is  a  vaoanoy  in  tha  Board  of  Bi rec¬ 
tors  of  each  of  tha  corporations.  Tha  Bireotorate  at  present  is 

Battery  Co. 

Supply  Co. 


I'homas  A.  Edison 

Thos.  A.  Edison 

Thos.  A.  Edison 

Ctiarlaa  Edison 

Charles  Edison 

Charlea  Edison 

S.  B.  liambert 

S.  B.  liambert 

a.  B.  Humbert 

U.  F.  Miller 

H.  F.  Hiller 

H.  F.  Miller 


J.  V.  Millar 

S.  I.  Crane 



As  explained  to  Mr.  liambert,  in  sanding  out  the  notices  for 
tha  annual  mooting  it  is  doBirable  to  state  the  number  of  Biraotors  to  be 

Should  it  be  desired  to  ohango  tha  number  of  Biraotors,  this 
bo  accomplished  by  ammo  tiding  the  by-laws  either  at  the  stockholders  meet- 
or  at  a  Directors  meeting  held  previous  or  subsequent  to  the  armrmi  meet- 
,  previous  being  more  desirable  inasmuch  as  at  the  stockholders  mooting  a 

W411  you  please  discuss  this  matter  v/ith  Ur.  liambert  at  your 

e.uotober  22,.  1920  ^ 

p*  D-  J’agan,  Vice  President  &  Financial  ilxooutiva 
Daf erred  Payment  and  Rental  Plans 

.Edison  Stora  natteiy  Company 
Arthur  Mudd,  Secretary 

Direotora  onnnoL?“0tL^alOW  s*oarPta  from  “inutes  of  meetings  of  Board  of 

r  adopti'oVf^Y  Gena ral  Salos  Manager  pwaentod  and 
?d"SS«tn  SlLr°Pr UlTSZ, J*  LY  !Y?a  storage  batteries 

R^SOIVBII  that  the  deferred  payment  plan  for  the  salo 
of  xdlson  Btorage  batteries,  presented  at  this  moet- 
ing  by  Mr.  o.  33,  Sholes  Vice  President  and  General 

Md^dn^Y r’,1>8  3Dd  tha  sama  18  ileret,y  approved 
and  adopted  and  teat  the  Vfce  President  and  General 
bales  manager  be  and  ha  is  hereby  autnorlsed  to  plaoe 
tne  same  in  operation  at  once,  provided,  however,  that 
tor  tne  present  tile  total  of  the  deferred  payments 
therejmder  shall  be  United  to  $250,000.00. 

Prom  -  o.  i3.  Sholes,  T,p.  &  g.S.H. 
To  -  Charles  Sdlson,  Chairman 
Board  of  Directors. 

2‘  t^L^fo^r^tsTf!^ !  T.  irt  zif 8114  8  %°ep- 

wlth  interest  at  6%  per  annum.  “onths  ^^‘’“^ly 

3#  go^d  reputations  to?  h°  in<Uv^Ual8  ar  00n«^a  "ho  have 

.  and  honest  and  honored 

4.  That  no  writton  guarantees  by  this  Company  Bhall  he  furnished  with 
installment  agreements,  hut  that  we  will  feel  morally  hound  to 
attend  same  as  under  written  guarantees. 

To  help  toward  your  oonaidaration  vw  attach  a  suggestion  of  forms  which  might 
possibly  be  used  if  approved  by  Legal  and  Treasurer's  Department,  and  also  mention 
that  the  plan  ne3d  not  inoludo  any  unreasonable  business  risk;  that  the  Acceptances 
with  ooetraots  aould  undoubtedly  be  discounted  for  part  of  their  periods  or  used 
as  collateral,  if  desired!  and  that  it  would  perhaps  be  on  especial  advantage  if 
we  could  offer  this  plan  coincident  with  our  new  prices. 

Eeapeotfully  submitted, 

0.  :■!,  Sholes 

October  2nd,  1919 

In  the  matter  of  the  Deferred  Payment  Plan  adopted  at  a  moating  ef  the  Board 
&eld  July  3,  1919,  the  Vioe  President  and  General  Manager  presented  a  recommenda¬ 
tion  from  the  Salas  Committee  to  wits 

That  manuf aoturars  may  use  our  Deferred  Payment  Plan  to  promote  ths  sa}a  of 
Edison  storcga  batteries  and  receive  on  such  salon  a  diso cum,  from  list  prioo  of 
15%  on  "A"  typo  and  10%  on  "0"  type  batteries,  but  provided; 

1,  That  this  diso  amt  applies  only  to  batteries  sold  by  manufacturers 
for  now  TohiclOB. 

2.  That  trade  aoooptanoos  in  payment  Ghnll  cover  list  price  with  interest. 

8.  That  trade  mcaptancoa  shall  be  endorsed  by  manufacturer  who  selle 


4.  That  manufacturer  shall  give  not  less  than  5%  of  the  list  prioe  to 
the  agent  or  distributor  who  makes  theeaotual  sale. 

AMD  FURTHER:  that  when  our  Deferred  Payment  Flan  is  used  in  the  sale 
of  Edison  butteries  to  replaoo  lead,  the  polloleB  covering  discounts  for  the  re¬ 
newal  of  lead  batteries  by  Edison  shall  apply  on  all  such  sales  provided,  however, 
that  the  Deferred  Payment  Plan  shall  be  used  only  when  neoeseaiy. 

October  9,  1919 

In  the  matteriof  the  use  of  the  Deferred  payment  Plan  in  oonneotion  with 
the  sales  of  batteries  to  manufacturers  md  to  replace  lead;  the  Vice  President 
and  General  Manager  stated  that  the  Sales  Committee  are  of  the  opinion  that  we 
oannot  dictate  to  the  manufacturers  what  they  shall  allow  their  agents  or  distrib¬ 
utors  and  recommend  that  that  portion  of  the  reaolution  adopted  .at  tbeaneetingUij 
of  the  Board  held  October  2nd,  which  requires  the  manufacturer  to  give  not-  less 
than  &%  of  the  list  prioo  to  ths  3gor.t  or  distributor  making  the  same,  be  resoindedj. 

RE  SO  Df  ED  that  provision  #4  in  oonneotion  with 
the  use  of  the  Deferred  Dividend  Plan  by  man- 

ui'aoturera,  adopted,  at  me 3 ting  of  the  Board 
held  Oot.  2,  1919,  mi  reading  as  follows: 

"Shat  manufacturer  shall  give  not  less  than 
5f>  of  thoilist  -piroe  to  the  agent  or  distrib¬ 
utor  who  mates  the  aotual  sale" 

be  and  the  same  Is  hereby  rescinded. 

Deo.  26,  1919 

n»3B«BP  PAYlil/ira  PLAIT 

In  the  matter  of  the  sale  of  EHlscm  Storage  batteries  under  a  Deferred 
Payment  Plan,  approved  at  a  meeting  of  the  Board  on  July  3,  1919,  which  said  plan 
was  subsequently  amended  at  u  meeting  of  the  Board  on  Oot.  2,  1919,  to  permit  its 
use  in  connection  with  the  sale  of  bntterioe  to  manufacturers,  the  General  Manager 
presented  and  read  a  memorandum  dated  Deo.  iy,  1919,  embodying  a  recommendation 
that  the  Salos  Department  be  permitted  to  use  the  Deferred  Payment  Plan,  without 
any  unreasonable  restriction  and  within  the  $250,000.  limit  previous  prosoribed, 
and  stated  that  said  proposition  meets  with  the  approval  of  t  he  President, 

Rf-flOD/ED  that  the  Deferred  Payment  Plan 
oo  M  to  fore  author!  sod  for  the  sale  of 
Edison  storage  batteries  to  consumers  and 
manufacturers,  be  aril  the  some  is  hereby 
amended  to  permit  its  use  without  any  un¬ 
reasonable  restriction,  in  the  sales  of 
Edison  storage  batterios  to  all  olasses 
of  customers,  provided,  hov.evor,  that  the 
total  of  the  deferred  payments  thereunder 
shall  bo  limited  to  $260,000.00. 

June  17,  1920 
RarJAr,  piah 

the  Vioe  President  and.  General  Manager  presented  oommunioation  from  Bales 
Ooumittoe  recommending  that,  in  order  to  meet  serious  competition  from  rental 
plans  in  various  cities,  the  Sales  Department  bo  authorised  to  inaugurate  a 
rental  plan  in  Dew  forte,  Boston  and  Chicago,  which  plan  shall  apply  only  at 
list  prices  and  shall  require  not  iesb  than  20$  down  and  balance  in  forty-eight 
equal  monthly  installments,  and  provide  thst  at  the  and  of  the  rental  period, 
when  all  rentals  are  fully  paid,  the  battery  shall  bee  use  the  property  of  tfcha 
lessee;  it  being  further  understood  that  this  plan  shall  be  offered  on  ne7/  sales 
and  replaosments  Of  load  batteries  in  street  vehio  las  and  not  for  any  othor 

RESOWED  that  ths  plan  presented  at  thin 
meeting  for  the  vending  of  Edison  storage 
batteries  on  a  rental  basis,  be  and  the  same 
is  hereby  approved  and  adopted,  and  that  the 
General  Manager  bs  and  he  hereby  is  author^ 
lzod  to  plaoe  the  same  in  operation  for  one 
year,  provided,  however  that  the  netiinvest- 

maat  psproaontod  by  battorias  in  the 
hands  of  customs rs  shall  not  at  any 
tina  osaaod  $250,000. 


. ^  •  Wo-j't. . uoed  .  O'is-cU  ^<3-&f 

. ‘^v.^  "to .  huic. 

viy.V\e  e?-j  'nvvj  ct.cO  <XX| 

-..:0i-&^envvvc^  U  i  «^ke/-\  +4c*.l  cu-.l/uj 

_ Vf-veoi  y 

.'Mil..  &^WLi0yy. . \jd-cL/ 

_ ,_ idwfi.  0xo4 . 6i  cc&fe .  UV\  I'Vufc 

_A^uXu*a  to  TV^.oovv.o^e//^e  / 

.  y  a^c..cjm  ;i|  <>v^*i 

—CLfc-ciLtd. — . 

IRew  J^oth  XHniversit^ 


/  t  yyr/AA 

iter,  who  has  been  ono  of  our  students,  V*  *  .  &  /> 

to  you  about  the  splendid  help  we  have  '  J~  »"■>.“  sr 
large  Industries  all  over  the  country  >  .  c^vC“  X 

w  research  laboratory. 



Mr.  Outwater, 
said  that  he  had  spoken 
been  receiving  from  the 
regarding  donations  in  our" 

I  mighVsay  in  this  connection  that  one  half  o 
the  bequest  of  Mrs.  Russell  Sage  to  the  University  has  been  given'  ji'  v.v 
to  our  School  of  Enfeineering  for  the  purpose  of  erecting  the  first^  .  A  . 
building^  we  have  .ever  had  in  our  new  engineering  group.  This  was  J  ajA. 
done  with  the  t*rfder6tanding  that  we  would  interest  the  larwi  in-  A-  V  f 

It  would  give  mo  great  pleasure  to  drop  out  and  see  you  at  any  time 
t  *e,  tha,fc  thiB  r®quest  would  be  favorably  considered,  which 
,  I  certainly  trust  itmay...  / 


I ?.&u 

^9  fhnk  s5o  U  oil  - 

tU  Cto*4uc  Q  -ftwLU,  >j-  do\  ^oo  ^  (wjjf 

(y>-  ctrv- qJjJSaj* 
cdi  9  See,  T  ^  ^ 

Dour  Mr-  Pagaai 

Up.  Kdlaou,  aftor  Ui  rooant  trip  «t  InBpootioo  through  tho 
Chnaloal  Vorka,  foul*  that  wo  tor*  fifty  (go)  too*  of  aloUj  tied  up  l0 
by-pro  duo  io>  *U  of  which  could  toaily  to  uaod. 

If  there  la  anythin*  that  you  o»o  do  to  aaalat  Mr.  Xdlaoa 
In  tho  reoovory  of  thaaa  by-pro  too  ta  I  would  poraoaaliy  approol»to  tha 
oonroraloo  of  tho  aoaay  reproaontad  tharaia  Into  aottol  working  oa)>lUl, 
whloh  «•  ao  anah  aaad.  , 

NoTemher  26,1920. 

Mr.  Edison: 

You  wanted  to  check  up  on  the  work  for  repairs 
two  weeks  baok. 



W  II 

in  the  Plating  Dept.  ’ 

Hot.  10th  Polsora 
Mot.  loth  Ordway 

Not.  11th  Folsom 
"  11th  Ordway 

noTeraDer  23a  Folsom  #39  items 

"  "  Ordway  30  " 

"  241)h  Folsom  34  » 

"  24th  Field  11  « 

"  25th  Folsom J  ,, 

Day  aid  Night  »  j  46 

if  Note:  While  39  items  may  be  reported 
these  are  of  minor  consequonoe,  mostly 
loose  belts  -  no  serious  repairs. 

shape  that  he  has  not  enough  to  do.  “his  mo«  w  ^  ?US4f  310  aow  ia  3110)1 
all  the  houses  and  says  there  was  yerv llttST?^.  ?!  ”!?9  ^r8°  trlp3  tllrouSh 
sare  way  about  the  Ni^t  “speotlon!  attention.  He  has  felt  the 

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nuking  his  **  Wltt  ®5*83  Whea  Sundays, 

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CoL^uJ  '\W$  I  'U^uxjl^i 
. ^Oxj  \JLisJ-  $■  '-4-axuL  ""VVVV  , 

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.  Ou.  "\^\A  Os\,G-~^A.  -tSu  JLxlJx^^Cj  C-*l  ~L$yJ* 

l*j&  I AjJfcLx  'M.  'VvM1  iL uJfcj, 

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J^LCLi^\A,AXl  ■'4^&^C'A.  Ua,  ClJy,CUy\,  &~4 l AJ&-XJL*, 
ua.  (iAJy\'U^  irj-  '■'  //  ^<-4^. 

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4-^-LaX-  to  "4cjl . j j^v  O^V-A^x,  Q—tf-  'few- 

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Ju, ....  XAJ  tb%JL.  ‘  cyf  CkJL&  . 


7  44'" 

Dooombor  16,1920 

l»HQlft  Prank  b.  KieaiJ,  Vice  Pres.  ft  Oen.Hgr. 

TO i  Heaore .  Charles  Edison  and  a.B.Hambort . 
SUBJECT:  Beplaoement  of  Edison  Storage  Batteries. 

There  seams  to  have  been  no  definite  standard  as  to  the  basis  on  which 
so  will  mala  replacements  under  our  guarantees.  The  following  la  an  outline 
Of  a  now  policy  proposed  by  a  committee  consisting  of  the  managers  of  the 
varlaia  divisions  of  the  Sal68  Department,  and  on  whloh  I  am  asking  your  ap¬ 
proval  and  oomnont Si¬ 
te)  Itoplaoemonts  made  to  ouatomors  on  batteries  should  be  based  upon  the  partiou- 
lar  guarenteo  which  vns  signed  by  tbo  oustamer  at  the  time  the  jurotaao  was  mite. 

(b)  Custooera  who  did  not  sign  any  guarantee  agreement  at  the  time  of  purchase  and 
who  may  ask  for  replacement,  shall  hove  their  replacement  made  on  the  basis  of 
the  particular  guarantee  whloh  was  in  effect  at  the  time  the  pure  bn  so  was  raids. 

(o)  Beplaoemeats  on  all  batteries  purchased  prior  to  Bbbruary  7th,1917,  will 
bo  muds  aooordlng  to  present  ton-year  so  ale,  basing  allowance  on  prloe-llst  In 
effteot  at  date  of  pnrohaso  of  original  battery  to  apply  agplnst  list  price  in 
effbot  at  date  of  replacement. 

(d)  On  renewal  of  replacement  batteriea  not  covered  by  ten-year  guarantees,  the 
price  shmld  be  list  price  in  ef foot  at  date  of  replacement,  less  a  discount  of 
ZB%  on  A  and  B  types  and  20$  on  0  types,  and  the  return  of  the  old  battery. 

Ton  will  note  from  the  last  paragraph  that  wo  propose  a  definite  price  for 
replacement  of  batteries  which  have  already  bean  renewed,  known  as  renewal  o# 
renewal.  In  the  past,  it  has  bean  the  policy  to  apply  the  gparantee  to  these 
batteries,  whigh  moans  that  we  have  been  giving  too  much  to  oar  out  toms  re.  The 
result  is  that  oar  replacement  "profits”  have  been  red. 

Your  approval  on  the  A  ore  is  requested  as  soon  as  possible. 


\J(\Cc/  (..$  O'.  . . 

....o^_5vn^<v$.  _'>xcey+.J^y  i<^p- . 

<l}sts(J*-i'd'  ThtS'/j  &M/  |jD^wpT<Ht  fd-ti 
&i<  uc  f<  4-i  »o^  to {tCC-&  SXOsiL' 

'  ;  _  ,j4' 

LOl<&-  ^  <5l-5W 

_ : 

,_lH  L«Js]£i_<j _ Aow*c.-c 

fyr  (ts£y 

<Sh't'  *Ct-' 

'2.0  S  i^'"’  , 

/3«aa  ’  *  2  ^  /vW 

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yuy^K  S  S-  . 


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iiRtt^T  ^<?Xte^6>  7U<Jt>  LdTt 
'}L**a#4{  VUcC&S  teUrCr.Cf, 7  ''rbtt&f  kg 
()^Cr\XTK'  l  Y<^$rU  lUo'b lUr-tfH  « 

UL^audt"  Ku2L 
i  tcf  ?XTi€^,  t 
t3vL.jL^-.,  - 



ftfir  >  010  -  'io  y-tg/r 

7i.)-L  I d£ct,f-&- 

/  /?£os-  tu.  Q-to-oCc.  ZiL-ve- 

(A  y-  /iu, 

2//  -  ■ .  oir  2fl/ir  f, 


&3  /tffflaW  ^  £-& 

"S’,  f  U  juts  (O  O 

■"(Hu* fit  -  -h&°-c'K  -  ^\&  ■'  . 

?)'lft-\e4'<rw^  '  i^io-^wa  'hM*.  '  ■ 

Kc.fyu.MU.  k/o£  VTcui' 

~£.l\VA,l  S~lfoL  .  ' 


d^C. Cl  d-fel  (?'€ 


/>£■*  ^rac. 

v3//  2  X  2^ 

.  la  *  z,f> 

^  y  ~  .  .  '  /SO  0-£;t 

^  Cl cl (fyC*L^i''  HvH— 

- . f 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  Records 
Correspondence  (1921-1931) 

This  folder  contains  documents,  primarily  correspondence,  relating  to  the 
business  of  ESBCo.  The  documents  cover  the  period  from  1921  until  after 
Edison's  death,  but  the  bulk  of  the  material  is  from  1921-1924.  Included  are 
letters  pertaining  to  the  sale  of  Edison  storage  batteries,  the  real  estate  and 
capital  of  the  company,  and  the  processes  of  production,  accountancy,  and 
administration.  Correspondents  include  Edison,  Charles  Edison,  H.  A. 
Altengarten,  Frank  D.  Fagan,  Stephen  B.  Mambert,  Arthur  Mudd,  C.  E.  Sholes, 
and  other  ESBCo  employees.  Some  of  the  items  relate  to  sales  agents 
Maurice  E.  Fox  and  John  F.  Monnot,  to  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Supply 
Co.'s  contract  with  the  American  Railway  Express  Co.,  to  royalties  collected 
from  the  Deutsche  Edison-Accummulatoren  Co.,  and  to  service  guarantees 
granted  to  ESBCo  customers.  There  are  also  memoranda  concerning 
employees  under  Edison's  direction  and  relations  between  ESBCo  and  the 
phonograph  and  primary  battery  divisions  of  Thomas  A.  Edison,  Inc.  Related 
material  can  be  found  in  the  Plant  Operations  and  Research  Records. 

Less  than  10  percent  of  the  documents  have  been  selected.  The  items 
not  selected  include  routine  exchanges  dealing  with  the  supply  of  equipment 
and  material  for  ESBCo  and  with  matters  of  daily  administration  and 
accountancy.  Also  not  selected  are  letters  of  transmittal  and  acknowledgment 
and  items  that  duplicate  information  in  selected  material. 

..  .  .  ,  r  ;  ,(  "  /^/ .  ^ 

. . 

U^-YvAt  U7  TL^UXo  Jl^Uyj-t^fi 

- . -  .  . .&££%&. . ^ .'  .  ■ 

- j..r _ .<*?.. L .  2g^~,.4^ 

- . sPlfl. ■*& C-  - ■<>rf^J.L  ^'. . ...S^?L _«?/ ^te&sUx a£ 0^0404  J_J 

— . — - - 

- ^ ^-C*-?j3Z*Z~J3Lr — yikfetjg^  '■&'  *Z&£xa  j 

- - 2I-<i*5^d«2*«^£.c,C _ .’.. _ <5dr  .  •• _ -:'5i 

- -XiUiri^i <£d£f-^ _ _ _ j 

—  . . [pe=^£i^C^£j£4g^.-S59S*!:^^ij£_  _ a*  P  ■rfsUw  ~  :  i 

_  -sPt-ir'/ttd-^  J/l&CCc*: .  1/ti^C^ _  _1}j 

-  -.-^U-^Uru.c^y  .  Jhl  Styfy^et^ _ 1 

— y.n.y^t,^/ P«P:.&  sj'-y. c'iLpc-Pr^^^^'jsp s^pc^yPpy.  _ 

—j4pJto£' -.l<Let &U-.--<y£yi:±CC.c/Jp~.J^‘P. ~^PL l£Aa.t-<.  paAftC^f  /f  '  •''■■•.< 

-~: - ^  d,y^; jjjjg 

- Ptea  is)i>-r,  /p(i  -^-l 

~  1 — _^£-  <L/T^L — — 1  \  t _ 

Export  Divi  n  of  E.  S.  B.  Co.  at,  Potruary  8>  1921 

Prod  0.  Erwin,  Ass't  Seorotary 

Stephan  B.  Ifcmbert,  Vico  Rresident  and  Finanoial  Executive . 

Sale  of  "Export  Division  to  Thomas  A.  Edison,  Inc. 

At  a  meeting  of  tho  Board  of  Director  a  of  Edison  Storage  Battery 
Comrany,  held  Tuesday,  February  8,  1921,  at  the  principal  office  of  the  ■ 
Corporation,  West  Orange,  N.  J.,  the  following  resolution  was  adopted: 

BE SOLVED,  that  the  proper  officers  of  this  Corpor¬ 
ation  bo  and  they  hereby  are  authorized  to  sell  that  por¬ 
tion  of  its  business  known  as  "Export  Division"  to  Thomas 
A,  Edison,  Incorporated;  at  its  net  worth  as  shown  by  the 
books  of  aooount  at  tho  olosa  of  business  on  tho  evening 
of  December  31,  1920,  in  accordance  with  the  following 
statement  of  assets  and  liabilities. 

Asseta : 

BaS5  on  Hand  $  300.00 

Acots  Reoeivable-Customore  78,340.31 

Res.  for  Doubtful  Aoots  $1,199.54 
Loss  Aoots  written  dff  641 .77 
Due.  from  T.  A.  Edison,  Personal 
Finished  Merchandise 
Consignments  at  oost 

Acots  Fayablo-Qutside  Vendors 
Aoota  Reo.  Credits -Customers 
Thomas  A.  Edison,  Ino. 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Company 
Not  Total 

657.77  - 



796.08  $98,633.12 

$  319.02 

—  1,249.06 
34,766.36  44,728.91 

~  „  hereby  certify  that  the  foregoing  is  a  full,  true  and 
oorroot  oopy  of  the  resolution  as  it  appears  in' the  Minute  Book  of  the 
Export  Division. 

''' Messrs.  F.D.Fagan,  H.F.Hiller/ESto.vens  L.E  .Hatfield,  gin 

e  obtained  by  sort  ot  Jumping 
ks  -  more  to  express  a  principle 
ny  or  the  absolute  dollar. 

— -  < — f.. 

u —  C* ! 

fXt^-  £L^X(Ujb 

i  is  yours  for  the  asking,  of  course,  hut  / 

Whoever  said  that  I  was  blowing  about  my  raise  is  a  damn  liar. 

The  only  thing  resembling  blowing  whioh  I  did  was  to  tell  a  very  few 
of  my  personal  friends  that  I  had  received  a  raise  and  that  I  did  not  think 
that  I  deserved  it.  If  that  constitutes  blowing,  then  I  stand  convioten. 

Eot  being  a  diplomat,  I  did  not  think  it  neaessary  to  keep 
such  a  thing  secret  from  personal  friends.  It  was  a  surprise  to  me  the  way 
the  news  spread. 

The  history  of  the  whole  mess  is  as  follows: 

Monday  afternoon  I  asked  Kr.  Altengarten  whether  certain  ideas 
I  had  been  working  on  should  be  submitted  to  you  or  to  Mr.  Hemphill. 

Within  half  an  hour  hr.  Hemphill  had  hoard  about  it  and  phoned  me  that  I 
was  out  of  his  department. 

When  asked  for  an  explanation,  Kr.  Hemphill  said  that  he 
didn't  want  Altengarten  stioking  his  nose  in  the  production  department 
and  that  he  didn't  want  anybody  in  the  department  going  to  you  with  any 
suggestions.  He  apparently  thought  that  I  was  trying  to  put  something 
over  on  him.  In  this  he  jumped  at  a  wrong  conclusion. 

Since  when  has  it  become  a  prime  for  an  inspeotor  to  think 
of  submitting  ei  memorandum  to  you? 

I  have  been  told  that  when  J/r.  Hemphill  heard  of  my  raise 
he  went  up  in  the  air  and  praotloally  said  that  he  was  going  to  get  me  if  he 
could.  Apparently  he  has  succeeded. 

As  to  men  being  dissatisfied,  I  am  sure  that  letting  a  deal 
like  this  be  put  over  will  do  more  to  lower  the  morale  of  the  inspectors 
than  any  indiscreet  talk  of  mine. 

I  may  have  been  indiscreet  but  I'll  be  damned  if  I  did  any 
blowing.  Ask  any  of  the  inspectors  to  whom  I  mentioned  my  raise. 

I  hope  I  have  convinced  you  that  I  was  doing  my  best  to 
play  the  game  sqparely. : -If  so,  and  if  you  think  my  brains  are  v/brth 
something,  is  it  fair  to  let  me  out  beoause  of  a  silly  mess  like  this? 

Eight  it  be  possible  to  striigh'ten  matters  out  by  shifting  me 
to.  the  sales  department?  I  know  more  about  advertising- than  Manufacturing 
anyway . 


Jons  10,  19J21 

Ur.  Ihomus  a.  Kdiaom- 

I  am  attaching  a  few  reprints  of  newspaper  dippings  from 
Canada.  Eheoe  cover  a  story  of  a  trial  trip  of  a  buttary  oar,  the 
test  holng  run  under  the  supervision  of  the  hallway  Storage  Battery  Car 
Company  on  the  Canadian  national  Hallways  tracks,  Publlolty  was  given 
to  this  test  throughout  Canada, 

Pathe  Weekly  Hews  and  another  Hews  Weekly  have  distributed 
moving  pictures  of  this  trial  to  over  four  hundred  thoatrea  In  Canada, 
WO  will  get  a  oqpy  of  this  film  and  show  It  to  you  next  week.  It  takes 
about  three  minutes  to  run. 

We  are  oo-operatlng  with  the  Hallway  Storage  Battery  Car  Com¬ 

pany  In  every  nay  possible  to  develop  thie  business,  aa  It  le  purely  Edison 
and  eaoh  order  le  a  big  Installation,  She  list  prloe  for  one  oar  equipment 
la  $14,000,  Aa  far  as  I  can  see,  this  business  has  been  neglected  In  the 


OHANGH,  N.  J. 

Juno  28,  1921. 

Personally  addreased  to  Department  he  ad  a  at  Orange  and  silver  T,n>. 

l£aj£VL™QA  uivUe*ot  the  tena)orary  roOuntsicn  to  salaries 
Of  o no-half  day,  weekly.  I  wish  to  tals  this  opportunity 
of  raprosaing  to  you  ay  personal  appreoiation  of  the  spirit 
in  which  you  hnvp  rsoalved  this  r"  - 

foreign  o 
business,  and  this  hus 
this  country,  to  your 
n  to  suggest  that  you 

.  _  — -  „  —ist  servioe  possible  on  ...o*.  , 

frOB  our  customers,  and  the  Sales  Department  will  oonoentrate  on 
the  se  curl  jig  of  nil  possible  available  new  business. 

Hi  is  hoped  that  the  present  situation  will  improve  within  a 
short  time,  and  X  trust  that  you  will  use  your  best  efforts 
In  helping  us  wherever  you  can  to  bring  about  this  improvement . 

vary  truly,  > 

Prank  9.  Pagan. 


Copies  to  Mossrs.  Charles  2d  is  on  and  S.B.Janbert. 


sm jz.*  ^pri. 


JLUL  Q$  yj^ju-v  (ziLfy ’ujMJJk) 

AjJt<Ji^JL.  /uL  ,4u 

JL^s(jC  /hW  Jl&dJsir 

sC^i.  Jj^  C_D 


Go  , 

»  /)/ 

^.(  I 

„  ‘7l/ sm&Ad. £_  JL~Lw  a 

<$&*&*£ rfcP  *  ^ 


y  -&0~~  <<^1! ..Aytvvj 



bc/d  l:  <2&  l&d1  -f~6-'U,\'t'V'  '^i  hjL  xt^tX-  te&L+tf 

1/TCCfC.  (.  -.-It?  p/U>  TTrULUrt*  Vw^f£-  -X-x^iX.  yp-kut 

h  t-Zc  7^A<  Cx'W^r  (^t-'-  '-t  i.i  ecoix  C'L-cirt'<LCo~n  ^ 

03^,uJI  G5't-C .1*1  n  ~i~  0^.f(  * )  '‘C  'JfxJL  Lein-  :;tC;ULQ^ 

.  CUti  CL-k^k-  jL&CL-ift'Ufj  typ-usl*  .'01 '^Cp,(£&£j . 

0<^  GLii  '  iStt'lAAy  "2&[ A®  CcJ/.fi-t  L*  -.GL-CU  rj  h£//dc' 

,cSj>  Ts/ufc  cJ''  c^C 

V  ,  **,  •  „. 

'//*' -i!lC;LCjL~')  *y\ 

.  C&-0  7y/.c<SC  C^/  ■  iSCCpJ,/  direct? ^y£_.  • 

0^9yL^e~viCc(£y  >  ol  /kccoL^  dOjo-oc^  C&aJd 

oJpict  /CCui-Hiro-t-L  .stucffcuA  ^Li'^C-  tv-wJitM-  &  ^ujl*  .. 

.  CL-tsted  (>A  (-EsduLdl.  <£/i  a  zf" fyrwf'/C  7&-rC-  . 

■6^y  'di&pst'i,  Ztsd/dTf  iy  /\jL.t-6  i-dy  Jcd^ddk.^^2^u{U 
ctt'CTs)  v^-  Azf"  cji&'yfco\X&ktG  si/s'&Grds  !Z%(.<ls 
GuLyt't'UH'ucd  CddL&t- iriMt/x.CtUA4-^  I'p-x*  2^4. 

c  App^l 

OUuwei't^ed  dfr-u*  CjU/wc  t 

(%>v\c(jlj  .  srkJLeu  z^<L  SLaj.  (&■  ■  Xaurts , 

/'~U  JL.'/sfd  &A*:ULi<1/QJL  ....  ^CsL.  <J>dLu  ^ 

($ikyULtIZh'^i .  V .  .  '..:(/  ^  . 

•SJ.^ulcJL  c4f  A/z&tf  /d'pi&tud  6-€c£,  cdL  _. 
/^Jtx/E'  a’z/tsto  /p£&(L$sd<-f  . 

.  2o~ -0jpZ-(2c LdU.<L%~(*4  <$.  /  ^'O'iyUu 

.  _0 IcJtZp  CA^l4'LCs=vC<lCts^  ,  C \^/^uUUUJt'-  .... 

T^hcCT '  'Zptvc  .&tris6£  CtM^d/iA^LO^uL 

tr^Ls^ /pd^CcLd^d^l/ 

y3ns\sy  cdbJ>Oif  Lt»  <S dc<is/<i  "dd?  isd  >  'y .  .. .  . . .  . 




£aT,  fS,  \_ _ 



//A*  _-.  :  : 

~7~^U~.  <4/tr&t/fe  at-tAS 

C^&~<-<. ccf~  2-J3  a  1 

J<2^Cf//t-^~^ey  -  •r*?*'?^  A/^-c^/^-^,  /'/t^  J1  Jt^eL^U ^/.. 

/7^<—  dJ^>/.<  &A-//  F  O'  ^41*^  7^ 

•^3-.  s?vZ.f  /  <&/  t4st'  ,L.±  '  |J..;-.'..i:vj.l-.. ; 

. /A**'.  .  /p0^4Cr^/\—i  ^2£-?£st'?dL&es\.  .  ; 

JT.  /*}-  <Q^T>?*  *e/. 

.... j  '  ^-U-f  -1 J  — 

.  .  /C&r*r 

%  /  '  ... .... :  -/*/<_  --wi^.^.^.:.., I...:.!.-/: 

^/*f-  ,/ 

-  •  - .  .  ; . 



)9hr  Qd( 



. , .  QfjAM  Cl  SJ ~7$T  ' -f-rTt^Lsk* 

m,  £/lo^~  ^r^Uca^u  "SAgn^i  g  t 


^h)dh Li_ jyi j£L\stf__  £i^2n'-r^rt'^-'\sk ' to -tAo  , _ OZJL$.  Sjl  >A/u^d 

D.  A^t^..tndAh^i^  rt-£U:  Af  yfa  2t^^i  4tk  >^y  ’ 

yU‘~ziti'\  rl.rtsu  Mr .  d?£/j^  ja/JjL**.  /fcs^vsJ/r 
J^yyL-  ■^-ri^A  jrfA  6$  A) -rZ£  yUJ^f^dJ  ^hAA 

?v4hd  /ci-T-i^  AAAAc,'')4-/(  cAAy^jp^ty/Ay"^ 


-rryVL  d\Jl  <£.  & /CO-l  ^A/Vl/l 
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Sopt.  13,  1921. 

llr.  ndison; 

As  theremseems  ts  be  no  opening-  for  me  in  the  immediate 
future  with  this  eompany  I  hate  deaided  to  resign  and  will  probab^ly 
go  to  a  uniTersity  for  adransed  study  this  fall. 

This  resignation-  is  effestire  on  Saturday,  September  17th. 

Will  you  kindly  giro  the  neeeessary  instruetiens  so  that 
X  can  reoeiro  my  pay  in  full  on  Saturday. 

~p  "V?.  t3 

P.H.SEith  ' 



1  (X, 

fy*s  w< 

September  SO,.  1921. 

Mr.  Eagan, - 

'  /,  /f3.c: 3 

I  have  $one  over  the  contracts  with  the  Amerioan 

Hallway  Express  Co.  handed  to  me  by  Mr.  Yeale  and  find  the 
situation  to  be  as  follows: 

On  April  17,  1917  The  Edison  Storage  Battery  Supply 
Co.  wrote  to  the  American  Express^ offering  to  supply  batterie 
at  certain  prices.  This  offer  was  accepted  April  25,  1917. 
After  five  ye arsf replacement  allowances  were  to  be  as  follows 
A's  replaced  by  A's  50$! 

A' s  "  "  G's  40$ 

G's  "  "  G's  40$. 

There  was  a  special  arrangement  as  to  batteries 
requiring  replacement  during  the  five-year  period.  This  con¬ 
tract  was  cancelled  to  take  effect  July  1,  1918.  These  re¬ 
placement  allowances  would  apply  to  all  batteries  supplied 
under  this  agreement. 

By  correspondence  extending  from  Aug.  6  to  Aug.  15, 
1918  an  agreement  as  to  prices,  etc.  was  then  made  between 
Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.  and  American  Railway  Express  Co. 
Under  this  agreement  the  discounts ' were  to  be  30$  on  A  and 
25$  on  G  type  cells.  Replacement  allowances  were  to  be 
according  to  the  10  year  schedule  contained  in  our  printed 
guaranty,  ranging  from  100$  to  30$.  This  arrangement,  with 
an  increase  in  list  prices  on  August  1,  1919,  continued  in 
effect  until  modified  by  Mr.  John  Kelly's  letters  of  Sept. 

6th  and  11th.  The  effect  of  these  letters  was  to  make  the 
replacement  allowances  for  the  first  three  years^or  for  the 
first  2-3/4  yearSj according  to  the  printed  guaranty  in  effect 

at  the  time  of  shipment,  and  50 %  thereafter.  I  interpret 
the  modification  to  apply  to  batteries  sold  from  and  after 
Sept.  6th,  1919,  because  of  the  first  sentence  of  the  letter 
of  Sept.  6th  whioh  reads: - 

"We  desire  to  confirm  arrangement  under  whioh 
your  Company  will  purchase  Edison  batteries  from  us1,'  etc. 

l’here  was  no  acknowledgment  of  Kelly's  letters  of  Sept.  6th 
and  11th,  but  orders  were  subsequently  placed,  whioh  probably 
constitutes  an  acceptance.  IChere  may  be  some  question  as  to 
Kelly's  authority  to  modify  the  oontract  in  this  manner,  but 
I  believe  the  General  Sales  Manager  would  be  presumed  to  have 
this  authority,  although  it  may  be  fairly  argued  that  he  did 
not  have  authority  to  obligate  the  Company  for  any  period 
in  excess  of  10  years,  as  that  is  the  maximum  period  of  any 
of  our  authorized  guaranties.  Furthermore,  Kelly  signed 
the  later  contract  under  which  we  are  now  operating. 

On  July  1,  1933  a  new  agreement  was  made.  !?ftiile  this 
agreement  purported  to  supersede  and  annul  prior  agreements, 
'there  are  references  in  it  to  replacements  made  or  to  be  made 
under  our  service  guaranty,  and  from  this  it  is  to  be 

inferred  that  it  was  not  intended  to  terminate  our  obligation. 

sMpecf  ~£- fatikeses  /&&s/sr6ee2<  • 

as  to  replacements.^  Furthermore,  I  understand  replacement 

allowances  have  actually  been  made  since  July  1,  1920. 

I  doub.t  whether  we  could  make  out  much  of  a  case 
in  any  attempt  to  free  ourselves  from  the  obligations  as 
to  replacement  allowances  as  set  forth  in.  the  various  con¬ 
tracts.  However,  the  situation  1b  complicated  to  such  an 


extent  as  to  render  it  highly  desirable,  if  possible, 
to  oome  to  some  definite  agreement  with  the  Express  Co. 
to  the  rights  of  the  parties. 

Henry  lanahan 












i'agan,  Monahan,  Blair  - 

Question  the  necessity  of  all  three.  Could  not  at  least  one 
be  eliminated.  If  we  must  have  a  General  Manager,  why  oannot  he  also  be 
Works  Manager,  or  Sales  Manager  along  with  the  General  Manager’s  duties. 

A  man  should  be  able  to  handle  both. 

Now  have: 

Sagan  -  Vice-President  &  General  Manager 
Blair  -  Sales  Manager 

Monahan  -  ?  (assume  Works  Manager  or  Supt. 

Three  men  in  all  when  two  should  be  enough. 


1.  General  Manager  (and  Works  Manager) 

2,  Sales  Manager 

1.  General  Manager  land  Sales  Manager) 

2.  Works  Manager 

Mr.  Kolb  or  t  Listed  in  Pagan’s  Office.  Was  first  at  the 

July  reduction,  waB  then  transferred  to  Mambert’s  office,  and  now  back  to  Pagan. 

Mr.  Pagan  has  Miss  Stalker  for  Stenographer  aid  Secretary. 

V/hy  KolbertV  Is  not  his  duties  in  parallel  with  Wilson  in 

Mamberts  office?as  far  as  the  Battery  is  conoerned?  or  could  not  these  jobs 
be  combined  and  one  man  handle  either  Kolbert’s  or  Wilson's  work.  Moreover, 
Balevre  who  is  a  service  clerk  in  Sales,  could  do  thlB  work  of  Kolbert. 

If  Kolbert'w  duties  are  records  and  statistical  work,  a  bright  young 
girl  could  keep  tnls  up. 

This  one  looks  like  excess  baggage.  Am  informed  that  pull  is 
keeping  this  man. 


3T0IU0!!  EATT3RY 

SAL12S  -  Orange. 

General  Road  Salesmen. 

Wilson,  Sanborn,  Rowrlek. 

Ken  are  11s tod  and  called 

Would  say  that  Wilson  is.  Hot  much  to  say  abbut  Sanborn. 

the  July  reduotion  he  was  sent 

Renwiok  is  here  most  of  the  time 
to  Philadelphia  and  is  now  baok  here. 

„  vi  1  nake  ttlese  men  Road  Salesmen  -  or  possibly  thotr  m*  r 

be  combined  and  two  men  handle,  doing  away  with  one.  J  thuir  work  0 

baggage.  Fr°m  PrS8°nt  arraneement-  °n  the  ^face,  it  looks  in*  one  exo 

Also  understand  friendship  cones  in  here  towards  retaining  one. 

Sales  -  Orange  -  continued. 

and  tv;o  handle, 

There  are  -  Veal e ,  Iturthraan,  Kayos  -  throe 
doing  away  with  one.  Would  say  Kayos. 

Combine  work 

If  this  cannot  be  done, 
in  addition  to  helping  out  on  tvping, 
part  of  Kayes  work  which  a  girl'  cannot 
work  along  with  the  other  two. 

surely  a  good  girl  can  handle  the  work, 
Veale  and  Uarthmann  taking  over  that  * 
do.-  or  Balevre  take  ovor  part  of  the 

Would  say  that  one  excess  employee  here. 


Under  present  conditions  do 
»an  for  the  work  Douglas  does. 

just  why  tho  necessity  of  a 

vork  hero 

They  have  Douglas,  Kit  olio  11  and  Leach, 
could  be  so  arranged  that  too  men  could 

It  does  look  as  though 
handle,  oo  as  to  reduce  one. 


3'iOlUCffi  BATTERY  -  continued  ! 


‘j-'hey  have  increased  their  force  three.  Do  not  look  necessary 
unless  it  is  for  inventory.  Work  surely  has  not  increased  to  the  extent  of 
where  three  more  are  required  here. 

Believe  by  a  combination  of  work  that  at  least  two  could 
be  eliminated.  Still  the  work  and  reoords  here  might  warrant  this  help,  but 
on  the  surface  does  not  look  so,  or  from  the  hustle  in  the  department. 


Havo  increased  one  girl  in  Stores  or  Production.  Was  it 
necessary.  May  be  due  to  increased  production  and  required. 

Combine  Cell  Assembly  and  Mine  Lamp  Departments  uni  or  one 
Foreman.  Now  have  too,  and  one  could  handle  under  present  production. 


It  appears  that  they  have  too  many  employees.  By  a  careful 
study  could  not  a  reduction  be  made  here. 


By  a  thorough  check  and  study  of  this  Dept.  -  whioh  would  do 
no  harm  -  believe  changes  could  be  put  in  effect  which  would  be  beneficial,  also 
reduce  numbor  of  employees. 


STORAGE  BATTERY  -  Continued. 


te  i  ini  shed  up  by  now.  Speed  up  and  got  it  over\ri  th 
I  understand,  has  teen  used  up. 

some  time.  They  should 
2he  appropriation. 

in  force: 

The  following  should  be  checked  as  to  why  their  increase 


All  Salesmen  should  be  checked  as  to  their  real  worth.  Believe 
that  good  up  to  the  minute  extensive  advertising  is  what  counts.  Then^rder 
lot  salesmen.  By  this  plan  the  salesmen  could  be 




Storage  Battery  for  B.  B.  Signals. 


Mr.  Fagan 
Mr.  llaOhesneyi 

laaonmoh  as  the  Primary  Battery  Division  has  tn* 
ln  ''“PPlylng  eleotrloal  energy  for  the 
operation  of  Ballroad  signaling  functions,  It  has  long  appeared. 

Batfartff?^;>,1tl,a^11t/10Uld  hanila  016  8al88  OtSii^n  Sterile 
Batteries  in  this  field  as  well  as  Its  own  product. 

.  Without  going  Into  detail  on  the  subjeot.  I  wish 

to  point  out  certain  outstanding  advantages. 

1.  Storage  and  Primary  Batteries  are  direct  aosnetlterd 
of  each  other  In  several  phases  ef  the  signaling 
field.  A  consistent  polloy,  carefully  administered 
1b  necessary  to  preserve  a  proper  balance  between 
Primary  end  Storage  Battery  effort.  This  oan  best 
£  XTSFS*4  ^  ^TlnB  a  executive  head 

do  the  etoorlng,  ratter  than  two,  as  at  present. 
Handled  together,  Primary  and  Storage  Batteries  oaa 
be  coordinated  and  made  to  supplement  each  other 
th?  8tWnB°‘  mr  pssltlen 
with  the  Bailroado  on  both  products*  Handled  sepa- 
rately,  one  typo  will  always  tend  to  crowd  out  the 

8.  Single  management  will  eliminate  waste  In  sales 
effort  throutfi  making  It  unneoessary  for  both  Pri¬ 
mary  end  Storage  Battery  oonpanles  to  have  men 
covering  the  name  field. 



1  N 


4.  With  a  single  management  we  present  a  united  front 

to  the  outside.  Confusion  In  the  minds  of  purchasers 
as  to  who  is  who  in  our  organisation  Is  eliminated. 

In  the  signal  field  we  would  have  hut  one  point  of 
oontaot  with  the  outside,  making  it  easy  to  fix  re¬ 
sponsibility  for  loss  of  business,  bad  servioe,  eto. 

6.  It  eliminates  the  possibility  of  inaction  on  the 
part  of  both  organisations  througi  the  fear  that 
they  ate  treading  on  each  other's  tees. 

There  are  other  arguments  in  favor  of  this  change. 

I  propose,  therefore,  the  following  resolutions  be  adopted* 

Effective  November  1st,  1922,  that  part  of  the  busi¬ 
ness  ef  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Co.  that  has  to  do  with  the 
selling  and  supplying  of  electrical  energy  for  the  operation 
of  Bail  road  signaling  functions  and  the  field  servioe  pertain¬ 
ing  thereto  shall  be  taken  care  of  by  the  Prinnry  Battery  Div¬ 
ision  of  Thomas  A.  Edison,  lho«,  andi 

That  suitable  internal  agreements  providing  for 
equitable  compensation  to  both  divisions,  and  for  working  rules 
and  methods,  be  executed  forthwith. 



Hovember  21 

,  1922 

Deutsche  Edison  Accumulatoreu  Co.» 
Askanischer  Plata  3, 

S.W.  11,  Berlin,  Germany 


If  you  Will  refer  to  Paragraph  5  of  your  agreement 
with  me  of  January  1»  1914,  you  will  note  that  there  are  two  classes 
of  payments  provided,  for  in  the  said  paragraphs 

(a)  Hoyalties  payable  on  the  15th  day  of  January, 
April,  July  and  October  of  eaoh  year  at  the  rate  of  Twenty-four  one- 
hundredths  of  a  cent  ($0.0024)  per  ampere  hour  capacity  of  eaoh  storage 
battery  cell  manufactured  each  quarter  during  the  life  of  the  agreement, 
payable  in  United  States  Dollars. 

(b)  An  additional  amount  payable  eaoh  year  on 
the  anniversary  of  the  date  of  the  agreement  in  oase  the  payments  to  be 
made  under  (a)  during  the  year  shall  be  less  than  the  sum  of  Sixty 
Thousand  Marks  (u  60,000), 

Taking  the  figures  contained  in  the  statement 
which  you  furnished  me  on  Ootober  31,  1921,  the  amount  now  due  to  me  for 
royalties  computed  in  accordance  with  Paragraph  (a)  hereof  amounts  to 
$8,056.30,  made  up  ns  follows; 

Year  Ampere  Hour  Capacity  Bovaltv  Amount 








Previously  paid  in 

$.0024  $3,191.50 


_  149.68 

$.0024  $10,529.52 


Balance  due 


I  oonsider  this  amount  to  be  due  and  payable  to  me  in 
United  States  Dollars. 

In  addition  to  above  amount,  there  are  three  items 
standing  on  our  books  dating  baok  to  April  1808  as  followsj 

April  1908  Royalty  $1,223.04 

August  1908  "  1,092.00 

November  1914  Our  Invoice  10681 
Aoot  Austrian 

Patent  lax  48.92 

Sotal  $2,353.96 

I,  therefore,  request  you  to  remit  to  me  the  above 
mentioned  amounts,  totaling  (two  itajigJ  $10,412.26  (Ten  Thousand 
Four  Hundred  Twelve  Dollars  Twenty  F;  -  demits),  in  United  States 
Dollars  by  Hew  York  Draft. 

I  shall  appreciate  it  if  you  will  give  this  matter  your 
prompt  attention. 

Yours  Very  Truly, 

oo  to  Messrs.  H,  lanahan,  Bergman,  S.B.  Mambert  and  File 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Co., 

Orange,  N.J. 

Gentlemen:-  Attention:  Mr.  Blair,  Sales  Manager. 

X  just  purchased  from  the  U.S.Wavy  one  of  your  sub¬ 
marine  batteries,  consisting  of  200  cells,  having  a  discharge 
rate  of  3150  amperes  for  one  hour,  or  1325  amperes  for  three  hours 
Dimensions  of  each  cell  are  18-3/4"  X  9-3/32"  X  48-l/2" 
including  supporting  insulators.  Weight  665  pounds  per  cell. 

This  battery  has  never  been  used,  and  X  thought  you 

might  be  interested  in  purchasing  same.  I  would  be  pleased  to 
have  your  offer  if  interested. 

Thanking  you  for  a  reply,  I  am, 

Very  truly  yours, 



$>$kt  Vu*-f  \*U4tk  <fc 

v  Ik^z- s*&&r\ 

Cta.  .  CX-O-  cSi)  C.C>^I^_. 

>X?:"  »fvvx^ 

-K^. — o-^x.  i^C  CxLv))'H--a- 

'^V  J^-^jVX  Jb4 ^3,  O-  C  o 

o  ©T 

(U^  a«e*. . 

June  19,  1928 

ar  and  still  which 
eleotrio  truck 

The  steamer  will  furnish  sixty  pounds  of  steam  for  Mowing 
off  and  cleaning  oells,  and  the  etill  will  produoe  at  a  maTirmirn  five 
gallons  per  hour  of  distilled  water.  The  heating  is  automatic,  the 
water  supply  is  automatic,  and  the  whole  outfit  is  to  pass  standard 
holler  inspection* 


1 1'ftiium  %iWe 

Nov.  20,  1923. 

Mr.  Egerton: 

Lithio/fHydrate  is  the  most  ticklish  prodyot  in  any 
of  the  Edison  interests  from  the  standpoint  of  insacirity  of  supply. 

Outside  of  the  Maywood  Ohemioal  there  are  no  manufacturers 
of  this  product  on  anything  like  a  commercial  scale  anywhere  in  the 

Nobody  else  has  lithium  hydrate  to  any  extent.  V.’e 
oonsums  probably  90$  of  the  world's  production.  There  are  no 
stocks  distributed  around  the  country  available  in  case  of  emergency. 

If  anything  happens  to  Maywood  we  are  absolutely  stuck. 

Mr.  Edison  has  taken  some  steps  to  protect  this  situation 
but  he  is  not  yet  ready. 

Not  only  do  I  think  we  should  have  a  three  months'  supoly 
always  on  hand  but  also  I  think  this  stock  should  bo  stored  in  tv.o 
or  more  places. 

At  one  time  we  had  a  rule  not  to  let  the  stock  drop 
below  a  certain  number  of  pounds  but  I  have  forgotten  the. amount. 


P.S.  Mr.  Edison  said  he  would  see  the  Maywood  people,  so  you  had 
better  see  Mr.  E.  before  doing  anything  about  this. 

December  30,  1924 

I  have  your  Traveler's  Report  signed  by  N.  T.  Jones  and 
note  your  comment  thereon. 

The  little  Booklet  referred  to  by  the  Traveler  is  the 
only  Booklet  or  folder  which  I  have  permitted  an  Advertising 
Agent  to  get  out.  The  other  booklets  and  literature  has 
praotioally  all  been  written  by  myself. 

The  Advertising  Agent  wanted  to  have  this  booklet  read- 
"For  A  Perfeot  Radio  Christmas  Use  Edison  Batteries."  I  made 
the  point  that  Radio  is  not  perfeot  or  nothing  is  perfeot. 

This  booklet,  as  I  see  it,  does  not  advocate  Radio  in  any  way. 

It  does  say  "Edison  Batteries  for  a  better  Radio  Christmas." 

V/e  know  that  one  will  get  bettor  service  from  any  make  of 
Radio  by  using  Edison  Batteries  than  he  can  from  using  load 
or  dry  cells,  since  according  to  your  Traveler's  Report,  Tubes 
and  Batteries  give  85^  of  the  Radio  trouble.  Certainly  one 
would  Have  better  service  from  his  Radio  Outfit  if  he  eliminated 
battery  trouble  -  that  is  why  the  booklet  reads  "For  A  Better 
Radio  Christmas  Use  Edison  Batteries." 

—  Vie  have  not  advocated  the  use  of  Radio  in  our  advertising 
or  our  direct  by  mail  literature.  Copy  of  all  the  literature 
which  we  have  sent  out  is  attached  hereto. 

\  V/hat  we  are  trying  to  do  is  to  sell  Edison  Batteries  to 
theVpeople  why  buy  Radios',  not  through  our  recommendation  but 
through  their  desire  for  Radio. 

l\appreoiate  the  faot  that  Radio  is  in  direct  competition 
with  th\)  Phonograph  and  I  would  certainly  be  willing  to  retire 
from  th<\Radifo  Battery  business  at  onoe  if  I  thought  that  our 
going  aftebAhis  business  would  in  any  way  effect  the  sale  of 
the  Phonograph.  ' I  am  interested  not  only  in  the  Battery  CSmpany 
making  money,  but  interested  in  the  entire  Industry  making  money. 

I  feel  that  it  would  have  been  better  if  the  wording  on 
this  bulletin  had  been  something  like  this-  "For  Better  Service 
From  Your  Radio  -  Use  Edison  Storage  Batteries",  instead  of 
"For  A  Better  Radio  Christmas  Use  Edison  Batteries." 

Of  oourse  you  understand,  before  sending  literature  to  any 
of  your  dealers  tho  matter  was  taken  up  with  you  personally  and 
you  said  Go  Ahead N  and  after  I  had  gotten  your  authority  to  do 
this  1  got  in  touch  with  Mr,  Farrier  who  gave  us  the  names  of  the 
dealers  whioh  he  wanted  to  material  to  go  to. 


k'Lrik-  fJkdf r 


. . . . . ■ _ _ 

.  .  $/(o  .*2/^  ” 

O^-^-vt-vc-t-c-p  **-/•{..  jdt-t-£Ct.-/s~ri-i — "*  .'^n  '‘^rr-  . 
td?  dCC-  c»  T^U-  _ 

•sUtdij2r^v~Grt/  't^Z&-'esC£ti.  L<2. 

'x£t,«^r/  'O-t*  "£g  _ 

JjQ-  d£c-*i-£&\r*t  <-^ 

AdT^>  j/..- 1*-  /  . . 

£r . _ 

^dt-'C-L^-l)  dL-,t-eU£^C./  ''8d(- t^-i  _ 

0^ £&-~(Lc/ 

tlt-ll*  d&D  ^t^^t-O-yUg^ 

)I^AV(g  /i/'-cZK' 


&tO,~*-dr^  /vC^(~u  \f  ~  " _ 

_  $-11^  yfo^  /'irfdo  yCc-^ 

fae-tf  t'ur&.Q  c-u-eyr-H^/'  j£c£ZCr)  7Tua-*\> 



Industrial  Truck  or  Tractor  Service 


1 .  (6iranmtl[.  We  hereby  guarantee  to  correct  free  of  charge,  f.  o.  b.  our  nearest  Service 

Station,  any  defect  in  workmanship  or  material  which  may  develop  within  a  period  of  one 
year  from  the  date  of  shipment  by  us  of  all  the  Type  cells  beating  serial  numbers 

as  per  the  list  herein. 

2.  Agmmmt  As  an  assurance  to  you  that  the  QUALITY  and  DURABILITY  possessed 

by  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  shall  contribute  to  your  benefit,  we  agree  that  if  at  any  time 
within  a  period  of  TEN  YEARS  from  the  above  date  of  original  shipment,  any  of  said  cells 
shall,  when  tested  under  our  supervision,  be  found  incapable  of  delivering  at  least  80%  of 
their  rated  capacity  of  ampere  hours  after  a  normal  charge,  we  will  replace  them  with 

new  cells  having  1 00%  of  rated  capacity  at  a  charge  to  you  for  each  cell  equal  to  the  list  price 
thereof  at  the  date  of  replacement  by  us,  less  an  allowance,  as  hereinafter  provided,  for  each 
cell  replaced  and  returned  to  us,  equal  to  the  percentage  of  the  list  price  thereof  at  the  date 
of  replacement  set  opposite  the  period  during  which  the  benefit  of  this  replacement  is  claimed 
in  the  following  schedule: 


No.  OF’CELLS _ TYPE _ _ 

- 192 _ 

Data  relating  to  vehicle  in  which  the  battery  hereby  guaranteed  is  to  be  exclusively  used: 

Name  of  Manufacturer _ _ 

Type  of  Vehicle . 

Manufacturer's  Vehicle  No. _ ; _ 


as  that  covered  by  this  agreement,  the  same  or  a  more  favorable  guaranty  or  service  agree¬ 
ment,  you  shall  have  the  option,  upon  notice  to  us  in  writing,  of  electing  that  we  give  you  with 
the  new  cells  a  new  guaranty  and  agreement  such  as  we  may  then  be  offering,  to  apply  to  said 
new  replacement  cells,  in  lieu  of  this  guaranty  and  agreement. 

4.  All  cells  supplied  hereunder  shall  be  delivered  by  us  f.  o.  b.  Orange,  New  Jersey, 
terms;  Net  30  days,  2%  discount  for  cash  within  10  days  from  date  of  invoice.  We  reserve 
the  right  to  require  payment  in  cash  of  the  full  invoice  value  of  all  cells  supplied  hereunder 
before  replacing  any  cells  hereunder  unless  your  credit  with  us  is  satisfactorily  established  at 
the  time  of  such  replacement. 

5.  All  cells  replaced  by  us  hereunder  shall  become  our  property,  and  shall  be  delivered 
to  us  f.  o.  b.  Orange,  New  Jersey;  and  shall  be  shipped  to  us  with  transportation  charges  pre¬ 
paid,  within  thirty  days  after  arrival  of  the  replacement  cells  supplied  hereunder.  In  case  of 
your  failure  to  ship  us  in  the  manner  and  within  the  period  hereinbefore  agreed  upon  any  of 
the  cells  replaced  hereunder,  we  shall  at  any  time  thereafter  have  the  right  to  bill  you  for  such 
cells  not  shipped  as  aforesaid  at  the  amount  of  the  allowance  made  therefor,  and  you  will 
accept  and  pay  auch  bill  within  thirty  days  from  the  date  thereof. 

6.  If,  at  the  time  of  any  replacement  hereunder,  we  are  required  to  pay  any  Federal, 
State,  County,  Municipal  or  other  tax  on  account  of  such  replacement,  we  shall  have  the  right 
to  add  the  amount  of  such  tax  to  the  charge  made  you  for  such  replacement. 

7.  This  guaranty  and  agreement  is  subject  to  the  following  conditions: 

A.  That  all  said  cells  be  installed  and  used  only  in  connection  with  apparatus  approved 
by  us  and  which  is  maintained  in  reasonably  good  repair. 

B.  That  you  use  only  electrolyte  manufactured  by  us,  flushing  with  distilled  water,  keep¬ 
ing  the  electrolyte  at  all  times  above  the  tops  of  the  plates  and  at  a  temperature  below  1 15° 

c.  That  our  authorized  Service  Men  and  Agents  have  access  to  said  cells  for  test  or 
inspection  at  all  reasonable  times. 

D.  That  all  of  said  cells  be  used  only  for  the  purpose  for  which  same  are  furnished  to 
you,  and  used  only  within  the  limits  of  the  United  States  (which  for  this  purpose  shall  be 
considered  not  to  include  its  insular  possessions,  or  the  Panama  Canal  Zone),  Alaska,  and  the 
Dominion  of  Canada. 

8.  This  guaranty  and  agreement  applies  only  to  the  above  cells  sold  to  you  and  is  assign¬ 
able  or  transferable  only  with  our  written  consent. 

9.  Furthermore,  this  guaranty  and  agreement  shall  not  be  binding  upon  us  with  respect 
to  any  cell  lost  or  destroyed,  or  with  respect  to  any  cell  damaged  or  injured  through  or  by 
misuse,  abuse,  fire,  wreck,  collision,  accident  or  other  cause  foreign  to  the  service  for  which  it 

is  intended. 

10.  This  guaranty  and  agreement  is  subject  to  the  conditions  that  we  shall  not  be  liable 
for  any  delay  in  replacing  any  cells  hereunder  due  to  any  strike,  fire,  flood,  war  or  any  un¬ 
avoidable  cause,  or  due  to  inability  to  obtain,  or  delay  in  obtaining,  material;  nor  for  any 
other  delay  unless  caused  by  our  failure  to  use  reasonable  diligence  in  supplying  cells  for 
such  replacements. 


By . 

Vice-President  and  General  Manager. 




Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  Records 
Corporate  Documentation  (1901-1924) 

This  folder  contains  agreements,  minutes,  certificates,  and  other  official 
documents  pertaining  to  the  formation  and  activities  of  ESBCo.  There  are  also 
draft  versions  of  official  agreements,  which  Edison  helped  to  prepare.  Included 
are  items  relating  to  the  organization  of  the  company  in  1901 ,  to  increases  in 
its  capitalization  in  1910  and  1917,  to  mortgages  obtained,  and  to  sales 
agreements  executed  with  the  Lansden  Co.,  F.  J.  Lisman  &  Co.,  and  others. 
Some  of  the  documents  concern  agreements  that  ESBCo  signed  in  1912  with 
the  General  Vehicle  Co.  and  the  Hartford  Electric  Light  Co.  for  supplying, 
charging,  and  maintaining  storage  batteries  in  electric  vehicles.  Also  included 
are  meeting  announcements  with  marginal  notations  by  Edison;  minutes  of 
individual  meetings;  three  addresses  delivered  at  stockholders'  meetings;  and 
a  1919  filing  for  the  Internal  Revenue  Service  regarding  the  assets  and 
liabilities  of  ESBCo  and  the  valuation  of  Edison's  patents.  Related  material  can 
be  found  in  the  Harry  F.  Miller  and  Richard  W.  Kellow  Files  (Legal  Series). 

Approximately  80  percent  of  the  documents  have  been  selected.  The 
unselected  material  consists  of  documentation  regarding  the  Edison  Storage 
Battery  Supply  Co.;  duplicate  copies  of  agreements;  drafts  of  agreements  that 
were  not  executed;  patent  assignments;  routine  meeting  announcements;  and 
items  that  duplicate  information  in  selected  material. 

3LH  JLS  •  I  .g-D  E  N  TJJ  R  .B  made  this  twenty-ninth 
day  of  .Tune,  1901,  between  7... 

— - 1 - : - ~ - ;  THOMAS  Aj,  EDISON,  '■■•■■■■  ----- . ■■■—  . 

of  the.  ^pwnshlp.of,  ^e>st  .0|$ig9,.  farkffifytfOMQ&n-Pf  EjBMJWfe  epdj- 
Stats  of  Now  Jersey,  -  of  the  first  part,  and  -  .  . 


a  corporation  organised .under  the  laws,  of  the  State,  of  New. 
Jersey  and  located  In  said  Towuslilp  of  West  •  Orange,  -,6f  fihe.v 
second  part,  BKmsBTHi 

I  That  the  said  party  of  the  first  part  for,  and, in 

consideration  of  the  rents,  covenants  and  agreements  heroin-  . 
after  mentioned,  reserved  and  contained,  on  the  part  and  ho- 
half  of  the  party  of  the  second  part  and  successors,  ’to 
iso  paid,  kept,  and  performed,  has  leased  and  demised  and  to. 
farm  let,  and  hy  these  presents  doth  lease, demise  and  to'  fawwu 
let,  unto  the  said  party  of  the  sooond  part  .and  its 
and  assigns  all  those  two  certain  tracts  of  land  and  premise? 
hereinafter  particularly  described,  Bituato,  lying  and  being  . 
in  the  Township  of  Bloomfield,  in  the .County . of  Essex  and 
State  0?  New  Jersey. 

THE  FIRST  TRACT t  Beginning  at  a  point  In  the  NortJ - 
westerly  line  of  Belmont  Avenue,  eight  hundred  and  fprty- 

Jfcanoe  unmk. 

ning  northeasterly  along  the  northwesterly  line  of  Belmont 
Avenue  one  hundred  and  nine  foot;  thence  northwesterly  at 
right  angles  to .Belmont  Avenue  two  hundred  and  seventy  foot; 
thenoe  southwesterly  parallel  to  Belmont;  Avenue  QQfr  hundrefy  ; 
and  nine  feet;  thence  southeasterly  at  right  angles  to  Bel-\  • 
raont  Avenue  two  hundred  and  seventy  feet  to  the  northwesterly. 

lin<9  of  Balmont  Avenue  and  place  of  Beginning, 

'  THK.  BSCOND.TRAQTj  Beginning  at  a  point  An  the  north 

i  vvoa  terly  lino  of  Balmont  Avonua  eleven  hundred  and  forty  foot 
northeasterly  from  Bloomfield  Avenue}  thence  running  North* 
easterly  along  tha  northwesterly  line  of  Bolmont  Avenue  two 
hundred  and  fifty  foot}  thence  Northwesterly  at  .right  angles 
to  Balmont  Avonua  three  hundred  and  fifty  faotj  thence  south- 
wostorly  parallel  with.  Balmont  Avonua  two  hundred  and  fifty 
foot;  thanoa  southeasterly  at  right,  angles  to  Balmont  Avonuo 
throe  hundred  and  fifty  foot  to  the  northwesterly  Lino  of  Bol-- 
mont  Avonuo  and  place  of  Beginning. 

Together  with  tha  appurtenances  and  tha  building 
now  erected  on  tha  said  first  traot}  to  have  and  to  hold  tho 
said  above  mantionod  and  described  premises  with  tho  appur¬ 
tenances  unto  tha  said  party  of  tha  second  part,  its  sucoeso- 
ora  and  us  sign  8  from  tho  twenty-ninth  day  of  .Tuna,  in  the  yo,v 
Nina to on  hundred  and  One,  for  and  during  and  urjtil  the  full 
and  and  term  of  five  years  than  next  ensuing,  and  fully  to  he 
completed  and  ended,  yielding  and  paying  therefor  unto  tha 
said  party  of  tha  first  part,  hie  hairs  or  assigns,  yearly  ami. 
ovary  yaw  during  the  said  term  hereby  granted,  ,  the  yearly 
rent  or  sum  of- 


lawful  money  of  the  United  States  of  America  in  equal  quar¬ 
ter  yewly  payments  An  advance,  to  wit;  on  the  first  days  of  . 
July ,  October,  January  and  each  and  every  year  duriq; 
tho  said  provided  always, -nevertheless,,  that  if  the 
yearly  rent  above  reserved,  or  any  part  thereof,  shall  be  be¬ 
hind  or  unpaid,  on  any  day  of  payment  Whereon  the  same  ought 
to  be  paid,  as  aforesaid}  or  if  default  shall  be  made  in  any 
of  the  covenants  herein  contained  on  the  part  and  hebalf  of 
the  'Bald  party  of  the  second  part.,  its.  successors,  to  be  Pfild ; 

8.  ■  V 

kept  wd  performed,  then  and  from  thenceforth  it,  and  mn/ 

be  lawful  for  the  said  party  of  tho  first  part,  hie  hairs  or 
assigns,  into  and  upon  the  said  demised  premises,  and  a  vary 
part  thereof,  wholly  to  re-enter,  and  tho  seme  to  have  again, 
repossess  and  enjoy,  as  in  Ms  or  first  and  formar 
.  estate,  anything  hereinbefore  oontained  to  the  contrary  there¬ 
of  in  any  wise  no  With  sti^^ 

And  the  said  party  of  the  seoond  part,  for  itself 
and  its  successors,  doth  covenant  and  agree,  to  and  with  the 
said  party  of  the  first  part,  his  heirs  and  assigns,  by  those 
presents,  that  the  said  party  of  the  second  part,  its  eucoos<- 
ors  or  assigns,  shall  and  will,  yearly  and  every  yew,  during 
the  torn  hereby  granted,  well  and  truly  pay,  or  cause  to  be 
paid,  unto  the  said  party  of  the  first  part,  Ms  heirs  or  as¬ 
signs,  the  said  yearly  rent  pf- 

- - ; - —— EESS..HOHPRBD  DOLLARS - — - - . .  . 

above  reserved,  on  the  days,  and  in  the  manner,  limited  and 
prescribed,  aa  aforesaid,  for  the  payment  thereof,  without 
any  deduction,  fraud  or  delay,  according  x,o  the  true  intent 
and  moaning  of  those  proaonta;  and  that  tho  said  party  of  the 
seoond  part,  its  successors  or  assigns,  shall  and  will,  at 
their  own  proper  costs  and  charge’s,  bear,  pay  and  discharge 
all  such  Votes,  duties  and  assessments  whatsoever,  as  shall  c  >■ 
may,  during  the  said  tom  hereby  granted,  be  charged,  assessed 
or  imposed  upon  the  said  described  premises;  and  that  on  the  . 
last  day  of  the  said  term,  or  other  sooner  determination  of 
tho  estate  hereby  grantedi  the  said  party,  of  the  second  part,  . 
its  successors  or  assigns,  shall  and  will,  peaceably  and  quiet¬ 
ly  leave,  surrender  and  yield  up,  unto  the  said  party  of  the 
first  part,  his  heirs  an  assigns,  all  and  singular  the  said  • 
demised  premises.  And  the  said  party  of  the  first  part,  for 
himself,  his  heirs  and  assigns,  doth  covenant  and  agree,  by ■ 

'  8. 

th(?B9  presents,  that,  tho  said  party  of  the  seoond  part,  its 
suooessors  or  assigns,  paying;  tho  said  yearly  rant  above  re¬ 
served,  and  performing  tho  ooyonants  and  agreements  aforesaid, 
on  its  and  their  part,  the  said  party  of  the  second  part,  .its 
8U ocas sore  and  assigns,  shall  and  may  at  all  times  during  the 
said  terra  hereby  granted,  peaceably  and  quietly  have,  hold 
and  enjoy  the  said  demised  premiers,  without  any  let,  suit, 
trouble  or  hindranoe,  of  or  from  the  said  party  of  the  first 
part,  his  heirs  or  assigns,  or  any  other  person  or  persons 
whomsoever,  and  may  at  the  expiration  of  said  term  remove 
from  said  demised  premises,  all  buildings  and  other o tun  s 
erected  by  the  said  party  of  the  second  part  upon  said  premlfr 
os  during  the  said  tern. 

Zfi  SI  Tips  g .  WHERKOF  the  said  party  of  the  first  part 
has  hereunto  set  his  hand  and  seal  and  the  party  of  the  second 
part  has  caused  these  presents  to  be  signed  by  its  President 
and  its  corporate  seal  to  be  hereto  affixed^  in  duplicate^  the 
day  and  year  first  aforesaid.  ff:  >  '*  f 

Signed,  Boaled  and  delivered  :  ?. 

4.  i  '  k 

RECEIVED  from  F»  W.  fh  i  t,  r  idg  i,  twenty  thousand  del- 
lars  (§20,000),  In  part  payment  of  ti&:  subscription  of  §800,000  to  the 
■bonds  of  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company.  The  terms  of  said  subscript¬ 
ion  are  not  yet  definitely  settled  with  all  the  subscribers,  but  it  is 
understood  that  in  any  event  there  shall  be  a  bonus  of  fifty  per  cent; 

(80#)  of  the  amount  of  subscription,  paid  to  the  subscriber  in  the  stock 
of  the  Edison  Company  at  par,either  when  the  entire  amount  of  the  sub¬ 
scription  shall  have  been  paid,  or  in  any  event,  at  the  end  of  three  (3) 


Dated,  .Tuly 


MMOBMOTM  OF  AGREEMEHT,  made  between  the  Edison 
Storage  Battery  Company,  a  corporation  organized  under  the 
lavra  of  the  State  of  Hew  Jersey,  party  of  the  first  part, 
and  the  several  subscribers,  whose  names  are  hereunto 
annexed,  parties  of  the  second  part  and  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
party  of  the  third  part. 

WHEBEAS,  the  party  of  the  first  part  desires  to 
borrow  the  sum  of  Five  hundred  thousand  Dollars  ($500,000.), 
to  be  secured  by  its  mortgage  bonds,  and  whereas  the  parties 
of  the  second  part  are  willing  to  loan  the  said  sum  of  Five 
hundred  thousand  Dollars  ($500,000.). 

HOW  THIS  AGREEMEHT  WITHESSETH:  in  consideration  of 
the  mutual  covenants  and  agreements  herein  contained  as 

FIRST:  The  party  of  the  first  part  agrees  to 
deliver  to  the  subscribers  hereto  the  several  amounts  of  its 
bonds  set  opposite  their  respective  names, (as  and  when  the 
subscriptions  theret®  shall  be  called  and  paid), said  bonds 
to  be  secured  by  the  first  mortgage  upon  its  plant  and  busi¬ 
ness  and  bearing  interest  at  the  rate  of  Six  per  cent  (6/£), 
the  same  to  run  fifteen  years  subject  to  rights  of  redemption 
as  provided  in  said  mortgage;  and  the  mortgage  securing  the 
same  shall  provide  that  before  any  dividends  shall  be  paid 
upon  the  stock  of  the  Company  during  any  fiscal  year,  Four 
per  cent  (4^)  of  the  then  outstanding  bonds  shall  be  paid 
or  the  sum  necessary  to  pay  the  sam'el  set  aside  out  of  such 
— 1-- 

- _ _ L _ _ 

fiscal  year's  earnings. 

SECOND:  The  subscribers  hereto  agree  to  take  the 
several  amounts  of  bonds  set  opposite  their  respective  names 
upon  the  following  terms  and  conditions 

A.-  The  Company  shall  have  the  right  to  call  as 
and  when  it  may  desire  for  the  payment  of  any  part  of  the 
amount  subscribed.  Such  instalments  to  be  called  upon 
twenty  days  notice. 

B.-  Upon  payment  of  each  instalment  the  Company 
shall  issue  to  the  subscribers  bonds  for  the  amount  of  Buch 
call.  The  Company  shall  give  to  each  subscriber  upon  the 
payment  of  the  first  instalment  a  certificate  of  stock  in 
the  name  of  the  said  subscriber  to  the  amount  of  Nifty  per 
cent  (50^)  of  the  amount  of  the  principal  sum  subscribed  for 
by  him,  which  said  certificate  of  stock  shall  be  endorsed 
for  transfer  by  said  subscriber  and  deposited  with  the  Treas¬ 
urer  of  said  Company,  in  escrow,  and  shall  be  redelivered  tc 
said  subscriber  three  years  from  the  date  hereof,  or  upon 
the  calling  and  paying  of  One  hundred  per  cent  (lOOfS)  off  hit 

said  subscription,  if  such  call  of  One  hundred  per  cent 

(lOO?0  shall  be  made  in  less  than  three  years  from  this  date); 
have  complied  with  the  terms  of  this  agreement  and  shall  I 
provided  such  subscriber  shall^make  payment  of  the  instalments 

as  provided  therein,  if  such  instalments  are  not  paid  the 
whole  or  any  part  of  the  said  stock  may  be  forfeited  by  the 
Company.  Said  certificates  of  stock  being  part  of  the  stock 
to  be  deposited  with  the  Treasurer  of  said  Company  by  Thomas 
A.  Edison,  as  hereinafter  provided.  The  re-delivery  of  the 
certificates  to  each  subscriber  shall  be  made  as  aforesaid 
irrespective  of  whether  or  .not  the  entire  amount  subscribed,* 
shall  be  called  within  a  period  of  three  years  from  the  date 


I  hereof. 

C.-  Any  portion  of  said  subscriptions  which  shall 
not  he  called  for  by  the  Company  within  a  period  of  three 
years  from  the  date  hereof,  shall  be  cancelled  and  all  lia¬ 
bilities  of  the  subscribers  thereunder  shall  cease  and 

THIRD:  Thomas  A.  Edison  agrees  to  deposit  with 
the  Treasurer  of  the  said  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company 
certificates  for  the  Two  hundred  and  fifty  thousand  Dollars 
($250,000.),  of  stock  above  mentioned  endorsed  for  transfer 
to  the  said  subscribers  for  the  purposes  herelnaBbve  set 
forth,  and,  in  addition  thereto,  stock  of  the  said  Company, 
of  thepar  value  of  Seven  hundred  thousand  Dollars  ($700,000.) 
owned  by  him;  reserving  to  himself  the  voting  power  on  all  or 
said  stock  until  the  entire  amount  of  the  subscriptions 
hereto,  which  shall  have  been  called,  are  paid.  At  such 
time  or  at  three  years  from  the  date  hereof,  if  at  that  time 
the  entire  amount  of  the  Bald  sub  scriptions  shall  not  have 
been  called,  the  said  Treasurer  shall  re-deliver  to  Thomas 
A.  Edison  the  said  certificates  of  stock  of  the  par  value  of 
Seven  hundred  thousand  Dollars  ($700,000.). 

E0URTH:  During  the  period  contemplated  by  this 
agreement,  all  dividends,  if  any,  shall  be  paid  to  the 
parties  in  whose  names  the  stock  shall  be  registered, provided 
however,  that  any  party  of  the  second  part  who  shall  be  in 
default,  or  who  shall  fail  to  comply  with  the  terms  of  this 


agreement,  shall  not  he  entitled  to  receive  any  dividend 
upon  any  of  said  stock  which  may  he  standing  in  his  name. 

The  provisions  of  this  agreement  shall  extend  to 
and  hind  the  personal  representatives,  successors  and  assign 
of  the  respective  parties  hereto. 

Orange, H.J.,  July  11th,  1901. 

Attest : 

J.E.  Randolph, 



Thomas  A.  Edison, 

President • 
Thomas  A.  Edison. 

E.W.  Whitrldge,  Atty. 


E.S.  Witherbee 


W.S. Pilling 


Thomas  A.  Edison 


Walter  S.  Mallory 


Wiu.  H.  Shelmerdine 


Theron  I.  Crane 


Henry  P.  Brown 


James  Gayley 


C.M.  Schwab 


James  Gaunt 


J.  Wesley  Allison 


Rich.  N.  Dyer 



UpAs.  |*~|  W*" 

<4  (6j  Ce>- 

«ww-  <3^  •''••' 1  . ']  ht 

^h^TaL V^U^4*~  -r-T  ■ 


ocr-n-^  1‘ — ;>:lr’~J':. 

&r,jj4  [ 

d'ttt  <4  !-<•  1  f-  '2  ■  l 

%JCc^ VSZe^ei'  ‘  "',^- 

u  ^  3  re 


h  It*  “t^  ^  r 

:■  J.  • 

A>7  IHnKHTUKH  made  this  day  of  ,  1901 

between  KnlSOTT  STORAGE  BATTERY  COMPANY,  a  corporation  organ¬ 
ized  under  the  laws  of  tho  Stats  of  'Ur.-;  Jersey  and  having  its 
principal  office  at  West  Orange,  in  the  County  of  Essex  in 
said  state,  of  the  f  irst  part;  and  nmUHX  TRUST  OOKPAN?, 
a  corporation  organised under  tho  laws  of  the  State  of  Hew 
Jersey,  having  its  principal  office  in  the  City  of  Ue.vark, 
in  the  state  of  Hew  Jersey,  Trustee,  of  tho  second  part: 

WHEREAS |  the  party  of  the  first  part  proposed  to  borrow 
the  bum  of  §000,000  for  tho  purpose  of  erecting,  establishing 
and  instaling  a  manufacturing  pltuit  and  exploiting  its  business 
and  to  secure  the  payment  of  said  mim  of  $600,000,  has  deter¬ 
mined  to  issue  its  bonds  to  the  amount  of  §500,000,  being  500 
bonds  of  the  denomination  of  §1,000  nnoh,  numbered  from  1  to 
000,  both  .inclusive. 

And  Whereas,  the  directors  of  the  party  of  the  first  part 
have  by  resolution,  duly  passed,  authorised  the  execution  of 
this  mortgage  and  of  the  bonds,  hereinafter  referred  to  for  the 
purpose  aforesaid  to  the  amount  of  §500,000,  of  the  numbers 
and  denomination  above  mentioned;  which  said  bonds,  with  the 
coupons  and  certificate  of  Trustee  attached  are  all  substan¬ 
tially  in  the  following  fora: 

(Bora  of  Bond) 

United  States  of  America 

Ho. . ...,  State  of  How  Jersey  Amount  §1,000. 

Edition  Storage  Battery  Company. 

Birat  Mortgage  »;lx  per  cent  Cold  Bond. 

Know  all  hen  by  these  Presents ,  That  Edison  Storage 
Battery  Company,  a  corporation  organised  under  tho  laws  of  the 
State  of  Hew  Jersey,  in  consideration  of  tho  sun  of  one  thousand 



dollars  received  by  it,  acknowledges  itself  to  bo  indebted  to 
tho  bearer,  or,  if  registered,  to  the  registered  holder  hereof, 
in  the  sum  of  Si  ,000 ,  which  even  it  promises  to  pay  to  tho  law¬ 
ful  holder  hereof  in  Gold  Coin  of  tho  United  States  of  Amor ion 
of  the  1901  standard  of  '//(fight,  and  finenofis  at  tho  office  of 
Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  at  Went  Orange  aforesaid  on  the 
first,  day  of  July  1916,  (or  Boonor  as  hereinafter  provided) 
with  interest  thereon  at  tho  rate  of  six  per  oent  per  annum, 
payable  in  like  gold  coin  at  said  office  on  tho  first  day  of 
January  and  July  in  each  and  every  year  on  the  presentation  and 
surrender  of  tho  annexed  coupons  as  they  severally  mature.  And 
in  case  of  two  enooessive  defaults  or  of  two  coexistent  con¬ 
tinuing  defaults,  although  not  successive,  in  the  payment  of 
the  half  yearly  instalments  of  interest  which  shall  have  become 
payable,  and  v/hioh  3hall  have  boen  demanded  by  presentation 
of  said  onupons  at  naid  offioc,  the  principal  of  this  bond  shall 
become  due  in  the  manner  and  with  tho  effect  and  wubjeot  to 
the.  conditions  provided  in  the  mortgage  securing  the  payment  of 
the  same  hereinafter  mentioned. 

The  principal  and  Interest  of  this  bond  are  payable 
without  any  deduction  for  national,  State,  County  or  Municipal 
taxes,  as  in  said  mortgage  provided. 

This  bond  is  nno  of  a  serins  of  bonds  of  likn  date,  tenor 
and  effect  aggregating  $500,000,  numbered  consecutively  from 
1  to  500,  both  inclusive,  issued  by  the  said  Edison  .storage 
Batter;/  Company.  The  payment  of  each  and  all  of  said  bonds 
so  issued  is  equally  secured  without,  preference,  priority  or 
distinction  as  to  the  lien  or  otherwise  of  one  bond  over  another, 
except  as  in  the  hereinafter  mentioned  mortgage  provided,  by  a 
mortgage  bearing  oven  date  herewith  executed  by  the  Baid  Edison 
Storage  Battery  Company  to  Fidelity  Trust  Company  as  Trusteo, 



and  convoying  to  it,  as  Trustee  all  the  property,  assets  and 
good-will  of  the  said  3d toon  Storage  Battery  Company  owned  or 
possessed  hy  it  at  the  date  of  said  mortgage,  and  which  it  nay 
thereafter  aoQuire,  hb  is  wore  particularly  described  and  not 
forth  in  said  mortgage. 

This  bond,  until  registered,  shall  pass  by  delivery. 

It  may,  as  to  principal,  bo  registered  in  the  books  of  tho  said 
Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  to  be  kept  at  its  offloa  in  V.’eHt 
Orange  aforesaid;  and  if  so  registered,  will  thereafter  be 
transferable  only  upon  tho  books  of  tho  Baid  Edison  Storage 
Battery  Company  by  the  owner  in  person  or  by  attorney,  unless 
the  last  proceeding  transfer  shall  have  been  to  bearer,  and  the 
transfer  by  delivery  thereby  restored;  and  it  shall  be  susoopt- 
iblo  of  successive  registrations  and  transfers  to  hearer,  at 
the  option  of  tho  holders,  but.  such,  registration  shall  not  affeot 
the  negotiability  of  the  annexed  coupons. 

This  bond  is  subject  to  redemption  at  tho  sum  of  $1,100 
and  interest  as  provided  in  said  mortgage.  It  shall  not  be 
valid  until  it  shall  have  been  authenticated  hy  a  certificate, 
hero  to  annexed,  duly  signed  by  the  Trustee  under  the  said 

In  Witness  Whereof  tho  said  Edison  Storage  Battery  Com¬ 
pany  has  caused  those  presents  to  bn  signed  by  its  President, 
and  its  corporate  seal,  duly  at  tasted  by  its  Secretary  to  bo 
hereto  affixed,  Mid  has  hereunto  affixed  coupons ,  with  the  name 
of  itB  Treasurer  engraved  thereon,  and  has  caused  these  presents 
to  bo  dated  the  first  day  of  19  all  at  West 

Orange  aforesaid. 







On  tho  first  day  of  January ,  19  iJdifion  Storage 
Battery  Company  will  jpny  to  ih*  hearer,  at  its  office  in  West 
Orange,  U«v/  Jersey,  thirty  dollars  in  gold  coin  of  th«  United 
States  of  Vm  1901  standard  of  weight  and  fineness,  Using  six 

months  interest,  on  its  first  mortgage  gold  Bond  Mo . . 

on  tho  presentation  and  surrender  of  this  coupon. 

vi'O.OO  . . . . Treasurer. 

(Trustos's  Certificate) 

fidelity  Trust  Company  horehy  certifies  that,  the  within 
bond  is  om;  of  the  series  therein  d« scribed,  and  that  the  same 
its  issued  pursuant  to  the  provisions  of  the  mortgage  therein 
non tinned, 

3HIWT.ITY  TiaifiT  CO. 

By. .............. , , fnd  t*ioo  President. 

HOW,  TKJSS'.yOKH ,  r-iiri  .I»r.U‘:,TO’:?  WWH3{US?WT  that  the  said 
party  of  tho  first  part,  for  tho  hotter  securing  the  payment 
of  the  principal  and  interest  of  said  bonds,  according  to  the 
true  intent  and  moaning  thereof,  and  for  and  in  consideration 
of  the  premises,  and  of  the  sum  of  one  dollar  to  it  in  hand 
paid  hy  tho  party  of  the  second  part,  tho  receipt  whereof  is 
hereby  acknowledged ,  hath  granted,  bargained,  sold,  aliened, 
enfeoffed,  conveyed  and  confirmed,  and  hy  tho no  presents  doth 
grunt,  bargain,  sell,  alien,  enfeoff,  convoy  and  confirm  unto 
the  said  party  of  the  second  part,  an  Trustee  as  aforesaid,  and 
Its  successors,  all  tho  following  described  property,  v.ts: 

ifirat:  All  that  tract  or  parcel  of  land  and  premises , 
hereinafter  particularly  described,  situate,  lying  and  being  in 
the  Borough  of  Crlonridge  in  tho  County  of  Kssax  and  state  of 

BHCl>nr.TMO  in  the  north-easterly  line  of  Bloomfield 


Anemia  at  the  easterly  corner  of  property  now  or  formerly  of 
Vra.  K.  Benson,  which  corner  in  also  distant  in  said  lino  of 
Bloomfield  Avenue,  throe  hundred  ar.d  ninety  cn*  and  sixty  four 
on<>  hundredths  foot  more  or  lose  westerly  from  the  centre  line 
of  Herman  Street;  thence  running  along  Bloomfield  Avenue 
south  twenty  three  degrees,  thirty  two  minutes  oast,  one 
hundred  and  sixty  nine  and  sixty  hundredths  feet;  thence  north 
forty  five  degrees,  twenty  seven  and  one  half  minutes  oast, 
five  hundred  and  forty  end  thirty  five  one  hundredths  feat  more 
or  loan  to  the  southerly  lino  of  Belleville  Avenue;  thence 
along  th«  s<u«e  the  different  courses  thereof  one  hundred  and 
thirty  seven  feet  or  morn  to  thn  north-easterly  corner  of. said 
Benson* s  land;  thenoe  along  the  aaruv  south  forty  eight  degrees, 
five  minutes  west,  four  hundred  and  seventy  two  fust  more  or 
less  to  Bloomfield  Avenue  and  place  of  SBGXHHXHO. 

Being  the  same  promises  convoyed  to  the  party  of  the 
first  part  by  Thomas  A.  Edison  and  wife  hy  thoir  deed  dated 
July  11th,  1901,  .and  recorded  in  the  Register* a  Office  of  the 
County  of  its  sex  in  hook  E-M  of  Beetle  for  said  County  on  pages 
AGO  et  seo. 

Second:  All  the  buildings  and  works  now  or  hereafter 
thereon  created,  and  the  machinery  now  or  hereafter  placed 
therein;  also  .'ill  mohinery,  tools,  patterns,  apparatus  and 
implements  of  every  kind  used  hy  tho  party  of  the  first  part 
in  its  business,  and  office  furniture  and  fixtures;  alao  all 
patents  and  patent  rights  now  owned  or  hereafter  to  he  aoquired 
by  party  of  the  first  part,  including  the  inventions  described 
in  the  following  application  for  letters  of  the  United  States 
made  by  Thomas  A,  EUiso?u 

(a)  Betters  Patent  of  the  United  States  for  improvement  in 
reversible  galvanic  batteries,  Ho.  678,722,  granted  on  the 
16  th  day  of  July  1001,  t,o  Thomas  A.  Edison. 


(b)  Application  for  Improvement  in  Reversible  Galvanic  Patter- 
las,  filed  October  31,  1900,  under  Serial  Ho,  34,994, 

(o)  Application  for  Improvement  in  Reversible  Galvanic  Hat  tor- 
ion,  filed  October  81,.  1900,  under  norial  Ho.  34,995, 

(d)  Application  for  Improvement  in  Reversible  Galvanic  batter¬ 
ies,  filed  January  f> ,  1901,  under  Serial  Ho,  42,814. 

(e)  Application  for  Improvement  in  Reversible  Galvanic  Battor- 
les,  filed  March  1,  1901,  under  Serial  Ho,  49,452, 

(f )  Application  for  Impressment  in  Reversible  Galvanic  batter¬ 
ies,  filed  March  8,  1901,  under  Serial  Ho,  49,984. 

(g)  Application  for  Improvement  in  Reversible  Galvanic  batter¬ 
ies,  filed  March  «,  1901,  under  Serial  Ho.  49,985. 

(h)  Application  for  Improvement  in  'nopclarUors  for  Reversible 
Galvanic  batteries,  filed  May  9,  1901,  under  Serial  Ho,  89,512. 
(_i)  Application  for  Improvement  Jr.  Rlnetrndnn  for  Galvanio 
batteries,  filed  May  %*r  1901,  under  Serial  Ho,  do.r.r.i. 

(£)  Application  for  Tmprowment  in  Reversible  Galvanic  batter¬ 
ies,  filed  June  20,  1901,  under  Serial  Ho,  G5,ftf:G. 

(b.)  Application  for  Tmprnvomcnt  in  Reversible  Galvanic  Batter¬ 
ies,  filed  June  £0,  1901,  under  Serial  Ho.  r$c>,RW», 

(1_)  Application  for  Improvement  in  Reversible  Galvanic  batter¬ 
ies,  filed  June  20,  1901,  under  Serial  Ho,  $»,R87, 

(»)  Application  for  Improvement  in  Reversible  Galvanic 
batteries,  filed  Juno  SO,  19C1,  under  Serial  Ho.  68,288. 
and  the  rights  of  the  United  stater,  to  all  Improvements  made 
by  Thomas  A.  Edison  during  the  period  of  five  years  from  the 
first  day  of  Mobruary,  1901,  upon  the  dovioon  described  in  said 
applications,  and  on  the  manufacturing  processes  connected  with 
the  same,  and  the  good  will  of  the  business  of  the  party  of 
the  first  part  and  all  the  property  and  property  rights  acquired 



or  to  bo  Required  by  the  party  of  the  first  part,;  excepting  how¬ 
ever  all  machinery,  tools,  apparatus  and  manufactured  stock  Bold 
in  the  ordinary  course  of  business,  and  all  earnings,  profits 
and  income  lawfully  used  for  the  payment  of  dividends  to  stock 
holders  or  for  tho  creation  of  a  surplus. 

To  have  and  to  hold  all  and  singular  the  above  granted 
and  dosoribod  premises  and  property  real  and  personal,  with  tho 
appurtenanoos  thereto  belonging  unto  the  naid  party  of  the  sooonci 
part  and  its  succosaors  to  tho  only  proper  use,  benefit  and  be¬ 
hoof  of  the  Baid  party  of  the  second  part  and  its  sucoesBorn 

In  trust,  nevertholoBB,  for  tho  security  of  the  poroon 
or  persons  who  shall  at  any  time  be  or  become,  the  purchasers  or 
owners  of  the  said  bonds  or  any  part  thereof. 

Provided,  however,  if  the  said  party  of  tho  first  part, 
its  successors  or  aocignB,  shall  well  and  truly  pay,  or  cause  to 
be  paid,  the  several  oumB  of  monoy  in  tho  several  bonds  herein¬ 
before  mentioned,  with  the  interest,  according  to  the  true  intent 
and  meaning  of  the  said  bonds,  and  each  of  them  and  of  this 
mortgage;  or,  if  the  said  bonds  and  the  interest,  thereon  shall 
become  in  any  way  fully  paid  or  satisfied;  or,  if  the  said  party 
of  the  first  part,  its  successors  or  assigns,  shall  well  and 
truly  perform  and  observe  all  and  singular  the  covenants,  pro¬ 
misee  and  conditions  in  the  said  bonds  and  coupons  and  in  this 
indenture  expressed  to  be  kept  and  performed  and  observed  by  or 
on  the  port  of  the  party  of  the  first  part;  then  those  presents 
and  the  estates  and  rights  hereby  granted  shall  coano,  determine 
and  bo  void;  otherwise  these  presents  shall  be  and  roinain  in  full 
foroe . 

And  it  is  hereby  further  expressly  understood,  covenant¬ 
ed  and  agreed  that  at  any  time  not  less  than  forty  days  before 
the  date  when  any  ooupons  of  tho  bonds  hereby  secured  are  payable 


tho  party  of  the  first  part  may  elect  to  retire  such  bonds  to  an 
amount  to  be  determined  by  the  party  of  the  firnt  part,  by  a 
resolution  of  its  hoard  of  Directors,  and  that  upon  the  passage 
of  such  resolution  the  party  of  the  second  part  upon  receiving 
a  duly  certified  copy  thereof  not  loss  than  five  days  aftor  its 
passage,  shall  forthwith  draw  by  lot  the  serial  numbers  of  so 
many  of  the  said  bonds  secured  by  this  mortgage  as  are  determined 
to  be  retired  as  aforesaid,  and  that  the  principal  of  suoh  bonds 
so  drawn  shall  become  due  and  payable  on  the  said  next  day  whan 
said  ooupono  are  payable,  in  tho  same  manner  as  if  such  bonds 
had  matured  according  to  tho  conditions  thereof ,  and  that,  on 
the  presentation  and  surrender  of  said  bonds,  and  all  coupons 
thereof  ooming  due  aftor  said  day,  at  tho  off ion  of  the  party 
of  the  first  part  in  West,  Orango  aforesaid,  the  principal  of 
said  bonds,  together  with  ten  por  oent  thereon  additional • as  a 
premium  for  advanced  payment,  Bhall  bo  paid  to  tho  lawful  holder 
thereof}  if  any  of  the  coupons  of  said  bond  thereafter  falling 
due  shall  not  be  presented  and  surrendered  with  said  bond,  tho 
amount  of  oaicl  coupon,  less  a  rebate  of  interest  at  six  per  oent 
per  annum  shall  bo  deducted  from  tho  amount  payable  on  said 
bond.  Wien  the  numbers  of  the  said  bonds  shall  have  boon  drawn 
as  aforesaid  tho  party  of  tho  first  part  shall  within  five  days 
tho ro after  send  notice  thereof  by  mail  to  the  post  office  address 
es  of  tho  holders  of  said  bonds,  if  the  same  can  be  ascertained, 
and  advertise  for  two  weeks  in  at  least  one  daily  newspaper 
published  in  hew  York  City,  in  Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania  and 
in  Orange,  hew  Jersey  respectively  the  several  numbers  of  tho 
said  bonds  so  to  be  retired,  and  the  time  and  place  where  thoy 
will  be  paid.  If  any  of  the  said  bonds  so  drawn  shall  not  bo 
presented  for  payment  at  the  plaoe  and  on  the  day  when  the  same 
are  made  payable  as  aforesaid,  the  party  of  tho  first  part  may 
deposit  tho  amount  hereby  agreed  to  bo  paid  on  said  bonds  with 


the  party  of  the  F.ooond  part  In  trust  for  the  lawful  owner  of 
ovtoh  howls,  and  ouch  deposit  shall  he  deemed  t.o  he  a  full  per¬ 
formance  of  this  covenant  bo  far  act  sat<l  bonds  are  concerned, 
and  a  payment  and  satisfaction  thereon,  and  t>ie  party  of  the 
first  part  shall  he  releaned  and  discharged  from  any  further 
liability  on  aooount  of  »aid  bonds  and  the  oouponn  thereof  there¬ 
after  to  become  duo. 

And  it  is  further  agreed  that,  if  any  bond  or  coupon 
nhall  not  he  presented  for  payment  at  the  office  of  the  party 
of  the  first  part  in  'Sun t  Orange  aforesaid  and  surrendered  on 
the  day  that  the  name  shall  become  duo,  either  by  its  terms  or 
on  aooount  of  such  drawing  as  aforesaid,  the  party  of  the  first 
part  may  deposit  with  tho  party  of  the  second  part  the  amount  due 
on  said  bond  or  coupon  in  trust  for  the  lawful  owner  thereof, 
and  such  deposit  nhall  be  deemed  t.o  be  a  full  payment,  and  sat¬ 
isfaction  of  oaid  bond  or  coupon  within  the  true  intent  and 
meaning  of  this  mortgage , 

And  it  in  hereby  further  expressly  understood,  covenant¬ 
ed  and  agreed,  that  t.ho  further  trusts,  uses,  purposes,  con¬ 
ditions  and  covenants  for  and  upon  which  the  property-  real  and 
personal,  and  rights  hereinabove  described  are  conveyed  to,  and 
are  to  be  hold  by,  t.ho  party  of  the  second  part,  arc  as  follows; 

HUMBER  0?v5  (1),  So  long  as  no  default,  shall  b«  made  in 
the  payment  of  the  principal  or  interest,  or  any  part,  thereof , 
payable  upon  the  bonds  hereby  scoured,  an  the  seme  shall  re¬ 
spectively  become  duo  and  payable,  or  in  the  performance  of  the 
covenants  herein  contained  to  bo  performed  by  the  party  of  tho 
first  part,  the  said  party  of  the  first  part  shall  be  suffered 
and  permitted  by  the  party  of  the  second  part  to  remain  in  full 
possession,  enjoyment  and  oontrol  of  all  the  property,  real 
and  personal,  herein  expressed  to  be  hereby  mortgaged,  and  shall 
bo  permitted  to  manage  tho  same  and  receive  the  issue  and  pro- 



fits  thereof,  wi t.h  the  right  at  all  times,  as  tho  proper  manage¬ 
ment  of  the  business  of  the  party  of  the  fir  at,  part  my  require, 
to  alter,  change ,  add  to,  repair,  remove  and  replace  the  machin¬ 
ery,-  apparatus,  fixtures  and  other  appurtenances  to  the  works 
and  plants  constructed  or  owned,  or  which  shall  he  constructed 
or  owned,  hy  the  party  of  the  first  part,  and  oonveyod  or  in¬ 
tended  to  he  conveyed  hereby  to  the  party  of  the  second  part, 
provided  that  the  security  of  said  bonds  shall  not  thereby  ho 
in  anywiBO  reduoed  or  impaired. 

And  the  party  of  the  first  part  shall  have  the  further 
right  at  all  times  to  convoy  or  exchange,  freo  from  the  incum- 
branoea  and  trusts  hereof,  all  or  any  of  the  real  estate  now 
held  or  hereafter  acquired  hy  the  party  of  the  first  part, 
which  shell  no  longer  he  either  useful  or  nooffisary  in  the  pro¬ 
pur  and  Judicious  management  and  maintenance  of  the  huslnoss  of 
the  party  of  the  first  part  or  of  tho  property  hereby  conveyed, 
but  in  no  oase  shall  any  sale  or  other  disposition  of  such  real 
estate  he  made  without  tho  express  arisen t,  in  writing,  of  the 
party  of  the  second  part,  and  it  is  hereby  expressly  authorized 
to  release  from  the  operation  and  effect  of  this  mortgage  any 
property  so  sold  or  exchanged,  whether  the  consideration  of  nuoh 
sale  ha  wholly  cash,  or  partly  cash  and  partly  secured  hy 
mortgago  on  the  premises  sold.  But  the  property  taken  in  ex¬ 
change,  if  Buoh  there  ho,  shall  forthwith  become  and  he  liable 
under  this  mortgage  as  if  the  earns  had  boon  originally  inoluded 
herein,  and  the  net  prooeeds  of  real  estate  so  released  (if 
sold)  shall  he  applied  hy  the  party  of  the  flrBt  part ,  in  good 
faith,  to  the  betterment  or  extension  of  the  plants  owned  or 
controlled  hy  it. 

WllMBKR  TWO  (£).  That  tho  party  of  the  first  part  its 
successors  and  aBsiens,  shall  and  will,  on  demand,  in  writing, 
of  the  party  of  the  second  part,  at  any  time,  make,  do,  execute, 



acknowledge  and  deliver  all  such  further  acts,  deeds  and  assur¬ 
ances  In  the  law  as  may  ho  reasonably  advised  or  required  of  it 
for  effectuating  Mw  Intention  of  those  presents  and  for  the 
better  assuring  and  confirming  unto  tho  party  of  the  second 
part  and  its  successors  upon  tho  trusts  and  for  the  purposes 
herein  expressed,  all  and  singularly,  the  property,  appurten¬ 
ances  and  rights  hereby  mortgaged,  whether  now  owned  or  possess¬ 
ed  or  hereafter  acquired  by  said  party  of  the  first  part,  its 
successors  and  assigns. 

UUJ'PKR  7JIRJII3  (5)  ,'i'hat  tho  party  of  tho  first  part 
shall  not  apply  for  or  claim  any  deduction  by  reason  of  this 
mortgage  from  the  taxable  value  of  tho  lands  and  real  estate 
embraced  in  this  mortgage,  and  that,  until  tho  bonds  hereby 
secured  bo  fully  paid  and  satisfied,  the  party  of  the  first  part 
shall  and  will,  from  time  to  time,  as  tho  name  shall  become  due 
and  payable,  pay,  or  oauso  to  bo  paid,  t.o  the  person  or  portions 
authorised  to  collect  and  receive  the  name,  all  taxes,  assess¬ 
ments  and  other  impositions  which  way,  at  any  time  hereafter, 
bn  lawfully  assessed,  levied,  imposed  or  charged  upon  the  said 
lands  and  preminor,  and  property,  or  any  part,  thereof,  payable 
by  them  respectively ,  or  upon  tho  party  of  the  first  part  in 
respect  thereof,  and  shall  and  will  pay  the  principal  and 
interest  on  the  bonds  secured  by  this  mortgage  without  deduct¬ 
ion  for  any  tax  or  taxes  that  may  bo  hereafter  imposed  thereon 
or  on  this  mortgage  by  tho  laws  of  the  State  of  Hew  Jersey  for 
state  or  municipal  purposes,  or  by  the  lawn  of  the  United 
States  far  national  purposes,  which  the  said  party  of  the  first 
part  may  be  required  by  tho  laws  of  said  State  or  of  the  United 
States  to  retain  therefrom!  and  shall  and  will,  when  thereunto 
requested,  provide  and  nhow  to  the  party  of  tho  second  part  pro¬ 
per  receipts  and  vouchers  therefor;  and  that  it  will  Sot  suffer 
any  judgment,  lien  or  execution  to  remain  outstanding  upon,  or 



to  bo  levied  upon,  any  of  its  property,  whereby  tho  lion  her  oof 
might  or  could  ho  Unpaired,  or  in  any  manner  render  itself 
liable  to  any  suit  or  proceedings  for  dissolution,  or  proceed¬ 
ings  in  bankruptcy  or  insolvency,  O'he  party  of  the  first  part 
shall  and  will,  also,  and  at  all  times,  so  long  as  any  of  tho 
bonds  hereby  secured  are  outstanding  and  unpaid,  keep  tho 
buildings,  machinery  and  nppurfcojwnons,  and  all  perishable 
personal  property,  hereby  mortgaged  or  intondod  no  to  ho,  fully 
insured  in  and  by  responsible  insurance  companion,  against  Iocs 
or  damage  by  fire,  explosion  or  by  the  elements,  and  pay  all 
premiums  upon  the  insurance  polioieo;  all  losses,  if  any,  undor 
any  such  policies?  of  insurance,  to  he  payable  to  the  party  of 
tho  second  part  Jier«??nder  for  the  benefit  of  the  several  holders? 
of  tho  bonds  hero  by  scoured,  and  nny  be  used  by  or  with  the 
consent  of  said  party  of  tho  second  part  in  repairing  or  replac¬ 
ing  tho  property  so  damaged  or  destroyed,  or  expended  for  the 
betterment,  of  the  plants, 

PJWSJSR  r-'OWi  (4).  If  the  party  of  the  first  part,  its 
successors  or  assigns,  shall  at  any  time  hereafter  make  default 
or  refuse  or  neglect  or  omit,  for  three  months  after  the  same 
shall  fall  due  and  ho  demanded,  to  pay  any  half  yearly  instal¬ 
ment  of  interest  payable?  upon  the  bonds:,  or  any  of  them,  in¬ 
tended  to  be  hereby  scoured,  or  shall  make  default,  or  refuse, 
neglect  or  omit,  for  three  months  after  the  same  shall  fall  duo 
and  bo  demanded,  to  pay  the  principal  stun  of  each  and  all  of 
said,  bonds,  or  shall  fail  to  pay  within  three  months  after  the 
same  shall  become  legally  due  and  payable  by  it  all  taxes, 
rates  ,  levies,  assessments  and  lions  above?  mentioned,  or  shall 
claim  or  apply  for  any  deduction  from  the  taxable  valuo  of  tho 
lands  and  premises  or  personal  property  embraced  in  this  mort¬ 
gage,  or  any  part  thereof,  then,  and  in  cither  such  case,  tho 
party  of  tho  second  part,  personally  or  by  it,B  attorney  or 




attorney#,  agent  or  agents,  nay  forthwith  enter,  into  and  upon 
ijul  take  poHooHRion  and  control  of  all  and  singular  the  proper-’ 
t.iHB,  rttfits  ami  promisee  herein  expressed  to  he  hereby  mortgag¬ 
ed,  v/ith  all  the  records,  hooka,  papers  and  accounts  of  the 
party  of  'he  first  port  and  eaoh  and  every  part  thereof,  and 
exclude  the  said  party  of  the  first  part  and  its  agent o  wholly 
therefrom ,  and  have,  hold  and  use  the  same,  operating  hy  its 
superintendents ,  managers,  agents,  rose Ivors,  servants,  or 
other  agents  or  attorneys,  the  said  manufacturing  plant,  and 
bus. int.a ti,  and  conducting  the  business,  and  operations  thereof, 
and  making  from  time  to  time  all  repairs  and  replacements  and 
such  useful  additions,  alterations  and  improvements  thereto 
and  thereof  an  to  the  party  of.  the  second  part  nay  saom  judi¬ 
cious,  and  collect  and  receive'  all  sarnihgs,  profits,  rfivenuos 
and  income  of  the  same  and  ."very  pert  thereof,  and,  after  de¬ 
ducting  the  expense  of  operating  the  said  works  and  conducting 
said  business,  and  all  th»  said  repairs,  replacements ,  additions, 
alterations  and  improvements ,  and  all  payments  which  may  he  made 
for  taxon  j*id  aoBonumants,  chfirgca  and  other  lions  prior  to. 
the  lien  of  those  presents  upon  the  said  lands,  property  or 
premises,  or  any  part  thereof,  as  well  as  a  just,  compensation 
to  the  party  of  tho  second  part,  its  agents,  attorneys  and 
counsel,  shall  apply  the  remainder  of  the  moneys  r»o  received 
by  them  as  follows:  In  case  the  principal  moneys  bo  cured  hy 

such  bonds  shall  not  have  become  due  to  the  payment  of  the 
into rent  remaining  in  default  in  the  order  of  tho  maturity  of 
the  instalments  of  nnoh  interest;  in  case  the  said  principal 
moneys  or  any  of  thorn  shall  have  become  due,  to  the  payment  of 
the  principal  and  accrued  interest  upon  such  bonds,  the  princi¬ 
pal  moneys  of  which  shall  have  become  duo,  pro  rata,  without 
any  preference  or  priority  whatever. 

pnwiffih  yrvE  (5)  In  case  two  successive  defaults  shall 



bo  made  in  the*  payment  of  any  instalment  of  intermit  upon  the 
bonds  secured  hereby ,  or  any  of  then,  or  if  two  defaults,  althou¬ 
gh  not  successive,  :ln  suoh  payments  shall  exist  at  the  same  time, 
either  by  the  party  of  tho  first  part  or  by  tho  party  of  tho 
second  part,,  in  possession  under  the  provisions  of  the  last 
preceding  paragraph,  or  in  oaso  the  party  of  the  first  part 
shall  claim  or  apply  for  any  deduction  from  tho  taxable  value 
of  the  lands  and  premises  or  personal  property  embraced  in  this 
mortgage,  or  any  part  thereof,  or  in  case  tho  party  of  the 
first  part  shall  make  default  in  tho  performance  of  any  of  the 
other  provisions  of  these  presents,  then,  and  in  suoh  case,  if 
the  holders  of  one- third  in  value  of  the  outstanding  bonds 
hereby  secured  shall  so  elect,  in  writing,  the  whole  principal 
of  all  the  bonds  hereby  scoured  shall  thereupon  ho  declared  by 
tho  party  of  the  se oond  part  to  be,  and  nhal.l  immediately  beoome 
due  and  payable,  and  it  shall  bo  the  duty  of  the  party  of  the 
second  part,  upon  request  in  writing,  signed  by  the  holders  of 
one-third  in  value  of  said  bonds  then  outstanding,  and  upon 
being  indemnified  to  its  satisfaction,  to  institute  proper 
proceedings  at  law  or  in  equity  to  enforce  tho  lion  hereby 
created,  and  cause  the  Bald  property  1,0  bo  taken  in  execution 
and  sold  under  proper  process  for  the  payment  of  tho  debt, 
principal  and  intercut  hereby  scoured,  or  the  -party  of  the 
awoonrt  part  may,  upon  the  like  request  and  indemnity,  enter 
upon  and  take  possession  of  all  of  said  property,  real  and 
personal,  rights  and  good  will  heroin  expressed  to  bo  hereby 
mortgaged,  and  preened  to  coll  tho  same,  or  so  much  thereof  as 
may  he  necessary,  to  the  highest  and  best  bidder  at  puhlio 
Bale  at  tho  Court  House  in  the  said  City  of  Hewark,  first 
having  given  at  least  four  weeks  notice  of  tho  time,  place  and 
toms  of  such  intended  sale  by  publication  of  auoh  notioe  onoe 
a  week  during  said  four  wooko  in  at  least  one  newspaper  of 


general  circulation,  f^iblished  In  each  of  the  following  cities, 
via:  in  the  am  w  york  and  the  S|ty  of  ItUladolphia,  and 
upon  huoJi  jsh1<>  shall.,  by  proper  assurance  in  law,  convey , 
transfer  and  deliver  possession  of  the  property,  real  and  per¬ 
sonal  ,  rights  and  good  w t j, i  an  sold,  to  the  purchaser  or  pur- 
chusvira ,  freed  and  discharged  from  the  trusts  hereby  created; 
which  sale  or  sales  shall  ho  a  perpetual  bar,  both  in  law  and 
In  equity,  against  the  party  of  the  fir. at,  part  and  Its  success¬ 
ors,  and  all  persons  and  corporations  lawfully  claiming,  or  to 
Claim,  by,  through,  or  voider  It i  and  upon  the  mV ing  of  any  auoh 
nalo  thd  party  of  the  seoond  part  shall  apply  the  proceeds  of 
liuoh  sale  or  sales,  as  follows,  to  wit:  yiriil,  to  the  payment 
of  the  costs  and  expenses  of  ouch  Bales,  including  a  reasonable 
compensation  to  the  party  of  the  second  part,  its  'agents, 
attorneys  and  counsel,  and  all  oxpenacn ,  liabilities  and  advances 
made  and  incurred  by  the  party  of  the  second  part  in  managing 
and  maintaining  the  works,  >5<;uipmont  and  other  property  herein 
expressed  to  be  mortgaged,  and  all  taxes,  asscBsmentB  and  lions 
prior  to  the  lien  of  these  presents;  uecond,  to  the  payment  of 
tho  whole  mount  of  principal  and  interest  which  shall  then  be 
owing  or  unpaid  upon  the  »aid  bonds,  or  any  of  them,  whether 
tlv*  said  principal  be  then  duo  or  yet  to  become  due;  and,  in 
eatio  of  tho  insufficiency  of  such  proceeds  to  pay  in  full  the 
whole  amount  of  principal  and  interest  owing  or  unpaid  upon 
the  said  bonds,  they  shall  b«  paid  ratably  in  proportion  to  the 
amounts  owing  and  unpaid  upon  thorn  respectively,  without  prefer¬ 
ence  of  on u  bond  oyer  any  of  the  others;  Third,  to  pay  over  the 
surplus ,  if  any,  on  demand,  to  whomsoever  may  bo  lawfully 
entitled  to  receive  the  a;une  by  the  judgment  of  iiomo  court  of 
competent  Jurlisdiotion. 

iftKBKR  SIX  (6)  It  is  hereby  deolared  and  agreed  by 
and  between  the  parties  hereto  that  it  shall  bo  the  duty  of, 



Of  this  Irttt  rfcgAgrt)  • 

StfMK?!R  35JPHT  (")  ffti*  party  of  th«  second  part  way,  and 
upon  this  request  of  the  party  of  f!w  first  part,  and  upon  re¬ 
ceiving  ail  reimbursement.  and  compensation  to  which  it  may  bo 
entitled,  shall  cancel  m&  discharge  the  lion  of  these  presents, 
ana  execute  and  deliver  to  the  party  of  the  first  part  suoh 
deeds  of  (tin charter,  an  nhr.ll  he  requisite  to  discharge  the  lien 
hereof,  and  roconvey  to  or  rewn t  in  tho  party  of  the  first 
part  the  estate  and  title  hereby  conveyed  or  intended  to  ho 
whenever  all  the  honors  and  coupons  secured  hereby,  which 
shall  have  been  duly  issued,  shall  bo  paid  and  cancelled  or 
destroyed}  which  cancellation  or  dost  mot.  ion  shall  take  place 
in  the  presence  of  representatives,  duly  appointed,  on  behalf 
of  t.ho  party  of  the  first  part  and  Of  the  party  of  the 
second  part ,  and,  upon  receiving  their  oorttf ioaton  of  the 
fact,  it  shall  be  the  duty  of  the  party  of  the  second  part 
to  disclmrge  said  lien  of  record.  And  if,  at  any  time  the 
party  of  the  fir  sit  part  shall  boo  own  the  holder  and  owner  of 
all  said  bonds  and  shall  present  the  sione  to  the  party  of  the 
sfcoond  part,  and  request  their  cancellation  and  the  discharge 
of  the  lien  of  these  presents,  the  party  of  the  second  part , 
upon  proper  reimbursement  and  compensation  as  aforesaid,  shall 
Cancel  or  destroy  tho  nano  in  the  manner  above  in  this  article 
provided,  and  shall  discharge  said  lien  of  record. 

WWKSR  *TH»  (9)  And  it  in  hereby  understood  and 
agreed  and  this  trust  is  accepted  upon  the  express  condition 
that,  tho  party  of  tho  second  part  n3ia.ll  not  incur  any  lia¬ 
bility  or  responsibility  whatever  in  consequence  of  permitting 
or  suffering  the  party  of  the  first  part  to  retain  or  be  in 
possession  ox*  the  estate  and  premises  hereby  mortgaged,  or 
agreed  or  intended  so  to  bo,  or  any  part  thereof,  and  to  use 




and  enjoy  the  jv>r  nhall  tho  party  of  the  second  part  'bo  in 
any  way  rosponsiblo  for  tho  consequence  of  any  broach  on  the 
part  of  the  party  of  the .  first  part,  of  any  of  the  covenant# 
herein  eon triined,  or  of  any  act  of  said  party  of  the  first  -part 
or  lt»  agents  or  servants;  nor  Khali  tho  nnid  5’rnntoo  bo  or - 
toooomo  liable  or  respons  tblo  for  nny  cause ,  matter  or  thing, 

•  except  .Hu  own  cross  negl  Itfflnoe  or  willful  default  In  the  trusts  • 
herein  exp roused  and  contained,  fhe  party  of  the  second  pert 
fihall  be  under  no  obligation  or  duty  to  perform  any  act  hereunder 
or  to  defend  any  suit  in  respect  hereof,  unions  indmoif  iod  to 
their  Bo.ti»fo,ot ionj  nor  shall  the  party  of  the  second  part  be 
bound  to  recognize  ary  peris  on  ae  a  bondholder  until  bin  bonds 
arc  shriniXtUxl  to  the  party  of  the  snoond  part  for  inspoot.ion , 
if  required,  and  his  title  satisfactorily  established,  if  dis¬ 
puted;  nor  its  the  party  of  the  second  part  to  bo  Responsible  for 
any  recital  or  olatonont  of  fact  herein  conic, inert. 

IhT  'iVI"'IJ;rr  ih«  said  party  of  the  first,  part 

and  the  party  of  the  second  part  have  caused  these  presents  to 
bo  scaled  with  thoir  respective  corporate  seals,  and  to  bo  sien- 
ed  by  their  respective  Presidents  and  attested  by  their  re¬ 
spective  Sooretaries  on  the  day  and  y.u*.r  first  aforesaid. 

Signed,  scaled  and  de.liv-  : 

«rod  in  th«  prssonow  of 

[CA.  1908] 





/  </2- 

After  the  lncorporation^Of-^e-.oon5)any--tirTfey,  1901,  consider¬ 
able  experimental  work  was  required  in  connection  with  the  develop¬ 
ment  of  the  battery,  so  that  actual  commercial  manufacture  was  not 
started  until  January,  1903,  at  the  plant  in  Glen  Ridge,  which 
had  been  purchased  for  the  purpose.  Subsequently  the.  Glen  Ridge 
plant  was  shut  down  and  a  new  up-to-date  and  very  much  larger  fac¬ 
tory  was  constructed  at  Orange.  Some  difficulty  was  experienced 
\  in  connection  with  the  cells  which  wore  put  out,  due  to  the  fact 
that  leaks  developed  in  the  oans,  but  this  wub  overcome  by 
providing  the.  cans  with  welded  seams.  Actual  commercial  exper¬ 
ience  developed  the  fact  that  the  Type  «E"  cells  at  the  Glen 
Ridge  plant  showed  a  loss  of  capacity  due  to  the  swelling  of  the 
pockets  in  the  pooitivo  plates,  and  because  of  this  trouble  the 
Glen  Ridge  plant  was  shut  down  on  November  1,  1904,  at  which  time 
we  were  turning  out  about  200  cells  per  week.  Up  to  the  time  of 
that  shut-down  we  had  manufactured  the  equivalent  of  37,068  "E-18" 
cells  and  the  equivalent  of  18,980  "E-18"  cells  replacements  A 
replacement  cell  is  one  in  which  we  use  everything  Afi  the  old  cell 
except  the  positive  plate,  the  customers  returning  the  old  cells 
to  us.  Erora  November,  1904,  until  October,- ,  1908,  experiments 
have  been  continuously  made,  and  the  difficulty  of  the  swelling  of 
the  pockets  in  the  positive  plateB  is  believed  to  have  beon 
overoome  by  the  use  of  cylindrical  tubeB  instead  of  flat  pockets. 

W  this  change  I  have  every  reason  to  believe  that  the  life  of  the 
now  on H  will  be  from,  two  to  three  timeB  that  of  the  old  type 
"■BJIlcqil >  while  the  average  life  of  the  "E"  type  oell  in  oommer- 
oial  vehicles  operated  by  firms  having  a  large  number  of  vehicles 
in  use  has  been  from  two  to  three  years,  depending  on  the  care 


the  hat teries  have  received.  The  manufacture  of  the  new  battery 
is  being  actively  prosecuted  arid  the  outlook  for  the  business  1b 
good,  since  there  is  undoubtedly  an  enormous  field  for  storage 
batteries  outside  of  trucks  and  vehiolos— fields  that  may  be 
added  whore  the  lead  battery  has  failed  completely,  suoh  as 
car-lighting,  marine  lauohhos,  submarine  v/ork,  street  cars  and 
sparking  batteries  for  gasolene  engines. 

At  the  jr  esent  time  we  have  over  260  commercial  delivery 
wagons  operated  with  Edison  batteries  of  the  old  type  and  in  every 
instanoe  the  user  lias  obtained  better  results  than  could  possibly 

have  been  secured  from  the  lead  cell.  Some  of  the  prominent 


users  of  the  'Edison  natterios  in  New  York  City  are  the  following: 
Adams  Express  Co.  Geo.  Ehret  Brewery 

United  States  Express  Co.  New  York  Telephone  Co. 

Co . 

Tiffany  &  Co.  Lewandos  French  Dyeing  &  Cleansing 

H.  II.  Many  &  Co.  A.  G.  Hyde  &  Co. 

\V.  &  J.  Sloane  New  York  Dock  Co. 

James  A.  Hearn  &  Son  Twentieth  Century  Auto  Touring  Co. 

A.  A.  Vantine  &  Co.  Firestone  Tire  &  Rubber  Co. 

Aitken  Son  &  Co.  Lidgerwood  Mfg.  Co. 


A  considerable^ of  automobile  manufacturers  have  signified 
their  intention  to  adopt  the  Edison  battery  as  soon  as  we  are  in 
position  to  furnish  them,  and  among  these  prospective  users  are 
the  following: 

Gen  oral  Vehijrle  Co.  Detroit  Electric  Co. 

Commercial  Truck  Co.  Rausoh  &  Dang  Carriage  Co. 

Studebaker  Automobile  Co.  Champion  Wagon  Co, 

Baker  Motor  Vehicle  Co.  Pittsburgh  Motor  Vehicle  Co. 


Waverly  Automobile  Co.  Oliver  P.  Fritohle,  Denver,  Col., 

Couple  Gear  Freight  Wheel  Co.  Woods  Motor  Vehiole  Co.,  Chicago 
S.  R.  Bailey  &  Co.  Anderson  Carriage  Co.,  Milwaukee 

Columbus  Buggy  Co.  James  MoNaughton  Co. 

In  conclusion  I  wish  to  impress  upon  the  stockholders  the 
fact  that  practically  all  the  work  that  has  so  far  been  done  has  been 
experimental  in  character,  but  I  believe  the  results  which  will 
be  achieved  will  more  than  justify  the  expense  and  that  the 
Edison  battery  will  be  a  very  great  commercial  buocoss. 

Respectfully  submitted. 


E.  G.  DODGE 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Co. 

ORANGE,  NEW  JERSEY  juiy  21, 

Mr.  Thomas  A.  Edison, 

Orange,  N.J. 

Dear  Sir:- 

A  special  meeting  of  the  Stockholders  of  the 
Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  will  he  held  July  27th, 

1910,  at  the  office  of  the  Company,  Lakeside  Ave.  &  Valley 
Road,  West  Orange,  Hew  Jersey,  at  11  A.  M. ,  for  the  purpose 
of  determining  a  method  for  liquidating  the  account  of 
Thomas  A.  Edison  with  this  Company,  and  for  such  other 
matters  as  may  he  brought  before  the  meeting. 

Yours  truly, 

Secretary.  S 

aU  *uu^,  ^  i-j*  <?,* 


Che  essential  purposo  of  the  present  mooting  is  to  dis¬ 
cuss  ways  and  means  for  the  liquidation  of  Mr*  Edison  's  account 
against  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  and  to  agree  upon  a 
plan  for  doing  so. 

Mr.  Edison  personally  controls  more  than  75$  of  the 
capital  stool:  of  the  company  and  could  theroforo  decide  the  ques¬ 
tion  himself  and  his  decision  in  the  matter  could  ho  questioned 
only  in  case  of  fraud.  nevertheless,  ho  dosiros  to  have  tho 
situation  laid  before  all  of  the  stockholders  in  order  tnat  he 
may  have  the  benefit  of  their  advice  even  though  in  justice  to 
himself  he  may  not  be  able  to  agroe  with  their  views.  Cho 
stockholders  may,  however,  be  reminded  of  the  fact  that  all  of 
the  outside  stock,  amounting  to  25$a  of  the  total,  w as  presented 
by  Mr.  Edison  as  a  bonus  in  connection  with  tho  sale  of  tho  bonds 
of  the  company  and  doos  not  represent  money  invested,  at  least 
by  the  original  outside  stockholders.  So  far  as  the  bonds  of 
the  Company  are  concerned,  knowing  as  we  do  the  perfected  condi¬ 
tion  of  the  Edison  battery  and  tho  great  demand  it  must  inevitably 
have,  there  is  no  reason  for  the  slightest  uneasiness  or  doubt  as 
to  the  value  of  these  securities. 

She  experimental  development  of  the  Edison  Storage 
Battery  involved  such  enormous  difficulties  that  if  Mr.  Edison 
had  had  any  idea  as  to  their  extent  he  probably  would  not  have 
undertaken  the  work.  When  the  original  bond  issue  was  made,  by 
which  a  cash  capital  of  $500,000  was  provided,  Mr-  Edison  felt 
confident  that  that  capital,  -would  be  sufficient  to  conduct  all 

experiments  and  put  the  battery  on  the  market  as  a  commercial 
proposition.  It  is  not  necessary  to  refer  to  the  extent  of 
those  experiments  except  to  say  that  they  numbered  many  thou¬ 
sands.  As  is  well  known,  the  first  form  of  battery  that  was  put- 
on  the  market  developed  defects  which  wore  not  anticipated,  and, 
although  that  battery  was  superior  to  any  competing  device ,  it  did 
not  realize  Hr.  Edison's  expectations,  and  it  was  therefore  with¬ 
drawn  and  its  manufacture  stopped,  except  to  the  extent  of  mak¬ 
ing  replacements.  Following  the  withdrawal  of  the  first  type  of 
battery  from  the  market,  a  greater  number  of  experiments  -were 
made,  resulting  in  the  production  of  the  present  perfected  Edison 
Battery,  which  has  now  been  manufactured  and  sold  for  about  a 
year  and  which  has  more  than  realized  Hr.  Edison's  most  ardent 
hopos.  The  introduction  of  tho  now  battery  has  no  doubt  been 
somewhat  affected  by  tho  unfortunate  experience  with  the  earlier 
type;  and  by  the  very  vigorous  and  in  some  oases  questionable 
methods  of  the  load  Battery  people  to  prevent  its  introduction. 
Furthermore,  most  of  the  electric  vehicles  made  in  this  country 
were  especially  designed  for  lead  batteries  and  required  modi¬ 
fications  to  fit  them  most  effectively  for  Edison  batteries; 
and,  finally,  wo  found  that  many  of  the  vehicle  manufacturers 
were  bound  by  contracts  to  U3C  lead  batteries  only,  but  these 
contracts  are  now  expiring  and  none,  we  believe,  runs  beyond 
tho  present  year.  I  am  glad  to  say,  however,  that  the  demand 
for  the  now  battery  is  slowly  increasing,  electric  vehicle  manu¬ 
facturers  and  other  users  arc  recognizing  its  merits  and  are 
designing  their  present  models  for  its  use.  At  the  present  • 
timo  the  output  of  the  factory  is  equivalent  to  about  150  A-4 
colls  per  day,  all  of  which  are  being  sold,  and  the  interest 


which  is  being  manifested  on  all  sides  in  the  battery  convinces 
us  that  the  demand  v/ill  very  largely  increase  within  a  short  time. 
Even  at  the  rate  of  150  A-4  cells  per  day,  the  factory  is  almost 
able  to  pay  its  operating  and  selling  expenses,  including  the  cost 
of  manufacture,  so  that  with  an  increase  in  the  business  profitable 
results  may  be  expected. 

At  the  present  time,  therefore,  tho  situation  of  the 
Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  is  that  it  is  in  possession  of  a 
perfected  storage  battery  with  all  the  patents  thereon,  with 
secret  processes  at  its  command  and  with  a  tremendous  experience 
that  has  been  acquired  during  the  past  nine  years  together  also 
with  a  plant  fully  equipped  to  turn  out  the  batteries  at  a  suffi¬ 
cient  rate  to  make  the  business  a  profitable  one  as  soon  as  the 
demand  slightly  increases.  As  to  the  ultimate  success  of  the 
enterprise  we  do  not  entertain  the  slightest  doubt. 

She  expense  in  connection  with  the  development  of  the 
perfected  battery  up  to  the  present  point,  including  experiments 
and  plant. with  its  equipment  and  for  carrying  on  tho  business 
since  the  introduction  of  the  battery  about  a  year  ago,  has  been 
upwards  of  $2,500,000 ,  as  appears  from  tho  report  of  Messrs, 
lybrand,  Ross  Bros.  S>  Montgomery,  certified  public  accountants, 
for  the  year  ending  February  28,  1910.  On  that  date  the  Edison 
Storage  Battery  Company  owed  Mr.  Edison  $1,544,743.29  on  open 
account  for  money  advanced  by  Mr.  Edison  to  carry  the  enterprise 
on  and  eventually  to  realise  something  for  the  stockholders. 

Since  that  dat°e  the  amount  has  increased  somewhat,  so  that  on 
June  50,  1910,  with  interest,  it  was  $1,998,276.86.  The 
question  now  for  consideration  is,  how  shall  this  account  bo 
liquidated?  Two  plans  have  been  suggested  tentatively  by  Mr. 


Edin0„  cither  one  of  which  ho  is  willing  to  accept. 

» 1 1  The  Company  might  give  interest  hearing  notes  to 
Kr,  ger  the  amount  of  the  indebtedness ,  payable  in  two  or 

thr0o  <«d:.Y2  £rom  date- 

(2  ~)  Mio  capital  stock  of  the  Company  might  he  increased 
by  Oft  jj.iitienal  iesue  of  $2,500,000  and  his  debt  liquidated  by 
E^ing  at  P&r. 

,/o  put  thoso  plans  before  the  stockholders  in  order 
that  f  s’.<  zxiy  be  discussed  by  them. 

Z-Sl^c  - 



Edison  Storage  Battery  Co. 

Telephone,  908  Orange 

!GE,  new  jerseV  SeptBmbar  i&rjpS 

'  VJ  A 

The  Board  of  Directors  of  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company/”*  / 

1  the  16th  day  of  September,  1910,  do  hereby  / 
advisable  that  the  capital  stock  of  said 

a  corporation  of  Mew  Jersey, 
resolve  and  declare  that,  it 
company  be  increased  from  {1,000,000  to  {3,500,000,  said  additional  stock 
to  be  like  in  all  respects  the  present  stock  of  said  company.  And  they 
hereby  call  a  meeting  of  the  stockholders  to  be  held  at  the  company's  office, 
corner  of  Valley  Road  and  Lakeside  Avenue,  West  Orange,  N.  J.,  on  Tuesday, 
the  4th  day  of  October,  1910,  at  eleven  o'clock  A.  M. ,  to  take  action  upon  t 
above  resolution. 



[CA.  1911] 


Edison  Storage  Battery  Co. 

J  ,H.  F.  MILLER 


Mr.  C.  E.  Nestor, 
Shreve  Building, 

San  Prancisco,  Calif, 

.‘WLi-eL  wrv 


It  is  against  Mr,  Edison's  policy  to  grant  the 
exclusive  right  to  anyone  to  handle  any  of  his  products 
in  any  particular  territory./ We  would,  however,  allow  '  -  " 

you  (to  handle  the  Edison  battery  -o«t4he-4iae4&fctsGoa»* ,  dtJ 
and,*  so  long  as  you  gave  the  business  your  personal  at-  rV ' 

tent  ion  ,A  and  pushup  it  hard  in  other  words,  being  a  live  4 

^^/wire  and  showing  results/ we  will  refrain  from  looking  for 
someone  else,  or  allowing  anyone  else,  to  handle  it  in 
that  territory. 

>t  pn  If  y0U  -buy  automobiles  and  chassis  suitable  and  fitted 

,  f or  Edison  batteries,  but  without  the  battery  equipment, 

r'S  1  we  will  allow  you  20$  discount  from  the  list  prices,  with1 

with  the  understanding  that  you^always  carry’ a  suitable J"  ’ 
stock  of  each  size  of  cell  in  San  Erancisco;  and  that  you 
uyj/''-  also  try  to  replace  lead  batteries  in  automobiles  now  being 

^  operated  ±nx  on  the  Coast. 

The  above  arrangement  does  not  refer  to  the  sparking  -j 

>  battery.  This  being  an  accessory  we  feel  that  any  garage 

or  supply  house  should  have  the  privilege  of  carrying  them 
in  stock  if  they  wish  to  do  so.  _  •  . 

Any  inquiries  we  receive  from  fo 

the  "A"  type  of  cells  we  will  refer  to  you^^iia-te'rri-truiy  t 



3?his  agreement  entored  Into  thia 
day  of  ,  191B,  by  and  between  the  Hartford  Klootrio 

Light  Company,  a  Connecticut  corporation;  The  General  Vehicle 
Company,  a  Hew  York  corporation;  and  tho  Edison  Storage  Battery 
Company,  a  How  Jorsoy  corporation;  hereinafter  referred  to  as 
the  Light  Company,  the  Vehicle  Company  and  tho  Battery  Company, 
respectively,  WlfHESSETH: 

WHEREAS ,  the  Light  Company  is  in  the  business  of  gen¬ 
erating  and  soiling  electric  current  to  the  public;  the  Vehicle 
Company  1b  in  the  business  of  making  and  selling  olectric  ve¬ 
hicles;  and  the  Battery  Company  1b  in  tho  business  of  making  and 
selling  electrical  storage  batteries,  covorod  by  letters  patent 
of  tho  United  States;  and 

WHEREAS,  it  is  believed  by  all  tho  parties  hereto  that 
tho  genoral  adoption  of  the  electric  vehicle  for  purposes  of  trans¬ 
portation  would  be  greatly  facilitated,  fa)  if  the  purchaser's 
initial  investment  is  reduced  to  a  minimum,  and  (b)  if  tho  purchas¬ 
er  can  be  relieved  of  the  battery  charging  and  of  tho  care  of  the 
battery  for  such  vehicles;  and 

WHEREAS ,  the  parties  hereto  also  believe  that  the  above 
purpose  oan  be  realised  under  the  following  arrangement,  namely: 

1  -  By  offering  tho  public,  at  a  price  minus  tho  charge  for 
the  battery,  a  class  of  electric  vehicles  especially  designed  to 
bo  operated  by  a  certain  typo  of  Btorage  battery,  thereby  reducing 
tho  purchaser's  investment  to  a  minimum; 

2  -  By  supplying  for  such  vohioles,  and  installing  therein, 
their  proper  equipment  of  charged  storage  batteries,  on  the  basis 
of  a  charge  for  the  service  rendered,  thus  relieving  the  purchaser 
of  the  necessity  of  maintaining  and  Charging  said  batteries;  and 

WHEREAS,  the  Vehicle  Company,  with  the  view  of  increas¬ 
ing  its  business,  has  designed  and  is  willing  to  construct  and  sell 

to  tho  public,  minus  the  battery,  a  line  of  oleotrioal  vehicles  for 
business  purposes  especially  designed,  oloctrically  and  mechanically, 
to  bo  operated  by  the  Edison  b to rage  battery;  and  so  arranged  that 
the  battery  equipment  thoreof  can  bo  exchanged  in  a  few  minutes ;  and 
WHEREAS,  a  plan  has  been  proposed  for  an  "Edison  Battory- 
Service  System,"  in  the  City  of  Hartford,  whereby  the  users  of  vehi¬ 
cles  so  constructed  as  aforesaid  may  obtain  from  the  light  Company 
the  continuous  use  of  Edison  storage  battery  equipment,  paying  there¬ 
for  on  the  basis  of  service  rendered,  the  Light  Company  owning, 
charging  and  maintaining  a  stock  of  such  batteries  and  exchanging 
discharged  or  partly  discharged  sets  of  batteries  for  charged  onoa  as 
the  exigencies  of  the  business  may  require;  and 

WHEREAS,  the  light  Company  is  desirous  of  encouraging  the 
uso  of  such  vehicles  in  tho  City  of  Hartford  by  means  of  tho  Edison 
Battory-Sorvico  System,  and  to  this  end  is  willing  to  establish  and 
operate  a  special  department  for  the  sale  of  its  ourront  for  operat¬ 
ing  such  electric  vehicles  by  means  of  the  Edison  Ba ttery-Sorvlee 
System,  and  for  this  purposo  to  carry  a  stock  of  such  batteries,  tho 
same  to  be  owned,  charged,  maintained  and  exchanged  as  aforesaid  by 
the  Light  Company,  if  it  can  be  assured  of  exclusive  rights  in  re¬ 
gard  thereto  in  tho  City  of  Hartford;  and 

WHEREAS ,  tho  Battery  Company  is  desirous  of  facilitating 
the  inauguration  of  such  a  system  for  the  purpOBO  of  advancing  the 
adoption  of  electric  vehiolo  transportation,  especially  for  the 
reason  that  in  such  o  system  its  batteries  would  be  in  the  hands 
of  exports,  and  because  tho  Vehicle  Company  ha3  improved  the  olec- 
trical  and  mechanical  parts  of  its  vehicles  to  adapt  them  especially 
for  uBlng  the  Edison  storage  battery;  and 

WHEREAS,  tho  Battery  Company,  in  view  of  those  foots  i3 
willing  to  grant  to  tho  Light  Company  tho  exclusive  license  for  tho 
City  of  Hartford  for  tho  use  of  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  In  the 


mannor  above  contemplated,  provided  that  ouch  .battories  as  the  Light 
Company  shall  purchase  from  time  to  time  bo  continuously  owned  and 
rented  by  tho  Light  Company  and  used  only  in  the  vehicles  made  as 
aforesaid  by  tho  Vehicle  Company,  and  in  Buch  vehicles  made  by  others 
and  not  operated  for  business  purposes,  in  which  tho  Battery  Company 
may  authorise  the  Light  Company  to  use  the  same. 

HOVT,  in  consideration  of  the  premises,  and  in  further  con¬ 
sideration  of  the  sum  of  One  Collar  in  hand  paid  by  each  of  the 
parties  hereto  to  the  other,  the  receipt  of  which  is  hereby  acknowl¬ 
edged,  the  parties  horoto  hereby  mutually  agree  with  each  other  as 
follows,  to  wit: 

3133 T;  Chat  tho  Vehicle  Company  will  manufacture  a  lino  of 
electrically  driven  commercial  vehiolos,  that  is,  vehicles  to  bo  used 
for  business  purposes,  especially  designed  and  adapted  electrically 
and  mechanically,  to  be  oporated  with  tho  Udison  storage  battery  ns 
it  'la  made  at  the  date  of  this  agreement,  it  being  understood  that 
the  design  of  such  vehiolos  shall  include  such  special  and  necessary 
mechanical  and  electrical  applianoes  and  arrangements  for  carrying 
the  batteries  and  to  facilitate  connecting  and  disconnecting  them, 
and  to  facilitate  loading  and  unloading  the  sanio  as  will  enable  such 
vehicles  to  be  readily  and  rapidly  equipped  with  battories  by  the 
Light  Company  in  the  manner  herein  contemplated;  it  being  further 
understood  that  the  Vehicle  Company  will  equip  its  vehicles  with 
the  electric  ana  mechanical  appliances  specified  in  Schedule  A,  here¬ 
to  annexed . 

53C0HD :  She  Battery  Company  will,  in  connection  with  the 
sale  of  its  batteries  to  the  Light  Company  under  this  agreement, 
make  a  guarantee  in  tho  attached  form,  which  guarantee  shall  be  ef¬ 
fective  and  binding  only  in  regard  to  batteries  used  in  vehicles  con¬ 
structed  by  the  Vehicle  Oompany  in  accordance  with  the  provisions  of 
the  next  preceding  section,  and  also  if  the  Light  Company  charges 
and  maintains  the  batteries  according  to  the  instructions  of  tho 


Battery  Company,  and  also  if  auch  -batteries  are  used  only  in  the 
said  vehicles  made  hy  the  Vehicle  Company,  it  being  understood 
that  the  controlling  consideration  hereof,  (without  which  neither 
this  agreement  nor  guarantee  would  have  boon  entered  into  or  given 
by  the  Battery  Company)  is  the  fact  that  the  Vehicle  Company  has 
designed  its  vehicles  to  especially  adapt  them  electrically  and 
mechanically  to  the  use  of  the  Edison  battery,  which  design  has  been 
approved  by  the  Battery  Company. 

!  Ihe  Vehicle  Company,  when  soiling  its  vehicles 
without  battery  as  herein  contemplated  for  use  in  the  City  of 
Hartford,  agrees  to  sell  the  same  at  prices  which  shall  bo  as  low 
as  the  equivalent  of  its  regular  complete-unit  prices  for  such  ve¬ 
hicles  as  they  may  be  from  time  to  time  minus  the  price  at  which 
the  proper  equipment  of  battery  is  included  in  such  complete  price 
in  each  case,  it  being  understood  that  the  Vehicle  Company  will  use 
diligence  and  continuous  endeavor  to  introduce  and  sell  its  said 
vehicles  in  Hartford  for  the  use  and  operation  in  the  manner  above 

BOUBIH:  She  Vehicle  Company  is  not  hereby  deprived  of 
nor  limited  in  its  right  to  sell  in  Hartford,  or  elsewhere,  its 
vehicles  without  battories,  or  complete  with  batteries,  nor  to 
purchase,  use  and  sell  batteries  other  than  those  of  the  Battery 
Company,  but  it  agrees  to  advocate  only  Edison  battories  for  uso  on 
a  Battery-Service  3ystom  in  the  City  of  Hartford. 

FOTSl  Battery  Company  agrees  to  license  and  does 
hereby  grant  to  the  Light  Company  an  exclusive  license  under  its 
patents  and  patents  to  issue  on  ponding  applications  to  use  the 
Edison  storage  battery  within  the  limits  of  the  City  of  Hartford, 
State  of  Connecticut,  for  the  purpose  of  conducting  a  business  of 
selling  current  to  operate  the  said  electric  vehicles  of  the  Vehicle 
Company  through  the  medium  of  said  Edison  Battery-Service  System 
as  contemplated  in  this  agreement. 

SIXKKt  2hc  exclusive  license  hereby  granted  to  tie 
Light  Company  ia  granted  on  the  following  conditions,  which  are 
hereby  accepted  by  the  Light  Company,  namely: 

(li  Shat  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  shall  bo  in¬ 
stalled  and  tiaed  as  aforesaid  only  on  ouch  electric  vehicles  made 
by  the  Vehicle  Company,  but  the  Vehicle  Company  consents  to  the 
extension  of  this  lioenso  by  the  Battery  Company  so  as  to  pormit 
the  Light  Company  to  use  said  batteries  on  electric  vehicles  made 
by  others  and  not  operated  for  business  purposes. 

(2)  'i'hat  the  Light  Company  shall  continuously  own, 
charge  and  maintain  the  batteries  purohasod  by  it  undor  this 
agreement  for  conaticting  said  bxisiness. 

(3)  Shat  the  Light  Company  shall  erect,  utilise  or 
rent  proper  buildings  for  the  conduct  of  said  business,  and  shall 
furnish  the  saino  with  all  such  facilities  for  the  charging  and 
exchanging  of  said  batteries  as  tho  nature  of  the  business  shall 
demand  in  order  to  carry  out  tho  intont  of  this  agreement,  and 

it  agrees  that  it  shall  charge  end  exchange  and  ler.uo  said  bat¬ 
teries  as  herein  contemplated. 

14.)  Shat  tho  Light  Company  shall  purchase  from  tho  \  \ 
Battery  Company  from  time  to  time  at  prices  equal  to  list  prico’d'y 
loss  16$  discount,  a  sufficient  qunntity  of  said  vehicle  storage^,  ' 
battorios  to  enable  it  to  fully  supply  tho  demand  for  current  > 
for  said  batteries  operated  on  said  systom  in  said  vehicles;  end,' . 
alBO  agrees  to  supply  such  a  demand ;  and  shall  oxorciso  dup  dili4 
gonce  in  caring  for  and  maintaining  such  batteries  in  tho  manner  1 
stated  in  the  instructions  of  the  Battery  Company  and  according  \ 
to  any  additional  reasonable  instructions  hereafter  issued  by 
the  Battery  Company  and  delivered  to  the  Light  Company,1  to  the  oijd 


that  the  Battery  Company  shall  not  suffer  damage  hy  neglect  or 
earolossnoss  or  ho  thereby  prevented  from  carrying  out  its  guar¬ 
antee  as  to  the  life  of  the  batteries.  The  Battery  Company 
agrees  that  at  all  times  the  cash  sale  price  of  a  new  vehicle- 
battery,  as  distinguished  from  an  exchange  transaction,  shall  be 
leas  than  that  at  v/hich  the  Battery  Company  regularly  sells 
vehicle-batteries  to  Central  Stations,  Po\vor  Companies,  or  Garages 
for  other  uses  than  the  Edison  Battory-Service  System. 

(6)  That  during  the  continuance  of  this  agreement,  and 
bo  long  as  the  Battery  Company  shall  fulfill  the  guarantee  above 
given,  the  light  Company  shall  not  sell  its  currant  for  operating 
electric  vehicles  in  the  manner  herein  contemplated ,  that  is,  by 
a  Battery-Servioo  System,  except  through  the  Kdison  Storage  Battery 
and  in  vohioles  made  by  the  Vehicle  Company,  and  in  such  vehicles 
made  by  others  and  not  operated  for  business  purposes,  in  which  the 
Battery  Company  may  authorise  the  Light  Company  to  use  the  oamo; 
it  being  understood,  however,  that  nothing  herein  contained  shall 
be  construed  to  prevent  the  Light  Company  from  selling  its  current 
to  charge  any  storage  batteries  in  vehicles  of  any  kinds, and  makes, 
where  such  batteries  are  not  operated  on  a  3attory  Service  System. 

It  being  also  understood  that  nothing  heroin  contained 
shall  be  construed  to  prevent  the  Light  Company  from  selling  its 
current  at  its  regular  rates  to  any  customer  who  demands  the  same 
in  accordance  with  the  terms  of  the  company's  franchise,  and  under 
the  laws  of  the  State  of  Connecticut. 

f6)  That  the  Light  Company  shall  inaugurate  the  said 
business  within  sixty  days  from  the  date  hereof  or  ns  soon  as 
there  shall  exist,  or  the  Light  Company  can  create,  a  demand  for 
said  service. 

SKVKHTH :  The  Battery  Company  reservos  to  itself  tho 
right  to  sell  its  batteries  to  any  manufacturer  of  electric  ve- 


hiclos  to  bo  sola  with  such  vehicles  to  the  public  in  open  mar¬ 
ket,  but  it  hereby  agrees  not  to  sell  its  batteries  to  any  person 
or  Company  other  than  tho  Light  Company,  for  the  purpose  of  soil¬ 
ing  current  to  tho  public  in  Hartford  through  ouch  batteries  for 
operating  vehicles  as  con temple tqd  herein,  thiB  particular  class 
of  business  in  said  City  of  Hartford;  namely,  the  Sdison  pattery- 
Service  System,  being  hereby  exclusively  liconsed  to  the  Light 
Company  during  tho  continuance  of  thiB  agreement. 

EIGH'IH :  TOSHKAS,  tho  Battory  Company  may  hereafter 
grant  to  others  than  tho  Light  Company  similar  lioonses  for  use  of 
its  storage  battery  for  tho  "Edison  Battory-Servico  System"  in  other 
cities;  ond 

VHIGRKA3 ,  vehicles  inado  by  the  Vehicle  Company 
and  equipped  by  such  other  licensees  may  in  tho  course  of  travel 
be  passing  through  Hartford  ana  require  removal  of  charged  bat¬ 
tory  equipment. 

It  is  understood  and  agreed  that  in  such  cases 
tho  Light  Company  shall  have  tho  privilege,  in  its  discretion,  to 
make  tho  necessary  exchange  of  Edison  battory  equipment  in  any  such 
vehicles,  and  in  doing  so  shall  not  be  deemed  to  have  violated 
any  provision  of  this  agreement. 

'  Hnloss  sooner  terminated  by  mutual  consent  of  all 
tho  parties  hereto,  this  agreement  end  license  shall  rejaain  in  forco 
for  the  period  of  five  years  from  ante  hereof,  and  shall  continue 
thereafter  from  year  to  yoar  unless  written  notice  of  cancellation 
shall  be  given  by  any  one  of  the  parties  hereto  to  the  other  par¬ 
ties  at  least  ninety  days  before  the  expiration  of  any  yearly  pe¬ 
riod;  if  such  notice  is  given  this  agreement  shall  terminate  at 
the  expiration  of  the  yearly  period  next  following  the  date  of  the 
notice  and  if  thereafter  tho  Light  Company  uses  tho  batteries  pur¬ 
chased  horeunaer,  in  vehicles  other  than  those  made  by  tho  Vehiclo 
Company  or  in  a  manner  other  than  that  spocifioa  in  the  Battery 

Company's  instructions  the  guarantee  as  to  life,  above  referred  to, 
shall  terminate. 

®  JMs  agreement  is  binding  upon  and  shall  enure 
to  the  bonofit  of  the  parties  hereto  and  their  several  successors 
in  businoas. 

KLOTaHTH;  She  territory  referred  to  herein  as  the 
"City  of  Hartford”  shall  be  construed  to  include  all  cities  or 
toy/ns  to  which  the  light  Company,  at  present  or  during  the  life 
of  this  agreement,  supplies  current  through  its  circuits  for  light¬ 
ing  and  power  purposes,  provided  that  no  citios  nor  towns,  in  which 
there  shall  have  been  granted  to  others,  rights  similar  to  those 
heroin  granted,  shall  bo  included  within  this  contract. 

She  territory  now  included  consists  of  the  following 
citios  or  towns: 

Hartford;  East  Hartford;  West  Hartford;  Bloomfield; 

Sariffville;  East  Granby;  Simsbury;  Windsor;  Bum- 

side;  Wethersfield;  and  Kooky  Hill;  all  of  the  obovo 

in  the  3tnte  of  Connecticut. 

1H  WITNESS  V/HEHHOF,  tho  parties  hereto  have  respectively 
caused  these  presonts  to  be  executed  and  their  respective  corporate 
seals  to  he  hereunto  attached  by  their  proper  officers  thereunto 
duly  authorised. 







Witness : 

F7.P.3T:  2 ho  special  truoks  for  the  Battory-Servioe 

System  shall  ho  so  constructed  end  provided  with  such  fittings 
that  tho  hattorlos  can  be  put  In  or  taken  from  tho  vehicles  with¬ 
out  disturbing  the  individual  units,  to  tho- end  that  tho  groat 
number  t>f  removals  over  tho  guaranteed  life  will  not  tend  to 
injure  the  battery  mechanically. 

3KC0ID:  She  truck  whon  fully  loaded  and  moving  on 
a  six  percent  (6$)  grade  shall  .not  have  a  greater  drop  of  volt¬ 
age  on  the  wiring  carrying  the  current  than  two  and  one-half 
f 2-1/2)  volts  with  a  sixty  (60)  cell  battery. 

IHIHDj  Sho  battery  box  shall  be  so  constructed  that 
it  will  bo  closed  in  the  winter  to  prevent  low  temperature  from 
affecting  the  discharge  rate  of  the  battery. 


The  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  agrees  to  and  hereby 
does  guarantee  all  Edison  Storage  Batteries  i’urniEihed  tho  light 
Company  under  the  terms  of  this  agreement,  as  follows;  provided 
that  tho  batteries  and  the  renewals  thereof  herein  mentioned 
ore  used  exclusively  in  vehicles  manufactured  by  the  General 
Vehicle  Company,  bong  Island  City,  it..  Y. ;  and  provided  that  the 
batteries  are  operated  by  tho  Light  Company  in  accordance  with 
the  instructions  furnished  by  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company. 

The  Battery  Company  guarantees  that  the  life  of  any  bat¬ 
tery  with  one  renewal  thereof  shall  bo  ten  years. 

She  price  of  tho  original  battery  3hall  be  tho  price  de¬ 
termined  by  tho  contract  -  tho  price  of  renewals  shall  be  liat 
price,  leas  Z&%  discount,  in  case  a  second  renewal  is  required, 
tho  probable  excess  of  life  over  the  ton-year  period  shall  bo 
estimated  basod  on  the  average  life  of  tho  original  battery  and 
first  renewal,  and  the  Light  Company  shall  pay  the  Battery  Com¬ 
pany  for  such  estimated  excess  life  on  a  pro  rata  basis. 

On  making  renowals,  all  old  batteries  or  battery  material 
shall  be  tho  property  of  tho  Edison  Storage  Battory  Company. 

All  prices  f.o.b.  factory. 

This  guarantee  exoludes  all  renewals  required  by  reason 
of  accident,  misuse,  or  abuse.  All  expanse  of  maintaining  crates 
and  the  renewal  of  electrolyte  is  also  excluded  from  this  guarantee 

It  is  agreed  that  the  Edison  Battory  Company  shall  hove 
tho  opportunity  to  inspect  the  batteries  at  all  reasonable  timeB. 

This  guarantee  is  contingent  upon  conditions  of  credit 
being  satisfactory  at  all  times. 


Ho  battery  is  to  be  renewed  hereunder  until  its  capacity 
baa  fallen  to  a  point  whore  it  is  incapable  of  giving  ninety  per 
oent.  (90$)  of  its  rated  capacity  in  kilowatt  hours. 

She  rated  kilowatt  hour  capacity  of  each  cell  is  given 

A  -  4 . 180  K.W.H. 

A  -  6 - .£70  K.W.H. 

A  -  8  .360  K.W.H. 

A  -  10  — . 450  K.W.H. 

A  -  12  - .540  K.W.H. 

below i 



Edison  Storage  Battery  Co. 

Telephone,  VOS  Orange 

ORANGE,  NEW  JERSEY  May  16th,  1912 

She  Laima an  Company, 

Newark,  II.  J. 


In  accordance  with  the  under standing  at 
whioh  we  arrived  at  our  meeting  this  day,  we  have  entered 
your  order  for  your  full  requirements  of  Edison  Storage 
Batteries  for  your  truoks  covering  a  period  of  five  years 
from  this  date,  at  list  prices  for.  suoh  Batteries  less 
twenty  per  cent  (20$)  discount,  with  an  extra  two  per  cent 
(2$)  for  cash  within  ten  days. 

Should  your  purchases  in  any  one  year  ex¬ 
ceed  an  aggregate  of  one  hundred  and  twenty  (120)  cells  of 
type  A-6,  or  their  equivalent  in  price,  per  working  day, 
you  are  to  have  an  extra  two  and  one-half  per  cent  (2-l/2$) 
discount,  irrespective  of  the  cash  discount,  that  is  to  say, 
the  discounts  would  he  20$  and  2-l/2$,  with  2$  for  oash  within 
ten  dayB.  It  being  understood  that  if  your  purchases  in  the 
first  year  are  less  than  an  aggregate  of  one  hundred  and  twenty 
(120)  oells  of  type  A-6,  or  their  equivalent  in  price 
working  day,  we  will  still- give  you.  this  extra  tjwo  and  one-half 
per  cent  (2-l/2$)  discount,  hut  this  exception  applies  only, 
to  the  firBt  year  of  this  arrangement. 

L.  Cfo.  (2)  May  16/lP. 

Should  your  purchases  In  any  one  year  exceed 
an  aggregate  of  two  hundred  and  forty  (240)  cells  of  type  A-6, 
or  their  equivalent  in  price,  per  working  day,  you  are  to  have 
a  discount  of  five  per  cent  (5$)  in  addition  to  the  regular 
discount  of  twenty  percent  (20$).  In  this  case  the  discount 
would  he  20$  and  5$,  with  an  extra  2$  for  oaBh  within  ten  days. 

Wo  agree  -that  wo  will  fill  orders  equally 
for  all  users,  and  give  no  one  an  advantage,  in  any  event 
we  will  not  give  to  other  makers  of  trucks  a  hotter  price 
than  you  receive  for  batteries  with  whioh  auoh  truoks  are  sold. 

If  you  flqc.ide  to  abandon  the  use  of  3dison 
Storage  BatterieB,  you  are  to  give  us  six  calendar  months' 
notice  of  your  intention  to  do  so; 

In  order  that  we  may  be  aided  in  carrying 
out  our  guarantee  as  to  life  of  batteries,  it  is  understood 
that  your  truoks,  in  which  the  battery  is-  to  be  used,  shall 
be  properly  motored,  and  that  the  battery  boxes  shall  be 
so  constructed  that  our  instructions  oan  be  readily  carried 
out  by  the  user. 



Thomas  A.  Edisonjnc. 

Orange,N.  J.,U.S.A. 

Edison.  Phonographs  and  Records 
Edison  Primary  Batteries 
EdisonKinetoscopes  andMotion  Picture  Films 
Edison  Dictating  Machines 
Edison  Home  Kinetoscopes  and 
Motion  Picture  Films 

November  9,  1912. 

To  tho  Directors  of 

Eaison  Storage  Battery  Company, 

Orange,  H.  J. 


I  hereby  resign  as  Vice-President  of  the  Edison 
Storage  Battery  Company,  to  take  effect  immediately. 



Thomas  A.  Edison, Inc 

Orange,N.  J.,TJ.  S.A. 

Edison.  Phonographs  and  Records 
Edison  Primary  Batteries 
EdisonKinetoscopes  andMotion  Picture  Films 
Edison  Dictating  Machines 
Edison  Home  Kinetoscopes  and 
Motion  Picture  Films 

November  9,  1912. 

To  the  Stockholders  of 

Edison  Storage  Battery  Company, 

Orange,  B.  J. 


I  hereby  resign  as  Director  of  the  Edison  Storage 
Battery  Company,  to  take  effect  immediately. 

Yours  very  truly, 

FED/IWW  t7?^ 




Special  Meeting  of  the  Board -of  Directors  of  the 
Edison  Storage  Battery  Company,  held  pursuant  to  notioe  this 
15th  day  of  November ,  1912  at  eleven  A.  M.  at  the  offioe  of 
the  Compiany,  oorner  of  lakeside  Avenue  and  Valley  Hoad,  West 
Orange,  New  Jersey. 


Che  meeting  was  oalled  to  order  by  the  Presi¬ 

She  minutes  of  the  last  meeting  wore  read  and 


Che  Secretary  stated  that  Mr.  Prank  I.  Dyer 
had  resigned  as  Vioe -President  and  Director  on  November 
9,  1912. 

Upon  motion  duly  made  and  seconded,  and  by  the 
affirmative  vote  of  all  present,  the  following  resolutions 
were  adopted:- 

"RESOLVED,  that  the  Board  of  Directors  of  the 
Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  does  hereby  aocept  the 
resignation  of  Hr.  Prank  L.  Dyer  as  Vice-President  and 
Director  of  the  Company. 

RESOLVED,  that  Hr.  Robert  A.  Bachman  be  eleoted 
Vice-President  of  the  Company. 


RESOLVED,  that  Mr.  William  H.  Meadovraroft  be 
eleoted  a  Direotor  of  the  Company  to  hold  office  until 
the  nest  annual  meeting  of  the  stockholders  and  until  his 
successor  shall  be  elected." 

Mr.  Harry  E.  Miller  then  tendered  his  resignation 
as  Secretary. 

Upon  motion  duly  made  and  seconded,  and  by  the 
affirmative  vote  of  all  present,  the  following  resolutions 
v/ore  adopted:- 

"RESOLVED  that  the  Board  of  Directors  of  the 
Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  does  hereby  accept  the 
resignation  of  Mr.  Harry  E.  Miller  as  Secretary  of  the 

RESOLVED  that  I,ir.  William  H.  Meadoworoft  be 
eleoted  Seorotary  of  the  Company". 

Mr.  William  H.  Meadoworoft  was  thereupon  duly 
sv/orn  in  as  Secretary  of  the  Company. 

Upon  motion  duly  made  and  seconded  and  by  the 
affirmative  vote  of  all  present,  the  following  resolutions 
were  adopt ed:- 

"RESOLVED  that  all  authority  heretofore  granted 
by  the  Board  of  Directors  for  the  signing  and  counter¬ 
signing  of  the  oheoks  of  this  Company  be  and  hereby  is 
terminated  and  oanoeled,  and  that  from  and  after  the 
date  of  this  meeting  and  until  said  Board  of  Directors 
shall  otherwise  indioate,  the  checks  of  this  Company 
shall  be  signed  by  H.  E.  Miller,  treasurer,  or  by 


J.  V.  Hiller,  Assistant  Treasurer,  and  in  order  to 
beoome  binding  upon  the  Company  shall  be  counter¬ 
signed  by  Thomas  A.  Edison,  President,  or  W.  H. 
Keadoworoft ,  Seoretary,  and  that  the  bankf  wherein 
the  funds  of  the  Company  are  deposited  shall  be  noti¬ 
fied  of  this  action  of  the  Board. 

RESOLVED,  that  all  authority  heretofore  granted 
by  the  Board  of  Directors  for  the  signing  and  counter¬ 
signing  of  promissory  notes  given  by  this  Company,  be 
and  hereby  is  terminated  and  canceled,  and  that  from 
and  after  the  date  of  this  meeting  and  until  the  Board 
of  Direotors  shall  otherwise  indioate,  suoh  notes  shall 
he  signed  by  H.  E.  Hiller,  Treasurer,  or  by  J.  V.  Miller 
Assistant  Treasurer,  and  in  order  to  beoome  binding  upon 
the  Company  shall  be  countersigned  by  Thomas  A.  Edison, 

The  meeting  upon  motion  adjourned. 


[CA.  NOVEMBER  1912] 


The  Migon  Storage  Battery  hag  made  Tory  large  gains  in  the 
last  twelve  months ,  :  Wo  liaye  inoroased  the  plant  ,  in  number 
of  cells  manufactured";'  working  them  to  an  A-4  coll  basis  4o# 
in  the  last  twelve  months  from  Uovomber  1st.  unfilled  orders 
ronoining  on  our  bookp  Hovombor  let  Worked  into  on  a-4 
equivalent  shows  50,000  oolls. 

Woaare  losing  a  very  large  volume  of  businesa  in  all  branches 
of  the  line  owing  to  tho  faot  that  wo  are  unable  to  deliver 
batteries  promptly.  In  the  automobile  trade  the  battery  is 
only  one  third  tho  -investment  of  tho  oquipmQntVandwhon 
a  firm  has  money  tied  up  in  an  investment  of  this  size 
they  are  impatient  to  get  it  on  the  street  qb  soon  as  possible. 
When  they  find  they  are  held  up  from  thirty  to  ninety- 
days  getting  delivery  of  a  particular  battery1, 6  they 
immediately  order  some  other  moke  that  they  oan  obtain 
on  quick  notice.  Hot  only  this  but  automobile  mahufaoturors 
know  tho  condition  that  we  are  in  on  oases  of  delivery',0 
and  when  they  have  the  opportunity  of  making  a  quick  doHyory',' 
they  cannot  figure  on  Ddison  Batteries';0  knowing  they  cannot 
got  them.  Shis  we  don't  hear  of  at  the  time.  It  all  . 
goes  to  show  that  we  hove  got  to  increase  our  manufacturing 
plant  at  onoo. 

Several  of  the  large  gasoline  truck  manufacturers  are 
now  figuring  on  going  into  tho  manufacture  of  olootrio 
Vehicles,  Among  thorn  is  tho  Studobakor'  corporation, 
who  are  bringing  out  a  now  lino  of  olootrio  trucks  ospooially 
adapted  for  Edison  Batteries.  I  understand  from  very 
good  authority  that  the  International  Automobile  oo,.  who 
handle  lSaok-Saurer-Eewitt  ffruoko  ,are  figuring  on  bringing 
out  a  new  lino  of  olootrio  truoks, 

Iho  Gonoral  Motors  Oo.  havo  informed  me  that  on  Februei^y 
1st  they  will,  place  Jan  order  with  tig  for  500  sets  of 
batteries  to  be  delivered  in.  four  months ;  and  continue 
at  that  rato  throughout  the  year.  . 

5?he  following  automobile  oono  eras  will  demand  from'Deoombor  \  . 
1st  on  the  following  battories  per  day:  .  /  :  ’ 

General  Motors  Brook  Oo.  -  8  batteries  A^B 
.  "  :  ’  equivalent  iafl:-A-4's 

Bho  lansden  Oo.v  Howark,  -  B  batteries  i-6  ' 

equivalent  180  Ar4Ts 

General  Vohiolo  Co.  -  8  batteries  A-6/ 

.  •  equivalent.  18G'2A-4*b 

Anderson  ELeo.  Oar  Go. V  -  2  batteries  4,-47 

equivalent  ISO  A-4»s 

3!ho  oxolusiye  oontraot  that  "we  have  had  with.  Mr,  Anderson  ;v 
was  up  on  Hov,  1st  and  wo  have  notified  other. pleasure  oar 

manufacturers  that  if  they  would  allow  us  to  approve  of 
their  Edison  Battery  oar  model’,'  we  would  ho  glad  to  furnish 
them  with  Edison  Batteries.  Vp  to  this  time  the  Rauoh 
&  Bango  Carriage  Oo.  of  Cleveland  are  the  only  firm  tfiloh 
have  allowed  us  to  approve  their  model.  Tests  that  wo 
have  made  on  tlio.oar-have  all  proved  very  satisfactory  and 
wo  are  all  satisfied  that  wo  will  got  our  share  of  their 

Baker  end  Wayefloy  both  have  a  model  which  they  have  hoen  making 
for  a  year  suitable,  for  Edison  Batteries';'  Which  have  been  sold 
this  last  year  with  lead,  so  as  if  stands  it  means  that  pleasure 
oar  manufacturers  who  hayo  oars  suitable  for  Edison  Batteries 

Andofson  Eloo,  Oar  Co, , 

S.  R.  Bailey  &  Oo. ? 

Baker  Motor  Vehicle  Co.V 
Tho  Wavorley  Oo, ,  and 
Rauoh  a  Bang  Carriage  conpeny. 

During  this  last  year  we  have  started  a  yory  large  steam 
railroad  business  both  in  oar-lighting,  signal  work 
and  industrial  trucks.  During  the  laet  seven  months  the 
Illinois  Central  have  placed  orders  with  us  for  $937636.  Of) 
worth  of  Storage  batteries,  The  Pennsylvania  Railroad  - 
in  the  last  eight  months  have  placed  orders  with  us  for 
$807817,00  worth  of  storage  hattorios.  During  the  last 
six  months  tho  Horfolk  &  Woatom  Railroad  have  plaoed 
orders  for  $487100.007  the  Southern  Saoific  Railroad  have 
plaoed  orders  for  $13,000.00. 

It  looks  as  if  wo  were  going  to  got  a  much  larger  volume 
of  business  during  tho  coming  yoar  and  it  has  practically 
been  promised  us. 

Pennsylvania  Railroad  -  20, '000  oells 

Illinois  Central  n  -  5J000  " 

Barriman  Bines  -  lOl’OQO  « 

All  other  roads  -  2',  600  " 

Those  are  equivalent  to  A-4  oells. 

Wo  should  at  least  got  orders  for  2,600  A-4  typo  oellB  for 
signal  work  and  17000  A-4  cells  for  mlsoellsnoous  and  baggage 

I  think  this  estimate  yory  low. 

One  line  of  business  we'  hayen't  touched  which  is  enormous 
is  tho  battery  for  electric  self  starter  whioh.gasol±ae 
manufaotarofs  aro  putting  oh  their  gas  oars*  'Hf.  Henry 
Ford  has  come  out  flat-footed  and  made  a  statement,''  that  ho 
was  going  to  put  olootrio  self  starters  In  his  bar's  and.  he 
would  not  consider  any  other  hattorios  but  Edison,  Ho  has 
told  us  Beyoral  times  and  a  reoent  letter  dated  ,Qot.  24tK7 
in  whioh  his  soorotary  makes  a  statement  that  Hr'.Eord  said 
ho  would  oonsidor  nothing  but  Edison. 

Ml  this  go ob  to  Efliow  tlio  importance  of  iaoreaoing  tho 
size  of  our  maufacturlng  plant  at  once. 

!'€uls  f  .  ^<5t<  AtC 

(A^vecXts  j^G'L’Ct  .•<*'/'.  .  *dcd.O 

/3.&*£Cg' .... . 

.a-<£.  a-Cc/  /lc£;c<*1<,  /s-  /itc 

^.cj  t.<.ci-C.  4"  /^ce, 

i - '/yCo  OL'i-y^ac'l^vui.'ii _ 

Sf  j'Vistd'  <Ov 

%U .  . '  - 

/ O  j^&  ylh4$-tc£e~  r^frt-w^'^-rtc. 

r7c^c-  A  &  -  /  /(FTC.  A  S'  —  4->v 

/\  t  o  ~  3  </-  A  / 12— 

v^octrr” VLa. 

fc-<5u  ,Ws  £>V  '‘T^MJjX^.  jj^on*.  /Zlc. 

V’tA«<~  cJL*~t  I'O  iCfcovtX  ct-*-  >  Cuw'-'di  bw»« 

ifc^aafegi^gip l  a/j  -  KL 

AJ-s^^sZX**7  jia  1^  '  __  ('T^a/  __ ; . 

f^UAA*-wi-%y  e<-^^  _/lA^t>u»-«>-flti^^  t4— <i— J X$JLs 

dt  yjs.  »t-->  i-^3G^c.c-«^-  tSk-*-&***  qa  eOt" 

"Jb-w-iC'  "fc$  L^~/t  laj-l.*, u  H*j»_  (^aJ2£*-+-i-i 

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/Ooo  As  yO^diaCe,  So . K<^e,  . 

<^r  A  -  /  /*>T  /V  S']—.  2.  ^>T 

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^&£u$Xi£tL.  A . 

^  *  ^Lc  ^'j.Kjc-c.icKd  'ivt.Lcb<t  -^oy  /&c~  .  feasibly  _ 

'^GA.c'-c.cjl  A&aXG,  &&  J^!V\-<rtbeic-cL..l _ 

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i/bstA  ^^— *■  6j/^tsidr'  rUsw**/lj-t*s\.  irj  ^\AA>vxy^s\r1ta{b 

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*zT^  fctCu/t  tAj±  t^stAsc/f^  /v^vs. 

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i/'^Lc  /'t~ t/Us^Uj  (^AAxA*^Aay6  frh  ^AAYX^/f^' 

d2J/*lJ yrcyOto~  HrzAfrk  $i£d&&-c2~  £c? 


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i'LjrtL  InnC 

&JL& M  Jh«,  ~&A) 

Ms-Aff"  vdf  Yii^tt  U<-  &£zr-<L^^ 

^  ^u»  //-& 

AGREEMENT  entered  into  this  day  of  1912 

between  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company,  a  Hew  Jersey  Corporation, 
and  General  Vehicle  Company,  a  new  York  Corporation,  hereinafter 
referred  to  as  the  Battery  Company  and  the  Vehicle  Company,  respec¬ 
tively,  WITNESSETH: 

WHEREAS:  the  Battery  Company  is  in  the  business  of  making 
and  selling  storage  batteries,  and  the  Vehicle  Company  is  in  the 
business  of  making  and  selling  electric  vehicles,  and 

WHEREAS,  the  Vehicle  Company  in  order  to  stimulate  the 
sale  of  its  vehicles  is  willing  to  manufacture  and  sell  its  vehicles 
to  users  minus  the  battery,  and  to  adapt  such  vehicles  mechanically 
and  eleotrioally  for  the  use  of  Edison  Storage  Batteries,  it  being 
contemplated  to  sell  such  vehicles  minus  the  battery  for  use  in 
localities  where  the  Vehicle  Company  makes  contracts  with  respon¬ 
sible  parties  who  agreo  to  purchase,  own  and  maintain  a  suffi¬ 
cient  supply  of  Edison  Storage  Batteries  to  be  chargod  by  them  and 
to  bo  rented  to  owners  of  such  vehicles  made  by  the  Vehicle  Company, 
on  a  basis  of  a  charge  for  the  service  rendered,  such  plan  being 
herein  designated  "Battery  Servioe  System"; 

How,  it  is  agreed  as  follows: 

1.  The  Battery  Company  agrees  that  it  will  sell  to  the 
Vehicle  Company  its  batteries,  for  use  as  herein  contemplated,  on 
the  following  terms  and  conditions: 

(a)  That  such  batteries  will  bo  resold  by  the  Vehicle 
Company  only  to  such  parties  as  aforesaid  that  have  contracted 
with  the  Vehicle  Company  to  maintain  and  continuously  own  a 
sufficient  supply  of  Edison  Storage  Batteries  for  use  only  in 
vehicles  mechanically  and  electrically  adapted  to  the  Edison 
Storage  Battery,  and  constructed  in  such  manner  that  the  battery 
cradle  may  be  quickly  removed  from  the  vehicle  without  disturbing 
the  battery  units,  and  a  cradle  containing  a  charged  battery  may 
be  remounted  without  material  delay; 

(t>)  The  Battery  Company  agrees  that  at  all  times  the  net 
cash  sale  price  of  a  new  vehicle  battery  to  the  Vehicle  Company,  as 
Jj./  distinguished  from  an  exchange  transaction,  shall  be  not  higher 
^  ,k^an  PreSGrlt  and  all  times  at  least  five  and  five  (5$  and  5$) 
per  oont  greater  discount  than  at  which  the  Eattery  Company  regu¬ 
larly  sells  vehicle  batteries  to  Central  Stations,  Bower  Companies 
or  Garages  for  other  uses  than  a  Battery-Service  System.  The 
Battery  Company  may  refuse  to  continue  to  sell  on  said  terms 
batteries  hereunder,  if  the  Vehicle  Company  interferes  with  the 
Battery  Company's  business  by  selling  said  batteries  for  use  "I** 
hereunder  at  a  discount  greater  than  fifteen  (15$)  per  cent  from  J 
the  Battery  Company's  list  price. 

(o)  The  guaranteod  life  of  any  battery  to  be  sold  as  hore 
in  contemplated  and  of  one  renewal  thereof  and  the  cost  of  the  re¬ 
newal  thereof  shall  be  governod  by  the  terms  of  the  guarantee  as 
set  forth  in  Schedule  B. 

The  Vehicle  Company  agrees  that  the  vehicles  sold  by 
it  to  be  operated  in  connection  with  the  Edison  Storage  Battery 
■for  use  as  contemplated  heroin,  shall  be  constructed  so  as  to  be 
specially  adapted  mechanically  and  electrically  for  use  with  the 
Edison  Storage  Battery  as  made  at  the  date  of  this  agreement,  it 
ng  understood  that  the  design  of  such  vehicles  shall  include 
such  special  and  necessary  mechanical  and  electrical  appliances 
and  arrangements  for  carrying  the  batteries  as  may  he  necessary 
in  order  that  the  batteries  may  he  readily  removed  from  the  ve¬ 
hicle  or  attached  to  the  vehicle  without  disturbing  the  cell 
units  of  the  batteries  and  shall  include  the  mechanical  and 
electrical  appliances  specified  in  Schedule  A.  hereto  annexed. 

3.  Unless  sooner  terminated  by  mutual  consent,  this 
agreement  shall  remain  in  force  for  the  period  of  years  from 
date  hereof  and  shall  continue  thereafter  from  year  to  year  unless 
written  notice  of  cancellation  shall  ho  given  by  either  of  the 


parties  hereto  to  the  other  at  least  ninety  days  before  the  expi¬ 
ration  of  any  yearly  period;  such  notice  is  given,  this  agreement 
shall  terminate  at  the  expiration  of  tho  yearly  period  next  fol¬ 
lowing  the  date  of  the  notice. 

4:  THIS  AGREEMENT  is  binding  upon  and  shall  enure  to 
the  benefit  of  the  parties  hereto  and  their  several  successors  in 
business.  / 


IN  WITNESS  WHEREOF,  the  parties  hereto  have  respectively'  caused  • 
these  presents  to  be  executed  and  their  respective  oorporate  seals 
to  bo  hereunto  attached  by  their  proper  officers  thereunto  author¬ 





FIRST:  The  special  vehicles  contemplated  herein  shall 
he  so  constructed  and  provided  with  such  fittings  that  the  hatteri 
oan  he  put  in  or  tahen  from  the  vehicles  without  disturbing  the 
individual  units,  to  the  end  that  the  great  number  of  removals 
over  the  giiaranteed  life  will  not  tend  to  injure  the  battery 

3EC0ITD :  The  vehiole  when  fully  loaded  and  moving  on  a 
six  per  cent  (6$)  grade  shall  not  have  a  greater  drop  of  voltage 
on  the  wiring  oarrying  the  current  than  two  and  one-half  (2-l/2) 
volts  with  a  sixty  (60)  cell  battery. 

THIRD:  The  Battery  box  shall  be  so  constructed  that  it 
will  be  closed  in  the  winter  to  prevent  low  temperature  from 
affecting  the  discharge  rate  of  the  battery. 

QhtrtuJ)  h  /2**H4. 

■$-*£%  faytn*.!  (£&&AJb*p 1  o^At 


The  Edi son  Storage  Battery  Company,  agrees  to  and  hereby 
does  guarantee  all  Edison  Storage  Batteries  sold  through  the  Gen¬ 
eral  Vehicle  Company  to 

as  follows:  provided  that  the  batteries 
and  the  renewals  thereof  are  used  in  vehicles  manufactured  by  the 
General  Vehicle  Company,  long  Island  City,  Ilew  York,  and  provided 
that  suoh  batteries  are  continuously  owned,  maintained  and  oper¬ 
ated  by  the  said 

for  use  in  a  Battery  Service  System 
wherein  charged  batteries  are  leased  or  rented  on  a  basis  of  ser¬ 
vice  rendered  and  provided  the  batteries  are  operated  in  accord¬ 
ance  with  the  instructions  furnished  by  the  Edison  Storage  Eattery 

The  Edison  Storage  3attery  Company  guarantees  that  the 
life  of  any  battery  with  one  renewal  thereof  shall  be  ten  years. 

The  price  of  renewals  shall  be  list  price  less  25$  dis¬ 
count.  In  oase  a  second  renewal  is  required  the  probable  excess 
of  life  over  the  ten  year  period  shall  be  estimated,  based  on 
the  average  life  of  the  original  battery  and  first  renewal  and  the 
shall  pay  the  Edison  Storage  Battery 
Company  for  such  estimated  excess  life  on  a  pro  rata  basis.  On 
making  renewals,  all  old  batteries  or  battery  material  shall  be 
the  property  of  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company.  All  prices 
are  f.o.b.  factory. 

This  guarantee  excludes  all  renewals  required  by  reason 
of  accident,  misuse  or  abuse.  All  expense  of  maintaining  crates 
and  the  renewal  of  electrolyte  is  also  excluded  from  this  guarantee. 

The  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  shall  have  the  oppor¬ 
tunity  to  inspect  the  batteries  at  all  reasonable  times. 

This  guarantee  is  contingent  upon  conditions  of  credit 
being  satisfactory  at  all  times. 

-  '  -  - — - — « - .  -  r - * 

Ho  battery  is  to  be  renewed  hereunder  until  its  capacity 
has  fallen  to  a  point  where  it  is  incapable  of  giving  ninety  per 
cent  (90$)  of  its  rated  capacity  in  Kilowatt  hours. 

The  rated  Kilowatt  hour  oapaoity  of  eaoh  cell  is  given 


A  4  .180  X.V7.H. 

A  6  .270  "  "  " 

A  8  .360  "  "  " 

A10  .450  ”  »  § 

A12  .540  "  !'  " 

General  VeMole  Company, 
long  Island  City, 

H.  Y. 

Dear  Sirs: 

Referring  to  the  agreement  dated 
■between  the  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company,  the  Hartford  Elec¬ 
tric  Bight  Company  andnthe  General  Vehicle  Company,  it  1b  con¬ 
templated  that  saoh  agreement  with  the  Hartford  Company  Is  only 
one  of  a  number  of  similar  agreements  that  it  is  proposed  to 
mate  for' the  use  of  Edison  batteries  on  the  "Edison  Battery- 
Servioe  (System"  in  vehicles  of  your  manufacture  only. 

Vfe  understand  that  you  propose  to  notify  the  -various  cen¬ 
tral  stations  throu$iout  the  country  in  regard  to  this  System 
with  the  -view  of  introducing  it  into  extended  use.  We  will 
not  permit  our  batteries  to  be  used  on  -that  System  in  stay  lo¬ 
cality  ±n  vehicles  other  than  yours. 

With,  reference  to  such  use  with  your  v^hioles  in  other 
localities,  we  agree  to  enter  into  agreements  similar  to  that 
with  the  Hartford  Company,  with  companies  approved  by  us. 

If  we  find  at  any  time  that  tills  System  or  plan  is  oper¬ 
ating  to  our  direct  disadvantage,  we  reserve  the  right  to  re¬ 
fuse  to  extend  it  by  making  agreements  with  reference  to  other 
localities,  but  leaving  in  force,  of  oourse,  the  agreement's 
that  may  then  have  been  made. 

Very  truly  yours, 




Dated  January  10,  1914 

MEMORANDUM  OS'  AGREEMENT  made  the  tenth  day 
of  January,  1914,  by  and  between  EDISON  STORAGE  BATTERY 
COMPANY,  a  New  Jersey  corporation  having  its  prinoipal 
offioe  at  West  Orange,  New  Jersey,  hereinafter  oa'iled 
the  "Edison  Company",  party  of  the  first  part,  and 
GOODMAN,  oopartners,  doing  business  under  the  name  and  ■ 
style  of  F.  J.  lisman  and  Company  at  #30  Broad  Street, 

New  York,  N.Y. ,  hereinafter  oalled  the  "Bankers",  parties 
of  the  seoond  part,  WITNESSETH  :  - 

WHEREAS,  the  Edison  Company  is  engaged  in  the 
manufacture  and  Bale  of  Edison  storage  batteries;  and 

WHEREAS,  the  Bankers  desire  to  purchase  Edison 
storage  batteries  from  the  Edison  Company  to  be  used  and 
Bold  for  the  purpose  hereinafter  set  forth; 

NOW,  THEREFORE ,  for  and  in  consideration  of  the 
premises  and  of  the  mutual  promises  herein  contained,  and 
of  the  sum  of  One  Dollar  ($1.00)  in  hand  paid  by  the 
Bankers  to  the  Edison  Company  and  by  the  Edison  Company  to 
the  Barikers,  the  reoeipt  whereof  is  hereby  acknowledged, 
the  parties  hereto  have  agreed  and  do  hereby  agree  as  fol¬ 
lows  :  - 

(1)  Unless  sooner  terminated  or  extended  as 
hereinafter  provided  for,  this  agreement  shall  continue 
until  the  31st  day  of  Deoember,  1920. 

(2)  The  Edison  Company  agrees,  upon  and  subjeo 
to  the  conditions  hereinafter  stated,  to  sell  exclusively 


to  the  Bankers  during  the  life  of  this  agreement  Edison 
storage  batteries  to  be  used  only  for  the  following  pur¬ 
pose,  namely;  For  the  initial  battery  equipment  of 
storage  battery  propelled  passenger  oars  and  trains  of  such) 
passenger  oars  designed  and  constructed  to  run  only  upon 

rails  (nut  not  including  eleotrio  locomotives  exoept  suoh 
that  are 

storage  battery  propelled  passenger  oars/used  as  looomo-  & 

tives  for  hauling  freight  on  roads  where  the  passenger 

passenger  - - 

traffic  is  handled  by  suoh  storage  battery  propelled/oars )  '■()■& 

and  to  be  used  only  in  the  following  territory,  namely: 

United  States  of  America  including  the  District  of 
Columbia,  but  excluding  Alaska,  the  Panama  Canal  Zone 
and  the  possessions  and  dependencies  of  the  said  United 
States  of  America  outside  of  Uorth  Amerioa,  (said  territory! 
being  hereinafter  referred  to  as  the  "aforesaid  territory" )| 
When  the  words  "Edison  batteries"  are  hereinafter  used, 
they  are  understood  to  mean  the  Edison  storage  batteries 
(as  now  made  or  hereafter  improved)  whioh  constitute  the 
subjeot  matter  of  this  agreement. 

(3)  She  Edison  Company  also  agrees  that  during 
the  life  of  this  agreement  and  exoept  as  otherwise  provided 
herein,  it  will  not  sell  nor  otherwise  dispose  of  Edison 
storage  batteries  to  be  used  within  the  aforesaid  territory 
for  the  purpose  set  forth  in  Paragraph  fwo  (2)  hereof  to 
any  one  other  than  the  Bankers,  but  the  Edison  Company  ex¬ 
pressly  reserves  the  right  to  use  and  permit  others  to  use 
for  said  purpose  within  the  aforesaid  territory  any  of  said 
batteries,  suoh  use  to  be  restricted  to  demonstrations, 
experiments  and  tests  only,  and  furthermore  expressly  re¬ 
serves  the  exclusive  right  to  sell  and  otherwise  dispose 
of  and  to  use  and  lioense  for  ubo  within  the  aforesaid 
territory  Edison  storage  batteries  for  renewals  and  re¬ 
placements  for  storage  battery  propelled  oarB  of  all 

-h - \ 

kinds  including  oars  of  the  olass  speoified  in  Paragraph 
Two  { 2 )  hereof,  and  also  reserves  the  exclusive  right  to 
sell  and  otherwise  dispose  of  and  use  and  lioense  for  use 
within  the  aforesaid  territory  Edison  Btorage  battery  parts, 
supplies  and  accessories  for  any  and  all  purposes  except 
for  the  initial  equipment  of  oars  with  respect  to  v/hioh  the 
Bankers  are  expressly  lioensed  hereunder.  The  Bankers 
agree  that  the  promises  and  covenants  of  the  Edison  Company 
contained  in  this  paragraph  and  paragraph  Two  (2)  hereof 
shall  be  and  are  binding  upon  the  Edison  Company  only  so 
lo#g  as  the  Bankers  shall  oontinue  to  purohase  from  the 
Edison  Company  at  least  the  number  of  A-10  aells  set  forth 
in  the  sahedule  contained  in  Paragraph  Pour  (4)  hereof  or 
their  equivalent  in  rated  ampere  hour  oapaoity. 

(4)  The  Bankers  agree  to  purohase  from  the 
Edison  Company  all  storage  batteries  whloh  the  Bankers  shall 
require  during  the  life  of  this  agreement  for  the  purpose 
set  forth  in  Paragraph  Two  (2)  hereof,  and  agree  that 
during  the  life  of  this  agreement  they  will  not  manufacture 
nor  sell  nor  otherwise  dispose  of  for  use  within  the  afore¬ 
said  territory  any  passenger  oar  designed  or  intended  to 
be  propelled  on  rails  by  storage  batteries  exoept  when 
equipped  with  Edison  storage  batteries  exclusively,  or  when 
not  so  equipped,  upon  the  condition  that  said  oar  shall  be 
used  only  when  equipped  with  Edison  storage  batteries 
exclusively.  The  Bankers  agree  and  promiae  that  they 
will  purchase  hereunder  from  the  Edison  Company  during 
the  respective  full  Bix  months  periods  of  this  agreement 
at  least  the  number  of  A-10  oellB  Bet  forth  in  the  follow- 


ing  sohedule  or  their  equivalent  in  rated  ampere  hour 
oapaoity,  Bald  purchases  to  be  made  within  the  respective 
periods  set  forth  in  said  soheaule:- 



first  six  months  of  the 
year  1914 

1650  A -10 




last  six  months  of  the 
year  1914 

1650  A-10 




first  six  months  of  the 
year  1915 

4950  A-10 




last  six  months  of  the 
year  1915 

4950  A-10 




first  six  months  of  the 
year  1916 

8260  A-10 




last  six  months  of  the 
year  1916 

8260  A-10 




first  six  months  of  the 
year  1917 

13760  A-10 




last  six  months  of  the 
year  1917 

13750  A-10 




first  six  months  of  the 
year  1918 

19250  A-10 




last  six  months  of  the 
year  1918 

19250  A-10 




first  six  months  of  the 
year  1919 

27500  A-10 




last  six  months  of  the 
year  1919 

27500  A-10 




first  six  months  of  the 
year  1920 

35750  A-10 




last  six  months  of  the 
year  1920 

35750  A-10 


In  determining  the  amount  of  purchases  made  by  the  Bankers 
under  and  against  the  required  minima  of  the  aforesaid 
sohedule,  the  Bankers  shall  reoeive  oredit  against  suoh 
minima  for  all  initial  storage  battery  equipment  sold  by 
the  Edison  Company  to  the  Bankers  for  tho  purpose  of  Para¬ 
graph  Two  (2)  hereof  and  for  use  in  the  aforesaid  territory, 


and  also  for  any  and  all  storage  batteries  whioh  the  Edison 
Company  shall  sell  to  the  Bankers  for  the  initial  equipment 
of  oars  of  the  olass  speoified  in  Paragraph  Two  (2)  hereof 
for  use  in  any  other  territory,  provided  the  Bankers  shall 
have  received  express  permission  in  writing  from  the  Edison 
Company  to  sail  for  use  or  use  said  batteries  in  said  other 
territory,  and  no  shipment  of  batteries  shall  be  made  by 
the  Bankers  to  any  territory  other  than  the  aforesaid  terri 
tory  except  with  suoh  express  permission  first  having  been 
reoeived  from  the  Edison  Company.  If  during  any  one  of 
the  aforesaid  six  months  periods  the  purchase  of  Edison 
storage  batteries  by  the  Bankers  shall  be  in  exoess  of  the 
above  specified  requirement  for  that  six  months  period, 
then  suoh  exoess  shall  be  credited  upon  their  obligation 
with  respect  to  purchases  for  the  succeeding  six  months 
period  or  periods.  In  the  event  of  the  termination  of 
this  agreement  prior  to  the  end  of  its  term  by  the  Edison 
Company  as  hereinafter  provided,  the  Bankers  shall  be 
released  to  the  following  extent  and  to  suoh  extent  only 
from  their  promise  herein  contained  to  purchase  quantities 
of  oells  in  aooordanoe  with  the  aforesaid  sohedule,  to-wit: 
She  Bankers  shall  not  be  required  to  purohase  any  of  the 
oells  required  to  be  purchased  in  any  six  raonthB  period  of 
said  sohedule  which  is  subsequent  to  the  reoeipt  of  notice 
of  said  termination  from  the  Edison  Company,  and  shall  not 
be  required  to  purchase  during  the  six  months  period  in 
which  suoh  termination  shall  become  effective  a. portion  of 
the  quantity  required  to  be  purchased,  oomputed,  as  followBi- 
By  dividing  the  quantity  required  to  be  purchased  as  afore¬ 
said  during  said  last  mentioned  six  months  period  by  183 


and  multiplying  the  quotient  thus  obtained  by  the  number 
of  days  from  the  reoeipt  of  notioe  of  Buoh  termination  to 
the  end  of  said  last  mentioned  six  months  period.  Upon 
the  termination  of  this  agreement  by  the  Edison  Company 
as  aforesaid,  the  number  of  A-10  oells  then  remaining  to 
be  purohased  by  the  Bankers  after  due  allowance  for  suoh 
release  shall  be  the  deficiency  for  whioh  the  Bankers  shall 
be  required  to  make  settlement  in  either  of  tho  following 
ways  at  their  option: 

(a)  By  the  aotual  purchase  of  the  number  of 
A-10  oells  (or  their  equivalent  in  rated  ampere  hour 
oapaoity)  included  in  such  deficiency;  or 

(b)  In  lieu  of  suoh  purchase,  by  paying  to  the 
Edison  Company  as  liquidated  damages  the  sum  of  Two 
Dollars  ($2.00)  for  eaoh  of  the  number  of  A-10  oells 
inoluded  in  suoh  defioienoy. 

(5)  The  Bankers  agree  to  promote  diligently 
throughout  the  aforesaid  territory  the  sale  of  Edison 
storage  battery  propelled  passenger  oars  of  the  olass 
Bpeoified  in  Paragraph  Two  (2)  hereof,  and  the  sale  of 
Edison  storage  batteries  for  use  upon  suoh  storage  battery 
propelled  passenger  oars,  to  fOBter  the  present  and  endeav¬ 
or  to  oreate  additional  demand  for  suoh  oars  and  for  Edison 
storage  batteries  for  use  thereon,  and  to  manufacture  or 
cause  to  be  manufactured  oarB  sufficient  in  number  and 
suitable  in  oharaoter  to  meet  auoh  demand,  it  being  the 
intent  and  object  of  this  provision  to  push  and  promote 
to  suoh  an  extent  as  is  reasonably  possible  the  sales  and 
purchases  of  Edison  storage  batteries. 


(6)  The  EaiBon  Company  agrees  to  sell  ana  the 

Bankers  agree  to  purchase  and  pay  for  all  Edison  storage 
batteries  supplied  hereunder  at  the  following  prioes,  to- 
wit:  Twenty  percent  (20$)  disoount  from  the  Edison  Com¬ 

pany's  general  list  prioes  in  effeot  at  the  date  of  deliv- 

.  ery  hereunder  of  the  batteries  to  the  Bankers,  and  the 
Edison  Company  agrees  that  it  will  not  increase  its  now 
ourrent  general  list  prioes  for  present  typeB  of  Edison 
storage  batteries  during  the  life  of  this  agreement.  All 
prioes  and  deliveries  hereunder  shall  be  f.o.b.  the  Edison 
Company's  faotory,  Orange,  New  Jersey,  and  all  payments 
for  such  batteries  shall  be  made  in  cash  within  thirty 
days  from  date  of  delivery,  with  two  peroent  (2$)  discount 
for  oaBh  within  ten  days  from  date  of  delivery. 

(7)  The  Edison  Company  agrees  to  use  reasonable 
diligence  with  its  present  manufacturing  equipment  and  sys¬ 
tem  in  supplying  the  Bankers'  requirements  of  Edison  stor¬ 
age  batteries  hereunder,  giving  all  orders  hereunder  from 
the  Bankers  a  preference  at  least  over  orders  from  others 
subsequently  plaoed.  it  is  expressly  agreed,  however, 
that  the  Edison  Company  shall  not  be  liable  for  any  delay 
in  deliveries  of  batteries  hereunder  due  to  any  strike, 
fire,  flood  or  any  unforeseen  or  unavoidable  cause,  or  due 
to  inability  to  obtain  or  delay  in  obtaining  material;  nor 
for  any  other  delay  unless  oaused  by  the  failure,  of  the 
Edison  Company  to  use  reasonable  diligeenoe  as  aforesaid. 

( 8 )  The  Bankers  agree  that  they  will  no^.  Bell 
nor  otherwise  dispose  of  nor  use  nor  authorize  any  other  per¬ 
son,  firm  or  corporation  to  use  any  battery  purchased  here- 
under  except  for  the  purpose  set  forth  in  Paragraph  Two  (2) 

'  % 


hereof,  and  agree  that  they  will  not  export  or  ship  nor 
Bell  for  export  or  shipment,  nor  otherwise  dispose  of  any 
of  said  batteries  for  export  or  shipment  from  the  aforesaid 
territory,  exoept  in  suoh  partionlar  inBtanoes  in  whioh  the 
written  consent  of  the  Edison  Company  to  suoh  export  or  ship 
ment  shall  hare  been  first  obtained,  and  further  agree  that 
they  will  require  eaoh  vendee,  lessee  or  other  user  of  any 
and  all  Edison  storage  batteriec  supplied  hereunder  to  enter 
into  agreements  not  to  Bell  nor  otherwise  dispose  of  nor  use 
any  battery  purohasod  hereunder  exoept  for  the  purpose  set 
forth  in  Paragraph  Two  (2)  hereof,  and  not  to  export  or  ship 
nor  sell  for  export  or  shipment  nor  otherwise  dispose  of  any 
of  said  batteries  for  export  or  shipment  from  the  aforesaid 
territory,  and  the  Bankers  furthermore  agree  to  oo-operate 
with  the  Edison  Company  to  enforoe  suoh  agreements.  The 
proinises  and  covenants  of  the  Bankers  contained  in  this  para¬ 
graph  shall  be  binding  upon  them  during  the  life  of  thiB 
agreement  and  also  thereafter  with  respeot  to  any  and  all 
batteries  supplied  hereunder  whioh  shall  remain  in  existence 
and  under  their  oontrol. 

(9)  The  Edison  Company  guarantees  to  the  Bankers 
and  to  eaoh  and  every  subsequent  purchaser  that  eaoh  and 
every  battery  of  Edison  storage  battery  oells  whioh  shall 
be  supplied  hereunder  shall  be  oapable  of  developing  full 
rated  oapaoity  under  normal  oonditions  and  shall  oontinue 
to  be  oapable  of  developing  suoh  oapaoity;  under  normal 
oonditions  for  a  period  of  at  least  four  years  from  the 
date  of  shipment  from  the  EdiBOh  Company's  faotory, said 
guaranty  being  subject  to  the  following  oonditions.  ana 
oovering  suoh  oells  only  as  to  whioh  the  following  con¬ 
ditions  shall  be  faithfully  observed:-  V 


(a)  Cells  installed  in  a  manner  approved  by  the 
Edison  Company  at  the  time  of  installation  or  in  aooord- 
anoe  with  written  or  printed  instructions  furnished  by  the 
Edison  Company  from  time  to  time. 

(b)  CellB  used  only  in  connection  with  apparatus  of 
a  type  approved  by  the  Edison  Company. 

(o)  Colls  oared  for  and  operated  in  a  manner  approvec 
by  the  Edison  Company  or  in  accordance  with  such  written  or 
printed  instructions  of  the  Edison  Company  as  the  Edison 
Company  may  furnish  to  acoompany  each  order  of  oells  de¬ 
livered  as  a  guide  for  their  oare  and  use, 

(d)  Oells  to  which  the  Edison  Company's  authorized 
inspectors  and  agents  shall  have  aooeBS  for  test  and  in¬ 
spection  at  any  reasonable  time. 

The  Bankers  agree  to  furnish  or  oause  to  be 
furnished  the  following  information  in  regard  to  each  in¬ 
stallation  of  batteries  to  be  supplied  hereunder,  namely: 

The  draw-bar  pull  of  the  oar  on  level  traok;  the  grade 
line  of  the  traok  upon  whioh  said  oar  is  to  be  operated; 
the  schedule  of  operation,  and  the  proposed  times  of  charg¬ 
ing  and  discharging;  and  agree  to  use  for  said  oars  suoh 
equipment  of  batteries  as  the  Edison  Company  shall  reoommend , 
and  to  oause  to  be  made  periodical  Inspections  of  the  bat¬ 
tery  and  oar  by  competent  inspectors  at  least  six  times  a 
year  during  the  four  year  guaranty  period,  it  being  agreed 
that  the  Edison  Company  itself  will  make  periodical  in¬ 
spections  by  competent  inspectors  at  least  six  times  per 
year  during  suoh  guaranty  period. 

If  within  Buoh  guaranty  period  of  four  years  any 
of  said  batteries  shall  be  found  to  be  incapable  of  devel- 


oping  full  rated  oapaoity  under  nofmal  conditions,  the 
Edison  Company  will  at  its  disoretion,  when  said  battery  or 
the  defeotive  part  thereof  has  been  delivered  to  it,  either 
replaoe  said  battery  with  another  battery  of  full  rated 
oapaoity  or  repair  any  defeotive  oells  of  said  battery  to 
restore  its  full  rated  oapaoity,  all  suoh  replaoements  and 
repaired  oells  to  be  delivered  to  the  Bankers  f.o.b.  Edison 
Company's  faotory,  Orange,  B.  J.  It  is  understood  and 
agreed,  however,  that  whenever  new  oells  are  furnished  under 
this  guaranty  to  replaoe  defeotive  or  impaired  oells,  the 
guarantee  receiving  suoh  new  oells  for  suoh  replaoement  shall 
pay  to  the  Edison  Company  the  same  prioe  for  eaoh  suoh  new 
oell  as  the  Bankers  shall  be  oharged  for  similar  oells  at 
the  time  of  suoh  replaoement,  less  an  allowanoe  for  the 
old  oell  returned,  determined  by  deduoting  from  the  prioe 
originally  paid  for  Buoh  oell  a  depreciation  at  the  rate  of 
twenty-five  peroent  (25%)  per  year. 

Tbe  Edison  Company  agrees  to  deliver  with  eaoh 
and  every  battery  purchased  hereunder  a  guaranty  substan¬ 
tially  the  same  as  the  foregoing  guaranty  and  transferable 
to  the  purchaser  of  the  battery  to  which  the  said  guaranty 

Ilia  Edison  Company  agrees  that  from  time  to  time 
upon  written  or  telographio  report  from  the  Bankers  that 
any  battery  equipment  supplied  hereunder  is  defeotive  or  in 
leed  of  repair  at  the  Edison  Company's  faotory,  the  Edison 
'ompany  will  loan  and  forward  promptly  to  Buoh  point  or 
points  as  the  Bankers  may  direot  one  or  two  suitable  oar 
jatteries  to  replaoe  temporarily  the  battery  or  batteries 
srhioh  are  to  be  returned  to  the  EdiBon  Company’s  faotory 
Jor  replaoement  or  repair,  but  the  Edison  Company.' shall  not 
>e  required  to  have  outstanding  on  loan  as. aforesaid  at  any 
ne  time  more  than  two  oar  batteries.  All  transportation 

oharges  to  and  from  the  Edison  Company’s  factory  upon  oar 
batteries  so  loaned  Bhall  be  paid  by  the  Bankers. 

(10)  The  Edison  Company  agrees  that  the  Bankers 
may  relinquish  their  rights  under  this  agreement  and  ter¬ 
minate  the  same  at  any  time  upon  giving  thirty  days  notioe 
in  writing  to  the  Edison  Conqmny,  and  the  Bankers  agree 
that  if  they  shall  be  in  default  at  the  expiration  of  said 
thirty  days  in  the  purohase  of  storage  battery  oells  as  re¬ 
quired  in  the  sohedule  oontained  in  Paragraph  Pour  (4)  here¬ 
of,  (the  number  of  cells  required  to  be  purchased  during 
any  portion  of  a  six  months  period  being  determined  by  pro¬ 
rating  the  number  of  days  of  the  six  months  period  elapsed 
down  to  the  end  of  said  thirty  days  with  the  number  of  days 
in  said  six  months  period),  the  Bankers  will  forthwith  either 
purohase  a  sufficient  quantity  of  oells  to  make  up  the  tota] 
aggregate  defioienoy  existing  at  the  end  of  said  thirty  daye 
or  pay  the  Edison  Company  sb  liquidated  damages  the  Bum  of 
Two  Dollars  ($2.00)  for  each  one  of  such  number  of  A-10 
oellB  as  shall  be  required  to  make  up  suoh  defioienoy. 

(11)  Upon  the  breaoh  of  any  provision  of  this 
agreement  by  the  Bankers,  the  Edison  Company  shall  have 
the  right  to  revoke  the  rights  hereby  granted  and  to  ter¬ 
minate  this  agreement  by  giving  sixty  days  notioe  in  writ¬ 
ing  to  the  Bankers  (suoh  notioe  may  be  given  by  the  mailing 
of  a  letter,  postage  prepaid,  addressed  to  P.  J.  Diemen  & 
Company,  30  Broad  Street,  Hew  York,  H.Y.  ),  but  suoh  revoca¬ 
tion  and  termination  shall  not  release  the  Bankers  from  any 
of  their  promises  and  oovenants  oontained  in  Paragraph  Eight 
(8)  hereof,  or  from  their  promise  to  pay  for  oells  thereto¬ 
fore  furnished  hereunder,  or  from  their  promise  to  pay  any 


sum  aue  as  liquidated  damages  hereunder.  Exoept  as  herein¬ 
after  provided  in  thiB  paragraph,  the  Edison  Company  shall 
not  be  required  to  supply  any  storage  battery,  part  thereof, 
or  aoaessory  therefor  to  the  Bankers  from  and  after  the 
giving  of  suoh  notioe  by  the  Edison  Company,  exoept  for  the 
filling  of  bona  fide  orders  for  batteries  for  the  purpose 
of  paragraph  two  (2)  hereof  which  shall  have  been  already 
reoeived  by  the  Bankers  at  the  time  of  the  giving  of  suoh 
notioe.  Provided,  however,  that  if  the  aforesaid  breaoh 
Bhall  oonsist  merely  in  the  failure  of  the  Bankers  to  pur¬ 
chase  the  minimum  number  of  oells  required  in  the  sohedule 
set  forth  in  Paragraph  Pour  (4),  the  Bankers  shall  be  en¬ 
titled  to  the  reinstatement  of  their  rights  tinder  this 
agreement  if  within  sixty  days  after  the  receipt  of  the 
aforesaid  notioe  they  shall  purchase  a  sufficient  number  of 
oells  to  make  up  the  total  aggregate  deficiency  existing  at 
the  time  of  the  giving  of  said  notioe.  it  is  understood 
and  agreed  that  the  Edison  Company  shall  be  under  no  obli¬ 
gation  to  supply  any  storage  battery,  part  thereof  or  ac¬ 
cessory  therefor  to  the  Bankers  during  any  period  in  which 
the  Bankers  shall  be  in  default  in  any  payment  for  any  bat¬ 
tery,  part  thereof,  or  aooessory  therefor  sold  and  delivered 

(12)  It  is  mutually  agreed  that  upon  the  ter¬ 
mination  of  this  agreement  by  expiration  or  otherwise,  the 
Bankers  shall  be  and  are  hereby  lioensed  to  sell  and  dis¬ 
pose  of  any  and  all  Edison  storage  batteries  and  battery 
equipment  purohased  hereunder  then  or  hereafter  owned  or 
possessed  by  them  either  through  original  purchase  or  by 
repurchase,  or  by  retaking,  or  otherwise  soever;  but  suoh 


lioense  is  atriotly  llmitaa  to  the  use,  Bale  and  disposi¬ 
tion  of  suoh  batteries  for  the  purpose  set  forth  in  Para¬ 
graph  Two  (2)  hereof,  and  only  in  the  aforesaid  territory, 
and  subject  to  the  provisions  of  Paragraph  Eight  (8)  hereof, 
and  suoh  limited  right  of  sale  and  disposition  shall  run 
to  all  trustees  under  all  mortgages,  oar  trusts,  deeds  of 
trust  or  similar  instruments. 

(13)  The  Edison  Company  agrees  to  indemnify  and 
save  the  Bankers  and  their  vendees  of  Edison  batteries  pur- 
ohased  hereunder  harmless  from  and  against  any  and  all  li¬ 
ability,  judgment,  reoovery,  olaim,  demand,  oost,  oharge 
and  expense  (including  oounsel  fees)  i#  any  way  inourred 
by  or  accruing  to  the  Bankers  or  their  vendees,  because  of 
the  sale  or  use  of  any  storage  battery  cells,  parts  there¬ 
of,  or  accessories  therefor  supplied  under  this  agreement, 
arising  out  of  any  suit  or  aotion  duly  instituted  against 
the  Bankers  or  any  of  their  vendees,  based  upon  the  olaim 
that  the  use  or  the  intended  use  of  suoh  battery,  part  or 
aooessory  therefor,  devioe  or  other  improvement  thereof 
infringes  upon  or  1b  in  violation  of  the  United  States 
patent  rights  of  any  person,  firm,  association,  or  corpora¬ 
tion;  provided  that  the  Bankers  or  suoh  vendees  shall 
promptly  notify  the  Edison  Company  of  the  institution  of 
any  suoh  suit  or  aotion,  and  provided  further  that  the 
Edison  Company  shall  have  the  right  to  be  represented  by 
oounsel  in  the  defense  of  suoh  suit  or  aotion,  and  if  it  so 
elects,  shall  have  the  right  to  assume  Bole  and  entire  con¬ 
trol  of  suoh  defense;  and  provided  further  that  in  those 
oases  in  whioh  the  Edison  Company  shall  elect  to  assume  the 
sole  and  entire  oontrol  of  suoh  defense,  the  Edison  Company 
shall  within  ten  days  after  the  aforesaid  notification  of 
the  institution  of  suoh  suit  or  aotion,  notify  the  defend¬ 

ant  to  suoh  suit  or  aotion  of  the  intention  of  the  Edison 
Company  to  assume  the  sole  and  entire  oontrol  of  such  de¬ 
fense,  and  in  all  suoh  oases  in  whioh  the  Edison  Company 
shall  assume  suoh  oontrol,  the  Edison  Company  shall  not  be 
required  to  pay  any  oounsel  fees  whatever  inourred  by  the 
Bankers  or  their  vendees;  and  provided  further,  that  the 
Edison  Company  shall  be  liable  under  the  provisions  of  this 
paragraph  only  in  those  oases  where  the  aforesaid  infringe¬ 
ment  is  due  solely  to  the  use  or  sale  of  storage  battery 
oells,  parts  thereof,  or  aooessories  therefor  nor  so.  and 
shall  not  be  liable  in  those  oases  in  whioh  the  infringement 
is  due  to  the  assooiatlon  of  said  oells,  partB  or  aooessori.. 
es  with  other  apparatus  not  supplied  hereunder.  She 
Edison  Company  agrees  that  upon  request  of  the  Bankers  the 
Edison  Company  will  furnish  in  writing  to  any  of  the  Bankers ' 
vendees  of  Edison  storage  batteries  supplied  hereunder  a 
promise  substantially  the  same  as,  and  subjeot  to  the  con¬ 
ditions  of,  the  foregoing  portion  of  thiB  paragraph. 

(14)  The  Bankers  agree  that  they  will  not  make 
any  oontraot  or  arrangement  with  any  manufacturer  of  oarB 
whereby  any  other  manufacturer  is  excluded  or  substantially 
exoluded  from  furnishing  upon  equal  terms  oars  to  be  equipped 
for  propulsion  purposes  with  Edison  storage  batteries. 

(15)  The  Edison  Company  agrees  that  if  the 
Bankers  shall  have  faithfully  performed  all  their  promises 
and  oovenants  herein  oontained  during  the  initial  period  of 
this  agreement,  that  is  to  say,  up  to  and  inoluding  Deoember 
31,  1920,  the  Bankers  shall  be  entitled  to  a  renewal  or  ex¬ 
tension  of  this  agreement  for  a  further  period  of  three' 
years  from  and  after  the  expiration  of  the  aforesaid  initial 


period,  that  is  to  soy,  up  to  and  inoluding  Deoember  31, 
1923,  provided  that  the  Bankers  shall  have  given  notioe  in 
writing  to  the  Edison  Company  at  any  time,  not  lose  than 
.«r  tig  **.*,*„.  prl„  t0  tto  eJtplr.. 

tlon  of  tfee-Baid-initial-peniea,  stating  their  desire  to  (T, 
have  suoh  renewal  or  extension  hereof.  Said  renewal  or 
extension  shall  be  upon  the  same  terms  and  oonditions  as 
those  of  the  initial  period  exoept  that  the  minimum  number 
of  oells  or  their  equivalent  in  rated  ampere  hour  oapaoity 
required  and  agreed  to  be  purchased  by  the  Bankers  during 
the  three  years  of  the  said  renewal  or  extension,  shall  be 
as  follows:- 

During  the  first  six  months  of  the 
year  1921 

During  the  last  six  months  of  the 
year  1921 

During  the  first  six  months  of  the 
year  1922 

During  the  last  six  months  of  the 
year  1922 

During  the  first  six  mouths  of  the 
year  1923 

During  the  last  six  monthB  of  the 
year  1923 

(16)  This  agreement  shall  take  effect  upon  the 
date  hereof  and  shall  be  binding  upon  the  Bankers  jointly 
and  severally.  She  obligations  and  benefits  of  the  Edison 
Company  hereunder  shall  be  binding  upon  and  inure  to  the 
Buooessors  and  legal  representatives  of  the  Edison  Company, 
md  the  obligations  and  benefits  of  the  Bankers  hereunder 
3 haH  be  binding  upon  and  inure  to  the  successors  of  the 
Jankers  in  the  banking  business  of  E.  3.  Bisman  and  Company. 

'he  Bankers  shall  not  have  the  right  to  assign  this  agree- 

-  35760  A-10  oells 

-  35750  A-10  oells 

-  35750  A-10  oells 

-  35750  A-10  oells 

-  35750  A-10  oells 

-  35750  A-10  oells 

ment,  nor  the  right  to  transfer  it  exoept  to  their  success¬ 
ors  in  the  hanking  business  of  F.  J.  Lisman  ana  Company. 
Suoh  transfer  shall  not  release  the  respective  Bankers  dur¬ 
ing  their  respective  lifetimes  from  any  liability  or  obliga¬ 
tion  hereunder;  nor  shall  suoh  transfer  release  their 
respective  estates  from  any  obligation  or  liability  whioh 
shall  have  aoorued  hereunder  at  the  times  of  their  respect¬ 
ive  deaths.  ' 

IH  WITNESS  WHEREOF ,  the  Edison  Company  has  caused 
this  agreement  to  be  signed  and  sealed  in  duplicate  by  its 
officers  thereunto  duly  authorized,  and  the  Bankers  have 
hereunto  set  their  hands  and  seals  in  duplicate  the  aay  and 
year  first  above  written. 

(SEAL  -  Ejdison  Storage 
Batterir  Company) 

Attest : 

•  Wm.  H.  Meadoworoft 



fiy  Thos .;  A.  Edison 


F.  J.  lisman  &  Co. 

Wm  .  G.  Edinburg _ 

Witness  to  signature  of 
Frederick  J.  lisman 

By  F.  J.  lisman 

David  M.  Minzesheimer 

William  E.  Keeza 
Witness  to  signature  of 
David  M.  Minzesheimer 

F.  A.  Murray 
Witness  to  signature 
William  Goodman 


William  Goodman 

State  of  Hew  York  ) 

:  ss .  s 

County  of  New  York  ) 

On  this  12th  flay  of  January,  in 
the  year  1914,  before  me  persbnally  oame  FEEDER I OH  J.  T.TRMAW, 
DAVID  M.  MIHZESHEIMER  ana  WIDDIAM  GOODMAN,  to  me  personally 
known  and  known  by  me  to  be  the  individuals  desoribed  in 
ana  who  exeoutea  the  foregoing  instrument,  and  severally 
aoknowledged  that  they  executed  the  same,  as  ana  for  the 
purposes  set  forth  therein. 

.  0.  Edinburg 

Notary  Public  Kings  County  No.  3£ 
Certificate  filed  in  How  York  County 
Reg.  Ho.  29 

My  commission  expires  Maroh  30,1914 



Mr.  Edison: - 


r  y\£ 

LISMATJ-48!  cqmrMy  ' 

vTy7  'V'V 

There  are  several  points  to  whioh  your  attention  shonia 

be  oalled  in  oonneotion  with  the  oarrying  out  of  the  above  oon- 
traot,  to-wit: 

(1)  Batteries  sold  under  this  oontraot  are  sold  sub¬ 
ject  to  restriotions  as  to  their  use.  It  is  doubtful  whether  these 
restrictions  can  be  enforced  against  a  purchaser  of  the  batteries 
subsequent  to  the  Lisman  Company  in  those  oases  where  such  purchaser 
has  no  notice  of  the  restriotions.  Eor  this  reason,  the  advisabil¬ 
ity  and  the  feasibility  of  applying  a  restriction  notioe  to  the  bat¬ 
teries  should  be  considered.  As  I  understand  it ,  it  is  impracticable 
to  apply  a  plate  to  the  sell  itself  but  tfea*  a  plate  may  be  applied 
to  the  tray  if  desired.  Under  the  oontraot  the  Lisman  Company  agrees 
that  they  will  require  eaoh  vendee,  lessee  or  other  user  of  any  bat¬ 
tery  supplied  under  the  oontraot  to  enter  into  an  agreement  to  com¬ 
ply  with  the  restriotions  of  the  oontraot  applicable  to  the  battery. 

In  view  of  this  agreement  on  the  part  of  the  Lisman  Company  and  the 

rather  small  likelihood  of  these  batteries  being  used  for  other  pur¬ 
poses,  it  may  be  that  as  a  praotioal  matter  you  will  deoide  to  dis¬ 
pense  with  restriction  notices  on  the  batteries.  I  assume  that  a 
record  will  be  kept  by  identifying  numbers  of  all  oells. 

(2)  We  agree  that  we  will  not  sell  batteries  to  others 
for  the  purpose  for  whioh  the  Lisman  Company  has  an  exclusive  li¬ 
cense  under  the  oontraot.  While  the  extent  of  our  obligation  under 
this  covenant  is  not  entirely  dear,  I  think  it  will  be  advisable 

'TltrZZU  %£ 


for  us  in  all  oases  where  batteries  are  sold  to  others  to  make  in¬ 
quiry  as  to  the  use  for  whioh  these  batteries  are  purohased.  I 
understand  from  Mr,  Bee  that  as  a  general  rule  the  Battery  Company 
is  informed  as  to  the  use  the  purchaser  intends  to  make  of  the 

(3)  A  speoial  form  of  guaranty -in  aooordanoe  with  the 
oontraot  should  be  prepared  to  aooompany  each  battery  supplied  under 
the  oontraot,  and  the  battery  identified  in  some  suitable  manner  as, 
for  example,  by  the  numbers  appearing  on  the  oells. 


UU.  ^ 

/*,  J/U,.  a~-d- 

L £.  ‘L-  L—  tr 



MO  R  15 

j.  '  .  THIS  I’JBEITTURE  made  this  first  day  of  Septonbcr,  1916  by  and 

/.  botweon  EDISOIT  STORAGE  BATTERY  OOURAHY,  a  corporation  organised  and  existing 
i;  under  the  laws  of  ,tho  State  of  How  Jersey,  and  Having  its  prinoipal  place  of 
j  j  business  at  "/eat  Orange,  County  of  Essex,  in  said  State,  party  of  the:  first 
part,  (hereinafter  oallod  the  Company),  and  FIDELITY  TRUST  COMPANY,  a  cor¬ 
poration  organised  and  existing  under  the  laws  of  tlio  State  of  'Tow  Jersey, 

|  and  having  its  prinoipal  office  in  the  City  of  Hewarl:,  County  of  Essex,  in 
j  said  State,  party  of  the  second  part  (hereinafter  called  the  Trustee)  , :; 
WITUE33ETH  THAT!-  ■  : 

, .  V/HEREAS ,  the  Company  has  heretofore  issued  bonds  secured  by  a 
certain  mortgage,  which  said  bonds  wore  duo  for  paymont  July  1,  1916,  and 
certain  of  which  said  bonds  have  not  yet  been  paid}  and 

WHEREAS,  the  Company  is  indebted  to  ilr.  Thomas  A.  Edison,  of 

■  Vest  Orange,  Hew  Jersey,  on  open  account;  and 

WHEREAS,  the  Company  has  acquired  or  is  about  to  acquire  certain 
!  property  from  said  Thomas  A.  Edison  used  by  the  Company  including  the 

Boiler  house  and  stack,  including  foundation,  boilers  and  settings, 
blowers,,  coal  and  water  handling  apparatus  and  other  equipment  in,  upon  and 
about,  the  premises  at  West  Orange,  Hew  Jersey,  hereinafter  designated  as 
i  Tract  6  and  .Traot  7 ; 

;  .  Machinery,  tools,  furnaces,  tanks ,  pumps,  plating  apparatus, ; 

■  elootrical  apparatus  and  wiring  and  other  equipmont  in,  upon  and  about  the 
premises  occupied  by  the  Company  at  West  Orange,  :i.  J.; 

Buildings,  stacks,  towers,  tanks  and  other  fixtures  located  "upon 
the  premises  in  Bloomfield  and  Belleville,'  17.  J.  leased  or  about  to  be 

\  | 

I  leased  by  the  Company  from  said  Thomas  A.  Edison,  and  machinery,  tools, 

1  furnacos,  boilers,  tanks,  pumps,  electrical  apparatus  and  wiring  and  other 

i  equipment  in,  upon  and  about  said  premises  and  buildings;  and 

|  WHEREAS, the  Company  has  acquired  or  is  about  to  acquire  certain 

I  lands  and  buildings  in  'Vest  Orange,  !J.  ,J.  from  said  Thomas  A.  Edison  and 

'Thomas  A,  Edison,  Incorporated,  a  corporation  of  :T«v  Jersey,  of  West  Orange, 

ViEHEAS ,  it  is  desired  to  provide  funds  f 

.  outstanding  bonds  and  to  enable  t 

nortgage  securing  said  bonds  to  bo  dis- 

||  charged;  to  pay  the  aforesaid  indebtedness  on  open  account  to  said  Thomas 
I  a.  Edison  in  whole  or  in  part;  to  pay  in  whole  or  in  part  for  the  3 aid  land 

ij  and  buildings  and  other  property  acquired  o 

inquired  as  aforesaid; 

|  to  plaoo  the  Company  upon  a  better  financial  basis  by  converting  a  part  or 
|  the  whole  of  its  outstanding  floating  indebtedness  into  a  bonded  indebted- 
;  ness;  and  to  provide  funds  for  such  other  purposos  ns  the  Board  of  Directors 
i  in  their  discretion  may  doom  proper  and  advisable,  the  Company  with  the 

j!  consent  and  authorisation  of  i 

stockholders  at  a  mooting  called  for  such 

|;  purpose,  and  in  pursuance  of  due  action  by  its- board  of  Directors,  lias 
j  determined  to  issuo  its  first  mortgage  five  percent  gold  bonds  in  an  amount 
|  not  to  exooed  tho  sum  of  Two  Million  Dollars  (£2,000,000) ,  and  to  securo 
I  au  0f  the  bonds  so  issued  by  a  mortgage  in  the  terms;  of  this  indenture 
jl  upon  the  premises,,  goods,  chattels.  Letters  Patent  and  applications  for 
Letters  Patent  hereinafter  described,  and  any  and  all  real  estate  hereafter 
to  be  acquired,,  which  said  bonds  shall  be  two  thousand  (2000)  in  number  and 
of  the  par  value  of  One  Thousand. Dollars  (§1000)  each,,  numbered  from  1  to 
,  2000,  both  inclusive. .  .Raid  bonds  are  to  bear  the  same  date. as  this  in- 
1  denture.,. are,  to  be  payable  upon  the  dates  of  maturity. hero inaf ter  specified 

fineness  existing  September  1,  1916,  and  shall  bear  interest  from  September 
1,  1916  at  the  rate  of  five  percent  (5$)  per  annum  payable  in  like  gold  coin 
semi-annually  on  the  first  day  of  March  and  September  in  each  and  every 
yoar  from  the  first  day  of  March,  1917  until  the  payment  of  the  principal 
!  amount  thereof,  and  shall  bo  Issued  as  coupon  bonds  and  Bhall  have  attaohed 
thereto  ooupons  representing  the  semi-annual  installments  of  interest  thereon, 
each  of  which  coupons  is  to  bo  authenticated  by  the  faosimllo  signature  of 
the  present  treasurer  or  of  any  future  treasurer  of  the  Company,  and  all  such 
|  coupon  bonds  are  to  be  reglstrablo  as  to  principal,  and  the  said  bonds  with 
I  the  ooupons  thereto  pertaining  are  to  be  substantially  of  the  following  form, 
the  distinguishing  number  and  the  date  of  maturity  thereof  being  properly 
:  inserted,  nanelyj- 


State  of  new  Jersey 

Amount  §1000 

;  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company 

First  Mortgage  Five  Percent  Gold  Bond 
!  ,  ElOr  ALL  EEH  BY  THESE  EREsritTS,  that  Edison  Storage  Eattery 

Company,  a  corporation  organi-.ed  under  the  laws  of  the  State  of  'Tew  Jersey, 

: for  value  received,  hereby  acknowledges  itself  to  bo  indebted  to  the  bearer, 
or.  if  registered,  to  the  registered  holder  hereof  in  the  eum  of  One  Thousand 
Dollars  ($1000) ,  whioh  sura  it  promises  to  pay  to  the  lawful  holder  hereof 
in  gold  coin  of  the  United  States  of  America  of  the  standard  of  weight  and 
fineness  existing  September  1,  1916,  at  the  offioe  of  Edison  Storage  Eattery 
Company  at  West  Orange  aforesaid  on  the  first  day  of  ,  nineteen 

(unless  sooner  paid  as  hereinafter  provided) , 

Hundred  and 

j  with  interest  thereon  at  the  rate  of  five  percent  (5%)  per  annum  payable  in 
like  gold  ooin  at  said  offioe  on  the  first  day  of  March.  and  September  in  each 
and  evory  yoar,  on  the  presentation  and  surrender  of  the  annexed  coupons  as 
they  severally  mature. 

j  The  principal  and  interest  on  this  bond  are  payable  v/lthout  deduc¬ 

tion  for  any  tax  or  taxes  or  stamp  duties  (other  than  succession,  inheritance 
i  or  estate  taxes)  which  said  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  or  Fidelity  Trust 
Company,  Trustee  under  the  mortgage  hereinafter  referred  to,  may  bo  required 
to  pay  thereon  or  to  retain  or  to  deduct  therefrom  under  any  present  or 
future  law  of  the  United  States  of  America  or  any  State,  Oounty,  Municipality 
or  any  taxing  authority  thoroof . 

This  bond  Is  one  of  a  duly  authorised  issue  of  bonds  of  said  Edison 
Storage  Battery  Company  of  lilte  date,  tenor  and  of foot,  except  as  to  the 
distinguishing  number  and  date  of  maturity  theroof,  issued  and  to  be  issued 
to  an  amount  not  to  exceed  Two  Million  Dollars  ($2,000,000)  in  the  aggregate, 
and  numbered  from  1  to  2000,  inclusive,  under  and  in  pursuance  of  and  all 
ratably  secured  by  the  first  mortgage  bearing  even  date  herewith,  duly  ex¬ 
ecuted  by  said  JJdlson  Storage  Battery  Company  to  the  Fidelity  Trust  Company, 
of  Newark,  ITov:  Jersey,  as  Trustee,  of  and  upon  the  property  mentioned  therein, 
to  which  indenture  of  mortgage  reference  is  hereby  made  for  the  description 
of  the  property  mortgaged  and  the  nature  and  extent  of  the  security  and  the 
rights  of  the  holders  of  said  bonds  under  the  same,  and  the  terms  and  con¬ 
ditions  upon  which  said  bonds  aro  issued,  secured  and  payable,  ' 

If  default  shall  be  made  in  the  paymont  of  interest  on  this  bond 
or  in  the  performance  or  observance  of  any  of  the  covenants,  obligations  and 
agreements  in  said  mortgago  contained,  then  the  principal  of  this  bond  may  be 
-.deolared  and  bsopmer.dUteRnd  payable,  but  only  on  the  conditions  and  in  the 
manner  and  at  the  time  provided  in  said  mortgago. 


Shis  bond  is  subjeot  to  redemption  at  the  option  of  said  Edison 
Ij  Storage  Battory  Company  on  September  1,  1917  or  on  any  interest  date  there- 
jj  after  at  one  hundred  and  five  percent  (105$)  of  the  face  value  thereof,  and 
;l  aoorued  interest,  upon  notice,  as  provided  in  said  mortgage. 

Shis  bond  until  registered  shall  pass  by  delivery.  It  may  a3  to 
prinoipal  be  registered  in  the  books  of  said  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company 
|j  to  be  kept  at  its  office  in  west  Orange  aforesaid!  and  if  so  registered  will 
j  thereafter  be  transferable  only  upon  tho  books  of  the  said  Edison  Storage 

j  Battery  Company  by  the  owner  in  person  or  by  his  attorney,  unless  tho  last  pre- 


jj  coding  transfer  shall  have  been  to  bearer  and  tho  transfer  by  delivery 
ji  thereby  restored.  And  it  shall  be  susceptible  of  successive  regi3tations 
|  and  transfers  to  bearer  at  the  option  of  the  holders,  but  such  registration 
ij  shall  not  affeot  the  negotiability  of  tho  annexed  coupons,  which  shall  oon- 
jl  tinue  to  be  transferred  by  delivery  merely  and  payable  to  boarer. 

Ij  ”o  recourse  shall  be  had  for  the  payment  of  the  prinoipal  or 

j  interest  of  this  bond  to  the  stockholders ,  offioers  or  directors,  present 
:!  or  future,  of  said  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company,  either  directly  or  in- 

j  dlreotly,  by  virtue  of  any  statute  or  by  enforcement  of  any  assessment  or 
l|  otherwise,  and  any  and  all  liability  of  suoh  stockholders,  officers  and 
!  directors  in  respect  to  said  bonds  is  hereby  expressly  waived  and  released 
by  every  holder  hereof. 

j  This  bond  shall  not  be  valid  until  authenticated  by  a  certificate 

|  of  the  Fidelity  Trust  Company  as  Trustee  endorsed  thereon,  or  its  successor 
j;  in  trust 

j1  1$'  TOT’.TEBS  WHEREOF,  said  Edison  Otorage  Battery  Company  has  caused 

||  these  presents  to  bo  signed  by  its  Vice-Pros idont  and  Financial  Executive 


and  its  corporate  seal  to  to  hereunto  affixed  and  attested  by  its  Secretary, 
and  the  ooupons  for  such  intorost  bearing  tho  facsimile  signature  of  its 
Treasuror  to  bo  attached  hereto  this  first  day  of  September,  1916. 


By _ _ ' 

Vice-President  and  Financial  Executive 




On  tho  first  day  of  .  19 _ ,  Edison  Storage  Battery 

Company  will  pay  to  the  bearer  at  its  office  in  West  Orange,  N.  J.  Twenty- 
five  Dollars  ($25.00)  in  gold  coin  of  tho  standard  of  woight  and  fineness 
existing  September  1,  1916,  being  six  months  interest  on  its  first  mortgage 

gold  bond  !To. _ ,  on  tho  presentation  and  surrender  of  this  coupon* 

unless  said  bond  shall  be  sooner  redeemed. 

$26.00  .  Treasurer  . 

A7TD  WHKEFAS,  on  eaoh  of  said  bonds  there  is  to  bo  ondorsod  a 
certificate  of  the  Trustee  or  of  its  successor  appointed  hereunder,  that 
said  bond  is  one  of  the  bonds  described  in  this  indenture  and  no  bond  Is  . . 
to  be  seoured  by  this  indenture  or  to  be  obligatory  for  any  purposo  unless 
such  certificate  shall  have  been  executed  by  the  Trustee  or  it3  duly  appoint 

eci  successor,  which  certificate  iB  to  ho  of  tlio  following  form,  namely: 


Fidelity  Trust  Company  hereby  certifies  that  the  within  bond  is 
one  of  the  series  of  bonds  described  in  the  mortgage  within  mentioned. 

'  Fidelity  Trust  Company 

"  '  'by—. .  . . . . _ 

Ti*uat  Offioer 

AKD  WHICH  HAS  all  aots  and  things  prescribed  by  law  and  by  the 
by-lav/B  of  the  Oompaay  necessary  to  malqa  said  bondo,  when  authenticated  by 
the  oertifioate  of  the  Trustee,  valid,  binding  and  legal  obligations  of  the 
Company,  and  these  presents  a  valid  indenture  according  to  its  tenor  „to 
secure  and  to  provide  for  the  payment  of  said  bonds,  have  boon  dona  or  per¬ 
formed  or  have  happened,  and  the  form,  exooution,  issue  and  delivery  of  said 
bonds,  and  the  form,  execution  and  delivory  of  this  indenture  have  been  in 
all  respects  duly  authorized  by  the  Board  of  Directors  and  by  the  stockholders 
of  the  Company. 


That  in  consideration  of  the  premises  and  of  the  purchase  and 
aooeptanoo  of  suoh  bonds  by  tho  holders  thereof  and  of  the  sum  of  One  Dollar 
to  it  duly  paid  by  tho  Trustee  at  or  before  the  ensealing  and  delivery  of 
these  presents,  the  receipt  whereof  is  hereby  acknowledged,  and  in  order  to 
seoure  the  payment  of  the  principal  and  interest  of  all  suoh  bonds  at  any 
timo  issued  and  outstanding  under  this  indenture  according  to  their  tenor  . 
and  effect  and  tho  performance  of  all  the  covenants  herein  contained  and  to 


declare  the  termB  and  conditions  upon  whioh  said  bondB  are  issued  and  re¬ 
ceived,  the  Qompany  has  oxooutod  and  delivered  these  presents  and  has  granted, 
■bargained,  Bold,  aliened,  released,  conveyed,  confirmed,  assigned,  transferr¬ 
ed,  mortgaged,  sot  over  and  warranted,  and  by  these  presents  does  grant, 
bargain,  sell,  alien,  release,  oonvey,  confirm,  assign,  transfer,  mortgage, 
set  over  and  warrant  unto  Fidelity  Trust  Company,  a  corporation  of  the  State 
of  Hew  Jersey,  having  its  principal  office  in  the  City  of  Kewarlc,  County  of 
Essex  in  said  State,  all  the  following  desoribed  property,  namely:- 

First!  (a)  All  that  traot  or  paroel  of  land  and  premises,  herein- 
|  after  particularly  described,  situate,  lying  and  being  in  the  Borough  of 
|j  Glen  Ridge  in  the  County  of  Essex  and  State  of  Hew  Jersey. 

BEGIHKIKG  in  the  north-easterly  line  of  Bloomfield  Avenue  at  the 
easterly  corner  of  property  now  or  formerly  of  Era.  11.  Benson,  Which  corner 
is  also  distant  in  said  line  of  Bloomfield  Avenue,  three  hundred  and  ninety 
one  and  sixty  four  one  hundredths  feet  more  or  Iobb  westerly  from  the  centre 
lino  of  Herman  Street;  thenoe  running  along  Bloomfield  Avenue  south  twenty 
three  degrees,  thirty  two  minutes  east,  one  hundred  and  sixty  nine  and  sixty 
hundredths  feet;  thence  north  forty  five  degrees,  twenty  seven  and  one  half 

minutes  east,  five  hundred  and  forty  and  thirty.. jEivo  one  hundredths  feet  _ 

more  or.  less  ■  ’the  southerly' line  of  Belleville  Avenue;’  thence  along  the 
same  the  different  courses'  thereof  one  hundred  and  thirty  seven  foot  or  more 
to  the  north-easterly  corner  of  said  Benson's  land;  thenoe  along  the  same 
i  south  forty  eight  degrees,  five  minutes  west,  four' hundred  and  seventy  two 
feet  more  or  loss  to  Bloomfield  Avenue  and  place  of  beginning;  Being  the 
same  premises"  conveyed  to  the  party  of  the' first  part  by  Thomas  A.  Edison 
And  wife  by  their  deed  dated  July  11th,  1901,  and  recorded  in  the  Register's 
Off ioe  of  the  County  of  Essex  in  book  U-34' of  Heeds  for  said  County  on  pages 
|  460  et  Ben. 

(b)  All  tl 

traots  or  paroele  of  land. 

premises  hereinafter 

particularly  described,  situate,  lying  and  being  in  the  Town  of  Lost  Orange, 
in  the  County  of  Essex  and  State  of  Now  Jersey. 

Tract  1, 

iSEGINIiil.'G  at  the  iutorseotion  of  the  easterly  lino  of  Valley 
Streot  with  the  southerly  line  of  Lakeside  Avenue,  and  running  thenco  along 
said  line  of  Lakeside  Avenue  South  forty-eight  degreos  thirty-seven  minutes 
Eaot  three  hundred  and  thirty-one  feet  and  twenty-nine  one  hundredths  of  a 
foot  to  the  westerly  lino  of  Ashland  Avenue;  theuoe  along  said  lino  of 
Ashlund  Avenue  South  forty -eight  degrees  twenty-two  minutes  Lest  six  hundred 
and  thirty-five  feet  and  fifty  one  hundredths  of  a  foot  to  the  northerly 
line  of  Charles  Street;  thence  along  said  line  of  Charles  Street  Eortli 
forty-one  degreoo  thirty-oi^it  minutes  Lest  one  hundred  and  fifty  feet; 
thence  parallel  with  Ashland  Avenue  liorth  forty-eight  degreoe  twenty-two 
minutes  East  ninety  foot;  thonoe  parallel  with  Charles  Street  South  forty- 
one  degrees  thirty-eight  minutes  East  fifty  feet;  thence  parallel  with 
Ashland  Avouuo  North  forty-eight  degrees  twenty-two  minutes  East  thirty 
feet;  thonoo  parallel  with  Charles  Street  liorth  forty  -on©  degrees  thirty- 
eight  mluut03  Loot  fifty  foot;  theuoe  parallel  with  Aohland  Avenue  liorth 
forty-eight  dogreoe  twonty-two  minutes  East  two  hundred  and  ninety-oig?»t 
foot  and  ninety-four  one  hundredths  of  a  foot;  thenoo  North  thirty-eight 
degrees  fifty-six  minutes  '.Vest  one  hundred  and  fifty  feet  moro  or  leeo  to 
tho  easterly  lino  of  Valley  Street;  thonoe  north-easterly  along  said  line  of 
Valley  Street,  curving  to  tho  left  on  an  aro  of  a  circlo  having  a  radius  of 
eight  hundred  and  twonty-eovon  feet  and  fifty  one  hundredths  of  a  foot,  a 
distance  of  one  hundred  and  twenty-ono  feet  and  twenty-eight  one  hundredths 
of  a  foot,  and  thence  still  along  eaid  line  of  Valley  Street  North  thirty- 
six  dogrees  fifteen  minutes  East  fifty  feet  and  forty-four  one  hundredths 

point  of  Beginning. 

of  a  foot  to  the  southerly  line  of  Lakeside  Avenue  and 
Being  the  same  premises  conveyed  to  national  Phonograph  Company  (now  named 
Thomas  A.  Edison,  inoorporatod)  hy  deed  from  Edison  Manufacturing  Company, 
dated  October  SO,  1905,  and  recorded  in  the  office  of  the  Register  of  hoods 
for  Essex  County  in  Book  1-59, of  heeds  for  said  County  on  pages  286-208. 

'Bract  2, 

BEGIKUIKG  at  a  point  in  the  southerly  line  of  land  formerly  of  ; 
Andrew  O'Connor  distant  therein  one  hundred  feet  westerly  from  the  westerly 
line  of  Ashland  Avenue;  thence  along  said  O'Connor's  line  westerly, 
fifty  feet;  thence  southerly  about  parallel  with  Ashland  Avenue  thirty  feet; 
theuoe  oastorly  and  parallel  with  the  first  mentioned  lino : fifty  feet  to  a 
point  diDtunt  one  hundred- feet  westerly  from  the  westerly  line  of  Ashland 
Avenue;  thonoo  northerly  thirty  feet  to  the  plaoo  of  Beginning.  Being  the 
same  premises  conveyed  to  National  Phonograph  Company  (now  named  Thomao  A. 
Edison,  incorporated)  by  deed  from  Susan  1.  Soxton  and  Cornelius  l'..  Sexton, 
her  huBband,  dated  September  d,  1908,  and  reoorded  in  the  office  of  the 
Register  of  Deeds  for  Essex  County  in  Book  D-dd  of  hoods  for  said  County  on 
pages  150-152. 

-  Tract  5.  ,  .  , 

BEOlldllllG  on  the  northerly  side  of  Charles  Street  in  the  line  of 
Lot  Ho.  .  0  in  Block  G  as  laid  down  on  Map  llo.  .1  of  property  of  D»  H.,  Ropes; 
thenoe  running  along  said  Charles  Street  Westerly. sixty  feet;  thence  Horther 
ly  at  right  angles  with  said  . Charles  Street  Bixty-five  feotj  thenoe  Easterly 
parallel  with  said  Charles  Street  sixty  feet;  and  thenoe  Southerly  at  right 
angles  with  said  Charles  Street - sixty-five  feet  -to  said  Charles  Street  and 
place  of  Beginning.  Being  the  .same  premises  .convoyed  ;to  - Thomas  A.  Edison, 
Incorporated,  by  deed  from  Heman  J .  Rodf ield  and  Eva  E.  Redfield,  dated 
ISaroh  27,  1912,  and  reoordod.  in, the.Offioo, of  ths  Register  of  Doodo  for..* 


Essex  County  in  Book  P-52  of  Deeds  for  said  County  on  pages  338-339 , 

'fraot  4. 

BEG  llill  IliG  at  u  point  in  the  Easterly  line  of  Valley  Street  or  Road 
distant  Twenty-five  foot  northeasterly  from  the  northwesterly  cower  of  land 
formerly  Belonging  to  the  Estate  of  Aaron  B.  Harrison  which  Beginning  point 
is  also  the  northwesterly  corner  of  land  formerly  oonveyed  to  llary  Morris; 
thenoe  along  her  line  Southeasterly  One  Hundred  and  Fifty  feet ;  thence  liorth 
forty-eight  degrees,  twenty-two  minutes  East  Twenty -five  feet;  thenoe  north¬ 
westerly  One  Hundred  and  Fifty  feet  to  the  said  Valley  Street  or  Road  and 
thenoe  along  the  same  Southwesterly  Twenty-five  feet  more  or  leas  to  the 
line  of  said  Morris  and  place  of  Beginning,  Being  the  same  premises  oon¬ 
veyed  to  said  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  By  George -A.  Poppa  and  Fannie 
M.  Poppa,  his  wife.  By  deed  dated  May  23,  1913  and  reoorded  in  Book  F-53  of 
Deeds  for  Essex  County  on  pages  60-61. 

Traot  5. 

BEGlliniKG  at  a  point  in  the  easterly  line  of  Valley  Street  or 
Road  at  the  northwesterly  oorner  of  land  formerly  Belonging  to  the  Estate 
of  Aaron  B.  Harrison;  thenoe  running  South  thirty-eight  degrees,  fifty-six 
minutes  East,  one  hundred  and  forty -eight  feet  and  eighty  hundredths  of  a 
foot;  thenoe  running  liorth  forty-eight  degrees,  twenty-two  minutes  East, 
twenty-five  feet;  thenoe  running  northwesterly  one  hundred  and  fifty  feet 
more  or  less  to  a  point  in  the  Easterly  line  of  said  Valley  Street  or  Road 
distant  along  the  line  of  said  Street  or  Road  twenty-five  feet  northeasterly 
from  the  place  of  Beginningjthenoe  running  southwesterly  along  the  Easterly 
line  of  said  .alley  Street  or  Road  twenty-five  feet  to  the  plaoo  of  Be¬ 
ginning.  Being  the  same  premises  oonveyed  to  said  Edison  Storage  Battery 
Company  By  George. A.  Poppa  and  Fannie  Ji.  Poppa,  his  wife,  By  deed  dated 
July  1,  1913  and  reoorded  in  Book  P-53  of  deeds  for  Essex  County  on  pages 



'  Tract  6. 

I  BEGIlllilliG  on  the  southerly  side  of  Lakeside  Avenue  at  a  point 

|  therein  distant  one  hundred  and  fifty  feet  easterly  from  Ashland  Avenue; 

|  thenoe  running  southerly  on  a  line  at  right  angles  to  Lakeside  Avenue  one 
||  hundred  and  sixty  and  seventy-five  hundredths  feet  to  land  now  or  formerly 
|j  of  Henry  Miller  ;  thenoe  running  westerly  along  said  Miller’s  line  twenty- 
I  five  feet  and  eighteen  and  one  half  hundredths  of  a  foot  to  land  now  or  ' 
formerly  of  Bernard  Byrne;  thenoe  running  along  the  land  of  said  Bernard 
1  Byrne  one  hundred  and  fifty-seven  foot  and  sixty -nine  hundredths  of  a  foot 
!  more  or  leBs  to  Lakeside  Avenue;  thenoe  running  easterly  along  the  line  of 
|  said  Avenue  twenty-five  feet  to  the  Beginning.  Being  the  easterly  half  of 
j  lot  Mo.  21,  hiook  H,  as  laid  down  on  Map  Ho.  1  of  property  of  D.  H.  Ropes, 

I  and  a  part  of  the  premises  conveyed  to  said  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company 
|  hy  John  Contrell  and  Jennie  A.  Contrell,  hi a' wife,  hy  deed  dated  July  1, 

|  1913  and  recorded  in  Book  i' -53  of  Leeds  for  said  County  on  pages  63-65. 

!  Traot  7. 

i  BEQIIili  1HG  on  the  southerly  Bide  of  Lakeside  Avenue  at  a  point' 

jj  therein  distant  one  hundred  and  fifty  feet  easterly  from  Ashland  Avenue; 

|!  thence  running  along  said  Lakeside  Avenue  easterly  twenty-five  feet;  thenoe 
southerly  at  right  angles  with  said  Lakeside  Avenue  one  hundred  and  sixty 
i!  three  feet  and  eighty  hundredths  of  a  foot  to  land  now  or  lately  of  Henry 
|  Miller;  thenoe  along  the  same  (Being  lot  #24  on  the  map  hereinafter  referred 
i  to)  twenty-five  feet  and  eight  hundredths  of  a  foot  to  lot  #21  and  thenoe 
along  the  same' at  right  angles  with  said  LakeBide  Avenue,  northerly  one 
hundred  and  sixty  feet  and  nine  inches  to  said  Lakeside  Avenue  and  place  of 

!  Beginning.'  "  Being  the  westerly  half  of  lot  #20  in  Blook:  H  on  Map'  #1  of 
property  of  Id .  H 1  Hopes,  and  part  of  the'  same  premises' conveyed  to  said-' 


Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  By  John  Contrell  and  Jennie  A.  Contrail,  his 
wife,  By  deed  dated  July  1,  1913,  and  reoorded  in  Book  P-53  of  Deeds  for  said 
County  on  pages  G3-G5. 

Tract  0. 

BEGINNING  in  the  westerly  line  of  the  premises  desorihed  in  the 
!  deed  from  Estelle  Joralemon  to  Uary  Beime,  reoorded  in  Book  0  32  of  Deeds 
for  Essex  County,  on  pages  201,  eto.,  at  a  point  distant  fifty  feet  northerly 
from  lands  formerly  of  one  Shrump  and  now  of  Thomas  A.  Edison,  Incorporated 
(national  Phonograph  Company  renamed),  which  Beginning  point  is  also  distant 
one  hundred  and  four  feet  and  sixty-four  hundredths  of  a  foot  from. a  point 
I  in  the  southerly  side  of  lakeside  Avenue,  one  hundred  feet  east  of  Ashland 
Avenue;  running  thenoe  southeasterly  in  a  straight  line  parallel  to  Lakeside 
Avenue  a  distance  of  twenty-five  feet  to  land  formerly  of  one  Patrick  Drury 
and  now  of  said  Edison  Storage  Battery  Oornpany,  thence  southwesterly,  along  0 
said  land  of  said  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  at  right  angles  to  lakeside 

!  Avenue,  a  distance  of  fifty-one  and  eight  tenths  feet  more  or  less  to  lands 
formerly  of  said  Shrump  and  now  of  said  national  Phonograph  Company  and  ,to 
|j  the  southern  extremity  of  a  triangular  plot  conveyed  to  said  national  Phono- 
i  graph  Company  By  dead  dated  April  5,  1907  and  reoorded  in  Book  I  41  of  Deeds 
I  for  Essex  County  on  pages  683  to  685;  and  thenoe  northerly  in  a  straight 
I  lino  along  the  eastern  Boundary  of  said  triangular  plot  fifty-seven  and  one- 
j  half  feet  more  or  less  to  the  plaoe  of  Beginning.  Being  the  same  premises 
|  oonveyod  to  said  Edison  Storage  Battery  Company  by  Kory  Beime  and  Bernard 
I  Beime,  her  husband,. By  deed  dated  November  18,  1913.  and  recorded  ,  in.  Book, 
Q-53  of  Deeds  for  said  County,  on  pages  296-298.  .  .  . 

•  Together 'with,  all  the  Buildings  and  works  now  or  hereafter.'  ereoted 
I  iqion  the  aforesaid  trabt’s  or  parcels  of  land  and  premises,'  and  all  and  singu¬ 
lar  the  tenements, :  hereditaments'  tod  appurtenanoes;  thereunto  Belonglngor  ' 

in -any  vise  appertaining,  sad  the  reversions  and  remainders,  rents  Issues 
and  profits  thereof.  . 

Second:  All  of  the  buildings,  stacks,  towers,  tanks  and  other 
fixtures  now  owned  or  hereafter  acquired  by  the  Company  on  certain  tracts 
or  parcols  of  land  situate  in'the  Towns  of  Belleville  and  Bloomfield,  in  the 
.County  of  . Essex  and  Stato  ofiHew  Jersey,  which  said  tracts  or  parcels  of  land 
are  leased  or  about  to  bo  leased  by  Thomas  A.  Edison  to  the  Company. 

!  Third:  .  All  patterns  and  drawings  now  qwned  or  hereafter  to  be 

acquired  by  the  Company  and. used  in  its  business. 

Fourth:  '  All  machinery,  tools,  furnaces,  tanks,  pumps,  plating 
apparatus  including  ersujes,'  eleotrical  apparatus  (including  transformers, 
switoh-boards,  testing  panels,  rheostats,  motors,  generators  and  oables  and 
wiring)  boilers,  ooal  and  water  handling  apparatus,  diflplemOnts,  fixtures, 
j  fittings  and  faotory  appliances,  and  other  apparatus  of  vA latevor  kina  now 
owned  or  hereafter  aoquired  by  the  Company  and  used  by  it  in  its  raanufaotur- 
ing  bnsinoss, 

|  Fifth:  All  office  furniture  and  fixtures  now  owned  or  hereafter 

acquired  by  the  Company  and  used  by  it  in  its  business. 

I  Sixth:  All  patentdi  patent  applications  and  patent,  rights  new 

owned  or  hereafter  to  be  acquired  by  the  Company  including  the  following' 
Letters  Patent  of  the  United  States'of  America  and' applications  for  such  ' 
Letters  Patent:  .  .  .  „..s  . 

V'':  ..■  patents..  ■  V:.'  ,'7.  'r  :  ".V.i; 

Ho,  692^507,  granted  Feb,.  4j  1902,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A;  Edisqni 

NO,  700,136,  granted  May  13,  1902',  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  Ai  Ectlopni 

Ho,  700*137,  granted  May  '  13*  1902,  ^pon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison'/ 

.  WO.  701 ; 804,  grantodj^QQ  1902,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  .  A.  Edison,, 

:  No.  704^30^,  granted;  Juiy  f,  1902,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edls.on, 

Ho.  -704, 30d,  granted,  July  0,  19 02,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

He’.  .704,305,  granted  July  0,  1902,"  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 

no.  .704,306,  granted ^!uiy  ,8,  1902,'  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison^ 
No*  721,602,  grtmtod  torch  ‘3,  1903,  upon  sin  appl loat ion  of  Thomas  A.V  Edison* 

Ho.  723*449,  granted  March  24,  190?,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison.' 



;  Ho.  723,460,  granted  Mar  oh  24,  1903,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

|  Ho.  727,117*  granted  May  6,  1903,  upon  an  application  of  , Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho,  727,116,  granted  May  5,  1903,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  .'Edison* 

|  Ho.  764,866,  granted  Maroh  16,  1904,  upon  an  application  Of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 

llo,  764,869,  granted  Maroh  15,  1904,  upon  an  application  of,  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho,  764,183,  granted  July  5,  1904,  upon  an  application 'of  Thomas  A.  Edison.  . 

Ho*  766,371,  granted  July  19,  1904,  upon  an  application  of  J.  W.,  Aylmyorth, 

i  Ho,  767*664,  granted  August  16,  1904*  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho.  781,867,  granted  Feb.  7,  1906,  upon' an  application  of,  J.  W.  Aylaworth. 
i  Ho.  705,297,  granted -Maroh  21,  1905,  ..upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

|  Ho.  797,846,  granted  August  22, ; 1905,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

!  Ho.  813,491,  granted  Feb.  27,  1906,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A. 'Edison.  . 

Ho.  817,152,  granted  April  10,  19<§6,  upon  an  application  of  J.  W.  Aylsworth. 

Ho.  817,162,  granted  April  10,  1906*  upon  an  application  of.  Thomas  A.  Edison.  . 

i  Ho.  821*032,  granted  May  22,  1906,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho.  821,623,  granted  May  29,  .1906*  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho.  621,624,  granted  Moy  29,  1906,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho.  821,625,  granted  May  29,i905,  upon  on  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

'  Ho,  821,626,  granted  May  29*  1906,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho.  821*627*  granted  Kay  29,.  1906,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas, A.  Edison”. 

Ho.  821,628,  granted, Kay  29,  1906,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho.  827*297,  granted  July  31,  1906,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho.  831,269,  granted  Sept.  18,  1906,  upon  an  application. of  Thomas, A.  Edison. 

Ho.  837i£73,  granted  Deo.  4,  1906,  upon  an  application  of  J.  W.  Aylsworth. 

Ho. ,  839 ,'371,  granted  Dec.  25*'1906,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 

no.  850,485,  granted  April  16,  1907,  upon  an  application  of  J.  F.  Ott.  - 

Ho.  860*913,  granted  April  23, -1907,  upon  an  application  of .  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho,  852,424* .granted  May  7,  1907,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A,  Edison. 

Ho.  864,200,  granted  Kay  21,  1907,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas, A.  Edison. 

Ho.  857,041.,  granted  Juno  18,  .1907,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho.  867,929,  granted  June  25,  1907,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho.  660,196,,  granted  July  16,- 1907,- upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
Ho.  861,242,  granted  July  23,  1907,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho. .862,145,  granted  August  6,  ,1907,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho.  865,687,  granted  Sept.  10,  1907,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho,' 865,688,  granted  Sept.  10,  .1907,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho.  870,024,  granted  Hpv.  6,  1907,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho.  871,214,  granted  Hot.  19,  1907,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho. '  873,220*- granted  Deo.  10,  1907,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas -A,  Edison. 

Ho.  876, 445,  -  granted,  Jan,.  14,  1908,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A,  Edison. 

Ho.  879,612, .grantod  Feb.  18,  1908,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho.  879,859,  granted  Feb.  25,  1908,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho.,  ' 880,484,  grantod  Feb.  25,  1908,  upon  an- application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho.  880,957,' granted  March  .3,  1908,  upon  an  application  of  J.  W.  Aylsworth. 

Ho.  880,978,  granted  March  3,  1908,  upon  an  application  of  Thomaa  A.  Edison. 

Ho«;  880*979,  granted  March  3,;  1908, ;upon  an. application  of;  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho,  882,144, '.granted  Maroh  17,  1903,  upon  an  application  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho.  896,811,  granted  August  25,  1900,  upon  an  application  of  Thomaa  A.  Edison. 

Ho.  ,  896, Q12j ^granted  August  ,26,  ,1908,  upon,  an  applioation  of  Thomas  ;A.  Edison. 

Ho.  G98,4fflW-.  granted  Sept .  .8,.  1908,  upon  an  applioation  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho. '890,633,  grantod  Sept.  15,  1908,  upon  an  applioation  of  ThomaB  A.  Edison. 

Ho.: 9 14* 342',  granted  March  2,. .1909,  upon, an  application, of  Thomaa  A.  Edison. 

Ho.  914,343,  granted  March;;  2,  1909,  upon  an  application  of  . Thomas  A.  Edison, 

llo.  914,372,  granted  March  2,  1909,  upon  an  applioation  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

Ho.  936,435,  granted  Oot.  12,  1909,  upon  an  applioation  of  Thomas  A.  Edison. 

i  granted  Oct. 

,  granted  Oct. 
t  granted  ITov. 

,  granted  Jan. 

,  granted  Fob. 

,  granted  Fob. 

(  granted  Fob. 

,  grantod  April 
,  granted  Hov. 

,  granted  ITov. 

,  granted  April 
,  granted  August 
,  grantod  Dec. 

,  grantod  Fob. 

,  granted  July 
,  granted  July 
,  grantod  August 
,  grantod  ”ov. 

.  grantod  Jan. 

,  granted  3opt. 

,  granted  ITov. 

,  granted  .Tan. 

,  grantod  Jan. 

,  grantod  Oct.  Z 
,  granted  ITov. 

,  -granted  ITov. 

,  granted  I, larch 
,  grantod  Deo. 

,  grantod  Doo. 

,  granted  Jan. 

,  granted  Jan. 

,  granted  April 
,  grant odJJune 

n  application 
n  application 
n  application 
n  application 
n  application 
n  application 
n  application 
n  application 
n  application 
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n  application, 
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a  application 
e  application 
e  application 

of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
of  J.  'V.  Aylsworth. 
pf  Thomas  A.  Edison!, 
of  Thomas  A.  EdibonL 
of  Thomas  A.  Edison', 
of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
of  Edison  &  Aylsworth 
of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
of  J.  F.  Ott, 
of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
of  E.  Holland, 
of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
of  Thomas  A,  Edison, 
of  0.  A.  Hogors., 
of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
of  Thomas  A.  Edison . 
of  II.  H.  Hutchison, 
of  M.  H.  Hutchison, 
of  H.  H.  Hutchison, 
of  fr.'E.  Holland, 
of  Hutchison  &  TTortm 
of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
of  Thomas  A.  Edison, 
of  H.  H.  Hutchison. 

Serial  TTo.  817,494,  filed  Fob.  9,  1914,  by  Heinrich  H.  Kono  Kanmorhoff  for 
Gas  Filtering  or  Separating  Valves.  Patented  July  11,  1916, 

'  Ho.  1,190,654. 

y  M.  E.  Hutohison  for  Storage  , 

,  1914,  byli.  Hutohison  and  C.  W. 


Serial  Mo.  066,527,  filed  Aug.  13,  1914,  by  Charles  W,  Horton  for 
Secondary  or  Storage  Battery 

Serial  Ho.  4,125,  filed  Jan,  26,  1915,  by  Jerry  Chosler  for  Power 
Transmission  Devices. 

Serial  Ho.  62,901,  filedlfov.  23,  1915,  by  Jamea  if.  Monahan  for 
Electric  Safety  Lantern. 

Serial  Ho.  64,207,  filed  llov,  30,  1916,  by  James  P.  L'.onrihan  for 
j  Tray  for  Battery  Colla. 

|  Serial  Ko.  6G.127,  filed  Boo,.  22,  1915,  by  Rosooe  J.  Smith  for 
j  Golvonio  Batteries. 

|  Seventh:  The  Goodwill  of  the  business  of  the  Company  and  all 

! property,  property  rights 'and  assets  now  owned  or  hereafter  acquired  by 
i  the  Company  excepting  the  following,  vis:  the  Company’s  current  and  wording 
aoBOts,  including  Cash,  Accounts  Receivable,  Bills  Receivable,  notes  Re¬ 
ceivable,  all  raw  and  partly  manufactured  materiale  for  use  in  the  manufacture 
of  products  by  tho  Company,  all  worlc  ln  proooSs  of  such  manufacture;  all 
products  so  manufactured  or  purchased  to  be  sold  by  the  Company  in  the  oouree 
of  its  busineos,  and  all  earnings,  profits  and  inoome  lawfully1  Used  or  to  be 
used  for  tho  pnymont  of  dividends  to  stockholders  or  for  the  creation  of  a 
surplus,  and  it  is  expressly  agreed  that  all  property  excepted  as  aforesaid 
shull  be  free  from  the  lien  of  this  indenture,  notwithstanding  anything  to 
the  contrary  herein  contained, 

TO  HAVE  Al’.v  TO  HOLD  ALL  and  singular  the  above  granted  and  de¬ 
scribed  premises,  goods,  ohattsla,  and  property,  with  the  appurtenances 
thereunto  belonging,  according  to  the  several  natures  and,  characters  thereof 
unto  the  said  Trustee,  itB  euooesBors  and  assigns,  forever,  IK  ERUST.hevei—' 
theiessi'  for  the  equal  and  proportionate  benefit  and  security- of  all  present  ? 
end  future  holdors  of  the  bonds,  ieeuod  and  to  be  ieoued  hereunder,  and  for 
the  enforcement  of  tho  payment  of  ouoh, bonds,  when  payable,  and  to  secure 
the  performance,  of  and  the  ocmplipnoe  with  the  covenants  and  conditions  of 


this  indenture,  without  preference,  priority  or  distinction  as  to  lien  or 
otherwise,  of  any  one  bond  ovor  any  other  bond  by  reaoon  of  priority  in  the 
!  issue  or  negotiation  thereof,  or  by  reason  of  any  other  oauoe;  so  that  eaoh 
I-  and  ovory  bond  issued  and  to  bo  aforesaid  snail  have  tho.  same  right, 

|j  lien  and  privilege,  under  this  indenture  ab  every  other  bona,  and  so  that  the 
j  principal  and  interest  of  ovory  suoh  bond  shall,  subject  to  the  terms  hereof, 

|j  be  Beeurod  hereby  equally  and  proportionately  with  every  other  bond  as  if  all 
had  been  made,  executed,  delivered  and  negotiated  simultaneously  with  the  ex¬ 
ecution  end  delivery  of  this  indenture} • it  being  intended  that  the  lien  and 
security  of  this  indenture  and  of  all  bonds  issued  hereunder  shall  take  effeot 
|  from  tho  day  of  the  date  hereof  as  though  upon  such  day  all  of  suoh  bonds 
were. actually  issued,  executed  and  delivered  to  and  were  outstanding  in  the 
|  hands  of  innocent  purchasers  for  value.  and  it  is  hereby  expressly  covenanted 
and  declared  that  all  of  eaid  bonds  are  to  be  iBsued,  oertified,  delivered  and 
;  held,  and  that  the  mortgaged  property  is  to  be  held  by  the  Trustee,  subjeot  to 
the  following  further  covenants,  conditions  and  provisions, namely: 

.  .  > aiiTiohE  i.  . 

general  paoviaioiis. 

.  Section  1,  Tho  amount  of  bonds  secured  by  this  mortgage  whioh  may  be 
issued  by  tho  Company  and  certified  hy  the. Trustee  1b  limited  to  the  aggre¬ 
gate  prinolpal  Dum  of  Two  Million  hollars, 

Seotion  2,  Esoli  of  tho  bonds  issued.: hereunder, shall  be.  substantial! r 
of  the  form  and  tenor  hereinbefore  set  forth  and  for  the  principal  ..sum  of  One 
Thousand ; hollars ;( *1000) , •  The:datos  of  maturity  of  tho  several  bonds  shall  be 
as  follows,  to  Wit:-  .  ; 

;-'V  noBi  1  to  30  inolusivo  shall ‘mature  September  1,  1917* 

Eos.  31  to  60  inolusive  shall  mature  Mar  Oh  1,  1910* 

Hob*  61  to  90  inolusive  shall  mature  September  1,  1916* 

Hos.  91  to  120  inolusive  shall  mature  Maroh  1,  1919. 


Hos.  121  to  150  inclusive  shall  nature  September  1,  1919* 
Hos.  151  to  180  inclusive  shall  nature  Maroh  1,  1920. 
Hos.. 181  to  210  inclusive  shall  nature  September  1.  1920. 
Hos,' 211  to  .240  inclusive  shall  nature  March  1,  1921. 
•Tob.,  241  to  270  inclusive  shall  mature  September  1,  l?2l. 
ITos.,271  to  300  inclusive  shall  mature  Maroh  1,  1922. 
Hos.’ 301  to  330  inclusive  shall  mature  September  1,  1922. 
Hos.’  331  to  360  inclusive  shall  mature  Maroh  1,  1923. 
Hob,'  361  to  390  inclusive  shall  mature  September  1.  1923. 
Hos.|  391  to  420  inclusive  shall  mature  March  1.  1924. 
Hos.’  421  to  460  inolusive  shall  mature  September  It  1924, 
Hos.  451  to  480  inclusive  shall  mature  March  1,  1925. 
Hos.  481  to  610  inolusive  shall  mature  September  1,  1925. 
Hos.’  611  to  640  inolusive  shall  mature  March  1,  1926. 
Hos.  641  to  570  inclusive  shall  mature  September  1,  1926. 
Hos.  671  to  600  inolusive  shall  mature  March  1,  1927. 
Hos.  601  to  630  inclusive  shall  mature  September  1,  1927, 
Hos.  631  to  660  inolusive  shall  mature  March  1,  1928, 
Hos.'  661  to  690  inclusive  shall  mature  September  1,  1928. 
Hob.  691  to  720  inolusive  shall  mature  March  1,  1929. 
Hos.  721  to  760  Inclusive  shall  mature  September  1,  1929. 
Hos.  751  to  780  Inolusive  shall  mature  March  1,  1930. 
Hos.  781  to  810  inclusive  shall  mature  September  1,  1930. 
Hos,  811  to  840  inolusive  shall  mature  March  1,  1931. 
Hos,  841  to  870  inolusive  shall  mature  September  1,  1931. 
Hos.  871  to  900  inolusive  shall  mature  Maroh  .1*  1932, 
Hos.  901  to  930  inclusive  shall  mature  September  1,  1932. 
Hos.  931  to  960  inolusive  shall  mature  Maroh  1,  1933. 
Hos.  961  to  990  inolusive  shall  mature  September  1,  1933. 
Hos.  991  to  1020  inolusive  shall  mature  Maroh  1,  1934. 
Hos;i021  to  1060  inolusive  shall  mature  September  1,  1934. 
Hos. 1061  to  1080  inolusive  shall  mature  March  •  1,  1936. 
Hos. 1081  to  1110  inolusive  shall  mature  September  1,  1936. 
Hos. 1111  to  1140  inolusive  shall  mature  March  1,  1936. 
Hos. 1141  to  1170  inolusive  shall  mature  September  1,  1936. 
Hos. 1171  to  1200  inclusive  shall  mature  March  1,  1937. 
Hos .1201  to  1230  inolusive  shall  mature  September  1,  1937, 
Hos. 1231  to  1260  inclusive  shall  mature  March  1,  1938. 
Hos.1261  to  1290  inolusive  shall  mature  September  1,  1938. 
Hos. 1291  to  1320  inolusive  shall  mature  March  1,  1939. 
Hos.1321  to  1350  inclusive  shall  mature  September  1,  1939. 
Hos .1351  to  1380  inolusive  shall  mature  Maroh  1.  1940. 
Hos.1381  to  1410  inoluBive  shall  mature  Septenber  1,’  1940. 
Hos .1411  to  1440  Inolusive  shall  mature  Maroh  1.  1941. 
:  Hosil441  to  2000  inolusive  shall  mature  September  1,  1941, 

3eotion  3.  (the  bonds  issued  hereunder  shall  be  issued  in  the  insme 
Ind  on  behalf  of  the  Company  by  its  Vice-President  and  Financial  Executive 
tnd  Shall  be  sealed  with  its  corporate  seal*  .attested  ;by  its  Secretary,  .and 
Li  coupons  sfeall  be  authenticated  by  the. facsimile  signature  of  . :the  present 
ir  any  future  Treasurer  of  the  Company.  She  bonds  and  coupons  so  executed  shall 


to  deemed  obligatory  for  all  purposes  without  regard  to  the  fact  that  the 
offioore  executing  said  tondo  or  the  officer  whoso  facsimile  signature  shall 
appear  on  the  coupons  or  any  of  them  shall  have  ceased  to  he  such  officer  at 
the  date  of  the  actual  certification  and  issuance  of  Said  bonds* 

Section  4,  She  bonds  hereby  secured  shall  bo  executed,  certified 
and.  delivered  on  coupon  bonds.  Before  certifying  and  delivering  eny  bond 
hereby  secured,  all  coupons  thereof  then  matured  shall  bo  detaohed,  The 
bonds  shall  be  dated  September  1,  1016*  Only  ouch  of  the,  bonds  as  shall 
bear  thereon  a  certificate  substantially  of  the  form  hereinbefore  reoited, 
duly  executed  by  the  Trustee,  shall  bo  seoured  by  this  indenture  or  shall  be 
entitled  to  any  benefit  hereunder.  Ho  bond  nor  any  coupon  thereunto  apper¬ 
taining  shall  bo  valid  for  any  purpose  until  such  certificate  shall  have  been 
duly  endorsed  on  such  bond.  Every  suoh  certificate  of  the  Trustee  on  any  bond 
executed  by  the  Company  shall  be  conclusive  and  the  only  evidence  that  the  : 
bond  bo  certified  was  duly  issued  hereundor  and  that  the  same  le  entitled  to 
the  trust  hereby  oroated. 

Section  5,  Unless  registered  ae  to  principal,  as  herein  provided,  . 
the  bonds  shall  pass  by  delivery.  The  holder  of  any  bond  issued  hereunder, 
however,  may  have  the  ownership  thereof  registered  as  to  principal  only  in 
books  to  be  kept  by  the  Company  for  the  purpose  at  its  offioo  :in  West  Orange, 
EoBex  County,  Hew  Jersey,  Suoh  registry  ohall. bo  notedon  the  bond,  and 
thereafter  no  transfer  thereof  shall  be  valid  unless  made  on  .such  books  by 
the  registered  owner  in  person  or  by  his  attorney  duly  authorized  in  writing 
and,  similarly  noted  on  the  bond;  but  suxsh  bond  may  bo  discharged  from  registry 
by  being  in  like  manner  transferred  to -bearer,  and  thereupon  transferability, 
by  delivery  shall  be  restored;  and, again  from  time  to  time  any.  bond  may  ¬ 
be  registered  or  transferred  to  bearer  aa-before.  Suoh  registration,  however, 



not  effect  the  negotiability  of  the  coupons  Which  shell  alwnyB  he 
transferred  hy  dolivery  merely,  and  payable  to  bearer. 

Section  6.  In  oaae  any  bond  ionued  hereunder  wi th  the  ooupons 
thereto  appertaining,  shall  become  nut i la tod  or  be  loot  or  be  destroyed, 
the  Company  in  its  discretion  may  oxecuto,  and  thereupon  the  Trustee  Bhall 
certify  and  deliver  a  new  bond  of  line  teuor,  dato  and  amount  and  bearing  the 
same  serial  number,  in  exchange  and  substitution  for  and  upon  cancellation  of 
the  mutilated  bond  and  its  coupons,  or  in  lieu  of  and  in  substitution  for  the 
bond  and  its  coupons  so  lost  or  destroyed,  upon  receipt  of  evidenoo  satis¬ 
factory  to  the  Company  and  to  the  '.trustee  of  the  loss  or  destruction  of  such 
bond  and  its  coupons  and  upon  receipt  also  of  indemnity  satisfactory  to  the 
Company  and  to  the  'trustee,  The  Trustee  shell  not  be  liable  for  anything 
done  hy  it  in  good  faith  undor  the  provisions  of  this  section.  At  the  time 
of  delivery  of  any  now  bond  pursuant  to  tho  provisions  of  this  section,  the 
owner  of  such  mutilated  or  lost  or  destroyed  bond  shall  reimburse  the  Company 
for  any  reasonable  expense  incurred  by  the  Company,  including  counsel  fees 
and  the  charges  of  the  Trustee  in  connection  with  the  execution  and  certifi¬ 
cation  of  such  new  bond,  and  also  for  any  stamp  tax  or  governmental  charge 
incidental  to  the  execution,  certification  and  delivery  of  suoh  new  bond. 

Section  V.  Until  said  bonds  have  been  engraved  or  lithographed 
in  definitive  form,  the  Company  may  issue  and  deliver  in  its  discretion 
temporary  bonds  without  coupons  in  lieu  thereof,  substantially  of  the  tenor 
of  the  bonds  to  be  issued  as  hereinbefore  reoitod  exoept  in  respect  to 
denomination  and  with  appropriate  variations  in  form  and  denomination, 
and  exchangeable  for  definitive  bond  or  bonds  of  equal  faoo  value  when  ready 
for  delivery.  Tho  temporary  bonds  so  Issued  shall  be  payable  to  bearer  and 
shall  bear  thereon  certificates  substantially  in  the  form  hereinbefore  reoited, 

issued  shall  lie  aub- 


duly  executed  by  the  trustee,  Every  temporary  bond  so 
jeot  to  ell  the  provisions  and  entitled  to  all  tlio  security  of  this  inden¬ 
ture  and  When  and  as  any  interest  is  paid  upon  such  temporary  bond,  suoh 
payment  shall  be  noted  thereon. 

Sections.  She  bonds  secured  by this  mortgage  “e  and  shall  be 
redeemable  on  the  first  day  of  September,  191V  or  at  any  interest  date 
thereafter  at  one  hundred  end  five  percent  (10&$)  of  the  face  value  thereof 
and  aoorued  interest,  at  the  pleasure  of  the  Company  expressed  by  resolu¬ 
tion  of  its  Board  of  Direotors;  said  redemption  to  bo  made  as  followst- 
Whenever  tho  Board  of  Directors  of  the  Company  shall  desire  to  redeem  any 
of  suoh  bonds,  they  shall  pass  a  resolution  sotting  forth  tho  amount  of 
bonds  (at  their  par  value)  desired  to  be  redeemed,  and  the  serial  numbers 
of  the  bonds  to  be  redeemed  shall  be  drawn,  by  lot  in  auoh  nannor  as  the 
Trustee  may  determine,  at  least  fifty  days  before  the  date  upon  which  the 
bonds  so  drawn  ore  to  be  redeemed,  said  drawing  in  each  ease  to  bo  made 
first  only  from  the  group  of  bonds  then  outstanding  having  tho  latest  matur 
ity  date.  if  the  number  of  .'.bonds  then  outstanding  of  the  grot®  having 
the  latest  maturity  date  shall  be  equal  to  or  less  than  the  number  of 
bonds  which  it  is  then  desired  to  redeem,  all  Of  the  then  outstanding 
bonds  of  Buoh .  group  shall  be  redeemed,  and  any  additional  bonds  Which  are 
to.  be  then  redeemed  shall  be  detorminod  by  drawing  by  lot  from  the  serial 
numbers  of  the  grot®  having  the  next  latest  date  of  maturity,  it  being  the. 
intention  in  every  case  that  no  bond  shall  be  drawn  for  redemption  under 
the  provisions  of  thiB  paragraph  so  long  as  there  is  any  bond  having  a 
later,  maturity  outstanding  and  not  drawn  for  redemption.  When  tho  numbers 
of : the  said  bonds  shall  have  been  drawn  as  aforesaid,  the  Company  shall 
cause  notice  to  be  published  at  least  twice  a  week  during  the  six  weeks 

next  preceding  the  date  upon  Which  the  hondo  eo  drawn  are  to  he  redeemed 
and  retired,  in  one  daily  newspaper  published  in  tho  City  of  Newark,  Hew 
Jersey,  and  tho  Borough  of  l'.nnlmttnn,  city  of  Hew  York,  It.  Y.,  respectively 
giving  the  numbers  of  tho  bondo  to  be  redoomed  as  aforosaid,  and  shall  noti¬ 
fy  the  registered  holders  of  such  of  said  bonds  to  be  redeemed  as  are  regis¬ 
tered,  by  depositing  such  notice  in  tho  fost  Office,  postage  prepaid,  ad- 
ij  dressed  to  their  addrosson  as  tho  same  appear  on  the  hooks  of  the  conpany, 
sli  weeks  before  the  time  designated  for  redeeming  and  retiring  said  bonds, 

I  and  the  principal  of  auoh  bonds  to  bo  so  redeemed  shall  become  duo  and 
payable  on  the  next  interest  date  following  tho  date  of  the  aforesaid  draw¬ 
ing  in.  the  same  manner  as  if  ouoh  bonds  had  matured  according  to  the  con¬ 
ditions  thereof,  and  on  presentation  and  surrender  of  said  bonds  and  all 
coupons  thereof  oomine  due  after  said  interest  date  at  the  office  of  the 
Company  at  West  Orange  aforeeaid,  the  priuoipal  of  said  bonds  together  with 
five  percent  ($),  thereof  additional  as  a  preminm  for  advance  payment 
shall  he  paid  to  tho  lawful  holder  thereof.  If  any  of  the  said  bonds  bo 
oalled  shall  not  be  presented  for  payment  as  aforesaid  at  tho  place  and  on 
the  date  that  the  eernc  arc  made  payable,  the  Company  may  deposit  the  afore¬ 
said  redemption  price  of  said  bonds  with  tho  Irustee  in  trust  fen-  tho  law¬ 
ful  owner  of  said  bonds,  and  such  deposit  shell  be  deemed  to  be  a  redemption 
of  such  bonds  and  a  full  performanco  of  this  covenant  so  far  as  said  bonds 
are  concerned,  and  the  Compaq  shall  be  released  and  discharged  from  any 
further  liability  on  account  of  said  bonds  and  tho  coupons  thereof  thereafter 

this  a sot ion  shall 
their  redemption. 

ii  bonds  oalled  for  redeB9.1t ion  under  the  provisions  of 
ease  and  determine  from  and  after  thaidat4  appointed  fern 

!i  24 


|i  '  ccrm'io'is  of  the  isserr.  of  boitdo 

j|  At  any  time  after  the  execution  of  thin  indenture  the  bonds  i3su- 

ij  ablo  hereunder  3hall  bo  oxeoutod  by  tho  Company  and  certified  by  tho 

|!  Trusteo,  either  all  at  one  time  or  from  time  to  time,  and  v/hon  so  eortifiod 

||  shall  bo  dolivorod  to  the  Troasuror  of  tho  Company  to  bo  sold  or  other, vise 

|!  disposed  of  by  him  at  suoh  price  or  for  ouch  purpose  in  conformity  with 
[|  1  ■  ,  ■  ■:■■■ :  ■  ;  -  '■  ;  ■'  " 

i|  this  indenture  as  the  Hoard  of  Directors  by  resolution  may  designate.  The 

|  moneys  roali  -.od  from  the  sale  of  said  bonds  shall  bo  used  and  applied  as 
I  follows,  to-wit:  First,  to  tho  discharge  of  tho  outstanding  bonded  indebt¬ 
edness  of  the  Company  which  matured  July  1,  1916,  and  then  for  the  purposes 
sot  forth  in  the  preamble  hereof. 



Section  1.  The  Company  will  pay  at  its  offioo  in  'Vest  Orange, 
Essex  County,  TIew  Jorsey,  tho  principal  of  the  bonds  issued  hereunder  ac- 
S  cording  to  the  tonor  thereof  when  the  principal  shall  become  due  and  payable 
upon  tho  surrender  of  the  bonds  and  will  pay  also  at  said  office  tho  inter¬ 
est  thereon  according  to  tho  tenor  of  tho  coupons  until  the  principal  is 
!i  paid,  and  without  any  deduction  for  any  tax  or  taxos  or  stamp  duos  (other 
|  than  suooosoion,  lnhoritanoo  or  estate  taxos)  which  the  Company  or  the 
!!  Trustee  may  be  required  to  pay  thereon  or  to  rotain  or  deduct  thorofrom 
J  under  any  present  or  futuro  lav  of  tho  Unitod  States  of  America  or  of  any 
\  state,  County,  Municipality  or  other  taxing  authority  theroof.  The  intor- 
|l  est  on  the  bonds  shall  be  payable  only  upon  presentation  and  surrender  of 
S  the  several  ooupons  for  such  interest,  as  they  respectively  mature. 


Seotion  2.  The  Company  covenants  and  agroes  tliat  whan  and  as 
said  bonds  and  interost  coupons  mature  as  thoroin  and  heroin  providod,  the 
3aid  bonds  and  the  interest  coupons  shall  be  paid  and  cancelled  respectively, 

I  and  that  no  bonds  or  interost  coupons  in  substitution  therefor  shall  be  is- 
|  sued,  and  that  no  purchase  or  salo  of  said  interost  coupons  or  of  3aid  bonds, 
i;  or  advance  or  loans  upon  the  same  made  by  or  on  bohalf  of,  or  at  the  request 
jj  of,  or  with  the  privity  of  the  Company,  3hall  operate  to  hoop  the  said  bonds 
|]  or  said  interost  coupons,  or  any  of  them,  alive  or  in  force  as  against  tho 
!{  holders  of  the  other  bonds  issued  hereunder  and  the  interest  coupons  apper- 
|j  tainlng  thereto,  whether  said  other  bonds  and  interest  coupons  be  then  matured 
i  or  unmatured;  nor  shall  the  Company  extend  or  consent  to  tho  extension  of 
jj  the  time  of  payment  of  the  prlnoipal  of  said  bonds  or  of  any  interest  oou- 
i  pon,  and  if  such  extension  shall  be  made,  such  principal  or  ouch  interest 
i  coupons  shall  bo  subject  to  the  prior  payment  in  full  of  the  principal  of 
j  the  other  bonds  and  interest  coupons  whose  payment  shall  not  have  boon  ox- 
|  tended,  whether  such  bonds  and  interest  coupous  bo  then  matured  or  unmaturod. 

|  Section  3.  She  Company  will  keep  or  cause  to  bo  kept  at  its 

jj  off ico  in  'Vest  Orange,  Essex  County,  Hew  Jersoy  books  in  which  may  be  regis- 
I  terod  or  transferred  any  bond  or  bonds  entitled  to  registration  or  transfer 
under  tho  provisions  of  this  indenture, 
i  Seotion  4.  Tho  Company  covenants  that  it  is  lawfully  soi :ed  and 

!  possessed  of  the  mortgaged  premises  and  of  the  goods  and  chattels  herein 
|  mortgaged,  and  that  tho  same  are  free  and  clear  of  all  encumbrances;  that 
|  it  has  a  good  right  and  lawful  authority  to  sell,  assign,  transfor,  mortgage 
and  oonvoy  the  mortgaged  premises  as  providod  in  and  by  this  indenture; 
that  it  will  warrant  and  defend  the  same  to  tho  Trustee  for  tho  benefit  of 


the  holders  of  the  bonds  Issued  horounder  against  the  claims  and  demands  of 
all  persons  whosoever;  that  thi3  mortgage  is  and  will  always  bo  kept  a 
first  lion  upon  all  the  mortgaged  proporty,  and  similarly  upon  all  ronov/als, 
substitutions  and  replacements  of  suoh  property,  and  all  additions,  exten¬ 
sions,  betterments  and  improvements  thereto  and  thereof;  and  that  it  will 
not  voluntarily  create  or  suffer  to  bo  creatod,  or  allow  to  accrue  or  to 
exist  any  lien  or  charge  having  priority  to  or  preference  over  the  lien  of 
this  indenture  upon  the  mortgaged  property  or  any  part  thereof. 

Section  6.  The  Company  further  covenants  that  it;  will  duly  record' 

and  file  these  proBonts  as  may  be  required  by  law  in  order  to  preserve  the 
lion  of  the  same  as  a  mortgage  of  both  real  and  personal  property  on  all  the 
mortgaged  property,  and  will  fumiBh  evidence  of  such  recording  and  filing 
to  the  Trustee,  and  will  furnish  similar  evidence  of  the  recording  and  fil¬ 
ing  of  every  additional  instrument  which  shall  be  necessary  to  proservo  the 
lien  of  such  presents  upon  all  such  property  until  the  principal  and  inter¬ 
est  of  all  bonds  hereby  secured  shall  have  been  paid. 

Seotion  6.  The  Company  further  covenants  that  it,  its  success¬ 
ors  and  assigns,  and  each  and  every,  person  having  or  holding  any  estato, 
right,  title  or  interest  from  the  Company  in  and  to  the  mortgaged  proporty, 
will  at  its  own  expense  from  time  to  time  on  written  demand  of  the  Trustee, 
make,  do  exeoute,  acknowledge  and  deliver  all  suoh  acts,  deeds,  convey¬ 
ance's,  assignments,  mortgages  or  other  instruments  and  assurances  in  the 
law  as  may  he  reasonably  required  for  in  all  respects  effootuating  the 
intention  of  these  presents,  and  for  the  better  assuring  or  confirming: 
unto  the  Trustee,  upon  the  trusts  and  for  the  purposes,  herein  expressed, 
all  the  mortgaged  property  hereinabove  described'  or  hereafter  to  be 


jj  acquired.  She  Srustee  may,  at  any  time,  accept  any  oonveyanoo,  mortgago, 


|!  assignment  or  transfer  of  any  property,  real  or,  personal,  which  any  person 
|j  or  corporation  may  make  and  deliver  to  3aid  Srusteo  for  or  on  bo  half  of  ths 
jj  Company;  and  the  property  so  convoyed,  mortgaged,  assigned  or  transferred, 

|j  if  and  when  the  oonvayanoe,  mortgage,  transfer  or  assignment  thereof  shall 
1  be  aooepted  by  the  Srustee,  shall  thereupon  beoome  subject  to  tho  lien  of 
jj  this  indenture  and  a  part  of  the  mortgaged  property. 

jj  '  Seotion  7,  She  Company  from  time  to  time  will  pay  and  discharge 

I  all  taxes,  assessments  and  governmental  charges  lawfully  imposed  upon  the 
mortgaged  property,  and  upon  any  part  thereof,  or  upon  the  income  and 
j  profits  thereof,  and  also  all  taxes,  assessments  and  governmental  charges 


I!  lawfully  imposed  upon  tho  lien  or  interest  of  the  Srustee  therein  so  that 
the  lien  and  property  of  this  indenture  shall  bo  fully  preserved  at  tho 
oost  of  the  Company  without  expense  to  the  Srusteo  or  tho  bondholders,  and 
shall  and  will,  whon  thereunto  requested,  provide  and  show  tho  Srusteo 
proper  roooipts  and  vouchers  for  such  taxes.  Should  the  Company  fail  to 
pay  any  such  taxes,  charges,  assessments  or  lions,  or  suffer  any  lien  to 
j  attach,  tho  Srustee  may  pay  and  discharge  tho  same  (but  the  Srusteo  shall 
be  under  no  duty  so  to  do) ,  and  shall  have  a  lien  for  any  and  all  payments 
so  made  and  for  interest  thereon  prior  to  tho  lien  of  these  presents  on  the 
mortgaged  property,  and  the  Company  shall  on  demand  repay  all  amounts  paid 
by  the  Srustee  for  any  such  purpose  with  interest  thereon;  provided,  how¬ 
ever,, that  the  Company  shall  have  the  right  to  oontest  in  good  faith  by 
legal  proceedings;  any  suoh  tax,  assessment,  or  oharge,  and  ponding  said, 
contest  may, delay  and  defer  the  payment  thereof  unless,  in  the  opinion  of 
tho  Srustee,  the  rights  and  eeourity  of  the  holders  of  the  bonds  hereby 
j  geoured  shall  bo  materially  endangered. 


Section  8.  'i'ho  Company  covenants  and  agrees  that  it  will  so  long 
as  any  of  the  bonds  hereby  secured  are  outstanding  and  unpaid,  Keep  the 
buildings,  machinery  and  appurtenances  and  all  personal  property  hereby 
mortgaged  or  intended  so  to  be  insured  in  good  and  solvent  companies  against 
loss  or  damage  by  fire  to  the  extent  that  such  property  is  usually  insured, 
and  shall  pay  all  premiums  upon  the  insurance  policies s  all  losses,  if  any, 

:[  under  suoh  policies  of  insurance  to  be  payablo  to  tho  Trustee  for  the  berio- 
|  fit  of  the  sovoral  holders  of  the  bonds  hereby  secured,  and  shall  bo  used 
1  with  tho  approval  of  tho  Company  in  repairing  or  replacing  the  property  so 
;  damaged  or  destroyed,  or  expended  for  tho  betterment  of  the  plant  and  in 
j  repairing  and  improving  the  other  property  covered  by  this  mortgage.  Instead 
ij  0f  the  foregoing  provision  for  insurance  protection,  the  Company  may  adopt 
euoh  other  plan  or  method  of  protection  against  loss  by  fire,  whether  by  the 
!;  establishment  of  an  insurance  fund  or  otherwise,  as  may  be  approved  by  its 
!  Board  of  Directors.  Tho  Company  shall  be  required  under  all  circumstances 
|  to  maintain  insurance  as  aforesaid  upon  the  property  hereby  mortgaged  to  an 

||  amount  equal  to  at  least  fifty  percent  (50$)  of  the  outstanding  bonds  secured 


Section  9.  The  Company  covenants  that  it  will  at  all  times  at 
j  itB  ovm  expense ,  maintain  and  koep  in  good  condition  and  repair  tho  build-' 

!;  ings  and  fixtures  now  or  hereafter  orootod  upon  tho  mortgaged  premises,  and 
the  machinery,  tools,  patterns,  furnaces,  tanks ,  pumps,  fittings,  appliances, 
i  apparatus,  implements,  office  furniture  and  fixtures  therein  hereby  mort- 
f  gaged  or  intondod  so  to  be,  and  will  repair  or  roplaco  the  same  if  damaged 
;|  or  destroyed  by  fire  or  the  elomonts. 

If  Sootion  10.  Tho  Company  covonants  that  it  will  do  all  things 


necessary  under  the  lawB  no w  in  force  or  hereafter  ennoted  to  preserve  its 
corporate  organization  during  the  term  fixed  hy  its  ohorter,  and  that  it  will 
do  no  not  by  Which  it  will  in our  a  forfeiture  of  its  corporate  existence,  and 

ithat  it  will  duly  observe  all  lawful  statutes,  rules,  regulations  and  orders 
of  any  puhlio  authority  having  jurisdiction  over  the  mortgaged  property,  or 
;|  any  part  thereof. 

Section  11.  The  Company  will  not  negotiate,  sell  or  dispose  of 
any  bonds  hereby  secured  in  any  manner  other  than  in  accordance  with  the 
provisions  of  this  indenture,  and  the  agreements  in  that  behalf  herein  con¬ 
tained;  and  in  issuing,  selling,  negotiating  or  otherwise  disposing  of  such 
bonds  from  time  to  time,  it  will  well  and  truly  apply  or  cause  to  be  applied 
the  prooeeds  thereof  as  herein  provided,  and  in  no  other  or  different  way;' 
but  no  purchaser  of  any  bond  issued  hereunder  shall  be  under  any  obligation 
j  to  see  to  the  application  of  the  prooeeds  thereof.  ‘ 

Section  12.  The  Company  shall  oause  an  annual  audit  to  be  made 
of  its  affairs,  assets  and  business  as  of  the  last  day  of  February  of  eaoh 
year  by  a  certified  public  accountant- approved' of  by  the  Trustee^  -  and  deliver 
a:  copy  thereof,  signed  by  the  auditor,  to  the  Trustee  not  later  than  the  - 
first,  day  of  July  in  each  year.  Until  the  payment  in-full  of  the  principal 
and  interest  of  the  bonds! secured  by  this  mortgage,  no ’ dividend  shall  be 
declared  on  the  capital  stoek'of  the  Conpany  unless-a-oopy  of  the  audit  for 
the  preceding  year,  (ending  the  last  day  of  February)  shall  have  been  deliv¬ 
ered  to  the  Trustee,- and  there  Bhall  be  no- dividend  for  any  year  on  the  said 
capital  stools  of  the  Company  in- excess-1  of:  twelve' percent  (125S), -unless  it- 
shall  appear  by  the  said  audit  that  the  surplus^ndl-undivided' prof  its- of  the 
Company  arevectual  in  amount  to  the  aggregate -of  the  principal.  Of  -  the  then 


J  outstanding  'bonds  secured  by  this  mortgage,  with  the  unpaid  matured  coupons 
I  of  oaid  bonds.  And  provided  further  that  the  aggregate  of  all  dividends 
|  for  any  fiscal  year  shall  not  exoeed  fifty  peroent  (30$)  of  the  net  profits 
j  arising  from  the  business  of  tho  Company  during  the  year  for  whioh  suoh 
I  dividend  or  dividends  is  or  are  doolared. 

||  .  ,  AH'flCLE  I'V  •. 

.  RlGIJ'i'S  OF  CHE  C01!PA1!Y  UliSIL  DElfAULI.  . 

j  Section  1.  Until  tho  ooourrenoe  of. one  of  the  events  of  default 

I  specified  in  Section  2  of  Artiole  V.  of  this  indenture,  the  Company,  its 

I  successors  and  assigns  shall  be  suffered  and  permitted  to.  retain  and  remain 
in  full  possession  of  the  property,  real  and  personal,  hereby  mortgaged,  and 
shall  be  permitted  to  maziago,  operate  and  nee  the  same  and  every  part  thereof 

I  with  the  rights  appertaining  thereto,  and  also  to  colleot,  reoeive,  take,  use 

]|  "  "  '  :~1 

|and  enjoy  the  earnings,  income,  rents,  issues  and  prof  its  thereof  .  iurther- 
jmore,  the  Company  shall  have  tho  right  at  all  times  as  the  proper  management 
j of  its  business  may  require,  to  alter,  change,  add  to,  repair,  remove  and 
|l  replace  the  maohinery,  patterns,  drawings,  tools,  furnaces,  tanks,  punps, 

|  plating,  eleotrioal  and  other  apparatus,  boilers,  implements,  fixtures,  fit¬ 
tings,  faotory  appliances,.  office  furniture  and  fixtures  and  other  appurten- 
jances  in  the  works  and  buildings  now  constructed  or.  which  shall  hereafter  be 
Iconstruoted  and  owned  by  the  Conpany  and,  conveyed  or  intended  to  be  conveyed 

I  hereby  to  the  trustee ,  provided  that  the  Beouritysf  said  bonds,  shall  not ... 
thereby  be  in  any  wise  reduced  or  impaired.  ,  ..... 

Section  2.  At.  any  time  nAiile  tho  Company  is  not  in  default  here- 

,  ...  •  "  ;  -  -V  "  •' 

under  it  may  remove  any  building  now  <>r  .hereafter,  ereoted.xpon  the  mortgaged 
premises  for  the.  purpose  of  replacing,  the.  said  building  so  removed  .with  a 

itructuro  which  shall 

less  bo  construct  than  the  building 

I  moved;  provided  that  in  each  ease  before  beginning  the  removal  of  the  ex- 
|  isting  structure,  the  plans  and  speefications  for  the  new  proposed  struc- 
j!  turo  shall  be  submitted  to  and  approved  by  the  Brustee,  and  that  the  Com— 

pany  shall  file  with  the  Brustee  a  bond  of  indemnity  satisfactory  in  form 

!!'■"■■  ■ 

|i  and  sufficiency  to  the  Brustee  to  cover  the  erection  of  said  new  building, 
j  free  from  any  liens  or  claims  incident  to  the  construction  thereof. 

Section  3.  Bhe  Company  may,  without  the  consent  of  the  Brustee, 
sell  or  otherwise  dispose  of  any  of  said  machinery,  patterns,  drawings, 
toolB,  furnaces,  tanks,  pumps,  plating,  electrical  and  other  apparatus, 
boilers,  implements,  fixtures,  fittings,  factory  appliances,  offioe  fur¬ 
niture  and  fixtures  and  appurtenances  and  personal  assets  which  are  not 
necessary  or  required  for  the  operation  of  its  plant  and  property  or  for 
the  carrying  on  of  its  business  or  which  may  hereafter  become  worn  or 
damaged  or  otherwise  unsuitable  for  any  of  its  corporate  purposes;  pro¬ 
vided,  that  it  shall  substitute  therefor,  siibjeot  to  the  Hen  of  these 
presents  arid  free  from  any  prior  lien  or  charges,  property  of  .-approximately 
eqpal  value  so  that  the  security  of  said  bonds  shall  not  thereby  be  in 
any  wise  reduced  or  impaired, 

!  Section  4.  Bhe  Company  shall  have  the  further  right  at  all 

timeB  to  convey  or  exchange,  free  from  the  encumbrances  and  trusts  hereof, 

!  an  or  any  of  the  real  estate  now  held  or  hereafter  acquired  by  the  Cocpany 
which  shall  no  longer  be  either  useful  or  noo.eesary  in  the  proper  management 
and  maintenance  of  the  business  of  the  Company  or  of  the  property  hereby 
oonveyed  ,  but  in  no  oaeo  shall  any  sale  or  other  disposition  of  such  real 
estate  be  made  without  the  express  consent,  in  writing  of  the  Brustee,  and 

tho  Truatoo  13  hereby  expressly  authorised  to  release  from  the  operation  and 

ij  effect  of  this  mortgage  any  property  so  sold  or  exchanged,  whether  tho  con- 
|!  sideration  of  ouch  sale  be  wholly  cash  or  partly  cash  and  partly  secured  by 
Ij  mortgago  on  the  premises  sold,  but  tho  property  taken  in  exohange,  if  such 
|  there  be,  shall  forthwith  become  and  bo  liable  under  this  mortgage  as  if  the 
j|  same  had  beon  originally  included  therein,  and  the  net  proceeds  of  real 
|  estate  so  released  (if  sold)  shall  bo  applied  by  the  Company  In  good  faith 
'!  to  the  betterment  or  extension  of  the  plants  owned  or  controlled  by  it; 

;  provided,  however,  that  if  in  the  opinion  of  the  Company  it  shall  not  be 

consistent  with  tho  best  interests  of  the  business  of  the  Company  to  apply 


tho  wholo  or  any  part  of  such  proceeds  to  such  bottorment  or  extension, 
ji  thon  tho  Company  shall  have  the  right,  to  use  the  whole  or  any  part  of  such 
jj  proceeds  remaining  unexpended,  for  the  redemption  and  retirement,  in  the 
manner  provided  for  in  Section  8  of  Article  I  hereof,  of  outstanding  bonds 
|j  secured  horeby. 

j  Section  5.  Until  the  occurrence  of  one  of  tho  events  of  default 

specified  in  Sootion  2  of  Article  V  of  this  indenture,  the  Company  and  its 
suocoBBors  shall  have  tho  exclusive  right  to  make  and  use  the  inventions  of 
!  the  Letters  Patent  and  applications  for  Letters  Patent  hereby  mortgaged, 
and  to  sell  apparatus,  maohines,  manufactures  and  compositions  of  matter 
embodying  the  inventions  thoroof  to  the  same  extent  as  if  this  mortgago  had 
not  been  made. 

whenever  tho  Board  of  Directors  of  the  Company  shall  determine  by 
resolution  that  the  Company  oonsiders  it  neoossary  or  advisablo  to  insti¬ 
tute  any  suit  or  action  for  infringement  of  any  of  the  patents  hereby  mort¬ 
gaged  or  any  reissues  or  extensions  of  the  same,  or  of  any  patents  which  maj 
hereafter  be  issued  upon  the  applications  for  Letters  Patent  horeby  mort- 

j  gaged  or  any  reissues  or  extensions  of  the  same,  and  shall  by  resolution 


||  request,  direot  or  authorise  the  Institution  of  suoh  suit  or  action,  and 
ji  shall  furnish  to  the  Trustee  a  certified  copy  of  Buch  resolution  or  roso- 

jj  lutions,  and  shall  indemnify  the  Trustee  to  its  satisfaction  against  any 


i|  and  all  liability  of  the  Trustee  for  damage  or  loss  because  of  the  insti¬ 
ll  tution,  prosecution  and  conduct  of  such  suit  or  action,  then  and  in  such 
ji  event  the  Trustee  shall  permit  and  authorise  the  Company  to  institute, 
ij  proseoute  and  oonduct  such  suit  or  action  either  in  the  name  of  the  Company, 


I  the  Trustee,  or  the  Company  and  Trustee  jointly,  as  counsel  for  the  Company 
Ij  may  advise,  and  in  ouch  event  the  Trustee  shall  execute  such  papers  as  ooun- 
I  sel  learned  in  the  law  may  advise  to  be  necessary  or  desirable -for  the 
!j  instituting,  prosecuting  and  conducting  of  such  suit  or  action. 

Ij  notwithstanding  the  provisions  in  this  mortgage  contained,  the 

ji  Company  shall  have  power  to  grant  lioenses  under  any  and  all  of  the  patents 
||  hereby  mortgaged  and  any  and  all  reissues  and  extensions  of  the  same  and 
j!  under  any  and  all  patents  which  may  hereafter  be  issued  upon  any  and  all 
I  applications  for  Letters  Patent  hereby  mortgaged  and  any  and  all  reissues 
and  extensions  of  the  same,  and  the  Trustee  shall  release  its  rights  and 
title  to  the  patent  or  patents  under  which  such  llaonse  or  licenses  are  to 
bo  granted  or  to  such  portion  of  said,  rights  as  may  be  necessary  to  enable 
i  the  Company  to  grant  such  license  or  lioenses  and  shall  reassign  to  the 
Company  any  suoh  patent  or  patents  or  reoonvey  to  it  such  portions  of  tho 
rights  in  suoh  patent  or  patents  as  may  bo  necessary  to  enable  the  Company 
to  grant  suoh  lioense  or  lioenses,  provided  always  that  the  Trustee  shall 
not  be  required  to  make  and  deliver  any  such  release,  assignment  or  con¬ 
veyance  as  herein  provided  for  until  the  Company,  through  its  Board  of 
Directors,  shall  by  resolution  have  determined  that  it  is  advisable  and  to 


the  host  interest  of  the  Company  to  grant  such  license  or  licenses  and  that 
the  security  of  the  -Bondholders  under  this  mortgage  will  suffer  no  substan- 
tial  diminution  by  the  making  of  such  grant  of  license  or  liconnos,  and  by 
I  resolution  shall  request  the  Trustee  to  execute  such  release,  assignment  or 
!  conveyance  and  shall  have  delivered  to  the  Trustee  a  certified  copy  of  such 
|  resolution  or  resolutions.  .  . 

Si  Paction  6.  If  the  Company  shall  well  and  truly  pay  or.  cause  to  be 

!|  '  ’ 

|  paid  the  whole  amount  of  the  principal  moneys  and  interest  duo  upon  all  of 
||  the  bonds  and  coupons  for  interest  hereby  secured  at  the  time  and  in  the 
I  manner  and  form  therein  and  heroin  provided,  and  also  shall  pay  or  cause  to 
fi  b0.  paid  all  other  sums  payable  hereunder  by  the.  Company  and  shall  well,  and 
truly  keep  and  perform  all  things  herein  required  to  bo  kept  and  performed 
ij  by  it,  according  to  the  true  intent  and  moaning  of  this  .Indenture,  then  and 
||  in  that  case  all  the  mortgaged  promises  and  property  shall  rovort  to  the 
|  company,  and  all  the  estate,  right,  title  and, interest  therein  of  the 

Trustee  shall  thereupon  cease  and  determine;  and  the  Trustee  in  such  case, 
upon  demand  of  the  Company,  but.  at  the  cost  and  expanse  of  the  Company, ' 
shall  enter  or  oauso  to  be  entered  satisfaction  of  this  indenture  upon  the 
|  records;  otherwise  these  presents  shall  be  continued  and  remain  in  full 
force  and  virtue.  , 

;  iiETICIf  V.  ;  .  .  ....  .  :  , 


Seotion  i.  ’.To  coupon  belonging  to  any  bond  hereby  secured  which 
in  any  way  at  or  after  maturity  shall  haye  been  transferred  or. presented 
separate  and  apart, from, the,bond, to,  relates  shall,  unless  acccm- 
panied, by  such  bond,  bo  entitled  in  case  of.  default  hereunder  to  any  bene¬ 
fit  of  or  from  this, indenture. except  after  .the  prior  payment  in  full  of 

all  coupons  and  Intorest 


the  principal  of  the  bonds  issued  hereunder  and  of 
obligations  not  so  transferred  or  presented. 

Section  2.  In  case  of  the  happening  of  one  or  more  of  tho  follow¬ 
ing  events  hereinafter  (after  tho  lapse  of  tho  times  respectively  specified 
in  the  following  subdivisions)  called  "Events  of  Default,"  that  is  to  say:- 

(1)  Default  in  payment  of  any  installment  of  interest. on  any  of 
tho  bonds  hereby  secured,  -when  and  as  the  same  shall  become  payable  as 
therein  and  herein  expressed,  which  dofault  shall  havo  been  continued  for 
tho  period  of  sixty  days. 

(2)  Dofault  in  tho  payment  of  tho.  principal  of  any  of  tho  bonds 
horeby  oecurod  -whan  the  samo  3hall  bocomo  due  and  payable  at  the  maturity  of 
3aid  bonds  or  othorwino. 

(5)  Dofault  in  the  due  observance  or  performance  of  Section  12 
of  Article  III  hereof. 

(4)  Default  in  the  due  observance  or  porformanoo  of  any  other 
covenant  or  condition  herein  required  to  be  topt  or  performed  by  the  Com¬ 
pany,  which  default  shall  have  continued  for  a  period  of  three  months 
after  written  notioe  thereof  shall  have  been  given  to  the  Company  by  the 
Trustee  or  by  tho  holders  of  ten  porcont..  in  amount  of  tho  bond3  hereby 
seoured  and  then  outstanding. 

(5)  The  actual  or  threatened  demolition  or  removal  of  any 
building  erected  upon  the  mortgaged  prorolsos  oxcopt  as  provided  in  Section  2 
of  Artiolo  17  hereof. 

(6)  A  receiver  of  the  proporty  of  the  Company,  or  a  Trustee  in 
Eanhruptcy  shall  havo  entered  into  possession  of  the  mortgaged  premises  or 
any  part  thereof} 

Then  and  in  each  such  case  the  Trustoo  may,  and  upon  the  written 


L  request  of  the  holders  of  one-third  in  amount  of  the  bonds  hereby  soourod 


i  and  then  outstanding,  shall,  by  notioo  in  writing  dellvorad  to  tho  Company, 
i  declare  tho  principal  of  all  bonds  hereby  secured  and  then  outstanding  to 
;  be  due  and  payable  immediately,  and  upon  any  such  declaration  the  3aid  prin- 
I  cipal  shall  bocome  and  bo  due  and  payable  immediately,  anything  in  this 
||  indenture  or  in  such  bonds  to  the  contrary  notwithstanding. 

|j  This  provision,  however,  is  subject  to' tho  condition  that  if  at 

|  any  time  after  tho  principal  of  such  bonds  shall  havo  boon  so  declared  duo 
I  ,  .  ,  ............ 

j:  and  payable  and  before  any  salo  of  tho  mortgaged  premises  and  property  shall 

jj  have  been  made  pursuant  to  tho  provisions  of  Seotion  4  of  this  Article,  all 
j:  arrears  of  interost  upon  all  the  bonds  secured  hereby,  with  interest  on 
jj  overdue  installments  of  interest  at  the  rate  of  six  per  cent  per  annum, 

!i  together  with  all  expenses  and  reasonablo  charges  of  the  Trustee  and  all 
1  advances  made  by  the  Trustoe  in  accordance  with  the  terms  and  conditions 
!  of  this  indenture  shall  either  be  paid  by  tho  Company  or  be  collected  out 
|  of  tho  mortgaged  property,  and  all  defaults  as  aforesaid  shall  have  been 
|  made  good,  then  and  in  such  case  the  holders  of  a  majority  in  amount  of  the 
bonds  hereby  secured  and  then'  outstanding,  by  written  notice  to  tho  Company 
and  to  the  Trustee,  may  waive  such  dofault  and  rescind  or  annul  such  declar¬ 
ation  or  its  consequences ;  but  no  such  waiver  or  rescission  shall  extend-  ■ 
j  to  or  affeot  any  subsequent'  default  or  impair  any  like  consequence  thereof, 
i  '  Section  3.  In  babe  of  the  happening  of  any  of  tho  events  of 

default  specified  in  Section  2  of  this'1  Article,  tlien  and  In  each  and  every 
1  such  oaso  of  default  the  Trustoe,  personally  or  by  Attorney,  may  enter 
upon  and  take  and  maintain  possession  of  all  or  any  part  of  tho  mortgaged 
■  promisos  and  proportir,  and  may  exclude tho  Company,  its  agents  and  servants, 
wholly  thorofrom,  and  as  the  Attorney  in  Faot  or  agont  of  tho  Company  or 


in  its  own  name  as  Trustee,  by  any  of  its  officers  or  by  any  agent  duly  ap¬ 
pointed,  or  by  managers,  superintendents,  receivers  and  servants  may  have, 
hold,  use,  manage,  operate  and  enjoy  the  same  and  every  part  thereof  to  as  ful 
on  extent  as  the  Company  might  lawfully  do,  making  from  time  to  time  all  need¬ 
ful  and  proper  additions,  alterations  and  repairs  and  receive  all  the  income, 
rents,  issues  and  profits  therefrom,  and  after  deducting  and  defraying  the  ex¬ 
pense  of  such  use,  operation,  additions,  alterations  and  repairs  and  the  costs 
and  charges  of  taking  such  possession  and  all  payments  which  may  be  made  for 
taxes,  assessments,  charges  or  liens  prior  to  the  lien  of  this  Indenture  upon 
said  mortgaged  property,  or  any  part  or  perool  thereof,  or  for  insurance  and 
any  and  all  expenses  incurred  by  the  Trustee  in  the  execution  of  any  of  the 
powers  or  trusts  under  these  presents,  together  with  any  and  all  advances  by 
the  Trustee  hereunder  in  aooordanoe  with  the  terms  and  conditions  of  this  in 
denture,  as  well  as  reasonable  remuneration  for  the  services  of  the  Trustee, 
its  agents,  attorneys,  olerks  and  servants,  the  Trustee  shall  apply  the  residue 
of  the  moneys  so  received  as  followas- 

1,  If  the  principal  of  all  the  bonds  then  outstanding  hereunder 
shall  not  at  the  time  of  suoh  default  have  become  due  and  payable  by  reason 
of  maturity  of  all  suoh  bonds  or  by  declaration  as  authorized  by  Section  2 
of  this  Article,  then  to  the  payment  of  interest  then  in  arrears  and  payable 
on  all  the  bonds  in  the  order  in  whioh  the  installments  of  suoh  interest 
shall  have  become  due  and  payable,  with  interest  at  the  rate  of  six  per  oent. 
per  annum  on  suoh  overdue  installments  of  interest,  and  next,  to  the  payment 
of  the  principal  of  suoh  bonds  as  shall  have  matured  and  beoome  due  and 
payable  in  the  order  in  whioh  suoh  bonds  shall  have  beoome  due  and  payable* 

With  interest  on  the  overdue  principal  at  the  rate  of  six  per  cent,  per 
annum,  subject,  however,  to  the  provisions  of  Seotion  1  of  this  Article. 

2.  If  the  principal  of  all 

bonds  then  outstanding  hereunder 

shall,  at  the  time  of  suoh  default  have  become  due  and  payable,  either  by 
reason  of  maturity  thereof  or  by  declaration  as  authorized  by  Section. 2  of 
this  Article,  then  r  At  ably  to  the  payment  of  said  prinoipal  and  of  the, 
interest  then  due  and  aoorued  on  Baid  bonds,  with  interest  at  the  rate  of 
sin  percent,  per  annum  on  the  overdue  installments  of  prinoipal  and  inter¬ 
est,  but  without  preferenoe  or  priority  of  prinoipal  over  interest  or 
interest  over  prinoipal,  subject,  however,  to  the  provisions  of  Section  1 
of  this  article. 

And,  in  case  all  suoh  payments,  expenses  and  indemnity  shall  be 

!  completely  made  or  furnished  and  there  shall  have  been  no  default  in  re¬ 
spect  to  Section  12  of  Article  ill  of  this  agreement,  and  every  other 
default  of  the  Company  shall  have  been  made  good  before  any  foreclosure 
and  sale,  the  trustee,  after  making  suoh  provision  as  it  may  deem  advisable 
for  the  payment  of  the  prinoipal  of  the  next  maturing  bonds,  and  for  the 
payment  of  the  next  semi-annual  installment  of  interest  upon  all  the  bonds, 
shall  restore  to  the  Company  possession  of  the  mortgaged  premises  and  ■ 
properties  so  entered  upon  and  token  possession  of  by  the  Trustee,  and  the 
same  shall  thenceforth  be  sUbJeot  to  the  provisions  of  these  presents  in 
the  same  manner  as  if  suoh  entry  had  not  been  made. 

Section  4,  Upon  the  happening  of  any  event  of  default  as- 
defined  in  Section.  2  of  this  Article,  the  Trustee,  personally  or  by  attor¬ 
ney.,'  with  or  without  taking  possession  of  the  mortgaged  premises  and  proper, 
ty  (I)  may  sell  to  the  highest  and  best  bidder,  all  and  singular,  the  mort 
gaged  premises  and  property  and  all  right,  title.  Interest,  olaim  and  , 
therein  ^id  the  right  of  redemption  thereof  in  one  .lot  and  as  an 

entirety,  or  in  separate  lots  as  the  Trustee  shall  deem  test,  which  sale 
shall  be  made  at  public  auotion  at  such  price  or  prioes  and  at  such  time 
and  times  and  upon  suoh  termB  as  the  Trustee  may  fix  and  briefly  specify  in 
the  notice  of  sale  to  be  given  as. herein  provided  or  as  may  be  required  by 
lawj  or  (2J  may  proceed  to  protect  and  to  enforoe  its  ri$vts  and  the 
rights  of  the  bondholders  under  thiB  indenture  by  a  suit  or  suits  in  equity 
or  at  law,  whether  for  the  specific  performance  of  any  covenant  or  agree¬ 
ment  contained  herein  or  in  aid  of  the  execution  of  any  povrer  herein  granted 
or  for  a  i'-reolosure  hereunder,  or  for  the  enforcement  of  any  other  appro¬ 
priate  legal  or  equitable  remedy  as  the  Trustee,  being  advised  by  counsel, 
shall  deem  most:  eff eotual  to  protect  and  enforoe  any  of  the  rights  or 
duties  hereunder;  or  , iijmay  proceed  by  both  suoh  sale  and  by  suoh  suit 
or  suits. 

Seotion  5.  The  purohase  money,  proceeds  and. avails  of  any  suoh 
sale  of  the  mortgaged  property  or  any  part  thereof ,  together  v/ith  any  other 
sums  which  then  may  be  held  by  the  Trustee  under  any  of  the  provisions  of 
this  indenture  as  a  part  of  the  mortgaged  property,  or  of  the  proceeds  there 
of,  shall  be  applied  as.  follows: 

1.  To  the  payment  of  the; costs  and  expenses  of  the. foreclosure 

or  other  proceedings  in.  connection  with  such  sale,  including  a  reasonable  v 
compensation  to  the  Trustee,  its  agents,  attorneys  and  counsel,  and  of  all 
other  expenses,  liabilities,  and  advancements  made  or  incurred  by  the  < 
Trustee  hereunder..  '  ■ 

2.  To  tho  payment  of  the  whole  amount  then  owing  or.  unpaid 

Upon  the  bonds  hereby  secured,  and  then  outstanding,  for  principal' and  inter¬ 
est,  with  interest  at  the:  rate  of  six  per  i  oenti  per  annum  on  the  overdue 
installments  of  principal  and  interest  ,  and.  in  case  Buoh  proceeds'  shall  be 

I:  /■'  40 


||  insufficient  to  pay  the  whole  amount  bo  due  and  unpaid,  then  to  the 
jj  payment  of  suoh  prinoipal  and  interest,  without  preference  or  priority  of 
|  prinoipal  over  interest  or  of  interest  over. prinoipal,  or  of  any  install- 
jj  mont  of  interest  over  any  other  installment  of  interest,  or  of  the  prinoipal 
j|  of  any  one  bond  over  any  other  bond,  ratably  to  the  aggregate  of  such  prin- 
j!  oipal  and  the  aoorued  and  unpaid  interest  upon  presentation  of  the  several 
||  bonds  and  ooupons,  and  stamp  thereon  suoh  payment  if  only  partially,  and 
!j  ipon  surrender  thereof  if  fully  paid,  subjeot,  however,  to  the  provisions 
|j  of  Seotion  1  of  this  Arfclole}  and 

:j  3,  The  surplus,  if  any,  shall  be  paid  to  the  Company,  Its 
jj  successors  or  assigns,  or  to  whomsoever  may  be  lav/fully  entitled  to  receive 
I  the  same. 

j  Seotion  6.  Upon  the  written  request  of  the  holders  of  one-third 

in  amount  of  the  bonds  hereby  seoured  and  then  outstanding,  in  the  case  of 
the  happening  of  any  event  of  default  as  specified  in  section  2  of  this 
Article,  it  shall  be  the  duty  of  the  Trustee  upon  being  indemnified  as  here¬ 
inafter  provided,  to  take  all  steps  needful  for  the  protection  and  enforce¬ 
ment  of  its  rights  and  the  rights  of  the  holders  of  the  bonds  hereby  se¬ 
cured;  and  to  exercise  the  power  of  entry  or  sale  herein  oonferred,  or 
;  both,  or  take  appropriate  judicial  proceedings  by  notion,  suit  or  otherwise, 
j  as  the  Trustee,  being  advised  by  counsel,  shall  deem  most  expedient  in  the 
;  interest  of  the  holders  of  the  bonds  hereby  secured}  hut  anything  in  this 
indenture  to  the  oontrary  notwithstanding,  the  holders  of  two-thirds  of  the 
amount  of  the  bonds  hereby  seoured  and  then  outstanding  from  time  to  time 
shall  have  the  right  to  direot  and  to  control  the  action  of  the  Trustee  and 
the  method  and  plaoe  of  conducting  all  proceedings  for  any  sale  of  the 
premises  and  property  subjeot  to  this  indenture,  or  for  the  foreclosure  of 


this  Indenture,  or  the  appointment  of  a  Receiver,  or  any  other  proceed¬ 
ings  hereunder. 

Section  7.  In  case  the  Trustee  shall  have  proceeded  to  enforce 
any  right  under  thin  indenture  by  foreclosure,  entry,  or  otherwise,  and  such 
proceedings  shall  have  boen  discontinued  or  abandoned  because  of  the  waiver 
mentioned  in  Section  S  of  Article  V  heroof,  or  for  any  other  reason,  or 
shall  have  boen  determined  adversely  to  the  Trustee,  then,  and  in  every  such 
oase,  the  Company  and  Trustee  shall  be  restored  to  their  former  position  and 
rights  hereunder  In  respect  to  the  mortgaged  premises  and  property  and  all 
rights,  remedies  and  powers  of  the  Trustee  shall  continue  as  though  no  suoh 
proceedings  shall  have  been  taken. 

Seotion  8.  Tiotloe  of  any  sale  pursuant  to  any  provision  of  this 
indenture  shall  state  the  time  and  place  when  and  where  the  sane  is  to  be 
made,  and  shall  oontain  a  brief  description  of  the  property  to  bo  sold  and 
such  other  particulars,  if  any,  as  may  be  required  by  law,  and  shall  be 
sufficently  given  if  published  once  in  each  week  for  four  successive  weeks 
prior  to' suoh  sale  in  a  newspaper  published  in  the  City  of  'lev, -ark,  ’Tew 
Jersey,  and  In  a  newspaper  published  in  the  Borough  of  Manhattan  in  the  City 
and  State  of  Hew  York,  and  in  ouch  othor  manner  as  may  be  required  by  law. 

Section  9.  The  Trustee  from  time  to  time  may  adjourn  any  sale  to 
be  made  under  the  provisions  of  thi3  indenture  by  announcement  at  the  time 
and  place  appointed  for  suoh  salo  or  for  such  adjourned  sale  or  sales;  and 
without  further  hotioe  or  publication  except  suoh,  if  any,  as  may  bo  re¬ 
quired  by  law,  may  make  suoh  salo  at’  the  time  and  plaoe  to  which  the  same 
shall  be  bo  adjourned.  _  ' 


j!  Section  10.  Upon  tho  completion  of  any  sale  or  sales  under  this 

||  indenture,  tho  Trustee  shall  execute  and  deliver  to  the  aoeoptod  purchaser 

j  or  purchasers  a  good  and  sufficient  deod  or  good  and  sufficient  deeds  and 

.  ,  .  .  .  ......  .  ' . 

other  instruments  conveying;  assigning  and  transferring  tho  property  so  sold, 

I  The  Trustee  is  horoby  appointed  tho  true  and  lawful  attorney  of  the  Company 
in  its  name  and  stead  to  make  all  necessary  conveyances  and  assignments  of 
i  the  property  thus  sold;  and  for  that  purpose  It  may  execute  all  necessary 
ij  deeds  and  instruments  of  assignment  and  transfer  and  may  substitute  one  or 
j!  moro  porsons  with  like  power;  the  Company  hereby  ratifying  and  confirming 
S  all  that  its  said  attorney,  or  such  substitute  or  substitutes  shall  lawfully 
jj  ’  do  by  virtue  hereof. 

jj  Any  suoh  sale  or  sales  made  under  or  by  virtue  of  this  indenture, 

ij  whether  under  the  power  of  sale  herein  granted  and  conferred  or  under  or  by 
jl  virtue  of  judicial  prooaeding3  shall  operate  to  divest  all  right,  title, 
ji  interest^  claim  and  demand  whatsoever  either  at  law  or  in  equity  of  the 
j|  Company,  of,  in  and  to  tho  premises  and  property  so  sold,  and  shall  be  a 
j  perpetual  bar,  both  at  law  and  in  equity,  against  the  Company,  its  sucoese- 
;|  ors  and  assigns,  and  againBt  any  and  all  porsons  claiming  or  to  claim  the 
premises  or  property  sold  or  any  part  thereof  from,  through  or  undor  the 
.j;  Oompany,  its  successors  or  assigns.  Tho  receipt  of  any  person  authorised 
jj  to  receive  payment  of  tho  purchase  money  paid  at  any  such  salo  shall  bo  a 
j!  sufficient  disohargo  therefor  to  any  purchaser  of  the  property  or  any  part 
jj  thereof  sold  as  aforesaid;  and  after  paying'  ouch  purchase  money  and  reoeiv- 
ing  suoh  receipt  no  suoh  purchaser  or  his  representatives',  grantees ,  or  ' 

1  assigns,  shall  be' bound  to  see  to  the  applloation  of  such  purchase  money 
i  Xlp0n  or  for  any  trust'  or  purpose  of  this  indenture,  or  in  any  manner  what- 
|  soever  shall  bo  answerable'  for  any  loss,  misapplication  or  ho  -application 


jl  oS  any  suoh  purohase  money  or  any  part  thereof  or  ahall  he  hound  to  inquire ' 

I  ae  to  the  authorisation,  necessity,  expediency  or  regularity  of  any  such 
{|  sale.’ 

ij  Seotion  11.  in  the  case  of  sale  under  or  hy  virtue  of  this  in- 

:j  denture,  whether  made  under  the  power  of  sale  herein  granted  ox’  pursuant  to 
i:  judicial  proceedings,  the  principal  of  all  the  bonds  hereby  soourod,  if  not 
|  previously  due,  shall  at  onoe  become  and  shall  bo  duo  and  payable,  anything 
ij  in  said  bonds  or  in  this  indenture  to  the  contrary  notwithstanding. 

|  Seotion  12,  Upon  any  sale  as  aforesaid  by  the  Trustee,  or  pur- 

|  suant  to  Judicial  proceedings,  the  Trustee  or  any  bondholder  or  any  other 
ij  person,  may  bid  for  and  may  become  the  purchaser  of  the  property  offered  for 
j  sale,  or  any  part  thereof,  for.  themselves  or  himself,  without  accountability 
jj  in  reepeot  thereof,  exoept  for  payment  of  the  purchase  prioa  and  compliance 
!'  with  the  toms  of  sale.  In  sottlomont  or  payment  of  snoh  purohase  price, 
■»any  purohoser  upon  presenting  any  of  said  bonds  or  interest  coupons  shall 
j  be  entitled  to  bo  oredited  on  aooount  of  the  purohase  prioe  with  a  sum  which 
would,  xpon  a  propor  distribution  and  aooounting  of  the  prooeedB  of  the  sale, 
as  herein  provided,  and  after  providing  in  cash  for  all  costs,  expenses  and 
i proper  oharges  of  the  Trustee  hereunder,  be  equal  to  the  dietrlbutive  share 
|  payable  out  of  such  proceeds  to  the  holdor  of  the  bonds  or  ooupons  so  pre- 
i  sonted,  whioh  amount  so  credited  ehall  be  stamped  or  indorsed  on  suoh  bonds 
!  or  ooupons  so  presented,  as  paid  thereon. 

Section  13,  The  Company  will  not  at  any  time  insist  upon  or 
i  plead  or  in  any  manner  whatever  claim  or  take  the  benefit  or  advantage  of 
any  stay  or  extension  of  law  now  or  at  any  time  hereafter  in  force,  nor  will 


i|  it  claim,  tain  or  insist  upon  any  privilege  or  advantage  from  any  law  now  or 
!  hereafter  in  force  providing  for  the  valuation  or  appraisement  of  the  proper- 
\  ty»  °r  any  part  of  the  property,  subject  to  this  indenture  prior  to  any  Bale 
jj  or  sales  thereof  to  bo  made  pursuant  to  any  provision  herein  contained  or  to 
ji  the  deoree,  Judgment  or  order  of  any  court  of  competent  jurisdiction,  nor 
jl  after  any  such  sale  or  sales  will  it  olaim  or  exorcise  any  right  under  any 
I  statute  or  otherwise  to  redeem  the  property  so  sold  or  any  part  thereof,  and 
|  it  hereby  expressly  waives  all  benefit  and  advantage  of  any  Buch  law  or  laws, 
i|  and  it  covenants  that  it  will  not  hinder,  delay  or  impede  the  exeo'ution  of 
ji  any  power  herein  granted  and  delegated  to  tho  Trustee,  but  that  it  will 
jj  suffer  and  perform  the  exeoution  of  every  such  power  as  though  no  such  law  had 
||  been  made  or  enacted, 

jj  Section  14,  Upon  filing  a  bill  in  equity  or  upon  comnenoement 

jj  of  any  other  judicial  proceedings  to  enforce  any  right  of  the  Trustee  or  of 
||  the  bondholders  under  this  indenture,  tho  Trustee  shall  be  entitled  to  exer- 
[j  oise  the  right  of  entry  and  oIbo  any  and  all  other  rights  and  powerB  herein 

j  ■■  ;■■■■■  ■■■■  '  ■  : 

j  conferred,  and  provided  to  be  exeroised  by  the  Trustee  upon  the  terms  and 
|  conditions  of  default  as  herein  provided;  and  as  a  matter  of  right  the 
I  Trustee  shall  be  entitled  to  the  appointment  ofoa  rooeivor..of  the  premlsee 

I  and  property  eubjeot  to  this  indenture  and  of  the  earnings,  income,  rents, 
issues  and  profits  thereof,  with  such  powors  as  the  Court  making  Buoh 
j;  appointment  shall  oonfer. 

I;  Section  IS,  tlo  holder  of  any  bond  or  coupon  thereon  hereby  se¬ 

ll  cured  shall  have  any  right  to  institute  any  suit,  aotlon  or  prooeoding  in 
I:  equity  or  at  law  for  the  foreclosure  of  this  Indenture  or  for  the  exeoutlon 
I  of  any  trust  hereunder  or  for  the  appointment  of  a  receiver  or  for  any  other 



|j  remGdy  hereunder  uuleee  the  holdere  of  one-third  in  amount  of  the  bonds 
j|  hereby  secured  then  outstanding  shall  have  made  written  request  upon  the 
|j  trustee  to  talco  notion  in  respoot  of  the  matter  oomplained  of,  and  shall 
have  afforded  the  Trustee  a  reasonable  opportunity  either  to  proceed  to 
j!  ezeroise  the  power  hereinbefore  granted  or  to  institute  such  action,  suit 
j;  or  proceeding  in  its  own  nemo;  nor  unless  also  they  shall  have  offered  to 
jl  the  Trusteo  seourlty  and  indemnity  satisfactory  to  it  against  the  costs, 

|  oxponoaa  and  liabilities  to  be  incurred  therein  or  thereby;  nor  shall  any 
j  request  as  aforesaid  be  binding  upon  the  Trustee  or  operative  in  accordance 
|  with  the  provisions  of  this  Indenture  until,  if  required  by  the  Trustee,  the 
|  bonds  of  the  holder  or  holders  making  ouch  request  are  submitted  to  it  for 
inspection  or  title  thereto  satisfactorily  established,  if  disputed;  nor 
unless  the  Trustee  shall  refuse  or  neglect  to  not  upon  such  notice,  request 
|  or  indemnity,  and  suoh  notification,  request  and  offer  of  indemnity  are 
j  hereby  declared  in  every  case,  at  the  option  of  the  Trustee,  to  be  con¬ 
ditions  preoodont  to  the  eseoution  of  the  powers  and  trusts  of  this  in¬ 
denture  for  the  benefit  of  the  bondholders  and  to  any  notion  or  oauso  of 
action  for  foreclosure  or  for  the  appointment  of  a  Receiver  or  for  any 
other  remedy  hereunder;  it  being  understood  and  intended  that  no  one  or 
more  holder  or  holders  of  bonds  or  coupons,  shall  have  any  right  in  any 
manner  whatever  by  his  or  their  action  to  affect,  disturb  or  prejudice 
the  lien  of  this  indenture,  or  to  enforce  any  right  hereunder  except  in 
the  manner  herein  provided,  and  that  all  proceedings  at  law  or  in  equity 
shall  be  instituted,  had  and  maintained  in  the  manner  herein  provided  and 
for  the  equal  benefit  Of  all  holders  of  such  outstanding  bonds, 

'  All  ri#its  of  action  under  thiB  indenture  or  under  any  of  said 
bondB  enforceable  by  the  Trustee,  may  be  enforoed  by  the  Trustee  without 




j  the  possession  of  any  such  bonds  or  the  production  thereof  on  the  trial  or 
!j  other  proceedings  relative  thereto,  and  any  suoh  suit  or  proceedings  insti¬ 
ll  tutod  by  the  Brustee  may  be  brought  in  its  own  name,  and  any  recovery  shall 
1  bo  for  the  ratable  benefit  of  tho  holders  of  said  bonds. 

Section  16.  Except  as  herein  expressly  provided  to  the  contrary, 
jj  no  remedy  herein  conferred  upon  or  reserved  to  the  Brustee  or  to  the  holders 
|  of  tho  bonds  hereby  seaured  is  intended  to  be  exclusive  of  any  other  remedy 
|j  or  remedies,  and  each  and  every  such  remedy  shall  be  cumulative  and  shall  be 
|  in  addition  to  every  other  remedy  given  hereunder  or  now  or  hereafter  exist- 
j:  ihg  in  law  or  in  equity  or  by  statute. 

!j  Seotion  17.  Ho  delay  or  omission  of  the  Brustee  or  of  any  holder 

(  of  bonds  hereby  secured  to  exercise  any  right  or  power  accruing  upon  any 
;j  default  continuing  as  aforesaid  shall  impair  any  such  right  or  power  or 
I  shall  be  construed  to  be  a  waiver  of  any  Buoh  default  or  an  acquioaoence 
therein,  and  every  power  and  remedy  given  by  thie  Article  to.  the  Brustee 
and  to  the  bondholders  may  be  exeroised  from  time  to  ti  e  and  as  often  as  ■ 
shall  be  deemed  expedient  by  the  Brustee  or  by  the  bondholders. 



Section  1.  Any  request,  direction  or  other  instrument  required 
by  thlB  indenture  to  be  signed  and  exoouted  by  the  bondholders  may  he  in  any 
number  of  concurrent  writings  of  the  same  tenor  and  may  be  signed  and  execu¬ 
ted  by  suoh  bondholders,  in  person  or  by  agent  appointed  in  writing.  Proof 
of  the  exeoution  of  any  suoh  request,  direotion  or  other  instrument,  or  of 
the  writing  appointing  any  suoh  agent,  if  made  in  the  following  manner, 


ji  shall  bo  sufficient  for  any  purpose  of  this  indenture,  and  shall  be  oon- 
I  elusive  in  favor  of  the  Trustee  with  regard  to  due  action  by  them  or  either 
!j  of  them  taken  under  suoh  requestj- 

|j  ®he  fact  and  date  of  the  oxeoution  by  any  person  of  any  such  writing 

j;  may  be  proved  by  the  certificate  of  any  officer  in  any  jurisdiction,  who  by 
|j  the  laws  thereof,  has  power  to  take  acknowledgements  of  deeds  to  be  recorded 
.j  in  suoh  Jurisdiction,  that  the  person  signing  suoh  writing  acknowledged 
1}  before  him  the  execution  thereof;  or  by  an  affidavit  of  a  witness  to  suoh 
|  execution. 

The  fact  of  tho  holding  of  bond3  hereunder  by  any  bondholder,  and 
i  the  amount  and  numbers  of  any  suoh  bonds  and  the  date  Of  Ills  holding  the 
j  same,  may  be  proved  by  a  certificate  executed  by  any  trust  company,  bank, 
i  bankers  or  other  depositary  (wherever  situated),  if  suoh  certificate  shall 
|  be  deemed  by  the  Trustee  to  be  satisfactory,  showing  that  at  tho  date  thore- 
|  in  mentioned  such  person  had  on  deposit  with  suoh  trust  company,  bank, 

|  banker  or  other  depository  the  bonds  described  in  suoh  certificate.  The 
I  ownership  of  bonds  registered  as  to  principal  shall  be  proved  by  the  regis- 
|  ter  of  bonds. 

■  Section  2.  The  Company  and  Trustee  may  deem  and  treat  the  bearer 

||  of  any  bond  hereby  secured  which  shall  not  at  that  time  be  registered  as  to 
!|  principal,  as  hereinbefore  authorized,  or  whioh  shall  be  registered  to 
bearer,  and  the  bearer  of  any  coupon  for  interest  on  any  suoh  bond,  whether 
i  such  bond  bo  registered  as  to  principal  or  not,  as  the  absolute  owner  of 
suoh  bond  or  coupon,  as  tho  oase  may  be,  for  the  purpose  of  receiving  pay- 
|  ment  theroof  and  for  all  other  purposes;  and  neither  the  Company  nor  tho 
!  Trustee  shall  be  affootod  by  any  notice  to  the  contrary. 

The  Company  and 

the  Trustee  may  deem  and  treat  the  person  in  whoso 
I  name  any  bond  heroby  secured  shall  bo  bo  registered  as  to  principal  as  the 
||  absolute  owner  theroof  for  tho  purpose  of  receiving  payment  of  or  on  account 
|i  of  tho  principal  thereof,  and  for  all  other  purposes  except  to  receive  pay- 
|tment  of  interest  represented  by  outstanding  coupons;  and  ail  ouch  payments 
jj  so  made  to  any  registerod  holder  for  the  time  being  or  upon  his  order  shall 
j|  bo  valid  and  effectual  to  satisfy  and  disoharge  the  liability  upon  any  such 
ilbond  to  the  extent  of  the  sum  or  sums  ao  paid, 



Ho  holder  of  any  bond  or  coupon  issued  hereunder  and  secured 
heroby  shall  in  any  event  have  any  right  of  recourse  to  or  reoovery  from 
|  any  past,  present  or  future  stockholder,  offioer  or  director  of  the  Company 
| for  tho  principal  or  Interest  of  the  sums  secured  hereby,  or  any  part  there- 

ij  .....  .  ■  ... 

jj  of,  whether  under  any  liability  now  or  hereafter  existing  or  arising  under 
j| any  statute  in  any  maimer  whatever,  it  being  hereby  distinctly  understood  and 
j agreed  that  the  several  holders  of  tho  bonds  from  time  to  time  waive  all  such 
rights  of  reoourse  or  recovery  by  receiving  and  accepting  said  bonds. 



Section  1.  The  Trustee  aooepts  tho  trusts  of  this  indenture  and 
agrees  to  exeoute  them  upon  the  following  terms  and  conditions  to  which 
the  parties  and  the  holders  of  the  bonds  hereby  secured  agree: 

(1)  The  Trustee  shall  be  under  no  obligation  to  see  to  the 
record,  registry  or  filing  of  this  indenture. 


(2)  The  rooitals  of  fact  contained  in  tills  mortgage  or  dood  of 

j;  trust  and  in  the  bonds  thereby  seourod  shall  bo  taken  as  statements  by  the 
li  Company  and  shall  not  be  construed  as  made